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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Man in the Moon

With a happy farewell to Fantina the group starts on their trek from the east exit of Hearthome city and is soon traveling down route 209 on their way to the next badge. Xylina leads everyone seeming as if she has much more on her mind the tonight's full moon. Kazamaru looks over to his left to see Yakira riding on Vecransyh's back apparently asleep with a slight smile on her face,
"So... did I miss something? Why are you carrying Frosslass? Is she hurt or something?" Yakira opens an eye and glares at Kazamaru causing him so sweat slightly,
"My name is Yakira." Kaza gulps at the glare,
"Uhh... okay... Yakira. So... why are you riding on his back?" Yakira floats off of Vecransyh and puts her face super close to Kazamaru's looking angry. Kazamaru starts to sweat more expecting to be hurt in some way. He closes his eyes and nothing happens for a moment. Kaza opens an eye and looks into the smiling face of Yakira,
"HE'S MY BOYFRIEND!!!" Kazamaru blinks completely bewildered by this,
"Say what?!" He looks over to Vecransyh who is blushing slightly with a smile, "Dude! How could you just let Xylina go when another girl comes along?!" Vecransyh shakes his head,
"I love them both." Kaza looks back and forth between the two,
"What the hell!!" Vecransyh rolls his eyes,
"You really think I should have denied love to someone who has never felt it before finally finding it for the first time?" Yakira gives Kaza a cold look,
"Well.... No, it just seems kind of unnatural for someone to have more then one girlfriend." Drake looks back and smiles,
"Here's a nice piece of wisdom. Love is a universal good. Never deny it to those who seek it. Especially those who seek it from you alone." Kazamaru looks at him in amazement,
"Never thought you could be so philosophical." Drake grins and looks back towards the path in front of himself,
"Actually. That's a quote from the man who brought equality between humans and Pokemon... shame his name has been lost during the centuries." The group continues walking before they cross a few bridges and arrive at a broken lump of rock sticking out of the ground. Kazamaru walks up to it and kicks the rock,
"Well, what do you suppose this thing is?" Yakira floats over to him,
"That's the stone tower. It used to house the legendary ghost Pokemon Spiritomb. Of course... it's not there anymore because the top was sealed away and the location is unknown. If the tower is ever completed though then Spiritomb will once again reside within it." Vecransyh looks intrigued by this,
"So... a legendary ghost?" Yakira shrugs,
"Few refer to him as legendary but since there are so few in the world then they should be referred to as such." Xylina floats quickly over to them and looks around nervously,
"Hey... we should get out of here and get to Solaceon town now... if... we want to get a head start on getting to Veilstone before tonight..." Yakira gives her a curious look as the group continues down the road,
"Why the rush?" Xylina flashes a noticeably forced smile,
"Rushed? Who's rushed?! I'm not rushed!!" Vecransyh walks up to her and lays a hand on her shoulder,
"Hey... what's going on with you?" Xylina sighs and looks down letting out a self-calming breath,
"I don't want to talk about it... let's just say there're a lot of bad memories around here that I'd rather not have to deal with." Vecransyh nods,
"Okay, we'd better get to Solaceon town then." The group walks for a few more minutes before Vecransyh watches Xylina look ahead at a huge, grey, tower that climbs high into the sky with nothing but fear in her eyes. She floats over to him and clings to his arm as they start to pass it, "It's there... isn't it?" Xylina says nothing but nods. As the group heads into Solaceon town Kaza, Scarlet, Drake, Latias and Stratos all head into the Pokemon center while Vecransyh, Xylina and Yakira sit on a bench near the edge of the city with their backs to the giant tower. Xylina clings nervously to Vecransyh as she looks around,
"How long are we going to be here...?" Vecransyh gives her an odd look,
"Well, we're healing and doing some shopping for supplies so I suppose it'll be a few hours at least. Could you please tell me what happened with that tower?" But before Xylina can answer the door to the mart in front of them opens and a Mismagius floats out of it smiling happily before her gaze falls upon Xylina. The ghost flies over to her and looks at her intently before Vecransyh taps her on the shoulder, "Can we help you...?" The ghost ignores him and continues staring at Xylina before floating a slight distance away from her with a smirk,
"Well if it isn't the runt; never thought I'd see you again let alone seeing you manage to evolve." Vecransyh narrows his eyes at the ghost,
"Shut up." The ghost looks at him with the same smirk,
"I see you got captured. Looks like he's got potential. Too bad he got stuck with you as a Pokemon." Xylina looks up at her with fear and sorrow in her eyes,
"Just leave me alone Corrine..." The Mismagius grins,
"If you think you can make me leave then go ahead!" Yakira gets off of the bench and floats over to Corinne glaring darkly,
"Either you leave her alone or you have a very painful death in about five seconds." The ghost chuckles slightly,
"Fine, fine, no need to get all mad about it. Hey, Runt, I'm headed back to the tower. I'll let your daddy know you're in town. I'm sure he'd love to see you again." Xylina looks up at her in horror,
"No, please!!" Corinne disappears with a grin,
"Hehehe, if you're that afraid of him then I'll have to tell him you're here!!" After the ghost disappears completely Xylina lays her head in her hands and starts to weep softly. Vecransyh embraces her from the side and she lays her head against his chest crying,
"Your... father? Why is that such a bad thing?" Xylina takes a deep breath and dries her tears,
"Y-you don't understand!! We have to leave!" Suddenly the three are surrounded by several male and very mean looking Mismagius. One of them floats forward,
"We will be your escort to the tower. Failure to comply will result in elimination and believe me... I'd gladly do it, Runt." Yakira starts to charge ice around her fist but Vecransyh lays a hand on her shoulder while still embracing Xylina in his left arm,
"Let's just go with them. This doesn't concern us anyway so let's just lay low and observe." The male who had addressed them earlier turns his head to looks at Vecransyh with a dark grin,
"Actually, as her trainer, this does concern you. And it concerns the Frosslass as well because she is your Pokemon and is, therefore, connected to the Runt." Yakira looks at the Mismagius angrily,
"Her name is Xylina!!" The ghost smirks,
"As far as I'm concerned her name is Runt. Now shut up and let's go." Vecransyh looks back and forth between the ghost and Yakira,
"She... isn't my Pokemon. I have not captured her so she is of no concern to any of you." The ghost nods and a gap opens between two of the seven leaving an exit path,
"Then she is not to accompany us." Vecransyh nods to Yakira,
"Don't worry. We'll be fine." Yakira nods and mouths 'be careful' before disappearing into the Pokemon center. Vecransyh glances at Xylina clinging to his arm from pure fear then he looks back up at the Mismagius in front of him, "So, if we don't come with you then we will be killed on the spot?" The Mismagius nods,
"I like the term, 'eliminated' more because it sounds more brutal." Vecransyh nods and stands up with his arm around the terrified Xylina and the two lovers and their escort walk south of Solaceon town and down a few steps to the base of the giant tower that looms darkly above them. Two Mismagius guarding the door part to allow the two and their escort through and into the foggy tower. The inside of the tower is fairly dark with a few gravestones sitting in random places on the floor. As the two walk Vecransyh observes the many Mismagius and Misdreavus giving Xylina odd looks and the occasional dark grin. After climbing to the fourth floor of the tower Xylina tugs hard on Vecransyh's arm,
"Please!! I don't want to be here!! Let us leave!!" three of the escorts back away preventing access to the stairs leaving four escorts including the Mismagius from before,
"Listen Runt. If it were up to me I would've just killed you on sight. So shut up and get up those stairs you worthless piece of filth!!" Vecransyh simply looks down to the side knowing his powerlessness to stop the events unfolding in front of him. Xylina clings tightly to Vecransyh as she cries silently into his sleeve. Vecransyh continues walking closer to the stairs to the top floor feeling Xylina's grip tighten on him with every step. He whispers to her as they walk,
"Xylina... I'll protect you... I promise." Vecransyh feels terror start to build up inside himself as he takes the first step up the stairs to the fifth floor and he slowly continues his ascension, (What are they going to do? Will I really be able to stop them if they try anything? I left my Pokemon with Drake and the others so I'm powerless here... Dammit! I wish I could do something!!) Vecransyh's steps are so slow that it takes him and Xylina a good five minutes to climb to the final step and slowly, he walks forward into the incredibly dark room. He looks down at Xylina and is shocked to find her in her complete human form with her feet dragging on the ground. Vecransyh takes a moment to pry Xylina from him and get her to stand up on her feet. She still clings to him completely ignoring her transformation as the two look ahead into the room. Behind them are the four escorts, three of which are guarding the stairs while the apparent leader floats away into the crushing blackness of the room and begins to silently speak. After a moment the room becomes dimly lit by a few candles that sit on the walls and Vecransyh looks in front of himself to see a dark figure sitting on a throne in the center of the room. The figure raises his hand and speaks in a low voice,
"They will not run. Leave us." The three guarding the stairs and the leader by him bow and disappear, "What name has been bestowed upon my daughter by this boy?" There is a silence in the room before the figure speaks in a booming voice, "SPEAK!!" Vecransyh looks toward the figure with fear and adverts his gaze to Xylina standing next to him looking down with her eyes closed as she silently weeps in the presence of her father,
"Her name is Xylina."
"I see. And your name trainer?"
"My name is Vecransyh."
"Tell me this. Why does my daughter take on the form of a human in the power of the full moon...? Ah, I see the amulet's power now. But... the power of that amulet is only invoked under the power of the full moon coupled with an extremely close bond. You are not merely her trainer... you are her lover as well. Is this true Xylina?" Xylina is silent, "Your silence tells me all, daughter. You also must know of the teachings. I recall you studying them day and night for some sort of loophole that you could possibly exploit..." The figure's voice becomes one filled with rage, "and when you found none you abandoned your clan and your heritage and turned your back on your way of life!! And then you fall in love with a human knowing full well the consequences of such an act!! Your clouded judgment will soon be lifted by the death of your so-called love!!" Xylina's eyes shoot open at the speaking of the exact words from Darkrai's nightmare and she glares darkly at him,
"You will not touch him!! You will not take away the first man to show me any actual compassion and love!!" The two watch as the figure stands followed by the ringing of metal as a sword emerges from the darkness into his hand,
"Hold your tongue whelp!! I taught you the teachings of our ancestors no matter how you resisted!! The consequences were something that you knew!! I made sure that they were burned into your subconscious so that you would never betray us!! Pokemon and humans are incompatible as lovers!! These are the teachings of our clan and the defiance of those teachings results in death!! But, I am not without mercy. Once he is dead I will allow you to come back to the clan and we will do our best to cleanse you of the evil that has filled your mind." Xylina looks at her father in nothing but rage as she clenches her fists and stands in front of her love to prevent her father from doing him any harm,
"The teachings need to end!! They bring nothing but lies to the innocent minds of the clan's children and breed nothing but close-mindedness and hatred for humans!! If you intend to kill my love and savior then I will give my life to make sure you die a slow and painful death father." Vecransyh looks at the girl in front of him in shock at her dark and serious tone. Her father stands silent for a moment before speaking,
"You're... savior?" Xylina looks down,
"Yes... I left the clan because the teachings seemed wrong to me. I felt alone and unloved my entire life until I met him. It was that night when I knew that I didn't need to be afraid anymore. The night I knew that the teachings were indeed false and that humans and Pokemon can and always have been able to find love in each other!! If you really do look upon our love and deem it an abomination then at least have the mercy to strike me down first. It will not be without a fight though. I assure you of that father." The three stand in silence for a long time before Xylina's father finally speaks,
"I always knew something was wrong with you. The way you were always so friendly with humans and other Pokemon alike. You are a disgrace to this clan and I disown you as my child. That said I bare no grief for having to kill you now." Xylina looks down,
"I see... you truly intend to kill us both simply for finding love. If you truly believe that humans and Pokemon are incompatible then what about my great, great, grandmother? I know that this amulet only works on Pokemon that have an unbreakable bond and have human ancestry in their blood." The figure says nothing, "I was in Canalave city for a brief time and I read a book in the library there about this clan. With you being the leader there was a family tree dating back far enough for me to find that I have human ancestry!!" There is an incredibly long silence before Xylina's father speaks,
"So... you have uncovered the dark truth about our family. If this information were to spread to the clan it would result in my own death..." There is another long silence, "All the more reason for you to die on my steel." Xylina pushes Vecransyh to the side as the dark figure lunges at them and she soon follows leaping the other way. Her father looks to Vecransyh and smiles a hellish smile before taking a step toward him. Vecransyh closes his eyes and covers his head with his hands knowing that in only a moment his life would end. There is a silence for a moment before he hears the dark voice of Xylina's father,
"It... seems... I underestimated... you." These words confuse Vecransyh and only a moment later he hears a sickening crack followed by a gushing, spraying noise followed by the sound of flesh being torn from bone coupled with screams of agony. Then nothing. Complete and utter silence fills the room and Vecransyh slowly opens his eyes when he feels a tight embrace,
"Xylina..." She looks up at him with tears in her eyes,
"My nightmare... back in Canalave... was about this. Except you died in it and I couldn't bare the thought of losing you... so..." Xylina cuts herself off as she buries her face into Vecransyh's chest crying loudly,
"We should get out of here Xylina." Xylina looks up at him and nods before the two stand up. Xylina walks over to her father's throne and touches a panel on it opening an exit in the back of the room. Xylina says nothing as she and Vecransyh walk past the bloodied corpse to the exit.
As soon as the two of them step out onto the platform over the forest below them next to Solaceon town Xylina looks out into the horizon as she changes back into her normal form. She smiles as she looks at herself before embracing Vecransyh tightly,
"I love you so much..." Vecransyh embraces her as he feels her cry into his jacket,
"It's over now... you don't have to be afraid anymore." She pulls away slightly and Xylina looks into his eyes and they both share a passionate kiss before floating slowly down into the waiting trees at the bottom of the tower.
The two find their way to the Pokemon center and walk/float inside to see the entire rest of the group with worried looks on their faces talking to one another before Latias looks up and her eyes go wide,
"They're okay!!" Everyone rushes over to them and the two are assaulted with questions. Drake lets out a yawn after Vecransyh and Xylina tell them how her father let them go after agreeing that their love was pure enough to overlook the teachings,
"Glad that you guys made It out of there alive. Course, you guys took so long that it would be impossible for us to make it to Veilstone now so we're going to have to spend tonight in the Pokemon center." Xylina, Yakira and Vecransyh all leave the Pokemon center and walk down the stretch of road north of the city before stopping at the top of a small slope overlooking the brilliant orange sunset set against the black silhouettes of the buildings in the town and the lost tower in the distance, Xylina and Yakira both lean their heads on Vecransyh's shoulders as they feel an arm around each of their waists. Yakira snuggles up to him as she watches the sunset,
"This is the first time I've really been able to enjoy the sunset." Xylina smiles,
"Love changes your perspective on things." Once the sun is fully set Yakira looks over to watch Xylina shimmer slightly as she changes into her human form following the moon's rise into the sky,
"Wow. You're even prettier when the full moon is out!" Vecransyh looks at Xylina with a smile,
"The way the light catches your body makes you look so beautiful." He turns to Yakira, "and you're just glowing under the moonlight. Incredibly beautiful as well." The two girls embrace him with soft blushes and after a few minutes Yakira lets him go and gets up,
"Well, I'm off to bed. Have fun tonight and I'll see you two in the morning." Vecransyh and Xylina look at each other and blush smiling as Yakira disappears in a small whirlwind of snowflakes. As she approaches the Pokemon center Yakira looks back at Vecransyh and Xylina sitting on the ledge and smiles at them, "Tomorrow he's mine." With that she disappears through the door and heads off to her room. Vecransyh and Xylina stay on the ledge in each other's embrace for a number of minutes before Vecransyh stands now wearing Xylina's hat and picks her up in his arms carrying her to their room as she clings to him smiling as she rests her head against his chest.
Xylina smiles up at Vecransyh as he closes the door behind them. Her feet lightly touch the floor as she looks around the room finding it lit only by a soft candlelight and she takes a step towards the bed letting her dress fall silently to the floor as she walks. She lays her head softly onto the pillow at the top part of the bed and feels a warm breath against her stomach before she feels a soft kiss against it. She feels Vecransyh's soft skin on hers as he slides up her body and after a moment the two lovers are eye to eye and look lovingly at each other before their eyes slowly close into a kiss of pure love and passion as their tongues dance and twist around the other's. Xylina lets out a soft moan of pleasure through the kiss as she feels a soft embracing of her breast followed by a light squeezing and massaging motion. Their tongues dancing Xylina feels hot and a lustful desire for her lover as she feels his hardening member rub against her opening. She lets out a loud moan of pleasure as she feels him slide into her womanhood slowly until she feels him slide out of her part way and then back in up to the hilt as the two begin to make love. His hands expertly guiding themselves around her nipples and caressing and squeezing her breasts Xylina feels a powerful building of pressure inside of her and after only a moment more her womanhood clamps down on Vecransyh's member as her orgasm covers his member in her fluids. Only a moment later, Xylina hears a small grunt followed by a relieved sigh as she feels Vecransyh's warm seed flow into her prompting a moan and a passionate and loving kiss between the two lovers. Vecransyh and Xylina roll onto their sides and look into each other's eyes with soft, loving smiles before coming together for one last kiss as the two lovers fall asleep in each other's embrace.
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