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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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A New Threat

In a room of a building north of the city a man with short, spiky, blue hair looks on in interest as he listens to his informants,
"Tell me more Jupiter." A woman stands in front of the monitor wearing a black and white striped, tight, body-suit. Her pinkish-purple hair is done up in a bun with the rest of her hair down to her neck,
"Absolutely master Cyrus. Apparently the travelers have in their possession an incredible powerful Frosslass but that is not all. There is also a baby Lucario and a Mismagius that also accompany them. More information isn't available at this time about the rest of their Pokemon but if we can get our hands on them you'll be unstoppable I assure it!" The man nods thinking over what he was just told,
"I see. Mars!" A woman sitting down in a chair near the edge of the room looks up. her clothing is similar except it goes down into a skirt at her waist. Her hair is Red and is in a similar style to that of Latias besides a large point of hair that sticks up on the side. She stands and walks over to the monitor bowing slightly,
"Yes master Cyrus?" The man looks at her intriguingly,
"What have you to report?" The woman thinks for a moment,
"The two smaller trainers have an arsenal of very strong Pokemon so taking them head on would end in disaster..." Cyrus interrupts her,
"But we may gain some information about the rest of their team." Mars nods,
"That may be true but judging by the power the two wield I doubt we would gain so much as a single new addition to our studies." Cyrus folds his hands on the table in front of himself blocking his mouth from view,
"That is true. And what of the Lucario that travels with them?" Jupiter shakes her head,
"The Lucario appears to have no special qualities to it besides the bizarre fur color. It is also an infant." Cyrus thinks over all of the information he was just given,
"I have your assignment for you. You are both to capture and contain the Mismagius only. Do not engage the Frosslass under any circumstances until we have more power at our disposal. The Lucario resides with the strongest of the group and is of no concern to us because of its young age and most likely, poor abilities. Only engage in battle as a last resort. You have your mission." The two women bow simultaneously and speak in unison,
"Glory to Team Galactic." With those words the screen goes dark and the two look at each other with mischievous grins.
Meanwhile Xylina is sitting on the edge of the bed unable to sleep,
(I wonder what Vec's mom is like? I bet she's gorgeous to have had such a good looking stud as a kid.) Xylina laughs to herself and blushes, (I wonder if she'll approve of me...? His grandmother certainly gave me her consent and that was really nice of her but still...) Xylina shakes her head, (Well, if the mother of the mother approves then his mother should approve.) Xylina's face the goes blank in slight fear and shock; (After Hearthome city is...) Xylina looks up, "Father..." Xylina looks down and lets out a sigh just as the sound of the door slipping open occurs canceling out her ability to hear it. The two Galactic admins slip silently into the room followed by a large Bat. The two freeze when they see their target awake and sitting on the edge of the bed talking to herself, "I suppose there's no avoiding it I'll just have to... wow..." Xylina starts to suddenly feel drowsy as she takes the effect of the Golbat's hypnosis. The two admins smile confidently at their success at sedating all of their targets. The two glance toward the Frosslass before picking up the unconscious body of their target and carrying her out of the room. Jupiter speaks into her cell-phone while Mars carries an unconscious Xylina on her back,
"Master Cyrus. The mission was a complete success... yes... I will do that immediately." Jupiter then puts her phone into her pocket,
"What did he say?"
"He told us that we need to take her back to the Galactic building for the containment." Mars tilts her head,
"Then what?" Jupiter shrugs,
"I guess we just call him up and tell him when we're done for our next assignment." With that the two admins enter the Galactic building and disappear through the front door with their hostage. After a short amount of walking the two admins reenter the room they had previously spoke to Cyrus in and lay Xylina on a large mechanical table with a glass dome waiting to be lowered overhead. Once she is fastened onto the table with metal straps the dome lowers over her effectively sealing her into the holding area. After a few minutes the Galactic leader's face appears on the screen again,
"Have you contained the ghost?" Mars nods with a happy smile,
"Yes we have Master Cyrus." Cyrus folds his hands on the desk covering his mouth from view,
"I'm impressed by your success. Your next task is to begin the brainwash to bring her to our side but make sure she is awake before beginning the procedure." Jupiter bows,
"As you command, Master Cyrus."
"Everything is going as planned so far with operation 494 and in a short time the plan will be put in motion for us to finally create a perfect world." The screen goes dark leaving the two Women alone. Jupiter walks over to the dome and taps on the glass,
"Hmm... she's out like a light. Might take some time for her to wake up. Best thing we can do is wait till that time." Mars yawns loudly,
"Whatever. Send up a couple grunts to do it. I'm going to bed." Jupiter glares at her fellow Galactic admin,
"You're going to bed?!" Mars nods and walks towards the door,
"Not like we can do anything while she's asleep anyway." Jupiter looks back to the make-shift prison and nods,
"Well, I suppose so. Fine, I'll radio a couple grunts to stand guard." After the two Galactic grunts came into the room they're given their assignment and accept it with groans for not being able to sleep. Mars and Jupiter then retire to their rooms to sleep.

No one wakes up until a little into the afternoon the next morning after the attack had worn off. Stratos is first to wake up and shakes his parents prompting them to wake up with yawns. The tiny Lucario giggles at their expressions of sleepiness as they awake,
"Hi daddy! Hi mommy! Boy, we sure slept for a long time." Drake looks puzzled as he checks the clock next to the bed,
"Hmm, we never usually sleep this late." Latias smiles as she embraces him from behind,
"You need to learn to relax and sleep longer." Drake says nothing as his back comes in contact with Latias' soft feathers,
"Y-yeah... okay..." He starts to fall back to sleep but Latias shakes him suddenly making him come to his senses. Stratos giggles,
"Daddy you look funny when mommy shakes you!" Drake blinks and stands up sliding on his shirt and cape before placing his hat on his head. He smiles as he looks back to Latias,
"It's just like when I kiss her. She gets all sleepy." Latias blushes but smiles,
"I wish you could feel what it's like then you wouldn't be making fun of me." Drake grins as he opens the door,
"Ya, I know. Let's go wake everyone up." After waking up Scarlet and Kaza, Drake, Latias and Stratos all head to Vecransyh's room and Drake knocks on the door, "Hey guys time to wake up! Vec! Rise and shine!" Vecransyh continues to hold Frosslass as he wakes up and hugs her a little tighter when he wakes up,
"Good morning Xyl..." Vecransyh opens his eyes to see a white figure sleeping next to him. He blinks as he removes her from his embrace and sits up looking around for Xylina, "Xylina?" Frosslass awakens from his call and turns over looking up at him,
"What's wrong?" Vecransyh directs his attention to Frosslass looking a little scared,
"Where's Xylina?" Frosslass peers over to the other side of Vecransyh,
"She's right... huh. Well, she slept here last night." Vecransyh nods,
"Okay... but why did you sleep here?" Frosslass shrugs,
"I decided that I don't want to sleep alone anymore. Too many bad memories." Vecransyh smiles slightly and Frosslass narrows her eyes, "I still don't like you." Vecransyh lets out a small laugh before getting out of the bed and sliding his shirt on before strapping his belt to his pants,
"Suuuuuure." Vecransyh starts to walk towards the door,
"Hey, Vecransyh...?" Vec turns around tilting his head at the ghost,
"What's up?" Vecransyh doesn't notice Frosslass' deep blush under her mask,
"What... umm... what was...?" Vecransyh looks at her as he tries to piece together what she might be saying. Then it hits him and he smiles softly,
"Your name?" Frosslass glares at him the best she can,
"The name you chose. Not 'my' name."
"You gotta ask me if you really want to know." Frosslass becomes slightly irritated,
"I... want to know... what... name... you... chose for... me." Vecransyh thinks for a moment,
Down in the lobby are Scarlet and Kazamaru soon joined by Latias, Drake and Stratos. Kaza tilts his head,
"So where's Vec and Xylina?" Drake shrugs,
"Probably still in bed. You know it takes them a long time to get down here."
"What about the other chick...? Frosslass?"
"I knocked on her door too but there was no response as usual. She's never spoken a word to me." Kaza nods,
"Same with me and Scarlet. Only one's she talks to are the Pokemon and Vec sometimes." After a few minutes Vecransyh and Frosslass walk down the stairs,
"Have you guys seen Xylina anywhere? She wasn't in the room when I woke up." Everyone shakes their head, "I'm starting to get worried." Latias walks over to Vecransyh and lays a hand on his shoulder,
"Don't worry, we'll find..." Latias stops as she smells an odd scent. She blinks and looks at Vecransyh but then notices the smell on Frosslass as well, "Vecransyh...?" He tilts his head,
"Why do you smell like a Golbat?" Before Vecransyh can answer a boy in a white and black jumpsuit with bright blue hair walks into the Pokemon center and walks up to them,
"All glory to team Galactic! All Pokemon belong to team Galactic so please give me your pokeballs now." Everyone looks at the grunt with complete disbelief. Drake raises and eyebrow,
"And if we don't?" The grunt laughs,
"Hahaha! You must or else I'll have the boss come after you!" Frosslass floats over to the boy and looks down at him being a few inches taller then him,
"You're not even the least bit intimidating little boy. Go before I make you." Frosslass forms ice around her hand and glares at the grunt,
"You just wait! Team Galactic will take all of your Pokemon eventually!" The grunt then bolts out the door and runs away. Latias tilts her head,
"Well that was weird. Anyway... Vecransyh, you smell of Golbat." Vecransyh smells himself,
"I don't smell it... I wasn't around a Golbat though." Latias looks puzzled and then shocked,
"Stratos? Please use heart swap on Vecransyh." Stratos gives his mother a puzzled look as he and Vecransyh glow in a light red and the glows switch places. Nothing happens for a moment but after a short while Stratos starts to wobble and falls over backwards sleeping soundly on the floor. Drake picks him up and shakes him with no response but a small snore,
"What happened?" Latias looks serious,
"Vecransyh had a small amount of a Hypnosis attack still inside his body and when Heart Swap was used on him then Stratos took on the status change making him fall asleep. I have therefore deduced that Vecransyh and Frosslass were put under hypnosis and Xylina was taken." Vecransyh's face goes to one of shock,
"She was stolen?! Who would do that?!" Latias looks toward the door,
"I think I have an idea..." The nurse walks over to them looking concerned,
"Is there something wrong?" Kaza nods,
"Yeah, we think team Galactic took one of my friends Pokemon." The nurse sighs,
"That has happened more and more since team Galactic became active again. I can point you in the direction of their building but I don't know if you'll get through it." Vecransyh looks darkly at the nurse,
"They will not get away with this. Where are they?" The nurse walks out of the Pokemon center followed by the group and she points north of them,
"That's it." They all stare at the building in utter amazement. The building is large and blue with a giant white ball on the top with a huge letter G rotating around it. Vecransyh walks ahead without a second thought followed by Frosslass. Kaza watches as Vecransyh leaves,
"I almost feel sorry for team Galactic." After a few minutes the group makes it to the front door of the building and they see Vecransyh pulling on the door with all of his strength only to have the door not budge an inch. Vecransyh turns around and looks sadly at everyone,
"No good. The door is sealed... where's Kaza?"
"No problem about the door. We can just go through this big hole in the wall." Everyone looks over to see a giant gaping hole in the side of the building next to Kazamaru. Vecransyh walks over to him,
"When did this happen?" Kazamaru points and Vecransyh sees Tankburger sitting on the ground eating a large piece of what appears to be a blue wall. Vecransyh shrugs, "That works." Kaza returns Tankburger to his ball and the group heads through the hole into the building. The interior looks like a normal office with a receptionist wearing the team Galactic uniform smiling at them as they approach her,
"Hello, welcome to the Galactic building." Kaza blinks,
"Umm... hi. We're looking for my friend's Pokemon? She's a Mismagius." The receptionist begins going through some files in a drawer and stops when she reaches the last one and closes the drawer,
"A Mismagius isn't in my records." Vecransyh walks past her to the stairs behind the desk, "Hey! You can't go back there!" Drake whispers something to Stratos and the tiny Lucario walks up to the counter jumping up onto it. The grunt looks at him before falling asleep instantly and collapsing to the floor. Shortly after Vecransyh walks up to the top of the stairs looking around before the building becomes loud with a siren and a loud voice comes over the loudspeaker on the wall,
"INTRUDER ALERT!!!" Soon after the alert around 15 grunts come into the room set for battle only to be quickly defeated by Vecransyh's Pokemon which he sent out all at once to defeat all of the grunt's Pokemon extremely fast.
Jupiter rushes into the secret top room and finds Mars looking at a monitor as she watches the battles unfold,
"This is bad... we need to start the brainwashing now if we're going to succeed in fulfilling our mission!" Cyrus' face appears on the screen next to the security camera monitors,
"Mars! Jupiter! What's going on?!" Mars looks to the screen as Jupiter begins rapidly pressing buttons on the containment unit holding a still sleeping Xylina,
"Sir! The boy and all of the others have infiltrated the compound and are making an attempt at a rescue!" Cyrus folds his hands,
"I see. What is their progress?"
"We estimate that they will arrive in this room in around 10 minutes."
"And what of the captive?"
"We're going to start the brainwashing now. She has not awoken yet though." Cyrus shakes his head,
"This mission is a failure. We needed more time but they caught on to us to fast. No matter, we will move on with our next project. Do not activate the machine and escape the compound." Jupiter turns to him,
"But sir!!" Cyrus looks at her with his evil eyes,
"Do as I command!" The two bow,
"Yes Master Cyrus." The screen goes dark and suddenly the door bursts open slamming into the wall as a Gengar walks in followed by a very angry Vecransyh,
"Give me back Xylina." Jupiter laughs,
"Here comes the rescue party! We were planning to escape but since you're here you might as well entertain us!" Jupiter throws two pokeballs releasing a Golbat and a giant purple skunk. Vecransyh doesn't look the least bit impressed as Gengar and Dusclopse float/walk in front of him. Gengar strikes the Golbat with a thunder fainting it instantly but gets surprised as he's shot with a shadow ball sending him flying back into the wall. Then the Skuntank and Dusclopse begin going at it but Skuntank falls rather quickly as it takes a barrage of powerful shadow balls that overpower its own,
"Next?" Vecransyh returns Gengar to his ball as his other four Pokemon and the rest of the group arrive behind him. Jupiter recalls her Pokemon and looks over at Mars who looks fairly scared at Vecransyh's dark expression,
"I vote we book it!" Jupiter nods rapidly,
"Agreed!" The two admins then run to a wall and Jupiter pushes a button making the wall slide open and she disappears into it. Mars disappears through the wall after waving to the group as the wall closes. Vecransyh looks around the room and his eyes rest on the glass containment unit holding his love. Everyone watches as he walks over to the machine and starts banging on the glass. Xylina wakes up sleepily to the vibrating noise and looks up at Vecransyh and looks around franticly. Vecransyh gives her a soft smile and when she looks at him she smiles softly and the two put their hands on the glass,
"I'll get you out of here." Xylina can't hear him through the glass but she mouths 'I love you'. Vecransyh turns to Kaza,
"Help me with this!" Kazamaru walks over and inspects the containment capsule and then scans the buttons,
"Wow. Team Galactic is really stupid. The buttons are labeled." Kaza pushes a button labeled 'open' and the glass dome over the table rises up to the ceiling. Xylina leaps into Vecransyh's arms and the two hold each other in a long embrace,
"What happened?" Vecransyh embraces her tightly,
"Team Galactic stole you and so I had to kick some ass. I'll never let them take you again." Everyone watching the display of affection lets out an 'Aww'. Suddenly a lour siren noise pierces the silence,
"WARNING! WARNING! TWO MINUTES BEFORE SELF DISTRUCT INITIATED! EVACUATE NOW!" Everyone looks at each other and they begin hurrying down the stairs until they reach the bottom floor and run out of Tankburger's hole and into the street before they turn around to watch the Galactic building explode in a fiery pillar and implode in on itself leaving nothing but a small pile of rubble left on the ground. Scarlet lets out a sigh of relief as the pokeball containing her Abra bursts open and the small fox looks around before looking at the rubble of the building,
"Aww man! I know where this is!" Kaza tilts his head,
"Dude! I know where this is!" Scarlet raises an eyebrow,
"It's the team Galactic building...?" Abra shakes his head,
"Well yeah but a long time ago it used to be Benson's animal farm!" Abra drops to his knees, "Curse you team Galactic!!!"
Soon the sun begins to sink ushering in the night and everyone heads back to the Pokemon center to get some rest after the eventful day with team Galactic. Vecransyh climbs into bed and tightly embraces Xylina kissing her softly,
"Don't scare me like that again." Xylina smiles as she kisses him back,
"Promise." Frosslass looks over at the two lovers as they fall asleep in each other's embrace and she lets out a soft sigh,
(So... that's what love is...) She then shifts closer to Vecransyh still facing away from him as she closes her eyes and falls into a peaceful sleep.
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