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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 34

Terra was sitting down in the base of the DPL of the parallel universe he had been transported to. Rav, his Battle Suit Transformer partner, was lying down in front of him. He looked down at the sleeping Decepticon, really finding it hard to believe that she was very friendly. Megatron had called them both to the command center of the base.

"Megatron, why did you call us here?" Terra asked. Megatron turned and said "After analyzing what you said we believe to be a Pokémon, an Autobot drone with a deceased Salamence came from your universe into ours about 10 years ago." Terra looked up and asked "Is the Pokémon still here?" Megatron nodded and said "Yes, she is still living on the base until we find a way to send her home." Terra stood up, hope rising inside of him. "Can you bring her in? I might know her." Terra asked. "I have already called for her." Megatron replied.

"What is it, Megatron? Have you found a way to send me and Jetstorm home?" a feminine voice asked. "No, but I have someone from your home universe here." Megatron replied. "Well, I might as well see who it is." the female voice added. As Terra turned, he heard the female gasp. What Terra saw standing next to a custom-made Autobot drone was an Absol-like Pokémon. The Pokémon was 4'7". It was a dog-like Pokémon covered with white fur and a very stylized shape, it had a light blue face and paws, one big pair of white and blue wings, a smaller pair of pure white wings instead of a tail, and a single blue wing over the left side of its forehead, and had bright blue eyes. "Ash?" the Pokémon asked. He didn't know why, but the first thing Terra said at the sight of her was "Absol?"

The Pokémon ran over and looked him right in the eyes before saying, "Yes, it's me." "Absol... I've missed you. These past 10 years have been tough for me." Terra said while holding back tears. "It's OK, my love. We're together again." the Pokémon said. "But what happened to you? If I had to guess, it looks like you evolved, but Absol can't evolve. Can they?" Terra asked. "Well, apparently we can. If the conditions are right." Absol replied. "But if you're not an Absol anymore, what Pokémon are you now and what should I call you?" Terra asked. "Well, I am an Arcasol now and I would like that you call me that." Arcasol said. "But what is an Arcasol?" Terra asked. "I can answer that." Shockwave said as he stood up. "Oh slag, he's going to go on now." Starscream grumbled as he quickly ran out of the room. "Arcasol the Peace Pokémon. This Pokémon evolved when the Lonely soul of Absol was touched by the spirit of a kindhearted person. Now with a renewed hope on mankind, it looks out for their sake and protection. It searches for disasters and catastrophes, and its only presence, thanks to the powerful light energy that stems from it, is enough to stop even the vilest chaos and brings harmony back." Shockwave said before he went back to work. "Wow. I guess you're a lot stronger now then." Terra said. "Yeah. But lets continue this somewhere else. I know a great underground park we can go to." Arcasol said as they walked away. "Wait... Underground park?" Terra asked. "Yeah. Since the Autobots and Team Rocket began to attack, they moved cities below the surface." Arcasol explained as they walked.

A while later in a park in an underground city, Arcasol had just finished telling Terra about all that has happened in the last ten years. "Well, I told you about me during the past ten years. What about you and the others? How is your mother doing?" Arcasol asked. Terra's eyes filled with tears as he looked away. "She's...dead. Frenzy killed her." he said. Arcasol looked sadden before saying, "I'm sorry. Must've taken you a while to get over that." "Yeah, but my new mother helped with that." Terra said, wiping away tears. "What do you mean 'new' mother?" Arcasol asked. "Well, not too long ago, six billion aliens came from another universe. About a week after that, I met another version of myself and finally met my great-great-great-great grandfather Ashton. One of his servants, a Suicune named Aurora, took me as her son when she learned about my mother's death." Terra said. "Well, that is good to hear." Arcasol said with a smile. "Yes, but those aliens that attacked are the metal orbs from the legend you used to talk about." Terra said. Arcasol looked at her lover with a look of horror on her face. " the legend has come true... All of it..." Arcasol said with almost complete horror. "But I'll tell you this. Our kids have evolved." Terra said. "What... They have?" Arcasol asked. "Yes, and they miss you a lot." Terra said. "Well, unless we don't find a way home soon, they will be missing their mother as well. But tell me, did you ever destroy Nightmare?" Arcasol asked, wanting to know of the fate of the creature that nearly took her soul. "Yes, and I'll tell you the details." Terra replied.

Flashback 5 years ago.
The armored figure ran, threw the soldiers, slicing them with its demonic sword. "I will devour your souls!" Nightmare shouted as it fought its way through the ranks of APL, TRDA and Sector Seven soldiers that stood in its way. However, when it reached four Espeon and a Latias with what looked like burn marks on one side. Their eyes glowed a soft blue as they lifted Nightmare off the ground. "When I get down, I will devour your souls first!" Nightmare shouted. But he was then thrown in the direction of Optimus, who slammed his foot into the armored creature, sending Nightmare flying upwards. Megatron came down with his mace, sending Nightmare to the ground. The sounds of weapons powering up were heard as people ran as weapons fire came from above the planet, hitting Nightmare directly. The Azure Knight was destroyed and Soul Edge was once again left stuck in the ground. Optimus walked up to it and picked the sword up and walked towards a nearby rocket. Strapping Soul Edge to the rocket, Optimus walked away. "I will be back, Optimus Prime. You hear me?! I WILL RETURN!!!" Soul Edge shouted as it was launched into the void of space.
End flashback.

"Wow. Must've been a tough battle." Arcasol said. "Yeah, it was." Terra nodded. The two lovers sat in silence for a while before Arcasol got a sly smile on her face. "You know, it has been ten long years since we last saw each other. Why don't we test this new body of mine out, if you know what I mean." Arcasol said with a giggle. "I think I do. Why don't we go to your place in this universe?" Terra said as they walked to Arcasol's quarters.

(mating scene here)
Once the two lovers reached Arcasol's home within the underground city, Ash looked around. "Nice apartment." Arcasol smiled, "I'm glad you think so. My home is fairly basic, but I hope you enjoy yourself. My home is your home, after all." She then rubbed her body against Ash's side, "But should we get started?" Ash blushed a little as he replied, "Whenever you're ready." She then walked towards a doorway and spoke, "I'll be waiting in the bedroom. Just don't keep me waiting too long." After locking the door to the apartment, Ash tried to find his way to the bedroom.

Ash did not look far before coming across Arcasol relaxing on her side upon a queen-sized bed. She truly looked as regal as any sphinx. She then smiled with a sultry gaze, "It will be hard to test my body with those clothes in the way." After closing the door and turning on a nearby lamp to softly illuminate the room, Ash began to undress. Once he was standing nude, Arcasol smiled, "You look just as good as I remember." Ash grinned, "Glad time hasn't affected your memory."

Once Ash took a seat on the bed, Arcasol crawled towards him and smiled, "First, I would like to test my mouth." She then reached out and gave Ash's manhood a few licks, prompting a shudder from him. Ash gasped, "Whoa... I've forgotten how this feels." Once Ash's member stood erect, Arcasol took the whole thing into her mouth and began to deepthroat it. Ash soon began to groan as he placed a hand on Arcasol's head. But just as he was starting to feel his orgasm rise, Arcasol ceased her treatment and pulled her head back. "How was it? Has my mouth changed for the better?" Ash nodded, "That was wonderful. I don't think you could've done better if you tried!" Arcasol smirked, "That good, was I? Now I need your help in order to test out another part of me." She then stood up and turned around, presenting her furry rump and twin tails to Ash.

Ash asked, "Um... What exactly do you want me to do?" Arcasol looked over her shoulder and giggled, "I need to know how it feels with my new anatomy. Don't be shy. Touch me however you want." Ash then decided to start by feeling his way from Arcasol's underside up to her backside. He reached under her and stroked her belly with his fingers. She purred, "Mmmmm... Don't stop yet..." Ash then slowly followed the curve of her body as he reached her rump. He then noticed a slight pink coloration just under her fur and stroked it with his fingers. Arcasol gasped as she shuddered, "Yes, right there!" Ash smiled, realizing that he had located Arcasol's womanhood. He then stroked it over and over, prompting moans and gasps of pleasure from his lover. It did not take long for her flower's lips to become moist. Once she felt herself becoming moist, Arcasol pleaded, "Please, stop there! Don't push me over the edge just yet!"

Ash pulled his hand back before Arcasol turned to face him. She smiled with a blush, "Does my new body please you?" Ash nodded, "Yeah. You were always pretty as an Absol, but now you're totally gorgeous." Arcasol smiled before leaning forward and planting a kiss on Ash's cheek. He then asked, "What else do you want to try?" Arcasol grinned seductively, "I'm sure you can guess." But then, she had a surprised expression on her face as she asked, "Now that I think about it, wasn't the last time we mated when you went into heat as an Eevee?" Ash chuckled as he blushed, "You mean when I became pregnant with our kids? Yeah, I think it was." Arcasol then smiled, "Then I think we should catch up on lost time by testing out my new body in the best way possible." She then lied down on her back with her paws in the air while in a submissive position. "Make me yours, Ash."

Ash blushed a little as he gazed upon the body of the creature who used to be his loyal guardian and friend. With a happy sigh, he nodded, "It would be my pleasure." He then placed his erect member at the entrance to Arcasol's birth canal and pushed in as his lover gasped loudly. But he soon felt something blocking his access at halfway. Arcasol asked, "Is something wrong? Why did you stop?" Ash gulped, "If I go any further, it will hurt for a minute. Are you ready?" Arcasol nodded, "Nothing you do to me could ever match the pain I felt waiting for us to be reunited. Do whatever it takes." Ash nodded and gave a hard thrust, piercing Arcasol's hymen as she gave a sharp yelp. After a second, she pleaded, "Don't stop now! Keep going!" Ash then gripped one of Arcasol's legs and held it against his shoulder for support as he began to thrust into her at a strong and steady rhythm.

After only a moment, the pain within Arcasol's birth canal had disappeared and had been replaced with overwhelming pleasure the likes of which she had never felt before. All she could do was lie still in ecstasy as her lover had his way with her. She could already feel a type of pressure filling her as Ash mated with her. Before long, Arcasol let out a loud groan as she arched her back, her womanhood convulsing while soaking Ash's member with her juices. Arcasol trembled violently as her eyes rolled around in her head, dizzy from her first female orgasm. She then muttered, "Yes... So wonderful..... Now...give me your baby..."

As he felt his own orgasm growing while his testicles began to boil with semen, Ash suddenly pulled out of his lover. At the feel of his withdrawal, Arcasol frowned, "What's wrong?! Why did you stop?!" Ash gasped as he caught his breath while sweating heavily, "I was getting close, so I pulled out. You're not on birth control, right? I didn't want to take the risk." At these words, Arcasol's eyes began to fill with tears. She pleaded, "What are you saying?! I want to feel you fill me!" Ash gulped, "What?! But you're still male in spirit!" Arcasol then sighed, "If I was still the same person I was when I was separated from you, yes. I would still be male at heart. But...people change."

Ash asked, "Changed? How so?" Arcasol spoke, "During my years in isolation away from you, I began to feel a type of longing for you unlike anything I had ever felt before. I began to accept my new female body, embrace it even. To be honest, I cannot imagine being male anymore. I love my new body. I am a woman now, and I want to remain as one. I also want to do something that I never could do as a male." She then gazed into Ash's dark brown eyes and cried, "Ash, please. I want to have your children."

Ash was silent for a moment before speaking, "You.....want to give birth to my kids?" Arcasol nodded, "Yes. I have thought long and hard about it. And I have made up my mind. I want to carry your children in my womb. I want to know the anticipation, the pain, and the joy of carrying, giving birth to, and holding our children." She then pleaded, "Ash, I'm begging you! Please, let's start a new family together!" It took a moment for Arcasol's words to be processed in his head, but Ash soon reached out to Arcasol and gently cupped her face with one hand. He then gave her a very warm smile, "All right. I'll make you a mom. And I'll watch over you and our kids." Arcasol could no longer hold back her tears and smiled, "Then don't wait any longer. Give me your seed, darling."

Ash held up Arcasol's back leg and thrust into her again, prompting a shudder of pleasure. Ash had already built up most of his orgasm already, so he did not have to work much longer. After only a few minutes, Arcasol could feel her lover's member starting to throb. She wanted to scream out his name, but her breathing was too quick to hold in a breath for long. Suddenly, she gasped as Ash's manhood became taut, jets of potent human sperm being shot directly into her fertile womb. She trembled in pure joy as she felt the seed of her lover fill her so deeply. After a full minute of waiting for his orgasm to run its course, Ash slowly pulled out of Arcasol, his member limp and soaked in her fluids. He then fell forward and collapsed next to his lover, panting in sexual exhaustion.

After bathing in the afterglow for a moment, Ash managed to sit up and looked down at his lover. "Arcasol, do you think we succeeded?" She looked up at him with tears flowing from her eyes and whispered, "Yes. I know we succeeded." Ash then held Arcasol's head in his arms and reached down before tenderly caressing her belly, where his sperm was hard at work fertilizing Arcasol's waiting eggs. The two lovers then locked eyes before Arcasol smiled, "It's my turn to be a mother." The two of them then closed their eyes before joining lips in a tender kiss, their love no weaker than when they were separated years ago. Once they broke the kiss, Arcasol asked, "Do you like my new form?" Ash smiled, "Yes. Very much."

Later that night. A vortex appeared as a figured covered in armor emerged from it. In one hand it held a sword while the other huge deformed arm held a type of device. "Lord Megatron, I have arrived in the other universe where it is believed that the Wolf of the Eternal Flame and the Warrior of the Eternal Flame reside in." it said. "Good work, Soul Edge. Now remember to bring them to me ALIVE. Then when I am done, their souls will be yours." the voice of the evil Decepticon leader spoke. "Of course, Lord Megatron. Soul Edge out." Soul Edge said as it closed the link. "This will be easy." the demonic sword said as Nightmare walked.

In another place nearby. A vortex opened in the sky as a Mewtwo-like robotic creature fell and crashed into the ground. It stood up as it looked at its surrounding. Once it seemed to locate something, it took off running towards its target.
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