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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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8 Months

"U-uncle Latios?" The anthro Latios is silent for a moment,
"Since when was I an uncle...?" Latios turns and looks down at Stratos, "to a Lucario... huh. Well, I'm sure there's a logical explanation." Latios shimmers brightly and changes into his normal form and now looks exactly like the Latios clone, "Leave this one to me." Latios glares at his clone and suddenly rushes towards it taking the clone by surprise and barreling into it with all of his force. Latios puts his arms around the dragon clone from behind and soars into the air as the clone fights to break free but to no avail. Shortly after reaching above the clouds Latios tightens his grip and smiles with an evil grin, "Ready?" The clone manages to turn its head and give a slightly questioning and frightened look before it lets out a screech when Latios begins going into a spiraling freefall. And within a few feet of the ground Latios releases his copy forcing it to keep its momentum and the clone smashes into the ground making a large shockwave and crater on impact. Latios smirks as he looks up at Cyrus, "That was supposed to pass for me?" Cyrus simply smirks and Latios opens his mouth to speak but is suddenly blasted into the air by a dragon pulse followed up by the clone slamming into him with full force before slashing him repeatedly with its claws. Latios reels from the attacks for a moment before he crashes into the ground in front of Stratos bloodied and battered by the onslaught. Cyrus lets out a laugh after he watches the beating,
"Never take your eyes off your opponent Latios." Latios floats up and smirks wiping some blood from his mouth with his claws and wiping it on his cheeks like war paint,
"Looks like he could pass for me after all." Latios punches the clone in the face and hooks it with his other hand before spinning slamming it with his wing and then goes down and spins up upper cutting the clone into the air and blasts it with a ball of purple energy. Latios soars up in a sudden burst of speed and slams his head into the clone's spine. Latios makes a few deep cuts with his claws in the clone's back before he puts both of his claws against it and all around them both is a blinding light. Stratos blinks a few times before the light is too bright to see and he covers his eyes. Inside the light Latios is beating the ever-living crap out of the clone flying back and forth slashing it with his claws repeatedly tearing it apart. As the light begins to fade Latios finishes his ruthless beating with a punch that sends the Latios clone far off of the plateau and it simply falls into the sea making a huge explosion of water on impact. Latios floats back down with his gaze locked on Cyrus as he breathes heavily from the extreme output of energy, "Never mind. That thing could never pass for me. It's far too weak." Cyrus grits his teeth glaring at the Eon Pokemon before he finally smiles and folds his arms,
"It matters not. As long as the DNA of the fourth legend is obtained then this mission is still a success. Now run along kiddies, I have work to do." Cyrus takes a small, black, sphere out of his coat pocket and throws it down making a huge explosion of black smoke. Latios smirks and fires a dragon pulse dispersing the air but Cyrus had already escaped by that time. Latios turns back into his anthro form and sighs,
"Dang, he got away..." Latios and Stratos stand silent for a few minutes before Latios finally turns around and looks down at his nephew, "Come on. We need to get all of your Pokemon to the center along with my sister." Stratos nods without objection and Latios picks up Latias putting her on his back and the three head across a glass road and down some stairs to the Pokemon center and they walk in the doors.

Latios looks around before he lets out an annoyed grunt, "No nurse... I forgot that this city evacuates if they get a threat... I suppose we'll just have to chill here for a while whilst we wait for things to go back to normal." Latios walks over to a couch and sits down on it leaving Latias next to him leaning against the couch looking more asleep then unconscious. Stratos heads over and puts all of his pokeballs into the healing machine and then walks over to the couches and sits across on the couch parallel to the one Latios is sitting on and leans forward with a smile,
"Uncle Latios I thought you were dead!" Latios nods,
"I was. It's actually a fairly quick story but I was told to tell it to everyone in this little group of yours. Any idea where they are?" Stratos opens his mouth to speak but gets interrupted when the doors of the Pokemon center burst open and Yakira rushes in carrying a passed out Mawile in her arms,
"MEDIC!!!!!" Yakira looks around frantically trying to locate the nurse but stops cold when she realizes that everyone was evacuated. Yakira heads to the emergency room and disappears through the doors leaving Stratos and Latios wondering what could have happened,
"Was that one of your group?" Stratos nods,
"I'm not sure if Mawile is part of our group but yeah that was Yakira." Latios nods,
"Maybe I should go see if I can help at all..." Latios stands up and Stratos gives him a questioning look,
"Can I help at all?" Latios smiles lightly shaking his head,
"That's okay. You just stay here. I'll be back to talk later." Stratos lets out a sigh and picks up his guitar from the side of the couch and begins playing it. Latios disappears through the emergency room doors and finds Yakira floating in front of an operating table with Mawile laying on it and Yakira looks like she has no idea what to do next. She jumps slightly when she sees Latios,
"You're... Latios...?" Latios raises a hand to silence her,
"Yes, I'm here to help. What's the situation with this one?" Yakira sighs with a sorrowful expression,
"There was a huge battle and long story short she used Lunar Dance..." Latios looks slightly shocked by the news and walks over to the operating table and examines Mawile running his hand over the wound in her side,
"And poisoned as well?" Yakira nods and Latios places his hands on Mawile and they begin to glow in a blue light, "The best I can do is slow the poison and heal her wound. This is a kind of poison that I've never seen before and I can't cure it. Being a steel type her body has a high resistance to poison so her immune system should be able to fight it off now that I've stopped its movement through her body but the effect of Lunar Dance... what could have possessed her to use such an attack?" Yakira looks down with a guilty expression,
"It was my fault... I was beaten and she was too. She used Lunar Dance on me so we could win..." Latios nods,
"I see... well, she didn't die immediately which is a good sign. Her breathing is normal but weak and her heartbeat isn't at a steady enough pace. She's got the will to live but if we don't get a professional in here now then she'll most likely die." Latios turns to the now crying Froslass, "Who were you fighting?" Yakira wipes away a tear,
"Styx and Thanatos." Latios gives her a bewildered expression,
"Both at once?!" Yakira nods, "And you won... that must mean you're the legend of Sinnoh which would make her..." Latios turns back to Mawile and lays a hand on her side, "It would be a tragedy for one of the legends to die... it must not happen at all costs." Yakira gives him a questioning look,
"You act like it would be the end of the world or something." Latios glances at her saying nothing and returns to looking at Mawile with his hands still radiating blue on her,
"Is the battle over?" Yakira scratches her head,
"Well, I don't know. Did you come with Stratos?" Latios nods,
"Yes. We just returned from fighting the leader of Team Galactic. He had some pretty nasty Pokemon too. I don't know what would of happened if I hadn't shown up when I did. Could you go see where the others in your group are?" Yakira nods and heads over to the doors. Yakira rests her hand on one of the double door and the other suddenly opens allowing Neptune and Nurse Joy to enter the room. Joy heads over to the operating table and Neptune looks over at Yakira and his eyes lock with hers,
"She's going to be okay now. I'll go tell the others that the evacuation can be over and everyone will return to the city within a small while. You won't see me till the Pokemon league." Yakira nods,
"Bye Neptune." Neptune waves as he disappears through the door and a few moments later Yakira walks back into the lobby and sits down on one of the couches near Stratos. Latias sits next to him fully recovered having regained consciousness and healed herself. Stratos holds a few pieces of paper in his hands that are folded,
"Why did Neptune give me this?" Latias shrugs,
"Maybe it's just for you?" Stratos lies down on the couch and unfolds the paper and begins reading as he moves a few pages out from behind it. Latias looks at Yakira's worried expression and tilts her head,
"What's the matter?"
"Mawile got hurt in our battle with Styx and Thanatos. She ended up using Lunar Dance but it looks like she's going to survive." Latias smiles lightly,
"That's good to hear. Where's everyone else?" As if to answer her question the doors burst open and Kazamaru stands with his arms outstretched looking incredibly triumphant,
"Kaza's here!!!" Kazamaru and Scarlet walk over to the couches and sit down after putting their Pokemon into the healing machine. Kazamaru looks over to Yakira, "Hey, where's Mawile and Xylina?" Yakira blinks realizing that Xylina was still in the room,
"I'll go get Xylina. Mawile used Lunar Dance and she's in critical condition but it looks like she's going to live." With that Yakira disappears up the stairs. Scarlet looks down,
"Lunar Dance... I didn't know Mawile could use that attack I thought only Cresselia could use it?" Latias nods,
"That's true but maybe that's what makes her a legend?" Scarlet looks up with a smile and nods,
"Yeah that would make more sense."

Meanwhile in an unknown location Styx is running his newly repaired sickle blades over one another as he leans back against a building. Thanatos stands across from him leaned up against a wall with his arms folded and Damian is lying against the same wall as Thanatos lying down with his arms folded apparently asleep,
"You just let me get beat. Why the hell didn't you help me back there? We would've easily won." Styx looks up at the Typhlosion and lets his sickles fall to his sides,
"Why does it matter what happened to you? He ordered me to kill them in the long run anyway. Besides, I work alone. That's how it's always been anyway." Thanatos punches the wall behind him and spouts a puff of fire,
"That's your excuse?! You let me get my ass handed to me simply because you like to fight alone?! You got beaten anyway and your arms got broken off so I suppose you got what was coming to you." The blood-red Kabutops shrugs,
"I only got beat because Yakira unleashed her final impact on me. She is now stronger then both of us combined. If we're going to succeed in bringing together the four legends under a single trainer then we need to unlock our own final impacts." Styx and Thanatos both look over to Damian as he speaks,
"Explain to me what a final impact is." Styx looks back to Thanatos,
"Would you like to or should I?" Thanatos nods,
"Go right ahead."
"When a final impact is uncontained it could level a large building but if contained properly as was demonstrated by Yakira, it gives the wielder unimaginable strength and all of their normal attacks are magnified 10-fold. The final impact itself can only be used a single time each year by the wielder. If used again the user dies on the spot. The final impact forms together the maximum power of every attack of the user's type multiplied 10 times and forms it into a single burst of energy. Yakira did not use her final impact though; she simply used the power of it surging through her body to break my arms off. The final impact is of the unknown type making it impervious to type difference. It is greater in power to the Judgment attack of Arceus himself."
"How is it that you know so much about this attack if Yakira is the first of you to ever unlock its power?" Styx shakes his head,
"Yakira is the first of us four yes, but she is not the first legend in history. The information about the final impact comes from the previous legends before us. You see, the legends are all reborn after all four have died. The interesting thing is that we are always reborn as a different form. For example the previous Kanto legend was a Kangaskhan."
"Then you two must figure out how to unlock your impacts so we can capture Yakira. Mawile is dead yes?" Styx shakes his head,
"I still sense her so she's still alive but her body is weak and frail right now so she will soon be dead. If not from Lunar Dance my poison should finish her off."

Neptune stands in front of Cyrus back in the Galactic building and Cyrus waves the black hair from Mawile's head back and forth with a dark smile on his face,
"Excellent work as always Neptune. Go ahead and take this down to the lab for the scan." Neptune takes the hair back from Cyrus and turns to walk to the door, "Yes. After all of the DNA is collected over the next eight months we will soon become rulers of the world." Neptune turns dropping his hood and looks directly at Cyrus,
"In eight months my contract is complete and I'm free from Team Galactic. That's also when the Pokemon league is and there's no way I'm missing that." Cyrus folds his hands on the desk,
"Ah yes I forgot about our agreement. You've been faithful so far Neptune so keep it up and you shall indeed be free in eight months." Neptune turns his back to Cyrus and opens the door,
"And when I finally leave I will stop experiment 494." Cyrus chuckles,
"You can try but I doubt it'll do any good." Neptune brings his hood back over his head and walks down the hallway and after heading into the lab to drop off the DNA of Mawile he retires to his room where he finds Mars waiting for him,
"There you are. How'd the talk with Cyrus go?" Neptune strips off his coat and sits down on the bed,
"It went well. I just can't wait for these next eight months to be up."
"That's the day you're leaving right?"
"Yeah... I don't belong here."
"Did you give that little Lucario your note?" Neptune turns his head to look at her,
"The song? Yeah."

Hours pass before the city of Sunnyshore has been refilled with its residents and everyone in the group with the exception of Vecransyh sits around on the couches as Stratos plays his guitar. Yakira floats through the doors into the emergency room where she finds Latios and Joy,
"How is she?" Latios looks at her with a smile,
"She's going to be fine. She needs a few days of bed rest though so if you could take her up to your room that would be excellent." Yakira nods and carefully picks up Mawile and disappears through the doors a moment later. Latios turns to Joy with a smile, "Thank you. I'm sure you know what you prevented." Joy nods,
"Let's just be grateful she wasn't in a more critical condition." Latios lets out a long breath as he approaches the doors,
"See ya later." Joy waves to him as he disappears through the doors and appears in the lobby.

Latios walks over to the couches behind Latias and everyone's jaw drops as they see Latios and Latias looks at all of them in confusion before she feels two hands on her shoulders, "Feeling better?" Latias turns her head slowly and blinks a few times as she sees her brother,
"You're... that Latios clone." Latios runs his hand through his sapphire hair as he smiles,
"That old thing? Nah, it could never pass for me." Latias is silent in shock for a good minute before tears start forming in her eyes,
"Is... is it... really.... You...?" Latios shimmers as he changes into his normal form and holds his arms open,
"Come give your big brother a hug." Latias literally leaps off the couch and tightly embraces her brother crying loudly into his shoulder,
"I thought you were dead!!!" Latios pats her on the back and looks over at the doors of the Pokemon center as Neo walks in and looks at the loving embrace with a barely visible smile under his hood. After a few minutes Latios and Latias are sitting next to one another on the couch with Stratos sitting to Latias' left. Neo sits on the last unoccupied couch and next to him sit an anthro Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre the Kyogre being the only girl of the three. On Neo's other side is the female Lucario Allie, "So you revived him from the soul dew? How is it you have the kind of power?" Neo chuckles,
"It's a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long story. I'll just say I have the power of darkness and I was able to use it to revive Latios with the help of my children of course." Kazamaru blinks as he looks at the anthro Pokemon sitting next to Neo,
"Wow, you must get more then Vec does." Neo blinks as he looks over at Kazamaru,
"...what? No, they were actually made in a laboratory with my DNA as the parental gene which technically makes me their father. Their names are Terra, Drako and Aqua." Suddenly everyone looks towards the doors when they burst open revealing a very depressed-looking man who looks similar to Kazamaru only much taller,
"My gym is gone... why is my gym gone?" Stratos looks around at all of the eyes looking at him and he starts to sweat,
"It wasn't me it was Lugia and Heatran!!!!" Volkner walks over to the couches and looks around at everyone,
"You're all the kids who took on Team Galactic?" Everyone nods, "Who knows what other damage could have been done if you hadn't have stopped them? Anyway, my gym is gone which means I can't hold legal gym battles..." he takes a few gym badges out of his pocket and tosses one to each of them, "You can just have these. As thanks for... saving the town or something like that." Volkner then walks out of the Pokemon center with his head hung. Kazamaru turns the badge over in his hand,
"Huh, guess that's one way to earn a gym badge." Xylina sighs,
"Vecransyh hasn't come back yet... I don't think we should leave until we find him." Yakira puts an arm around her,
"Don't worry. I'm sure he's fine and he's making his way back here as we speak."

"JOIN ME!!!!" Giratina slams his claw into Vecransyh's arm making him cry out in agony and Vecransyh looks up at him breathing heavily,
"I'll... never join you..." In the shadows the figure lets out a breath,
"Two days and he's still not broken... I guess he's proven himself. Time to intervene." The figure walks out from the shadows and puts two of his fingers to his mouth before letting out a loud whistle. Giratina looks up and looks slightly baffled at the appearance of the boy,
"Who are you? How did you get here?" The boy stands his ground smirking at the legendary,
"I came here two days ago when you dragged this kid here. As for whom I am, you may call me..." The boy goes into a fighting stance, "Crowe."
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