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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Reliving the Past

"What do you mean you're leaving?!" Drake stands smiling in front of Kazamaru and the others as they all stand in front of the Pokemon center,
"I received a message this morning that because of my accomplishments I've been chosen along with a few others to take down a potentially dangerous Pokemon that was discovered about a week ago somewhere north of the battle frontier. I should return in a few days." Stratos looks at him sadly,
"Why can't I come with you and mommy daddy?" Drake leans down and picks up his son giving him a light smile,
"I don't want you to get hurt and besides, while you're with Kazamaru and Vecransyh and everybody else you can practice and become even stronger. If you come with us then it'll just be a whole lot of walking and no fighting whatsoever." Stratos smiles largely,
"Okay daddy! I promise to be good while you're gone!" Drake gives him a little kiss on the forehead before setting him down,
"That's my boy. Now then, Vecransyh, Kaza, Scarlet, make sure he stays out of trouble." The trainers nod,
"Got it." With that Latias says her goodbyes to the tiny Lucario and the rest of the group and Drake and her climb up onto Arcanine's back and the giant dog stands up and nods towards the others before taking off at a high speed to the north of the town. After a few minutes of preparations Vecransyh, Xylina, Yakira, Kazamaru, Scarlet and Stratos start on their trek to Veilstone city. Kazamaru looks at the map as they walk through a tall patch of grass shortly after leaving through the north exit of the city,
"Okay, so there'll be a fork in the road in a few minutes with a diner in the middle and... we need to head to the right. That's east and we should be in Veilstone city around nightfall." Vecransyh grins,
"Awesome, then tomorrow we'll be set for getting the next badge... shame Drake won't be able to get it though till he gets back." Stratos grins as he walks to Yakira's right and looks over to Vecransyh,
"Don't worry uncle Vecransyh! I can get the badge for daddy!" Yakira looks at the grinning Lucario,
"You do realize that the next gym leader is a fighting type and you're a part steel type right?" Stratos giggles,
"Nope, I don't think I'm a steel type." Yakira blinks,
"Uh... well, I guess we'll see at the gym."
"Oh! Did you find your name yet?" Yakira smiles at the small Lucario,
"Yes I did, my name is Yakira." Stratos giggles,
"I told you it was a pretty name!" Yakira smiles as a light blush appears on her face under her mask. After a short amount of walking a large diner appears over a slight distance between a fork in the road. On the left side of the diner is countless yellow ducks that don't move a single inch as they just stare lifelessly forward. Xylina tilts her head as she sees this,
"Err... what's up with the Psyduck?" Vecransyh shrugs,
"Let's ask inside." The group heads into the diner and soon are approached by a waitress wearing the typical waitressing outfit,
"Hello and welcome to the café cabin! My name is Cindy how can I help you?" Kazamaru smiles,
"Hi there, me and my friends were just wondering what was wrong with those Psyduck outside." The waitress sighs,
"Of course. Those Psyduck have been there for four days and havn't moved an inch. Psyduck often suffer from incredible headaches and occasionally, like the ones out there, freeze completely out of sheer agony... many of the passing trainers have tried everything imaginable to move the Psyduck but they're apparently immune to everything under that condition..." Scarlet looks down,
"That's terrible... I wish there was something we could do." The waitress shakes her head,
"You all seem like strong trainers but even trying to physically move them won't work. We even had a boy with a Tyranitar attack them repeatedly but failed to move them an inch. We'll simply have to wait for them to move on their own." Vecransyh nods,
"Thanks for the info. We'll look into it when we get to Veilstone." The waitress smiles lightly and nods and the six leave the café and continue on heading east of the café to a very long expanse with various elevated bridges and many trees all around. As they begin walking down route 215 Vecransyh looks around, "Huh. If things continue like this then we should be able to get to Veilstone in a matter of hours." Kazamaru sighs,
"Really Vec? You had to say that... now something is going to happen just because you jinxed us!!" Vecransyh looks down,
"Dang... you're right." Xylina simply smiles,
"Don't worry, can't be anything that we can't handle. I mean, come on, Pokemon league trainers?" Scarlet giggles,
"That's true. Not many trainers could stand up to all three of us. But we're not unbeatable either." Vecransyh nods,
"Yup. We just havn't suffered many losses so far so I guess we've been lucky in a lot of our battles." Kazamaru glares at him,
"I haven't... I got Drake and Misty back to back and I got my ass kicked by them both!!" Vecransyh shrugs,
"Well, you kinda deserved it because of how much of an ass you were being. Remember 'This is Vecransyh, don't mind him' and there's a lot more times I could tell you about." Kaza lets out a sigh,
"Okay! I've changed since then. Sorry for all of that bro." Vecransyh grins,
"It's fine. You were actually kinda helpful most of the time because you were always pushing me. Oh, and by the way..." Vecransyh digs through his pocket and takes out the Cascade badge and plain badge and holds them in his hand, "I was much stronger then you ever gave me credit for. After you lost to misty I took her on and I won." Kaza grins,
"I always knew you were holding out on me Vec." The six continue walking down route 215 until Stratos senses an aura behind them and spins around to see a pillar of flames barreling towards them,
"Watch out!!!!" He leaps in front of them and releases a sacred fire that barely is able to contain and stop the flames. Stratos falls to his hands and knees breathing heavily at the sudden burst of energy he was forced to expel to save everyone. The five turn around just as the flames are dispersed and they look ahead to see a figure in the distance walking towards them with an undeterminable Pokemon walking next to him. As the figure gets closer Yakira's eyes go wide in fear as the trainer of her nightmares and his pitch-black Typhlosion come into view. The boy has an unimpressed frown on his face as he approaches them. Unlike in her dreams the boy is now clothed in dark blue jeans and a white tank-top with a dark blue vest on. His wrist has the black leather bracelet with the silver star on it as it always did in her dreams. His hair is a dark black color and lies on his neck,
"You must have some serious power at your disposal if you managed to cancel out that fire blast." Yakira moves behind Vecransyh holding onto him lightly and Vecransyh, noticing this, glares at the boy,
"You attacked us. Why?" The boy simply smiles,
"To catch the ever illusive princess of ice, of course. No sacrifice is too great for me to wield her power. Now stand aside and let me claim her." Vecransyh glares angrily at the boy before Kazamaru steps in front of him with a pokeball in his hand,
"Sorry bud. She's not coming with you." The boy's eyes light up when he sees the pokeball in Kaza's hand and he takes a few steps away leaving his Typhlosion standing in front of him,
"If I must do this fairly then I will accept your terms." Vecransyh glares at him,
"You'll have to defeat all of us to get to her!!" The boy grins darkly,
"That will be no great task. At best you will simply delay the inevitable. Princess of ice!! Why not simply come with me and deny these people the pain?!" Yakira floats out form behind Vecransyh and looks down at the ground,
"Can't you see that I am beyond your reach? Even if I did come with you I'd never be happy..." The boy lets out an evil cackle,
"I know. I only seek your power not your happiness. If these, so called, opponents really want to protect you then so be it!! I, Damian Cartelia, Accept your challenge!!!!" Kaza throws the pokeball releasing his Tyranitar and the battle begins, "Alright Thanatos. Defeat these miniscule enemies so that we may claim our long sought-after prize." Thanatos nods his head as he eyes the powerful figure in front of him. Kazamaru runs the name through his head,
(Thanatos... the name sounds so familiar...) Thanatos rushes at Tyranitar who lets out a roar as he throws a punch towards the sprinting Pokemon. Thanatos leaps onto his arm and runs up to his head before releasing a fire blast into his face and jumping back, and springing from the ground towards the dinosaur's stomach cloaked in flames and striking him hard in the gut causing the massive Pokemon to blast away and land behind everyone in a crater formed from the impact. Kaza takes out a pokeball and returns Tyranitar as he looks ahead at Thanatos brushing a small amount of dust from his shoulder, (He took down Tyranitar without even breaking a sweat and he doesn't look even slightly winded! This could be bad....) Kaza throws a second pokeball, then his third, then a fourth as he watches his Piloswine, Tankburger and Camerupt be defeated by the unstoppable Pokemon. Damian gives Kazamaru an unimpressed look,
"Are you done yet? I've waited nine years for this day and you're not going to stop me." Kazamaru responds by releasing his Swampert that roars towards the fire Pokemon,
"I can't lose... I won't let you take Yakira!!" Damian gives him an odd look when he hears the name,
"Yakira? She allowed you to name her? Well, that sounds like an acceptable name for her. I shall think even more fondly of this day whenever I call her into battle." Thanatos leaps into the air to avoid a burst of water fired from Swampert and his eyes go wide when he sees Swampert's mouth glow brightly as it fills with water,
"Swampert! Hydro Cannon!!!" Swampert releases the blast of water that slams into Thanatos with full force sending him flying higher into the air. Kazamaru gives a smirk as he watches Thanatos begin his decent, "BAM! Gotcha!" Damian smirks,
"Laugh while you can!" Thanatos lands on his feet and springs forward landing a fire punch into Swampert's gut and Kazamaru watches as Swampert coughs up blood before falling backwards defeated. Kazamaru hangs his head as Swampert disappears into his pokeball and he takes out his sixth,
"Who... are you...?"
"I am a collector of legends. I do not seek Pokemon that all refer to as a legendary, for example, Moltres but I seek out Pokemon that are in rumors around the different regions. Thanatos is the first. You could say he was my 'starter'. But enough about me send out your final Pokemon so that I can move onto the girl and..." Damian blinks as he looks at Vecransyh, "It will be an honor to battle him last." Vecransyh blinks,
"Say what?" Damian smiles,
"Oh? You don't know? Then I can say no more. You!" Damian redirects his attention to Kazamaru, "Release your final so that it can fall before me!" Kazamaru looks angrily at Damian as Aggron rises from his pokeball with a powerful roar,
"Fine then." Damian smiles evilly,
"An Aggron? Well then... Thanatos; end this quickly." Thanatos begins to glow brightly red as he stares at Aggron with nothing but evil bloodlust in his eyes. Aggron stays still watching and waiting for the right moment to strike knowing full well that this creature just defeated all of his allies without even breaking so much as a single drop of sweat, "Now. Blast Burn." Thanatos takes a deep breath and releases a black pillar of flames that fires directly into Aggron's gut and the giant Triceratops roars in pain before the fire subsides thirty seconds later. Damian blinks as he looks upon Aggron who is still standing. Beaten and heavily singed, but still standing nonetheless, "Well, I must say I'm impressed." Damian lets out a cackle as Thanatos prepares another attack,
"Laugh while you can Damian." Damian looks up to see an immense red orb covering Aggron's claw and his eyes go wide as Aggron rushes forward and punches Thanatos in the gut sending him flying backwards but Thanatos vaults on his hands and lands on his feet next to his trainer looking darkly at Aggron without so much as a scratch on his stomach,
"I almost thought that was enough to damage him for a second but even metal bursting his Blast Burn won't save you." Thanatos springs forward and punches his fist into Aggron's gut cracking a layer of his armor and causing him to roar in pain before collapsing to the ground passing out from the sheer agony. Kazamaru returns Aggron to his ball as he falls to his knees hanging his head in defeat. Damian looks up at Scarlet, "You, girl. Remove him from the battlefield and take his place for your defeat." Scarlet narrows her eyes but does as instructed and a few moments later her Gallade is well into battle with Damian's Thanatos. Meanwhile Kazamaru is leaning back against a rocky wall while Vecransyh, Xylina and Yakira watch the battle. Yakira looks down,
"I should just go with him..." Vecransyh shakes his head as he puts a hand on the ghost's shoulder,
"Come on... I promise that we'll defeat this guy and save you no matter what it takes. I told you that you didn't need to be afraid anymore and I meant it. I love you Yakira and I won't let anyone take you." Yakira smiles softly as she kisses him on the cheek,
"I pray for your victory Vecransyh..." Scarlet looks back at them as she returns Gallade to his ball,
"Hey! How about a little faith guys!?!" Scarlet releases Medicham followed by Gardevoir but neither are a match for the fearsome Thanatos. Scarlet releases Dane from his ball and the Abra looks upon his opponent,
"So wait... this thing leveled Kazamaru's entire team, Gallade, Gardevoir AND Medicham and now you expect me to be a match for it? What's wrong with you woman!?" Scarlet looks down,
"You're right..." Dane looks back at her and grins,
"Nah! Why I wasn't chosen sooner?!" Dane teleports out of the way of a flamethrower and reappears next to Thanatos hitting him with a pulse of psychic energy before teleporting back to where he was, "Gotta be quicker then that mate." Thanatos glares at Dane saying nothing as be begins to glow a bright red. Dane continues his repeated teleportation, psychic combo changing his landing space each time but fails to damage the body of Thanatos. Dane looks upon his opponent who is still glowing red and he looks back to Scarlet, "Well, shit. Can't win if I can't damage the..." Thanatos releases a shock wave of flames that envelope Dane cutting off his sentence and his consciousness. Scarlet hangs her head as Dane returns to his ball,
"Why...? Why can't you just leave her alone? She's had a hard enough life without you making it worse!!!" Damian cackles,
"Actually, she knows me quite well. You see, I've been tracking her for nine years but every time I get close she always manages to escape. Got frustrating after a while but I know that today is the day that her power will finally be mine!!" Vecransyh walks up to Scarlet and lays a hand on her shoulder,
"He doesn't care about anything but power while we fight for someone other then ourselves. He will not win this fight." Scarlet nods and walks back over to join Yakira and Kazamaru. Yakira looks down as she watches Xylina float over to Vecransyh,
"You know... The rumored Pokemon he speaks of... there's only one in each region. Thanatos... the legendary Typhlosion of Johto is said to be the most powerful and bloodthirsty of us all..." Kaza looks up at her,
"Hey, the name Thanatos sounds so familiar but I can't place it..." Yakira looks to him with a sad look,
"Thanatos is the name that the Grim Reaper gave to his scythe. Thanatos... the reaper of souls... death incarnate." Damian runs his hand through his long, black hair as he watches Vecransyh stand in the place where Scarlet and Kazamaru were both defeated,
"Tell me... why do you care so much about saving the princess of ice... my mistake, Yakira?" Vecransyh narrows his eyes,
"Because I'm her second chance on life and you're just a ghost from her past that needs to just leave her alone!!!" Vecransyh releases Rotom in a flash of light and Thanatos rushes towards him but looks around quickly as the small orange ghost disappears and reappears behind him releasing a powerful thunder blast into his back. Thanatos spins around and slashes Rotom with claws cloaked in flames followed by a fiery punch to his body with his other hand sending Rotom flying backwards but Rotom recovers and rushes towards him releasing thunderous explosions of energy that Thanatos moves his body in a rapid avoidance motion dodging all of the attacks and releasing a stream of fire that engulfs Rotom causing him to fall unconscious. Rotom returns to his pokeball and Vecransyh releases Banette who looks towards Thanatos with an insane smile before the two rush at each other and begin slashing away with claws cloaked in flames and darkness respectively and Thanatos groans at the immense power of the attacks and leaps back to avoid anymore physical damage releasing a fire blast that engulfs Banette. Thanatos smirks and hears an evil cackle behind him followed by an intense strike to his back causing him to plummet quickly to the ground skidding through the dirt. Thanatos stands back up and glares darkly at Banette who simply lands in front of him and the two rush each other again and begin trading slashes until Banette falls after taking a point-blank fire blast. Banette returns to his ball and Vecransyh releases Dusclopse who begins barraging Thanatos with shadow balls. Thanatos ducks and dodges past them making his way steadily closer to Dusclopse until one of them catches the edge of his claw causing it to explode. Dusclopse stops his rain of shadow balls for only a moment and his eye goes wide as he sees Thanatos leap from the cloud of black smoke and release an intense shock wave of fire from his body that heavily burns Dusclopse and the moment before he falls he releases one last shadow ball that connects with Thanatos causing it to explode. Thanatos lands on his feet in the fading fog and Vecransyh returns Dusclopse to his pokeball and waits for a moment until the smoke fully disperses. Vecransyh releases Drifblim in a flash of light and the balloon flies high into the air and floats around the battlefield dropping hundreds of shadow balls that collide with the ground exploding on contact. Thanatos dodges them with great difficulty at the sheer number of them and jumps back before using the ground as a springboard to leap high into the air and fire punch his airborne opponent. Drifblim slashes Thanatos repeatedly during his crashing decent to the ground and Thanatos hits the ground with a loud thud as Drifblim floats in front of him before releasing another shadow ball. Instead of the ball exploding Thanatos catches it and throws it back towards his opponent causing the ball to explode and leaving an unconscious Drifblim to fall to the ground deflated and defeated. Vecransyh returns him to his ball before releasing Gengar in a brief flash of light. The ghost grins as he looks upon his opponent and rushes him before slashing him in the torso with shadow claw and comboing by disappearing and reappearing behind him in a shadow sneak before releasing a shadow ball and leaping back so his side of the field with a triumphant grin on his face. Shortly after the fog begins to clear a powerful blast of fire shoots out of the smoke and Gengar dives out of the way throwing a shadow ball towards him and Thanatos leaps to the side releasing a fire blast. Gengar jumps up and reigns down shadow balls before landing back on his feet and rushing towards him with a Thunderpunch. Thanatos takes the intense attack to the gut and retaliates with a fire punch to Gengar's face. Gengar flies backwards skidding across the field on his feet and steadying himself before releasing streams of thunder at Thanatos. The Typhlosion grunts at the attacks and releases a fire blast that finally makes Gengar hit the floor defeated. Gengar returns to his ball and Vecransyh turns to Xylina after looking towards the battered and bruised Typhlosion in front of him,
"Ready?" Xylina looks towards her opponent with a fiery determination,
"He will not take Yakira." Xylina flies forward and slashes Thanatos with shadowy claws and the Pokemon roars in pain causing Damian to shudder,
"H-he can't be harmed!!" Xylina continues her onslaught coupling her speed with shadow claws to lay waste to the body of Thanatos avoiding all of his potential strikes until she finally leaps back and releases a pulse of dark energy followed by an immensely powerful Hyper Beam to finish off the dark Pokemon. Thanatos collapses having lost consciousness after the vicious onslaught released upon him by the ghosts and Damian takes out a black pokeball before Thanatos turns into a red silhouette and disappears inside of it. Damian and Vecransyh look into each other's eyes before Damian bows, "You... are the only one who has ever bested Thanatos..." Damian looks up with a dark smile, "But believe me, I will go to both Kanto and Hoenn and I will collect the legends from there. Then I will return to Sinnoh to claim Yakira. Heed my words for I shall return." With that Damian turns and looks back with a smirk, "See ya, prince." Swirling darkness surrounds him and in a second Damian is gone. Only a second later Vecransyh turns around and Yakira rushes into his waiting arms and the two share a tight embrace as Yakira cries into his jacket,
"I told you that you didn't need to be afraid anymore..." Yakira slowly moves her face away from Vecransyh's jacket and looks into his eyes smiling softly. Vecransyh softly wipes away her tears and the two lovers join in a passionate kiss. Kazamaru and Scarlet smile at the show of affection and after the loving moment is passed they continue on their trek towards Veilstone and arrive with no more conflict after a few hours. The six head first to the Pokemon center and Kazamaru hands the nurse his Pokemon with a sad expression,
"My Aggron's stomach plating was cracked so please be careful with him." The nurse nods,
"Don't worry. This isn't the first time we've had to deal with busted up Pokemon. Good luck against our gym leader." She smiles as she collects the fifteen pokeballs from the three trainers and takes them into the back room. Stratos looks down sadly,
"Is everyone gonna be okay?" Scarlet kneels down in front of him and smiles softly,
"Yep, everybody's gonna be fine." Stratos sighs,
"I wish I could have helped..." Yakira lightly strokes his head,
"But you did help. You protected us from the fire from the start so we were able to defeat Thanatos. You set in motion the battle that ended in victory for us." Stratos giggles,
"Because I'm super strong!" Xylina smiles,
"Yep, because you're super strong." Yakira yanks slightly on Vecransyh's sleeve as she sees the sun,
"Come on! This sunset's gonna to be the best one yet!" Vecransyh and everyone else follow Yakira north of the Pokemon center to a huge department store and are barely able to keep up as she rushes up the stairs continuing up floor by floor until everyone gets to the roof of the store to find her sitting on a bench looking out towards the setting sun and she turns around to see her worn-out friends, "It's starting!!" Xylina and Yakira lean against Vecransyh who sits between them and Scarlet and Kazamaru sit on their own bench next to Stratos who kicks his feet back and forth as he grips the bench staring out at the orange sky and sun with pure amazement. From the altitude nothing is able to stand in the way of the view and everyone takes in the breathtaking view for the few minutes that it lasts for. Scarlet and Kazamaru depart for the Pokemon center after a few minutes leaving Vecransyh alone with his lovers and Stratos. Xylina looks over to Stratos and smiles lightly,
"So, you usually sleep with your mom and dad right?" Stratos nods,
"Yup... I'm scared of the dark." Xylina smiles,
"Well, you'll be sleeping with me tonight. I promise to keep the darkness away from you." Stratos smiles and hops off of the bench as Xylina floats over to him,
"Okay!" Stratos lets out one of the most adorable yawns ever heard by man or Pokemon. I swear; I actually feel bad for you guys to have not been able to hear how adorable it was. Seriously! It was like a baby puppy yawning! Picture like a little black baby puppy and then make it yawn. It was at least five times more adorable then that. Aw well... back to the story. Xylina takes his hand and the two head for the stairs. Xylina looks back at the two and winks at Vecransyh before the two disappear down the stairs. Vecransyh and Yakira sit on the bench looking out at where the sun was just about a few minutes ago before Yakira looks up at Vecransyh to see him giving her his usual loving gaze coupled with his soft smile,
"Today... made me remember how terrible my life was before I met you Vecransyh." The two come together for a passionate kiss, "We should head to the Pokemon center now." She gives him a lustful gaze, "I don't want to wait any longer to have you." Vecransyh blushes in surprise and the two quickly head over to the elevator both wondering why no one else used it.

As the two lovers enter the room Vecransyh strips off his shirt as he walks over to the bed and turns around as he sits down gazing lovingly at Yakira. She floats over to him and the two come together into a passionate kiss as their tongues explore their lover's mouth. Yakira's hand slides down his bare chest to his pants. Her hand slowly rubs and massages his crotch until she feels a bulge and she slides down the zipper sliding her hand around his undergarments to his member. Her hand circles it before her fingers start to slowly work it prompting a slight moan from Vecransyh. Yakira removes her hand from him and slides off his pants and undergarments revealing his hard member. Yakira backs a small distance from him and her hands move behind her to the ties on her bow. The red ribbon falls to the floor allowing Yakira's dress to flow open. She slides the dress from her shoulders before letting it flow carelessly from her pale body to land on the ground lightly. Yakira smiles as she sees Vecransyh marveling at her body and her hands guide themselves under her skull mask and it slides off of her face revealing her deep blush and true face. Her long purple hair flowing behind her Yakira looks like pale white human girl with a purple face. Vecransyh rubs his eyes as he gazes at her serene presence to make sure he isn't dreaming and Yakira floats over to him pressing her lips to his as her tongue caresses his. A lustful desire fills Yakira's mind as her fingers wrap around Vecransyh's member and stroke it softly prompting a slight moan and Yakira gasps as she feels her breast become occupied by Vecransyh's hand followed by an almost expert massaging and squeezing motion. Yakira let's out a moan as she lightly rubs her dripping womanhood over his member and slowly begins to lower herself onto it before stopping halfway. Her eyes meet Vecransyh's and she smiles slightly as she sacrifices her virginity to him before letting out a small cry of pain before she starts slowly moving on him and Yakira falls forward embracing Vecransyh with her lips and the two let their tongues dance in pure bliss. Yakira starts to move faster on him as she feels his grip on her breasts start to become slightly harder and she runs her hand through his hair as she continues moving her hips in rhythm to the passion filling her body. Yakira lets out a scream of pleasure as her womanhood clamps down on Vecransyh's member and her orgasm sprays her fluids out onto him. Yakira keeps moving on him mostly out of breath and she lets out a long moan as she feels his warm seed fire into her womb. Yakira lays her lips on Vecransyh's in a kiss of pure love and ecstasy before the two lovers fall asleep in pure bliss.
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