AGNPH Stories


A pokemorph-centric alternate universe fanfic.

After the governments of Kanto and Johto collapsed, Team Rocket was quick to seize control and restore order. This is the story of the newly formed Northern Kanto Division. Headquartered within Mt. Moon, it was meant to deter aggression from the neighboring Sinnoh. Only a year later, the higher-ups received word that an enforcer of the Team's law was set to arrive for unstated reasons, bringing with him many ties to their pasts.

  1. Can't Get a Break (2714 words)

  2. Downtime (4956 words)

  3. Repercussions (3189 words)

  4. Interrogation (3647 words)

  5. Power (4501 words)

  6. Arrival (4452 words)

  7. Relax (4847 words)

  8. Escalation (3946 words)

  9. Leadership (3095 words)

  10. Remember (3968 words)

  11. Lullaby (3823 words)

  12. Awakening (3915 words)

  13. Ultimatum (3929 words)

  14. Challenge (3597 words)

  15. Goodbyes (4478 words)

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