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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 1

War from the Stars
Chapter 1 Attack of the TRDA

It has been several months since Marina evolved into a Floatzel. During those months Ash had his 13th birthday where he told his friends and family that he had fallen in love with Marina. Misty had taken the news kind of hard and had even tried to kill Marina.
"I just hope Misty doesn't try to kill me next time we see her." Marina said as she and Ash walked down the street towards Ash's house. "Same thing here. Never thought she would do that. But hey, at least May and Dawn were a bit more understanding." Ash said. Both of them were carrying bags of supplies as Ash was thinking about going back on another journey. First he was going to Johto to see Charizard.
Absol was lying next to the garden asleep. Ash saw Jolt and Pikachu playing with each other. Ash's mother came out with bowls of Pokemon food and had placed Jolt's and Pikachu's down with which they both ran to. She then put one near the sleeping form of Absol. Ash walked into the yard as his mother went back inside. As soon as Ash had entered the house he saw his mother getting some of his stuff ready. She was a little worried about her son going out as Trainers have been found half alive or even dead. All of them had their Pokemon stolen. "Don't worry. We can take care of ourselves." Ash said as he saw the worried look on his mother's face. "I'm sure you will be alright." Mrs. Ketchum replied. "So when are we leaving, Ash?" Marina asked. Ash looked at his girlfriend and said "In the morning, we leave to see Charizard and then I hope to know what we're going to do then." Ash said. "So all you've got planned is just to see Charizard?" Marina asked. "Pretty much, yeah." Ash said with a nervous grin. Marina fell to the ground in embarrassment and got up again. "Ash, you can be so stupid sometimes!" Marina groaned.

Later the next day. Ash, Marina, Absol and Pikachu had set off. Only one Poke Ball was on Ash's belt and it was Jolt's. Ash had seen several Trainers who all a bit worried. The Trainers that survived being attacked had been going on about large robots that can change their form. Still, Ash was sure that the robots weren't real. They had been walking for a while when they heard a noise. Turning around, they saw it was a police car. The car stopped and to the shock of everyone, began to change into a menacing robot with red eyes. Ash, Marina, Pikachu and Absol turned and ran, but the robot soon caught up and with a hit, Ash was sent into a tree. Ash groaned as he tried to get up but the robot caught up. "You will hand over all your Pokemon." the robot said. "Why?" Ash asked. "You will hand over you Pokemon to the TRDA" the robot said again. "What is the TRDA?" Ash asked. "The TRDA stands for the Team Rocket Decepticon Alliance. Now you will hand over all your Pokemon." the robot said. "Never!" Ash shouted as he pulled out Pikachu's and Absol's Poke Ball and returned them. "Sorry Pikachu, but it's just for a little bit." Grabbing Marina, Ash ran into the trees. The robot followed, smashing through trees that were in the way. Out of nowhere, a Rapidash appeared and slammed into the robot's chest. Running back towards Ash, the Rapidash seemed to be telling him to get on its back. Nodding, Ash jumped on the Rapidash's back and Marina jumped on and held onto Ash. The Rapidash ran with the robot following, still smashing the trees. As soon as they reached the road, the robot turned into a police car and drove after them. "That robot is catching up!" Marina shouted. "Can you go faster?" Ash asked the Rapidash. The Rapidash nodded and began running faster. After a while they came to an abandoned power plant. The Rapidash hid in a little corridor like space between two buildings. The police car appeared and the Rapidash ran forward and put some distance between it and the police car. Ash and Marina jumped off as the Rapidash stopped.
The Rapidash then began to change as it morphed into a robot that had the bits of its Rapidash disguise shifted to form parts of its body. The police car changed into the robot again as it then tackled the other robot to the ground. Rolling up from the tackle one of the police car robot's hands changed into a mace like weapon. "You're dead this time, Autobrat!" the police car robot said. "I don't think so, Decepticreep!" the Rapidash robot replied. Swinging the weapon around, the police car robot sent out a smaller robot. The smaller robot ran towards Ash and Marina, who ran away. The robot ran after them. A Vaporeon leapt out of a lake that was near the plant. The Vaporeon ran up a sheet of metal and jumped into the air. While in mid-jump, the Vaporeon changed into a robot as well. It then tackled the smaller robot. Ash and Marina watched as the police car robot and the Rapidash robot fought each other in hand to hand combat while the smaller robot battled the Vaporeon robot. The Vaporeon robot pulled out a sword as it charged at the smaller robot. The smaller robot ran towards the police car robot. The smaller robot said something in another language to the police car robot. "I agree, Frenzy. We must retreat for now." the car robot said. Transforming back into a police car, the robot let the smaller one hop in. "You haven't won yet, Autobot!" the robot said as it drove away. "We will destroy you, Decepticon!" the Rapidash robot yelled.
Turning around, both of the robots that were once Pokemon walked up to Ash and Marina. "Just relax. We won't hurt you." the Rapidash robot said. "Who are you?" Ash asked. "I am RapidFire and this is Vapor." the Rapidash robot said as it pointed to itself and to the Vaporeon robot. "OK, but what are you?" Ash asked. "We are two members of a race that are called the Transformers." Vapor said. "But what about the other two?" Marina asked. RapidFire looked at the Floatzel and said "Those two were also Transformers." "But why did they try to kill us" Ash asked. "Because our race has been divided into two factions. There are the evil power-hungry Decepticons, who those other two are a part of. The Decepticons will do anything to get control of the universe. We two are part of the other faction. We are called Autobots. Our job is to protect the universe from the Decepticons." RapidFire said. "Our other fellow Autobots are on their way here." Vapor said. "We will have to leave you two for now. But we will meet up again someday." Vapor said. Ash and Marina just watched as the two Autobots transformed back into a Rapidash and Vaporeon and ran off. "Ash, I think you should let Absol and Pikachu out now." Marina said. "Yeah, you're right." Ash said as he sent the two out of their Poke Balls. Both Absol and Pikachu looked quite unhappy at Ash. "Sorry, but I had to do that." Ash said. Getting up, they walked away from the remains of the power plant.

Meanwhile in Johto. The large metal doors of the Charicific Valley were being hit by something large on the other side. All of the Charizard watched the door. Ash's Charizard was in a deep part of the valley with other Charizard. The sound of a jet engine and helicopter was heard as an F-22 Raptor and a MH-53 helicopter appeared. Both of them changed into robots as soon as the door was broken by other robots and Team Rocket grunts. The robot that had been the jet fighter said "This is Starscream. All TRDA soldiers attack. Kill some of the Charizard and capture the rest." After saying that, Starscream fired several missiles at the Charizard before transforming and flying away. The TRDA soldiers then attacked.

After an hour or so, most Charizard were in cages, too weak to get out. Bodies of dead Charizard were all over the place. Starscream came back as the last cage was closed. "All of the strongest Charizard have been captured." the helicopter robot said. Starscream went up to a cage and said "These Charizard's energy will make lots of Energon Cubes. Megatron will be pleased, Blackout. Alright, let's move out." All of the Decepticons reverted into what they transform into and began pulling away the cages. Ash's Charizard saw Starscream transform and fly off. He then flew off after him. "Starscream, it seems one Charizard survived. Shall I take it out?" a Xatu said. "No, Skywarp. I will take care of it." Starscream said as he stopped and transformed in midair. Pulling out a sword, Starscream slashed at Charizard's face. Charizard cried out in pain as he covered his face as blood fell from the cut. Starscream then delivered a hard kick causing Charizard to fall to the ground. Transforming back into an F-22 Raptor, Starscream joined the other Decepticons. "Why didn't you kill it?" a Zapdos asked. "Because Thundercracker, that Charizard will die from a loss of blood. There's no need for overkill." Starscream replied as they headed back for their Headquarters.
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