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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Family Ties

Xylina opens her eyes to the afternoon sun hitting her face and then she looks down to see an arm across her midsection. She turns over and looks into the face of a peacefully sleeping Vecransyh. She blinks wondering how he could have possibly not woken her up when he came in but she shrugs and pushes on him lightly prompting him to stir,
"Veeeeeecy? Wake up, love." Vecransyh opens his eyes slowly and blinks when he feels Xylina's lips on his. He smiles softly and sits up. Yakira jumps at the sudden movement and sits up looking around before looking at Vecransyh,
"Where were you?" Vecransyh lays a hand on her face softly and gives her a light kiss,
"I had to go talk to someone." Yakira gives him an odd look,
"Who was it?" Xylina rests her hands on his back as she lays her head on his shoulder,
"Yeah come on, don't keep secrets." Vecransyh sighs with a slight smile,
"And if I don't you two are just going to continue asking me till I tell you?" The two ghost nod with smiles, "Fine then. I went to go talk to Darkrai." Xylina's expression goes to one of shock,
"Why would you ever go see that thing again after what it did to all of us?!?!" Vecransyh looks down,
"I needed his help... and I got it." Yakira tilts her head,
"What happened?"
"The night... with that guy who wounded me... he said it was because I should have died in the lost tower." Xylina looks at him in disbelief,
"What do you mean you should have died!?" Vecransyh lets out a long sigh as he continues looking down,
"I said... that I would protect you... that I would protect you both... and when he attacked us I couldn't do anything... then you stepped in and protected me." Xylina embraces him tightly as Yakira listens to the story, "He told me that since you had to protect me I was weak and that I should've died. So when we came here I decided that I would make myself stronger... so that I could protect you both if the need arose." Xylina gives him an odd look,
"What do you mean...? Did Darkrai train you or something?" Vecransyh nods slightly,
"Sort of..."
"What did you do?" Vecransyh looks at her hesitantly,
"You sure you want to know?" Xylina nods along with Yakira. Vecransyh is silent against his hesitation and stays quiet for a few minutes, "I... had him send me into your nightmare." Xylina gasps and looks at him in shock,
"W-why?! You died in my nightmare!!" Vecransyh nods,
"I know... I fought your father. I died many times but eventually... I beat him. I now have the skill with a sword that your father does or greater." Xylina is speechless and Yakira finally breaks the long silence,
"So... let me see if I have this all right. Something happened in the lost tower where apparently you should have died but Xylina protected you preventing this from happening. After that you were confronted by a random guy who says you aren't worthy of life simply because of someone else protecting you from something you couldn't possibly have protected yourself against. After that you went and found Darkrai having him train you against what I'm guessing was the person who was the one he said should have killed you." Vecransyh nods with a smile,
"Yeah, that about sums up the whole thing." Xylina takes a minute before speaking,
"So now you're equal to him with a sword? So... where's your sword?" Vecransyh shakes his head,
"I can only call it when I need it. But rest assured I can now protect you both if the need arises. And I mean a real need not a Pokemon battle." The two girls embrace him tightly feeling even safer with him knowing that he was so willing to protect them even though they both still knew they could take care of themselves in a fight.

A little while later Vecransyh and his lovers meet with Stratos, Latias, Kaza and Scarlet in front of the Canalave gym. Kazamaru looks absolutely terrified as he leans up against the wall of the gym fidgeting with his hands as he nervously taps his foot. Stratos grins when he sees the others,
"Finally! We've been waiting here for thirty minutes for you guys!" Vecransyh grins,
"Sorry we had a slow morning." He looks over to Kaza,
"Ready?" Kazamaru says nothing as he continues staring at the ground with a look of fear on his face. Scarlet sighs,
"He's been like that since we got here. The gym leader is his father and they've had a bad relationship." Vecransyh lays a hand on his friend's shoulder,
"You know you can't go to the Pokemon league without that badge. Nothing to worry about you'll wipe the floor with him!" Scarlet smiles,
"Vecransyh is right. You should be able to pull of an easy victory if you use Aggron or Camerupt." Kazamaru says nothing as his gaze just trails off towards the ground. Vecransyh sighs,
"He'll battle when he's ready. Let's all go in. That okay bud?" Kaza gives the slightest of nods and Vecransyh returns it before the group heads through the doors into the gym. The interior of the gym is a solid layer of steel with the normal painting of a battle arena on the floor. The group turns their heads as they hear a sound to their left and watch as a lift descends from a suspended second floor and sets down in an indent in the floor of the same shape. A man stands on it. He wears grey boots with yellow laces, his pants are torn at the bottoms with yellow stripes across his knees, his shirt is a sleeveless tank-top and he wears a dark green cape also torn at the bottom. His hair is spiky and a dark red color, like dried blood. In his left hand he holds a normal looking shovel and on his hands are white gloves with yellow bands on his wrists,
"What are children doing in my gym?" Vecransyh takes a step forward,
"We're all here for badges." The leader looks down at Stratos, who looks slightly intimidated by the man,
"Him too?" Stratos nods nervously. The man sighs, "Not like I'm allowed to decline a challenge so let's just get this over with. My name's Byron if you need to know." Everyone introduces themselves and soon Vecransyh is standing across the field from Byron. Xylina floats over next to him an odd look,
"Vecransyh I can't battle." Vecransyh tilts his head,
"Why?" Xylina looks down,
"I'll tell you later..." Vecransyh nods and takes out a pokeball,
"Tell me tonight." He turns back towards Byron, "Ready Byron?" Byron nods,
"Yeah now let's get this over with." Byron and Vecransyh throw their pokeballs releasing Magneton and Gengar to the field. Magneton surges with electrical energy before releasing it in a powerful shock wave. Gengar grins and jumps high into the air over the shock wave and throws a shadow ball into the Pokemon. Magneton shakes off the attack and releases another wave of electricity that makes contact and electrifies Gengar. He begins to descend from his jump pulsing lightly with electricity as it works itself through his body and throws his hand down into Magneton causing a shock wave from the impact and Magneton spazzes out before falling to the ground fainted.
Byron returns Magneton and throws his second releasing Bastidon to the field. The steel Pokemon vaguely resembles a triceratops on all fours and his head is large and black and looks a little like a typical brick building with two spikes on top. Gengar grins and runs towards him slamming a brick break into the top of his head and the Pokemon shakes off the attack with a roar and leaps towards slamming into Gengar with his iron head. Gengar lands on his back a few feet away and stands back up wobbling a little from the attack but he shakes his head and runs towards Bastidon releasing a sphere of energy that slams into the Pokemon making it skid backwards and roar from pain. Bastidon opens his eyes and looks forward before being slammed in the face by a focus punch knocking him out. Byron grunts as he returns his Bastidon to his ball, "Looks like your Gengar has some power. I might lose this one." Byron releases his Steelix from his ball and the giant steel serpent roars down at Gengar making him flinch slightly from the sheer force of the noise. Gengar waves his hand in front of his face,
"Boy, you could sure use a tic-tac." Steelix looks annoyed by the comment and slams his head down but Gengar leaps back at the last second and blasts him with a shadow ball, "Try again!" Steelix roars and begins slamming his head down in an attempt to hit Gengar but repeatedly fails and takes multiple shadow balls to the face. Gengar lands in front of the defeated Steelix in a samurai stance and grins as he looks up at his trainer, "Good fight." Vecransyh grins and takes out Gengar's pokeball making him disappear into it. Vecransyh catches the thrown badge and watches at Byron turns around and puts his Pokemon into the healing machine behind him,
"Next challenger!" Scarlet looks around at the rest before walking forward and high-fiveing Vecransyh as she passes him. Byron turns around with his pokeballs back on his belt and raises an eyebrow as he looks at Scarlet, "Cute and fluffy Pokemon have no business being in my gym." Scarlet blinks at the comment,
"Did... did you just stereotype female trainers?" Byron nods with a smirk,
"Yep." Scarlet scowls,
"Oh I am so going to wreck you." Byron releases his Magneton and Scarlet releases her Gallade and the powerful Pokemon quickly makes work of Magneton and Bastidon and Scarlet grins as Bastidon falls, "And just so you know, cute and fuzzy Pokemon can be just as powerful as the less cute ones." Byron scowls as he returns Bastidon to his ball,
"Name one."
"Mew." Byron nods,
"Fine. Now just beat my Steelix so we can be done." Byron releases the steel Serpent from his ball. Gallade runs towards him and throws a punch before being smashed in his entire body by the giant Pokemon's tail sending him flying into a wall at the edge of the arena, "Just joking girly. Steelix was easy for your ghost friend but now he's pissed about losing." Scarlet returns Gallade to his ball and takes out her second,
"He's about to be a little more pissed." Scarlet throws her pokeball releasing Medicham to the field. Steelix slams his head down and Medicham focus punches upwards making a shockwave as the two attacks meet. Steelix is fully flipped over and lands with a loud crash on his back and Medicham folds his arms with a smirk before looking up. Medicham's face goes blank in shock when Steelix brings his tail down on him smashing him into the ground. Byron smirks as Scarlet returns her Pokemon,
"He's weak but he's not done yet." Scarlet releases Gardevoir from her pokeball and she stands looking at the giant serpent. Steelix spins around and glares at Gardevoir and she looks up at him not looking the least bit intimidated,
"You're too weak to put up much of a fight." Steelix' glare becomes one of absolute rage and he begins thrashing around as Gardevoir dodges his attacks. Gardevoir looks back at Scarlet looking a tiny bit frightened, "I think I pissed him off!" Gardevoir throws a focus blast into Steelix' face and he roars in pain before smashing her in the torso with his tail sending her into the same wall as Gallade was. Scarlet cringes as she watches Gardevoir hit the wall and takes out her pokeball returning her to it,
"Sorry Gardevoir..." Scarlet looks up at Steelix who looks heavily beaten from all of the powerful attacks and she tosses the pokeball holding Dane sending him out. Dane looks up at his opponent,
"Really? Me against a Steelix?" He looks back to Scarlet, "What's wrong with you woman?!" Scarlet sighs,
"You're the only one left. If you can't beat him I don't get the badge. Try at least, okay?" Dane nods,
"Yeah okay." He turns back towards Steelix, "I'm ready!!" Steelix then crashes to the floor knocked out, "Umm... victory?" Scarlet blinks,
"That works too." Byron scowls as he returns Steelix to his ball,
"Looks like he took more damage then he let on. Anyway here's your badge." He throws the badge and Scarlet catches it before smiling,
"Thanks..." Dane becomes a white silhouette and begins to grow taller, "Dane...?" As the light recedes Dane's appearance has changed, he had grown a long mustache and his eyes are now partly open, his tail looks like it inflated some and he has a red star on his forehead. He blinks as he looks around and looks down at his hand which is now holding a silver spoon,
"Where did I get a spoon...? And what happened?" Scarlet walks over and looks down at him,
"You evolved. You're a Kadabra now." Dane grins,
"That's good, now I can use more then crappy psychic moves and teleport." Dane returns to his ball and Scarlet walks off the field and reaches to others before looking down at Stratos,
"You're up little guy." Stratos nods,
"Yep..." He walks over to the field and stands in the trainer area, "You ready Byron?!" Byron turns around having just finished healing his Pokemon and smirks when he sees the small Pokemon challenging him,
"Sure but are you?" Stratos smiles,
"Don't be fooled by appearances. If it comes down to it I might have to step in myself being the 4th Pokemon in the team." Byron grins,
"Only three Pokemon besides yourself? You'd better be strong." Stratos' expression turns serious,
"Believe me we are." Back on the sidelines Latias tilts her head,
"He didn't count me." Scarlet looks over to her,
"He's your son I doubt he'd ever put you in harms way." Latias sighs,
"I guess you're right..." Back on the field Stratos holds a pokeball in his paw as he looks across at Byron,
"Let's do this." Byron throws his pokeball with a grin and Bastidon rises from the flash of light,
(Steel and rock... that would make fighting type attacks be a times four effectiveness against him. Perfect.) Stratos throws the couple's ball and Roze rises from the light with a smile,
"Oh yeah. Badge time!!" Bastidon runs towards her but Roze instantly moves away with her incredible speed preventing the Pokemon from getting near her, "Try again." Bastidon continues his futile assault and eventually Roze jumps onto his back and she slams a focus punch into Bastidon's spine making him wail in pain before passing out, "One down!!" Byron chuckles as he returns Bastidon to his ball,
"Laugh while you can!" Byron releases Magneton in a flash of light and Roze has barely enough time to react before she's engulfed in a giant thunder attack the sound canceling out her scream of pain. Roze falls down heavily burned by the raw power of the attack and Stratos looks in horror at her,
"ROZE!!!!" Byron laughs,
"One down." Stratos looks darkly at Byron as Roze returns to the ball,
"Ren... I'm sorry..." Stratos takes out a different ball, "Fine then..." Stratos throws the ball, "Swampert!!" Swampert rises from the light and roars at the Magneton before leaping at him. Magneton moves out of the way but Swampert pivots on her hand and kicking back into Magneton before springing up and slamming it into the ground with its arm. Then Swampert punches the ground creating an earthquake and the ground bursts up around Magneton knocking him unconscious from the impact. Byron blinks as he returns Magneton to his pokeball,
"Well that was unexpected... Steelix!!!" Byron throws the pokeball releasing Steelix in a flash of light. The giant Serpent slams his tail into Swampert unexpectedly sending her skidding back a few feet and she rushes over and grabs the tail of the Serpent before letting out a grunt as she lifts it and begins turning around making Steelix slide across the ground unable to move from the friction on his body. After a few moments of gaining speed Steelix slams his head into the ground stopping himself from being thrown into the wall of the gym and turns around to a surprised Swampert before firing a giant Hyper beam that envelopes Swampert. When the beam ceases Swampert stands with her arms protecting her face and throws them out with a roar. Steelix gives her a dark look and swings his tail at her again. Swampert jumps to avoid it and Steelix slams his head down knocking out Swampert on impact. Stratos looks down as Swampert returns to her ball,
"Your defeats will not be in vain..." Stratos presses a button on the couple's ball and releases Ren right next to him, "You wanna fight?" Ren looks towards his opponent and nods,
"After what they did to Roze I know I can win..." Stratos nods,
"Okay, be careful." Ren takes a few steps forward and his ears twitch when he hears Byron laugh,
"You do know you're an electric Pokemon right?" Ren glares at him as he begins to glow a light brown color,
"Yep." Ren dashes out of the way of Steelix's swings with his head and tail and leaps back before roaring loudly and charging with the brown glow heavily darkened. Ren slams into Steelix with such force that he flies backwards and slams into the wall behind Byron, "You do know that I just took out your Steelix right?" Byron looks at him in disbelief,
"What the hell attack was that?!" Ren smiles,
"Superpower. No one messes without Roze paying the consequences." Stratos looks back at Stratos and nods as he returns to the ball. Byron tosses a badge to Stratos and puts his hands in his pockets letting the shovel rest against hit leg,
"There. You all have your badges fair and square..." Vecransyh raises his hand,
"Actually no, hang on a second..." with that Vecransyh disappears out the door and Byron turns around putting his Pokemon into the healing machine. Vec walks back into the gym trailed by a frightened-looking Kazamaru. Scarlet lays a hand on his shoulder and gives him a soft smile,
"I believe in you. We all do. Just do your best." Kaza gulps and nods,
"Y-yeah..." He walks to the trainer area and stands looking across at his father with his back to him healing his Pokemon while tapping his foot lightly,
"Sounds like I've got one more challenger... fine but let's make this quick." He puts two of the pokeballs on his belt and turns around holding one in his hand as he walks to his spot looking down at his shovel that has a tiny spec of dirt on it. He lays the shovel on the ground and looks up, "Now then who's..." Byron looks towards Kazamaru in shock for only a split second before his expression turns to one of hatred, "You worthless boy!!! How dare you disgrace my gym with your presence?!" Kazamaru cringes at the string of insults, "And now you what?! You have the ridiculous idea in your head that you're going to challenge me?!?! Who the hell do you think you are you worthless fool?!" Byron takes a badge out of his pocket, "You know what? I'll give you the badge if you just get out of my sight." There is a long silence before Kazamaru lets out a slow breath and looks up towards his father,
"No." Byron looks at him darkly,
"NO?! How dare you speak to me like that?! How dare you even speak?!" Kazamaru looks back to the wall and gathers courage from his friend's reassuring smiles. Kazamaru turns back to his father with a determined look on his face. Byron laughs when he sees the look, "Now look at you!! You disgrace me by abandoning your family and you disgrace yourself by returning here and..."
"SHUT THE FUCK UP DAD!!!!!!!" Byron's look goes to one of pure disbelief, "I left because I had a bastard like you for a father who always told me how worthless I was and never once tried to help me!! You know the reason I used to be weak?! Because you never once even helped me train and you were never there for me for anything in my life!!! If anyone is a disgrace here it's you for being such a rotten evil bastard!!! You know what I did once I left the family?! I made friends and I trained with them!! And guess what?! Without you breathing down my neck and telling me how much I'm a failure I was actually able to get stronger!!! Getting you out of my life was the best decision I ever made and now?!" Kaza gives Byron a look of pure hatred, "I'm going to defeat you." Byron looks unimpressed once the look of shock wears off,
"So, you think that just because you're stronger that you can beat me?" Byron puts the pokeball in his hand back on his belt, "Fine then. If you're really that determined then I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget." Byron picks up his shovel and slams it into the ground making a small section of the floor move out and a small stand rise with a pure silver pokeball on top of it. Byron takes the pokeball into his hand and turns back towards his son, "Now we begin you worthless fool."
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