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Lazuli Island: The Shimmering Paradise by Pokegirl


Story Notes:

WARNING: This series dwells (or will dwell) in kinks and dark fantisies or fetishes, such as young child, incest, rape, beastiality (of course), and other such pleasures. Unlike the "My Pokemon" series, this is more of lust than love, though some may make its way here. NOTE: Some of the requests from "My Pokemon" may appear here, but no requests will be accepted for this series. Sorry.FURTHER NOTE: Each chapter will be dealing with a different character's POV, or so the plan is currently. You may also see some characters from previous chapters or other stories on or visiting the island, but that's up in the air for now.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended, and is applicable for all consecutive chapters that follow.

Chapter 1

The economy sucks

You know it, I know it, the guy down the street living at his mother's knows it, and we all knew it way before the government admitted it. Face it, people are living longer and the price to exist just keeps on rising. Old folks who were retiring at fifty are now stretching it out to sixty, sometimes seventy, working as greeters, baggers, holding onto office jobs that, if they quit, would have had a younger person moving up to take that job while another takes his job and so on down the ladder till an opening occurred. Doesn't happen as often now... there's no such thing as a "good" job any more, only "scraping by" and "could be let go at any time" jobs, and even those seem fewer. People come pouring in just to hand in their resumes, 5% of which get a glance and a fewer percent than that will be interviewed leaving only ONE person to actually get hired.

If I needed a more blatant example, I was living it.

"I hope the line moves soon." I spoke to myself more than anyone waiting but a dude at least ten years my senior responded.

"Wouldn't be so bad if there were chairs." He glanced at his watch. "Still have seven minutes before it's scheduled to begin."

I'd been here for two hours, midway in a line that probably snaked through most of the hotel before exiting into the lobby and out the doors. I had to agree with him, chairs would have made the wait more bearable... and AC, damn it! It'd be nice if they'd turn it up! I felt flushed, like the heat pooling off me and every other person here was swirling, trapped in the hallway corridors, festering and churning, steadily becoming blistering as time went on.

Slowly taking a breath of the humid air, a foul taste filling my mouth, making me flinch, I tried to put my attention on something other than whatever that flavor could be. My eyes glanced at the portraits on the wall, faded pictures of flowers and Grass Pokémon, supposedly soothing but more like depressing. The colors had faded to brown and blue, no longer the vivid colors it might have been. They barely stood out against the beige walls, though the bright red carpet made for an obvious eye sore.

Following a stain on the carpet, I ended up checking out the shoes of those waiting. Some looked new, brand new and shiny, probably hurt like a bitch too, from all this standing. Others were worn, not dirty, really, but you could see the wear along the fabric. Me? I couldn't afford business shoes like that, new or used. My shoes were the same as my outfit, dressy but not really high-end business professional like Mr. Grey Suit behind me. Hopefully that wouldn't be too big a deciding factor, I mean, I know appearance is important... but the person under the clothes was more important, right?

Like the woman in the blue heels over there...

My eyes trailed absently along her calves, unable to tell from this distance if she was wearing stockings or if it was just her skin giving that golden shine. Honestly, I was kind of hoping she was wearing stockings... using that material to tie her hands to the headboard would be thrilling. That black skirt of hers, it came just to her knees... it'd be easy to push it up around her waist. Was she wearing a thong?

Lowering my head a little, I let my eyes trail further up, checking to see if I could find the crease of panties. So far... nothing.

Maybe she wasn't wearing anything.

Shifting on my feet, less from pain now and more from trying to adjust myself without anyone's notice, I considered that possibility. It was a nice contrast to the way she held herself, her head high and shoulders straight, even after all this waiting. Man, I could pop a few buttons open from her blouse, watch her breasts bounce in whatever color bra she was wearing while fucking the shit out of her...

"Line's moving."

Mr. Grey Suit's voice snapped me back from my fantasy and I was thankful no one seemed to have realized my train of thought, my aching shaft not the focal point of anyone's attention at the moment, though shuffling forward made me wince as my khakis and boxers squeezed tightly against me with each movement I made.

I followed the line as it wrapped around the hallway, leading toward a destination I couldn't make out passed all the people. At least twenty minutes had gone by while we steadily moved onward, the fantasy still hovering in my mind as we walked forward, though it wasn't as vivid as it had been.

"Thank you very much for coming."

I tried peering around the person in front of me to see who was speaking but the broad was too tall, I couldn't see past her shoulders. I could tell we were getting closer to the voice, but that was all.

"Please, have a seat. Anywhere you'd like is fine."

The lady before me finally moved out of the way, the speaker suddenly right before me. She had a slow but warm smile, a genuine one that actually made it feel like she was glad to see me. The business suit was silver, but it wasn't. Hard to explain, it was like the silver strands were woven with grays and blacks, the material shining over all. There was a violet blouse under the suit, her skirt black but longer than Blue Heels. The outfit flattered her cures, my fantasy from before striking hard, replacing Blue Heels with this woman, her dark hair fanned around her, twin shades of brown and violet, the rich purple darker than the violet of her blouse, framing her face and bringing out the blue marble in her eyes as she moaned for me.

"Thank you for coming." I watched her lips move, stifling a groan as I could feel my erection returning at the thought of those words said softer, huskier, just after I'd cum in her. It didn't help watching her smile deepen on her face, dimples appearing on her cheeks. "Go on in, please, have a seat. Wherever you feel comfortable."

I really didn't want to move, but I could hear Mr. Grey Suit clearing his throat behind me. I walked passed her, taking a quick moment to check out the way her skirt clung to her fine ass before focusing on entering the doors behind her.

It looked like the set up for a party rather than a job interview. Tables were set up with different tablecloths and balloons, arranged in a fashion similar to a high school dance. Water pitchers were on each table, as were glasses and plates that looked to have cookies and brownies of various assortments. The room was refreshingly open compared to the stifling hallways, the lights dimmed in such a way that seeing was easy but I no longer felt a strain on my eyes. It was weird, because I hadn't even noticed I'd been squinting till entering here.

I moved further in, the muffled sound of people quietly talking, perhaps wondering over the bizarre circumstance, reaching my ears. Most were sitting at tables along the edges, decorated with white tablecloths and balloons. I myself was drawn to a yellow table, amused by the fact that someone had drawn a smiley face on one of the balloons. I set my resume on the table, having not been told what else to do with it as of yet. Pouring myself a glass of water, I sipped at it and watched as others came in, seeming to avoid the brightly colored tables for some reason (perhaps because they were closer to the front where the podium was?). A girl did eventually sit at the purple table, two boys who looked like brothers sat at a blue, and one more girl sat at a table with all black.

I wonder if the people sitting at the white tables knew something we didn't.

I was starting to feel self conscious about my choice so I took a chocolate chip cookie off the tray and nibbled at it, gradually feeling my stomach tighten as I watched the number of people filling the room. I had finished a glass of water, three cookies and a brownie before the lady greeter finally closed the doors and walked towards the front of the room, a hush following after her. As she passed, I felt myself unable to avoid watching that shapely ass swaying as she walked.

However, it did little to settle my unease that only six people had ended sitting up at the colored tables.

She stopped once she reached the podium, moving to stand behind it. Testing the mike with a finger, confirming it was on, she smiled again before speaking. She must have done this before... there was no fear in her posture, no stutter in her voice, and no high pitched wail of the mike.

Then again, what did she have to be nervous about? She had a job.

Probably fucked her way to it, I thought, jealous of the lucky bastards she probably slept with for a cushy Human Resource Job.

"Thank you again for coming here today." There was a hint of an accent to her words, something I hadn't noticed before. It was subtle, so faint I couldn't trace what region it had come from. "There were several jobs we put into the paper, all of which you have an equal shot of obtaining, regardless of which you originally intended to apply for. We are looking for the best to fill these spots, whether it be waitress or waiter, dock hand, hotel staff or whatever." There was a small pause, her words clear as she spoke. "If you look under your chairs, you'll find an application and a pen. Please fill it out to the best of your abilities. We will collect both it and your resumes." There was another pause before she spoke, her next words frank and honest... crushing without intending to be. "Unfortunately, most of you will not be hired. We do not have enough jobs to facilitate everyone... but we will keep your papers on file and, should a position open, we will give you a call."

The emphasis she put on "will" made me oddly more inclined to believe her, though the skeptical part of me was going "Yeah... right. That's what all the HR reps say to help themselves sleep at night."

"Please, help yourself to the refreshments if you haven't already. Do not feel rushed, it's not a timed procedure. Just answer truthfully and relax."


I considered that. In spite of the fact that I could desperately use this job, hell, any job... I was feeling a lot better since entering this room.

"When you've finished, you can stay and enjoy yourself or leave, whichever you prefer. Due to the overwhelming response, we'll review the applications over the next week. You'll receive a phone call, if you'd like, either way. That option will be on the last sheet, so please check it with your decision. If it remains unanswered, we will assume you would prefer not to receive a phone call save for if we wish to schedule an interview. Again," she sounded almost apologetic, "I thank you for showing up to apply for the positions we have and I'm sorry we can't hire everyone here. I do wish you the best, though."

She inclined her head gracefully before taking a seat behind the podium, closing her eyes, likely relaxing till the last applicant was done. The sound of shuffling rose as chairs moved back and papers were grabbed, the items there just as she'd said. With a sigh, I bent over to retrieve my own copy, glancing once more at everyone, preoccupied with their task of filling out the paperwork they'd been provided. Placing it on the table, chewing thoughtfully at the end of the pen, I skimmed the words on the front.

There was a list of the different positions they had available, each one so diverse from the next it made puzzled me as to what this company really did. I mean, the first one was for a dock hand, the next for a farmer, the third was for a waitress or waiter, then it just kept getting more and more obscure. The last one really didn't fit at all...

Seeking stay-at-home caretaker for twins. Must meet various requirements and be able to pass test screening prior to employment. Excellent pay, free meals, and access to various luxury utilities. Full time position, health benefits included.

The only thing the jobs really had in common was the requirement to live on site, excellent pay, and health benefits... other than that, I couldn't find any similarities. Though... what kind of company WANTED you to live there?

"Not a big deal for me," I muttered, flipping the page over. The rents had been harping on me a while to either pay rent or move out so the live in situation would work fine, regardless of the job.

The first few pages weren't anything hard, your typical "scenario based" questions, where the company tries to figure if you're a thief, psycho killer, or someone they might actually hire. It was really about reading the answers and circling the one you knew they wanted to hear, regardless of what you really felt...

But this one test was odd... it left the option for "Other" with a space to explain the answer.

I've never seen that on a test before.

Well... she'd said to be honest...

I guess that was part of it.

I went through each question, more often providing my own answer than one of the generic "Of course! If I saw an employee stealing I would report them right away!" or "No, I never take drugs!" and supplementing my own ("It would depend on what they stole" and "For medical reasons, yes"). Some of them were probably borderline sarcastic but I hated the simple "positive," "neutral," and "negative" responses they had.

The next section of questions was basic too. Choose your strengths and weaknesses based on a list of words. I always hated that... if I put down "being a leader" as a strength, it could be interpreted that I couldn't work well with others. If I put down "team player" as a strength, it could be said I couldn't work independently. There was no good single answer response that could look favorable without being misinterpreted.

Again, though, there was an empty section to explain your answers further, if you chose. Never seen that on a test like this before...

Glancing, I was startled to see the room significantly less full. Most of the people at the outside tables had left, though the few of us at the colored tables still remained. Hastily, I filled out the answer to the questions before flipping to the next page. Whether it was timed or not, I didn't want to be the last one leaving!

This next test left me staring blankly for a moment or two, trying to understand correctly if what I was seeing was really a part of the assessment or just a mistake that hadn't been caught.

Right on the page was a big, dark splatter of ink.

I'd certainly heard of this kind of test, the inkblot test, but I'd never taken one before. Much less on an evaluation test for a job. So, it probably was just a mistake with the printer, right?

Turning to the next page, another inkblot greeted me. It was a different shape then the first, but unmistakably an large blob of ink.

It was then that I noticed the print at the bottom of the page, leaving a line for the answer:

What do you see?:____________________________________

Going back to the first page, I considered the splatter. Nothing. I mean, all I saw was a splatter of ink. Turning it to the side, I still didn't "see" anything. I mean, the two big wiggles over there kinda looked like Miltank ears... Heh... maybe a Miltank getting it from a Tauros, what with the other blob part there and the three little lines trailing off from it... I couldn't answer with that though!

What do you see?: Miltank and Tauros in a field_____________

There. Truthful... but not too detailed. That would work.

The next one was easier, it looked like a Caterpie fighting an Onix. Following that was a Charmander's flame with marshmallows and hotdogs around it, an Evergreen with a Hoothoot, a plane riding a bicycle, and a Ponyta on a Pogo stick hopping over a piece of cheese (hey, I didn't make the inkblot, that's really what it looked like!).

The last one was hard, however. No matter how I turned or twisted it, squinted or held it away, all I could see was two girls making out. NAKED girls making out. And if I held it like this... it looked like one was straddling the other. Maybe Blue Heels chick and HR lady...

I bit my lip and shifted in the chair, having to distract myself away from those thoughts before I gave myself another hard on. But really... the thought of the two of them was really hot... Blue Heels was tall and slender but HR had some nice T&A going on for her... watching them kiss and press close together... maybe throw in some oil...

Feeling myself start to ache again, I tried futilely to waylay my thoughts again. What was I going to write down? Come on now...

What do you see?: Two girls socializing and having a good time____

Kinda true... yeah, that should work.

Finish that, I went on to the next page, surprised to find it was the last.

Thank you again for your time and interest. Should you be selected for any of the job opportunities we have available, we will get in touch with you. If, for whatever reason, you are not selected, would you like to be contacted anyway? If yes, please circle which method you would prefer and supply either your phone or email address. If no, if you do not receive a call for acceptance within two weeks, please assume that we have filled the positions existing. Once more, we will keep all records on file should other jobs become available and thank you for your time today.

I circled "no." I really didn't want to be contacted if I didn't get the job, especially if they called. Better I just wait the two weeks out and hope they call rather than get a call, get excited, then depressed when I'm told, "We're sorry. We're looking for someone more experienced" or hearing I've only worked one at retail and two at fast-food and suddenly I'm not good enough to work for them because those three years of work experience aren't "quite what we're looking for." It's not like I'm not capable of doing the jobs they want, if they would just invest in the training. I mean, I've been working since I was sixteen, moved up from burger boy to management in the fast-food business till the family relocated. You'd think that would have some bearing on the situation.

I wish someone would look beyond "Burger Boy" and "Toy Store Stocker" and actually look at me, you know?

Closing the application, I flipped it upside down, putting my resume on top. I had another glass of water and took a cookie to go, figuring I'd at least like something positive from this. As hopeful as I was I might get hired, none of the jobs on the front seemed like something they'd want me for.

Standing, I pushed my chair in and left, looking one more time at the HR lady, who I assumed would still be resting with her eyes closed in the chair. It gave me a slight jolt to find that wasn't the case, that she was watching me, her eyes locking with mine as she smiled. But the smile wasn't the slow, warm one from before...

It was... intense.

And I had no clue why.


As the final person left, a girl who'd been sitting at the black table (I was admittedly very eager to take a look at that application), I waited till she had exited the room before rising and heading to the doors. My shoes clicked lightly as I walked, the corner of my cheeks twitching as I could no longer keep my smile from spreading. The turn out had been much better than I'd hoped, and at least six had the potential for what we sought.

Closing the doors, twisting the lock to the side, I turned to look back at the empty room.

"Alright, Lilith. You can come out now, if you'd like."

The shadow around my feet didn't move or change, there was no ripple or twitch, but slowly a head rose from the depth of it, eyes bright with mirth as indicated by the wide smile on her lips. The Gardevoir's quiet giggle spread warmly inside my head, making it hard for me not to join with my own soft laughter.

"You certainly had a good time, didn't you?"

She finished rising from my shadow, floating with a grace that an accomplished ballerina would still find herself envious of.

~Towards the end,~ she admitted, drifting towards one table than another, touching each resume and application. She started with a white table first, her lips pursing as she went through them, not even pausing after brushing the paper's with her fingertips. ~I had thought your idea was silly, I see that I was wrong.~ She pulled away from the first table, done with it, and shook her head. ~None of these would do for what we're looking for, Karen.~

"I figured as much." My attention wavered to the brightly decorated tables, enticed by them all equally, though perhaps the red one a pinch more so, if I had to play favorites. "Even when they were told to sit anywhere, they picked the most common looking tables. The ‘normal' tables." I had to give a small shake of my head at that. Humans were so predictable with their nature, always following the herd. Most likely the first person had sat at a white table and the rest had complied, another reason for putting the white ones so close to the door.

We weren't looking for normal.

Lilith's attention wandered to the colored tables as well, and I could feel her longing to explore those documents as badly as myself. However, it would be better for us to go through these tables first, as after we got to the "different" tables, we probably wouldn't want to go back to these.

"Thank you for assisting me with this, Lilith, I appreciate it."

She smiled at me, hand hovering over another applicant's papers before touching it and moving on. ~I can see why... most of these are so... un-energized.~ She made a face, sticking out her tongue a little. She did pick one up, however, holding it a moment before offering it to me. ~I like this one.~

"Really?" Now that was surprising. I had expected only the six from the brightly colored tables to fit with what we were looking for... but I didn't doubt Lilith's opinion. Opening the test I'd handed out first, instead of the resume, I couldn't help but laugh a little as I read the answers. Either they'd really wanted the job or hadn't given a damn, they'd written the answers with a brutal honesty that I found refreshing but others might find appalling. And they'd even included little illustrations along the way, mainly of Pokémon. Some of them were actually quite good, given the tiny size and details. "May I hear why?"

Lilith paused, her head tilting a moment. I waited, letting her think about her answer. Sometimes, it was harder for her to explain things in a way Zane and I could understand, similar in a way that it would be close to impossible for he or I to explain a scent to someone who couldn't smell or a certain array of colors to someone who couldn't see. Neither he nor I had Psychic abilities, so Lilith had to take that into consideration with her explanations.

~There were no worries.~ She nodded her head, seeming to like how that sounded. Waving a hand, she gestured to the ones she'd already passed through. ~Those... they were just... sad. Desperate.~ Gliding back to me, she smiled, touching the paper again. ~This one... was warm. The feelings of this person... were hopeful but unafraid of failure.~

"It definitely shows..." I laughed a little, keeping it with me to read over. "Any others, yet?"

She shook her head, getting back to work, eyes continuing to drift over towards the documents we both really wanted to examine. She was quick with getting through the white tables, but I had no concern over that. Lilith was efficient in everything she did, from this menial task to guarding Zane. I knew she would follow through both with similar dedication, much like Sachio and Aden would for me.

Speaking of Sachio, I selected one of the uneaten cookies from the table and decided he might like it as a treat. Aden was plump enough that he shouldn't be having more cookies, but Sachio loved them and didn't show any weight gain from eating them.

"Here, Sachio."

Holding the cookie in front of my suit, two tendrils not so much as emerged from my blouse, but were in actuality the blouse itself. Wrapping around the cookie, the tendrils pulled it towards the mouth I was certain had formed on the purple blouse. The shape was simple enough that he could maintain it for several hours, and letting him stay almost the same purple as his normal skin tone also helped.

"Thirsty?" I tilted my head downward, my Ditto grinning back at me and shaking his head, making my boobs shake in the processes. He gave a childish giggle, continuing to shake and wiggle, probably happy that he was able to move freely...

And play with my boobs, of course.

"Having fun?"

He just giggled and nodded, making my breasts bounce even more before I snorted and moved to follow Lilith, the Gardevoir having finally finished with the white tables, proceeding towards the first colored table. Her hands were clasped, her body still gliding gracefully though there was a small tremor as she headed towards her first choice. All throughout the time we'd been waiting for them to finish the test, she'd been giggling over something. I had inquired as to what it was, merely voicing the question inside my head where she could easily pick up on it. While it might be illegal to have another person's thoughts read intentionally by a Pokémon and, if caught, be persecuted, it had been ruled that Psychics couldn't help "overhearing" stronger emotions or thoughts, in which case, the owners of said Pokémon couldn't be charged. Lilith "reading" the afterthoughts and feelings was also not a crime, but at the time I was asking they had been taking the test and I was wondering what she was amused by.

~Someone is enjoying himself~ was her smug answer, directing my attention to the table she was heading to right now.

The Yellow Table.


"Is this the right place?"

I glanced down at the address I'd written, then at the sign before me. So far as I could tell, the digits matched up. Had I miscopied when they gave me the address? No... I'd been certain I'd double-checked it... but... this couldn't be right...

Flipping open my phone, I went to the call history, figuring I could call and double check before recalling that the number had been unlisted. Swearing softly, I flipped the phone shut, shoving it back into my pocket, taking another look at the paper, then the sign, then the surrounding area.

Why on earth would they schedule an interview at a boat dock?

Walking my bike, hesitant to collapse it till I was certain I was at the right place, I moved passed the sign proclaiming "Aqua Docks" in big, blue letters, white bubbles painted inside the blue, starting small then getting bigger towards the top of each letter. Pictures of Water Pokémon playing in waves with a beach ball were also on the sign, a Dewgong and Squirtle recognizable along with a Magikarp. There were some others there... but I wasn't sure what their names were.

Passed the sign, and the gate surrounding it, following the paved road, I noticed a building to my right, white, with a canopy that hung over the front with blue and white stripes. There were some picnic tables under the canopy and, on the opposite side of the building, a large patch of lawn with some other tables, surrounded by flowers with a tiny walk way of smooth, shimmering stones leading to them. Further down, I could see the docks, two boats currently resting there, rocking with the sway of the waves as the sound of wild Wingulls mingled with the soft crash of the waves as it hit shore.

I was just debating on whether I should enter the building or return home when the door opened, the HR lady from before stepping out. She had a different outfit on this time, a pair of jeans that hugged her curves, her shirt sleeveless, striped with black and white, that still had a collar folded crisply. Her purple bangs still framed her face but the remainder of it, that dark, rich brown, was done in a loose ponytail in the back. When her eyes focused on me, I saw that same smile from before spread along her lips, just as earnest and happy as I remembered.

"You made it!" She reached out to take my hand, my own lifting without a thought, accepting her smaller hand in mine.

"Yeah, sorry that I'm late... I was a little surprised by the location."

She laughed quietly, the shake in her shoulders enough of an indicator, though her breasts also bounced in indication. "Oh, the interview's not here." She took her hand back, motioning for me to follow her as her eyes seemed to turn a darker blue, that smile deepening on her face. "And I'm not the one in charge of the interview."

My step faltered, having realized I'd just assumed she'd be giving the interview. If not the HR lady, then who?

Trailing behind her, I could feel my body tensing as we started moving towards the boats. Was the interview actually on a boat? What purpose did that serve?

"We were very impressed with your resume and application." I blinked, focusing on her words, having not realized she'd been speaking. "We feel you'd be perfect for one of the jobs we're offering."

"Which job?" My voice was probably too eager but she didn't seem offended by it, just turned her head to look over her shoulder as she put her hand on the rail of the ramp, the ramp leading up towards the main deck of one of the boats.

"You'll find that out, after speaking with Master Diamond."

"Master?" Following her up the ramp, still hesitant about getting onboard such a large boat, I found myself curious over the title.

"Master Diamond and Mistress Pearl are the owners of the company you'll be working for... if you meet with Master Diamond's approval." She chuckled a little, continuing to walk up the ramp. "That's not their real names, of course. They like to mingle with the staff and their guests, preferring to remain anonymous. When they interact, it's typically in some extravagant costume."

Once on the deck, she began to lead me towards the super structure of the boat, that is, the funny building that looks like its glued on top of the deck. She opened the door, holding it for me to get in, then led me down the hallway, passed several other doors.

"Mistress Pearl was impressed enough with your applications, but Master Diamond gets the final say." She stopped at the end of the hallway, the door before her grand in comparison to the others before it. It was a rich red color, the frame a golden metal. She pulled out a key from her pocket, the key matching in red and gold trims. Sliding it in, I felt the sudden urge to turn and leave, hitting square in my gut. As if sensing my unease, she smiled again at me. "Don't worry, Master Diamond is eccentric, demanding, and a perfectionist... but he's also fair to his workers and rewards those in his service well."

The look in her eyes was distant, but the smile was thoughtful and nostalgic, reinforcing my belief that she'd slept her way to the position she was in.

"Just be yourself," she finally said, her eyes focusing on me again, her warm smile making me wish I had been Master Diamond, just to have her continue to look at me like that, and to see what other expressions she could make. "That's all we ask."

She opened the door, allowing me to enter before shutting it behind me, the warmth that her smile had given me fading as a lump formed in my stomach. I turned, almost considering opening the door back up, when a deep chuckle had me slowly facing forward again.

It was hard to see, the room barely lit. There was a window, but a dark drape covered it, only a thin glow of light emerging. As my eyes began to adjust to the darkened room, I could just make out a desk and someone sitting behind it, their back illuminated by the haze of light from the drapes.

"You're the one that Pearl liked?" I heard a long drawn in breath being taken before it came out as a bored sigh.

"I guess." I wanted to do well with this interview, but it sounded as though "Master Diamond" had already made up his mind. That annoyed me, why the fuck would he call me out here if he wasn't planning on hiring me?

"Any Pokémon experience?" I was apparently too slow to answer because he was already speaking again. "Breeding, Training, Photography... any?"

"Two family pets--"

He was quick to interrupt. "Type?"

"Meowth and a Houndour."

I heard him shift in his chair, the wood of it creaking with his movement. "Did you care for them primarily?"

"Mainly... my sister helped on occasion but I was the one who did the training and grooming."


At the peak of interest in his voice, I figured I could explain. "I did the house training for Max, the Houndour. He had to be taught not to chew the furniture and that he needed to use the facilities outside for the bathroom... Maggie was pretty easy but she liked to scratch the drapes so I had to train that out of her. I was the one who did the bathing and trimmed their fur when they needed it, as well as their claws."

"What methods of... discipline did you use?"

I had to think about that, as it had been a few years since I'd had to strictly train either of them. "I used a bottle of water to spray at them from a distance, mostly... but I would also give them a swat to their hindquarters to dissuade them."

He gave a low hum of consideration before asking, "Your sister, younger or older?"

"Younger, she's ten right now."

"Do you have any other siblings?"

"An older sister, but she moved out a few years ago."

He chuckled a little. "Ah, middle child then."

"Yeah..." I wasn't quite sure where this line of questioning was going, but he seemed to be loosening up a little. Perhaps it wouldn't be so hopeless as I'd thought!

"Ever do any babysitting?"

That was the first solid hint I'd gotten as to what job they might be interviewing me for. As vivid in my mind as the day I'd read it, I recalled the caretaker job. "Yes," I answered, now feeling more confident. "I've watched over her since she was born."

"Did you ever have to discipline your sister?"

I shook my head before recalling one particular incident. "Well, yeah, once, actually. I forget what it was that she'd been doing, I think it was trying to grab an Ekans by the tail when she was six... but I ended up grabbing her and spanking her for it." Yeah, I remembered it now... I lifted her little dress up, turned her over my leg and swatted her ass till it went from creamy white to angry red, ignoring her sobs and pleas till she'd been thoroughly punished for harassing such a dangerous Pokémon. "She's never tried to antagonize a Pokémon since then."

"Did she have any... special needs? Any allergies or special precautions you had to take while watching her?"

Feeling like I was finally on solid footing, I felt myself relaxing as I answered. "Amanda's allergic to pollen, mainly from Grass Pokémon like Hoppip and Oddish, though she's okay with the Bulbasaur she got from Professor Oak. I had to make sure she had her asthma medicine on hand because the pollen would agitate it... but that was pretty simple."

"If you were hired... would you be able to come and live on location?"

"Yeah." There was no hesitation with my answer. "Amanda left on her journey so there's no reason for me to stay around the house."

"Do you own any Pokémon of your own? Max or Maggie?"

I shook my head, a little remorseful at that. "No. Max is Dad's and Maggie is Mom's, I don't have any of my own. Not that I don't like Pokémon, just never really thought of going on a journey."

His hum was louder, his shape moving to lean forward, though I still couldn't see any well-defined features.

"I see... no problem, as of yet." His words came out slowly, almost with a threat hidden as to what would occur if there ever was a problem, though nothing was ever said in that regard. "What I would like is for you to meet the twins today, to see about a trail run. If they like you, Pearl and I will have no problem welcoming you to our employment and discussing your wages and off days. If they do not..." He left it hanging in the air, the message clear. "Did you have any questions, Kyle?"

My name almost rolled off his tongue and I could barely suppress a sudden shudder that wracked through my body. "No, sir."

"Good." I heard the chair scrape against the floor as he leaned back. "The ride should be no more than an hour. If you speak with Karen, she can show you around the boat... perhaps get you some food if you're hungry."


His laugh was rich and echoed in the darkened room. "Well, how else would you get to the island? Walk?"


I declined Karen's invitation to sit down for a meal, my stomach tight with worry. Children would be deciding whether I had a job or not... Not that I didn't like children, I'd been fairly good with Amanda, but these were someone else's kids...

Taking in a breath of cool sea air, I hung onto the balcony rail, watching from the front of the ship, wondering when we'd be approaching the island. Karen was beside me, staring absently ahead, somehow sensing, I think, my need for silence.

An island... Master Diamond, that man in the study who's face I couldn't see, and Mistress Pearl who liked me but I'd never met... they owned their own ISLAND? What sort of facility did they run?

"We're almost there." Karen's soft voice made me jump a little, small bumps running along my arms and neck.

"Where is there?" I tried to keep my voice calm but I didn't know if it worked or not. Seeing her kind smile, I suspected it hadn't.

"Lazuli Island," she answered, moving a little closer to me, stretching one hand out to point onward. "The Shimmering Paradise... an island resort for humans and Pokémon to enjoy themselves."

"A resort? Really?"

She nodded, her hair whipping lightly around her face from the wind. "Yes, though the name of the actual resort is Alexandrite Resort, the island name is Lazuli. We grow our own crops there, as well as fish, so all the food in the resort is something native to the island." Her smile became even warmer as she got into her topic of conversation, her hands moving as she spoke, as if drawing out the locations on the island. "There's Cloyster Cove, half of it reserved for swimming, the other half for jet skies and sail boats... a recreation center that's separate from the resort, for battles or sports... we even have our own Safari Zone, so people who've never owned a Pokémon can catch one and have them as a guide for their stay on the island."

"What about the resort itself?"

Her face lit up, the smile on it so young and energized that I almost forgot who she was and leaned in to kiss her. Thankfully, the boat hit a sudden wave, jarring myself from those thoughts. Unfortunately, it also seemed to make Karen realize who she was talking to, her smile suddenly becoming more secretive.

"You'll have to see for yourself, I can only promise that it's wonderful." She looked up, her smile suddenly widening to a large grin. "There it is, Lazuli Island."

I didn't look right away, noticing the way she said the island's name, as if she were going home after a long trip. Turning, I had to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Somehow, we'd been in the middle of the ocean, now, we were less than a hundred yards from the dock of a huge island with a smaller island to our left.


She laughed, a bubbling sound that made me almost forget that my gaping was the cause of it. "A lot of our guests will be elite, they'll want their privacy... several Psychic Pokémon ensure that the island is hidden from view."

"Won't someone crash into it? If they can't see it..." I trailed off as she shook her head, an almost scornful look on her face.

"Master Diamond already thought of that... the Psychics in charge of cloaking the island are also designated with subtly leading people around it. It's the only task they have, one which they are compensated well for." The boat began to slow, moving along side the dock. She looked over the rail, watching the boat slid into place, not even glancing at me as she spoke again. "I won't be going on shore with you... Master Diamond says that I should leave it to Mrs. Blackburn, she'll meet you once you get to the resort."

"Where is the resort?" I looked toward the island, able to discern several varying sized buildings, none of which looked like a hotel.

"It's to the right of the dock, just behind Garnet Forest." She pointed toward a large grove of trees that seemed to wrap itself all along the side of the island. "Right there... you won't miss it once we land."

I was doubtful about that but didn't say anything.


Karen waved to me from the deck as I got on the dock, offering my own small wave. The dock led to a building, offering no way around it. So, walking up the dock, I entered one of the two main doors, the inside a mix of an office area as well as a security station. Wary, I looked around and noticed a male coming up to me, a Crobat perched on his shoulder.

"Welcome, ya the new guy?" He offered his hand and I took it, his handshake strong enough to shake my whole arm. "Mistress Pearl said ya'd be coming today... just need to do a quick check, no hard feelings, everyone goes through it. My buddy here," he gestured towards the Crobat with his thumb, "will just run a quick scan, make sure everything looks okay."

"A quick scan?"

He released his grip on my hand, pulling back. "Yeah, Crobat here uses his echolocation to check on what items are being brought to the island, no cameras, recorders, or cell phones with picture capabilities are allowed. Obviously, no weaponry, and usually only one Pokémon is allowed per person unless they make special arrangements with the bosses. Hold still, Cheepers is really quick."

I would have said something about the name but I wasn't going to argue with a guy who looked like he could bench press me and five other guys at the same time. With a quick flap, Crobat was in the air. He circled three times, one at my head level, one at my waist, and one just breezing by the floor. With another good flap, he got back to the guard's shoulder, squeaking in comprehensively...

At least to me.

"Ah, sorry, bud. Cheeps says ya have a phone on ya with video capabilities." He opened his hand, waiting for me to hand it over. "Ya'll get it back when ya leave."

I wasn't about to argue with him, so I reached in my pocket and gave him the phone.

"Much ‘bliged, thanks." He nodded his head, his dreadlocks waving as he did so. He pointed to a door to the right. "Take that one there, just go straight, resorts less than a city block. Huge building, head right in. Mya will take care of you."

"Mya? I thought it was a Mrs. Blackburn?"

He rolled his shoulders, the Crobat using its wings to keep steady. "Eh, she's Mya to me... but yeah, Mya Blackburn's her name. Just head over, she gets cranky when she's been waiting for too long."

Taking his word for it, I headed out the door he'd indicated, the resort right before me, just as he'd stated. The building looked huge, even from this distance. Walking towards it, I was able to take time and admire the structure, a light lilac shade with green tinted windows, matching what I knew to be true of the stone's colors. The path I was on seemed similar to the one at the Aqua Docks, smooth stones placed in an intricate formation to resemble a walkway, practically glowing with an array of colors in the sunlight. I didn't even notice when I'd reached the hotel, so entranced with wondering what the stones were made from that I almost bumped into the glass doors.

Sheepish, I pulled one open, stepping inside. Before I could even take time to check out the lobby, my eyes were already latched on to something... unbelievable.

"So, you're Kyle Tanglewood." Light aquamarine eyes skimmed over me, framed by a pair of glasses. "I'm Mya Blackburn, let me take you to where the twins are so the test can begin." She turned, pausing when she realized I wasn't following. Her lips became tight, a frown forming. "Is there anything wrong?"

"N-no... not at all..."

Holy shit... she wasn't human... or Pokémon.

She was both!

Her body was mainly human, a business suit of a dark gray variety covering her very well endowed form, a matching skirt ending just below her knees. Her skin was light blue, save for a darker teal shade that made it appear as though she was wearing Victorian styled gloves. Her hair was a shiny sapphire shade, done up in a bun in the back while the bangs hung down, ending in a pointed cut, the end colored the same as her "gloves" while looking like a diamond, the same for the tail that swayed as she walked. Her ears weren't human, for sure, they were more towards the top of her head, pointed, sort of like an Eevee's...

Was this a Glaceon? Or at least some twisted version of one? I had heard of the type from a radio report, but hadn't seen a picture of the type... but the physical markers of the hair coloring and tail seemed to be a match.

"You might as well say what you're thinking out loud." There was a frosty bite to her words, though she didn't bother to look back. "I'm no science experiment, I was born this way. If you have a problem with this, you should just leave now."

"No!" My voice echoed in the empty lobby. "I'm sorry... I've just... never seen..."

"A Pokemorph? An Anthro? There's a reason." This time, she did turn to look at me, pressing the bridge of her glasses up. More aware now, I noticed the clipboard she carried in her hands. "I have a lot to do, Mr. Tanglewood... the resort opens in less than a week. If you feel you are capable of doing this job, please act like it. If not, don't waste my time."

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be offensive."

Her eyes, the aquamarine that swam in them completely swallowing any white that might have otherwise been there, met with mine and held my gaze before she gave a small huff and continued to walk. I followed quickly, the sound of her heels clicking and my squeaking tennis shoes the only sounds there. She led me to an elevator, pressed the button and waited. With a ding, the doors opened and she went inside, not even pausing to wait for me. Once in, she slid a card into a slot on the side, pressing her floor selection.

The elevator moved upward, the sound of it moving just barely covered by the light notes of the elevator music. Rather than some tacky melody, a very sweet flute played, accompanied by some other instruments.

"You'll be looking after the twins, Mia and Kara." Again, the Glaceon pushed the bridge of her glasses back with her middle finger; her head lowered as she read whatever was on the clipboard. "This is the last test. Pass or fail, whether you get the cushy, well paying job or go back to flipping burgers at some little chain store-"

"I don't flip burgers!" I protested but she didn't even seem to listen, just glanced up over her glasses before looking back down. Sighing, I ruffled my hair, frustrated. I must have really pissed her off. "What do I have to do?" I asked, trying not to say it through my teeth.

A small, thin smile came to her lips, making me tense. The smile of a Glaceon wasn't... very warm. Total opposite of HR Lady... Karen, I mean.

"You get to take care of the twins tonight, they're in room 506," she replied, the elevator slowing to a stop. A panel opened by the buttons and she placed her hand on it, a scanner of sorts, I think, from the green light that ran along the panel. The elevator doors opened then, apparently accepting the print. "If you do it right, you'll get the job."

I stepped off the elevator, expecting her to follow but she didn't. "Take care of them how?"

If I thought the first smile was frosty, this one, a full grin with her sharp fangs showing, was down right glacial.

"You'll have to figure that out yourself," she answered, the elevator doors sliding to a close.

Staring at the closed doors, I rubbed my temples and took a breath, giving it one last glance before moving down the hallway. This wouldn't be so bad, I'd sat for Amanda plenty of times, and a few of my cousins. I could do this, no problem!

Glancing at the numbers, noticing that familiar glimmering stone from the walkways, I went headed down till I reached the room number Mya had mentioned, 506. I heard noises inside, like a muffled sound from cartoons, but it went quiet when I knocked. When no one opened the door, I hesitated to do it myself, but before I could place my hand on the knob, there was a voice that called out from the other side.

"Who's there?" It was definitely a child's voice, but one filled with authority and suspicion.

"My name's Kyle, I'm the babysitter."

I could hear whispered voices before the she spoke up again. "How do we know this is the babysitter?"

My mind blanked for a moment before I realized I still had my wallet on me. "I have my driver's license... would that work?"

There was no conversation this time. "Yeah, just slide it under the door."

Pulling my wallet out from my back pocket, I took the id and did as I'd been told. There was silence and a sneaking suspicion I wasn't getting in or getting my license back when the door gradually opened, a tiny head peaking around it. I was less surprised this time but still found it hard to keep from staring. This little girl, like Mya, was also a Pokemorph.

"My name's Kara..." she whispered, her voice and manner different from what I'd expected. Her hair was cropped short, a dark blue, and she wore a pretty but simple dress of a similar shade. Her fur, unlike Mya's, was yellow, save for the light blue markings on her ears, cheeks, and hands. While Mya's hands had fur of a darker blue with a Victorian glove style, Kara's hands were more of a children's glove type shape. The markings on her cheeks were enough for me to identify her Pokémon heritage, the yellow minus sign within them marking her as a Minun. "Come in?"

She pulled the door open wider, her head barely at my waist. As she allowed me entry, I was able to take a quick glance at the room, noting the various toys strewn across the floor, the paper and crayons on the table, as well as Playdoh and Silly Putty that looked as though it had made its way to the floor. In that same look, I was able to spot her sister, sitting on the couch, watching television, oblivious or uncaring about the mess around her. Her hair was much longer than Kara's, wavy, going down along her back, an almost cotton candy pink that went along with the pink of her frilly dress. One of her ears was cocked up, listening to us, while the other was down, a hoop earring glistening from the one that I could see. Where Kara had light blue, Mia, if I remembered her name correctly, had dark red... and her cheek markers, instead of being a minus, held a plus. A Plusle.

Kara tugged my hand lightly, handing me my card back. I took it, putting it back in my pocket till I could shove it back in my wallet, wondering where to begin. This place was in absolute shambles and Mia didn't seem to mind.

"Wow, you two seem to like your games..." My foot accidentally kicked a rubber Pokéball, sending it rolling slowly in front of the couch. With a sigh, I walked over to the table, looking at all the scribbled drawings that the scamps had made, seeing if I could find out a little more about them by what was on the paper. "You can't be playing with all of these at once... why not put away the ones you're done with right now? That way, you won't step on them or break them and you'll know where they are when you want them." Personally, I thought the logic was sound, and my little sister had been fairly accepting of it back home.

Kara looked at the mess, sticking her thumb in her mouth, sucking it once or twice before giving a nod. When she turned, I could see her tail, a hole having been made for it in the back of the dress. It wagged a little as she bent over, the folds of the dress conforming to he small hips as she picked up some toys, filling her arms with them. Mia, on the other hand, just glanced over, exhaling sharply through her nose before changing the channel on the television.

"That's what maids are for..." This voice sounded like the demanding one that had asked for my id, though now it just seemed indifferent. "Kara... you don't need to pick that stuff up."

Kara paused, her arms loaded with toys. Her ears seemed to lower indecisively, looking from me to her sister, one of the toys falling from her grip in the process. Ears lifting, she bent to pick it up only to drop two more. Mia just rolled her eyes at her sister before getting up from the couch. Rather than going to help her, though, Mia went into the kitchen, moved a stool from nearby, climbed up the stool and opened the freezer, grabbing a Popsicle from inside before I could even get a chance to scold her. Those tiny fangs of hers dug into the white paper, the piece of paper dropping heedlessly to the floor as she licked the tip of it, the red Popsicle darkening her already red tongue.

It seemed even Pokemorph children were susceptible to being arrogant little brats.

Rather than deal with Mia, I left her alone for the moment to help Kara. Standing behind her, putting one hand on her soft shoulder and bending over to take some of the larger toys she'd dropped, I felt myself tense for a moment when her tail brushed dangerously close to my crotch.

"Thanks..." she whispered, her ears lowering as she looked over her shoulder at me, tiny sparkles of blue light flashing around her cheeks.

"No...thank you, Kara." Speaking softly to her, I used my hand to keep her from falling as she finished gathering up what had dropped from her arms. When I was certain Kara was able to handle the load, I released her, watching as she went to deposit the toys in a toy chest nearby. Then, taking a deep breath in through my nose, I looked towards Mia, trying to convey an aura of displeasure with her (which was probably thwarted by the toys in my arms). "You shouldn't be eating treats until you're done helping us clean, Mia." A quick glance towards the stove clock showed it was about time for dinner, if they hadn't already eaten. I figured I might as well see if I could cook something healthy, if they were hungry. "I'll make some thing for dinner, so no more treats."

Mia simply stuck her tongue out at me before taking another lick of the treat, her tongue swirling once around the top of it in a way that forced me to recall that she was still a child. "It's just a Popsicle..." she huffed. "And it's not like there's anything good to eat here anyway."

Popping the treat back in her mouth, Mia left the stool and wrapper where they were, her tail lifted high in what I recognized as an "alpha" position as she walked back over to the couch. I had to hold my temper in, wanting to say something but certain anything I said would come out little more than a growl. Thankfully, Kara spoke before I could.

"Mia... if we all work together, we can get this done really quick..." Kara offered, her ears lowering when Mia sent her a glare.

"Clean it yourself," she said, plopping back on the couch. "If you care so much about what he thinks." Some of the juice ran down her spoiled lips and she used her fingers to clean it, licking them without a second thought.

Kara looked from her sister back to the mess and I could see the indecision on her face. With a defeated little sigh, her shoulders slumped a little as she went back to picking up toys. It was actually disappointing to see how Mia treated her sister, making me ache for Kara. I couldn't recall treating my younger sister that way, or my elder sis treating me that way... but maybe it had to do with the age gap between us. I was proud, though, of the little Minun morph for doing what I'd asked, even in the presence of her nagging sister.

Deciding I'd let Mia get away with enough for the evening, I deposited the toys in my hand in the toy box before walking back alongside the couch.

"Alright, Mia..." I told her, an annoyed smile on my lips. "Until you're done helping us clean..." I reached to the arm of the couch, picking up the remote in such a fluid way she never even suspected my intent. " TV." With the press of a button, the colors and sound faded with a soft ‘ping.' Slipping the remote in my pocket to keep her from getting it again, I headed towards the kitchen, thinking that perhaps some food might sweeten her mood. "And I'll decide what's good to eat here or not. When I get done, I expect to see you helping Kara!" My tone was a little deeper, my frustration at how Mia treated Kara ebbing through, though I didn't put too much threat into it. Not yet.

Sighing, I started to reconsider the ease of this job while taking a look at the contents of the fridge. I could hear Kara moving around, the sound of toys being deposited clattering to my ears, right before there was another ‘ping' and the familiar sounds of commercials entered the air.

"That better not be the TV!" I knew it was and lightly banged my head against the fridge door, trying to come up with a solution for this rotten behavior of hers. If it was my sister...

The thought trailed off when I felt a tug on the back of my jeans. Turning, I found Kara behind me, ears still lowered. I was about to ask her what she wanted when she pointed her hand towards a drawer.

"Silverware is there... the eating kind, anyway." she mumbled, her voice just barely audible over the sound of the videogame ad. Redirecting her hand, she pointed to another drawer. "The funny looking kind for cooking is in that one... there's also food in the shelves above the silverware... and the dishes are in that cupboard. "

She really calmed me down, her subdued, sweet tone taking the sting out of Mia's rebellion.

"You're such a good girl." Bringing my hand down, I moved to rub the spot behind her right ear. Considering her bestial heritage, it seemed like a good spot to rub and the smile that ever so gradually spread along her face confirmed it. "Tell you what, Kara, since you've been so good, I'll fix you whatever you want. What's your favorite?"

Her small hands clapped together with obvious glee as she stumbled for the words. "Ah... I really like that one food! Umm..." Her lips became a thin line, her brows frowning with concentration. "With the red sauce and long noodles... Spah-yetti?" Her face relaxed as she cocked her head, trying to confirm if that was it.

"Spaghetti?" I asked, fairly sure that was what she meant.

She nodded, smiling again. "Yeah! It's really good... but I'm not suppose to make it myself cuz Daddy says I can't use the stove till I'm older." She pouted a bit at that, her lower lip puffing out before it curled into a grin, not even having a blink's worth of time to stay on her face. "Oh! There's a special pot Mommy uses!"

Kara pulled away suddenly, moving towards the bottom cupboards. Opening one, she got on her hands and knees, digging around inside, still talking from within. "It has holes in it... to let the water out..."

Her rump wiggled as she searched for the colander, making me smile just to watch her. I couldn't get over how different she and her sister were, they were almost polar opposites...

The thought made me laugh a little, causing Kara to peek her head out of the cupboard to look at me. Not seeing the source of my amusement, she went back to looking. I decided to join her, kneeling beside her and lightly rubbing her back while she kept up the search, taking some of the other pots out to clear the way for what she was looking for.

"Find it yet?"

"Not yet..." she answered, her tail still wagging.

With a little laugh, I gave her back one final pat before getting up and checking around for noodles and sauce. I found them right in the cupboards Kara had pointed to. Setting the jar of sauce and the box of noodles on the counter, I turned as Kara made a pleased cry of discovery, crawling out to show me her prize.

"Very good!" When she handed it to me, I ruffled her hair, noticing how happy Kara seemed with any little pet or stroke. Hell, it made me feel happy to make her that happy. "Can you find me a pot too? Even if you can't use the stove, I bet you can help me make it." Putting the strainer on the counter, I figured I was relaxed enough to try handling Mia again. "I'm going to make sure your sister finishes cleaning up... if you fill the pot with water, we can both make dinner when I get back."

Kara literally beamed, bright sparkles of blue crackling from her cheeks like mini fireworks. "Okay!" She dashed back over to the pile of pots she'd taken out while looking for the strainer, working on selecting one while I headed back to the living room. I wasn't sure, but I thought I heard her softly cheeping "min-min" as she did so. Even if she didn't, the idea of it made me smile.

The smile faded when I reached the living room, though. With a sigh, the first thing I did upon was hit the button on the remote to turn off the television. Coming around to the front of the couch, I was preparing to open my mouth to give the Plusle a firm lecture, when my eyes were drawn to something on the couch. Something red.

I couldn't help the swear that slipped past my lips as I rushed over, the tan couch cushion undoubtedly stained by the Popsicle slowly melting on it. Picking it up, I threw the remains away in the nearby whicker basket, frantic over trying to get the stain out, knowing that it wasn't likely to come out.

"Mia! What did you do?!" I removed my shirt without thinking, hoping to use it as an impromptu towel, wanting to soak up whatever I could before it set permanently. Hell, I could buy a new shirt but I didn't want to have to buy someone a whole new couch!

"I dropped it," Mia replied, without even the good grace to sound as though she was apologetic. With a casual shrug, she pushed off the couch, humming a little to herself as she licked her fingers again. "Guess I better get a new one... maybe grape..."

I snapped. No... snapped is the wrong word. Snapped was like a little twig breaking beneath my feet.

I fucking exploded.

"No, you're not!" I all but shouted, reaching to grab her ear and pinching it, pulling her back towards me as she gave a squeak. "Come here!"

This little electric type obviously wasn't the kind to listen to nice and there was one thing I knew that had a better chance of working than anything else I could have said or screamed at her, and I'm sure she was just waiting for me to pop off so she could give that smug smile of hers...

As soon as her neck was in reach, my other arm grabbed and squeezed the back of it, forcing her to bend over as I sat back down, avoiding the stain and my shirt. I had her over my knee in a matter of seconds, one hand holding her furry neck down while the other grabbed her dress and pulled it up harshly, exposing her little rump. I raised that hand and, hesitating only for a moment, sent it crashing down on her ass, that loud slap echoing through the room.

"Bad girl!" I snarled, popping her again and again, concentrating on one cheek at a time until it glowed just as raw and red as my sister's had that time way back when. "You're going to learn how to act!"

I could tell she was struggling to keep quiet but by the seventh swat she was already whimpering and had her tail tucked, pathetically trying to cover her ass and failing.

"I'm sorry!" she finally sobbed out, the sound of tears in her voice just spurring me to slap her ass again. "I'll be ghuood," she wailed, trying to squirm off my leg. I wouldn't have it though and kept her still with the grip on her neck.

"You should have been good earlier." I popped her again but this time let my hand grip her ass hard and pulled one cheek to the side. "Shouldn't you?" Slapping that little ass cheek back into place, giving another quick, hard spank against the crack of her ass, watching her fleshy, round cheeks clap against each other, I could feel myself smiling. Hell, even her whimpers seemed to sound a little huskier to my ears, her squirming seeming less as though to get away and more like she was trying to grind against me. Smirking, I grabbed beneath her tail and hiked her panties up higher, wedging it in her ass so I could have better access to both her reddened cheeks.

Each simpering moan from her lips, each tiny whimper seemed like a present in disguise, almost making up for her naughty behavior from before. Only when I noticed Kara standing to the side, her eyes wide and her mouth parted with a look of alarm did I stop in mid-swing, my own facial expression becoming a tad fearful. What had I done? Did I make a mistake?

No... Mia deserved it... but her sister didn't need to see this.

"Sorry..." she sniffled again, ears lowered, whimpering "pul-pul" in the back of her throat.

Finally releasing the Plusle's neck, the little girl whining and rubbing it with her hand, turning her head to look at me, I pointed to the corner, feeling my hand stinging as my nerves protested against my actions.

How hard had I been spanking her anyway?

"Go. Stand in the corner." I tried to make my voice firm but it came out deeper than I intended. "Any more trouble from you tonight and you're going to bed, no dinner, no nothing."

When she stood, biting her lip and seeming as though she was trying hard not to cry while making her way to the corner I'd indicated, I felt a slight pressure in my crotch. I had no idea doing that to Mia had felt so... good. But it shouldn't have. This was probably just one more thing to guarantee me not getting this job... in addition to the stained cushion.

With a sigh, calming myself, I looked to Kara. "Come here, honey..." I couldn't stand just yet, not wanting to answer questions if she noticed the bulge in my pants. "I'm not mad at you..."

Gradually, Kara moved forward, her hands folded in front of her, her body cringing. Swallowing, I felt guilty, not for what I'd done, but because it had terrified Kara.

"I don't want you to be afraid, okay?" When she was close enough, I reached out to lightly stroke her cheek. "You've been nothing but a good girl for me the whole night..."

My other hand came around to her hips, giving them a little squeeze as my tingling fingers felt warmer with the contact. Actually, everything felt warmer, even though I'd removed my shirt. I think it had to do with my arousal, how it buzzed through my mind and created bridges that would not have dared to be built otherwise. I should never look on someone so small and young in that sort of light... but it was becoming harder and harder to resist.

I slid my hand up and down her side, petting her as I would my Meowth or Houndour, hoping to relax her and calm myself, but I only pulsed harder within my jeans. What was going on? I'd never thought of this before!

Had I?



I had... after spanking my sister... I...


What was that?

Distracted from my thoughts, I squeezed Kara's dress, pulling it a little and noticing how one part of her dress seemed... odd. Raised.

I slid my hand down to where hers were, trying to brush that little crease down and return Kara's dress to its perfect form. My thumb and forefinger caught something though, something slender and hard, like a finger, sticking up from her...

Pulling my hand away, I kneeled beside Kara, her eyes avoiding mine.

"Kara... lift up your dress..."

The Minun trembled, her hands reaching for the hem of the dress. Slowly, the light blue gown was lifted, exposing what I'd expected... but also not.

Straining against a black thong, her... his tiny cock pushed against the fabric, the bright pink eloquently embroidered word "Slut" bulging, impossible to miss.

Had Mia forced her to wear it?

No... a child wouldn't have access to those kinds of clothes, especially not one that fit so snug around those hips they had to have been specially made or bought.

This was wrong... not only because she was young, but because she was actually a he. And yet... my nostrils couldn't help but flare at the scent of his arousal, the sight of that little cock so desperately begging for attention making my own cock surge. Those feminine clothes, the way he acted, and...

"I see..." And I did the realization hitting me like a Pound attack. I gradually began to smile, standing up, no longer trying to hide my bulging erection. I reached out again to touch the little bitch male, one hand petting her side as the other dropped to her erection, my palm pushing her thong covered tip against her furry belly. "A little girl shouldn't have one of these..." I told Kara, gently rubbing my finger up and down along its length, enjoying the feel of the cotton thong over her shaft.

"I... I know I shouldn't..." Her... it was so hard to think of "him" as anything but a her... her ears drooped and she whispered, sounding very ashamed. "But... it's how I was born... not how I wanted to be..."

She made a soft gasp as I tugged lightly on the thong, her hips pushing against my hand, as if begging for me to take more from her.

"And this word here..." I traced the pink letters with my finger. "Slut... do you know what that means, Kara?"

I didn't know if this was the next leg of my test and I was past the point of caring. I was suppose to act naturally, right? Wasn't that how all of the other tests had been? In the next few moments, I was either going to be arrested or...

"It... it means I'll let anyone fuck me..." That word, fuck, coming from her made my cock instantly pulse, wanting to do just that. "Boy or girl, Pokémon, anthro, or human... as long as Mommy and Daddy say it's okay..." Her brown eyes looked up toward me, her small Adam's apple that I hadn't noticed before suddenly so very evident as she swallowed. "That... would include you... if you... if you wanted..."

She lowered her head after that but couldn't hide the faint sparkle of blue from her blush. Giving her cock one more squeeze, I walked behind her, taking her words as an open invitation to do whatever I wanted to her little body. After all, in the span I'd known her, she'd only ever been honest with me, there was no reason to doubt her, especially with that little thong of hers.

"I see..." I whispered, my hands shifting so I could cup her flat chest under the gown, feeling where her breasts would have been had she been older (or an actual female, for that matter). My hips slowly pushed forward, mashing lightly against her back. "So... you'd let me fuck you, Kara?" My hands started moving, one scooping her chin and cheek into my palm and the other sliding back down to her crotch, pulling tightly on her thong, slowly sliding it down past her rump. My hand gave her little nipple a gentle squeeze before moving to her back, giving a light push. "I think you deserve it... after being such a good girl..."

"I... I like being a good girl..." she moaned, pressing herself back against me. It seemed to take her a moment to register the rest of what I said. When she did, I had to smile at how excited she sounded to be fucked by a near stranger, the way her hips wiggled with anticipation of having a dick shoved inside her. "AH! Really!?" The way she looked at me, eyes so wide and hopeful, that eager to please smile on her lips, made it all the harder not to just bury myself in her right then and there.

"Really..." I repeated, letting go. Moving one hand to rub her rump, I slide my finger along her crack, watching her squirm. "Now...put your hands on the couch and bend over, sweetheart."

She obeyed instantly, her small hands pushing against the cushion as she bent over, her dress draping casually around that ass of hers, exposing her tight, little pink asshole and her small pair of balls that hung between her legs. Opening my jeans, pulling my pants down, I stood naked behind her, crouching just low enough to rub my throbbing cock over her boy cunt hole.

"Tell me how much of a slut my pretty little Kara is," I whispered, continuing to run my shaft along her entrance, lightly pushing and testing to see how much resistance there would be.

"Ah... Duh-Daddy sometimes has me eat out Mia..." she offered, her ass pushing back against me, trying to drive me into her, succeeding in getting the tip of my cock past that tight little entrance. Her hands reached out, grabbing the couch cushion as her cheeks sparkled white this time. "He's...also... used toys in my ass... makes me hold them there all day..." At her tiny, persistent whimpers, I began to actually push myself inside her, as a reward for each tidbit she shared. She was breathless, her words just barely making it out of her mouth. " favorite... is the one with the remote... Daddy gives it to Mommy to keep with her... and shuh...she puh-pushes..." There was a quiet gasp from Kara before she was able to finish. "The buhton... when she thinks... of me..." She giggled a little, then, and it was apparent that she considered the act one of great love instead of abuse or torment.

As others surely would.

"Duh-aaady's done it too..." she continued, licking her lips as I pushed another inch inside her, making her tail raise up and wag as her eyes looked upward, trying to concentrate on her responses. "Muh-ommy likes dressing us in diapers... sometimes... even though... we're big girls. She'll nurse us while... Daddy fucks her..." Kara's ears lowered a moment. "Ah, sorry... that's more of Mommy being a slut..."

"Sounds like you have a lot of fun with your parents," I mumbled, wondering about these parents of hers. Were they Pikachu or Raichu morphs? Human? One of each? I offered her another inch of my throbbing cock, building spit up in my mouth before letting it drool into one of my hands. Slathering it on my hot pole, it made the next few inches even easier to put in. "And you're still so damn tight..." God, just saying that to this little girl were enough to make me cum. It was so easy to think of her as a sweet little girl, too, even with that small shaft pressing against the couch, staining it with pre. I might have cared another time, but Mia had already ruined one cushion, so what was another?

"D-Daddy trains me... to be tight for him." Kara whimpered and I could feel her muscles clenching around my cock. "S'why he has me hold those toys in my ass all day... to be a good fuck for him."

With a quick jerk, I had myself completely buried in her boy cunt. Pulling back, relaxing my stance, I slid my hands to rest on her hips, kneading gently, enjoying the soft coat of fur that covered her skin.

"Do you like having cock inside you?" I asked, kneading a little harder, making her squeal as my next thrust pushed all the way back inside her.

The word came out as a shriek. "Yes!" She shuddered and the little cries of "min-min" echoed after her answer before she started talking again, babbling really... "I... I love the feel of cock, especially when there's more than one!" Now, her words came out as more of a rush instead of the slow stammering from before. The harder I fucked her, the more words just seemed to rush out. "I like the Jolteon Mommy brings to play with us... and the Infernape Daddy brought here once, cuz his tail was really cool." It was easy to imagine Kara being plowed by the Jolteon but the Infernape was harder to envision, perhaps because I wasn't sure what one would look like. "Mia liked him best, though, cuz he used his tail to hold her around her neck and make her suck him off."

"KARA!" Turning my head, I was just in time to catch the Plusle's face turn pink with a sparkle of static pops. She was watching us, I'm not sure for how long, having not heard her turn around, but she didn't seem alarmed. In fact, thinking on her own behavior when I'd been slapping her ass, I think she was hoping to get a turn of her own. "You're not suppose to tell anyone that!"

"Kyle won't tell anyone, Mia," Kara all but moaned, pushing herself back into my cock. I hadn't realized I'd stopped when Mia had shouted but Kara certainly had.

Pushing back inside Kara, I smiled at the sudden knowledge that I had something Mia wanted. That, and the little bit of information could make for blackmail... together, the perfect cure for her naughtiness.

"Kara's right, Mia... I won't tell anyone..." A quick thrust had Kara panting, myself buried in her to the point that my balls were resting against her fur. "As long as you promise to listen to what I say from now on, you understand?"

Mia seemed about to object... but her eyes moved down from mine to her sister, who was clearly enjoying herself. I could almost see the little cogs working in that head of hers... finally, her lower lip jutting out in defiance, she gave a sullen nod.

"Okay..." she muttered, almost growling.

"What was that?" I asked, smirking a little. "I couldn't hear you over your sister, here."

"Alright!" Mia cried, stamping her foot. "I'll listen to what you say!"

"Very good." With a grin on my face that I didn't even bother hiding, reached around to grab Kara's little bitch cock, coating my hand with her pre, jacking her off a few seconds before moving my hand towards her face. Without even telling her to, she began to lick her own pre from my hand, her tongue skillful in its task. "Why don't you tell me your favorite time with your Mom and your Dad, Mia?"

The Plusle's cheeks sparkled again, this time a mix of pink and white. I thought she'd grumble about it, but instead, she surprised me by the smile that formed on her lips. It wasn't a bratty one, like her others this evening, but one brought on by a pleasant memory.

"I liked when Mommy and Daddy brought a bunch of different Pokémon for us to play with..." Still fucking Kara, my eyes were on Mia, watching the way breathing shifted, how she swayed a little at the thought. "There was this big one made of vines... he held both of us down while Mommy and Daddy watched... There was an Electabuzz, a Furret... a Machop... but after those kinds, I don't remember the other names."

"Tuh-Teddiursa... and Flaffy," Kara whimpered before suddenly shuddering. "Puh-please... Kyle! Please..."

I watched as she humped the couch, the spot from before already wider and darker with her pre. It seemed like the poor little bitch was ready to cum but wouldn't without permission.

Bending further over her, slowing down my thrusts instead of speeding them up, I spoke quietly in her ear, but just loud enough that Mia could hear.

"You know... you really are such a good girl... but Mia was such a naughty bitch today... and so mean to you... she really should make it up to you, don't you agree?" I took Kara's unintelligible whimpers to be a yes. Turning my head a little, I nodded towards Kara. "Why don't you take your dress off, Mia, and help your sister? Since you like sucking cock so much, after all..."

Mia shifted, her arms folding as she seemed about to protest, before apparently thinking better of it. Bending a little, she worked her dress off, pulling it over her head and revealing her own little pair of pink panties. When she came closer, I chuckled, just making out the word scripted on her own underwear.

Queen Bitch.

"Stop." Mia did so with a jerking motion, her expression confused. "If you're a bitch, you should act like one... get on all fours." She shot me a dirty look, one promising retribution later, but either she wanted to join us badly enough or the thin threat of telling about the Infernape was enough to get her to submit. She got down on all fours and started crawling towards us, allowing me not only the pleasure of having her obey me but the sight of her doing such a degrading act.

Feeling Kara trembling under me, I moved to kiss along the back of her neck, murmuring quietly to her, "Good girl... just a little longer... hold on for me, okay?"

"Harrrrd," she whimpered, rubbing lightly against the couch again. "Need to..."

"Almost..." I whispered, pulling her back to prevent her from humping the couch and to give Mia enough room to get into place.

When Mia finally got to us, she needed no direction on what to do. Moving under her sister, she wedged herself between us and the couch, spreading her legs around Kara's and mine. Without instruction, she moved her head to take her sister's cock in her mouth, sucking on the tip, using her hand to fondle Kara's fuzzy little nuts.

"Much better," I praised, pleased by Mia's sudden submissiveness. Maybe she was feeling badly about how she treated Kara earlier or just didn't want me saying anything, but this was a welcome turn. Kara seemed to be enjoying it to, from the quiver I felt of her hips, her desire to fuck her own sister's mouth making me start going faster as I fucked her little ass, still kissing at her neck.

"Come on, Kara..." Nibbling along her neck, I gave a hard thrust, making her gasp and shake again. "I want you to cum in your sister's mouth... Can you do that for me, pretty? You've been such a good girl today... Just a little more..."

It took barely even another full thrust before Kara cried out, her whole body tensing as I heard Mia suddenly choking.

"You better not waste a drop, bitch," I growled to Mia, moving my arms to hold Kara against me, waiting as I felt her relaxing in my arms. Slowly, I pulled out, much to her whimpering protest.

"You... you didn't cum yet," she panted, her eyes looking up at me, hazy with spent pleasure. "You... you gotta cum..."

Kissing her forehead, I chuckled. "Oh, I will, Kara... don't worry." Helping her to stand, I gave her a gentle swat. "Why don't you sit down on the couch and watch? You can play again in a bit."

Kara fussed a little at that, clearly not wanting to stop just yet, but a firm kiss on her lips hushed her, the sparkles of static from her cheeks brushing against mine in a way both warm yet mildly painful.

"Go on, be a good girl for me. Okay?"

She finally nodded, moving to sit on the edge of the couch, her cock limply hanging as she watched what I'd be doing to her sister.

Mia, still lying on the ground, had splatters of cum on her face, apparently not having got it all in her mouth. Wiping a glob of it with my finger, I held it in front of her lips, expecting her to lick it off, instead, she turned her head away.

The sound of the slap I placed across her face echoed in the room, much as her earlier spankings had.

"You really are little bitch, you know that?" I could hear the anger working its way in my voice, frustrated by my inability to dominate this little whore. Her cheek was turning red but she made no move to rub it, instead avoiding my gaze altogether. Curious by this, I grabbed her chin and turned her to face me. Catching the look on her face that she'd been trying to hide, I started laughing. "You like that, don't you?"

Mia's ears dropped, her face growing red from the array of sparkles.

"Is that why you're acting like such a bitch, you want to be punished?"

She bit her lip before sighing and giving a nod.

Still smiling and chuckling, feeling better now that I understood where her behavior was coming from, I rubbed her sore cheek. "But if you like it... then it should be a reward, not a punishment, Mia... Tell you what, if you can be a good girl, I'll reward you like that all you want."

Her whole face lit up, again, in the literal sense, much like her sister's had, pink electricity running over it and making it glow.

"Really?! You would?" Her eyes narrowed, suddenly suspicious. "You're not just saying that?"

My hand slid from her cheek down to her neck. With a squeeze and a twist, I had her facing the couch before the other hand followed through with a slap to her ass.

"Did I tell you to question me?" I asked quietly, smirking a little as I noticed how red her ass was from before. Even her yellow fur couldn't hide the glow of her tender skin.

"Nuh-no..." she responded, tail shaking.

"Good... don't do it again." Another quick slap. "And when I tell you to do something, you do it, got it, bitch?"


My cock chose that moment to throb, reminding me how it still needed a release after pounding that sweet ass of Kara's. With a smile, I released Mia's neck for the time being.

"Suck me off, bitch... I want to feel that tongue that your Infernape friend got to enjoy."

Still standing, I watched her turn, ears lowered beautifully as she moved before me. I didn't have to crouch any lower and she didn't have to kneel. She was the perfect height to stand there and suck me off. Taking my cock in her hand, stroking it once, she ran her tongue along my length, following the veins. The hand she'd used to stroke my cock moved to hesitantly touch my balls, fondling them after a moment when I'd said nothing. While the sensation was nice, it wasn't what I'd asked for.

Grabbing her by her hair, yanking her forward, the yelp she made making me want to cum right on her, I growled, shaking her head a little. "I didn't say, ‘tease me,' I said ‘suck it,' you stupid whore! How hard is that to understand?!"

"Suh-sorry!" she whimpered, trying to struggle free. I only tightened my grip in her hair, yanking her so that her nose was buried in my balls.

"I don't want to hear your apologies, just do what I told you, cunt!" Rubbing her face against my balls, I sneered a little, hoping I was getting my scent all over her little face. Pulling her away with a rough jerk, I positioned her face in front of my cock, the pre already glistening at the end of it, threatening to spill on the floor. "Open your mouth!" When she was too slow in following, I gave another shake, her mouth instantly opening. Pushing my cock into it, I felt her mouth widening to accommodate, groaning at just how wet and hot it was. It wasn't nearly as good as Kara's ass... but it still felt nice.

Not allowing her any control, I kept my hand on her hair, holding her head still while I pushed myself into her mouth, watching her eyes close. I worried for a moment it was too much, that I might be choking her, but I felt her tongue along the underside of my dick and the worry abated. Her cheeks sucked in, the added pressure making my hips jerk instinctively, wanting to fill this warm hole with my seed. I resisted, though. I wanted to make her suffer more for being such a brat earlier.

"That's right... suck it, bitch..." Most of the sting had left my words, replaced with a desire to see how much she could actually fit in her mouth and throat. "Remind me that you're good for something after all..."

"Umm, Kyle..."

Looking up, I found Kara squirming, still sitting where she had been though with one difference. With a small smile, I looked up from her hardon to her, seeing the need in her eyes as clearly as I'd heard it in her tentative voice. If they really did all the stuff with their parents that they had mentioned, it wasn't surprising that she'd be stiff again so soon.

My forcing her sister probably helped some too...

"Yes, Kara?" I asked, certain I knew what she wanted. However, I couldn't resist hearing her sweet voice asking.

"Can... can I play too? Please?" The Minun sounded almost desperate. "I... really want to play."

"Mmm, I don't know, Kara..." Pushing myself deeper into Mia's mouth, I held myself there, watching her squirm. "You were a really good girl... but Mia was pretty bad. I want to make sure she doesn't behave that way again."

Kara squirmed again, not motioning to touch herself but the desire to very evident. Whoever her parents were, they'd trained her very well... which led to the question of why Mia was such a brat... but perhaps it was just in her nature to be...

That thought led me to the perfect way to punish Mia while rewarding Kara.

Pulling Mia off my cock, listening to her gasp, I smiled to myself, moving to lie on the floor, my back brushing against the carpet as I did so. It was a good thing we'd cleared away most of the toys, otherwise this wouldn't have worked. Yanking Mia, forcing her get on top of me or lose her hair, the Plusle followed, whimpering. Releasing her hair, my hands moved towards her hips, positioning the little bitch over my cock.

"Kara, you can play..." The Minun let out a clear cry of glee, hoping off the couch and coming over. "I'm going to fuck your sister's little cunt while you do her ass. We'll fuck her till she's sore and cum inside her like a whore... does that sound fun?"

"Buh-but-!" I cut Mia's protest off by leaning up and grabbing her by the neck, yanking her down to lie on top of me. Sliding both my hands down, I spread her ass for Kara, the Plusle wiggling in protest atop my cock, her pussy just begging to be fucked. "Kara's not allowed to!"

"She's right..." Kara mumbled, ears drooping a little. "Mommy and Daddy say I'm not suppose to fuck anyone... I'm just supposed to get fucked." She scuffed her foot a little on the carpet. "I'm just a fuck toy..."

Considering that, I weighted the situation and made a decision. "But you know what, Kara? Mia? I'm the babysitter... that means, right now, we're going to use my rules. And, my rules say that since Mia was being naughty and Kara was being good, Kara can fuck Mia's ass." Grinding Mia's cunt against my cock, I maneuvered her so that the head of my shaft was just at her wet little opening. "It'll be a special treat."

"But, I don't want her to fuck me!" Mia's protest ended when I dug my nails into her hips.

"I don't care what you want, bitch... if you'd been a good girl earlier and listened to me, maybe I'd listen to you now... but since you weren't, you're going to let Kara enjoy herself in your ass. Got it?" Yanking her harder, my cock easily slipped inside her wet cunt, her pussy looser than Kara's sweet ass had been but warmer. She cried out when I went in, but she seemed to enjoy pain, so I wasn't worried about her. Spreading her ass further, I moved a finger to massage her little hole, sticking the tip of it in. Her ass felt tighter than her sister's and I wondered briefly if anyone had fucked her there. If not, I felt as though I'd be getting a rarer treat than Kara.

"Come on, Kara... it'll be okay." When she hesitated, I smiled at her. "If your parents say anything, I'll take the blame, okay? Don't you want to see what it feels like, even once?"

Kara shifted, looking at me, then her sister. Gradually, she came forward, putting her hands on Mia's back so she could brace herself. When Mia opened her mouth to argue, I growled at her, spreading her ass further and making her cry out. Eyes now focusing on Kara, watching the concentration on her face, I resisted the urge to start fucking Mia in earnest, wanting to give Kara the time she needed.

Kara used her finger first, as best I could tell, teasing Mia's little asshole open in a similar fashion, I'm sure, to what Kara herself was used to. Mia pushed against me, whimpering still, probably wanting me to hurry up. However, as she was being punished, I just held her still, sneering at her.

"Whores do what they're told," I informed her. "So you stay still till Kara decides to fuck you."

Mia seemed like she wanted to argue but must have learned well enough by now not to. Instead, she held still, waiting as I myself was. Done with her finger, Kara placed her hand back on her sister's back, positioning herself. It took her a few tries, tries that made Mia wince but made me smile, before she found Mia's tiny hole. From my position, I could feel as Kara gradually slid in, her own tiny dick rubbing against the thin membrane that separated my cock from hers. Mia was panting, desperate now to move, but I wouldn't allow it.

We weren't doing this for her pleasure... this was for Kara.

As Mia's cheeks sparkled with white, Kara's gradually began to do the same. Slowly, her hips began to jerk in an awkward motion, one I started to mimic till Kara found a pace she liked. Then, the sparks seemed to grow even whiter for both of them, enough that I had to squint against the harsh light. Still, with my eyes mostly closed, I could hear Kara's soft pants as she discovered this new pleasure and Mia's moans as we took our pleasure from her, disregarding her own wants as we fucked her, which, in the end, was exactly what she wanted.

Soon, I couldn't keep the slow pace that Kara had started. After fucking the Minun's small ass and getting sucked on by the Plusle, I just had to get a release. Picking up the pace, I lost focus of all else but cumming in that wet, tight hole, Mia's claws lightly digging into my chest, just the push I needed to go crashing over the edge.

But even as I stepped off of that precipice, I was surprised to meet Mia already on her way down. Her pussy hugged me tight like a velvet vice, her young twat milking me like a trained whore. Her climactic cry was nothing but a pleading sob, a split-second window to her true, pathetic self. It was Kara who had the stronger moan, yet it still held no masculinity to it, despite the method with which she received her orgasm in the first place. Her little paws tightened, her eyes shut tight, and her hips gave one last push, the delicate throbbing as she blew her load barely felt between that strip of flesh that separated us.

I was so caught up in the twins' pleasure that I nearly forgot that my own was boiling over, the subtle sting of thick, hot cum erupting from my tip making me groan like a brute. Her tunnel was hot, but I could still feel my own seed wash back against my cock's head, my last few sputtering thrusts serving to paint Mia's pussy walls white.

Gradually releasing Mia's ass, I gently rubbed it, wondering how tendered she'd be there tomorrow. Blinking, I opened my eyes and smiled when I saw Kara panting over her sister, still buried inside her.

"Feel good?" I asked. I didn't expect an answer, but Kara nodded her head, sweat lightly beading down her fur.

Feeling Mia's hard pants against my chest, I moved a hand to rub her back, lightly chuckling as I felt a stomach rumble.

"So... want to see if there's anything good to eat now?"


"He's... adequate."

"Mmm, he's more than just that... he was able to give them both what they needed." Karen's voice was a little breathless as she continued to move herself up and down, piercing her own cunt with her Master's dick, watching the monitor currently displaying their "daughters" with Kyle, the wooden chair creaking but in no danger of breaking. The show had just ended but the two of them were still enjoying themselves, having not wanted to miss a moment of how Kyle treated their darlings. A couch was of little consequence to their daughters' happiness and replacing it was of no concern, though they had both laughed at Kyle's desperation with trying to clean it.

When Zane moved his head to kiss her neck, Karen smiled, knowing she'd gotten his approval, especially when his hands moved around her to cup her breasts, massaging them roughly.

"You did... well." His teeth scrapped against her skin. "I'm very proud, Mistress Pearl..."

"Thank you... Master Diamond." Her words were husky pants, her body tired but unable to stop fucking herself on him till they both came.

"The opening will be splendid," he continued, now thinking of opening day, of the others who might share in the island's joys.

"Ah, yes," she agreed, as she would have agreed to anything at this point.

"And for you..." he murmured against her skin, licking it while tugging her rose dust colored nipples. "I have a surprise for... for all your hard work."

She couldn't speak other than to beg. "Please... please, Master..."

He laughed. "All you can think of is my cock right now, hmm?" He pushed himself upward on one of her downward thrusts, making her whole body hum as she cried out. "What of your lovely brain now, my pet? Tell me how smart you are now..." Sliding his hands to wrap around her stomach, he continued to push himself into her, sheathing his whole cock inside her. "Your inventions, your plans, your dreams... tell me about them now, pet... if they mean so much to you."

But Karen couldn't, as Zane knew she couldn't. With a harsh laugh, he came inside her, causing her to sob as her own release rushed through her body, their combined mixture sliding down her thighs and dripping on the chair. He held her close to him, kissing lightly at her throat and cheek, cradling her as she slumped back against him, spent.

"Good girl," he praised, squeezing her gently, possessively to him. "Good girl."
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