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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Capture and Jailbreak

Ash walked through the Autobot base. He was going to see Ratchet for a tune-up on his robotic right arm. He passed several soldiers on the way. Walking into the medical bay, Ash went straight up to the Autobot medic. "Ratchet, I'm here for the tune-up on my arm." Ash said. "Okay. Just lie down on the table there." Ratchet instructed. Ash nodded and lied on the table. "Now hold still." Ratchet said as he magnified his view and went to work. After several minutes, Ratchet stopped. "There we go. Your arm is alright now." Ratchet said. "Um, Ratchet? Can you take me to the closest city? I want to get Marina a present." Ash asked. "Hmm, I will have to ask Optimus first." Ratchet said. After a while, Ratchet came back and said "Optimus said it's okay." "Okay then, let's go. But don't tell Marina, all right?" Ash said. Ratchet just nodded as he transformed and allowed Ash to hop in. Once Ash was inside, Ratchet drove off towards one of the tunnels that connect the Autobot base with the mainland.

A few hours later. Ash, who was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and gloves to hide his robotic arm, walked into a jewelry store. The storeowner came out and asked Ash, "How may I help you?" "Well, I'm looking for something for my girlfriend." Ash said. "I may be able to help. What does your girlfriend like?" the owner said. "She likes Water Pokemon." Ash said while lying through his teeth. "Well, maybe this will do." the owner said, showing Ash a necklace with a pearl on it. "It's perfect. I'll take it." Ash said with a grin. As soon as he paid for it, Ash walked out of the shop and hopped into Ratchet's vehicle form.

As Ratchet drove, he was unaware of a small robot watching him. Lawrence III watched from his ship. "Other targets have been located." the computer of the ship said. "Good. Prepare for their capture." Lawrence commanded.

As Ratchet drove towards one of the tunnels to the Autobot base, what looked like large metal rings flew down from the sky towards them. Ratchet stopped and shouted "Ash, get out now!" Once Ash was out, Ratchet transformed into his robot mode. His hand turned into a saw and he began to slice the rings. "Ash, run!" Ratchet shouted as four flew around the Autobot medic. As soon as he was trapped, Ratchet was helpless as he was taken away. Ash too was caught in the rings.

"Two of the targets have been caught." the computer said. "Good. Prepare to capture the others." Lawrence ordered.

Marina was swimming in the ocean a little bit away from the Autobot base. As she was swimming, she had a lot to think about. But her train of thought was broken when several rings flew from the sky towards her. Diving underwater, Marina swam even faster but the rings caught up to her and she was captured.

A F-22 Raptor flew in the air trying to avoid several rings. Starscream stopped and transformed into robot mode. Bringing out his sword, he sliced a few of the rings. Transforming into his F-22 Raptor mode again, Starscream flew up above the clouds. When he was above them, he transformed again. Facing the clouds, the Decepticon second-in-command brought his sword up again. The rings flew forward. Slicing several rings in two, Starscream turned and saw a large shape in the sky. "What the Slag is that?" Starscream said. He turned around to see several rings surround him and trap him before he could react.

Barricade drove down a dirt road at top speed as several of the rings were following him and Frenzy. Frenzy was shouting at Barricade in Cybertronian. "Yes I know, Frenzy! Now shut up and let me drive!" Barricade shouted back. More and more of the rings flew from different directions now. Transforming into robot mode, Barricade turned around but was trapped.

Mirage and Hot Shot stood side-by-side as the rings flew in. Mirage dodged out of the way as several rings tried to trap him. Hot Shot held the tail of his Absol mode out as a sword and sliced several of the rings. The two Autobots dodged the rings as more came out of nowhere. Mirage turned to Hot Shot and asked "Are you getting through to the Base?" "No I'm not. Something must be jamming it!" Hot Shot shouted as he sliced a ring in two and dodged two more rings. Mirage dodged another and said "We might have a chance if we transform back!" Hot Shot nodded before they both transformed into their Pokemon Modes. Hot Shot ran while Mirage turned himself invisible. But the rings flew after them. Spotting a cliff in front of him, "Hot Shot, head for the cliff!" Mirage shouted. "What?! Has some of your circuits been rewired or something?!" Hot Shot shouted. "No, but it might be our only chance to escape these rings!" Mirage shouted back. "At least you can fly!" Hot Shot complained. "Yeah, well maybe if you chose to transform into a flying Pokemon!" Mirage said. "Hey, Absol is a cool Pokemon." Hot Shot said. "Well keep your Optics open, we are almost at the cliff!" Mirage said. Hot Shot turned around and saw the cliff. He jump off the side, seeing the ground a few hundred meters or so from where he is. "This is going to hurt!" Hot Shot shouted. Mirage swooped down and grabbed Hot Shot. "Mirage, can I ask you one thing?" Hot Shot asked as Mirage flew around, dodging rings. "Yes of course." Mirage replied. "What in the pit is that thing?!" Hot Shot shouted while pointing a paw into the air. Mirage turned his head just to see what looked like a futuristic version of a human aircraft carrier, but had the feel of a fortress. "I have no idea. But I can tell you one thing. It is NOT General Tidal Wave." Mirage replied. At this moment the rings had caught up to them and trapped them both.

Ash had awoken a few hours after he was knocked out. He noticed that he was in a cage formed by two rings with electrical energy surrounding them. He noticed a man that looked familiar walk into view. "Lawrence." Ash said. "I am glad you remember me. After all, how many years has it been since that battle in the Orange Islands?" Lawrence said. "I don't care, Lawrence. Let me outta here!" Ash shouted. "Well I might as well show you the others first." Lawrence said. "Others? What others?" Ash asked. Lawrence just laughed as the lights come on. In similar cages, Ash saw Ratchet, Hot Shot, Mirage, Barricade, Frenzy, Starscream and two other figures. When he saw the last cage, he saw Marina trying to get out. "Marina!" Ash shouted. Marina stopped trying to get out at the sound of his voice. "Ash!" Marina shouted. "Enjoy your stay. You will remain here until you die." Lawrence said as he left them alone.

Ash just got up after falling asleep to the sound of shouting. "Where the Slag am I?!" Starscream shouted. "Shut up, Starscream!" Barricade shouted. Frenzy was trying to get out of the cage he was in, but failed. "Listen, I know why we are here!" Ash shouted. Starscream stopped and said "You better start talking, human." "Well, a man called Lawrence III wanted to add as to his collection." Ash explained. There was a moment of silence, then chaos and shouting erupted again mainly from the Decepticons. "How dare a human capture a Decepticon like some weak Pokemon!!!" Starscream shouted. "Hey!" Marina shouted in anger. "Pokemon are weak compared to Decepticons!" Starscream gloated. "We may as well get used to this. We may be here for a while." Ratchet said with a sigh.

A few weeks later. It has been a few weeks since Ash and the others had been captured by Lawrence III. In the Autobot base, the Autobots had almost given up hope of ever finding their comrades. "Optimus, it has been a few weeks. We've got to accept the possibility that the Decepticons might have killed them." Ironhide said. Optimus looked at his weapon specialist and sighed. "You might be right, Ironhide. But it's just not the fact that is at hand." Optimus said.

Nina, who was now a few weeks pregnant, sat in Ash and Marina's quarters along with Luna, Flora, Charizard, Raichu and Absol. "It's terrible that Ash is gone. Now his child will grow up without ever knowing him." Nina sobbed. "Ash and I have been through so much together. I remember I zapped him a lot of times. But now it's just sad that he's gone." Raichu said as he burst into tears. "He took me in when I was a Charmander from my cruel Trainer. I disobeyed him for a while. Then he saved me again in the Orange Islands." Charizard said, tears coming from his eyes. "Ash saved me from a forest fire caused by one of the Decepticons." Flora said as she too cried. "He saved me during the battle against Unicron." Luna said in tears. Absol had tears in his eyes but he spoke up. "If he truly is gone.....then I have failed..." Absol said. "Failed what?" Raichu asked. "This is something that I am really forbidden to say....." Absol said. "Why? Because of your species?" Luna asked, knowing enough of Absol to ask the question. "No, not that. But by decree of the Legendaries themselves." Absol said. "What?!" everyone in the room shouted. "Yes. I have been in contact with the Legendaries before I even met Ash." Absol said. "But how?" Charizard asked. "I can't tell you." Absol replied. "You can for them and the Autobots listening in the command center." a voice said. Looking around, everyone saw Mewtwo, Mew and to everyone's surprise, a Darkrai. Absol took a deep breath and then said "I met them when Ash's father died. He was killed by a creature known as an Insecticon named Kickback." Absol said.

"They're here as well?!" Jazz shouted. "Oh this is just slaggin great." Ironhide grumbled. "Well, after he was attacked, the Legendaries arrived there. I was merely a two year old at the time. But I was there. Ash's father knew of Lugia's legend somehow. He knew that Ash was the Chosen One. He never revealed his son's name, so I never knew that Ash was the Chosen One." Absol explained. "We agreed to look after Ash all of his life as that was his father's dying wish. We tried to locate him, but we failed." Mew said as she broke into tears. "Ash was like a brother to most of us Legendaries." Darkrai said. "While to Ho-Oh and Lugia, he was like a son." Mewtwo said. "All Legendaries are on the search for him and Marina right now." Mew said as she wiped her tears away. "You mean he's still alive?" Jazz asked. "Yes he is." Mew replied. "You know, I know how you feel on losing a brother." Optimus said. "Really? How?" Darkrai asked. "My brother is still alive. But he is completely evil now. Megatron may be my enemy, but he will always be my brother." Optimus said with a sigh. "We will keep looking for them then." Darkrai said as he, Mew and Mewtwo disappeared.

A few hours later. "I really hope Ash isn't gone. He's a good kid." Optimus said as he walked out of a dark room. He turned and gave a last look at the one thing in the room before closing the door.

Ash was currently asleep in the cage he was in. In his dream he was fourteen and was playing with a Growlithe. But this Growlithe had Ash's eyes and the fur on top of the Growlithe's head looked similar to Ash's hair. He woke up from the dream and looked around. Everyone expect Frenzy was asleep. Frenzy was trying to break the cage down as usual, but was still having no luck. Ash just sighed as Frenzy began yelling in Cybertronian which made him believe the Decepticon Hacker/Spy was swearing profusely. "Urgh... I'm glad I don't understand what he's saying." Ash was deep in thought of the thing that he was building to help the Autobots. Ash looked to see a male wearing a Pokemon Ranger uniform. His name was Seth and he had explained that his father was human and his mother was a Flygon. All he had to show that he was a human Flygon hybrid was that he had the wings and tail of a Flygon. Ash then turned and saw Marina sleeping the best she could in the cage. When Ash turned to face Starscream's cage, he saw the Decepticon staring right back at him. "Listen, human. I have been thinking this over and as much as I will hate myself for saying this, we have got to help each other if we are ever going to escape." Starscream said. "I agree, Starscream. But are we going to tell the others?" Ash asked. "Yes. Everyone will be needed in escaping." Starscream said. Ash nodded. As soon as the others woke up, they began to plan.

"Okay, I have been analyzing these cages and every now and then a small gap on Ash's appears. If we can somehow use a weapon..." Mirage said. "One flaw. He doesn't have any weapons." Barricade said. "Actually, I do" Ash said. His robotic arm turned into a gun. "Now tell me when it comes." Ash said. After waiting for a bit, Mirage shouted, "NOW!" Ash fired and the laser hit a spot on Frenzy's cage, causing it to break. With that, Frenzy ran around and opened the other cages. Once free, they all gathered in one spot. "I will take command for now until we get back to our factions." Starscream said. The others nodded, although didn't really trust the Decepticon. "Barricade. You and Frenzy protect Ratchet. Hot Shot and Mirage will protect Seth. As for me, I will protect Ash and Marina." Starscream said. All of a sudden, an alarm went off and robots with wheels rolled in. Each one had a machine gun on both of its arms. "Attack!" Starscream shouted as they all opened fire on the robots.

Lawrence ran up to the command center of the fortress. "What is going on?" he asked. "They have escaped." the computer said. That was all that Lawrence needed to know. "Then get all security robots after them!" Lawrence shouted as he sat in the chair facing a lot of screens.

Starscream fired his machine gun. The bullets shredding a robot into pieces. Frenzy ran across walls and jumped on top of robots, ripping out vital parts. Ratchet fired his gun, destroying robot after robot. Barricade had his mace-like weapon out and was using it to slam into robots. Hot Shot had his sword out, slicing robots in two. Mirage slammed his feet and fists into robots while firing his gun as well. Ash's right arm fired shot after shot while Marina used attacks like Iron Tail and Aqua Jet against the robots. Seth stayed close to Mirage. One of Lawrence's robots hit Frenzy. The Decepticon fell down and tried to get up. "Ratchet! Go fix up Frenzy!" Starscream shouted as he fired his gun at more robots. "Barricade, Hot Shot, give me cover fire!" Ratchet shouted. Nodding, the Autobot and Decepticon moved in front of Frenzy and fired their guns. Ratchet ran up to them and began to check up on Frenzy. "He just got a bullet stuck in his torso." Ratchet said. "Then get it out of there!" Barricade shouted. "Okay. I got it." Ratchet said.

Several more minutes went by. "This is getting us nowhere! It's endless!" Starscream complained. He fired a missile at one of the walls. Running through the hole, they all saw that the fortress was over the ocean. "Ash, Marina. Ratchet will take you down. Seth, you stick with Hot Shot." Starscream said. Just then, they all jumped as the robots fired on them. Hitting the water, Ash began to search for something to help him to the surface. He felt something grab his hand and pull him up to the surface. Gasping for air, Ash saw that Marina had his hand. They both saw the others pop up as well. Seeing cannons on the fortress point at them, Mirage shouted "Lets get the Slag out of here!" With that, they began swimming toward a distant island.

After they reached the island, Ash, Seth, and Marina gasped for breath. "It's not over yet' Here he comes." Barricade said as the fortress moved towards them. "Right. We fight." Ratchet said as he stepped forward, gun pointing up at the fortress. "Yes, we will." Starscream said. As the fortress came closer, Starscream shouted "Autobots and Decepticons, attack!" With that, they all fired as the cannons on the fortress fired back. Starscream fired several missiles at what looked like vital parts. As the others fired, smoke started to billow. As more smoke came from the fortress, it was starting to fall into the ocean. After it crashed into the ocean, everyone looked at each other. "Go back to the Autobots. We don't need to fight now." Starscream said as he, Barricade and Frenzy left the island. "Well, let's get back to the base." Ratchet said. "Yeah. Nina and my Pokemon will be missing me." Ash said.

Later. Ash, Mirage, Hot Shot, Ratchet and Marina walked into the base. Cheering was heard. "Welcome back." Optimus said. "Optimus, can I talk to you?" Ash asked. Optimus nodded and they walked to another part of the base. "I think it's best that I speed up my work." Ash said. Optimus nodded again and told several Autobots to make a cover story.
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