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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The days before the boat to Sunnyshore pass by slowly but uneventfully until the day that Yakira decides to Venture over to the lake from her childhood to face her past. Vecransyh takes her arm as she floats towards the west exit of the town,
"You sure you don't want me to come with you?" Yakira smiles and kisses him lightly,
"Don't worry about me. Even though you're the one who saved me from my past I knew that one day I'd have to return here and face it. I'll be fine." Vecransyh nods halfheartedly,
"All right. Just be careful." With hearing those final words Yakira turns and floats away becoming lost from view in the light snowfall and after a few minutes Vecransyh heads after her with the intention of simply observing the potential conflict.

Meanwhile in an unknown location Cyrus sits at his desk with his hands folded looking towards a figure cloaked in pitch black robes,
"Neptune. What have you to report?"
"Sir; from what we have been able to gather there are four Pokemon, one from each region that have incredible power. The Froslass, Yakira, is one of them. The others are a Typhlosion named Thanatos and a Kobutops named Styx. The fourth is an unnamed unknown and there is no information about it but it is said that the 'Hoenn Legend' as she is called has been said to have been spotted in the Sinnoh region. The Froslass has very few weaknesses however she still has the same weaknesses of other Froslass. Fire and ghost attacks would be most effective in capturing her. We have also just been confirmed that the Froslass has left her friends temporarily and is headed at this second to Lake Acuity which is where it is said she originated from. It would be easiest to capture her now." Cyrus nods as he takes in the information,
"Very well. Inform Mars that she is to go there immediately." Neptune bows slightly,
"Sir, would it be okay if I go myself? Mars and Jupiter have not exactly been successful in the past." Cyrus thinks for a moment,
"This is true. They have both failed me but what makes you so sure you would be successful being only recruited a few days ago?" Neptune doesn't move,
"Pardon my rudeness Master Cyrus but I became an admin during those few days. That should prove my worth." Cyrus nods,
"Very well. And your varied Pokemon types surely makes you a better candidate then the others. Now then let's do this properly. Neptune, your first assignment is to track down and capture the Froslass known as Yakira and bring her back here." Neptune nods,
"Understood, Master Cyrus." Neptune then turns and walks out of the room sliding a hand into his pocket to a pokeball as he walks out of the room teleporting in a flash of psychic energy. Neptune appears in front of a steep path covered in snow and looks up at the trail with a smile before he hears the sound of crunching snow, (Yakira floats so it must be someone else...) Neptune dashes away and hides behind a tree looking out at who could possibly be coming. Through the snow Neptune makes out the form of a boy and blinks as he tries to figure out just who it is, "Vecransyh. You could be a problem if I don't deal with you right now." Neptune steps out from behind the tree making a noticeably loud crunch in the snow, "VECRANSYH!!" Vecransyh jumps at the call and looks towards the cloaked figure,
"Who are you?" Neptune doesn't move,
"My name is Neptune. I am an admin of Team Galactic" Vecransyh takes a step back,
"Team Galactic?!" Neptune takes a pokeball out from beneath his cloak and holds it out,
"Be a good boy Vec and go back to the Pokemon center. You have no Pokemon with you so you're no match for me." Vecransyh looks seriously at him,
"I can't... you're after Yakira!!" Neptune nods,
"This is true. However, we have recently had a breakthrough in technology that allows us to not have to brainwash her. She will be returned to you shortly after we are finished with her and she will be exactly the way she was..." Neptune is stopped short by Vecransyh's yell,
"ECLIPSE BLADE!!!" Vecransyh draws his sword from a dark portal on the ground and points it towards Neptune, "I don't care. You're after her for something much bigger and I can't allow you to go through with your plan!" Neptune returns the pokeball to his pocket, "You sure you want to do this?" Vecransyh doesn't even flinch as the snow falls around him lightly sticking to his hair,
"I will stop you." Neptune nods,
"Alright. Come at me!!" Neptune and Vecransyh rush at each other and Vec throws the nightmare side of his sword down towards Neptune and he catches the blade in his gloved hand before kicking Vecransyh in the stomach knocking the wind out of him and making him fly backwards into the snow on his back dropping his sword. The Eclipse blade disappears as it melts into dark energy. Neptune walks over to Vecransyh aand keeps a foot in the snow as his other foot lays against Vecransyh's chest, "Don't interfere Vec." His foot moves down to his stomach and he slams his foot down knocking the wind out of him making him pass out. Neptune picks up the unconscious Vecransyh and lays him against a tree out of the snowfall before heading up the slope into Lake Acuity.

Meanwhile Yakira is standing in front of the lake looking around just taking in the scenery, "I guess they all got captured in the end."
"I am left." Yakira jumps and looks to her left at a large Glalie with cruel red eyes,
"The leader lets all of the lower ones get captured first?" The Glalie shimmers for a moment as he changes into human form still the same color and patterned in the strips of ice along with the two black horns,
"A good leader demands respect from all. It's been to long Princess of ice." Yakira steps back,
"My name is Yakira now." The human Glalie nods,
"Yakira. The name suits you. You're even more beautiful then the day I first chose you as my own." Yakira's expression turns dark,
"You're to evil to deserve anyone. You killed my father simply because he didn't agree with your leadership and he was right. You're insane!!" The Glalie shakes his head with his evil eyes locked on Yakira's,
"You still do not understand. None of the others understood either. They all think as you and he did." Yakira's eyes go wide,
"They weren't captured." He doesn't move,
"Very few were." Yakira growls,
"You bastard!!" The Glalie laughs,
"What do you care?! They were nothing but cruel to you. The only ones that ever showed you any respect or positive attention were I, your mother and your father!" Not even a second after finishing his sentence the Glalie is blasted backwards into a tree by a potent shadow ball,
"They still never deserved death!!! You seek only power and that's why you chose me!! Your deeds will be punishes this day!!" Glalie is released from his indent in a tree with a large snapping noise and he brushes himself off as he walks towards Yakira,
"I will kill you now." In one lightning motion Glalie slams a fist into Yakira's gut pulsing a sheer cold through her body making her fall to the ground, "You got off a lucky shot. But you're still as weak as you were when you left." Glalie holds out his hand as a sheer cold attack charges in it, "Say your last words if you have any..." Suddenly a Blaziken bursts from the snow-covered trees and punches Glalie in the side of the head knocking him down into the snow. The bird glares down darkly as he begins to radiate with a red energy,
"Die." The Blaziken holds out his hand and releases a Blast Burn attack that engulfs and burns the helpless ice type. His screams of agony soon die out as his body melts and he is thoroughly erased from existence. The Blaziken stops the flames and takes a step towards Yakira who looks up at him in fear, "This one too master?" Neptune steps out from behind a tree and walks over to the Blaziken laying a hand on his shoulder,
"No, she is the target... and I've told you not to call me master." The Blaziken bows,
"My apologies, Neptune." Neptune turns towards the fallen Yakira and looks down at her,
"Yakira... Blaziken, use Flamethrower but tone it down a little, we don't want this little lady to die on us." Yakira looks up at the two, who intend to capture her sadly as she begins charging a sheer cold,
"You saved me but I can't be your Pokemon... please understand." Neptune chuckles,
"Don't worry. This won't take long." Yakira makes a futile effort to subdue them but the Blaziken's flamethrower cuts through her attack like a hot knife to butter and she shrieks in pain before passing out. Neptune returns his Blaziken to his ball before he picks up Yakira into his arms and teleports.
Yakira wakes up a few minutes later and looks down to find herself strapped to a table with a few wires attached to her arms and head. She turns her head to look at a large 'G' Symbol on the wall and turns it more to see her captor with his hood down facing away from her at a control panel with his Blaziken standing next to him. His long, pitch-black hair lies against the back of his head and she begins struggling against her bindings,
"What the hell is going on?!" Neptune Jumps slightly from the outburst and casually raises his hood before turning around,
"Yakira... please, just stay still for a few more minutes. The scan is almost complete." Yakira feels herself calm down slightly from the oddly calming tone of Neptune's voice and shakes her head,
"What are you scanning?!" Neptune sighs,
"Basically everything but mainly your power. The scan is at 96% at this time and will be ending shortly." Yakira eyes him suspiciously,
"And then what...?"
"Then you will be returned to Vecransyh and your other friends as long as you simply cooperate. If you don't and try to escape I really do fear for your life Yakira." Neptune motions slightly to Blaziken standing next to him. Yakira sighs and nods,
"Alright... could you please let me out of these straps at least? I won't run. I know I'm no match for your Blaziken." Neptune nods and walks over to her undoing all of her bindings. Yakira sits up and sits on the edge of the table leaving the wires attached to her body, "So you're from team Galactic? You seem different from them." Neptune leans back against the control panel,
"I started a few days ago and became an admin today. I like to handle situations with understanding instead of brutality and pain... you would not have come with me if I had not knocked you out which is the only reason why I had to do so." Yakira nods,
"That's true... we've met other admins and they're just terrible people but you..."
"I only do as I am told. But I am not told how to do it. It's true that we're a criminal organization but that doesn't mean we have to be cruel people. Sadly I'm the only one here who thinks so." The screen behind Neptune lights up and Cyrus' face appears,
"Neptune! Why is the prisoner released?" Neptune turns back towards the screen,
"Her attempted escape would result in her own death and I have brought that to her attention." Cyrus grumbles,
"Very well but I would remind you not to go against protocol. How is the scan going?"
"The scan is at 97% Master. It will be done in, I estimate, fifteen minutes or so." Cyrus nods,
"Very good. You have proven yourself to be much more capable then the other admins by capturing the target Froslass. I shall remember to call on you more often for missions." With those final words the screen goes back to the monitor setting. Neptune turns back towards Yakira for a moment before he hears a beep from the monitor and a robotic voice,
"Now commencing scan of brain." Neptune holds up a finger,
"Hold on a moment." He turns and presses a few buttons then turns back around,
"What did you do?" Neptune makes a barely visible grin under his hood,
"I made it so the scan doesn't go into your memory. Wouldn't want to dig up anything private eh?" Yakira looks down with a slight blush, "So anyway what's new with the rest of your little group?" Yakira gives him an odd look,
"Why do you ask?" Neptune shrugs,
"We have all the information we need on all of them I'm just making conversation. How is that little Lucario doing?"
"He earned himself the Snowpoint gym badge about a week ago."
"The Lucario is a trainer? When did that happen?" Yakira sighs,
"He's been a trainer ever since his father was killed in Stark Mountain by Heatran..."
"And his mother? Killed as well?" Yakira shakes her head,
"No but she's been really quiet lately. She goes up to the cliffs north of the city and looks off to the battle frontier almost every day." Neptune nods,
"Shame he died. Sounds like he was a good father. How are Xylina and Vecransyh doing?" Yakira is silent for a moment,
"I don't really feel comfortable giving you all of this information." Neptune nods,
"Alright. The scan is at 99% anyway so you'll be out of here once it's done and I contact my boss." The two are silent for a while until the robotic voice speaks again,
"Scan complete. Froslass DNA acquired." Neptune turns around and presses a few buttons and a moment later Cyrus' face appears on the screen,
"The scan is complete sir." Cyrus nods,
"Good. Eliminate the Froslass and return to base." The screen goes dark and the room suddenly becomes thick with awkward silence and neither Yakira nor Neptune says anything as Yakira takes the wires off of her body. After a few minutes Neptune takes a pokeball from his pocket and releases a tribal looking bird into the room,
"Xatu. Teleport Yakira to Snowpoint City immediately" The bird then begins to glow lightly,
"But aren't you going against orders...?"
"Killing you is pointless. It would serve absolutely no purpose and therefore I cannot do it." His tone becomes serious, "Tell no-one about what happened here today... otherwise I will have to hunt you down..." Yakira nods,
"I promise."

Meanwhile Vecransyh Suddenly sits up in his bed and looks around quickly,
"Where is he?!?!" Xylina, who is sitting in a chair next to the bed, is so startled by the sudden outburst that she almost falls over. She regains herself and looks over at Vecransyh,
"Who...? We found you passed out under a tree near the lake when you didn't come back." Vecransyh growls and throws the blanket off himself,
"Neptune! That team Galactic bastard!" Vecransyh tries to stand but collapses back onto the bed. Xylina gets up and sits on the bed,
"Tell me what happened." Vecransyh now lies on the bed looking up at the ceiling,
"I was following Yakira because she was going towards the lake. Even though she told me not to come I didn't want her to get hurt. This guy... when I was at the lake's entrance this guy stepped out from behind a tree. He told me his name was Neptune and that he was there to capture Yakira... I tried to stop him but he took me down without any problem... that's when I passed out. Where's Yakira?! Is she safe?" Xylina nods,
"Yeah, she came back a few minutes ago. I'll go get her, hang on a sec." Vecransyh adjusts himself on the bed so that his head once again rests on the pillow and he lets out a big sigh of relief. A few minutes later Yakira and Xylina walk through the door and over to the bed. Yakira smiles and sits on the edge of the bed laying a hand on Vecransyh's chest,
"Hello, love." Vecransyh sits up and embraces her tightly,
"What happened?" Yakira giggles,
"I had to fight him off. He wasn't too difficult to beat. Those Galactic admins are only a little stronger then their own grunts." Vecransyh releases her from the hug and smiles softly,
"I'm sorry I followed you." Yakira shakes her head,
"Don't be. I had a feeling you were going to follow me no matter what I did. I'm sorry you got hurt though..." Vec smiles,
"Guy knew how to fight. I'm just glad you didn't get hurt though." She kisses him lightly,
"Come on, you should have more faith in me then that Vecransyh." Vecransyh scratches his head,
"Sorry. I was just worried about you." Xylina smiles,
"What do you guys think about going to sleep? It's pretty late." Neither Yakira nor Vecransyh objects as they both realize the time and feel tired. A few minutes later Vecransyh and Xylina fall asleep leaving Yakira looking up at the ceiling. She thinks back to seeing Neptune with his hood down and wonders why he would only look at her with his face covered,
"We'll meet again. I know we will." Without another thought she drifts off in the embrace of her lover peacefully dreaming.

Meanwhile Neptune is standing in front of Cyrus, who looks enraged,
"You were ordered to eliminate the Froslass!!!" Neptune is silent for a few moments before speaking,
"We have an understanding. She knows nothing about you, me, or our plan so she is not a threat to anything. Her requirement for living was to not speak of the events that unfolded in the lab today." Cyrus looks unconvinced,
"She could have easily told them all once she returned to them you fool!!" Neptune shakes his head,
"I attached a microscopic trigger to her mask that will activate if she begins revealing anything to the others. It is also coupled with a tracking device so finding her and eliminating her would be no problem. I apologize for refusing your orders Master Cyrus but I did not believe she needed to be eliminated as long as my conditions were met." Cyrus folds his hands in front of his mouth,
"At least you thought this through before going along with it. I'll let this slide but I don't want it happening again." Neptune nods,
"Understood. If a target is dangerous then it will be eliminated. If you do not mind me asking, how is project 494 coming along?" Cyrus is silent for a moment,
"We are still making progress with it. Before to long we will be going to Mt. Coronet to gather the DNA of Dialga and Palkia. You are dismissed Neptune." Neptune bows,
"As you command Master Cyrus."
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