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The Twilight Army by darkmoonlight08


Chapter 1 - Pain And New Beginnings

Chapter One: Pain And New Beginnings.
Rain poured down across the barren plains. No life, trees, rivers or even rocks inhabited this place; all that could be seen was the muddy, lifeless scene. In the middle of it, a little Umbreon timidly folded her broken wings. Looking around, all she saw for miles was the same bleak wilderness. She shut her eyes as jet black tears rolled out of them. The pain in her body was immense, but however hard she tried she just couldn't block it out. On her paws were large rip wounds where her large, shining claws had been ripped out, leaving bleeding and sore gaps in the flesh. The Pokemon should have been beautiful, her fur usually black, and soft as satin; now covered in a mixture of blood and filth. Like any other Umbreon, she had a large circle on the top of each of her legs, though unlike most, hers were a crimson red, not yellow. Her broad back hosted two stunning wings. The spine of them was the same jet black as her fur, and the flaps were crimson and leathery. On her canine head, two huge ears, much like a rabbits, should have stood erect; instead, they hung limp around her head. Her eyes, which still retained the hint of brightness they should, were odd colours. One, like any other, was a scarlet colour. The other was jet black, and especially eerie, as it didn't seem to have an iris or pupil. She collapsed on the ground, the agony overriding her body. With a short whimper, she blacked out.

"Mum!" Cried a small, fox like Pokemon. Her fur was chestnut brown, and around her neck was a cream coloured, fluffy frill. Her tail was thick and bushy, the tip the same cream colour as the frill on her neck, and the base was the same chestnut brown. Her eyes were sky blue, inside them a happy spark glowed. On the top of her head the fur was longer, and so came out in tufts. The Eevee ran towards the Umbreon, who laughed happily and pushed her away - encouraging some kind of game. They were in a field, the short grass a deep green, with little daisies dotted around. Above them, the sky was cloudless and blue. A few metres away from them was a large oak tree, and in its shade sat a yellow dog Pokemon. He was the same size as the Umbreon, only had a rougher appearance. His eyes were brown; the fur on his body a rich yellow colour which stuck out, almost as if it was held there by a static charge. He smiled and ran over to join the other Pokemon, who turned around and piled onto the Jolteon. As the weight of his mate and his daughter pushed him to the ground he groaned and laughed. The three sat there for what seemed hours to the Umbreon, laughing and hugging.
Then the dream turned into a nightmare.
A roar echoed around them, the magnificent oak tree caught fire and the grass turned to dusty soil at their feet. The Eevee screamed and clung to her father, as a huge paw struck them, sending them out of Umbreon's reach. As the black canine tried to reach them, the same paw swung back, knocking her from her footing. The scene around them changed rapidly, until they were on an island, a simple, cracked rock feature, suspended in the air by some kind of magic. Beneath them, boiling lava spat angrily, as though it were a hungry rattle snake waiting to eat its prey. The same roar sounded, and Umbreon turned to see a huge Pokemon, red in colour, towering above her. On its body were black lines, which shone the same colour as the lava. Its eyes were yellow, its chest a dull grey. From its rump, a huge tail swung from side to side, armed with silver spikes. The same weapons lined its neck, and as it opened its huge mouth shining white teeth protruded. The Jolteon cradled his child, his eyes widened with terror at the huge monster. Umbreon got up, and tried to run to her family, but as she got closer, they got further and further away. Tears rolled down each of the three Pokemon's faces, and the monster turned around to face the Eevee and Jolteon. From its mouth erupted a Fire Blast, which sent the two smaller Pokemon flying from the rock island, and into the boiling lava below...

"No!" Screamed the Umbreon, as she was ripped from her nightmare and thrown back to the cold, harsh reality. She thought of her family, how she'd failed to protect them, and more tears fell from her eyes to the rocky ground. Questions rolled around in her brain, tearing at her emotions and making her scream. 'What kind of Demon are you?' 'Is that how you leave them? Will you leave any others like that?' They taunted, as she stood up and ran, trying to leave them behind her. The pain in her paws made her stumble, and she fell onto her bleeding side. She lay there, howling, whimpering and crying as the rain kept pouring down over her. The clouds and the rain blocked off the Moons light - the thing that kept her alive. She shut her eyes, and lay there for hours.

When she awoke, she found herself on an unstable, uncomfortable metal rack. It looked a little like a hospital bed, only resembled more of a cage with four small wheels attached to the bottom, a hole in the top allowing them to put objects into it. This basket like opening was were she found herself sleeping. Standing up, she looked around. Around her was a simple underground den - with unusually high walls and a ceiling that seemed to be almost at the surface of the earth. Jumping out, a loud clang sounded as her paws hit the gravelling floor. Looking at her paws, she realised that they were no longer clawless, and on each paw three prosthetic iron claws had been implanted. Her wings were also now free of pain, not a break or blister in sight. The Pokemon then walked slowly out, her balance slightly off because of the new claws - all about thirty centimetres in length. As the daylight hit her, she found herself on the outskirts of a forest. The grass was yellowing beneath her, but the extensive growth of fir trees was really quite impressive. As she looked to her left, a large blue wolf Pokemon stood near her. He was standing on his two rear paws, which were a jet black colour. His stomach and chest were yellow, and on his canine head were two huge ears, and across his face a large black stripe, which went down his muzzle and underneath his eyes like a cross shape. On his forepaws and chest were large spikes, and around the back of his head large black shapes, much like extra ears, that hung loosely around his shoulders. He looked at the Umbreon with noble eyes, and bowed in respect. The canine Pokemon looked at him cautiously, before bowing back. The Lucario ventured forward, and crouched down to the Umbreon's level of height.
"You are the stuff of legend." He said, examining her face with those noble and kind eyes. The Umbreon looked back at him, and, sensing no danger, replied.
"Legend?" She asked, slightly confused. "I am a mere Demon, I cause fear and grief, and I doubt anyone wants to remember me." She replied, her voice still tired and flat. The Lucario chuckled.
"True, true." He said. By his voice, the Umbreon could tell he was old and frail. "My name is Master Rukario - to my friends, Rukario." He said, standing up. Though the Umbreon was sure he already knew her name, she decided it would be rude to not introduce herself. Evil she was, rude, she was not.
"My name is Dark Moonlight - Moonlight informally." She said, imitating the Lucario's style of introduction. He laughed again, though Moonlight didn't find herself to be that funny.
"Come, come." He said quickly, and beckoned her into a small clearing among the firs. She followed, and around a little tree stump presumably being used as a table sat three Pokemon. One was another wolf like Pokemon, only very different. She was on all fours, and grey in colour. On her back, her fur was a lot longer and a dark grey colour. Her eyes were black, and her paws were all the same dark grey as her back. From her muzzle, two gleaming fangs poked down. The Umbreon looked to the Pokemon next to her, a large, fat, pink Pokemon. She had a little white hat on, with a red cross on it. Moonlight knew this to be the humans sign for medical services and practices. The large fat Pokemon, known as Blissey, smiled at her. Moonlight guessed she was the one who had fixed her wings and claws, and smiled back. The grey wolf walked towards Moonlight, a smile on her muzzle. She introduced herself as Nightwish, a young Mightyena.
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