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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Cerulean City

After a quick visit to the Pokemon center and a quick goodbye to Drake the three set off toward Cerulean city. The walk toward Cerulean last around 10 minutes and contains nothing of any interest besides walking and if you find walking interesting you probably shouldn't be reading a book. As they approach the town David stops.
"I've got some other stuff I've got to do so I'll see you guys later. Peace." Without a second word he dashes off and disappears. Vec tilts his head.
"Uh... okay." Kazamaru and Vec walk into the Pokemon center to heal their Pokemon before heading to the Cerulean gym.
"I can't wait to come out of this gym with my new badge from Misty... what kind of name is misty anyway?"
"Maybe understanding her name might give you some insight on what Pokemon she uses"
"Misty... that could be like steam... which is like heat... she's a fire trainer!" Kazamaru runs to the door of the gym and is about to open it when the door bursts open in his face and he gets knocked on his ass (called for). A guy with baggy jeans and tight t-shirt, with the picture of a monkey in a suit on it walks out the door followed by a busty girl in a mini skirt and a bikini.
"All right! My Dratini finally beat you."
"I wanna a rematch, there is no way I'm letting this stand!"
"After I'm done beating the gym leader..." The boy notices Salina's appearance "Hey Salina, shouldn't you be in less provocative cloths?"
"Says the guy who ran around naked in downtown for my birthday." A boy on a bench on the left hand side of the entrance to the gym stands up. He wears a large black trench coat along with his black hair, which looks so greasy that it's wet. He walks over to the group of people with his mud covered boots.
"What's up...? Wow Salina, looking good there, I would hit that." Salina slaps him across the face.
"Jyro, I'll kick your ass if you say anything else!" Jyro spits to the side and puts two fingers up to his mouth in a v shape and licks it... then he starts to run. Vec chuckles to himself
"Hey Kazamaru, check out these guys." Drifloon, whose eyes are also fixed on Salina floats toward her in the swimsuit and attaches himself in between her breasts. Salina blushes a little.
"Uh, who's is this?" Vec rushes over to her.
"I'm sorry! It's... um... static electricity, you know, balloons and all." Salina looks down at the Drifloon and gives a shrug. Kazamaru walks over to Salina very casually.
"Hi, what your name?"
"... Salina." She points to the two boys as she introduces them. "This is Dorian and that soon to be scrap on the floor is Jyro, who's your friend?"
"That's Vec, don't mind him." Vec scowls but Salina gives him a reassuring smile.
"You guys here to fight the gym leader?"
"Yeah, I'm gonna kick her ass!" Kazamaru tries to look impressive.
"What kind of Pokemon do you use?"
"Well I'm experienced in ground Pokemon." Dorian and Salina look at each other and laugh along with Vecransyh who gives a light chuckle. Dorian sighs.
"You must not be from around here..." Vec puts a finger to his mouth to silence her from saying any more.
"Uh, what she means is we should go and fight the gym leader now; you can show off Kaza" Vec winks at Salina and Dorian. The two of them grin at the potential humiliation of the stuck up trainer. Salina gives Kazamaru a concerned look.
"Kaza, are you sure you know what your doing?" Kazamaru turns toward Salina with a grin.
"If I win, I get to go on a date with you." Salina looks unimpressed.
"If you lose you have to stop hitting on me."
"I'm not promising that." The 5 walk into the gym. The entrance looks more like a dentist's office waiting room with the walls painted blue and an aquarium with a few Goldeen swimming around in it. The lady at the desk looks up with a smile.
"Back already Salina?" Salina gives a slightly evil smile.
"Yeah, I got a guy who thinks he can take the gym leader."
"Well she's free right now; you can go into the battle area."
"Time to get me another badge!" Kazamaru runs through the double-doors, which closes behind him. Vec smiles as he follows Kazamaru through the doors along with the other 3. In the next room Vec runs into Kazamaru who is standing still, stunned at the large swimming pool in the center of the room with many platforms for battles. Vec pats him on the shoulder.
"Gee, you think she uses water Pokemon?"
"I'll still win." A girl climbs out of the pool in a bikini top and bottom and walks over to the wall near them grabbing a towel and dries herself off as she looks at them. Misty, could easily be the star of any teenage boys wet dream with her huge breasts almost bursting out of her bikini and her long orange hair flowing behind her.
"Here for a badge?" Drifloon begins floating over but Vec grabs him and tucks him under his arm. Kazamaru looks blankly. His face has gone bright red. Misty walks over to Vecransyh and hugs him smashing his face into her chest. "Oh, I love trainers these days! They're so cute!" Dorian scowls.
"Lucky bastard..." Misty looks over at Dorian and winks.
"Let's not forget how you earned your badge." Dorian grins.
"Oh yeah." Jyro looks back and forth between the two.
"Dorian you've got to stop doing this...."
"Nah." Kazamaru snaps out of his breast enduced trance and taps Misty on the shoulder.
"I'm the one who's battling you." Misty turns toward him and smiles.
"Well then lets battle!" a minute later Kazamaru and Misty are standing across the pool from each other. Kazamaru tosses two of his Pokeballs and sends out his Graveler and Larion. Misty takes two Pokeballs out of her cleavage (I'm going to be doing this a lot) and throws them sending out a Blastoise that releases the cannons on its back and a Seaking that hides itself underwater. Dorian stands on the side of the pool between them.
"This is a battle between the challenger, Kazamaru and the gym leader, Misty for a Cascade badge. There is no time limit. Begin!" Kazamaru throw his arm towards his Graveler.
"Graveler, rollout!" The enormous rock begins spinning on its small island on the water and stays in place. Larion stands on its island staring into the water following the Seaking around the pool. Misty looks suspiciously at Kazamaru.
"What are you--" Kazamaru clenches his fist and casts his hand toward Misty's Blastoise.
"Release!" The huge rock releases from its stationary state and hits the top of the water staying in place and shooting water out of the pool slowly draining it and sinking the small wooden islands to the bottom. Within minutes the pool is empty and Seaking is flopping helplessly on the pool bottom. "Larion! Headbutt Seaking!" Larion runs toward the helpless Seaking and smashes into it sending it flying into the wall of the pool. Graveler has smashed into Blastoise who has both of its hands on it keeping it from moving.
"Blastoise! Seismic toss!" The Blastoise picks up the spinning rock and hurls it to the other side of the pool creating a large dent in the wall. The large turtle then turns to Larion looking menacing. Larion, in turn glares back at it. "You put up a good fight but this is the end. Blastoise! Hydro pump!" The cannons on the turtles back aim at Larion as a huge blast of water explodes out of each one.
"Dodge it!" Larion jumps to the side but it nicked in the leg sending it crashing to the ground upside down.
"One more time!" Blastoise aims its cannons at the helpless Larion.
"Get up!!" Blastoise fires the jets of water again fully hitting its target sending Larion to the other side of the pool crashing into the wall to join Graveler.
"Good fight!" Misty smiles and gives a peace sign. Kazamaru says nothing as he takes out two Pokeballs and his Pokemon disappear into them. He turns his back to Misty and pushes through Vecransyh and the others to the doors to the gym and leaves. "Blastoise please refill the pool." Misty takes out a pokeball and Seaking Disappears into it. Blastoise begins emptying water out of the jets on its back slowly filling up the drained pool. Misty walks over to the others and tilts her head. "Was it something I said?" Vecransyh shakes his head.
"No, he has this thing about losing. He's got such a superiority complex that... umm... he hates losing." Misty smiles.
"Oh, well. Some people are just like that. Did you want to try for a badge to?" Dorian pats Vecransyh hard on the back.
"Course he does!" Misty grins.
"How many Pokemon do you have?" Vecransyh looks nervously at the gym leader he was about to face.
"...3 but I'm not very strong." Vecransyh shakes his head nervously and looks serious. "But I don't want any special treatment; 2 on 2!" Misty claps her hands.
"No special treatment; gotcha. Well, let's get to our ends of the pool and have our little match." A minute later Vecransyh and Misty are standing across the pool. Vecransyh throws two Pokeballs releasing Gastly and Misdreavus onto the battlefield. Misty's Blastoise stands proudly once again prepared for battle. Misty throws a pokeball sending out a Starmie, a star with 4 more points behind it in a second layer and a large red gem on its front. Vecransyh's ghost float in place in what look like battle poses as Misty's Blastoise readies his cannons. Dorian walks over to the side of the pool and raises his arm.
"This is a double battle for a Cascade badge; the challenger, Vecransyh, using Misdreavus and Gastly against the gym leader, Misty, using Blastoise and Starmie. There is no time limit for this match. Begin!"
"Misdreavus, Gastly, duel Shadow-Ball on Starmie; Go!" The two ghosts form a ball of pure dark energy in front of their mouths and fire them at Starmie. Misty throws her arm towards the large cannoned turtle.
"Blastoise! Protect!" The large turtle jumps in front of the star Pokemon and creates a light green barrier around him. The shadow balls collide with the barrier and explode filling Misty's side of the field in black smoke. The smoke itself isn't very thick and the outlines of the Pokemon still remain. The smoke clears quickly followed by Misty's next command. "Starmie! Ice beam on Misdreavus!" Vecransyh throws his arm to the side.
"Dodge and spite Blastoise then both of you Shadow ball him!" Misdreavus barely dodges the intense beam of ice fired from the top point of the star and returns fire with a small black spike that disappears as it hits Blastoise. The giant turtle wobbles a tiny bit and regains his balance only to be struck hard by the incoming orbs of darkness. The orbs explode, once again, on contact and, once again, cover Misty's side of the field in black smoke but this time the smoke is much thicker from the physical contact with the Pokemon. Without warning another ice beam shoots from the smoke and Gastly takes a direct hit. "Gastly! Destiny bond! Quick!" The darkness shrouded ball releases a small ring that disappears into the smoke as he collapses to the floor unconscious. As the smoke begins to slowly disperse the faint outline of Blastoise becomes visible. Blastoise is completely retreated into its shell which had small black scratch marks from the explosion. Vecransyh's expression turns devious as the Blastoise returns to his normal state and rereadies his cannons. Misty grins as she rises up her arm then points to Vecransyh.
"You gave it a good try but now I'll have to finish this battle; Hydro Cannon!" The insides of the tubes on Blastoise's back begin to glow but Vecransyh thinks fast!
"Misdreavus; Attract!" The ghost gives a mischievous grin toward her master before floating up to Blastoise and gives him a light kiss on the nose before retuning to her side of the field. The Blastoise, in response to this becomes red in the face and lowers his cannons with a goofy smile on his face. "I think it's time we ended this. One more shadow ball please." Misdreavus floats back up to Blastoise who just waves with the same smile on his face as he's blasted, point blank, with the black orb. Dorian raises the arm closer to Vecransyh as the smoke clears revealing the collapsed, red-faced, turtle.
"Blastoise and Starmie are unable to battle!" Misty turns to Dorian and yells in an angry tone.
"What are you talking about?! He never even hit..." Vecransyh's ghost return to the pokeball he holds in each hand. He looks down at the red orbs and smiles softly.
"You guys did great..." He looks up at Misty with a proud smile. "You can thank Gastly for that, actually. If you defeat a Pokemon that has destiny bonded with yours then the two battlers will both faint." Vecransyh grins largely as he places the pokeballs back onto his belt. "That was a really great battle Misty!" Misty throws a blue, water drop-shaped badge to Vecransyh who catches it in his open hand. Misty returns his smile as her Pokemon disappear into their pokeballs.
"Just don't let it go to your head." Shortly after saying goodbye to Misty Dorian's group said their goodbyes and headed off to parts unknown promising that they would meet the young trainer again. Kazamaru had disappeared after his fight with Misty leaving Vecransyh alone as he approached a hotel near the edge of the town. He checks into his room and after setting his ghosts up with their food sits down on the bed letting out a long sigh. Misdreavus looks up with a look of concern as she hears her trainer sigh.
"You okay?" Vecransyh is startled by the sudden voice and gives her a pat on the head with a half-smile.
"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that I'm wondering what happened to Kazamaru." As if to answer his words there is a knock on the door followed by a familiar voice.
"Hey Vecransyh, you in there?" Vecransyh stands and walks over to the door opening it slowly at first but fully opening it when he saw Drake standing in the doorway with the girl standing shyly behind him looking at Vecransyh. "I stopped and spoke to your friend as I saw him leaving the town." Vecransyh gives him a confused look as he invites Drake and the girl into the room. The two of them sit on the couch facing the bed that Vecransyh is now sitting on. Drake takes off his hat and sets it on the girl's head. She smiles and blushes lightly as she fixes the hat into place.
"So, what happened with Kaza?" Drake looks at Vecransyh with concern as Drifloon floats over landing next to its master on the bed.
"He told me to tell you that he's leaving to do some soul searching and training but he also said that he'll meet you in viridian city one year from now." Vecransyh looks shocked at this news and stares at Drake in disbelief. "Will you be okay by yourself?" Vecransyh says nothing and stares down at the ground running through everything in his mind. After a few moments of silence Vecransyh looks up at the two with a smile on his face.
"Yeah, I think I'll be able to take care of myself." Drake nods at Vec's statement.
"I knew you were a tough kid the moment I laid eyes on you." Vecransyh decides to change subjects.
"So who's this girl you have with you all the time; your girlfriend?" The two look at each other and blush lightly at this.
"Yes..." The girl blushes heavily and tips down the edge of the hat to hide her red face. Vec is shocked by this.
"What's up with her?" Drake sighs as he looks back to the confused Vecransyh.
"I suppose I can trust you but you have to promise that you won't reveal this to anyone." Vecransyh wasn't expecting this answer but promised anyway. Drake moves over to the girl and tilts the hat up revealing her red face. "Time to show who you really are." The girl smiles softly at him and all at once her body begins to glow brightly illuminating the room. Vecransyh shields his eyes and lowers his arm as the light begins to fade.
"You're a..."
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