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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Fourth Legend

Vecransyh looks up at the ceiling feeling like he may have imagined the call but blinks his eyes when the same call is repeated only a little bit louder and sounds even more desperate. Vecransyh begins to shift in an attempt to get out of the bed and stops when he feels a hand on his shoulder. Turning his head he looks into the face of Yakira,
"Vecransyh, what is it?" Vecransyh places his hand on her cheek and smiles lightly,
"I'll be back, don't worry." Vecransyh climbs out of the bed and puts his clothes on. As he walks past the night stand he reaches out for his belt and Pokemon but stops, (Could be dangerous...) His hand retracts back to his side and he walks to the door slowly opening it and he turns back to Yakira who is still watching him, "Tell Xylina I'll be back when she wakes up." Yakira nods,
"Okay but whatever you're doing be safe..." Vecransyh gives her a reassuring smile before the door closes leaving him in the hallway. Vecransyh lets out a breath as he walks quickly down the hallway and down the stairs and eventually reaches the doors of the Pokemon center,
"The voice stopped... might be too late." He disappears out of the sliding doors and begins wandering through the street before he hears a dark voice almost piercing his mind,
"STOP STRUGGLING!!" Vecransyh heads quickly towards the source of the voice and appears in front of an alleyway. In the back is an incredibly large shadowed figure with what looks like a much smaller figure gripped in one of its claw-like wings. As he appears the smaller figure turns it's gaze towards him and Vecransyh's gaze meets with two small, frightened, red eyes and hears the same voice calling to him,
"Help me please!!" Vecransyh takes a quick breath mustering his courage,
"What's going on here?!" Suddenly Vecransyh feels as though his very soul is being pierced when he meets eyes with the huge figure as it turns its head towards him locking its demonic red eyes with his. Suddenly the nightmare that had become locked away in his memory rushes back to him and he remembers every gruesome detail, "Y-you're that thing from my dream!!" The large figure lets out a dark cackle,
"So we finally meet face to face prince. I knew this little girl would lead you straight to me if I just got her to scream loud enough." Vecransyh's gaze locks on the struggling Pokemon in the figure's grasp,
"Who are you and why is it that no-one else can hear her cries?!"
"No-one can hear her because of selective hearing. It's a nice trick when you don't want any unwanted interruption. As for who I am, I am the one who will transform you into the king of ghosts. Your destiny will be fulfilled with me." An incredibly large portal of dark energy opens next to the figure, "Now come with me." Vecransyh clenches his fists,
"I find it hard to believe that the title of king of ghosts would be bestowed upon me by something that would use hurting the innocent as a way to lure me to them!! Now let her go!!" Vecransyh cringes as he hears a loud scream of pain from the Pokemon in the figure's grasp as it tightens around its head,
"SILENCE!! It appears you truly do know of the prophecy in full. No matter, you value life far more then you should. I'm going to be straightforward about this. Come with me NOW!!" Vecransyh looks down,
"Only... only if you promise to release her and that none of my friends or family will be harmed and... I want to know who you are!!" The colossal figure is silent for a moment,
"Your terms are nothing that I cannot accept. If you truly wish for me to spare this weak thing then fine..." As the figure says this he casts his wing towards Vecransyh and he catches the small Pokemon in his arms. He looks down at her,
"Can you walk?" The girl looks up at him weakly and nods,
"Yes, I'll be fine..." Vecransyh nods and looks back to the figure,
"Go back to the Pokemon center and head to room 8C. There you will find Yakira and Xylina. I want you to tell them what happened to me after you get fixed up can you do that for me?" The girl nods and surprises him by locking him into a kiss. Vecransyh blinks as she ends it,
"Just come back safely... and thank you for saving my life." Vecransyh quickly regains himself and sets down the small Pokemon,
"Don't worry I will. Make sure to tell them I'll be back as soon as I can." Vecransyh hesitates greatly as he takes a step towards the portal the small Pokemon disappearing out of the alleyway,
"You try to run and I won't hesitate to use force!" Vecransyh gulps as he lays his hand on the black portal and feels a powerful blow to his back sending him flying through it. The giant Pokemon shadow walks on its four legs through the portal. Just as the portal begins to close a figure lands from jumping off one of the roofs above the alley and passes through it with a stern look on his face,
"I think it's time I made myself known..."

Vecransyh falls through the portal and lands on his hands and knees looking at the ground as he catches himself. The air around him is dense and he takes a deep breath before he stands up and looks around at where he was sent to. He struggles to stand slightly at the heavy increase in gravity in the area,
"W-where am I?!" Vecransyh watches as the giant figure moves in front of him looking down darkly. Its body is now slightly lit, the creature looks like an incredibly large sphinx-like Pokemon with three gold rings disconnected at the front of his neck as a long red and black striped line runs from his neck under him. Around his feet are the same type of rings in a slightly spiral design. His forehead has an upward-facing crescent moon the same gold color and hooked gold horns around his mouth that curve out into large spikes to each side of his head. On his back are huge clack wings with large red claws at the ends of them. His skin is a semi-dark grey color with black stripes around his legs,
"You're in my world now, a world on the opposite side of yours."
"You haven't given me a straight answer yet. Who are you?!"
"I am Giratina and be more careful with your tone my lord." Vecransyh takes a step back with a look of fear on his face,
"You're the ultimate evil of the prophecy!!" Giratina nods,
"You are destined to take this path. Join me now and together we will rule. You will be endowed with all of my power and your true destiny will be fulfilled!" Vecransyh shakes his head as he closes his eyes clenching his fists,
"I'll never join you!! Ever!!" Not even a second after Vecransyh ends his sentence Giratina throws down his claws pinning Vecransyh to the ground with one of the red spikes dug almost fully into his shoulder. Vecransyh lets out a scream of agony as he's pinned onto his back,

Meanwhile the female Pokemon has only recently finished her brief healing session and is walking down the hall upstairs looking up at the room numbers as she passes them. Now in the light of the hallway her body is more visible then it was outside. Her body is a tan color and her lower body looks like she's wearing a pair of bell-bottom pants. In front of her head are two small, black strands of hair that branch off away from each other and behind her lightly brushing the ground as she steps is, what appears to be, a pair of black jaws with a tan circle on the top,
(3C... 4C... 5C... 6C... was it 7C or 8C?) She stops in front of the door with 7C on it and shrugs, "Well if this isn't it them I'm certain to get it next try." She knocks on the door and patiently waits with her hands joined behind her waist. A few moments later the door opens revealing a sleepy looking Kazamaru who looks around before looking down,
"A... Mawile...?" The Mawile nods,
"Sorry for disturbing you, I was looking for Yakira and Xylina." Kazamaru lets out a loud yawn and points to the door to his left,
"One door down..." The Pokemon bows slightly and begins walking in the pointed direction. Mawile heads to the next door and repeats her earlier process waiting for the door to open. She takes a step back when the door opens quickly revealing a relieved looking Yakira who's expression changes to one of confusion when she sees the young steel-type,
"Can I help you?" Mawile tilts her head,
"Are you either Yakira or Xylina?" Yakira nods her head,
"Uhh... yeah I'm Yakira."
"It's about Vecransyh." Yakira's expression immediately changes to one of fear and worry,
"Come inside and tell me what happened..." After the door had closed behind them Yakira sits in a chair across a small table from Mawile, "So what happened to Vecransyh? Is he alright?" Mawile looks off to the side,
"I... I don't know... what happened was I was calling for help in this alleyway. I was being hurt by this huge black monster of a Pokemon but then Vecransyh showed up and rescued me from maybe being killed by it. He told me to come back here and tell you and Xylina not to worry and that he'll be back soon... it was then that he followed the huge thing through this portal of dark energy that appeared in the wall." Yakira shakes her head in disbelief,
"No... no... no... no... no... no..." Yakira is silent for a few minutes,
"Are you okay Yakira...?" Yakira snaps back to reality and shakes her head,
"You should go. Getting mixed up in all of this might not end well." Mawile shakes her head,
"I can't leave till I repay my dept to him." Yakira smiles,
"You're just like me. Well in that case make up a spot on the floor somewhere. The bed is... how can I say this without being rude..." Mawile makes a face as if she had just remembered something,
"Because the bed is reserved for his lovers? I know who you both are now. You're the princess of ice, the legend of Sinnoh." Yakira nods,
"The same." Mawile lets out a deep sigh of relief,
"Well that's good; I've been traveling the regions looking for any of the legends for a long time now and haven't even found one!"
"So who are you? Do you have a name?" Mawile shakes her head,
"No I don't have a name but everyone knows me. I'm practically famous in all the regions." Yakira blinks,
"Not always good to have people who know who you are you can trust me on that." The small Pokemon giggles,
"Well that's the thing. People know of me but few have seen me. I'm the legend of Hoenn." Yakira looks stunned,
"We heard you were in Sunnyshore but I never thought I'd get to meet you! You're the strongest out of all of us right?" Mawile blushes lightly,
"Well I don't know about strongest but I can hold my own against any of you." Yakira gives her a serious look,
"Listen, there's a hunter who's after each of us. By now he must have acquired Styx and he's already in possession of Thanatos. Since there was a report about you being in Sunnyshore then you can be sure that he's coming here solely to get you." Mawile nods,
"Me and you are made to fight together. If we focus on Thanatos and take him down first while avoiding the attacks from Styx it should be an easy victory. I can stop both of their first attacks and then I can do an incredibly high amount of damage to Thanatos. Hit them both with blizzard and that should take down Thanatos. Then you hit Styx with thunderbolt and I'll attack him as well. Be sure to destiny bond if you're about to fall and I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen." Yakira smiles,
"Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into doing this."
"A lot actually. I've studied each of their fighting styles and abilities and Thanatos is the only one who can beat me making him required for us to take down first."

Meanwhile back at Team Galactic H.Q. Cyrus is standing near the exit next to the four Admins and a handful of grunts,
"Everyone now is the time that we will be moving on Sunnyshore. The fourth legend is our target so look for any Pokemon of the Hoenn region that does not have an owner. Leave no stone unturned." Damian takes a step into the building,
"And I will be accompanying you to make sure those kids don't get in the way." Cyrus gives him an odd look,
"And you are?"
"My name is Damian and I'm hunting the four legends to keep them as my own." Cyrus nods,
"Fine but just remember that we'll be completing our scan of her first then you're free to do as you will." Damian nods,
"Fine." With that all of the Team Galactic admins and Grunts exit the building and begin heading south towards Sunnyshore city accompanied by Damian,
(Having these fools hunting for me should save a lot of time... having them scan her first doesn't matter as long as they don't try something.)

The group wakes up simultaneously with the exception of Yakira and Mawile to an emergency intercom in their rooms,
"People of Sunnyshore this is Volkner. I do not want anyone to be alarmed. Please keep calm and evacuate the city as quickly as possible. We have received a message from the leader of Team Galactic that there will be a search of the city tonight and that there is no cause for alarm as long as they do not meet with any resistance."

A few minutes pass and the group meets down in a vacant lobby of the Pokemon center. Kazamaru looks around as Xylina comes into the room,
"Where's Vec?" Xylina shakes her head,
"Neither of us know where he is but he's okay. What are we going to do about Team Galactic?" Kazamaru scratches his head,
"Well Volkner said that they're here to search the city. They must be looking for something." Scarlet tilts her head as she sees Mawile and Yakira enter the room,
"Who's the Mawile?" Mawile smiles,
"I'm the legend of Hoenn." Everyone's expression turns to a stunned one and Kazamaru speaks,
"It's you. You're the one they're after!" Yakira looks angrily at him,
"Look Kaza. It doesn't matter who they're here for! They're Team Galactic and we should do something about them!" Latias nods in agreement,
"She's right. What we need to do is split up and take them down one by one. What we need to do is send a person to each main point in the city where a main search will be conducted." Tara grins,
"Right. Let's do this!" The group then spreads out covering main points of the city. Yakira and Mawile stands in front of a large rock formation that looks somewhat like a giant Munchlax, Latias and Stratos are in front of the gym, Xylina stays in the Pokemon center in Vecransyh's room being unable to safely fight, Scarlet stands at the entrance to the city along with Kazamaru and Tara stands near the northern exit of the city.

Meanwhile Team Galactic and Damian have reached Lake Valor's hotel and have turned down the road towards Sunnyshore past a large group of people and Volkner. Cyrus looks over as Volkner approaches him,
"Just get whatever you're looking for and go back to where you came from." Cyrus chuckles,
"Looks like you evacuated the city for us. Good, you follow orders well Volkner. We'll be done within three hours." Without saying another word Cyrus continues down the road towards the city. Near the entrance of the city Cyrus stops when Scarlet and Kazamaru step out into their path. Cyrus growls,
"It's two of those kids... we don't have time for this! GET OUT OF OUR WAY!!" Kazamaru and Scarlet both draw pokeballs from their belts and Kazamaru lets out a chuckle,
"Not gonna happen." Cyrus turns his head slightly to the admins next to him,
"Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, take them out." The three admins walks forward and Cyrus, Neptune, the grunts and Damian all walk by Kazamaru and Scarlet,
"Hey come back!" Cyrus chuckles not even looking at them,
"You're occupied right now..." Scarlet and Kazamaru turn back to the three admins and Kazamaru whispers to Scarlet,
"That was Damian with them!"
"That could be trouble..." Walking next to Cyrus Neptune turns his head to look at him,
"Sir, do you think it was a good idea to leave three of our admins so soon?"
"Our strength is more then enough to take down the rest of those fools. I will be heading to the gym for the search." Cyrus turns around to address everyone, "I want you Grunts to head to the north exit. Neptune I want you to head east of the city and search there. If we've met two of the kids already then the rest should be here. Search avoiding them if you can but do not use any resistance if you are met with a battle. Move out!" Damian starts walking next to Neptune as he walks away from the group,
"You have a tendency to succeed where many of the other Galactics fail so I'm coming with you." Neptune nods,
"Fine then. I promised I'd get you Yakira anyway." Within a minute of walking Damian and Neptune stop walking when they see Yakira and Mawile standing against them ready for battle. Damian grins darkly,
"The Mawile is the fourth legend there can be no other explanation for one of those being here." Neptune takes a step forward,
"This shouldn't be too hard then." Damian throws his arm out stopping Neptune,
"Stand down Neptune. These two are mine. You can have them if I lose so in short, you won't be doing any fighting." Neptune takes a step back as Damian walks forward releasing both Thanatos and Styx. Yakira flinches when she meets the gaze of Thanatos and hears his voice in her head,
"Nine years I've had to follow you and this time you've got nowhere to hide when you fall!" Mawile turns her head and looks towards Yakira,
"Focus! Remember our battle plan!" Yakira nods and prepares her attack,
"Let's do this!!"

Tara smiles as several grunts approach her,
"Bring it on!!!!" All of the grunts release Skuntanks and Golbats and Tara releases all of her Pokemon in six flashes of light and she throws her arm forward, "Go!!!"

Meanwhile in front of the gym Cyrus steps off of the glass walkway onto the hard ground in front of the gym on top of a small plateau and he growls when Stratos and Latias come into view. Latias is in her normal form,
"You think you can stop me?" Latias simply smiles as she narrows her eyes,
"I was about to say the same thing. You must be the leader of Team Galactic." Stratos goes into his battle stance as Arcanine, Swampert, Ren and Roze appear from their pokeballs. Roze turns her head towards Ren,
"I'll take care of Azura." Ren nods as he goes into a pouncing stance and Roze disappears back into the couple's ball. Cyrus smirks,
"Well at least give me a good fight because it'll be your last."
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