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Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Attack of the Chaos-Bringer

A day after the battle. Jessie and James were not fitting in so well. But Optimus had told everyone that they were on their side now. The former Team Rocket members were surprised that Ash and Marina had accepted them straight away. Ash had also gotten to know the Leafeon that had joined his team. Thanks to the translator, he learned the Leafeon's name was Flora. "Still, I thank you again for saving my life." Flora said. "No need to thank me more then once." Ash replied. "And don't forget. You're on Ash's team now." Marina said. "Yes I know. But that does mean I have to enter this war against the Decepticons, doesn't it?" Flora said. "Yes, I'm afraid you do." Ash said. "Hey, Ash. Why don't you show Flora the other Pokemon on your team?" Marina asked. "Hey, that's a good idea. Flora, you already know Absol and Raichu." Ash said. "Yeah, I do." Flora said with a nod. "Well here are the other two. Charizard and Jolt, go." Ash said as he sent out the two Pokemon. Jolt and Charizard saw the Leafeon and introduced themselves to Flora in their native tongue. Ash smiled as he saw the Pokemon getting along.

Meanwhile in the ruins near Solaceon Town. A group of humans and Pokemon were digging. They had found a chamber and were researching the writing on the walls while some people continued to dig. "Sir, I don't think you should dig anymore." a person said. "And why should I not?" the leader of the group asked. "There is a legend that says something of great evil was trapped here." the man explained. "Yeah right." the leader said with a huff. After a while, they broke through the wall. They walked into the hidden chamber. They directed their flashlights onto something in the middle. There was a strange looking machine of ancient design along with four metal bars with energy walls around them and over the top, forming a cage. Inside the cage was a large creature known as a Darkrai. Coming from the bars were chains that were wrapped around the Darkrai.
"Why do you think it was imprisoned here?" someone asked. "Don't you get it? This is a Darkrai. They are said to be among the most evil creatures in exsistence." someone else said. "No, it's worse than that. This is, according to legend, the Chaos-Bringer himself." the first man said. "Who?" another person asked as the group walked up to the machine. They were observing what it did. "The Chaos-Bringer is said to be Unicron. Something evil in the Transformers' history." the man explained. "Are you sure?" Another person asked. One of the men saw a button and pressed it by mistake. "No, don't do that!" the man before shouted. The energy bars disappeared instantly. The Darkrai's head slowly moved up. "I am free." it said. With strong pulls, it ripped the chains off and used them to smash the machine. The chains flailed around the room as the Darkrai killed the team. The leader was the only one still alive. "You. I want you to contact the Autobots and the Decepticons and bring them here to this place." the Darkrai said. The man just nodded in fear.

In the Autobot base. Jazz turned and said "Optimus, we got a problem." "What it is?" Optimus asked as he walked over to Jazz. "Decepticon signals coming from Solaceon Town" Jazz said. "Now why would the Decepticons attack there?" Wheeljack asked. Hot Shot came over and said "The only thing of importance there is the ruins." Ironhide said. "Don't forget about that Pokemon Day-Care center there. No telling what kinds of Pokemon are there right now." Ratchet said. "We can't take any chances with this. Gather a strike team together. It's time we Transform and Roll Out!" Optimus commanded. Nodding, all the Autobots went to assemble the strike team.

Ash was in his quarters with Marina and Nina. Flora listened intently to the stories of Ash's adventures. However, Ash stopped when he heard a bang on the door. Walking out of it, he saw Jazz standing there. "Jazz? What is it?" Ash asked as he looked at the silver Autobot. "We got word of a Decepticon attack. They're attacking Solaceon Town." Jazz explained. "Okay. I'll get my squad together." Ash said. "Nina, your friends have been already told. But I'm sorry to say that on orders from Prime and Ratchet, you must stay behind. The threat to your unborn child is too great." Jazz said. "I understand." was all that Nina said. With that, Ash went to get his squad. But before he could leave the room, Nina grabbed his arm and gave him a worried gaze. "Come back in one piece." Ash only gave her a confident grin and a wink. The Arcanine let go of his arm and the boy ran down the hall.

A few hours later. Several squads and all of the Autobots arrived in the town. It was quiet. The Autobots transformed into robot mode and drew their weapons out. "Where are the Decepticons?" Ratchet asked. "No idea, Ratchet. But I hope they turn up soon. I want to blow some of them into slag." Ironhide said. "Here they come!" Hot Shot shouted as he brought his sword up. In the sky was a F-22 Raptor, a helicopter, a purple jet, a Zapdos, a Xatu and a large silver alien jet. All of the Decepticons transformed into robot mode. "Alright, Autobots. What's the meaning of this?" Megatron demanded. "We're here because this town was under attack by you." Optimus said. "We were summoned here as well." Blitzwing said. "But if you didn't summon us, then who did?" Starscream asked. As if to answer him, the ground exploded as a large Darkrai appeared.
"Is that a Darkrai?" Raichu asked as he moved a bit behind Ash. "No way. A Darkrai can't be that big." Absol said. "What is it then if it isn't a Darkrai?" Ash said. The Darkrai said "I am Unicron." "Unicron?" Starscream said in shock. "Impossible. Unicron is only a legend. Isn't he, Optimus?" Hot Shot asked. "You were trapped here. What set you free?" Optimus said. "A group of creatures native to this planet set me free." Unicron replied. With that, Unicron transformed into robot mode. His Robot mode seemed to strike fear in the Autobots, the Decepticons, humans and Pokemon alike. "Megatron, we'll have to call a truce for the time being." Optimus said. "I agree, Prime." Megatron said with a nod. With that, everyone opened fired on Unicron. But a shield appeared protecting Unicron from the weapons fire. The Pokemon joined in as well, all launching their most powerful attacks. "Ha. This is the best you can do?" Unicron asked. Transforming back into his Darkrai form, Unicron used a Dark Pulse attack on everyone. Absol turned around before sending a Shadow Ball up at the Dark Pulse attack. Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing and Blackout transformed into vehicle mode and flew up into the air to meet Unicron head-on. Turning around, Unicron flew forward. The Decepticons with Megatron in front fired all weapons on Unicron. The Chaos-Bringer transformed back into robot mode. He grabbed Megatron and threw him to the ground before he began to attack the others. Megatron transformed into robot mode again. "How are we going to beat him?!" Ironhide shouted as he fired on Unicron who was now back in the form of Darkrai. Ash threw out Charizard's, Jolt's and Flora's Poke Balls. Charizard saw Starscream and almost charged at the Decepticon when Ash stopped him. "Charizard, no. We don't have time for this now. We've got bigger problems." Ash said. "Why? Starscream must be destroyed for what he did to the valley!" Charizard growled. "Because we are fighting a deadlier enemy then the Decepticons right now." Ash said. "And who might that be?" Charizard asked, looking at his Trainer. Ash just pointed at Unicron in the air. Charizard looked and said "Hmm. Okay, for now I will try and work with Starscream."
Soundwave dodged a blast from Unicron and pressed the button on his shoulder. "Rumble. Laserbeak. Buzzsaw. Ravage. Eject. Operation: Warfare." Soundwave said as the cassettes ejected from his chest and transformed. Laserbeak and Buzzsaw flew right up to Unicron while firing at him. Unicron fired on them, bringing them down with ease. Transforming back into robot mode, Unicron landed on the ground. Rumble's arms turned into pile drivers and he said "So you want to rumble with Rumble?" With that, the pile drivers hit the ground, causing it to shake. All Autobots, Decepticons, humans and Pokemon tried to keep their balance. Unicron simply walked forward, his hand reaching for something behind his back. Bringing his hand back to his front he now had a large club. Reaching Rumble, Unicron brought the club forward and hit Rumble as hard as he could, sending the Decepticon spy flying into a building. "Ash, my sensors indicate that several humans and Pokemon have not yet escaped the city. Get them out now. We will try to hold him off as long as we can!" Optimus shouted as he fired more shots at Unicron, who just walked while ignoring all the shots. Ash nodded. "Mirage, Ratchet, provide cover fire to Ash." Optimus shouted. Nodding, the two Autobots and Ash ran towards the remains of a shattered building. A human was struggling to get out of the debris of the house. "Mirage, give me a hand!" Ash said as he began to remove the wreckage. Mirage knelt down and began to help while Ratchet stood guard. Biltzwing in his jet mode flew down while firing on Unicron. But Unicron swung his club around, hitting the Decepticon triple-changer hard. Blitzwing transformed into robot mode before transforming into tank mode. Rolling forward, he fired shells from the tank's barrel. Unicron grabbed the tank barrel and threw Blitzwing into another building.
Meanwhile. Ash had freed a few people from the ruined buildings. He heard a sudden noise. Turning around, he saw an Umbreon with its leg trapped under a collapsed wall. Running over to the Umbreon, Mirage and Ash bean to remove the wall. "Ratchet!" Ash shouted over the sounds of battle. Ratchet ran over while Mirage stood up, his weapon trained on Unicron. Ratchet examined the wound on the leg. "There's nothing I can do here. We have to get this Umbreon to the base." Ratchet said. Ash took a Poke Ball and dropped it on the Umbreon. The Umbreon was caught in mere seconds. Optimus attacked Unicron with his sword's blade. But Unicron caught it and broke it with ease. Transforming back into his Darkrai form, Unicron flew back into the air. Getting ready for a Dark Pulse attack, an attack slammed into him from behind. Turning around, Unicron saw all the Legendaries that could fly coming down from the sky, launching different attacks at him. Seeing this, Autobots, humans and Decepticons fired on Unicron. Unicron raised his arms, getting ready for a Dark Void attack, but nothing happened. 'What? My energy is running low? How can this be happening?' Unicron thought.
Rayquaza flew in front of him and launched a Hyper Beam attack. Mewtwo used Psychic to send Unicron crashing into the ground. Palkia and Diagla flew up, grabbed Unicron, and disappeared. After a few minutes, they reappeared. "We sent Unicron to another universe where we hope he remains trapped." Palkia said. The Legendaries disappeared, leaving a ruined town and Autobots, Decepticons, humans and Pokemon. "We won't fight you now, Optimus. Some other time." Megatron said before he transformed and flew away with the Decepticon following him.

Hours later. Ash looked down at the Umbreon, who was quite young. She didn't have any name, so he called her Luna. Ash had decided that since she was still young that Luna would stay out of her Poke Ball. Marina turned to Ash and asked "Ash, do you get the feeling that something really bad is going to happen soon?" "Yeah, I do." Ash said as he looked out at the sea.
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