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The Twilight Army by darkmoonlight08


Chapter 6 - Old Friends, Old Enemies

Chapter Six - Old Friends, Old Enemies.
Nightwish decided not to question the black canine about her song. The next morning, Moonlight had them all up at dawn to move out. Glace was strutting stubbornly, after Moonlight had thrown her in a small, muddy puddle to wake her up. They got to a clearing at about lunchtime, or so Glace decided it was, and so the odd pack of Pokemon stopped to eat. Moonlight sat alone, until Nightwish went to join her.
"I heard you." Said the Mightyena quietly. Moonlight's pupils swerved to look at the dog Pokemon.
"Heard me?"
"Last night. On the ridge."
"... Oh." Moonlight turned her canid head to look at the Mightyena, who turned her own head to look at Moonlight.
"What is it?" Nightwish asked, her eyes sparkling in the light.
"The Twilight's Song."
"Its nice. I like music."
"... Me, too." The two sat in silence for roughly a minute, before a voice echoed from behind them.
"I'm so glad to find you, Moonlight..."

The Umbreons eyes widened as she wheeled around and stared at the newcomer. It was another canine Pokemon, though she resembled more of a cat. Her fur was a pretty shade of lilac, and her eyes were a deep purple. Her forked tail swayed by her side, and on her neat back, two folded lilac wings.
"What do you want?" Demanded the black canine, her eyes narrowing viciously.
"You know, surely. Are these your fighters?" The feline cackled. Moonlight only growled. From behind the Espeon, as the feline was, Dreamwave whispered to Glace;
"Fighters...?" The neatly folded wings of the Espeon sprung open, a shower of sparkling dust flying in their wake. Moonlight snorted.
"You ought to bathe more often." Espeon threw Moonlight a sarcastic grin as she rose into the air.
"You know the deadline. Be there, or be... Dead." And with those words, she soared into the now setting sun.

"Who on Earth was that?" Asked Glace as she watched her rise.
"Bright Sunlight."
"That's an opposite of your name. Fact is, the two of you are both complete stereotypical opposites. So what's going off?" Moonlight turned to the new speaker, who was Nightwish.
"You all must listen to me... Why I brought you here... Please, sit down." The Pokemon did as they were asked, for the exception of Squeeshy, who curled up in Dreamwave's arms. Moonlight took a sharp intake of breath, and began to explain.

"I am what the world calls one of the Guardians. The Guardians are Pokemon, mostly Eeveelutions, who protect the environment, and the balance of nature. Well, war broke out among us. As you'll know, Pokemon have moves, types, super effective on them. Like... Fire and Water, instant rivals. Well, the Guardians decided to war, to decide the superior of the type matches. Me and her, Bright Sunlight, are the last to fight. But, I have hardly any forces to attack with. That's why I need you..."
"Us?" Asked the Mew, her head cocking to the left slightly.
"Yes. You are my... Well I... I trust you all, really..."
"Are you trying to call us your friends?" Asked the Mightyena, her head cocking also.
"...Yes." The others broke into a small smile. Moonlight blushed, and was grateful to her thick black fur for covering that fact.
"So... I want you to help me. Not to fight, but to lead those who fight... Well, yeah, to fight too." She murmured, as the others looked to each other timidly. It was Titan who stepped out.
"Heh, you'll need me." He said carelessly, his broad, white shoulders pulling in and out of a shrug. Moonlight smiled at her, her large white teeth sticking through her mouth. Dreamwave flicked her tail, her shining eyes pondering on the idea. Squeeshy looked at her friends, her jelly-body bouncing slightly.
"Squeesh!" Moonlight cocked her head. Approaching the small blob, she put her nose down, so that it was level with Squeeshy's head.
"Is that a yes?" She asked, poking the Ditto with her muzzle. The pink jelly wobbled as Squeeshy nodded her head.
"... I will ..." Murmured the Mightyena, who looked at Glace. Before Moonlight could thank her friend, the young Glaceon bounced forward.
"I will!" She looked at Moonlight with her ice coloured eyes. The Umbreon was willing to accept her to the team, but Dreamwave's tail soon slapped Glace on the nose.
"You're too young." She said, glaring at Moonlight. Glace scowled, a red blush appearing on her cheeks. Unlike the Umbreon's thick fur, the colouring could clearly be seen through the Glaceon's light blue fur. The black canine opened her mouth, the red circle on her head glowing in the rising moon's light.
"Nah, she'll be fi-"
"No. She won't." Dreamwave snapped, before Moonlight could finish. The Pokemon's large, rabbit-like ears fell back on her head, as she backed away from the Mew.
"But if we're all fighting, where'll she go...?" The red and black eyes of the canine met with the Mews deep purple irises. Dreamwave sighed.
"I don't know. But she'll be killed."
"Dreamy. Please. You're being so immature." Glace said coolly. "I'll be fine, awesome, in fact." Moonlight sniggered. Dreamwave's cheeks puffed slightly. "I mean, what could be harder, than what I've already done?" Glace was so full of herself she could of overflowed. Moonlight cracked, and rolled over. Laughter poured from the Umbreon as Dreamwave fell onto her. The two lay there, giggling manically. Nightwish smirked slightly, and Glace's cheeks turned an even deeper red.
"Shut up!" She screamed at them, before turning sharply on her back heels and strutting off, the tassels that hung from the cap-like part on her head swaying in the wind. Moonlight could of sworn they had more attitude than the Glaceon. Titan watched her, and looked back to the black canine as she called out;
"Heh, and don't come back, weakling." Though the Absol found this a little harsh, but he dared not argue with the Umbreon. He walked slowly after the Glaceon, swaying his tail in time with a rhythm he though up a while back.

He walked for a while, before coming across the sobbing sky-blue canine. Sitting down next to her, he looked straight ahead as he spoke in a calm yet stern voice.
"Ignore Moonlight. She's stressed, I should think." Glace sniffled, and looked up at him. Her icy eyes shimmered with the tears, and as they met his red irises, he blushed slightly.
"But she's right! I'm so weak! Why can't I fight?! I'd win, I know I'd win, Titan!" Her shoulders shook as she sobbed again, looking back down at the floor and sighing through her tears. The large white wolf made a slight 'pff' noise, and looked at the sky.
"You're a lot younger than Dark Moonlight." He replied, while still looking out at the skies. "She knows that, but she knows that you'll be just as powerful one day. No one supported her, Glace, and so she won't support you. And Dreamwave, she's only looking out for you. But you can and will fight. I'll allow you, and I doubt Dreamwave will try to stop me. Hm?" As Glace looked back up, she saw his warm smile and couldn't help but mirror it.
"Should we go back?" She asked him, and looked around as the light dimmed around them.
"Yes... We should." But the Absol was already walking, dragging his tired claws across the ground as he did so. Glace stood and followed, but something stopped her. Her rhombus shaped ears pricked up and twisted, listening. She scanned the dim landscape, but saw nothing. Shrugging slightly, she shook her head and followed Titan back. As they left, a glowing figure stepped from the air, and shook his large canine head. The Lucario looked around, and kneeled down, resting on one knee. Looking at the floor, he ran his paw across the dirt, where the Glaceon's paw-prints were, and sighed.
"The Aura revived me... But it will not save them..." He sighed, and stood. Starting at a run, he followed the path the others had taken.

Back at the make-shift campsite, the others had managed to conjure a fire and were laying around it, talking quietly. Moonlight looked up as Titan and Glace returned, and the other three Pokemon flocked to greet them. But the Umbreon's crimson eyes stared ahead, as her jaw dropped into a slightly gawping stare.
"'Sup Moony?" Dreamwave murmured, as she followed the Umbreon's gaze. The same Lucario stood in a clearing, and as he approached, the Umbreon stood and allowed a loud growl to rumble in the back of her throat. That noise caused the others to look, and they too stared in a mix of horror and awe. The familiar, tall Lucario bowed, his eyes scanning his friend's faces. It was Nightwish who stepped forward, her eyes squinted so she could be sure what she saw was true.
"R...Rukario?" She managed to stammer, looking up at her father with shock written all over her face. He nodded, slowly, pushing his head so that his chin was on his chest, and then raised it to look at her. She took a small step forward, and her chest dropped as the air escaped her lungs. Rushing forward, she met the already crouching Lucario in a hug, and held onto him with her two front paws. Squeeshy hung back, but Dreamwave flew over to the others and slammed herself into them, holding on tightly. Moonlight and Titan smiled from a distance, though they wondered how it was possible. The images of the burnt, black face of the creature flashed in her head, but she didn't resist. It wasn't hard for a creature of four billion years to accept the rebirth. He even looked younger to her, but his eyes were as wise as ever as he rose, and looked around.
"Blissey... Where's Blissey?!" He demanded, as Nightwish shrunk away. The look on their faces was all he needed, and he shook his head. "...No... Please... No..." He whispered, as he fell back onto the floor. The others weren't sure whether to comfort him, or simply hang back as they were, while the cold winds swept around them.

The next morning, they all set out, as Moonlight graciously welcomed Rukario to her cause. They didn't travel so far these days, and so they could dawdle along and stare at all the beauty they passed. The sun beat down magnificently, though Moonlight hated it, and the grass seemed greener than before. The air held a subtle breeze, which shook the Pokemon's light fur as they walked. The route they were taking was so overgrown, that no human bothered with it. Through the thick weeds and nettles, the only obstacle they found was a large boulder blocking the path. As she saw it, Glace tutted.
"What the Hell is that?! It's a red rock. Rocks aren't red. Isn't this just great." The Mew sighed, and slammed her paw on it. It stirred, only gently, and only for a second, but it stirred. Lucario cocked his head, but Titan shouted before he could voice his thoughts;
"That's not a rock! Run!" And they did, all bar one. Moonlight stood, with her paws widened from each other, a look of pure horror on her canine features. The rock moved again, and this time, it grew. Whatever it was stood, the red surface cracking into a brilliant display of black lines, which zigzagged through the red, rocky surface. Orange then flashed through the black, like a lava flow on black silk. The ebony canine only stared. She didn't move. She didn't breathe, as Groudon turned to face her. The armoured lava Pokemon had a grey chest and belly, with a huge helmet-like cage on his head. His mouth parted into a smirk, and he let out a loud, long roar, which shook the ground and rustled the nettles.
"Moonlight! Move!" Dreamwave called out, but to no avail. All the Pokemon could do was stare.
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