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Book 1:The Lost Chapters by mechsrule


Story Notes:

This story is part of my series for a good reason. If you can't guess the reason by the end of the first chapter, read it again until you do! I'm trying out a first person perspective, a perspective I haven't written in for a while. I hope I can still do it well. The rating will go up as the story progresses and warnings will appear when necessary.General Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners; Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon inc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 38.5 The Kids Story

"So what are we supposed to do? Just sit here and wait?" Jess demanded.
"How can we help?" Bella asked.
"We could go find Jirachi first!" Ziggy suggested.
"How? We don't know where Jirachi is stupid!" Ben answered.
"I have an idea! We can take turns watching the radio, to see if my dad calls back. Then if he needs our help, we'll be ready!" Rouro suggested.
"Boring, but we can do it." Jess agreed. And so for the next week the gang took turns hiding in the radio room, waiting for anything.

"When are we going to get to do something?" Ben whined.
"Shut up! I think Jess is coming!" Rarutos said.
"Your dad just called! He said they failed!" Jess announced running into their hide away. "He said they need to find Celebi now!"
"Anything else?" Rouro asked.
"No, but this is perfect! He said they'll be busy for a while! So we can go find Celebi!" Jess cheered.
"How?" Ziggy asked.
"Celebi's home is near where I live!" Jess explained.
"Let's do it." Rouro said. "First we need some supplies."
"Adventure!" Bella cheered.

"Are you sure you didn't forget anything?" Jess asked sarcastically.
"Nope." Rouro said not catching it. "Food, water, blankets." He counted off in their packs. The supplies were divided among them, except Rouro who carried a pack for Rarutos who's infancy would slow them down.
"Why does he have to come?" Ben asked. "He can't fight, he can barely walk!"
"Because if we get screwed, he can teleport us back here, right?" Rouro answered. "Oh, right, we should probably grab one of my dads gems so Rarutos can do it." Rouro ran back into his fathers room, and grabbed one of the Grumpig gems from the box, and added it to his pack. He turned to leave, when he saw something glint in the closet. He walked over and found a katana lying in there. "Should I?" he asked himself. He reached out and picked up the blade. It was heavy in his hand. He swung it awkwardly. "I'm ready." He decided. Rouro rummaged around and pulled out the sheath. Putting the katana away was difficult as it was nearly his height. Finally he strapped it to his back and left the room.
"Took you long enough." Ben said when Rouro returned.
"Is this going to be enough?" Ziggy asked, holding up the bright pink gem.
"Those gems are normally black. Yes it's enough energy." Rouro answered. Jess vine whipped Rarutos into his pack, and they were ready.
"It's the middle of the day so this will be a challenge, but there isn't time to wait for night. Follow me closely." Ziggy ordered, sneaking out the door slowly. The rest followed. She led them through the halls and out to the roof. After climbing down into some bushes, Jess having vine whipped down, they sprinted across the open area and made it into the trees.

"How much farther?" Bella complained. It was the second day since they had begun their journey. They were miserable, none had ever been this far from home alone.
"I don't know. My parents are faster then us and I'm not sure if we're even going the right way!" Jess answered.
"We're lost? I told you this was stupid!" Ben shouted.
"We are going the right way, I brought a map." Rouro shouted back. "Now be quiet! We're close to the boarder."
"Who made you leader?" Ben demanded.
"I'm the oldest so I lead!" Rouro answered.
"That's dumb! I should- Ahhhh!" Jess shrieked, as did the rest, upon finding themselves thrown together in a net, and wrenched up a tree.
"It's a trap!" Ziggy cried.
"Duh. Now how do we get out of it?" Bella wondered. Rouro tried to pull his katana free, but the net was too small, so he began biting at the ropes.
"Look-et what we got here!" Someone said slurring the words. Standing a few yards away was a dirty human, brandishing a long metal tube at them.
"Bite the rope!" Rouro ordered. The others didn't bother to protest and gnawed at the net, but an explosion rang out and they cringed. The mans tube was smoking.
"Don try and escape, or I'll shoot ya." The man threatened.
"Let us go." Rouro demanded.
"Well I'll be, the freak can talk. Look-et that Hank." The man said waving over another tougher looking man.
"Then those idiots in the base will pay quadruple for it." The man apparently called Hank smiled. "Load them in the trailer, we've got some payment to collect."
"This is our land!" Ben shouted.
"Yeah, get lost!" Bella added.
"Looks like we just hit the god damn jackpot boys!" Hank said to a group of men now emerging from the trees.
"Let us go or my dad will kill you all! Or my mom." Rouro threatened.
"I'm sure they'll do that but that'll be the army's problem then." Hank smirked.

"What do you want now Hank?" demanded the guard to a small outpost. The kids were in a crate, but they could still hear and see to some degree.
"Just caught a load of pokémon for ya. And guess what? At least 3 of them can speak English! I saw it myself!"
"Sure Hank." The guard said.
"I'll show ya." Hank said. He went over to the crate, opened it up a bit and grabbed Ziggy.
"Don't say anything in human!" Rouro ordered. Hank went over to the guard, and held up Ziggy by the scruff of her neck.
"Go on, talk." Hank prompted, but Ziggy remained silent. "I said speak damn it!" Hank shouted, shaking Ziggy around.
"Let me go!" Ziggy squealed, then bit down on his hand. Hank roared, almost dropping her.
"Alright, bring them in. The captain will pay you." The guard said. The truck passed through the gate. The kids whimpered and looked at each other as the gate closed behind them. Once inside, they were pulled from the crate, stripped of their gear, and thrown into two cells, the triplets in one, and Rouro, Rarutos, and Jess in another, but the cells were adjacent.
"Now what?" Ben asked
"I don't know." Rouro said defeated. "Rarutos, do you still think you could teleport us home, without the gem?"
"I still have it." Rarutos informed them. "See?" He pulled it out of his robes and held it up.
"What is that?" demanded a guard, seeing the glowing gem. Without thinking, Rouro grabbed the gem, popped it in his mouth, and swallowed it. "Crazy bastards." The guard commented.

"Are they going to feed us soon?" Jess asked the next day.
"I hope so, I feel really sick." Rouro groaned. He had felt bad ever since he ate the Grumpig gem.
"We'd be home by now if you hadn't eaten that psychic gem." Ben growled.
"They were going to take it, what else could I have done. Besides, we'll still get it back." Rouro said. "I know Ben, but I'll take care of it."
"Huh?" Ben asked confused.
"You said no one would want the gem then and I said I'd handle it." Rouro answered.
"I didn't say anything." Ben replied.
"Yes you did. I heard you. I'm not crazy Bella!" Rouro growled.
"I heard it." Rarutos answered softly. "But not with my ears."
"I don't get it." Jess said confused.
"Woo hoo! My telepathy is coming in!" Rouro cheered.
"That's impossible!" Jess scoffed.
"It is. I'm not half human and half Larvitar, I'm also half Mew. I could mind talk' before, but only to Metagross and dad." Rouro answered. "To bad it's the only power that can't get us out of here."
"The only reason you can, is because you ate that gem." Rarutos pointed out. I can feel the energy leaking out of it. That's what's boosting it. Wait until the gem is all melted."
"Great, so he's going to end up with the power you need." Ben grumbled.
"Yes but we can use this. I doubt I could have teleported us all home anyway."
"I still feel sick." Rouro complained.
"That would be you trying to adjust to the new power. You're going to have to burn it off soon or die.
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