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War from the Stars by cameronjc


Chapter 33

Terra groaned as he woke up on rocky ground. Sitting up, events from before he blacked out came back to his mind. He was part of a group fighting off Decepticons when the Toclafane came in and began to attack. He remembered an explosion at his feet and flying through the air with yells coming from Evac, Laika and Marina. But now he was not on the battle field or a Decepticon base. He was in a cave and he was not alone. Terra turned to see a silver robotic Persian sitting next to him. The robot Pokemon stood up and moved closer. It sniffed Terra's body until it found a wound located on Terra's leg. It then did something odd, it leaned forward and licked the wound. Then it stopped and stood motionless. Terra then wondered what it was doing before he saw it lean forward again. Its metallic tongue came out of its mouth again only this time it was covered in some type of liquid. After a few licks the robotic Persian stepped back. The blood had been cleared and Terra felt no pain from that area at all. A explosion was heard from nearby the cave along with the sounds of shouting and the clashing of metal. The robotic Persian looked at Terra and motioned with its head for him to follow. Terra walked in the direction away from the sounds of combat, not noticing the Decepticon symbol behind the robotic Persian's ear.

After a few hours of walking Terra and the robotic Persian stopped at a set of large metal doors. A panel slid back and a pair of eyes looked through.
"Who are you? Are you a part of the ATRA?" the soldier asked.
"No, this robotic Persian led me here." Terra said pointing at the robot in question.
The human looked down and said "Oh its you Rav. Well might come on into the DPL base." the human said.
"What is the ATRA and the DPL?" Terra asked as they walked in.
"Where have you been?" the soldier asked.
"I've been in a coma for a few weeks now." Terra lied.
"Well the ATRA stands for the Autobot Team Rocket Alliance while the DPL stands for the Decepticon Pokemon League alliance." the soldier said.
"So Rav here, is a Decepticon?" Terra said feeling nervous in a base full of Decepticons.
"Yeah, but don't worry. If it's organic, she will not harm it as she is a medic mainly. However if it is an Autobot or a Team Rocket grunt then it is a whole different story." the soldier said. Terra thought all this over. He had somehow landed in another universe and where, by the sounds of it, the Decepticons were good guys and the Autobots were evil. Terra then said "I would like for you to take me to Megatron, so I can talk to him."
'Never thought I would say something like that' Terra thought to himself.
"Of course. Other high ranking Decepticon officers maybe there as well" the soldier said. Terra followed the soldier as he notice humans and pokemon working together well with Decepticons. They was something strange about the Decepticons but Terra could not put his finger on it. It didn't take them long before they reached the command center of the base. Walking in Terra saw all too familiar faces. Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave and to his surprise Blackout and Barricade.
"Report" Megatron said as he turned around. Terra saw what was off the Decepticon symbol was the same color as the Autobot symbol and they all had blue optics not red.
"The project is not going good sir. The Autobots have yet again stopped our attempts to recreate a forest outside of the base." the soldier said.
"Slag! Earth has not had any forest or plant life on the surface since the war reached this planet a few hundred years ago" Megatron said with a sigh.
"Megatron I wish to speak to you." Terra said as he stepped forward. Rav never left his side.
"What is your name?" Megatron asked.
"My name is Ash Ketchum, but I go by a codename which is Terra." Terra said. Taking a few breaths Terra spoke up again. He told Megatron and the Decepticon officers about how he was from another universe and about the war. The Decepticon officers seem to be getting horrified looks as they learn of what the Decepticons in Terra's universe were like. When Terra stopped he looked up. Starscream and Shockwave had walked away a bit and were talking very low in Cybertronian.
"Well Terra it seems you have been in a lot. But rest assure the Decepticons in this universe respect all life, even organic. But as to avoid confusing you may call us mirror Decepticons. And we will try to send you home." Megatron said. "Thank you Megatron, but while I am here I might as well as offer some help in the war effort here." Terra said. Megatron thought this over before looking at Rav saying something in Cybertronian. Rav nodded before she began one of the most unusual transformations Terra has seen. Rav stood up on her hind legs as the changed to be more human looking. Her fore legs become more like arms. And it seem her internal systems were changing position. When it was over Rav was more like a female humanoid Persian and she stood a few feet taller then Terra. And then Rav turned until her back was facing Terra. Her back opened up revealing a space that looked like a human could step in.
"She wants you to step inside her" Barricade said.
"Rav is what we call a Battle Suit Transformer. She is designed to be worn like a battle suit, for a human." Megatron explained.
Terra took a few wary steps towards the Suit. He put one foot inside one of Rav's legs and then the other. He leaned forward and put his arms into Rav's arms. Once he was in position Rav's back closed behind him and her head went over his. Terra was in complete blackness inside a Decepticon. Then Rav's optics turned on and he was able to see the world again. Displays such as readouts and communications appear on the display. As he read he found out while in Battle Suit mode Rav acted as the suits computer. Terra took a step forward then another. He flexed Rav's arms.
"I suggest you go to find Epps and his Battle Suit Transformer partner, Steeljaw. He may help you with getting used to having Rav as a battle suit." Megatron said.
"Rav will take you to them." Barricade said.
Before Terra could say anything, Rav had taken off. Terra could feel his arms and legs move as Rav ran toward the where Terra thought Epps and Steeljaw were. Rav skidded to a stop as they near the area.
"Rav please don't go to fast again" Terra said. Rav let out a small sorry sounding growl. On the screen in front of Terra's eyes that were Rav's optics something appeared in Cybertronian.
"Rav what ever that is please put it in English." Terra said.
Rav let out another growl and words in english appeared. 'Sorry.' they said.
"Wait if you growl something it will appear in english on your optics?" Terra asked. Rav growled again and the words were now 'Yes.'
"Ok that may be very helpful." Terra said.
Rav let out a series of growls and the words that came up were 'Yes if we are to be of help to the war effort.' They waited in silence as Terra looked at readouts on the screens that were Rav's optics. He then turned his head to the side turning Rav's head at the same time and looked around the part of the base they were in. They didn't wait long as a human walked to them with a robotic Raikou next to him.
"You must be that human from the other universe. My name's Epps and this is Steeljaw." Epps said.
"My codename is Terra and that is what I would like you to call me." Terra said.
"It seems your Battle Suit Transformer partner is Rav. She is a very fine medic. And pretty good in a fight. But enough talk I am meant to help you get used to being paired up with a Battle Suit Transformer. So please follow me." Epps said as he and Steeljaw led the way with Rav still in Battle Suit mode with Terra still inside of her controlling her actions that followed.
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