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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Onward to Sinnoh!

Vecransyh opens his eyes as the sun shines on his face. After a heavy yawn he turns his head lightly kissing Xylina on the cheek prompting her to open her eyes slowly. The two lovers exchange smiles and Vecransyh stands up picking his shirt up off the ground putting it on. After securing his belt and returning all of his Pokemon to their pokeballs, Vecransyh heads out the door with Xylina hanging onto his back as usual,
"So when are we heading to Vermilion?" Vecransyh continues looking straight ahead as he walks down the stairs into the hotel lobby,
"Well, we're going to have to find Scarlet before we can do anything." He turns his head to the side slightly, "Unless you want to walk?" Xylina shakes her head and smiles laying her head on Vecransyh's shoulder,
"No thanks Vecy." A few moments later the two walk into the lobby to find Drake and Latias talking to Kazamaru,
"Sup guys?" The three turn as they hear the voice and smile when they see Vecransyh and Xylina. Kazamaru grins,
"Hey guys. Drake and Latias were just telling me that their egg is close to hatching." Vecransyh blinks as his vision moves towards the egg in Latias' arms,
"Wasn't it a different color last time I saw it?" Latias looks down at the egg and then looks to Drake with a worried expression,
"Drake... the egg!" Drake looks to the egg to see that instead of the blue and black stripes the egg had turned a pitch black color,
"Let's take it to the Pokemon center before we head out to meet up with Scarlet in the square." The group heads to the Pokemon center and a few minutes later the pink-haired nurse walks out of the back room with a smile on her face,
"The baby is just fine. The color is not recorded in my files though so it may be a new specie." Everyone's eyes go wide and then Latias speaks,
"Well, it's just a hunch. It could just be a coloration difference." Latias smiles as she takes the egg from the nurse and holds it in her arms with a light smile,
"Thank you nurse." The nurse then smiles and disappears back into the back room of the center. Soon afterwards the group heads out of the Pokemon center and begins walking down the street. Vecransyh looks to Drake as they walk,
"So... where are we going? I havn't been this far this way before."
"Well, we're heading past the shops now and we'll be at the square in a few minutes where Scarlet said she'd meet up with us." Over the course of the next few minutes the five arrive in a large open area with benches positioned around a huge marble statue. Scarlet walks up to them but Vecransyh doesn't notice her as he continues forward toward the statue. Vecransyh and Xylina wander up to the statue and he stops as he looks at the large golden plaque. After a few moments the rest of the group walks up behind him. Vec examines the statue to see a large armored knight with an impressive looking sword attached to his back. Around him are an Absol, Latias, a small Lugia, a Zangoose, Gardevoir, a Mightyena, a Suicune and a Lucario with no spikes holding onto his arm as all nine look forward. Vecransyh looks up at the man with a grin on his face as he looks around at all the Pokemon as Drake walks up next to him, "Pretty impressive huh? The fact that one man could create equality between humans and Pokemon." Vecransyh nods as he looks over to Drake,
"Just imagine what it would have been like to meet him!" Drake grins,
"Well, Suicune, Lugia and Latias are all immortal Pokemon so there's a chance they're still alive. Of course... when he died, the last three who survived fell into extreme depression and neither of them have been heard from since that day five hundred years ago. Vecransyh smiles at the brief history of the hero as Scarlet walks up to them trailed by her Gardevoir,
"So, you guys ready to go to Vermilion?" Drake and Vecransyh nod, "Great, all of you guys get together and my Gardevoir will do the teleport." The five group together as instructed and look towards the girl as her Gardevoir raises her arms, "Peace guys!" Kazamaru throws his hand out,
"Wait a second! You're not coming with us?!" Scarlet smiles as she shakes her head,
"Nah, I'll catch up with you guys after a while." She winks, "Don't miss me too much hun." Kazamaru looks sad as all five of them disappear in a flash of bright light.
The five stand looking ahead as they look at the bright blue and white colors flashing around them. Xylina holds onto Vec tighter as she giggles,
"The colors are so pretty!" She lets out a giddy laugh as Vecransyh looks back at her with a smile,
"Yeah, pretty." Xylina blushes when she sees Vecransyh looking into her eyes with a soft, loving smile on his face. A few moments later the world around them all turns a bright white before fading out into the colors of the sea city of Vermilion. Drake takes a deep breath before letting it out slowly,
"I love sea air." After a few short minutes of walking they make their way to the pier and Kazamaru looks up at the ship in front of them,
"Are we going to Sinnoh on that?" Drake grins,
"Yup." After buying their tickets the group walks up the stairs to the deck of the luxury cruise ship. A little later they all walk down the large hallway of the ship as they find their individual cabins. Kazamaru slides his door closed as he falls onto his bed before heaving a huge sigh,
"Scarlet... I miss you already." Kazamaru then opens his eyes and looks around at his enormous room before realizing that he was in a suite and that he hadn't bought a ticket, "Drake... thanks bro." Kazamaru releases all of his Pokemon into his room and they go about their own interests after realizing they weren't called into battle. Meanwhile Vecransyh has done the same thing releasing his ghosts into his suite as he lies on the bed next to Xylina looking up at the decorative ceiling,
"It's still hard to believe that I'm on my way to Sinnoh after fighting in the Pokemon league." Xylina snuggles up to him laying her head on his chest as she embraces him,
"But didn't we go to Sinnoh already?" Vecransyh shakes his head,
"Sort of; when me and Drake went there the first time we didn't collect any badges we just trained on this place called Iron Island which was right off the coast from where we docked." Xylina smiles as she blushes lightly,
"Well now we get to explore the whole region... how long until we get there?" Vecransyh thinks for a moment,
"Last time I came to Sinnoh the boat ride took about a week or so." The two suddenly hear a knock on the door and Vecransyh stands up but as he walks toward the door his Gengar walks in front of him and turns around with a mischievous grin on his face,
"It might be Kaza and you know I hate to miss out of an opportunity to scare that kid." Vecransyh nods and watches as Gengar walks over to the door. Gengar throws open the door and performs Scary face while he lets out a ghostly wail. Vecransyh is about to let out a laugh but freezes when he sees Red standing in the doorway looking absolutely horrified. There is an awkward silence for a few moments before Red finally gathers himself,
"I was NOT expecting that." Vecransyh smiles lightly at the champion of Kanto,
"Sup Red? What brings you here?" Red runs his hand through his dark hair,
"Actually, I own this ship. When I heard you and your gang were aboard I decided to pay you guys a visit." Vecransyh blinks as Xylina floats over to him,
"Did you just say you own this ship?!" Red lets out a light chuckle at Vecransyh's stunned expression,
"Yes. I own a luxury cruise ship. Actually comes standard with being one of the four champions." Xylina's face glows brightly,
"Wow! That's awesome!" Red smiles,
"But now to the other reason I came by. There's a dance in the ballroom tonight and I'd like you and your group to come as my guests of honor." Vecransyh looks so happy he's about to cry and can't speak and Xylina notices this and speaks instead,
"We'd be delighted Red. Will your brother be there?" Red shrugs,
"Eh, Who knows. Havn't seen Ash for about a year so I think he's still doing the Sinnoh gyms. Could be back in Pallet for all I know." Red then waves to then as he begins to close the door, "Be there at eight and bring a date." Without another word Red disappears behind the door and the two hear footsteps as he walks away. Xylina looks down at Gengar who hadn't moved for the entire visit and still faces the door,
"Uhh... Gengar?" The Gengar slowly turns to face them with tears of joy running down his face,
"MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!! I SCARED RED!!!!!!" Xylina lets out a slight laugh as she looks down at the ghost,
"Grats for you." She looks over to Vecransyh who has come back to his senses, "Love? Do you have any formal clothes?" Vecransyh turns to her and nods before retreating to his backpack near the bed and he begins rummaging through it. Meanwhile in Drake's room, He and Latias lie on the bed as Drake's Pokemon do as they please. Ren and Roze are playing cards at the table at the edge of the room as Swampert sleeps soundly on a curled up Arcanine. Drake looks over to the tiger,
"You two make such a good couple." Arcanine looks down at the sleeping Swampert and playfully licks her head before looking up at Drake,
"It's all thanks to you for rescuing her from..." Drake shakes his head,
"Don't you remember? You're the one who rescued her." The Arcanine tilts his head as he recalls saving the tiny Mudkip from a burning factory when he was still a Growlithe,
"Well you're the one who spotted her. If it wasn't for you she would have died." Drake smiles lightly,
"But you ran in to get her." The tiger lets out a happy bark,
"That's when I stopped being a coward." Just then a knock is heard by everyone in the room and Drake stands up cracking his back before walking over to the door,
"Coming!" Drake then opens the door and smiles warmly when he sees the champion, "Sup Red!" Red smiles,
"Hey. Just saw you guys on the guest list of my ship and I decided to pay you all a visit." Latias floats off the bed forgetting about her Pokemon form and smiles brightly,
"This is your ship?!" Red grins,
"Well if it isn't Latias." Latias blinks when she hears Red see through her disguise before she realizes that she's still in her true form, "Whoops, forgot to change." Red shakes his head,
"Nah, I knew it was you when I first saw you holding onto your boyfriend here." Latias blushes but Drake smiles,
"So what's up Red?"
"Well, there's a dance in the ballroom tonight and I was hoping to see you two there along with the rest of your group as my guests of honor." Latias lets out a giddy laugh,
"I love dances! Of course we'll be there Mr. Red!" Red shakes his head lightly,
"Please, call me Red. I hate formalities." With that, Red waves to them as he disappears behind the sliding door. Latias turns to Drake and gives him a lustful grin,
"You know how I feel when I see you in a tux Drakey." Drake takes off his hat and sets it on the Pokemon's head as he turns to his bag and begins going through it,
"Only if you wear that dress." Latias smiles,
"Consider it done Drakey." Red walks through the ship for a few minutes before he stops at a door and knocks on it. After a brief wait the door opens to Kazamaru rubbing his eyes,
"What is it?" Red says nothing and Kazamaru look up at him before jumping, "RED?!" Red smiles,
"Indeed it is I noble peasant. I come before you not as a champion but as a servant to my own whim to ask you to attend the dance tonight in the ballroom as my guest of honor along with your friends" Kazamaru thinks for a moment,
"Did you just ask me to go to a dance with you?" Red doesn't look the least bit impressed by the joke,
"No. So can you come or what?" Kazamaru scratches his head,
"Nah, I don't have a date. My girl is still back in Kanto."
"You mean... gah, what was her name... Scarlet?" Kaza nods, "Well that's a bummer. Maybe you could dance with someone else tonight?" Kazamaru shrugs,
"I don't know... Scarlet's the only girl for me."
"I'm not telling you to bring the chick back to your room I'm just saying that you could dance and have a good time during the cruise instead of sitting in your room moping about how your girlfriend didn't come with you to Sinnoh." Kazamaru lets out a slight sigh,
"You're right Red." Red puts a hand on Kaza's shoulder,
"Don't sweat it. It's a cruise, enjoy yourself! See ya at eight." Kazamaru grins as Red closes the door,
"Okay honey! See you at eight!" He hears various swear words along with footsteps as Red walks away. The hours pass by until eight finally arrives and the couples, and Kaza, head to the ballroom where they find a few people on the dance floor and a few groups sitting at the tables talking and laughing. Drake enters first wearing a tuxedo and a black version of his hat with a white trim with Latias in her human form wearing a long flowing white dress. The two find their way onto the dance floor as a slow song begins playing. Vecransyh, Kaza and Xylina all sit down at a table and the two boys drink punch as Xylina watches the couples dance. Kaza turns away from the dancing and looks over at Vecransyh, "So what do you think Scarlet's doing right now?" Vecransyh shrugs as he finishes his cup of punch with a brief release of air,
"Probably finishing up doing whatever she had to do back in Kanto so she could meet up with us sooner." Kazamaru sighs as he sips from his cup,
"I guess you're right..." Xylina turns to Vecransyh as another slow song starts,
"Come on Vecy, it's another slow one!" Vecransyh has no time to respond before Xylina grabs his hand and leads him onto the dance floor. Kazamaru watches as Vecransyh struggles to find where to put his hands as Xylina guides them. They begin slowly swaying back and forth in each others embrace as Kaza watches them. His thoughts float to Scarlet and he replaces the image of Vecransyh and Xylina with himself and Scarlet dancing slowly on the wooden floor. He sighs as a light smile crosses his face before laying his head on the table face-down,
"Wish you were here..." He hears a female voice next to him,
"Hey hun, want to dance?" Kazamaru finds the voice unfamiliar and doesn't look towards her,
"Nah... I'm waiting for someone..." The voice lets out a sigh,
"You sure? Scarlet told me that she wants you to have fun while you're here." At the mention of the name Kaza lifts his head and looks into the smiling face of Scarlet's Gardevoir. He blinks for a second,
"What are you doing here...?"
"Scarlet sent me to look after you and make sure you had a good time instead of moping about." The Gardevoir holds out her hand, "Just pretend I'm her. We have the same figure so it shouldn't make much difference." Kazamaru smiles as he takes the Pokemon's hand and the two walk onto the dance floor. Kaza looks around nervously,
"It's a slow dance..." The Gardevoir smiles softly,
"Close your eyes and take my waist and my hand. Think of her as we dance." Kaza does as instructed and the two begin to sway back and forth as Kaza envisions his girlfriend dancing with her arms around him. It takes only a few moments for Kaza to forget who he's dancing with. Meanwhile on a different part of the dance floor, Drake and Latias are swaying in rhythm to the music. They move their faces from the other's shoulder and look into the other's eyes before moving together for a passionate kiss. After the kiss ends Drake speaks softly,
"I wish we could dance when you're in your true form..." Latias smiles lightly at him,
"I don't mind." Drake smiles and the two embrace each other as Latias glows and shimmers as she changes into her true form still holding her love. The two get a few surprised looks from the couples next to them but don't care as they dance in their own little world. As the song ends a spotlight appears on the stage with the band and all the couples turn to face the stage and there is a short round of applause as Red walks into the light,
"Hello everyone. Glad to see you're enjoying the party. I just wanted to make a quick announcement before the music resumes. I would like everyone to meet my quests of honor for tonight." Spotlights appear over the people he introduces, "First is Drake. Some of you know him as the heavyweight champion of Kanto BUT! He is also the heavyweight champion of Johto and Hoenn and is also the champion of the heart of that very special lady he's dancing with. Take a bow guys." Drake and Latias bow as requested and a slight round of applause goes through the room, "Next I'd like to introduce Vecransyh..." The room bursts into applause without any further introduction as a spotlight appears over Vecransyh and Xylina. Red raises his hand to silence the crowd, "Wow, and I thought I was popular." Vecransyh grins, "Anyway there's one more guy I'd like to recognize..." Red's vision drifts to Kazamaru who hasn't stopped dancing with Scarlet's Gardevoir, "Kaza!" Kazamaru snaps back to reality at the loudness of his name through the speakers. He turns his head towards Red after he takes a second to stop his quickened pulse,
"Everyone I want you to meet my friend Kazamaru. The third place finisher in the lightweight tournament of the Pokemon league and also, best friend of Vecransyh. With that said, please enjoy the rest of the party!" The dancers applaud again as the band starts playing another slow song. Kazamaru looks up into the face of the Gardevoir and smiles lightly,
"Thanks for cheering me up but I'm kinda tired so I'm gonna head off to bed." The Gardevoir smiles,
"All right, Scarlet is going to meet up with everyone in Canalave." Kazamaru smiles brightly as he leaves the ballroom. Vecransyh and Xylina look at each other as they sway from side to side in each other's embrace and the two slowly move together in a passionate kiss. As the kiss ends Vecransyh softly runs his hand through her long purple hair as he kisses her again,
"Love you Xylina." Xylina smiles softly,
"Love you Vec." The two move together into another kiss and become lost in the moment. Unbeknownst two both couples still in the ballroom a lone black egg begins to chip and crack before breaking open and egg shells cascading all over the bed. A lone baby Pokemon looks around for his parents and becomes frightened of the dark room. A few hours later the dance has ended and Xylina and Vecransyh have retired to their cabin for the night. Drake smiles as he walks into him and Latias' cabin and turns on the light,
"I swear; that was one of the best dances I've ever been..." Drake's vision meets the bed and he sees the eggshells littered across it, "The egg hatched." Latias looks over his shoulder at the shattered egg. Drake walks over to the bed and looks around the blanket and under the pillows for the baby Pokemon but finds nothing. Suddenly the two of them hear a light crying coming from under the bed and Latias floats over and lies flat against the ground peering under the bed into the pitch blackness,
"Hello?" A scared voice answers her,
"M-mommy...?" Suddenly Latias sees two small red eyes open and look at her. The suddenness causes Latias to jump slightly but she sees nothing but fear and tears in the eyes,
"Yes, I'm your mommy. Would you like to meet daddy?" Latias moves her arms under the bed and scoops up the Pokemon into her grasp and as she slides him out from under the bed she looks up at Drake, "Found him." Latias sets the baby onto the bed and then turns to look at him in the light. Drake and Latias both gasp as they see what looks like a black silhouette of a Riolu without the two dreadlocks. At first glance the red eyes look slightly demonic as the whites are instead a dark red color but the innocence and gentleness of the look in them causes the thought to vanish from both of their minds. The Pokemon's coat shines in a few places from the light making the tiny Pokemon look like he's coated in stars in the blackness of space as no other part of his fur catches any light. The Riolu smiles happily as he looks at his father,
"Hi daddy!" Drake smiles with tears in his eyes,
"Hello son." The tiny Pokemon yawns suddenly and falls backwards from his sitting position onto his back and falls asleep almost instantly, "Little guy is tired after being born. He's cute." Latias smiles as she hugs Drake's arm,
"We're parents!" Drake turns to her and kisses her softly,
"Yep." A few minutes pass before Drake and Latias snuggle into bed and place their newborn child between them. Just before going to sleep Latias whispers to Drake,
"He still needs a name." Drake thinks for a moment,
"You want me to choose?"
"Yes." Drake runs a few of his fingers over the black fur of his son,
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