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The Will of Steel

Kazamaru holds his first pokeball in his hand as a bead of sweat falls from his forehead and makes a soft splash as it hits the ground. The gym is filled with anticipation of what could possibly be inside the silver pokeball but Kaza knows all too well what he's about to fight. Byron throws the silver sphere and a giant blinding light flashes and recedes after a moment revealing an angry looking Aggron with his left horn broken off. Aggron glares down at Kazamaru and his mind returns to Darkrai's nightmare and he becomes paralyzed in fear. His hand barely grips the pokeball as he begins shaking as he looks down at the ground. Byron chuckles,
"That's right. Cower in fear you worthless child." Scarlet shouts from the sidelines,
"Kaza!! We all believe in you!!! You can do it!!!" Kaza blinks and turns his head to look at his girlfriend and friends giving him reassuring smiles. Kaza looks back to Byron with the determined expression coupled with the same fear. Kazamaru releases his Camerupt in a flash of light and the giant Camel roars towards his opponent. Aggron look unimpressed as he runs towards Camerupt but Camerupt leaps to the side and lands hard creating an earthquake into the floor and impacting Aggron from below. Aggron simply shakes off the attack and rushes towards Camerupt throwing a punch towards the camel but Camerupt dodges it again and roars upwards as it fires molten rocks from the craters from his back and Aggron becomes buries in the burning rocks. There is a short silence before Aggron bursts from the pile of rocks and picks one up throwing it at Camerupt as he rushes towards him with a metal burst and Aggron punches into his face making the camel roar in pain before being struck hard in the top of the head by a focus punch. Camerupt falls onto his side and the vicious Aggron glares towards Kazamaru as if to say, 'this better not be your best.' Kazamaru returns Camerupt to his ball and swaps it for a second.
He throws it releasing Piloswine. The mammoth runs towards Aggron and slams his full weight into the Pokemon but Aggron slashes his with his claws and Piloswine leaps back before creating an earthquake with his landing. Aggron slams down his tail countering the movement of the ground and making it stop instantly before taking an ice beam to the torso. Aggron looks ahead from his icy prison after he's frozen completely solid. Piloswine rushes towards Aggron and slams into the casing of ice sending the casing flying into the wall behind Byron and causing the ice to shatter. Aggron lands on his feet and bent over on one of his claws. Aggron looks up and charges towards Piloswine spinning around another ice beam and focus punching him in the face. Aggron then leaps into the air and releases a powerful burst of flames that envelope Piloswine and he lands in front of Kazamaru with an evil smile ad Piloswine roars in pain. Aggron leaps back as Kaza returns Piloswine to his ball and swaps it for his third.
Kaza releases Tyranitar in a flash of light and the dinosaur roars towards his opponent before the two lock claws and release simultaneous flamethrowers. Each of the two skid backwards from their own recoil and rush towards each other slashing madly and after a moment Tyranitar slams his head into Aggron's making him blink for a moment before punching Tyranitar in the face sending him flying backwards and he lands on his back before standing up and rushing back towards his opponent and returning the punch to Aggron's face and the two let out breaths as they look towards each other as if analyzing their opponent. After a split second the two rush towards each other and Tyranitar ducks under a right hook before taking a powerful uppercut that sends him over backwards unconscious. Byron smirks as Aggron moves away from his defeated opponent and Kaza returns Tyranitar to his ball before swapping for his fourth.
Kazamaru releases Swampert from his ball in a flash of light and he roars towards the steel triceratops returned quickly by a roar from Aggron. Swampert lets out a slow breath as he eyes his opponent and in a split second Aggron bursts into a sprint towards Swampert with a focus punch ready. Swampert slams his foot into the ground making a large bulge in the floor under Aggron launching him into the air. Swampert jumps up towards his opponent and begins launching a barrage off punches, kicks and various blasts of water. The combo lasts until Swampert slams Aggron into the roof of the gym and looses ability to ascend any farther resulting in his descent. Swampert falls quickly to the floor and he stops himself with a stream of water before standing looking up towards Aggron who is pinned to the ceiling in an indent. Swampert looks back to Kaza,
"Is that it?" Kazamaru shakes his head,
"There's no way he's done yet." Swampert looks back up and his eyes go wide when he sees an incredibly large metal burst forming in Aggron's hand. The sphere is a swirling brown and blue color and once it is fully charged Aggron punches the ceiling with his free hand releasing him from the metal ceiling and he plummets downwards. Swampert leaps to the side away and the entire gym shakes when Aggron crashes to the ground still with the metal burst charged. Swampert begins dodging side to side avoiding the metal burst covered punch along with Aggron's other hand and releases a hydro pump that causes Aggron to stop momentarily but Swampert's eyes go wide when he sees a second metal burst form and dodges for as long as he can before finally taking the hydro pump burst followed by the burst filled with more then the entire power of his previous onslaught of attacks. Swampert goes down to his hands and knees breathing heavily before Aggron kicks him hard in the stomach causing him to roll away towards Kaza and fall unconscious. Kaza returns Swampert to his ball before looking down at his belt, "You've all done as much as you could. Together we'll win..." Kaza takes his fifth Pokemon off of his belt and looks up at his father, "I will defeat you." Byron chuckles,
"All your Pokemon so far did their best and what do they have to show for it? Aggron is weakened some. He's still more or less at full power." Kaza throws his pokeball releasing Tankburger to the field. The Snorlax scratches his stomach as he looks towards Aggron,
"I'm hungry..." Kaza puts his palm to his face,
"Tell ya what. If you win then I'll buy you enough food to make you full for a week!" Tankburger grins,
"Sounds good!" Aggron looks unimpressed by the Pokemon and rushes him with a focus punch at the ready. Tankburger just stands there and the punch hits directly into his stomach. Then nothing, no sound at all as Aggron slowly takes his fist from the gut of the Pokemon and looks at him oddly. The Tankburger disappears in a puff of white smoke and Byron looks shocked,
"A substitute?!" Tankburger reappears behind Aggron and focus punches him in the back making Aggron roar in pain and delivers a vicious left hook into Tankburger's head. Tankburger retaliates with a second focus punch and the two mighty Pokemon begin punching away at each other both taking serious damage from the fighting-type attacks. After a few moments of only focus punches Aggron gets fed up of the repetitiveness and uppercuts Tankburger before slamming him in the stomach with a final punch. Kaza looks down as he returns his fainted Pokemon to his ball and Byron chuckles, "That it? I'll admit you put up a good fight but you're still as weak as I..."
"AGGRON!!!" Byron flinches as Kaza throws his final pokeball releasing the blue version of Aggron to the field. Byron's Aggron immediately rushes towards him and throws a focus punch but Kaza's Aggron dodges out of the way only letting it graze his arm. He lands near his opponent with a grin while he charges his metal burst. Byron's Aggron goes wide-eyed as he takes the punch to the gut and skids back 20 feet. He shakes his head looking darkly at his opponent before he charges his metal burst. The two Aggrons run at each other and slam each other with metal bursts repeatedly with the power of them becoming more and more intense as they build from the constant effect of their own attacks building off of each other. Kaza and Byron both hold their breath as the triceratops continue their bursts and after five minutes of nonstop building Byron's Aggron takes a metal burst to the face and is sent flying into the wall behind Byron heavily beaten and with small cracks in his plating. Kazamaru lets out his held breath slowly as he walks over to his Aggron who is barely standing with his arm outstretched from his final punch. Kaza pats him on the shoulder as he takes out Aggron's pokeball, "You did great buddy. Now take a well-deserved break." Byron stands in disbelief as he looks towards his son. He says nothing as the silver ball in his hand slips from his grasp and makes a light clang as it hits the floor. Kazamaru says nothing as he walks up to his father and takes a badge from the bag at his waist before turning around and walking back towards the others. Everyone smiles warmly as Kazamaru walks over to them and as they prepare to leave Kazamaru turns his head and looks his father in the eyes before closing his eyes slowly before reopening them after he had returned to looking back towards the exit. Without a word he and the rest of the group walk out of the gym and head to the Pokemon center as the sun begins to set.

Kaza walks into the Pokemon center first and walks up the stairs to his room without saying a word. The rest of the group sits down at one of the tables in the lobby. Stratos looks over towards the stairs,
"What's wrong with uncle Kaza?" Latias pats him on the head,
"He's fine he's just a little overwhelmed right now. Scarlet?" Scarlet looks up with a curious look on her face,
"What's up?"
"Could you go and talk to him?" Scarlet nods,
"Yeah, I'll be back in a little bit." Scarlet stands up and walks away from the table to the staircase and disappears up it. Vecransyh reclines back in his seat with a grin on his face,
"Well, now we all have six badges. Let's take it easy before we get on the boat for the next city." Yakira thinks for a moment,
"Where's the next badge at?" Vecransyh thinks for a moment,
"Let's see... it went Roark, Gardenia, Mom, Maylene, Wake and now Byron... the next leader... we'll have to ask Scarlet when she comes back. She has the trainer guide." The doors to the Pokemon center slide open and a boy walks in with a blue and white striped scarf around his neck. Walking closely next to him is a small black dog with yellow rings on its body. The boy walks over to the counter and leans down saying something to the Umbreon before it disappears into its pokeball. The boy places the three pokeballs onto a tray and hands them to the nurse with a happy smile on his face before he and the nurse turn their backs to each other and the nurse walks away into the back room as the boy leans back against the counter. After a moment the boy looks over to the group and blinks as he walks over to them,
"Sup? You guys trainers?" Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah, we are. And you are?" The boy bows slightly,
"My name is Onym Terra." Everyone introduces themselves and Onym sits down at the table with them adjusting his scarf slightly as he scratches Stratos behind the ears causing him to close his eyes and sway slightly in contentment, "So... Vec, what was it like to be hit with Flash Freeze?" Vecransyh and Xylina exchange glances before Vecransyh speaks,
"It hurt a shit load but it was all worth it in the end because I saved Xylina." Onym nods,
"That's cool. I don't know what I'd do if any of my Pokemon got hurt like that... anyway. You got to battle Neo man, I envy you. I've been looking for him for a while to challenge him to a battle but no luck so far." Xylina smiles,
"He pops up sometimes usually to have a little battle with one of us. Nothing big though just checking in on our progress in the region." Onym grins,
"So I take it you guys have six badges now?" Vec nods,
"Yup; on our way to the next one in a few days." Onym looks over to Yakira and narrows his eyes for a second before smiling,
"I knew you looked familiar! You're the princess of ice right?" Yakira nods with a suspicious look,
"Nothing I'm just happy that I got to meet one of the four legends!" Yakira's suspicious look vanishes and she smiles softly,
"Why thank you Onym." Onym then looks behind himself as the nurse at the counter and stands up,
"Be right back." He walks over and retrieves his pokeballs from the nurse and releases his Umbreon from its ball before putting the other two on his belt. Onym walks back over to the table and sits back down and the Umbreon hops into his lap looking around at everyone,
"I see you made some new friends." Onym scratches the female Umbreon on her head,
"Yep, this is Vecransyh, Xylina, Yakira, Latias and Stratos." Onym points to the corresponding person as he says their name. The Umbreon smiles happily,
"Hello everyone, I'm Molly." She leans back against Onym letting her paws rest. Vecransyh grins,
"So what other Pokemon do you have with you?" Onym scratches his head with the hand that isn't scratching Molly's,
"I've got Jellyfish and Supersonic. Jelly isn't much for conversation though... anyway; Supersonic as my Politoad and Jellyfish is my Wobbufet." Molly nods happily as she pushes her head up into his fingers,
"And together we're an unstoppable team!" Onym smiles,
"Well we're almost unbeatable." Molly nods,
"What does that make it...? Over a hundred wins and a little over ten losses?" Vecransyh grins,
"Sounds like you guys have a pretty good battle strategy." Molly giggles,
"Yep! He's got looks and smarts!" Molly freezes and blushes lightly, "So... umm... what do you guys do?" Stratos yawns lightly,
"Well, I started as a trainer after my dad left me his Pokemon to take care of and also requested of me to get the rest of the Sinnoh badges." Latias smiles,
"I'm his mother. We found him as an egg." Onym nods,
"Okay because I was starting to think about... you know what? Never mind. How about you Vec?"
"Me and Kaza started out together and we've come much farther then I ever could have dreamed... oh, you havn't met him yet. Kaza and his girlfriend are upstairs but they should be back in a little bit." Molly giggles,
"I wonder what they're doing up there." Everyone is silent as they all look over to the staircase besides Stratos who is still too young to understand. After a moment they all look back to Onym who has a clueless look on his face as he looks down at Molly,
"What?" Molly shakes her head,
"Nothing Ony." Onym blinks,
"You forgot the m again." Molly giggles,
"No I didn't." Stratos lets out one of his adorable puppy yawns and Latias stand up before picking up the infant Lucario,
"Bed time." Stratos looks at her sleepily,
"But I'm not tired...!" With those final words Stratos falls asleep in his mother's arms. She then waves goodnight to everyone before disappearing up the stairs to her room. Molly tilts her head as she looks at Xylina,
"That's an interesting pendant you have Xylina. It looks like it's made from... I would guess dusk stone?" Xylina nods,
"Yeah; it also has some sort of enchantment on it that lets me take on a human form every full moon" Molly blinks for a moment,
"Every full moon? Would this work?" She raises her paw and the form of a full moon appears near the ceiling. Xylina shakes her head after she looks at herself,
"Doesn't look like it." Molly hangs her head,
"That's a shame. You two must have such fun on full moons." Vecransyh, Yakira and Xylina all blush as they look towards the Umbreon, "Oh? Yakira too? Vecransyh, you stud!" Vecransyh blushes deeper as Onym looks around,
"What...?" Vecransyh blinks,
"Onym? How old are you?" Onym shrugs,
"Seventeen, why?" Vecransyh tries to find the right words but fails to,
"Uhh... nothing just curious." Onym shrugs as he stands up holding molly in his arms,
"Well, glad to have met such famous trainers today but we need to head off to bed. Big day tomorrow we're headed off to Snowpoint." Yakira flinches,
"W-why Snowpoint?" Onym grins,
"Seventh badge! Why else?" Yakira looks down,
"Then... we'll be headed there once our vacation here is over..." Vecransyh looks over to her as Onym leaves,
"You okay?" Yakira doesn't look at him,
"It's been six years... and now I'll be going back." Vecransyh puts an arm around each of the girls holding them close to him as he speaks softly to Yakira,
"If anything happens... you know I'll protect you. Me and Xylina both." Yakira gives him a light kiss on the cheek,
"Thank you Vecransyh..." Xylina yawns lightly with a disappointed look,
"I was really hoping that Moonlight would work but it looks like only the real moon is gonna change me..." Vecransyh gives her a light kiss on the cheek,
"You know there has to be some way to trick that amulet. If there's a way we'll find it." Xylina smiles,
"I'm fine either way. I'd wait a million full moons for you."
"Oh yeah, you said you had something to tell me?" Xylina blushes lightly at the question and strains herself to find the words she desperately wants to tell him but sighs when the words won't pass through her lips,
"I can't tell you yet... but I will... in time." Vecransyh shrugs,

Outside the Pokemon center a lone figure stares down at the Pokemon center of Canalave city and a soft smile spreads across his face, "I'm back."
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