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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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A Duel Of Masters

Darkness lifts as Drake opens his eyes. He looks down to see a red clawed arm lying across his chest and a soft smile appears on his face. Turning his head to the side he plants a soft kiss on Latias' lips prompting her so wake up with a slight smile,
"Morning." Drake smiles softly,
"Morning." He stands and slides his shirt on over his head before securing his cape and hat into their rightful places, "Today's the day, last match of the tournament." Latias floats out of the bed and curls her arms around his waist as she kisses his neck,
"That's right my little champion. Time to add another badge to..." Latias is cut off as Drake turns in Latias' grip and embraces her locking her into a passionate kiss. The two lovers pull away after a few moments and Drake lets out a slight laugh when he sees Latias' dazed expression,
"I never get tired of that look on your face every time I kiss you." Latias shakes her head as she comes back to reality,
"It's not every time." Drake repeats the previous kiss and laughs as he sees the same expression,
"Almost every time." Latias shakes her head again,
"Cut that out! I can't think straight when you do that!" Drake laughs as he pats his lover on the head,
"Sorry, just wanted to prove my point." The two share a last kiss and head out of the room to the lobby where they're surprised to find no one from the group waiting for them like they usually are, "Where is everyone?" Latias shrugs now in her human form,
"Probably at the stadium. You battling David is something that I'm sure Vecransyh and Kaza have wanted for a long time for." Drake scratches his head as he looks around at the empty lobby,
"I suppose so..." Drake turns to his girlfriend, "Oh, before I forget; what'd the nurse say?" Latias shrugs,
"Nothing." Drake nods and takes her hand as the two walk out of the lobby,
"Don't worry about it. So do you think you're well enough to battle?" Latias runs her hand down her stomach remembering the Meteor Mash attack from Jeremy's Metagross,
"I feel pretty good today so I should do fine if I were to battle. I'll watch from above the stadium again and if you're in a tight spot then call me like last time." Drake nods at this,
"Just remember that you're my last resort." Latias kisses him lightly on the cheek,
"I know and I love that you care so much for me." Outside the stadium doors Latias turns to drake and changes into her other form, "Good luck, love." She soars up into the sky after giving Drake a light kiss. Drake walks into the stadium and through the lobby's side archway on his way to the field. As he approaches the bright light he takes the four pokeballs off of his belt and looks down at them trying to decide who to leave behind. He chooses two leaving Latias as his third and leaves his other two with the guard near the door. Walking into the bright light Drake blinks from the intense sunlight beaming down onto the stadium,
"Ugh... hate hot weather. Better do something about it in the battle..." Drake walks into his trainer square and looks across the field toward a sleeping teenager lying on the ground in shorts and a tank-top. Drake sighs at the appearance, "So I'm finally facing David." The announcer's voice appears over the loud-speakers as always,
"THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR IS HERE!! THE FINAL MATCH OF THE HEAVYWEIGHT TOURNAMENT WILL COMMENCE IN JUST A FEW MOMENTS!! THIS IS A MATCH TO SEE WHO WILL BE CROWNED THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE!!" There is an odd silence from the crowd as everyone in the stands looks down at the field at the ready trainer and the sleeping boy across from him, "UHH... MR. DAVID!!! PLEASE WAKE UP SO WE MAY BEGIN THE MATCH!!" At the call David snorts and sits up rubbing his eyes before looking around and his eyes meet Drake's,
"Heeeeeeeeey!! It's the blue dude!! Alrighty lets battle!" Drake takes a pokeball from his belt and David does the same. Before throwing their pokeballs the two trainers speak at the same time,
"May the best trainer win!!" Drake and David both throw the balls and in a flash Alfonso the Ursaring stands across from Roze the Floatzel. Roze grins as she looks at the giant bear,
"Bring it teddy!!" Alfonso smirks,
"Gladly little lady." The two Pokemon rush each other with Alfonso slashing with his claws against the fighting type attacks of Roze. Neither of them can land a successful hit through all of the avoidance made by the other. This goes on for a few minutes before Alfonso successfully slashes Roze in the shoulder and she jumps back. Roze winces from the pain in her shoulder and rushes Alfonso again using all of her strength to overpower the bear. She succeeds and landing a Brick Break followed by a Focus Punch and leaps forward landing a Mega Kick as she uses Alfonso's gut to leap backwards and slams Alfonso in the stomach with a powerful Focus Blast. She lands on all fours as she growls at the bear,
"You're finished!!" Alfonso shrugs and sits on the ground closing his eyes,
"Whatever. I'm going to sleep." Roze blinks as the bear falls asleep and begins lightly snoring. She looks back to Drake, who shrugs,
"Knock him out, I guess." Roze rushes at Alfonso and is blown away by a shock wave from a loud snore. She lands a number of feet away from him on all fours,
"Dang it; if he finishes the Rest then it'll be like I didn't even do anything!" Roze rushes towards the sleeping bear again and leaps to the side to avoid another shock wave. She lands the same combo onto him and leaps back as he falls forward now passed out instead of asleep. David grins as he takes a pokeball off of his belt and the bear turns into a red silhouette before disappearing into the ball,
"You've got some serious love for your Pokemon bro. your power isn't from harsh training so I salute you!" David gives Drake a salute as he throws his second ball releasing Dan the Torterra to the field. The giant turtle roars as he eyes his opponent. Roze backs away a few steps when she sees the powerful grass type and stands her ground waiting for a move. Drake bows his head slightly at the salute and throws his hand pointing to Dan,
"Roze! Rain Dance!" Roze stands and waves her arms as she does a short dance before the clouds above the stadium begin to form together and darken before rain begins to softly pour down. Roze suddenly feels much lighter as the rain drops slide down her fur. Roze drops back down to all fours and shakes the water from her fur as she narrows her eyes at the turtle. Dan rushes toward her and stomps down on Roze making her disappear from view under the huge foot. Drake hangs his head as he directs the ball toward the spot but looks slightly disturbed when no beam comes out. His thoughts immediately go towards the fact that Pokemon only don't return to their ball when they're dead or under extreme psychic energy, "ROZE!!!!" A voice answers him,
"What?" Drake's eyes focus through the rain and he sees Roze reclining on the back of the giant turtle grinning but to her surprise the turtle suddenly bucks her off and sends her flying into the air. The startled Floatzel's eyes go wide as she tries to steady herself, "This is NOT going to end well." She manages to turn around and look back towards the turtle and sees a bright light forming in Dan's gaping jaw, "Yep, Solarbeam." Roze closes her eyes and covers her face with her hands as she's blasted by the intense beam of light. A few moments later Roze crashes to the ground battered and singed by the intense attack. Drake waits for a moment for a response and Roze slowly begins to stand on all fours looking close to passing out but still feels light as a feather. Roze stands and runs toward Dan landing one last Focus punch on the turtle before collapsing on the wet ground. Torterra shakes off the attack having felt barely anything because of Roze's weakened state. Drake returns Roze to her ball and takes out another after smiling lightly,
"Was hoping I wasn't going to get a total victory on you Davy!" David grins,
"Hehe, my name's David. You'll have to beat this big guy if ya want to meet him!" Drake grins as he tosses his second pokeball releasing his faithful Arcanine to the field. Arcanine looks up at the sky as he shakes the fresh rain off of his fur,
"Aww come on!! You know I hate the rain!" Drake runs his hand through his hair that had stayed dry simply because of the rim on his hat,
"Well don't you dare make it sunny unless you want to have to dodge Solar Beams left and right." Arcanine growls but he knows Drake is right and he begins to radiate with heat. The water that falls near him evaporates as Arcanine continues forming energy. Dan runs toward him charging a Solar Beam and Arcanine jumps to the side releasing a wave of fire that envelopes the turtle and evaporating all of the fallen water leaving the field dry for a few seconds before the water continues hitting the ground. Dan stands up and shakes off the attack before launching the Solar Beam at Arcanine who easily dodges the hit,
"Looks like you're getting sloppy! Feeling tired?" Dan suddenly releases huge green roots that ensnare Arcanine and begin smashing against him. Arcanine releases another heat wave and lands standing on the wet ground having taken a large amount of damage from the attack, "Uncool. Now you've pissed me off." Arcanine infuses himself with Extremespeed and begins dashing around in a circle around Dan leaving flames as he runs. The flames begin to burn bigger and brighter as the running continues and after a few moments Arcanine jumps onto Dan's back and howls loudly to the sky as the ring forms together into a giant pillar of flames. A few seconds pass before Arcanine jumps from the pillar and lands next to Drake nodding before he turns around facing the dying pillar. As the pillar disappears Dan is seen collapsed onto the dry ground unconscious from the incredibly powerful attack. David takes a pokeball off of his belt and Dan disappears into it,
""Man. Now I know why you're the heavyweight champ of Hoenn and Johto! Now for my secret weapon!" David raises his arms to the sky, "Prepare to cower in fear from the scourge of the seven seas! The fearsome and mighty Davy Jones himself!!" Drake tilts his head at the introduction,
"Sounds pretty strong. Arcanine! Be on guard!" Arcanine turns to him and nods before looking back towards David as he throws the pokeball in his hand. After a flash of light Drake and Arcanine both have stunned expressions on their face when they look at the sight of the Pokemon known as Davy Jones. The small pink bear sits on the ground as his angry-looking shell looks back at David as it always does. A small amount of drool falls from the Slowbro's mouth as it stares autisticly at Arcanine. Arcanine blinks,
"Really? You had me scared for a second there." The Arcanine sighs and trots over to the Slowbro before beginning his assault of fire and physical attacks on the autistic bear. Arcanine jumps away after a few moments of pure physical mayhem and looks up towards the sky as the rain continues to fall, "Okay, I've had enough of this." Arcanine lets out a pulsing howl that causes all the clouds to disperse leaving the sun brightly shining down. Arcanine then releases another heat wave that causes the arena to become dry. He then recalls his opponent and looks over to him shocked to find him looking like he hadn't taken a scratch. Arcanine then rushes him again, "Okay that's just insane!!" The Slowbro opens his mouth and releases an intense blast of water sending the tiger-striped dog flying backwards. Arcanine shakes himself off and glares angrily at the drooling Pokemon, "Dammit just fall already!!!" The bear tilts his head and smiles as he waves to the enraged fire-type. Arcanine begins running circles around Davy Jones leaving a ring of fire where he steps, (If this can't do it there's no way I can hurt this thing) Arcanine unleashes another Blast burn and jumps back looking worn out from the effort. As the pillar recedes Davy Jones is still sitting in the same spot with the same expression on his face looking a little singed from the attack, "I've wasted too much of my range attack power for me to do that again..." Drake folds his arms,
"Then how about physical? Did you forget about your dark attack?" Arcanine's eyes shoot open at the realization and he turns back to Drake smiling with teeth coated in dark energy,
"Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me!" Arcanine rushes Davy again and pushes through another Hydro Pump as he closes in on the Pokemon. Once he is close enough Arcanine opens his mouth wide and bites down sending a wave of darkness in the shape of fangs that bite down hard on the psychic Pokemon. Arcanine blinks as he sees the Pokemon look at him as if he had taken no damage at all from the attack and hits him with another Hydro pump. Arcanine stands back up and glares at the Pokemon, "What the hell is with you?!" David sighs,
"He's a little slow so it takes him a while to register anything. Just give it a sec." Davy Jones just continues staring before he closes his mouth and falls forward. David returns the bear to his ball and smiles at Drake, "And that makes three. Good show bro." Everyone in the audience groans at the hideous pun and then roars in applause for the battle. Drake walks forward and stands next to Arcanine as he sits down breathing heavily from the battle. Latias drops from the sky and floats down next to Drake as he approaches. Drake pats Arcanine as he stands by him,
"Ya did good buddy." The Arcanine smiles,
"What'd you expect? I've never let you down from when you first became a trainer to now." Drake smiles as Arcanine disappears into his ball. David walks up to him and holds out his hand which Drake shakes,
"Well that was one of the finest matches I've had dude." Drake grins,
"You put up one hell of a fight bud." David shrugs,
"My Pokemon did their best and that's all I ever ask of them in battle. Besides, if I had succeeded in beating that big fluffy ball of fun then I'm guessing I would have had to fight you?" David turns to Latias as he mentions her and she smiles happily,
"Yup, I was rarin' to go." David smiles,
"Well since the match is over I'll be heading out into the world again." Just then the two of them see a figure walking towards them. Upon closer inspection the figure is none other then Red himself holding a pillow with two gilded and diamond encrusted badges and a crown with the same treatment. Red approaches the two and smiles,
"That was one hell of a match. Well, here ya go guys. David, your badge and Drake?" Red holds the pillow in one hand as he takes the crown in the other before placing it around Drake's cavalier, "You now hold three titles so do me proud by getting the one from Sinnoh." Drake grins as he and David each take their badge from the pillow,
"Count on it." Red then turns and his cape flows behind him as he leaves the stadium without another word. David scratches his head as he looks at the badge,
"Ya know? These things are a little too flashy. I'm in this for the adventure not the glory." Drake looks at him and raises an eyebrow,
"What do you mean?" David shrugs and tosses the badge into the air before catching it again and stowing it in his pocket along with his hands,
"Eh, I'll probably sell the badge or something. I could use the extra money for my trips and besides, the Ultima league is just something that people do for the glory." Drake smiles,
"Well I suppose you're right. You're the kinda person there should be more of in this world." David grins as he walks backwards to the exit,
"Peace out blue dude! We'll meet again sometime!" With that David disappears through the archway as the announcer comes over the loudspeaker,
"AND WITH THAT STUNNING VICTORY BY DRAKE THE TOURNAMENT HAD COME TO A CLOSE!! TILL NEXT YEAR THIS IS NIGEL STRATFORD, YOU'RE DEVILOUSLY HANDSOME ANNOUNCER SIGNING OFF!!" The crowd roars in applause as Drake waves to them on his way out of the stadium followed closely by his beloved. As he walks into the lobby Drake finds the usual gang waiting for him. Kazamaru walks up to him and pats him hard on the back,
"Another day another championship title ain't that right!?" Drake grins,
"Totally. So now that the tourney is over what's the plan?" Drake turns to look at Vecransyh as Xylina had her arms around his neck as she rides on his back. Vecransyh grins widely,
"I'm sure you can guess." Drake grins as only one word enters his mind,
"Sinnoh." The group heads to dinner before heading back to the hotel. Vecransyh walks into his room with Xylina self-fastened to his back and he lies down face first onto the bed. After a moment he stands up and releases his ghosts into the room who then go about their own individual interests as usual. Rotom possesses the television and the other Pokemon gather around as he starts a horror movie for them all to watch. Vecransyh tilts his head when he sees this,
"Err... Rotom? When did we get the movie channel?" The tiny face above the television screen smiles,
"Daddy it's called bypassing the........................." Vecransyh's head spins as he listens to his 'son's' explanation of how he hacked into the hotels cable system and unlocked every channel in existence,
"So you hacked the cable?" Rotom lets out a sigh as he flies out of the television and embraces his father giving him a light electrical shock from all the static he had absorbed from the television,
"Why do you always put things so simply? Yes, that's essentially what I did." Vecransyh smiles as he sits on the edge of the bed next to Xylina, who leans against his arm as they watch the movie. She turns her head to look at him,
"Love? When are we heading to Sinnoh?" Vecransyh looks at Xylina and gives her a light kiss,
"Tomorrow we're going to head to the port in Vermilion city where we'll get on a ship to Sinnoh." Xylina groans,
"Oh great. Now we have to walk for weeks to get there..." Vecransyh smiles,
"You don't think anyone has Teleport?" Xylina grins,
"I completely forgot about Scarlet's Pokemon." Vecransyh gives her another kiss on the cheek,
"And there you go." Xylina's look then changes to a puzzled one,
"Why can't we just teleport to Sinnoh?"
"Because we can't teleport over two regions without it being potentially life threatening. Plus the boat ride will be a nice way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the Pokemon league." Xylina curls up next to him contented by his answer,
"Okay love." After a few moments Vecransyh turns to his 'son' floating near the bed next to him,
"Hey Rotom, something real quick. I want the boat ride to go as smoothly as possible so I need to ask you not to possess any of the machinery on the boat." Rotom looks a little disappointed by this,
"Really? Way to be a fun-crusher dad." Vecransyh tilts his head,
"Fun-crusher: Noun, one who crushes other's ability to have fun." Vecransyh sighs,
"I just meant the engine and other things that are important to not tamper with. I'm sure there'll be a television in the cabin you can mess with. Just no doing anything to important stuff." Rotom seems to cheer up a little,
"Fine... I promise to be good daddy." Vecransyh smiles,
"That's my boy."
Meanwhile in Drake's room Drake Is looking at the mysterious egg,
"This thing has gotten a little warm. Seems like it'll hatch soon." Latias, in her Pokemon form, takes the egg from him and holds it close to her chest,
"I'd say it has a few days before it'll hatch. Strange that this egg took so long." Drake grins,
"I don't care what's in it. Just hatching that thing is going to give me, and I'm sure you, an incredible sense of accomplishment." Latias gives him a sly smile,
"You just can't wait to be a dad." Drake turns red,
"Say what?" Latias giggles,
"Since we'll be the first thing the baby sees when it hatches it will think of us as its parents without hesitation even though it probably won't look like either of us...." Latias looks at Drake's clothing, "Unless it's a Riolu." The two share a laugh before getting into the bed and sharing a last kiss before they fall asleep in each other's embrace.
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