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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Vecransyh blinks as he wakes up to an unknown voice over the intercom in his room. They had already been on the boat for near a week,
"Attention passengers. This is your captain speaking. I am pleased to say that this ship will be docking into Sunnyshore Harbor tonight." Vecransyh sits up with a yawn,
"Yay..." He shakes his head a few times and slips out of the bed avoiding Xylina sleeping next to him not having to worry about Yakira who sleeps on his opposite side and therefore not to be disturbed when Vecransyh got out of the bed. Vec walks over to the bathroom and places his hands on either side of the sink staring into the mirror trying to picture himself with a black cape and some kind of evil armor on being a dark lord. He does this for a few minutes before his concentration is broken by Yakira's voice,
"Something troubling you love?" Vecransyh shakes his head and looks at her with a smile before he takes a towel from the hanger beside him,
"Nah I was just thinking a little bit before taking my shower..." he looks back to the mirror for another moment,
"Well..." Vecransyh turns his head back to the Froslass and blinks as he watches her dress fall to the floor, "I'm sure it's big enough for two."

Meanwhile Neptune wakes up with a short yawn. Around him is what could only be described as a paradise. There are a few trees, soft grass everywhere along with a pond of crystal clear water and he is leaned up against one that has an overhanging branch with a small swing on it. Neptune looks down at a small green hedgehog and lifts it up setting it onto the ground,
"Morning Shaymin." The small Pokemon looks up at him with a smile as he stands up, "Today's the day I'm leaving. Sorry I couldn't stay longer I really like it here." Shaymin gives him a sad look speaking telepathically,
"Will you ever come back?" Neptune lets out a slight laugh,
"I just might. Who knows? But I've got what I came for and my time is up so I really must be going." Shaymin nods happily speaking the same way as before,
"Okay, bye Mr. Neptune." Neptune runs his hand over the Pokemon's back plucking a small green hair from her fluffy back and releases Xatu in a flash of light. Before anything else can happen Neptune looks over to see another figure in a black cloak accompanied by four Lucario walk into the garden. Neo stops when he sees Neptune,
"You?!" Neptune looks over to him and is silent for a second before he throws a shining glass orb that looks as though it has a universe inside of it then turns back to Shaymin,
"Bye Shaymin and don't worry about these new people. They're friends of mine." He turns to the psychic bird, "Xatu? Let's get out of here." Within a second Neptune and Xatu disappear in a flash of psychic energy. Neo catches the orb and looks down at it before looking over to the fountain to the soul dew,
"He made... a copy?"
Neptune walks down the hallway of Team Galactic's headquarters and looks at the hair in his hand and brings his other hand from his pocket looking at a small USB drive,
"Latios and Shaymin DNA recovered..." Neptune stops walking as he sees a grunt run up to him out of breath,
"Commander Neptune! I... Cyrus... he said..." Neptune blinks and stands there for a moment as he watches the grunt breathing heavily,
"He asked for me?" The grunt nods a few times, "Alrighty." He walks past the grunt and soon finds himself in Cyrus' office. He has his hands folded and his back to the door as he watches monitors,
"Who is that?"
"Sir, it's me." Cyrus turns around with his hands folded on his chest,
"I trust the mission was a success?" Neptune nods,
"Yes sir. I went to the garden and took a full scan of the soul dew." Cyrus raises an eyebrow,
"Why didn't you just take it?" Neptune is silent for a moment,
"Sir... that entire city would be basically destroyed if I did that." Cyrus glares at him,
"So? Why do you care so much for people you've never met?" Neptune is silent as he thinks for a good excuse,
"I... I did it to prevent any unnecessary interference from the townspeople and the guardian herself." Cyrus grunts,
"Bah, you're more then strong enough to take down any guardian that might have been there and get away without alerting any of the people. You teleported straight to the garden right?" Neptune nods, "It doesn't matter anyway. You defied orders by not taking the soul dew but you completed your mission anyway." Neptune holds up the green hair,
"I'm sure you'll be pleased by the little extra I managed to obtain." Cyrus gives him an odd look,
"And that is?"
"This is a hair from Shaymin. The garden's guardian and also one of the DNA's we were missing." Cyrus' face lights up with a dark smile,
"Once again you've surprised me. Very good now take the scan and that hair down to the lab and then come back up here because I need to talk to you about the next mission and I'm sure you'll be interested because it's important enough for me to be accompanying you along with the other three admins." Neptune gives him a surprised look,
"Yes sir!"

Meanwhile back on the ship Ash is up on the deck walking towards the front of the ship as he watches his Charizard staring off into the distance,
"You thinking about her again?" Charizard looks back at him with a puff of fire escaping his mouth,
"I don't know who you're talking about." Ash walks up to the dragon laying a hand on his shoulder,
"Listen, when this tournament is over you can go back to the valley and to Charla." Charizard looks off to the side,
"I only came with you because you asked for me specifically when you were building your strongest team. May I ask something?" Ash raises an eyebrow,
"You're not going to be battling with Bayleef are you? She isn't exactly the strongest out of all of us. Sure she's good but I don't know about if she could hold her own in the league."
"You just let me worry about that okay buddy?" Charizard lets out a chuckle,
"Yeah, yeah, I got ya."

Meanwhile on top of the boat Damian reclines against the smoke pipe next to Thanatos, who is lying down next to him sleeping. Styx stands against the pipe looking off into the distance with his sickles folded across his chest,
"Ya know..." Thanatos opens an eye and looks over to his master, "When Yakira and the fourth are mine I'll be unbeatable... I'll be the most powerful of all trainers." Thanatos simply closes his eyes and speaks. His voice is full of bloodlust and sounds almost demonic,
"Then why don't we just go down there and get Yakira now? You could send Styx; he's wanted some action for a while." Damian shakes his head,
"To risky. All of them together and..." he points down to the front of the ship to Ash standing next to Charizard, "He's here too. We'll move when team Galactic does. We'll get Yakira in the confusion without a fight whatsoever all we'll have to do is beat Vecransyh or maybe we could dispose of him right now..." Damian becomes lost in his thoughts and Styx speaks without looking at him. His voice is similar to Thanatos' but has a faint screech behind his words,
"That could also draw attention. If that kid was able to beat Thanatos back then he has a chance of defeating both of us right now. Besides, we have no idea how much stronger he is since that day. I'm for your first plan master." Damian looks to the Kobutops and nods,
"Alright then it's decided. We move when Team Galactic has most of them occupied."
I'm just going to explain how Damian got onto the boat so no-one is confused. During the months before the boat arrived he made his way to Snowpoint staying very well hidden and got onto the boat as it began to sail away.

Kazamaru approaches Ash and leans on the rail next to him looking over at Charizard,
"So Ash, what're you gonna do when we all get to Sunnyshore?" Ash looks at him with a grin,
"I'm heading straight for victory road tonight. I should be at the Pokemon league in a matter of days."
"Victory road is that big?" Charizard lets out a chuckle,
"Believe me kid. Ash here got lost for about a week the first time he went through." Ash scratches his head,
"I'd like to see you do better." Charizard raises an eyebrow,
"I'd fly over it." Kazamaru laughs and pats Ash on the shoulder,
"Bet you wish you could have just flown over it the first time eh? Actually, just going over victory road seems like a pretty good idea." Ash shakes his head,
"Yeah it does but trainers have to go through it or else they can't enter the Pokemon league. There's a camera at the beginning, middle and end and you have to be caught on film by all three to be permitted entry." Kaza shrugs,
"I'm sure we'll get through it just like the one in Kanto."
"Well good luck because it's about 5 times as hard."

Xylina sits up in bed looking down at the blanket covering the lower half of her body and lets out a sigh,
"But if the prince of ghosts strays from his path of light and instead falls into the clutches of the ultimate evil he will gain the title of lord of demons and gain all of the powers of the ultimate evil as his body becomes fused with him... but what is the ultimate evil!?" Xylina looks up as she watches Yakira float out of the bathroom adjusting the bow on her dress with her usual happy smile. Xylina giggles as she watches Yakira adjust her mask back onto her face, "You're pretty forward when you want to be." Yakira shrugs with a giggle,
"I wasn't going to take no for an answer." Vecransyh stumbles out of the bathroom and sits down on the bed next to Xylina letting out a long breath,
"How come I'm always this worn out after we do that?" Yakira floats over to him giving him a kiss on the nose,
"You're not going to sit there and tell me you didn't enjoy it." Vecransyh shakes his head,
"That's now what I meant. I'd just like it if I didn't feel like collapsing every time." Vec turns his head and looks at Xylina, "Have you thought of any names yet?" Xylina runs her hand over her stomach,
"I was hoping you would name our child love." Vecransyh smiles,
"How about you name it if it's a girl and I'll name it if it's a boy?" Xylina nods with a happy smile on her face,
"Okay then. I'll start thinking of names and you do too." Yakira sighs,
"See? This is what I want!!" Yakira grabs Vecransyh by the collar and shakes him repeatedly, "Why don't you give me a kid?!?!"
"I'm... do... ing... the... best... I... can... stop... sha... king... me... Yakira!" Yakira lets him go and gives him a pouty frown,
"Well you're not doing a very good job of it. We're nearing twenty times and you haven't succeeded yet." Vecransyh scratches his head,
"I guess it was easier for Xylina because of her human ancestry. Do you think maybe all of those times you got beat up over those nine years did anything?" Yakira shakes her head,
"I got checked out at a Pokemon center as soon as that thought crosses my mind and I was told that I'm still fully capable of having children."
"Then I'm sure it'll work one of these times. Who knows? That last one could have done it." Yakira blinks,
"Yeah maybe. I'm just telling you right now that I want to name her." Vecransyh blinks,
"Her?" Yakira nods,
"Just this feeling I have. I mean, think of the future, a Froslass is easier to handle then a Glalie. Snorunts don't do much all you have to do is keep them warm which isn't difficult to do."
"Seems a little odd to have a giant flying ball of ice as a son." Xylina giggles and kisses his cheek,
"Some people would think it would be odd to have more then one lover and have them both be Pokemon." Vec nods in agreement,
"Touché princess of the night." Xylina giggles,
"I've missed that nickname." Vecransyh holds them both to him in his arms,
"And the princess of ice. When I'm king you'll both be my queens." The two ghosts lay their heads on his chest enjoying the embrace with light smiles.

A few hours later the entire group has moved into the dining... living room... the place where eating happens along with the existence of couches... anyway everyone has gathered there to discuss what they're doing after getting the eighth badge from Volkner. Vecransyh site on his own couch with Yakira and Xylina at his sides, Kazamaru sits next to Scarlet with Stratos on his other side sitting next to Latias, Tara is sitting next to Umbreon as usual and he lightly drums his fingers on the arm of the couch. Ash sits next to Charizard and Sceptile with Bayleef stretched across his lap. Suddenly everyone looks over as a giant pelican walks into the room with a bag slung around his shoulder. He approaches the couches and takes a letter out of the bag,
"Which on of you is Kazamaru?" Kaza blinks and raises his hand prompting the Pelipper to drop the letter into his hand, "Now then I must be off!" Without another word the Pokemon disappears out the door. Kazamaru looks down at the letter with the seal facing him,
"Wonder who it's from?" Kaza turns the letter over and stops cold at the words 'To Kazamaru from Byron', "It's from my dad!!" Quickly turning the letter back over he tears it open pulling out a sheet of paper and begins quickly reading it as everyone except for Tara goes silent,
"Who's his dad?" Vecransyh looks over at her,
"His dad is Byron the leader in Canalave. They haven't had a good relationship." Kazamaru looks up,
"He wants me to come to Canalave after I get my eighth badge. He wants to see me." Scarlet blinks,
"Is that a good thing?"
"I'm assuming it is because he's never wanted to see me till now." Vecransyh gives him an odd look,
"So're you gonna go?" Kazamaru nods looking over to him,
"Yeah. I really wanna know what he wants." Scarlet lays a hand on his shoulder,
"Well I'll come too." Tara looks around at everyone,
"Okay, recap time. What's everyone doing for the year? We'll go Vecransyh, Kazamaru, Stratos and Latias then finally myself." Vecransyh smiles and puts his arms around Yakira and Xylina,
"I'm gonna be returning home till mine and Xylina's baby is born. Yakira and, of course, Xylina will be accompanying me." Kazamaru scratches his head,
"Me and Scarlet are going to be heading back to Canalave for a while then we're going to be exploring the region." Stratos yawns, Latias smiles lightly,
"If nothing else I might return to Altomare for a while." Stratos scratches his nose,
"I'll probly go off training somewhere. Mommy can you watch my Pokemon?" Latias smiles at her son,
"Sure thing. I'm sure they'll like Altomare." Tara blinks,
"Stratos is going off by himself?" Latias nods,
"We talked about it for a while and he's more then capable of taking care of himself for a while." Stratos smiles,
"Besides, when it's time for the tournament to start I'll be 15." Charizard lets out a small puff of fire,
"Age doesn't matter if you lack skill at fighting kid." Stratos blinks looking over to the dragon,
"Did you just call me weak?"
"Maybe." Stratos smiles and points to the orange dragon Pokemon,
"You're mine come tournament time." Charizard smirks,
"Maybe you'll get lucky and we'll get paired up against each other. Don't count on winning though."

The remaining hours of the boat ride float by as everyone wanders around the ship before gathering at the front when the captain calls that Sunnyshore city is within sight. About an hour after that time the boat docks in Sunnyshore port and the group leaves the ship heading to the Pokemon center. Once everyone has checked into their room they all retire to their beds for the night.

Around 1 in the morning Vecransyh's eyes slowly open when he hears a faint call of a feminine voice, "Someone help me!"
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