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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Last Days

Neptune sLowly opens his eyes when he feels a shifting in the bed to his left. Looking over he sees Mars eyeing him,
"Morning." Mars gives him a stern look,
"Why do you keep asking me to sleep in your bed if we're never going to do anything?" Neptune is silent for A moment,
"We only met a few days ago..." Mars nods slighTly,
"I know but... I don't know... the way you look at me it's... how can I describe it." Neptune sImply watches as she wracks her brain for an answer, "It makes my heart melt... I can't help but want you for myself." Neptune lets out a long sigh,
"Mars... I don't reAlly know what to say. For now I just want your company and nothing more is that okay? I'm just not ready." Mars nods,
"At leaSt I can sleep in your arms every night. Hey, random question." Neptune raises an eyebrow,
"Why did you join team Galactic? You're way different then all of us and it's noticeable."
"I joined this organization because of the ruthless and brutal tactics employed by it's members. I thought that if I could change anything it would be the way we handle things. Remember how I got the full cooperation of the Froslass?" Mars nods,
"Yeah that was incredible."
"I made her feel safe instead of making her feel like she was going to die. And I also got the scan completed with no difficulties whatsoever. But hey, we both have our own way of doing things." He smiles and runs his hand through her hair, "Come on, we're headed for Kanto today to get the DNA of the legend there." Mars tilts her head as she watches Neptune get out of the bed and dawn his black cloak,
"Wouldn't the Johto one be closer?"
"Thanatos is already in possession of a trainer who seeks to have all four. We will need to find him eventually but for now we're going after the one who's the easiest to get to other then Yakira." Mars slides out of the bed and puts on her clothes then her uniform before running her hand through her hair as she turns to Neptune,
"So who else is coming with us?" Neptune shrugs,
"I believe it's me and you but don't quote me on that. Master Cyrus has a way of throwing curve balls. Metaphorically speaking of course." A small yellow mouse crawls up Neptune's cloak and sits on his shoulder, "Hey buddy. You coming too?" The Pichu makes a happy squeak and Neptune pats him on the head as he heads out of the room waving goodbye to Mars.
As Neptune walks down the hallway he is approached by a figure wearing a slightly customized Galactic uniform to show his admin status. His hair is blue and curves up on both sides of his head like horns, "Hey Saturn, what's up?"
"How is it that you were able to get with Mars after only a few days?!" Neptune takes a step back at the forwardness of the question,
"I'm not 'getting' with anyone, Saturn."
"What are you talking about? You've took her to bed with you every night!" Neptune smiles,
"What's the matter Sat? Jealous?"
"Yes but it's mostly because I've been here with both of them for years!" Neptune brings up two fingers,
"Well, the thing is, Jupiter is out of your league and I'm not sure Mars has any interest in you. There're plenty of female grunts why not just find one and start a relationship with one of them?"
"How do you do it?" Neptune shrugs,
"I don't try. I'm nice and I listen to what they say. Look, just try it with Jupiter. Who knows?" As if summoned Jupiter walks around the corner,
"Try what with Jupiter?" Neptune smiles and walks past them down the hallway,
"Good luck buddy!"
A few hours later Neptune and Mars are standing next to each other next to Xatu, "Ready?" Mars nods with a happy smile,
"As I'll ever be!" With that the three disappear in a flash of psychic energy.

Meanwhile back in Snowpoint Kazamaru is sitting on the dock of the pier next to Scarlet and Stratos on either side of him. Kazamaru has a large pile of snowballs next to him and he throws one up over the water,
"Pull!!" Stratos throws an aura sphere that destroys the ball of snow on contact,
"Come on Uncle Kaza, these ones are too easy!" Kazamaru stands up with a confident grin and picks up a snowball,
"Fine then." Kaza pulls back and pitches the orb in a straight line over the water, "Better get that one quick or it's going in!" Stratos laughs as he jumps up,
"Piece of cake!" Stratos throws his arm out and a giant arm of energy comes from it and flies out towards the snowball crushing it, "Hehe, guess I'm 40 for 40." Kaza picks up another snowball and scowls,
"Oh yeah?" he then moves his hand above the canine's head and drops the ball making the snow scatter all over his fur. Stratos blinks for a moment before shaking rapidly,
"Not cool!!" Scarlet stands up behind Kazamaru him not noticing her and when Stratos notices she holds a finger to her lips,
"Oh yeah? Well, whatcha gonna do about it?" Meanwhile Scarlet has formed a large amount of the snowballs into a large mound of snow and picks it up holding it in her arms,
"Hey Kaza." Kaza turns around,
"Yeah...?" Scarlet suddenly throws the mound at him knocking Kazamaru backwards onto the pier completely covered in snow from top to bottom. Kazamaru is still for a moment as he lays there in complete shock over what had just happened and after a moment he stands up with a large snowball in his hand, "Cheap shot Scarlet." Scarlet goes wide-eyed and before long the three are in a huge snowball fight.
Meanwhile, Latias in her normal form and Drake sit next to each other on a cliff north of the city looking out at the Battle Frontier,
"Why did you die? Why did you have to leave?" Drake heaves a large sigh,
"It was just my time. Now I'm as you remember me. I'm still alive in your heart." Latias looks over to the figment of her imagination with tears in her eyes,
"We have this conversation every day but I never feel any better... please... just say it was all a nightmare and come back to me..." Drake shakes his head slightly,
"I'm sorry Latias but... this was going to happen eventually." Latias gives him a confused look,
"What do you mean?" Drake looks back towards the Battle Frontier,
"Since you're immortal and I'm human there was no way we could have been together forever." Latias looks down, the soft, white feathers on her face becoming shiny from the tear stains,
"I know... I always knew that I'd have to let you go some day but... it was too soon. Everything happened so suddenly!! It wasn't fair!!" Drake is silent for a few minutes,
"You know you can contact the spirit world and talk to me." Latias gives him a shocked look,
"And you couldn't have said this sooner?! How?!" Drake materializes a book into his hands and begins flipping through pages,
"Spirit world... spirit world... spirit world... nope I'm not finding anything in your memories about contacting the spirit world but I'm sure there must be something." Latias narrows her eyes at him,
"Big help you are." Drake shrugs,
"I'm imaginary, the only stuff I know are the things in your memory." Drake turns towards her with a smile, "Can't know everything no matter how old you are." Latias smiles softly,
"I take it back. I always feel a little better every time I see you." The Eon Pokemon and her imagination come together in a kiss Latias' pure willpower allowing her to remember the feeling exactly as she kisses her memory,
"Remember, no matter how much it hurts you need to be strong for our son." Latias smiles softly,
"I know and I will be." Latias floats up and wipes the tears from her eyes as her vision of Drake fades away,
"What the?! The Eon Pokemon?!?!" Latias turns around and looks directly into the shocked face of a girl around Vecransyh's age. Her long blond hair flows behind her in the sea wind and she wears a tight black shirt and blue jeans. Her belt has six pokeballs on it but she is followed by an equally surprised looking Umbreon. Latias' expression turns suspicious,
"You're going to try and capture me? I'm really not in the mood." Latias extends her claws as far as they'll go which is only a few inches as max and she looks darkly at the girl and blinks in surprise when she shrugs,
"Actually I heard that this was a really romantic spot so me and Umbreon decided to head up here and check it out... but if you insist on fighting..." The girl takes out a pokeball with a smile and the Umbreon next to her takes a step forward with a growl,
"Mommy!!" The girl, the Umbreon and Latias all look towards the call and see Stratos running towards them,
"A... Lucario?!" Stratos stops in front of the girl, a large sphere of raw aura formed in his hands as he stares darkly at her and Umbreon through his dark red eyes,
"Don't you dare hurt my Mom!!!" The girl thinks for a moment,
(? + Latias = Lucario?) "Latias is your mother...?" Latias' voice is soft and calming,
"Stratos behave. I'm sure this was all a misunderstanding and this girl had no intention of trying to capture me." Latias leans over to the girl and whispers in her ear, "Unless you really think you can beat both of us." The girl is silent for a minute as she thinks everything over,
"So... if I were to win... I'd get this awesome-looking Lucario and the Eon Pokemon Latias?" Latias nods with a giggle,
"That's right!" The girl grins,
"Then consider it a battle! Ready Umbreon?" Umbreon growls towards Stratos as Latias smiles lightly,
"Tell ya what. It'll be a two on six. Consider it a handicap for us." The girl looks back to Latias with a raised eyebrow,
"Err... okay?"
A few minutes later the battlers had moved to a more suitable place for a battle. A large, open area in the middle of the forest nearby. Stratos and Latias stand next to each other across from an Umbreon, Espeon, Ninetails, Houndoom, Altaria and a small blue Wynaut. The girl scratches her head, "This hardly seems fair." Latias giggles,
"The first round of attacks is yours then you lose." The girl scowls and throws her arm forward,
"Umbreon! Dark pulse on Latias! Espeon! Psychic on Stratos! Ninetails! Fire blast on Stratos! Houndoom! Same thing! Altaria! Dragon pulse on Latias! Wynaut! Safeguard!" Latias looks over at Stratos with a smile,
"Let's go ahead and take the hits. Won't hurt to bad." Stratos nods with a happy smile as he puts up his guard,
"Got it!" All of the various attacks hit home but neither of the two takes much of anything along the lines of damage and the tiny Wynaut forms a barrier around itself that fades away becoming invisible quickly. All at once Stratos casts a void of dark energy over all of the six Pokemon not noticing the ineffectiveness on Wynaut then he turns to his mother with a grin, "Go ahead and finish this!" Latias nods and throws her arms up to the sky. Within a few seconds Meteors rain down from the sky and the girl looks up and blinks,
"Oh... shit." The Draco Meteor attack hits all six of the Pokemon fainting almost all of them instantly and causing a billowing smoke to fill the field. Everything is silent before the girl yells out,
"Wynaut! Mirror coat!" Latias and Stratos look at each other fully knowing what was about to happen and as soon as their eyes meet an incredibly painful shock fires through their bodies but they both stand their ground breathing a little heavier but still well-able to fight. When the smoke clears the girl scratches her head, "Well that's it then. You win." Stratos walks over to the tiny Wynaut and nudges him with his foot causing him to fall over backwards. The girl returns all of her Pokemon to their pokeballs and scratches her head as she looks across to the two Pokemon, "In my defense you picked a fight with me." Latias and Stratos walk over to her and the girl holds out her hand, "Let's start over?" The two nod and the girl responds with a smile, "Great. My name's Tara. Are you two alone or...?" Stratos shakes his head with a childish grin,
"Nope! All the others are back in the city. Mommy are we headed back there now?" Latias pats him on the head as she looks at Tara,
"Yeah, you can come with us if you want. We're all headed to Sunnyshore in a few days." Tara grins,
"Actually, that's where I'm headed to. Got my seventh badge yesterday but I gotta ask something." Latias tilts her head,
"What plus you makes a Lucario?" Latias giggles,
"Me and my love found him as an egg and we're the first one's he saw when he hatched which made us his parents. I'm looking after him now as his father passed away a few months ago."
The three head back through the small forest back to Snowpoint city where they walk into the Pokemon center to find Kazamaru, Scarlet, Vecransyh, Xylina and Yakira all sitting around on couches talking. Tara heads over and gives her Pokemon to the nurse before heading over to the couches and she sits down next to Latias who is now in her human form. Vecransyh looks over to the new face with a smile,
"Not to often you see someone healing six Pokemon at once. You just back from the gym leader?" Tara shakes her head,
"Nah, I tried to capture these two and all my Pokemon got hit with meteors." Vecransyh lets out a laugh along with everyone else,
"Yeah that wasn't to smart. Anyway, my name's Vecransyh but call me Vec." Kazamaru smiles brightly,
"I'm Kazamaru but I go by Kaza." Scarlet smiles,
"I'm Scarlet." Xylina lays her head against Vecransyh's shoulder and lets out a sigh as she smiles,
"I'm Xylina" Yakira nods with a slight smile,
"Yakira." Tara smiles as she looks around at everyone,
"Nice to meet you all." She looks back to Vecransyh and is silent for a moment, "Heeeeeeeeey, you're that kid who jumped in front of the Flash Freeze right?" Vecransyh lets out a short sigh,
"I don't really like recalling that event but yes, I did take that attack." Vecransyh puts his arm around Xylina as he says this,
"Yeah, I watched it on TV. Looked painful." Vecransyh nods,
"Yes. It was very painful. But I saved Xylina and that's all that matters." Tara sighs with a smile,
"Aww, that's so sweet. I'd do the same thing for any of my Pokemon." Xylina nods,
"Well, in any other circumstance it wouldn't have been a fatal attack but I was injured in the previous fight." Tara nods slightly,
"Ooh, they don't tell you anything on TV anymore..." There is a ding and a nurse walks out form the back room carrying six pokeballs in a tray before handing them to Tara who attached 5 to her belt and releases her Umbreon onto the couch next to her and then she puts the ball onto her belt. The Umbreon looks around at all the new faces before he purrs lightly feeling Tara run her hand down his back. Kazamaru leans forward in his seat,
"Hey! Cool Umbreon!" Tara smiles with her eyes slightly narrowed,
"Oh, he's very cool." She takes her hand off of him and looks over, "Why don't you show everyone your trick?" The Umbreon blinks,
"Right here...? You know what happens right?" Tara blinks but comes to a realization and blushes lightly,
"Oh yeah. Go do it in the other room and come out in a little bit." Everyone watches in confusion as the Umbreon trots out of the room.
After a few minutes a boy looking about a year older then Tara walks back into the room. He wears a thin black vest against his black, furry skin showing most of his chest. His hair is long and black and is done into a ponytail at the back. He has long black ears on either side of his head and he wears baggy pants with a belt only attached to one loop so it hangs down on his right side. He has a few glowing yellow rings on his body and he walks over and sits back down on the couch next to Tara, "Tuh-duh! Isn't he gorgeous?!" All of the girls in the room are silent as they simply stare at the Anthro Umbreon,
"I'm not that good looking Tara..." Tara leans on him blushing and wraps her arms around his arm. Vecransyh tilts his head,
"How did you do that?!" Umbreon chuckles,
"It's not very complicated really. When I evolved it was both a normal evolution and an unknown kind of one. See, since I'm a dark Pokemon the dusk stone has strange effects on my type. I was in contact with one when I evolved and I became fused with its power." Xylina picks her necklace up in her hand,
"But don't you need the full moon?" Umbreon shakes his head,
"I'm an Umbreon; the power of the moon is within me so I can change whenever I want." Kazamaru looks over to Scarlet whose gaze is fixed on the Pokemon and she has a slight nosebleed,
"Oh come on!!! Scarlet!" Scarlet snaps back to reality and looks around,
"Stop ogling the eye-candy. You're my girlfriend remember?" Scarlet smiles and puts her arms around Kazamaru giving him a tight hug,
"Sorry... I'll make it up to you later." Kazamaru blinks,
"Oh... umm... okay!" Tara giggles as she hugs her Umbreon tighter,
"Don't worry about anything. He's mine." Umbreon turns his head slightly and plants a kiss on her forehead,
"Forever and ever my love." No one can help but let out an 'Aww' as they watch the affection of the two.

Meanwhile Neptune and Mars are deep under the ocean in a large tunnel standing in front of a large stone slab covered in strange markings,
"Great... must be some kind of seal." They both turn around when they hear footsteps behind them and before long the figure of Damian walks into the dim light of their torch,
"So... you're after him as well?"
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