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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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As the light recedes the girl came into view once again. She has changed into a red and white dragon. The parts of her hair that had pointed straight up before had become feathery ears. On her red stomach is a blue triangle and she looks shyly at Vecransyh through her gentle yellow eyes. Vecransyh stares in shock and disbelief at the new form in front of him.
"She's a.... she's a Latias?!" Drake nods as Vecransyh tries to calm himself.
"It takes a long time and an open mind to develop a relationship with a Pokemon. She loves me and I love her. Of course.... She stays in the form of a human from where she originates from when we're in public." Vecransyh is, by this time, calmed down and takes in every part of Drake's words. Vecransyh is silent while he runs everything through his mind again and then speaks.
"So you can talk to Pokemon like I can?" Drake shrugs his shoulders slightly,
"Somewhat but I've been trying to teach them English. Arcanine and Swampert are making a little progress but Latias is a few steps ahead of them." Vecransyh grins at this and turns his head to look at Latias hoping to hear her voice. Drake notices this and lays his hand on her head running his hand through the feathers on her neck prompting a coo of approval. "She's really shy around people she doesn't know very well so she probably won't say anything. Don't worry though; she'll talk when she feels comfortable." Vecransyh tries his best to contain his own excitement.
"That's really cool! I didn't know Pokemon could learn English!" Drake nods,
"That is because most trainers don't think to try it and instead battle and become friends with their Pokemon without realizing their potential to speak. Of course.... the Pokemon in question has to have a high IQ." Drake falls silent as his gaze drifts to the small balloon now floating around the room. Vecransyh laughs at the strange look,
"I'm fine with Drifloon not talking. He's kind of a perv anyway so I doubt he'd have very much to say that didn't involve girls in some way." The two of them laugh at this and even Latias lets out a soft giggle. Misdreavus, who had been listening intently, floats over to Drake eyeing him hopefully.
"You want to learn how to speak?" Misdreavus smiles brightly at this. Vecransyh and Drake spend the night teaching the ghost Pokemon how to speak. Misdreavus picks up on it rather quickly but Gastly has some trouble. Latias falls asleep fairly early into the session resting her head on the couch's arm. Drake stands and drapes a blanket over her before moving to the bed with Vecransyh. Drake focuses on talking slowly to Misdreavus repeating words until the small ghost says them. Vecransyh sits next to him eyeing his badge case sitting open on the bed in front of him.
"How long did it take you to get all of these?" Vecransyh scans the case looking at the two complete sets along with the Soul, Marsh, Rainbow, Thunder and Cascade badges sitting next to each other.
"Took me a long time to finish Johto because I did much more training then gym battles. After winning the Championship in Johto I took a vacation to Altomare, the city of water, where I found Latias. I stayed in Altomare visiting Latias every day for a few weeks but when I got on the boat to leave she refused to leave my side. We've been traveling together ever since." Vecransyh smiles and is satisfied with the answer that effectively ended the questions he had setup in his mind about Latias so he decides to change the subject.
"Your Arcanine is smaller then some of the ones I've seen." Drake tosses a pokeball that was attached to his belt and in a flash of light the big, tiger-striped dog is sitting in front of his master. The Arcanine's gaze immediately falls upon Vecransyh,
"Ah, the young one. Good to see you again." Vecransyh stares in shock and disbelief as he hears the Arcanine speak in plain English but quickly regains himself after remembering Drake's teachings to his Pokemon.
"Uh... hi." The Arcanine then turns his head towards his master.
"Did you need me for something Master?" Drake nods towards the big fluffy dog and turns his head towards Vecransyh,
"Vecransyh has a question for you." The dog turns his attention towards Vecransyh,
"Yes?" Vecransyh struggles to find words having never had a verbal conversation with a Pokemon before.
"Uh... I wanted to... know..." The Arcanine waits patiently as Vecransyh continues, "Why aren't you as big as some of the Arcanine I've seen?"
"That is because I have not yet become an adult and are, therefore, much smaller then my adult counterpart; Although I'm not very much smaller." The Arcanine lifts his head up and brushes the ceiling of the tall hotel room. After finishing his sentence the Arcanine turns his head towards Drake once again, "Master, it is very late. I wish to return to bed." Drake shakes his head.
"You don't have to ask my permission to return to your pokeball and I wish you'd stop calling me 'Master'. I consider you equal to me in every way so please call me by name." The Arcanine nods at this request and nudges the pokeball in his trainer's hand turning into a silhouette of red and disappearing inside it.
"It sounded like he spoke pretty fluent English." Drake lets out an audible yawn,
"I was surprised by that as well. Seems he's been practicing on his own. Hey, mind if me and Latias stay here tonight?" Vecransyh lets out and audible yawn in response to Drake's,
"Sure. Since there's two beds its fine. Of course..." Vecransyh's gaze drifts over to the sleeping Latias, "She might have a pain in her neck if you let her sleep on the couch." Drake nods with a smiles as he gets off the bed and walks over to the couch before laying his hands on the sleeping Pokemon shaking her gently to wake her up. He then helps her into the queen-sized bed next to Vecransyh's and pulls the covers over the two of them. Vecransyh gets into his own bed and shuts out the light allowing pitch blackness to fill the entire room. Gastly and Drifloon return to their pokeballs as Misdreavus lies on the pillow on the opposite side of Vecransyh's.

The year passes rather quickly as Vecransyh and Drake train during the period where Kazamaru wanted to go soul searching. Vecransyh and Drake traveled to the other regions to find new Pokemon and ultimately become stronger. Vecransyh now owns a Duskull and a Shuppet to go along with Misdreavus and his newly evolved Drifblim and Haunter; all of which speak fluent English. Drake captured a Luxray and a Floatzel they encountered in the wild during their stay in Sinnoh; after their return trip to Kanto Vecransyh and Drake completed the gyms of Kanto and are now standing near the Pokemon center in Viridian city. Latias is standing next to Drake as she usually is and is wearing his hat.
"Wow, hard to believe it's been a year already." Drake nods in response to Vecransyh's comment,
"Time flies when you're a Pokemon trainer."
"HEEEEEEEEEEY VECRANSYH!!!!!!!" Vecransyh turns toward the voice and sees Kazamaru running toward him behind tailed by a large dinosaur with steel-like plates on its head and back. He stops in front of Vecransyh laying his hands on his knees and bending over panting from being out of breath. Vecransyh looks up to the face of the red-eyed Pokemon looking down at him.
"What the hell is that?" Kaza takes a deep breath and straightens himself out.
"This is Aggron, my Larion evolved."
"So what else you got now?" Kazamaru gives his friend a sly grin,
"Along with this guy I have a Golem, Camerupt, Tyranitar, Piloswine and a Swampert." Kazamaru reaches into his bag and begins rustling through it. "Before I forget..." He takes out a black shiny stone. "I believe our bet was one dusk stone." Vecransyh takes the shining stone into his hand,
"Wow, I forgot about the bet. Thanks!" Kazamaru smiles at his friend before taking out a pokeball and returning his Aggron into it. Drake lets out a small chuckle as he recalls the day he beat Kazamaru,
"Almost didn't see you there Drake. How's the year been?" Drake stretches with a yawn as he walks over to face Kazamaru,
"Pretty good; got myself two new additions to my team, a Luxray and a Floatzel from the Sinnoh region. Vecransyh, Latias and I trained together for the year you were gone."
"Sweet sweet. So her name is Latias? Such a pretty name for such a pretty girl." Latias looks at him from behind Drake with a blank expression. Vecransyh lets out a sigh at his friend's lack of knowledge about legendary Pokemon, "So Vec, what's new with you since I saw you last?"
"I got a Shuppet and a Duskull and my Drifloon and Gastly evolved." He tosses a pokeball and in a flash of light Misdreavus is floating next to him. She lets out a loud cry when she sees Kazamaru,
"HEEEEY!!!!! I knew I'd be seeing you today Kaza!!!" Kazamaru stares at the small ghost in complete disbelief.
"Umm... you can talk?" The ghost smiles brightly,
"Of course I can talk! Vec and Drake taught me and all of their Pokemon how to talk!" Vecransyh takes the dusk stone in his hand and holds it up to Misdreavus who eyes it like a shoppaholic looks at expensive jewelry. "Oooo, that's so pretty! I've never seen a dusk stone before. Can I use it to evolve?" Vecransyh pats his ghost on the head,
"Only if you want to." She lets out a squeal and makes contact with the dusk stone before becoming a bright light. She becomes taller and as the light fades she has changed into a Mismagius. She now has a large purple witch's hat on her head and her body has become larger. Aside from looking like a normal Mismagius she also looks slightly humanoid with her arms like human arms but with no hands and no feet.
"Well? How do I look?" Vecransyh says nothing as he stares at the ghost red in the face. Drake takes a mirror from his bag and hands it to the ghost who surprises herself by taking it into her ghostly hand. "I have hands now!!" She observes herself in the mirror before letting out a giddy laugh like one would hear from a schoolgirl. "I'm gorgeous!!!!" She wraps her arms around Vecransyh smashing his face into her now humanoid chest. Kazamaru and Drake laugh as Vecransyh flails his arms from the lack of oxygen. She lets him go a moment later his face a bright red with a slight nosebleed. He stands, wobbles for a second then collapses to the ground. Mismagius holds her hand to her mouth. "Oh my! Did I hurt him?! Is he okay?!" Kazamaru leans over and picks up his friend propping him up on his shoulder.
"He's fine, he just fainted." The ghost lets out a sigh of relief,
"That's good; from that nosebleed I thought I hurt him." Hours later Vecransyh wakes up in a Pokemon center bed. Sitting up he rubs his head and looks over to see Mismagius looking at him,
"What happened?" Mismagius shrugs,
"I evolved and when I hugged you, you fainted." Vecransyh lets out a nervous laugh and looks out the window to see that the sun has set and it's now night time.
"Where is everyone?"
"Probably asleep. It's around ten o' clock." Vecransyh looks at her in shock.
"It's ten?! I was out for 10 hours?!" Mismagius nods,
"I was starting to get worried that you had gone into a coma or something and that you weren't going to wake up. Don't worry me like that again!" He looks at the ghost with tears in her eyes and is at a complete loss for words. "Promise." Vecransyh nods and smiles,
"I promise." The ghost smiles,
"Good. Now get some sleep." Before Vecransyh can respond she disappears into her pokeball in a flash of red light. Vecransyh lays his head against the pillow and after a few minutes drifts off to sleep. Vec wakes up in the early afternoon with the bright sun's rays pressing against his closed eyes. Not realizing this he opens his eyes and is instantly blinded by the light.
"Oh yeah, that's exactly how I like to start my day: being blinded." He slides himself to the side of the bed and sets his feet on the cold floor. He looks down to find himself barefoot and quickly looks around for his socks and shoes. After dressing his feet he locks his belt onto his pants with his five pokeballs secured to the back and walks out of the room stopping suddenly when he sees Mismagius floating in front of him with a tray of food. "Umm... hi?" The ghost smiles,
"It's a little past noon so I was coming to wake you up and bring you lunch." Vecransyh returns to his room and sits on his bed as he eats the sandwich brought to him by his Pokemon. "Do you like it? I made it myself." Vecransyh looks over at the ghost after he swallows a large bite.
"You made this?"
"Well, now that I have hands I've been trying anything that I can think of and cooking is something that I've seen you and Kaza do when you were out camping when you were on the road to a new city so I always wanted to try it." Vecransyh smiles as he swallows another bite he had taken during the explanation.
"It's really good! You have quite a knack for cooking." The ghost's face lights up with a big smile as she hears this.
"Finish up because Kaza and Drake are waiting outside for you." Vecransyh finishes his food as instructed and takes it to the Pokemon center's kitchen before heading out the front door. The sun shines brightly on the ground as the few clouds in the sky are nowhere near covering it. Standing ahead of him are Kaza and Drake swapping stories about the year they had been apart. Vecransyh waves his hand happily as he approaches his friends with his Mismagius following him. Before he heads over to his friends Mismagius stops him and looks him in the eye. "I want a name." Vecransyh tilts his head at the odd request.
"I thought your name was Mismagius." She shakes her head at the boy,
"I mean a name. Like a human has." Vecransyh ponders for a few moments before speaking,
"Xylina." The ghost's face lights up at hearing her name.
"That's a perfect name! I love it!" She hugs him tightly but lets him go quickly when she remembers what happened last time. The two of them walk over to Kaza and Drake. Kaza has his Swampert standing proudly next to him,
"Well, well, if it isn't the two lovebirds." Vecransyh and Xylina blush bright red at the comment,
"What did you say Kaza?!?!" Kazamaru laughs as he holds up a peace sign.
"Just pulling your leg. Not like Pokemon and humans can have that kind of a relationship anyway." Drake and Vecransyh both give Kazamaru odd looks as they both glance at Latias before returning to looking at Kaza, Drake pats Latias on the head,
"It could happen. You just have to keep an open mind." Kazamaru shrugs,
"I guess. Anyway, what's the plan for today?" Vecransyh and Drake exchange looks.
"Drake and I were planning to head to the Pokemon league. Did you get all the badges yet?" Kazamaru smiles brightly and holds out his sleeve revealing a string of eight badges from Kanto.
"But of course. I made sure to pay a visit to Misty first before beating all of the other leaders. I'm glad that you got all the badges, I had faith in you to become a great trainer one day." Vecransyh smiles as he and Kazamaru high five each other,
"You know it!" The five, Drake, Latias, Kaza, Vec and Xylina, all head to the West of the city towards the Pokemon league. After walking through a small patch of grass and through a gate Kaza stops Vecransyh before they reach the building towards Victory road,
"Hold up Vec." Vecransyh and the other three turn to face Kazamaru,
"What's up Kaza?" Kazamaru takes a pokeball off of his belt and holds it out in front of him.
"I want to battle. Think of it as a warm up for the Pokemon league." Xylina eyes Kazamaru and floats a little in front of Vecransyh who crosses his arms and smiles.
"I've been waiting to fight you again. Let's do this!" A few minutes later Kazamaru and Vecransyh are standing across from each other. Floating in front of Vecransyh is Xylina and standing in front of Kaza is his Aggron. Between them is Drake and Latias is off to the side a little behind Vecransyh leaning on the wall of the building,
"This is a single Pokemon battle, Vecransyh, using his Mismagius Xylina and Kazamaru using his Aggron. Switching out Pokemon is not permitted in this battle as it is a one on one match. There is no time limit. Begin!" The Aggron lets out a loud roar as it throws its arms out and stands looking menacingly at Xylina through his red eyes. The ghost just floats left and right narrowing her eyes at the large, blue, triceratops,
"Xylina! Shadow ball!" Aggron braces itself as the black orb is fired and explodes on impact. The smoke clears quickly leaving the Aggron standing where it was without even a single scratch!
"Aggron! Iron tail!" The Aggron leaps at his opponent with his large tail glowing a brilliant white color and swings his body. The slow movement of the Aggron allows Xylina to avoid the attack but it lightly brushed by it leaving a small scratch on her cheek.
"That hurt you big dinosaur!" Vecransyh is meanwhile deep in thought as he examines the steel-plated triceratops.
(I completely forgot that steel Pokemon are resistant to ghost type... but wait, it's also rock type too so dealing critical damage would be easy if I had the right move. Dammit, neither Misdreavus nor Xylina can learn fighting or ground moves so I'll have to go with something else...) "Xylina! Thunderbolt!!" Xylina raises her arms to the sky and is covered in electricity before firing it at Aggron who wails at the jolts running through his body. It falls to its knee after being paralyzed by the attack. "Perfect! Now one more should do it! Thunderbolt!" Meanwhile the Aggron moves his arm to the side of one of his plates and takes a small berry out of one of the openings. He quickly pops it into his mouth and stands up after bring freed of the paralysis. Xylina fires the thunderbolt and Aggron braces himself for the impact by covering his face with his arms. After the electricity subsides he throws his arms out and charges the Ghost.
"Aggron! Metal burst!" The Aggron charges up a punch in his hand and pulls back as he approaches Xylina at incredible speed. She has barely enough time to realize what's happening before being punched hard in the gut by the electricity-covered fist. She is sent flying backwards landing on the ground near Vecransyh. Drake raises his hand on Kazamaru's side.
"Xylina is unable to battle! The winner is Kazamaru!" Kazamaru returns Aggron to his pokeball as he walks over to Vecransyh who is holding the unconscious Pokemon in his arms,
"Sorry, I think I might've overdid it..." Vecransyh takes Xylina's pokeball off his belt and she disappears into it. Vecransyh stands up and smiles at his friend,
"Don't worry about it, It was a good match. I'm going to head back to the Pokemon center. That was quite a punch so we should stay there for the night while Xylina heals." Xylina wakes up two days later in a daze and looks down to see her mid-section bandaged. She looks over to the left side of her bed to see Vecransyh sitting in a chair by her bed. Judging by the bags under his eyes she guesses that he had stayed up for a long time and had only just gone to sleep. She looks to the side-table at the clock to see that it's midnight and the date on the clock says that it had been two days since she passed out. Carefully unwrapping the bandages as the healing is complete she floats out of the bed and picks up Vecransyh's sleeping body laying it on the side of the bed. She then pulls the covers over them both and falls asleep with her arms around her trainer.
The next day Kazamaru walks into Xylina's room and blinks before he is sure he's seeing what he's seeing,
"Aww, how cute." Kazamaru's voice wakes up Vecransyh, who looks at him with a confused look on his face,
"What do you...?" Vecransyh cuts off as he feels the ghostly arm around his chest and looks over to see Xylina sleeping peacefully next to him with a smile on her face. His face turns a bright red as he looks back to Kazamaru. He speaks in a quiet voice so as not to wake Xylina up,
"Dude, I swear I fell asleep in the chair. She must have picked me up and put me in the bed." Kazamaru lets out a stifled laugh as he looks at Vecransyh,
"Uh huh, sure she did." A few hours later Vecransyh, Xylina, Drake, Latias and Kazamaru are standing outside the building that leads to Victory road. Vecransyh smiles as he realizes how far he's come in only a year,
"Victory road."
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