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Book 1:The Lost Chapters by mechsrule


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This story is part of my series for a good reason. If you can't guess the reason by the end of the first chapter, read it again until you do! I'm trying out a first person perspective, a perspective I haven't written in for a while. I hope I can still do it well. The rating will go up as the story progresses and warnings will appear when necessary.General Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners; Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon inc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Guma's adventures Chapter 2: Spring time 'fun'

"I hate this season." Guma said running into the forest. Already there was a burning in his loins. "Curse this body of mine!" he muttered to himself as he searched for a place he could hide for the week. It was early spring. A time when snow melts, the weather changes to rain and everything comes out of its winter slumber. It was also the time when certain female pokémon went into heat. A very awkward time for one who is both male and female.
Guma darted from tree to tree searching for a small cranny he could hide in. Most females found heat to be annoying but few bothered fighting it. Guma wasn't one of them. That's because he or hi was neither. At heart hi was a guy but half of his body didn't agree with that and every spring since hi was old enough his female side had reared its ugly head. His first heat had been the worst by far. Hi nor is mother had been expecting it so when a group of sex-crazed males arrived at their burrow, she did her best to protect him by offering herself in his place. It was the worst thing hi had ever experienced, his mother being raped in front of him to keep him safe. Hi never forgot that and every spring from then on hi made sure to find a safe place to hide and wait it out. Hi had even found a few berries that if hi ate them in the right amounts would suppress the effects and stem the scent for a bit.
This year was different in that hi wasn't at home so he couldn't use his old hide outs and had to find a new one. Hi almost passed a tree when the scent of a female in heat hit his nose and it wasn't his own. Hi looked again and found a small tunnel under the tree just barely big enough for him to fit into. Hi wormed his way into it. It went on for several feet and finally forced his head out the end of the tunnel.
"Get out of here!" Growled an Eevee. Behind him was another Eevee, obviously in heat by the way she was whimpering.
"I'm not here for that!" Guma said quickly. "I'm here for the same reason you are."
"I'm here to protect my sister!" the male Eevee growled.
"Look I'm here to hide during my heat as well." Guma said. Hi pulled himself free of the tunnel and rolled into the cave the pair had evidently hallowed out.
"With two females in here the scent will be a lot harder to miss." The male Eevee said.
"Do you have a second way out?" Guma asked.
"Then I'll make you a deal. You let me stay here and if anything finds it's way in here I will fight it off while you run for it." Guma offered.
"Okay." He said.
"Thank you." Guma said. Hi settled down near the entrance and turned away. The male Eevee sat down. For a few hours they sat there in silence.
"So, do you guys have any stores of food down here?" Guma asked.
"A little." The male replied.
"Not enough for three." The female spoke finally.
"I can get some more." Guma offered. "I'll be right back."
"Good luck." The female said as hi left through the tunnel, making sure his tail hid his groin. When he poked his head out he made sure there wasn't anyone around and ran out quickly to gather some food. Hi found a few berries including the ones that suppressed his heat and began running back. H got stopped on his way back when he spotted two Mightyena's going at it. Ignoring his instinct he forced himself to leave.
"I'm back!" hi declared rolling the last few berries into the cave. The two Eevee had gotten out a few berries and were already eating so hi nibbled on a few, not really hungry. His mind kept drifting back to the Mightyena so he ate a few of the heat suppressant berries. Hi heard the female let out a small moan as she shifted uncomfortably on the floor. "Here." hi said walking over. "This will help." He explained giving her a couple berries. She nervously ate a few and began to feel better.
"Thank you." She said as hi walked back over to his corner.
"So how come you two are both down here?" Guma asked trying to pass the time.
"Well you know how being in heat affects your mind, well she doesn't want any kids yet and I offered to protect her. I'm her brother and not about to succumb to the effects." The male explained.
"It's my first heat." The female added, a little happier and clearer headed now.
"I remember mine. Worst week of my life for multiple reasons." Guma said.
"You're a trainer's pokémon aren't you?" the male asked.
"Yes. What gave it away?"
"The belt." The female replied.
"Oh yeah." Guma realized. Hi had forgotten he was wearing it. "It's made of eternal evolution stones so if either of you need to evolve..."
"I'm still not sure what I want to be." The male said.
"Just throwing the offer out there." Guma said shrugging. "How you feeling, uh..."
"Eievui. Call me Eiev" (pronounced Eve) the female said.
"I'm Burakki." The male added.
"My name is Guma."
"Isn't that a male's name?" Eiev asked.
"I don't want to talk about it." Guma said.
"Fair enough." Burakki shrugged.
"Do you hear that?" Eiev asked. Guma leaned towards the entrance tunnel.
"Someone's trying to tunnel in!" Hi realized. "Get back! I'll hold it off what ever it is!" Guma said facing the hold, growling. The
pair quickly ran over to the second tunnel.
"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Eiev asked.
"Yes. Now go! If they don't see you they might not follow!" Guma shouted.
"Good luck." Burakki said following his sister out. No sooner had his tail vanished from view then a Sandslash burst out of the tunnel in front of Guma.
"Female!" Sandslash smiled.
"Sorry to disappoint." Guma smirked in reply, standing up. "Only males here."
"Great!" Sandslash groaned. He turned and left the hallow.
"Safe." Guma sighed.
"I knew you weren't a female." Burakki said calmly.
"Burakki!" Guma cried whirling around. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be protecting your sister?"
"You betrayed us! You led them here. We let you in here and you thank us by leading those males here?" Burakki shouted.
"I didn't lead anyone here! They must have followed me!" Guma pleaded. "Where's Eiev?"
"They took her. Before I could get out, they grabbed her. I couldn't do anything but I though maybe if you were okay you could help me, but you're a traitor!"
"I'm not! I just... Maybe if I show you..." Guma said standing up. "See?"
"What are you?" Burakki asked shocked.
"I barely know. Look, I didn't want any trouble but I don't want anyone finding out about me. I'm only going to say I'm a male who hates this time of year."
"I- forget it. I need to go rescue my sister." Burakki sighed leaving.
"I'll help you." Guma said.
"Haven't you done enough?"
"No. It's my fault they followed me here so I'm going to do what I can to fix that."
"Fine, but if you do anything to hurt my sister I will end your life!" Burakki threatened. They left through the second tunnel and emerged in the pitch black of night.
"Well what do we have here?" sneered a Zangoose.
"Back off, we're both males." Guma stated.
"Yeah but that den has females in it. I don't care what you are, but you're between me and them so I may have to kill you." Zangoose said brandishing his claws.
"Not a chance!" Burakki shouted and jumped at the Zangoose. Zangoose easily knocked him away into a tree.
"Now for you." Zangoose said pinning Guma to a tree, back first before hi could react. "You smell a lot like a female. Now why is that?"
"Back off!" Guma said trying to sound confident. Zangoose flipped him over and lifted his tail.
"Well this is interesting." Zangoose said. "Seems we have a herm on our hands, not that I mind."
"Get off me!" Guma cried.
"Make me!" Zangoose said pinning him harder.
"K'!" Burakki said, tackling Zangoose from behind, forcing him to release Guma. "This is for my sister!" Burakki cried biting down hard on Zangoose's neck. Zangoose twitched for a moment then stopped all together.
"Dude! Thanks for the save!" Guma said.
"I feel weird." Was all Burakki said in return.
"It's just shell shock. You'll eventually get over it. Most likely." Guma said but a flash of light corrected him.
"What just happened?" Burakki asked confused.
"You just evolved into an Umbreon!(duh! His name gave it away)"
"I did?" Burakki blinked. "Huh. And an hour ago I wasn't ready to evolve but... I'm okay with it. Now we can save my sister!"
"That's the spirit! Lets go!"

"There she is!" Burakki whispered. He pointed with his paw at the group they were watching from a bush. The group was a mixture of large males, and bound, whimpering or in some cases moaning, females. It was odd for males to work together at a time like this but these had and it meant saving Eiev would be more difficult.
"Shhhh!" Guma hissed. "Don't let them hear us. Listen I have an idea. We need a moment when their guard is down so when they go to rape the females, we jump them."
"What if we're too late?" Burakki asked.
"We won't. And if things get bad, I have a back up to make sure Eiev gets away. Lucky for us they decided to park next to a river." Guma breathed back. The two continued watching the males get more and more antsy.
"Got a couple more!" Announced a Nidoking striding into the group carrying a Lopunny and Luxio.
"What are you going to do to us?" The Lopunny wailed.
"Well see we got tired of only being able to be with females only in spring so we though that if we could capture a few, we could have our own sex slaves all year round so we teamed together to ensnare all you when its easiest to find you." The Nidoking said menacingly.
"And when we give birth?" The Lopunny asked terror written all over her face.
"Not sure. We may kill any males, or all or just keep them to keep this going. Don't worry though bitch, you're not going anywhere soon. We'll feed you and take care of you as long as you do as we say." Nidoking said. "Now as leader I get first pick and I choose this lovely Lopunny."
"Now hold up. Who says you get first pick?" demanded the Sandslash from before.
"I'm the leader. I came up with this idea so I deserve first call."
"But I got the most! I should get first!" demanded a Houndoom. The group began arguing and Burakki turned to Guma.
"Now." Guma replied. The pair crept silently through the undergrowth towards the group of females. Not wanting to startle them and give themselves away, he got as close as he could without being seen. "If you can hear me, nod once." He whispered to an frightened Furret. The Furret nodded looking around for the source of the sound. "Okay. Listen closely and do not talk. We're here to rescue you but we need your cooperation. Spread word to be ready. At the right moment we will break your bonds and you need to head for the river as a group so wait until your all free or until they realize what we are doing. Use it to hide your scent and as a way to get away quickly. And hurry, we don't know how long they're going to argue!" The Furret nodded and whispered in the ear of the pokémon next to her.
In the mean time the males had come to an agreement.
"Alright. Since I'm the leader I get the Lopunny." Nidoking declared. "And as the best catcher, you get second pick." He said pointing to the Houndoom. "Now boys, lets initiate these new bitches.
"Not a chance!" Burakki shouted leaping from the bushes. "Nobody touches them!"
"And you are going to stop all of us?" Nidoking sneered. It did seem funny, Burakki was outnumbered 20 to 1, but he wasn't there to win.
"I'll fight you until I die!" He declared, charging the group
"Hello there." Guma said to the Furret, slicing her bonds easily. They had decided, with the way things were going, that Burakki acted as a distraction while Guma freed the fems. There was a debate but Burakki couldn't compete with Guma's sharp claws. So while Burakki ducked and weaved through the males, Guma made short work of the vines binding the females. "Good to see you Eiev."
"Guma?" Eiev asked looking up.
"I'm glad we got here before things went bad for you. Now hold still while I cut this vine."
"I thought you would have been captured too." Eiev said. "Where's Burakki?"
"He's keeping them busy. I assume you heard the plan."
"Good, so I don't have to repeat it." Guma said moving on to the next one. After a few minutes he finished with the last one. Now there was only the Lopunny and Luxio on the far side, and things just got worse. After dodging a punch and flamethrower, Burakki walked right into a mega kick that sent him flying towards the females.
"Hey! That one's trying to steal our bitches!" Shouted the Sandslash.
"Get him!" Nidoking roared.
"Go!" Guma shouted. At once the females leaped away, heading for the river.
"Stop the females first!" Nidoking ordered, running towards the river. The females jumped straight in, some running, some swimming across, Eiev in the rear. With surprising speed, Nidoking reached the bank and grabbed Eiev, pinning her down. "You'll have to do. A bit small, but then again, I like them nice and tight!" Nidoking sneered.
"Eiev!" Guma shouted, pulling a stone out of his belt. Taking aim amidst the chaos, hi hurled it at her.
"I may lose the other bitches, but I'm going to fill one of you with my seed today!" Nidoking sneered, one hand holding Eiev steady, the other rubbing his throbbing erection. "What's that?" He wondered stupidly when a dark blue stone fell down and struck the fem he was about to rape. There was a flash of light that caused him to shield his eyes with one hand, making sure to still hold Eiev. He blinked, trying to readjust his eyes to the night and looked down to see he was holding nothing but water.
"Here's payback!" Eiev shouted, surfacing, a fully formed Vaporeon and summoned up a fog. In the mist, the other males were unable to keep pursuing the females and had to give up. Quickly she turned and dove back under.
"You cost me all my slaves!" Nidoking roared, turning to Guma.
"Good. Burakki, free the others and run! I've got this!" Guma shouted. Burakki stood up, trying to shake off the injury.
"Good luck Guma!" Burakki called before leaping off into the night.
"I'm going to make you regret the moment you were born." Nidoking snarled, picking Guma up by the neck. Guma flailed around, trying to worm free but Nidoking's grip was too strong. "What's this?" Nidoking wondered out loud, slamming Guma to the ground. Guma flailed around, trying to worm free but Nidoking's grip was too strong. "What's this?" Nidoking wondered out loud, slamming Guma to the ground. "You're a female!" He realized.
"No I'm not! I'm male see!" Guma said quickly.
"Well, I may have lost the others but I guess you'll have to do as my slave."
"I'm male!" Guma shouted.
"I don't care. You've got a pussy so I'm going to fuck it." Nidoking stated, stroking himself. Guma looked up in fear.
"So this is how it ends." Hi thought to himself.
"Hold still, this will only hurt a lot!" Nidoking snarled, placing himself at Guma's entrance, making sure Guma couldn't struggle free.
"Back off!" came a shout. A wave of water crashed into Nidoking, throwing him away from Guma who rolled over quickly.
"Eiev!" Hi cried thankfully.
"You're going to pay!" Burakki shouted, tackling Nidoking.
"Come on Guma!" Eiev called, hitting Nidoking with an aurora beam.
"Right. Shadow claw!" He shouted, slashing at his rapist. The three kept attacking, throwing everything at the Nidoking until he resembled a beaten and bloody pulp and stopped moving.
"Is he dead?" Eiev asked.
"I think so." Burakki replied.
"Thank you both. I thought I was done for." Guma said.
"I couldn't let that happen to you or anyone." Burakki replied.
"After you saved us, how could we not?" Eiev added.
"Thank you. And I'm really sorry."
"For what?" Eiev asked innocently.
"For-" Guma started.
"For making you evolve." Burakki finished. That wasn't what Guma was going to say and he gave Burakki a look but it wasn't returned.
"Oh. Well I like it." Eiev said. "Now we're both grown up!"
"Well I'm glad you're happy."
"I almost forgot, I have your water stone here." Eiev said holding up the deep blue stone.
"Thank you." Guma said affixing it to his belt.
"I'd better get back home while the berries have my head clear." Eiev said. "Come on!"
"Why did you do that?" Guma asked after she was out of ear shot.
"She didn't need to know." Burakki said simply. "You coming?"
"No, I'm going home. I'm going to try to wash of this scent then hide in my pokéball for the next few days.
"Well good bye then. You're welcome in our hollow any time."
"Thank you. If I'm in the neighbor hood, I'll stop by. Say good bye to Eiev for me. Bye." Guma waved walking off. Half an hour later, he wandered into the Pokémon Center where his trainer was staying.
"Guma! Where have you been? You look aweful!" Hitokage asked.
"Oh, you know. All the females going into heat around this time." Guma lied. "I'm going to sleep now." He said poking his ball.
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