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The Twilight Army by darkmoonlight08


Chapter 5 - Titan

Chapter Five: Titan.
They walked for what seemed forever. Over fields of beautiful flowers, to huge, spitting volcanoes. With little rest, the Pokemon were tense and annoyed constantly. Glace and Moonlight weren't speaking, after Dreamwave was forced to knock Glace out to stop a fight that she challenged Moonlight to. The Umbreon, who was usually cold and silent towards the others, was the only one not feeling the strain of the walk. Even Dreamwave, who could fly along, was becoming tired. They only had a few hours sleep each day, and on some landscapes they weren't allowed even that. They eventually found themselves on a pretty, snowy mountain. It was very different to Mount Pyre, it had green trees, sparkling with tiny pieces of ice on the leaves. A number of different Pokemon ran around, a herd of reindeer Pokemon called Stantler grazed happily on some protruding green grass. Glace loved the place, and so Moonlight decided they could stop there for a few days. The Pokemon could barely move while they travelled, but they could move just enough for a snow ball fight. Even Moonlight took part, though her dark magic was making bigger snowballs than the targets, so she was disqualified. As the afternoon came round, Moonlight and Dreamwave decided that they would go and explore a little. The sun was setting in the sky, and the golden light cast over the snow reflected, making the mountain appear a brilliant gold colour. As they walked, Moonlight explained to Dreamwave about the Guardians. The Mew, who still didn't have a very good attention span, listened but soon gave up trying to understand, and just nodded. On the peak of the mountain, the trees parted slightly. In the centre of them, a large Icy grotto poked out from the snowy floor. The two wondering Pokemon walked up to it cautiously, their eyes looking down at the icy interior. Small steps seemed to go on forever, and the walls glistened with the suns golden light.

Dreamwave cupped her paws around her mouth, and called down the corridor. "Anyone home?!" Her voice echoed round the icy walls, until there was silence. "Guess not." She said, looking at Moonlight. But soon after she said that, footsteps could be heard. Large claws scraped along the ice, deep pants echoing as the Mews voice had done. Dreamwave backed off slightly, but Moonlight stood firm at the entrance of the grotto. As the sound got closer, a large Pokemon came into their view. It was a wolf Pokemon, with a huge, muscular build and deep purple eyes. It was a male, and his tail was like a large grey blade. On the side of his head was another, but this was curved and sharpened to a point. His paws were equipped with three claws each, which looked like miniature versions of his tail. He had long thick fur, which was a brilliant white.
"Yes?" He asked, his voice sterner than Moonlight and his face deadly serious. Dreamwave backed away further, and even the Umbreon was slightly nervous.
"You are?" She asked, trying to summon at least a little courage.
"My name is Titan, I am an Absol. Now, who are you?" He replied, his facial expression hardly changing at all.
"I'm Dark Moonlight, this is Dreamwave."
"And what do you want?"
"Satan knows." Moonlight said, shrugging. Being a Demon, that made her both sadistic and Satanistic.
"I am not religious, Umbreon, but that may offend some people." Titan replied haughtily. Moonlight shrugged, not really bothered about offending anyone. The Absol turned, and walked back down the icy stairway.
"Hey, don't turn your back on me!" The Umbreon shouted, but the white wolf was gone. Dreamwave turned, and flew silently back to where the others were sleeping. Moonlight, however, ran after Titan.

The corridor was bigger than it looked, and the light reflected as though it was built for just that. After running for a few minutes, the Umbreon slowed down to a walk. Panting gently by now, she looked around with curious eyes. Her ears pricked, and she heard loud voices, like someone was giving a speech. Listening closely, a loud booming voice was talking.
"He is not like us! He is too different, look at him. Do you know what I say? I say kill him! Revolt! I am your leader, and I say kill!" A loud flurry of cheers erupted, and the ice started to shake. Somewhere close by, a voice howled in a mixture of fear and pain. Before she even knew, Moonlight was running. At the end of the corridor the walls opened up into a huge lobby. The walls glistened though there was no light, and the floor was pure, transparent ice. At the back of the room, a mob of Absol crowded around something. Blood trickled down the icy floor, but the thing that made Moonlight want to help whatever was bleeding was the colour. The blood was not red, nor blue, but a deep purple. A Shadow Pokemon's blood. In the middle of the room, a huge iceberg towered. Upon it, a large Absol was laughing hysterically. He had his back to Moonlight, but she could tell that he was bigger than the others. More howls of pain echoed around them, and Moonlight spread her wings. Flying into the air, she hovered and peered over the crowding Absol. Among them was a bloody body, still faintly moving, but dying. One of the Absol turned it over so its face was visible to Moonlight. The purple eyes flickered open, but were quickly forced shut as a huge paw slashed at them. The large Absol on the iceberg had jumped down, and was standing above the crippled body.

He raised a large paw, aiming for the neck of the other Absol. Moonlight couldn't watch any more, and raised her head. Drawing power to her open mouth, she created a Shadow Ball, which she shot towards the Absol. Despite his size, the Umbreon was obviously more powerful. He was knocked from his feet, and the other Pokemon wheeled around immediately. They were so stupid they didn't even need orders, and ran towards Moonlight. However, the Umbreon was several feet in the air and untouchable. She flapped her leathery black wings, and soared to the mangled body that was Titan. He was barely alive, but still breathing, as she pulled his body onto her back. Shuddering in agony, his body bled onto the Umbreon's thick fur. The Absol were getting closer, and Moonlight wasn't able to pull him on in her usual rough manner, as he was already bleeding badly. With no other option, she climbed into the air with Titan hanging loosely from her side. His thick blood fell over the once sparkling floor as the Absol below them slipped and fell around each other. Lowering herself, Moonlight flew back up the stairs as Titan howled again, as his paws were hitting the rising steps and probably breaking. The suns light fell on them, and for once, Moonlight was happy to see it. The snow was still glistening innocently as Moonlight and Titan flew over the treetops. By the time they reached the others, who were now wide awake, the other Absol seemed to of given up the chase.
Blissey was already on her feet when Moonlight dropped the broken Absol onto the floor. From a pouch on her waist, Blissey pulled a small egg. Cracking it open, she poured the contents on Titan. He writhed again, the medicinal liquid mixing with his blood. Moonlight then used her snowballing magic to cover the wounds with the cold snow, which should help to stop the bleeding. That night, each Pokemon - except Squeeshy, took their turn to watch over Titan. As the moonlight faded and the sun rose again, Titan was able to move without causing himself pain. They had stayed on the mountain for two days now, and Moonlight decided it was time to move on. As they walked slowly away from the snowy landscape, Titan spoke for the first time since Moonlight had rescued him. "Do you mind... if I travel with you?" he asked, his voice still weak. His eyes did not meet Moonlight's, but she knew he was no threat. Nodding her head, she turned and led them down the rocky mountain side. Titan followed at the back, until Blissey got too tired and walked behind him, her fat legs making large, deep imprints in the snow.

The Pokemon went non-stop after that, walking for at least twenty-two hours a day. The short amount of rest got to each of the Pokemon, and even Squeeshy, who spent the journey asleep on someone else's back seemed downbeat and tired. The paw pads on the base of the canid Pokemon's feet began to crack, and the psychic power that emanated from Dreamwave was weaker. It was mid-afternoon as the Pokemon crossed Mount Ember, an active and beautiful volcano. The air around them was humid, the ground bubbling and hissing with molten rock. The cracks on the canine Pokemon's feet then became problems, as the heat surged into them and caused immense pain to sere through the paws and up into the torso. Blissey, who had lost an unhealthy amount of weight, drew the team back somewhat. Her healing move 'Soft-boiled' had run out of Power Points days ago, and her face was becoming more and more tired each day. Moonlight saw the health deterioration of her friends, but her mind knew that she needed them to get to where she was leading them. As they walked slowly over the volcano, Titan raised his elegant head and smelt the air.

"Its not right." He murmured, and the others turned and looked at him. Moonlight raised her own muzzle to the air, and breathed the sooty air in.
"I don't smell anything." She replied, her black eye examining Titan. Glace and Nightwish lifted their heads, and sniffed curiously. Glace shook her dainty head, the tassels' coming from the crown atop her forehead swishing to and fro.
"Wait." The Pokemon looked to the Mightyena, who had said nothing the whole way there. Her glossy coat was ragged now, and her eyes seemed dull, almost dead. Nightwish smelt again, and nodded. "Something's wrong."
As she said her last word, a great explosion sounded from the crater behind them. Red lava flowed down the side of the craggy mound, headed straight towards the Pokemon. Titan was the first to move, picking Glace up in his huge teeth and carrying the terrified pup away. Nightwish and Moonlight, who both looked as terrified as each other, ran after him, the pain in their paws seemingly extinguished by the terror of the boiling molten fluid that was gaining speed. It wasn't a serious eruption, unless, like them, you were stood next to the crater. Dreamwave grabbed Squeeshy in her tiny paws and flew up, into the smoky air and up, until she was among the clouds. Both the Pokemon looked down, where they saw the orange lava envelope the mouth of the crater, and the small shapes of the canid Pokemon fleeing.

When they were far enough down to feel safe from the bubbling liquid, the Pokemon threw themselves to the ground. Sweat, from the heat and the running, trickled in their fur as they lay, still, their chests rising and falling rapidly. Dreamwave flew down to them, looking from each of the exhausted canines. The pain that should of soared through their paws returned, and they howled in shear agony. Moonlight was the first to rise to her feet, and as she stood, looking in awe at the volcano, Dreamwave suddenly spoke. Her voice was different, full of panic. "Moonlight... Blissey... Where's Blissey?!" She shouted, as the canines looked around. Nightwish looked about in despair, unsure of what to do.
"No..." She whispered, as the glowing lava came to a stand still and hardened, forming thick, ugly brown molten rock.

That night, Moonlight allowed a full nights rest. Throughout the journey, not one of the other Pokemon had asked why they were following the Demon, probably because they feared her. It was after they had slept that night that the grief hit them, and tempers grew short. They sat in silence, not wanting to speak to each other for the sake of saving arguments. The full moon rose, and Moonlight slunk off into the shadows. Nightwish, who hadn't been much in favour of the Umbreon, followed her silently. Moonlight walked for a good half hour, before she stopped on a small ledge. The Moon shone magnificently before her, and beautiful flowers spiralled around a large rock. The Umbreon sat atop it, and looked at the Moon. Her eyes both turned a deep purple, and she raised her head to the sky. Opening her mouth, she began to sing in a voice unrecognizable to her own. Each word she howled was light, her voice sweet and magical. Nightwish sat behind a large orchard tree, the words calming her every nerve.
Tell me what, I could have said or done, to hold you back?
All the love I gave was not enough... Forever I'll walk alone...
My body froze, as I saw you fall, one single step, saw you give your heart to the Earth, down below...
Open your eyes and look at me, I'm alone here...
All at once, the wind has changed its song, to a wailing cry;
as it seems to call my name I know, forever I'll walk alone...
Chapter End Notes:The Twilights Song is Open Your Eyes by Stream Of Passion. I hope you enjoyed it, please review if you have the time. =
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