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Chapter 2 - Friendship

Chapter Two: Friendship.
As darkness fell across the forest, Moonlight bid farewell to her new friends. She spread her huge wings and lifted herself into the chilled air, flying over the tall firs - which hit her on several occasions. Her concentration was not on flying, nor where she was going, but on her family. The pictures of their terrified faces filled her mind; their screams as they fell to their death rang in her ears. Flying back over Hoenn, the region of which she inhabited, she tried to forget about them for a few minutes while she navigated over the raging tides of the ocean that surrounded her home.
She lived on a tall mountain, which was situated in the east of Hoenn. It was perfect for her, as it was a spiritual refuge for dead Pokemon, and so no humans went there. As she landed on the peak, where she spent most of her time, her claws made that same clanging noise. She still hadn't gotten used to them, and so they were causing her quite a lot of problems. The peak of Mount Pyre was bigger than it looked. The ground was hard, yet not gravely. Moonlight had decorated it accordingly with items she had stolen from the nearest town, which conveniently hosted a huge department store. Around the sides of the almost round land were large stone torches, which Moonlight could light at will with her Demon magic. In the middle was a huge crystal, jet black with occasional shines of purple. As Moonlight lit the torches around her, she felt a presence from behind. Turning sharply, she saw a little pink Pokemon on the crystal. It was asleep, curled up like a cat with its long pink tail wrapped around its body.

Coughing loudly, the Pokemon stirred. As it looked at the Umbreon she could tell it was a rare Pokemon named Mew. It looked at her curiously through large blue eyes, before raising itself into the air and hovering.
"Please forgive my intrusion, my Lord, my name is Dreamwave. I am a Mew-" The words seemed to spill from the Pokemon's mouth, and Moonlight raised a heavy paw to stop her. The Mew shut her mouth and looked at the Umbreon with the same huge eyes.
"I am not your 'lord', Mew." She said, her voice cold and strict. The Mew bowed.
"My apologies..." She said, trailing of as though she was scared of the Umbreon.
"What do you want with me?" Moonlight asked.
"Oh! My friend, Glaceon, Well, Glace... She was taken, well, kid- no, Pokemon napped!! And I have to get her back, but I can't, I'm not strong enough, but you, you are!" She exclaimed, her words a jumbled mixture of talking to Moonlight and talking to herself. The black canine looked at her, obviously not impressed. The Mew looked down, and sighed.
"I'll strike you a deal." The Umbreon said, finally. Dreamwave looked up immediately. "If I help you, you help me." She said, scraping her iron claws along the ground.
"W... With what?" Asked the Mew, happiness filling her eyes.
"You'll see." Replied Moonlight, still not looking at her. Dreamwave nodded her head vigorously; tears of happiness flooding down her face. The Umbreon nodded, and turned around. Swishing her tail happily, Dreamwave followed the Umbreon down the mountainside. Along the way, she told Moonlight about her friend, Glace, and how and when she was taken.

"We were walking along the ridge of Mount Coronet, that's in Sinnoh, and we were playing hide and go seek. Well, it was Glace's turn to hide, and while I counted to fifty, no, a hundred, she hid in a grassy place on the side of the mountain. I counted to about seventy, before I heard her scream. I flew round to the side to see her, and there were these people. I don't know who, but they had her in a cage. They threw the cage into a big, red truck and drove off. I chased them, but I couldn't keep up..."

Moonlight listened intently the whole way through. When Dreamwave had finished, the black canine nodded.
"I see, and these people, where do you think they've taken uh, Glace?" she asked, as they left the mountain and flew over the now calmer waters of the surrounding ocean.
"Sootopolis city, the underwater one in the southern sea."
"And you expect me to what, swim there?" Asked the canine, her voice slightly colder than it was before. Mew nodded.
"We can fly a lot of the way, but we'll need to dive." She said, not thinking that the other Pokemon had indeed been being sarcastic. Moonlight glared at her, and they flew the rest of the way in silence.
They flew for hours, searching the extensive ocean for the darker, deeper waters that would take them down to Sootopolis. Once they had found it, the Mew dived straight down. Moonlight, however, hung back. The blue water swirled beneath her, and she felt the sickness swell in her stomach. Beneath the waves, the body of Mew could be seen, before it disappeared from sight. With a sigh, Moonlight folded her wings like a gannets and dived. The cold salt water hit her, the smell and the taste filling her every sense. Opening her eyes, the salt filled them, stinging the red one. The black, however, scanned the area until it saw an opening in the rocky wall. She swam towards it, her mind screaming at her to get out of the water. The room inside it was tiny, but the light filtering from above made it seem bigger somehow. Rocketing upwards, the Umbreon hit the surface of the water and trod the water, spluttering and gasping for air. The Mew was near her, swimming up and down in a backstroke. The two swum to land, and sat in the sunlight, drying off. There were no humans around, but Moonlight folded her wings and watched as they seemed to melt into her back. The crimson pattern on her body became yellow, and she shook her head. The Mew looked at herself, and realised she couldn't really be seen. She didn't want to look like an idiot in front of Moonlight, and so she transformed into a little ladybug Pokemon. Her body was red, with six little spots. On each of her six feet were little yellow cushions, of which she walked on.

Moonlight couldn't help but laugh, and picked herself up from the ground. Together, they walked along the white stone cliffs until they reached the main town. It was bright, the water that ran through it clean and shining. The houses sat on white stone cliffs, and they too seemed to be made of stone. Overall, the town was beautiful. The Umbreon followed the Ledyba to a large cave, called the Cave of Origin. Dreamwave told Moonlight about a time when the legendary Pokemon Groudon had once lived in the lava there, but decided not to talk after that, as Moonlight had tensed up immensely. Inside the cave was a white maze, and Moonlight was now becoming more and more sick of the colour. When they had travelled far enough to be sure no human should come along, Moonlight resumed her normal form and Dreamwave switched Ledyba for Mew.

In the centre of the cave, a huge pool of bubbling lava hissed at them. Moonlight stared in fear of it, and Dreamwave stared at a long metal chain stretching from the roof of the rocky cave to the depths of the lava. As Dreamwave looked closer, she saw darker patches in the dark orange lava. "There! There's something in it!" Shouted the Mew, flying up to look down on the cage like shape. Moonlight ventured forwards, her claws still scraping noisily on the floor. The room around them wasn't much different to the rest of the cave, high stone walls and an equally high ceiling, with a deep hole in the middle of the room, large in size and full of bubbling, steaming lava. Dreamwave shone a bright white, and dived into the lava.
Underneath was blisteringly hot. Dreamwave opened her eyes, only to be greeted by unbearable burning pain. She looked down, and, as she had expected, there was a large cage attached to the burning hot chain. As the burning sensation took her, she pulled back and swam back up, bursting onto the rock at Moonlight's feet. Breathing heavily, she pointed with a weakened arm, and Moonlight knew what she meant. As the Mew lay on the floor, pain from the burns taking over her. The Umbreon walked to the 'poolside', and looked down into the scolding heat. Breathing in, she hoped immortality of a Demon wouldn't fail, and jumped in. Whereas the salty sea water was dreadfully cold, this was unbearable. The heat seemed to scrape at her body, like a flock of Pidgey to a Caterpie. She opened only one eye, the black one, and looked around. The cage in the bubbling lava wasn't large, but it was red hot, and in it laid a battered and bruised Pokemon. She was light blue in colour, and looked much like a dog. On her head were two large ears, and from just underneath them were two long tail like strands, both light blue with dark blue tips, as did her ears. On her back was a large pattern, also dark blue. Her eyes were tightly shut, her body limp. Moonlight bit into the boiling chain, freeing the cage free. She then tossed it out of the pool, where Dreamwave struggled to open it. As the Mew lifted it, however, she blacked out, as did Moonlight as soon as she freed herself from the lava. The three Pokemon lay there, not moving, hardly breathing...
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