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Kanto North

Chapter 2: Downtime


A week passed. Fractal paced down one of the corridors of the installation, Alexei keeping pace at his right side; the absol looked to have groomed his coat lately. Both were dressed in simple t-shirts and shorts, turning down another hall until they reached a large pair of polished steel double doors. Pushing them open, the ampharos stepped in, beckoning for Alexei to follow him.

"Nice to have a new sparring partner," remarked Fractal, turning his head back and giving a little grin as he watched the absol step in. The training room was somewhat sparse, a large concrete chamber, the floor covered in mats with large lamps hanging from the ceiling, two video cameras in the upper corners of the far wall made a soft whirr as they moved to focus on the pair. The most obvious feature was a large and thick blast door on a track on the right side of the only exit from the room.

"Let's get to this," the absol responded flatly, padding over to the center with the ampharos stopping a few yards shy of him. As his thick fur rose a little bit, his friend's tail orb arcs with static and took a bright glow. Fractal gave a nod and they began.

Fractal took a leaping bound at his foe, the electric charge in his tail cracked up in bright sparks to his paws, a scent of ozone filling the air as he opens them up in an attempt to seize his foe. The absol narrowly spun on a paw to the side, right into the shadow his opponent cast. The long-necked electric-type immediately turned his head to see the dark-type blink out of existence, narrowly catching himself on the mats as his charge was disturbed, pressing himself upward with a shove of his paws in same maneuver.

Flipping upright in the air, he scanned the chamber in the moment of airtime, looking down to see Alexei fade in right below in his shadow. The absol, seizing him by the legs right before he lands, forces him down on the mat hard with a dull thump. Vision blanking for a moment, his friend seized the opportunity and pinned the electric-type with all his strength, seeming to effortlessly overpower Fractal.

"Smart move," the ampharos chirped, then his tail and eyes flared up, waves of blueish white sparks cascading down his frame. The absol's fur stood upright, his teeth gritting and eyes narrowing as he gave a snarl, claw tips almost piercing his friend's skin. That is, until his limbs simply stop responding, his body collapsing on top of Fractal. Casually brushing the absol off with a paw, Fractal stood and just beamed down as Alexei, eyes wide, strained and grumbled as he tried to lift his limbs. Pacing around him, Fractal brings his long neck down and giggles a little. "This is priceless," he said gleefully as he sat down next to the helpless absol, who just responded with another growl. Fractal gave a wink and continued, "If I were anything like duckyface, I'd have to capitalize on this predicament you've gotten yourself into."

"That," the absol huffs out, narrowing his eyes again, "is a horrible joke, Fractal. Don't you ever suggest that again."

"Speaking of duckyface," the ampharos said, casually ignoring the dark-type's protest, "What's your deal with him? He seems to have a knack for shutting you down when you go on those tangents. You know," he motioned with a flick of a paw to Alexei, "like last week."

Alexei bared his fangs at this point, " I'm just his direct subordinate."


He took a fatigued breath as he attempted to lift his inert arms once again, "You're constantly harping that I'm doing something wrong and that damn nidoqueen is too. Now you're implying there's something going on between agent Datan and I?"

"Only because we care about you. You know the team does not care for us; we have to care and look out for each other," Fractal says with a smile as he tilts his head and brings it in close again, "And I'm curious is because both of you arrived at the same time last year, together even."

"I'm touched," the absol responded dryly. "Anything else before you get me to the infirmary to get this taken care of?"

"Nope," Fractal says with a blink, "But...may be kinda awkward to ask about this right now, would you care to join me later quarters?"

Alexei blinks a few times at his friend, then glances to the side, then back again, taking a few more blinks. "Huh..." he takes a breath, "Sure. But there's one thing you can do for me."


"Get me to the infirmary, now."


Over in Goldenrod City, A fairly slim nidoking anthro was sitting across from a zangoose woman in her office. He was dressed up like most other officers, though with room for his back spines when they fold up as was normal for nidos. As for the zangoose, she was slightly pudgy, dressed in a light gray pantsuit. More importantly, she had a look of unease about her-- no amount or preparation could prepare one for a meeting with one of these agents.

"So, would you please explain to me why you accessed files on the ruins of alph?" asked Theodore, taking a small sip off of a coffee mug.

"Your honor," she says somewhat shaken as her claw tips scrape at the tabletop, "I was ordered to acquire those files for someone by the name and title of Investigator Rhombus." She was shaking a bit, blinking repeatedly as she watched the nidoking take another sip.

Setting the mug down, a small smile crosses his muzzle as he leaned in close, resting his head on a paw. "So, it was my friend Rhombus who requested this information," he tilts his head a little, raising a brow, "that's very amusing, Agent Abigail."

"Tha...that is what name and serial number requesting the information I was given, your honor," she shook a bit more, taking a heavy breath as he pressed in even closer at hearing this, muzzle hardly an inch from hers.

"Once again," he said coolly, licking over his muzzle, "I find that extremely funny, agent. I could call up Rhombus right now and ask her if she needed such information. But no need, I know she does not."

"That's what it said," she responded in a gasp, pressing back hard into her chair before the nidoking eased back a little bit.

"You wouldn't know this," the nidoking said as he looked to the side for a moment, "but Investigator Rhombus was the one who originally wrote most of those documents." He paused for a few seconds, the smile on his muzzle flattening out, "So, for your health, would you tell me where that data really went?"

"I don't know where it went to, your honor," she responds quietly, "All I know was that it was picked up by a farfetch'd. He provided me the inquistor's identification and stated that he was collecting it for his superior."

"A duck?" He eases back again, giving her a pat on the head. "Thank you," the nidoking said, expression and voice softening as quickly as it changed a few seconds earlier. "Did this duck provide you his badge number?"

"No, your honor." As she noticed the nidoking calm, she decided to play her only card against the Inquisitor. Giving a little grin, she locks her eyes with those of Theo, peering deeply for a moment as she pulls off an attack: attract. Watching his large ears begin to fall a bit, she breaks the gaze with a flutter of her eyes.

The nidoking looked forward for a few seconds more, before giving a sigh and lowering his head for a moment. "You are painfully incompetent in that case, agent. Not malicious and actively trying to disrupt our operations, but you did something stupid." he trailed off, looking up again a second later, "In the end, the policy is the only way out of this organization is through the grave."

At this, the zangoose tenses up, giving Theo a wide eyed look, the nidoking meeting it as warm smile. "But I am the interpreter of these laws, you know." At this, he watches her take a deep breath. "I like to consider myself a fair judge, and you told me what you know," he glances his eyes to the side, "so I suppose I could make an exception to that on some terms. Would you be willing to hear them?"

She takes another few breaths, finally relaxing in her seat before leaning into the table, "Anything, your honor. I don't really have a choice in whatever sentence you make, after all."

"Good, good..." Theo says, extending a paw across to her, "In that case, in order to keep an eye and make sure you are make amends for your transgressions, I am removing you from your current position and taking you as my assistant for my current assignment and beyond if you work out well."

She nods and takes the paw, shaking on it. "I accept, your honor."

"Very well, welcome to the Inquisitorial Branch," he broke the shake, "We'll sign off on all of this in a bit. First I would like you to say your goodbyes to any loved ones you have." Finishing his coffee, he set his mug down slid back and stood up. Theo pushed the chair in before pacing over to the door, turning his head back as he opened the door, "Later this evening, we are going to be meeting up with some friends of mine, I'd like you to be ready to go by then."

"Will do, sir," the zangoose says, blinking a few times as she watched the nidoking make his way out from what was formerly her office.

"Call me Theo," she heard right before the door shut.


Fractal stepped into the infirmary, carrying the slightly taller Alexei on his back. Looking across the beds, he spotted Sophia sitting back at a steel desk in the corner, a magazine open in her paws. "Hey," the ampharos shouted, waving a paw to her. "Time to do your job!" Of course, as he released a paw, the absol gave a yelp and almost fell, barely supported by the electric-types other paw.

"Hmmm?" she looked up from her reading to spot Fractal...and Alexei's slumped over his shoulder. "Adorable. Now what did you boys do?" she questioned with a sigh, raising an eye ridge and smiling as she closed the magazine and set it aside. Fractal snickers at this as he turned around and gently dropped the immobilized absol on one of the beds, turning again as Sophia paced up to them.

"Alexei here," the ampharos nods to the nidoqueen as he pats the morph in question on the head, "was getting a bit too personal, you know?" He winked, the nidoqueen shaking her head for a moment before looking down at Alexei.

"Sit up," Sophia said plainly, only to see the absol give her a blank look. At that, she ruffles his head fur a bit more and chuckles. "Couldn't help it."

"Oh you," said Alexei back to her in a flat voice."Could you fix this problem? I don't seem to find it as hilarious as you or Fractal do."

"Nope," she shook her head and began to step back to her desk. As she sat, she opened her magazine again, flicking though several pages with a claw tip.

"Excuse me?" said Alexei indignantly across the room, before giving a growl as he attempted to get up in vain once again, "Why can't you? You're the doctor of this place and you can't even treat this?"

"I can't treat nerve injuries," the nidoqueen said, flipping though another page, "even if it's just a temporary problem like you have. Take a nap over there and you'll be just fine in probably an hour so or."

The absol looked up at the ceiling tiles and rolled his eyes, Fractal soon looking down at him, brining his long neck in and tilting his head back and forth a few times. "Sorry I did that, but you should have really known better than to try to...take me in such a rough manner."

"And you're done," the absol says, barely holding back a small chuckle.


By early evening, Edward is sitting across from Datan, the pair of them shuffling through photos on the desk, several large stacks of paper on one side with a inch-thick, rectangular golden plate on the other, engraved with several replica unown. Holding two of the photos up, the alakzam glances over them for a few seconds more before looking across to Datan. "These look promising," he remarked, patting the tablet, "hopefully we'll actually find something this time."

The duck nodded slowly, glancing down to where his boss' paw rest. " know, even if we don't find what you are looking for, these artifacts are still worth a small fortune."

"A fortune of mortal wealth, perhaps," Edward responded with disinterest to that prospect, "I seek the shattered souls of our masters of antiquity, Datan. If coaxed by a couple of sufficiently skilled psychics, I could have any whim of mine fulfilled for the betterment of this world."

"Just being realistic, sir," the duck continues, pulling a cigarette from a pack in his shirt pocket. Flicking out his silver lighter, the duck lights it and takes a quick drag before continuing, "I'm not one to believe in magic, though I'll keep up this contract if artifacts like that gold there keep pouring in."

"Nothing magical about any of this," the alakazam says while fiddling with his lenses for a second, "I'm still at a loss as to why the Alph ruins were bare besides a couple of metal baubles that recouped the losses of the excavation."

Because there was nothing. That's what the first though to enter the farfetch'd head at that comment. "No idea-- but reports are estimating it'll take another few months to dig out the temple we found," he inhales deeply before taking the cigarette between to fingers, "maybe we'll find what you're looking for; I get the feeling that that nidoking certainly thinks you will."

"We'll just put him under house arrest when he gets here; force him to make positive reports every few weeks," Edward says with a shrug while looking over the photos on his desktop again, "Mainly because it does not sound like he's going to bring troops with him."

"Yep," the duck nodded, "that's the plan. Also, my one bitch from Johto called earlier and said that she managed to infiltrate his branch somehow. And on bitches-- I think I need to go put one back in line tonight."

"And you call yourself a family man, Datan," said the alakazam, looking up to the duck.

"Hey now," the duck quacked in protest, tapping some ashes off in a tray before he stood up, "I was not referring to my mate."

"Oh...still," was all that Edward responded to that with, blinking a few times.

"So yeah," Datan said, entirely unfazed, as he turned around and began to walk out, "Keep up on that excavation stuff. Maybe you'll find those floating symbol things. Even if not, you run a headquarters that's sitting on a great deal of wealth: both moonstone and relics."

Making his way from the office, the duck casually strolled down the halls until he reached Alexei's door. Knocking on it a few times, he folded his arms and waited for a few seconds. Shaking his head, the duck fished in his pockets for a moment, producing his key chain. Flipping through them, he found his copy of the absol's door key. With a click, the farfetch'd opened the door and stepped in. He found an empty room.

How unacceptable. He blinked a few times, then turned on a heel and made his way out.


Fractal, dressed only in a loose fitting, mint green bathrobe, was sitting on a chair next to a steel table in the center of his room. While still a small room, it was a warmer atmosphere than most of the installation. The floor covered in a deep blue rug, a wooden cabinet and dresser against the right wall and a rather large bed covered in neatly tucked blue sheets is against the center of the far wall, a nightstand on each side.

His long neck turned to the door as he hears a paw pounding against it. It seemed that the absol decided to take up his offer. Getting up to his feet, Fractal padded over to his door. Opening it, he found was correct, as there stood Alexei. "Hey there," he said to the absol, smiling as he motioned with a paw into his room, "please, come in." With that greeting, the ampharos turned around and walked back to his seat, robe flowing along his slender form, tail swishing back and forth beneath.

Alexei's eyes ran up and down Fractal from ear to tail tip as the ampharos slides down into his chair again. "What do you want..." the absol says, blinking a couple of times with a flustered tint in his voice.

Fractal gave a smile and gestures to a chair on the other side of the table. "Sit down," he said invitingly the absol, making eye contact with his friend as he took the seat. "Just some company," explained Fractal, tilting his head as he casually crosses a leg, "You know-- someone to talk with...some release for the night."

Unlike the ampharos, Alexei set himself down proper. "I see," he said in a blunt manner as his eyes looked across to his friend, tracing up from the red orb that makes the tip of his tail to his eyes, where he let his own rest.

Fractal gave a half grin, craning his head in as his long tail started to swish back and forth across the floor slowly. "Something bothering you," He could see the absol's eyes widen at this, him with the look of a deer caught in headlights as he tenses up even more.

"Nothing..." Alexei snapped, starting to shake his head, "never mind, you never mind." With that, he turned his head down and to his side, only glancing his eyes up to meet Fractal's every few seconds. The ampharos draws himself back at this, still giving the absol a little smile.

"It must be something," Fractal chimed, tapping his tail tip against one of the table legs, "This is supposed to be fun, you don't sound like you're having any fun, friend."

"I..." he tripped over his words for a couple of seconds, correcting his posture as he does so, "okay-- I'll try." It was something, the absol knew he was probably going to regret doing this later.

"Good," said Fractal, flicking a ear as he let his tail trail across the floor, brushing against the absol's leg, "That's a start." Fractal then let his eyes drift over to his cabinet, "Care for a quick drink with me?"

Alexei nodded at the offer. At this, Fractal stood and paced over the cabinet, his tail swishing behind him. Opening it, he pulls out a green glass bottle and corkscrew with one paw while taking a pair of glasses in the other. Setting the glasses down on the table, he opens the bottle and places the corkscrew to the side, filling each before sitting . Placing the bottle to the side, he took his glass in paw, the absol following suit.

"Here's to Team Rocket," said Alexei abruptly as he raised his glass, Fractal following suit, clacking them together as he gives a small smile at the comment. Alexei then took a small sip, setting his to the table, running a claw over the rim of the glass as he looked down for a second.

Fractal sips slowly off the glass, setting it down and brushing his tail against the absol's leg again, this time giving him a small jolt of static, making his friend flinch for a second. "Cheer up!" the ampharos demands, "That's an order, agent."

"If you don't cheer up, I'm going to shock you until you do," the absol says with a soft chuckle, "I see how you work."

"To be fair, it's no different from duckyface's methods," said Fractal as he shrugged while his smile grew, "'cept I want people to actually be content."

The absol is paused right before he takes a sip, both from the words and the tail sliding up the inside of his leg, "You are nothing like him. Stop bringing up agent Datan."

"If you wish. Just glad there isn't anything between you," with that, he let the orb of his tail bump against his friend's crotch, instantly causing the absol to jump a little. Giggling, Fractal pressed it in, circling and kneading while casually taking a few sips of wine. "Makes me feel better about doing this."

The absol took a few heavy breaths, his eyes shutting slowly. Fractal's ears perk up as can feel the other male's arousal begin to grow, pressing down a bit harder as the orb begins to glow and warm slightly. Alexei gave a reflexive buck against the groping appendage while his eyes cracked open to notice the ampharos going red around the edges of his ears. Murring lightly, he takes his drink in paw and finishes it. "So is this your idea of apologizing for what happened earlier today? There was no need to be so indirect in getting me here."

"If that's what you'd like to think," Fractal said lightly as he moved to stand while pulling his tail away. The orb only began to glow brighter as he slowly swayed over to the bed, unfastening the cord of his robe with a pull and shrugging it off with one motion; the back of the slender form of the ampharos anthro being revealed to his friend. Turning around, Alexei's eyes instantly drift down to spot a rather thick, tapered red shaft emerging with an equally impressive set swinging below. "Though really I've been hoping you'd be up for this for awhile now."

"That's what I figured," Alexei said, warming his voice while he started to unbutton his shirt. Watching Fractal crawl up onto the bed, he stood and shed the shirt, unfastening his belt and climbing up behind Fractal as he stepped out of his slacks. Slipping an arm around the electric pokemorph, the absol pulled him back and into his embrace, pressing his hips forward and grinding the bulge in his boxers against Fractal's soft rump cheeks.

Fractal purred while turning his head back to bump his muzzle against Alexei's, giving a little lick on the nose that the absol returned while one of his paws trailed down the ampharos' back, pulling his hips back and giving Fractal a playful pat on the ass.

"Knew you were one to take it," Alexei whispered into Fractal's ear, giving a lick around the edge of it while the paw that was wrapped around drifted down and just managed to cup the electric morph's heavy sac, giving a squeeze "pity though."

Giggling, Fractal shakes his head for a second and looks his eyes up to the absol's "Oh...I wouldn't too worried, friend." His tail uncurled itself and gave a bump with the orb against the absol's rear.

Alexei smirked at that while slipping his paw away to pull down his shorts. The absol kicked them off to reveal his dark pink malehood, complete with a softly furred sac. Craning his neck down, the ampharos took a little peek at it for a moment while one his arms opens the drawer on his side, pulling out a tube and handing it over to his friend's free paw.

Taking it, the absol slipped his arm back and guided Fractal down onto his belly, the electric type getting onto elbows and knees, hiking his rump up, he flagged his tail and swayed his hips for a moment, sac swinging heavily as he did. The absol squeezes some lube onto his shaft, sliding the other paw over it a couple of times before climbing up to his knees and shifting behind his friend. Slipping his slick paw between the ampharos' cheeks, the guides a pair of claw tips to the pink puckered ring, causing the tail to flare bright as the digits began to circle and press against the soft flesh, easily pressing in after a couple of moments.

"You like?" Alexei asked playfully, watching the long-necked pokemorph raise his head and look back to Alexei with a nod, then gave a gasp as the digits began to pump in and out of his tailhole. Fractal saw Alexei give a wry smirk before he bean to twist the invading fingers around for a few moments, making him yelp and give off a small charge, causing all of the thick white fur on the absol to stand on end.

"Oops..." the ampharos laughed for a few seconds and looked at his now very floofy friend with a broad smile. Alexei gave a lustful growl, then pumped his claws in and out harder while he started to paw his shaft to firm it up again, replacing Fractal's grin with a wide mouthed expression and a moan.

As a bead of pre rolled down from the tip of his malehood, Alexei gave one last thrust of his claws and then drew them out from his friend, earning him a small gasp. The static began to leave his fur as the absol climbed over Fractal's back, one paw sliding down to intertwine with his while the other moved underneath, claw tips trailing down his length, softly wrapping around it at the base. Fractal brought his long neck back, looking to the absol, who lapped at his muzzle tip a few times before moving up to his ear, flitting around the edges of it while he positioned his hips.

As the electric-morph felt the tip of Alexei's shaft press against his tailhole, he took a few deep breaths and relaxed, focusing on the sensations of the absol's tongue on his ear; Alexei began to lightly chew on it he pushes his hips forward, making Fractal grip the sheets lightly. As he felt his loosened ring start to spread from the absol's slicked member, Fractal slowly breathes out and gives a shudder as Alexei's paw begins to slide slowly up his shaft, teasing the tapered tip of it.

Nibbling around the edge of Fractal's ear for a few more moments, he then blew on the damp flesh and the ampharos' gave a low murr at the coolness. All the while, his paw slides over his friend's cock, his own slowly pressing in until the knot brushed up against the hole. He licked over the ear again, then began to draw back while he gave a few flicks of his claws at the tip of Fractal's shaft for good measure, the ampharos gave a short whine from the intense sensation. It became a cry as Alexei slid in again, tail orb flashing and thumping on the sheets as the shaft pressed his prostate for a moment.

Alexei chuckled at this reaction, continuing to nibble and and blow over his friend's ear, almost every thrust of his hips making Fractal's tail light up, and each time it did his cock would give a hard twitch in Alexei's paw and spurt a few drops of pre onto the sheets. The absol's eyes began to slowly close as he got into his motions, throughly enjoying the feel of at least being on top of something in life for once. The feelings of the ampharos' hot insides combined with the slapping of his sac against his friend's was just a bonus.

As the absol's sac began to draw up, his bucks became harder and soon his knot popped right into Fractal's tailhole, causing the ampharos anthro to give a loud yelp in pokespeak as his mind snapped into a feral state. Hearing a wild cry, Alexei's mouth slipped from the ear and his mind, likewise weakened from carnal sensations, reverted to a feral state. Giving the submissive pokemon a growl, the dominant absol pounded away at him, the knot sliding around inside as his paw still working at the ampharos' shaft. With a hard spasm of his cock, Fractal's orb filled the whole of the room with intense red light, several thick strings of creamy seed splattered on the sheets below the two. As Fractal's member pumped out a few thinner loads, the dominant Alexei lost it and, with an intense thrust, his knot swelled and locked in place while his hips slapped against Fractal's. His cock pulsed inside of the submissive poke's bowels, spraying several thick loads before it started to calm.

Panting heavily, the feral Alexei gave a couple of affectionate licks over Fractal's muzzle before he pulled out. The knot had softened enough to draw out, but with it a loud and wet popping noise followed by another loud bleet from Fractal. As the tip slid out, it remained connected by a line of cum for a moment, which broke as the absol rolled back on one side of the bed, his cock drooling a bit onto his fur.

Feeling Fractal press up to him, Alexei gave a small growl. But it trailed off quickly as the pair just rested for a moment, the light in Fractal's tail slowly fading.
Outside, Datan passed by, blinking at the light from under agent Fractal's door for a few seconds and could swear he heard a few cries and growls. With a shrug, he continued on, damn sure he knew what just happened. Entirely unacceptable.
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