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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Beginning

"God, come on... I've been waiting out here for 45 minutes!" suddenly the gym's doors open to a very happy looking Kazamaru, a boy of 16 wearing a long blue trench coat complemented by his short spiky blonde hair.
"Ha-ha! The plain badge is mine!" he grins holding out a plain white square.
Vecransyh, another boy of 16 wearing a black shirt, jeans, sweat-jacket and converse stands there looking very unimpressed as his Drifloon hovers by his spiky dark brown hair.
"It doesn't seem very impressive."
"Says the guy with only one badge." Vec looks down slightly to the left sliding his hands into his pockets.
"I'm doing my best..." Kazamaru puts his hand on his friends shoulder.
"Don't worry; you'll get more when you get more Pokemon." Vec looks over at his Drifloon.
"I told you I only want ghosts."
"Right, right, well we haven't really found any yet and you got that thing as your starter." Vec looks angrily at Kazamaru.
"He's not a thing he's my friend!" The small balloon looks angry also.
"I'm just saying you need more Pokemon if you want to have a chance of getting any more badges then the 1 you have."
"So you think I can't get any more badges where I am now?!"
"Yeah, pretty much." Vec's eye twitches and he shoves Kazamaru aside and walks to the gym doors. He stops and keeps his back to Kazamaru
"I'm just as strong as you are... come on Drifloon." He walks through the doors and they close behind him.
"Vec..." Inside the gym Vec looks around.
"Where's Whitney?!" A girl near the wall looks over at him. She walks over to him wearing a tight white top and a white miniskirt she leans down showing an impressive amount of cleavage. She smiles as she looks him over.
"Hello little boy; would you like to train here?" Drifloon puffs up and faints. Vec's face turns red as he stares down the Gym leader.
"Or were you hoping to get a badge?" Vec shakes his head and puts on a serious expression.
"Yes." She stands up straight and takes out a pokeball. She looks quickly at his belt and to his deflated Drifloon lying on the floor.
"Well then I'll tell you what, I'll take you on in a one on one battle." Vec shakes his head.
"No! I don't want any special treatment!" The gym leader begins to tear up.
"I only wanted to try and help you..." Vec looks shocked.
"Uh, I... I mean, I only meant that I want to battle all your Pokemon not just one" She smiles at him and wipes her eyes.
"Okay then, Lets have a battle and I won't go easy on you!" A few moments later the two of them are across a large arena. The newly revived Drifloon floats near its master looking angry. "Well this shouldn't be too tough; you've only got that little balloon against my two Pokemon." She throws a pokeball into the arena and with a flash it opens revealing a small Clefairy. Drifloon floats over to the Clefairy and puffs up in anger.
"We'll show you! Drifloon! Gust!" Drifloon Spins around releasing a gust of wind at the Clefairy knocking it spinning backward.
"Clefairy!" Clefairy responds by jumping back up onto its feet. "Double-slap!!" Clefairy begins releasing a fury of blows against Drifloon who, in turn, simply drifts around in the air dodging all the potential hits.
"Hehe, fail."
"What the hell?!" Whitney scowls Vec laughs and points epically.
"Now! Payback!" Drifloon flies back and flies toward Clefairy ramming into it and sending it flying backwards into the wall. "One down." Whitney stomps her foot. She holds out the pokeball for her Clefairy and in a flash of red it disappears into the ball. Whitney looks angrily at Vec.
"No! No! No! You're not supposed to hurt my cute little Clefairy!!"
"Uhh... sorry?" Whitney takes out another pokeball.
"You'll be sorry once I defeat that balloon of yours!" She throws the pokeball and in a flash of light a Miltank is standing in front of Drifloon. Miltank Jumps back and puts up its guard. "Get ready! Miltank! Rollout!" The Miltank curls and begins spinning.
"Drifloon! Hold your ground and concentrate! Wait for the right moment!" The spinning Miltank releases from its stationary position and flies toward Drifloon. "Dodge!!!" Drifloon floats a little above Miltank making it miss and smash into the wall knocking itself out. Whitney runs over to her fainted Miltank and hugs it.
"How could you be so cruel to a Pokemon?!" Vec looks confused as he walks over to her.
"But... your Miltank fainted itself..." Whitney calls for her assistants to take her Pokemon to the Pokemon center.
Whitney is on her knees crying.
"My poor Pokemon!! Waah!!" Vec stands there bewildered how this girl could have become a gym leader. Aside from the fact that she's really hot and has a huge rack. He leans down next to her.
"Umm..." She looks angrily at him as she shoves a small square badge into his hand.
"Take this and get out!!"
"Yes ma'am!" He runs out of the gym. Outside is Kazamaru waiting for him. It has grown dark outside since he had previously been there.
"Well? You got your ass handed to you didn't you?" Vec puts the hand holding the badge into his pocket and drops it as his Drifloon floats next to him.
"See? You can't even defeat a normal type gym leader with a ghost Pokemon! You need to get stronger."
"Well, it's getting dark. We'd better head to the Pokemon center." Vec nods and follows Kazamaru. A few minutes later the two of them are in their room at the Pokemon center, all the lights are off and Kazamaru is asleep. Vec is sitting on the edge of his bed. His Drifloon lies to the side of his pillow inflating and deflating as it sleeps. Vec stands up and walks out the door to go for a walk. A few minutes later Vec is walking through the park before he feels a presence around him.
"Hello...?" He looks around and after a second he shrugs and keeps walking. He walks over to a tree in the center of the park and leans against it after sitting down. "It's clear out tonight."
"Yes, it's nice." Vec looks around shocked.
"Who said that?!"
"I did." The voice sounds cheerful and sounds like it's speaking directly into his mind rather then from somewhere around him.
"Where are you?!" A small ghost with a light purple pearl necklace materializes in front of him really close to his face.
"Hi!" Vec jumps at the sudden appearance and then tilts his head.
"You're a Misdreavus."
"And you're a Pokemon trainer if I'm not mistaken."
"How are you speaking?"
"I don't really get it either." Vec smiles.
"Then my gift is real."
"I can understand Pokemon but it's limited to ghosts I'm a Pokemon trainer but I only have 1 Pokemon right now. I only want ghosts so I can talk with them."
"Well then I suppose I qualify." Vec nods.
"Indeed you do so would you like to come with me and become part of my team?" Vec reaches down to his pouch and takes out a pokeball. He looks back to Misdreavus but it's gone. He looks around but when his search proves fruitless he looks down sadly. He pauses and looks at the Pokemon sleeping in his lap. He taps the ghost with the pokeball registering it as captured and he picks it up and holds it in his arms as he heads back to town.
The next morning Kazamaru wakes up to Misdreavus staring at him. He jumps and covers himself with the blanket.
"Sooo.... Who's your friend?" Vec has been up for a while feeding the Pokemon.
"That's Kaza. He's the one with all these ground Pokemon." Vec points to Kaza's Graveler, Larion and Ryhorn.
Drifloon is floating around the room happily. Kazamaru removes the blanket and sits up.
"You... can you understand that thing?" Misdreavus looks angrily at him and begins yelling at him. "Whoa!" He covers himself with the blanket again. "What's it saying?!"
"I wouldn't call it a 'thing' again. As to what it's saying... some things are better to be left unsaid." Vec laughs as Misdreavus floats over to her bowl of food and begins eating. Kazamaru sits up again.
"So, where did you get a Misdreavus? You didn't have one yesterday."
"Umm... Well, I was walking in the park and then I leaned against a tree, which is when I started hearing
Misdreavus talking to me. We agreed that it was a nice night and one thing led to another and now she's on my team."
"So you can talk to Pokemon?"
"Not all, it's limited to ghosts." Kazamaru points to Drifloon who is still drifting around the room.
"So... can you talk to him?"
"He's a sprit inhabiting a balloon. He has a very limited vocabulary." A little while later all the Pokemon are put into their Pokeballs and Vec and Kazamaru begin walking through the town. "Hey, you wanna go to Kanto?"
"Because I want to go to Lavender town to get a Gastly." Kazamaru sighs.
"Okay, I might as well get some Kanto badges to add to my collection." Vec grins as they board the trail headed towards vermilion city. A boy watching them in the shadows turns flipping his cape as he leaps onto his Arcanine and begins running side by side with the train. He lays down flat becoming invisible amongst the furry Pokemon.
Vec and Kazamaru are sitting in first class seats as they enjoy the quick ride on the enhanced speed bullet train. Vec looks out the window and sees the Arcanine.
"Holy crap that thing is fast." Kazamaru follows Vec's gaze out the window.
"Yep, Arcanine is one of the fastest Pokemon in the world." About an hour passes before the train pulls into
Vermillion station, the doors open and the two of them step out into the town. "Here we are." Kazamaru smiles as he spots the gym in the corner of the town. "I'll be back in a minute" Exactly one minute later Kazamaru returns holding a thunder badge in his hand.
"That was fast."
"Dude, he had electric Pokemon."
"Ah." They walk through the town to a largely grassed area filled with trainers. The two of them make their way through the field fighting any and all challengers that would face them. About an hour of repetitive battling later the two of them make it to the end.
"Wow, all of those trainers were weak. I still had to do most of the work though. At least your Pokemon got some needed experience." Vec's Drifloon lays deflated on his shoulder and Misdreavus floats near him scowling at
"Wow, he's kind of a dick. Massive superiority complex." Vec looks up at Misdreavus and nods.
"What did she say?"
"Nothing." Vec gives a slight laugh as he and Kaza walk through the pathway to the docks. They get to the end of the docks and head north up towards Lavender town.
"So what are you going to do when we get there? Just walk in and expect to catch one?"
"Of course" He grins. "I've got these two to back me up." Misdreavus rubs against him and Drifloon puffs up.
"Yep, because I'm super strong"
"Yes you are" Vec grins. A short while later the two of them reach Lavender town, the Lavender tower casts its looming shadow over the town as always.
"Great, no gym... go ahead and get your Gastly so we can go to Cerulean and get me another badge."
"Right, I'll be right back." Vec runs into the opening in the tower created by the stone arches at the entrance. Vec goes up a few floors and begins wandering through the mist. "It's cold in here..." Misdreavus floats near him as
Drifloon drifts randomly around the room.
"This place is so nice it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside."
"I guess this is a good habitat for ghosts." Vec looks around as he heads for the stairs to the top floor. "Sooo... where are all the ghosts?" He walks up the stairs and looks around at the long hallway. "It's like they're all--"
"BLAAAAHGWEHHHHMAAAH!!!!" Vec looks over to his right into the face of a Gastly sticking its tongue out of its angry looking eyes. Vec raises his eyebrow.
"Hi?" The Gastly stares at him.
"You weren't scared?" Misdreavus floats over to it.
"Not one bit. It's better if you make some form of contact with the victim before the scream like the feeling of a hand on their shoulder or something of that nature. Do stuff like that for a while then do the scream. There's more to life then scaring people too, like, being trained by one and being their friend." The Gastly looks down.
"Will shenanigans be involved?" Misdreavus blinks.
"Isn't that a little immature?"
"It's kinda my thing."
"Being a ghost. Tricking and scaring."
"I don't play into the stereotypes of ghosts."
"That's because you're a girl." Misdreavus becomes angry.
"You think I don't do tricks because I'm a girl?!"
"Indeed and if you didn't play into stereotypes you, being a girl, would, in fact, perform shenanigans." Misdreavus is at a loss for words. "And on that note I will be joining your team as long as I can stay in my pokeball until such time as it is night time." Vec grins.
"Your terms are accepted my good Pokemon." Vec tosses a pokeball and Gastly disappears inside of it. Vec puts his Drifloon back in its ball also and walks down floor by floor out of the tower. Once outside he walks into the
Pokemon center. Kazamaru is sleeping on the couch to the right of him and Kazamaru walks up to the counter to get his Pokemon healed. Misdreavus returns to her ball and Vec hands them to nurse Joy. Vec sits down next to Kazamaru who wakes up.
"You get a Gastly?" Vec grins.
"Glad you're taking my advice and getting more Pokemon but you're a long way away from being as good as me..." A boy in dark blue with long silver hair wearing a blue coat and hat with black trim walks in with his cape flowing behind him. A girl with brown hair curled over her ears wearing a white skirt and a green short-sleeved shirt accompanies him. He places 2 Pokeballs in a tray and hands them to the nurse who takes them to be healed. He walks over to the opposite wall and sits down. The girl sits down close next to him. Vec tilts his head.
"Who's that guy?"
"I have no idea." The boy across from them begins talking to the girl. "That girl's kinda cute." Vec looks at him.
"Number 1: she's out of your league. Number 2: She's with guy with an epic hat. You don't mess with a guy with an epic hat."
"Pfft. Whatever, I'm gonna go talk to her." Vec watches intently as Kazamaru stands and walks over to the girl. "Hi, my name is Kazamaru. Is your name as pretty as your face?" The girl stares blankly at him. The boy turns to him and raises his eyebrow.
"You have no chance." Kazamaru looks angrily at him.
"How do you know?"
"I've been with her for many years."
"Whatever." Kazamaru knocks the hat off of the boy's head and turns around. The girl picks up his hat and hands it to him with a worried expression.
"You think yourself tough? I find you to be an immature idiot who can't take not getting what they want." Kazamaru turns with his fists clenched.
"What did you say?!"
"You heard me." The girl next to him grips his shirt and pulls the sleeve lightly which seems to calm him down. "Look, in life you can't get everything you want and there's always someone who's stronger then you. If you forget that then you will do nothing but lead yourself into your abrupt demise." Kazamaru's eye twitches as he turns away.
"I don't need to listen to someone whose clothing makes up for their weak Pokemon." The boy grins as he stands up.
"Then how about a battle; 2-on-2. I'll show you what I'm talking about." He walks over to the counter and takes his Pokemon from Nurse Joy. "Thank you." He turns back to Kazamaru who is now facing him.
"I'll be waiting on the other side of the rock tunnel." He turns to the girl and his tone changes to a softer and kinder one. "Let's go." She gets up and walks over to him taking his arm as they walk out of the Pokemon center. Vec watches as they leave.
"Told ya." Kazamaru glares at him.
"Told me what?"
"Don't mess with people with epic hats." Kazamaru scowls as he gets his Pokemon back from the nurse. "Thanks." He turns back to Vec. "Let's go. The cerulean gym is our next stop anyway so if I have to flatten that guy on the other side of the tunnel then that's fine."
"What if you lose?"
"Then I'll find you a dusk stone to evolve your Misdreavus. What if I win?" Vec grins.
"I'll find you a Regirock." Kazamaru grins and holds out his hand. Vec shakes it.
"Then it's a bet." Vec gets his Pokemon back and the two of them leave the Pokemon center heading north along the short trail to the Rock tunnel. Vec looks at the large rocky hole in the mountain into the pitch-blackness.
"Kinda dark in there..." A voice is heard behind them.
"I've got a light." The two of them turn to see a boy followed by a Charizard. The boy has tatty brown hair; he wears a tank top and shorts. "Hi, the name's David." Vec smiles friendlily.
"I'm Vecransyh but call me Vec." Kazamaru nods.
"I'm Kaza."
"Well I'm headed to cerulean to get the Cascade badge. I'm doing the gym in reverse order so it gets easier as I go." He takes a case out of his pocket and opens it revealing 6 badges all from Kanto. Vec grins.
"Wow, you're really strong!"
"Your Pokemon reward you with the same strength as you show them. But if you take that power for granted you won't last very long when you lose the power you think you have. There's always someone better then you so why worry about it? Just be the best trainer you can be." Vec grins.
"I'm going to be the best."
"Yo man, we've all got our own dreams and if you wanna be the best then you can't let that dream die but, don't lose yourself and remember to be a good person."
"I am a good person." David gives him a thumb's up.
"Well then you're set. Let's get through this cave!" David marches into the cave followed by his Charizard.
"That guy's weird..."
"That guy's awesome!" Vec runs in after him.
"Guh..." Kazamaru walks into the cave. The cave is dry and dusty, and the ground is covered with sharp gravel. The only light that emanates from the pitch-black cave is from David's Charizard's tail. It strides happily next to its master, who walks lazily along with the dragon. Vec runs to catch up with David, and begins walking next to him, fascinated by such a free spirit. Vec looks down at the dimly lit ground noticing that David was barefoot.
"Hey, don't your feet hurt? We're walking on sharp pointy rocks." David scratches the back of his head, and shoves his hands back into his pockets.
"Huh. You know I've been traveling for a few months now, and I can't feel the bottoms of my feet anymore."
"Um...don't you think that' know, bad?"
"Probably, but as long as I can walk I'm gonna go places." Kazamaru walks silently behind them, festering in his rage about what that boy had said to him.
"Humph, he thinks he's so bad ass, wearing that hat, and hanging out with that hot chick, I'll show him absolute humiliation, and he will beg for mercy, kneeling on the ground, with-"
"Yo, Kaza was it? Pick up the pace man, we're almost out of this tunnel." David's yell breaks his concentration, and he's too angry to begin thinking again. Vec looks back at Kazamaru.
"He got into a fight with this guy at the Pokemon center back in Lavender town and now he's going to battle him when we get out of this tunnel."
"How much of a chance do you think he stands?"
"The guy had an epic hat."
"How epic?"
"It was like a blue cavalier with black trim and these two pointed parts that kinda looked like ears. And he has silver hair."
"Oh my god." Vec takes the Pokeballs off of his belt and releases the Pokemon from them. His Drifloon floats around while Gastly and Misdreavus float near him.
"Hey that's cool man, you like ghosts?"
"Yeah, I can hear what they're saying so I really wanted to raise some." David pats Misdreavus on its head and she looks out a soft coo of approval.
"Hey that's cool man, I love all Pokemon." Ahead of them is a brightly lit archway showing light into the dimly lit cave. Vec returns his Gastly to his ball as the 6 of them walk into the bright sunlight. Vec looks over to Misdreavus as they walk.
"What's your opinion on sunlight?" Misdreavus looks at him.
"I like the dark more but sunlight is fine." Drifloon floats down and lands on Vec's head. It takes their eyes a moment to adjust to the bright sunlight as they exit the cave. The summer air is crisp and fresh as opposed to the dank musty air of the cave. David takes a long, deep breath as he walks onto the large patch of dirt in front of the cave.
"This is why I became a trainer. You get to go places." Kazamaru walks out of the cave once again deep in his thoughts. Vec looks over and sees a large orange and black tiger-stripped mound sleeping near a clear stream. Within the center of it is the girl from before.
"Check that out." Vec points as Kazamaru's thoughts are broken by his words. Near the mound of fluffy goodness is a small fire pit with a small fire in it. A few fish cook over a spit as the boy sits near them with his jacket draped over his shoulder. He looks up and waves. Vecransyh and David walk over to him along with the glaring Kazamaru.
"Hey, I was thinking that we might've got off on the wrong foot. I'm Drake." Vec smiles and sits down next to the fire and David does the same. Kazamaru stands with his arms folded. Vec looks up at Kazamaru and grins.
"Epic name as well." Kazamaru scowls.
"Shut up." Vec turns back to Drake.
"I'm Vecransyh but people call me Vec."
"Hey, I'm David." Drake nods and smiles.
"Nice to meet you." Drake looks up at Kazamaru. "And what might your name be?"
"Shove it. Let's just get this battle over with so I can get my badge."
"Why don't we have some lunch before our little battle?" Kazamaru tries to hide it but his stomach growls. "I thought so." Drake stands and walks over to the girl out of hearing distance. Kazamaru sits down next to the fire and looks at the fish.
"1...2...3...4...5. It's like he knew that there was going to be 5 of us." David grins. "It's always good to have extra so you're prepared for unexpected visitors like me." A moment later Drake and the girl walk back over to the fire and sit side by side. The girl holds a small case with a black and blue striped egg inside of it. Drake hands each person a skewer with a fish on it except for the girl who first he puts the fish on a plate before passing it to her.
"I hope I cooked them right, took me since last we met to catch them. What I could really use is a Pokemon that can fish..." Kazamaru takes a bite out of the fish and looks surprised.
"This is really good!" He coughs. "But that doesn't mean I like you."
"But of course, preparing food simply makes me a good host Shove." Vecransyh notices the egg.
"Cool egg." Drake grins.
"We found that about a week ago washed up on the beach back in Johto." Vecransyh starts eating contented from the answer about the egg. Kazamaru looks at the egg.
"So what's in it?" Drake shrugs.
"I guess I'll find out when it hatches Shove." Kazamaru becomes irritated.
"My name is Kazamaru!" Drake smiles slyly.
"I'm sorry I thought you said your name was Shove It." A few minutes later everyone has finished eating. Drake stands up. "Well that was delicious. I hope you all enjoyed it." Kazamaru gets up.
"We're going to battle now right?" Drake fixes his hat.
"Yes, yes just let me wake up this big guy." He turns toward the lump of fur. "Arcanine!" All at once the Arcanine stands and sits tilting his head. Kazamaru walks a good distance away and takes out two Pokeballs turning around.
"You said 2 on 2." Drake takes a ball off of his belt and holds it.
"I did, didn't I?" Kazamaru throws the Pokeballs and in a flash of light Graveler and Larion are standing in front of him looking angry and ready to fight. Drakes Arcanine stands across from the other two growling. Drake throws the ball in his hand releasing a Swampert in front of him. David stands between them off to the side.
"This battle's competitors are Kazamaru and Drake. Let the battle begin!" Kazamaru shouts at his Pokemon.
"Both of you dig now!" Drake grins.
"Arcanine, Extremespeed." Graveler escapes underground as Larion is head butted and knocked back into the mountain wall of the rock tunnel leaving a large dent. "Swampert, Surf." The Swampert takes a big breathe and releases a tidal wave of water in Kazamaru's direction most of which goes down the hole that Graveler made. There is a silence and a light gust of wind and Graveler does not resurface. Kazamaru reluctantly takes out his Pokeballs and returns his fainted Pokemon.
"The battle is over leaving Drake the winner." Drake returns his two Pokemon to their Pokeballs and walks over to Kazamaru holding out his hand.
"Your Pokemon are strong but your overconfidence made you overlook planning your moves."
"Are we done here?" Drake returns his hand back to his side.
"Good." Drake walks over to Vec and pats his Misdreavus on the head.
"The ability to talk to Pokemon... pretty cool isn't it? You have a good heart so I know that your Pokemon are going to treat you with love." Vec nods.
"Thank you... I have to know. Just how strong are you?" Drake smiles at the question.
"Let's just say I'm heading to the Ultima league soon."
"What's that? I thought there was just a Pokemon league in each region."
"Very few have heard of it. The Ultima league is where trainers go when they have conquered the elite 4 in each region." Vec looks shocked.
"So that means--"
"I still have here and Sinnoh so since you guys are gonna be in Kanto for a while there's a good chance I'll see you guys again." He walks over to the girl and starts to talk with her. Vec walks over to Kazamaru and David who's trying to comfort him.
"So I believe the bet was 1 dusk stone." Kazamaru glares at him.
"Yeah, yeah. Let's go to the gym."
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    Reviewer: kolofox
    Date:Sep 13 2014 Chapter:The Beginning
    This has an okay concept and I wouldn't mind if you came back to redo this because this needs a lot of work. first fix your dialogue I can hardly tell who is speaking, Second get rid of the swords and ridiculous powers, they are pokemon they don't need swords and try to keep the powers cannon to the games at least. Third use a better excuse than "it doesn't matter," when a steel type gets poisoned. Fourth when you create a destiny bound character like stratos and you kill him off give his death meaning and respect, When he died it felt like you truly hated him to give him such a bad death. Fifth battle with griatina... Fix it that's all I can say. sixth my god you have some boring battles, useful tip if they are not relitive to the story don't have them. also don't repeat yourself with Vancrish constantly sacrificing himself for his mate, and the whole plot hole thing of he forgot her pokeball....

    okay i managed to work up my ire so I wouldn't mind a rework of this story but keep it simple, too many protags muddy the actual story.