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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 2

Chapter 2
An Old Friend Returns

It has been a few weeks since Ash and Marina had their first run-in with the two Transformer factions, the Autobots and the Decepticons. Ash was hoping as he saw injured Trainers going on about robots attacking them that the Autobots will come soon.
Ash and Marina had camped outdoors for several nights with Absol and Pikachu sharing guard jobs. Ash was looking at two pictures that he had on him at all times. One was of his friends with him and Marina in it. In one of the pictures Ash was standing with Brock on one side and Tabitha on the other. Dawn was standing next to Brock. Absol and Pikachu were on the ground. In Ash's arms was Marina when she was still a Buizel. In the other was just Ash and Marina. Only in this picture Marina was what she was now, a Floatzel. Marina appeared next to him and brought up something. "Ash, do you ever wonder when the Autobots will come to Earth?" Marina asked. Ash looked over at his Floatzel girlfriend and said "I'm not too sure. But I am worried about one thing." "What is that?" Marina asked. "Well, if the dream about the Transformers coming to Earth was true, then the metal orbs will come soon." Ash said. "Yeah. That's something I'm afraid of too." Marina said as she looked at the campfire. "I have a strange feeling that something has happened to Charizard. Something bad." Ash said. "I don't know, but I think Charizard might be fine, even though I've never met him." Marina said.
Ash sighed as he looked to see Jolt who was out of her Poke-Ball looking at the sky. Ash also noticed that she had a very sad look on her face. Jolt had been sad ever since the Decepticons tried to attack them. "I wonder why Jolt is so sad all of a sudden. I mean, she was happy before we were attacked by those two Decepticons." Ash said. "Hey Jolt! Why don't you come over here?" Marina shouted. The Jolteon looked at them and walked over before sitting down. "Listen Jolt, if there's anything that you are upset about, you can tell us." Ash said. Jolt just looked at Ash and shook her head. 'I wonder what's wrong with you, Jolt.' Ash thought as he went to get himself and everyone else something to eat.

The next day. Ash, Marina, Absol and Pikachu were walking toward a Pokemon Center. Ash was still worried about Jolt. She was really depressed now and didn't really eat much today. Ash was hoping to that Nurse Joy would be able to help her. Entering the Pokemon Center, Ash walked up to the Nurse. "Nurse Joy, I need your help. My Jolteon is really depressed and she's not eating at all." Ash said. "I will have a look at her then." Nurse Joy said as Ash had given her Jolt's Poke-Ball. "Thank you, Nurse Joy." Ash said as he sat down on a chair.
"Hey Ash!" a voice called. Looking up Ash saw a familiar Trainer walking up to him. The Trainer had brown hair and eyes, glasses, red chest with a blue long sleeve shirt underneath, aqua-green pants and brown boots. On his shoulder was an Eevee. "Shane. Long time no see." Ash said. "Same here. So how have you been, Ash?" Shane asked. "Alright, just that Jolt's not feeling well." Ash said. "Who's Jolt?" Shane asked. "Jolt is my female Jolteon." Ash said.
Nurse Joy walked out with Jolt's Poke-Ball in hand. "I'm sorry to say this, but I don't know what's wrong with your Jolteon." Nurse Joy said as she handed the Poke-Ball. "Well Shane, I think you should see Jolt. Maybe you can think of something." Ash said as he sent his Pokemon out. Jolt appeared, looked around and stopped when she saw the Eevee. In her own language she said "Eva, is that you?" "Umm...yeah. I'm sorry, but do I know you?" Eva asked. Shane looked at Eva and back at Ash. "Hey Ash, it seems Jolt recognizes Eva. Any idea where Jolt was found?" Shane asked. "I'm not too sure where Jolt was found, to be honest." Ash said. "Don't you remember me? I'm your older sister." Jolt said. Eva just looked at her and said "I'm sorry, but I don't know a Jolt." Shane looked at Eva and said "Eva, she kinda looks like you. Are you sure you don't know her?" Eva just said "I don't know." Jolt was now crying "My own sister doesn't remember me."
Ash was sad by seeing Jolt crying and said "Hey Shane, what if Eva turns into her Jolteon form?" Shane was confused. "Change into her Jolteon form? How would that help?" Shane said as he stopped for a bit. After a moment of thinking, Shane said "Alright. Only way to figure it out is to try it. Go ahead Eva." Eva nodded and changed into her Jolteon form. Ash and Shane were surprised while looking at identical Jolteon standing next to each other. "Eva...she..." Shane said as he stopped, still shocked. Eva was shocked as well and said "Sister?" "Yes Eva. I am your older sister. Like I've been saying." Jolt said while nodding. Eva just stared in shock. "Eva? You alright?" Shane asked. "I...I almost forgot about my family. All I remember is Eve." Eva said. "I never forgot about you, Eva. I have been trying to find you ever since you went missing." Jolt said. "You have? But I thought everyone got away. I tried looking for you all when I escaped Team Rocket. But I got lost and found Shane instead. He needed my help so I decided to go with him. I...I gave up the search until I found Eve again... she's doing well by the way, and has a new family." Shane looked sad and said "Thing is... there's no way for you or anyone else to visit them now..." Eva nodded and said "She is where Shane is from. I'm so glad I found another of you though... Do you know where our parents and brothers are? I... I saw mum get hurt when she tried to stop them, but..." Jolt said "I am sorry to hear about Eve. And about our mother, she was really injured during the attack. As for the others, they were taken. I overheard a Team Rocket grunt say something about someone named Giovanni and something named Megatron 'will be pleased.' They said something else about using them to drain all energy from them to be put in things called Energon cubes for when they arrive. I managed to escape and have been running around while trying to find you. Because I had a feeling you survived. But I am angry at Team Rocket for what they did to you." Eva looked away when she heard the news about their mother. "Giovanni?! But...we defeated him! He disbanded Team Rocket! He said he was going to restart his training and take a new path..." Shane said. "And you believed that?" Ash asked. " were captured as well? Had I known... after Eve released me from my cage I would've come to find you... Eve didn't make it out in time and they did the same thing to her, that they did to me..." Eva said. "It wasn't until the final battle where I'm from that we saw Eve... She seems to like where I live though. When we left and asked her if she wanted to return with us, she said she had found her home." Shane said.
Eva then said "Megatron? Energon Cubes?" Shane looked a little shocked as if he knew something. 'Megatron?! Energon Cubes?! It can't be! That was just a cartoon back home! was Pokemon...' Shane thought. Eva said with a smile "I'm glad you came to find me, Jolt... I missed you... but... I'm no longer mad about Team Rocket's actions against me. Shane helped me realize that I can't be mad forever, and that I can learn to get used to my new abilities. It's actually very useful!" Shane was still in shock. "I will try and make up time for you so we can hang out and play again." Jolt said. "But who is Megatron and what on earth are Energon Cubes?" Marina asked. "I don't know. Maybe they have something to do with that Transformer faction. The umm...what did they call themselves again?" Ash said. "I think it was the Decepticons. And the others were Autobots." Marina said. "It's fine, big sister." Eva said with a smile. She then noticed that Shane was stressed out. "Shane, what's wrong?" she asked. "Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons. They are an evil faction of the Transformers race." Shane said. He stopped and looked at Ash and said "If they are here, we need to stop their plans. I don't like the sound of these Energon Cubes either... Jolt, do you know anything else that could tell us where they may be hiding? If we can get there and stop their plans before they fortify themselves, we might have a chance..." "Shane, are you sure? Do you think they are here?" Eva asked. "I don't know, but if Giovanni is involved, I wouldn't doubt it..." Shane said. "I'm sorry, but I don't know that much." Jolt replied. "Shane. I and Marina had a run-in with two Decepticons. We were saved by two Autobots. They said that more Autobots and their leader are coming to Earth." Ash said. "Well that's good to know." Shane said.
"Hey Ash. Don't forget that we're going to visit your Charizard." Absol said. "Yeah, almost forgot. Hey Shane, wanna come along?" Ash asked. "Sure. I'm not doing anything right now, so I have time." Shane said. "Alright, let's get going then." Marina said as they headed out the door.

Several days later. Ash, Marina, Absol, Pikachu and Shane were walking along the mountain range that surrounds the valley. "I wonder how Charizard is doing. It sure has been a while." Ash said. They walked until they saw where the metal doors should be. Ash knew at that moment something was wrong. Running up to the doorway, everyone gasped. The large metal doors had been knocked down with massive force. Running inside the valley, they all saw a sight that shocked them. Charizard bodies were everywhere. All of them dead. The air had a foul smell to it as the bodies had begun to rot. Walking slowly in, they saw several of the Charizard corpses were riddled with bullet wounds. Others had, by the looks of it, been blown apart. Body parts laid everywhere. One Charizard had its head smashed in, blood pouring from the head. Marina was trying her hardest not to vomit. They then saw a large metal shape under a rock with a large Charizard lying on top of it. Running up to it, they saw that it was a robot. "It's a Decepticon." Shane said, pointing to the symbol on the robots chest. The symbol was that of a menacing face with a red R behind it. "Now I do believe that the Decepticons must be stopped." Ash said with determination in his voice. With that, a noise was heard and they ran over to it. A pile of rocks were shifting as something tried to move. They all saw a Charizard struggling to climb out. Ash, Absol, Pikachu, Marina, Shane and Eva, who had changed to her Vaporeon form to help weaken the rocks with a Water Gun, began moving the rocks. After a bit, they saw the Charizard emerge. A single cut was on his right eyelid, which was closed shut. The left one opened and saw Ash. Ash knew then that it was his Charizard. But he felt sad when he saw the cutstill oozing blood.
"Shane, can you get Garde to Teleport us and Charizard to the nearest Pokemon Center?" Ash asked. Nodding, Shane sent out his shiny Gardevoir. "Garde, can you Teleport us to the nearest Pokemon Center?" Shane asked. Garde nodded and soon they found themselves in front of a Pokemon Center with Charizard next to them. Running inside, Ash found Nurse Joy. "Nurse Joy, please help my Charizard." Ash said in a hurry. "What happened?" Nurse Joy asked. "My Charizard has a large cut on his right eyelid." Ash said. Running outside, Nurse Joy saw Charizard. "What happened to him?" the Nurse asked. "We don't know. We went to the valley he was training in and found dead Charizard all over the place. He was the only one still alive." Shane said. "I'll see what I can do." the Nurse said and with help, got Charizard inside the Center.

A few hours later. Ash, Pikachu, Absol, Marina, Shane and Eva waited to hear the news. "I really hope that Charizard is alright. Poor guy." Marina said. "I agree. Charizard was hurt pretty badly." Absol said. "I'm sure he'll pull through. He was always a fighter. I'm sure a cut like that won't even slow him down." Ash said with confidence. Nurse Joy walked out and said "Your Charizard is going to make it. You may see him now." Nurse Joy then led the way to the room Charizard was. "Told ya so." Walking in Ash saw the cut was still visible, but there were stitches there to keep it close. "I am afraid Charizard is going to have a scar." the Nurse said before she left.
Ash just looked at the scar. It started a few centimeters above the right eye. It went right over the eyelid and ended a few centimeters below the eyelid. Charizard's left eye opened and he looked at Ash. "Charizard, what happened to you?" Ash asked. Charizard said something while Marina translated. "He says the valley was attacked by Team Rocket and robots. They were led by a robot that called itself Starscream" Marina said. "Don't worry, Charizard. You can come with me again. We'll take out the Decepticons together." Ash said. Charizard smiled as he was happy that his Trainer still saw him as being strong.

The Police Car robot that had tried to steal Ash's Pokemon was slammed against the wall by a larger silver robot. "I am sorry, Lord Megatron. But I was attacked." the police car robot said. "Who attacked you, Barricade? I demand that you tell me now!" the Decepticon leader ordered. "It was the Autobots, RapidFire and Vapor." Barricade replied. "Fine. Get back out there and find more Trainers and take their Pokemon." Megatron said. "Yes, almighty Megatron." Barricade said before he transformed into the police car and took off.
Giovanni walked up to Megatron. "Do you think the Autobots are really here?" Giovanni said as he looked up at the towering silver robot. "They should be. But so far I believe only two are here. But more will come. And I know that Optimus Prime will come with them." Megatron said as they walked through the underground HQ. "The Autobots will do all they can to stop us." Megatron said. "But we can't let that happen." Giovanni added. "And it will not happen. The Autobots will all meet their end on this planet." Megatron said as they walked through more of the base.
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