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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Ren and Roze

Frosslass looks around floating in a field and her eyes soon rest on the trainer she feared more then anything,
"You really need to stop running 'princess of ice'. You know I'll capture you eventually." The boy sends out the only Pokemon she had ever seen him use, his Typhlosion. The dark Pokemon ignites a flame around his neck as he growls and runs at her,
"No!! Get away!!" She releases a sheer cold in an attempt to subdue the rampaging Pokemon but to no avail as he simply releases a fire blast to make a hole through which he jumps. Frosslass' eyes widen as she takes a vicious fire punch to the face sending her flying over backwards, (I must... win...) She floats up off the ground and waves her arm sending a blizzard of ice shards at the Pokemon that strike him repeatedly but to no avail as he simply brushes off the attack and retaliates with a flamethrower that sends Frosslass to the ground again. Frosslass looks up at the cloudless sky unable to move from the pain surging through her body, (Why can't people just leave me alone...?) The boy starts his advance towards her holding an empty pokeball in his hand. Typhlosion walks over to the fallen Pokemon and stands over her grinning darkly. Frosslass closes her eyes as the boy approaches but suddenly she hears a grunting noise followed by and explosion and opens her eyes now in a thick black smoke. The smoke is familiar to her and is from a shadow ball, (Someone... saved me?) Too weak to turn her head she simply looks upwards as she hears voices around her,
"Who the hell are you?!"
"This Pokemon deserves to be free after all of the hardships she's had to go through. Who do you think you are trying to capture her?" She hears the dark cackle of the boy she knew all to well,
"Well, if you have to know. My name is ***** and I've been hunting that Frosslass for a long time. I'm not going to fail now!!"
"You'll have to go through me first!" Unable to move her head Frosslass simply listens as the battle unfolds occasionally seeing a blast of fire or a shadow ball out of the corner of her eyes,
(That voice...) Suddenly she hears a loud thump as something falls to the ground and she hears the boy's voice,
"Dammit! How the hell are you so strong?!"
"Because I'm fighting to protect someone while you fight for personal gain."
"I'll get her eventually!!" She hears footsteps rapidly as the boy runs away and continues looking up into the sky waiting for the unknown person to capture her,
"Just get it over with..." Suddenly Frosslass blinks as a face leans over her blocking out the sun. Her eyes widen as she sees Vecransyh looking down at her, "You?! Why are you here?!" Vecransyh then leans down and holds her in a tight embrace. Frosslass flinches expecting the pain of her wounds to harm her but she's surprised to find them gone and only feels the warmth of his body with hers. The two stay in an embrace for a few moments before Vecransyh moves away slightly and looks into her light blue eyes,
"Because I love you." Frosslass' eyes widen when she hears the words and looks on in shock as he seals lips with her.
Frosslass quickly opens her eyes and looks around at the hotel room, (Wha...) She then turns over and looks at Vecransyh sleeping soundly with his back to her still in the embrace of his love, (It was... a dream?) Frosslass lets out a long sigh as she looks up at the ceiling running through the last part of the dream in her head, (But... that doesn't make sense. A human could never feel that way about me... no one feels that way about me...) She then sits up on the edge of the bed and weeps silently into her hands.

Early into the afternoon the group has set off on their way east of the city, Kazamaru walks next to Drake and looks off to the side seeing Roze lying down on to of Ren as he walks. She's facing upwards with her legs crossed lightly tapping her foot in rhythm of his walking as she rests her eyes,
"So, when did you pick up those two?" Drake looks around himself at everyone and then looks over to Kaza,
"You really want to hear the story?" Roze grins as she lays on Ren's back,
"Yeah sure, it's a pretty interesting story to be sure." Drake smiles at the Floatzel,
"Well okay," Drake clears his throat, "It all started when me and Vecransyh decided to take a break from training on Iron Island and take a trip to a nearby forest on the mainland..."

Vecransyh grins as he walks into a clearing followed by Latias and Drake,
"This looks like a good spot!" Latias looks around,
"Seems a little big. You sure will work?" Vecransyh stops himself from saying 'That's what she said',
"Well sure. Not like we have to use the whole area anyway." Drake nods,
"Alright then. Lets set up camp and then you can start dinner once I catch some fish. I saw a river on the map of this area." After the tents are set up Vecransyh fetches some rocks from nearby and Drake gathers wood. Soon a fire is ablaze in the makeshift pit and Latias looks up triumphant holding two rocks in her hands,
"Told you we didn't need to use Arcanine!" Drake chuckles,
"Wouldn't have taken twenty minutes though." Latias blushes,
"Hey! It was my first try!" Drake gives her a little kiss on the forehead,
"I know. Alright, I'll be back in a little while I'm going to head over to the river to get some dinner for us." Latias and Vecransyh wave to him as he disappears through the trees. After a short amount of walking Drake starts to hear the sound of running water and emerges from the trees to find a large bank with many trees on either side and a deep river in the center, "Perfect." After stripping off his jacket, cape and hat, Drake leans over the water and watches the fish swim by, "Wait.... Wait..... Aaaaaand.... NOW!" He throws his hand down into the water barely missing a fish, "Damn." Drake continues trying to fish and a Floatzel emerges from the trees a few feet away from him. The Floatzel is a female and tilts her head as she looks at the boy apparently trying to fish with great curiosity and a tiny amount of fear. Her boyfriend, a Luxray named Ren often told her that humans were dangerous and that she should stay away if she ever saw one. The Floatzel looks back towards the woods and back towards the boy planning her escape route if anything were to go wrong. She nods as she slowly approaches the water's edge making sure to stay a good distance away from the human. Drake thrusts his hand into the water and swears again as he misses his fifth fish. All the while the Floatzel watches him intently curious on how a human could possibly have missed such and easy target. Drake then feels a presence and looks over to his right looking directly into the eyes of a Floatzel standing a good ten feet away from him. Fear and interest sweeps over the water Pokemon's body as she looks at the trainer, (Do I run? Or do I stay here? I'd better just see what he does first.) She looks back towards the woods and back to the trainer to find him giving her a light smile,
"Excuse me." She looks at him with uncertainty,
"Y-yes...?" Drake blinks,
"Oh! You can talk? Well... umm... perhaps... if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Could you help me catch some fish for my two friends and me?" The Floatzel doesn't move and watches him for a few moments knowing full well how greedy Pokemon trainers that often came by looking just for them were,
"You... want my help?" Drake nods,
"Just to get a few fish. Maybe four or five would do." Floatzel eyes him suspiciously,
"You're not going to capture me?" Drake shrugs and shakes his head,
"I came to Sinnoh for training. I'd only take you with me if you wanted to come. I don't forcefully catch Pokemon I let them make their own decisions." Floatzel blinks and takes a step back,
"Well... okay, but stay right there." Drake smiles,
"I'll wait right here for you." Drake then sits on the hard ground of the riverbank and watches as the Floatzel dives in disappearing instantly. Only a few seconds pass before the Floatzel leaps out of the water carrying several fish in her hands. She places each one in her mouth and bites them hard to kill them instantly and sets them on the ground in front of Drake,
"There you are. I think I got more then you asked for though." Drake shakes his head,
"Don't worry about it. And thanks for the fish." The Floatzel nods and cracks a small smile,
"You're very welcome."
"ROZE!!!" Suddenly a Luxray bursts from the trees landing in front of the Floatzel and glares up at Drake with murderous intent,
"Wait! Ren!" The Luxray turns his head to looks back at her,
"Get back! He's a trainer and he'll capture you without a second thought!" Drake takes a step back as the Luxray begins charging electricity in his body that sparks slightly,
"No!! I won't!!" Ren looks darkly at him,
"What did you say!?"
"I said I have no interest in capturing either of you." Ren seems to calm down slightly,
"Because I only capture Pokemon that want to come with me. And since you clearly don't seem to like the idea of capture let alone trainers in general I have no interest in capturing you or Roze." Drake looks over Ren's shoulder, "That is your name right?" Roze nods,
"Then what are you doing here, Trainer?" Drake takes a deep breathe,
"I came to the river to get some fish for me and my friends to eat but I failed miserably. Then I saw Roze over to my right and I asked her if she wouldn't mind doing a little fishing for me. After assuring her that I meant her no harm she agreed under the condition that I not move from the spot I was sitting in. That's what these fish here are from." Ren eyes him distrustingly,
"Just take the fish and go." Drake does as instructed and Ren turns to leave followed closely by Roze. Just before they disappear into the trees Drake notices Roze give him a little 'good-bye' wave.
Drake arrives back in the campsite and overhears Vecransyh talking to Latias as he walks over to the fire pit,
"Yeah, it's said that there's a Luxray and a Floatzel that live somewhere in this forest. They're like super in love with each other and the Luxray always defends her from trainers even though the Floatzel is incredibly powerful herself." Drake sits down and lays the fish in a large metal plate over the fire hearing them start to cook immediately. Latias looks at the catch and goes wide-eyed,
"Wow! Seven in an hour?!" Drake laughs,
"Actually it was a Floatzel I met when I was at the river." Drake turns his head and looks at Vecransyh, "And I barely got out of getting attacked by a Luxray afterwards." Vecransyh stares at him,
"You met them?! They're about as hard to find as it is to catch an Abra in a pokeball!!" Drake chuckles knowing full well the impossibility of that happening,
"I did indeed meet them. The Floatzel was semi-friendly and it took some convincing for her to know I wasn't a threat but the Luxray, man. Talk about protective."
"It's just because he loves me so much." Drake jumps at the sudden voice and looks to his right to see Roze sitting by him gnawing on a raw fish. Vecransyh and Latias blink as they look at the Sinnoh Pokemon. Drake grins as he serves the fish to his friend and girlfriend before serving one to himself,
"So where's Ren?" Roze swallows the fish and takes another out of her... life-preserver... scarf... thing... anyone know what that is? Well anyway... she does that and points behind herself to the trees,
"He's watching to see if anyone tries to capture me." Vecransyh looks at her in amazement,
"So the legendary Luxray's name is Ren?" Roze giggles,
"So THAT'S why people keep coming here to get us. Because we're apparently legendary?" She looks back to the trees, "Hear that, Love? We're legendaries!" A Luxray emerges from the forest and sits at the edge of the campsite looking slightly amused,
"Well, that explains a lot." Roze looks back to Vecransyh,
"Anyway, my name is Roze." Roze takes out another fish looking at Latias, "So when did you leave Altomare?" Latias blinks,
"You know?" Roze smiles as Ren works up the courage to sit by her looking around for signs of danger,
"Pokemon can sense other Pokemon." Latias smiles,
"Ah, well, I fell for this guy right here." She nudges Drake with her shoulder, "And I went with him when he left." Ren looks bewildered but Roze smiles brightly,
"That's so nice! Differences can't overcome true love. Right Ren?" Ren blushes as he looks at her,
"Y... Yeah." Drake scratches his head,
"So anyway, my name's Drake, that's, of course, Latias, and this is my friend Vecransyh." Vec grins,
"So when did you two meet?" Roze and Ren look at each other and blush lightly before Roze speaks,
"We met many years ago. I would often get teased by the other kids and I would come to the river to cry where no one would find me. Ren would always be there with my favorite berries though and he would always cheer me up any way he could. It was a week where I noticed him acting a little strange and not talking to me as much as he often did. One week later was the day that he told me he loved me. I had loved him for a long time but when he started acting strange and keeping a slight distance from me I started to think he hated me. We shared our first kiss that day..." Roze gets an excited childish smile on her face, "And then we..." Ren leaps at her covering her mouth with his paw as her muffled voice continues for a moment before she looks at Ren and stops talking. Roze blushes heavily and shakes her head with a smile, "Then... err... we... lived happily ever after for a long time. Then word got out about us and trainers began coming to the area in an attempt to capture Ren and myself." Ren smiles lightly as he listens to Roze recall the day,
"Yeah. That was the day my life became complete." Ren looks over to Drake curiously, "So when are you all leaving?"
"We're leaving tomorrow actually. This was a camping trip to relax from the training we've been doing." Ren nods,
"I see. And where will you all be going after you leave?" Vecransyh blinks,
"Actually... I think we'll be heading to Canalave to catch a boat to Kanto!" Drake looks at him in shock,
"It's already been a year?!" Vec nods happily,
"Yup!" Roze smiles lightly,
"Oh wow that's far." Ren nods,
"Be sure to have a safe trip." Roze turns to Ren,
"Can I talk to you for a sec?" Ren looks puzzled but follows her to the edge of the campsite and the two begin talking as the three watch them out of ear-shot of what they're saying. Suddenly Ren yells,
"What?!" But then the two are unable to be heard till they both walk back over. Roze smiles happily,
"We've agreed to come with you Drake." Drake blinks in disbelief,
"What?!" Ren looks at him,
"Only on the condition that me and Roze can stay together at all times besides single battles of course." Drake ponders this for a moment and begins rustling through his backpack until he takes out a shiny pink pokeball. Ren blinks as he sees the ball, "What's that?"
"It's my own invention. It's called the couple's ball and it can house two Pokemon inside of it if they have a strong enough bond of love." Roze smiles happily,
"That's awesome!" Drake then tilts his head slightly,
"Are you sure you want to some with us?" Ren and Roze nod simultaneously and Drake tosses the ball causing the two to disappear inside of it and the ball clicks registering the capture. Drake then leans over and releases the two from the ball. Roze jumps in excitement,
"Wow! What a rush!!" Ren chuckles,
"Well I suppose there's no going back now Master." Drake shakes his head,
"Nope, call me Drake." Ren nods,
"All right, Drake."

"And that's how Ren and Roze became part of my team." Ren smiles as he walks listening to the retelling as Roze sleeps peacefully on his back having just fallen asleep at the very end of the story,
"Just be glad you're such a fast talker cuz I was ready to cause some pretty heavy damage to ya." Drake chuckles as the ground walks into a fairly well-lit cave,
"I could tell by that look in your eyes." After an easy walk through the bottom layer of Mt. Coronet the group arrives on a bridge over water and they start walking across it. Frosslass floats behind everyone as she's lost in her own thoughts about her dream and about the story,
(What should I do about Vecransyh? He's still in my head and this feeling is so weird that it's almost painful! Maybe... maybe I should tell someone...) She looks up and examines the humans in front of her, (But... who...?) Then her gaze falls onto Xylina, (The one he loves right now perhaps? Maybe she can help me...? Or... she might just force me away... WHAT DO I DO?!?!) She calms herself, (Maybe the feelings will go away...? I'll just give it a few days...) Xylina yawns as she rides on Vecransyh's back,
"Are we there yet? We've been traveling all day and it's almost sundown." Vecransyh nods and points in front of them,
"See for yourself!" Xylina peers over his shoulder to see a large city in the distance,
"Yaaaaaaaahhhhhhlm..." Her sentence is cut off by her own yawn as she places her head against Vecransyh's shoulder, "Yay, next stop is Hearthome city..." Xylina closes her eyes as she dozes off on Vecransyh's back.
Xylina wakes up in a bed next to Vecransyh late in the night and looks around at the posters and random toys in the corner. She then looks around for any sign of Frosslass and finds her with her arms on the windowsill looking out at the town deep in thought,
(This must be Vec's room... I hope I get to meet his mom in the morning.) She tilts her head as she looks at Frosslass, "You okay?" Frosslass is heavily startled by the voice but doesn't turn towards Xylina,
"I don't know anymore..." Frosslass then turns and Xylina sees a flicker of tears on her face as the moonlight catches her eyes for only a second. Frosslass lies down in the bed next to Vecransyh and lies facing him as he had fallen asleep facing towards her. Xylina loses sight of her behind the sleeping Vecransyh but gives her a sad look,
"You wanna talk about it?"
"No... I don't know who I can tell..." Xylina nods,
"Okay." Frosslass turns and lies on her back looking up at Vecransyh's ceiling, "Oh hey, did you meet Vec's mom?"
"No... she wasn't home but he sent word to her that we were staying over and we'll see her in the morning I guess..." Xylina then drifts off to sleep anxiously awaiting the future meeting. Frosslass continues staring up at the ceiling awash with the odd emotions that seemed almost pleasurable at the moment. She looks over to the sleeping boy,
(When I'm far away from him the feelings are painful but when I'm this close to him the feelings are... nice... okay... I know now and I'll leave it to destiny. My dream tonight. If it is a good dream about him then I tell Xylina. If it is a bad dream then we are destined to be apart and I will abandon these silly thoughts...) It takes a while for Frosslass to fall asleep as she is wracked with thoughts about what she will dream about when she sleeps. Taking a long breathe she lets the sleepiness take a hold of her and drifts off finally into an awaiting sleep.
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