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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Battle Royal

Back in the reverse world the shadowed figure stays out of view and detection from Giratina as he leans back on a discolored, purple tree watching Vecransyh's torture,
"Come on Vec. If you're not even going to try I'm not helping you." Giratina continues piercing Vecransyh with only a single one of his wing claws splashing blood onto the ground with each stab,
"JUST SWEAR YOUR ALLIEGENCE TO ME AND THIS WILL ALL STOP!!!" The wounding is a mixture of stabs and recovers so Vecransyh feels the full force of all of the strikes but suffers no injury after Giratina heals him a moment later. Vecransyh lets out another shriek of pure agony and he looks up at Giratina defiantly as he breathes heavily with the momentary stop of strikes,
"Fuck you." An oddly dark smile passes across the legendary Pokemon's face as it drives a spike into his upper leg causing another scream of agony. The figure crosses his arms as he watches,
"Kid's got some mental stamina I'll give him that much."

(Every battle in the following scenes takes place at the exact same time.)

Meanwhile Scarlet and Kazamaru stare down the three admins who all send out three Pokemon each, three Golbats, three Bronzongs, Saturn releases a Toxicroak, Mars releases a Purugly and Jupiter releases a Skuntank. Scarlet releases all of her Pokemon from their pokeballs and Kaza tilts his head at Gallade,
"Where's Bane?" Gallade turns his head and smiles,
"Plopped him down in front of the TV. Kid's not goin anywhere." Jupiter lets out one of the most insane laughs you could possibly think of and simply moves her arm out,
"Skuntank. Dark pulse." The Skunk Pokemon rears back on her hind legs and slams down hard as a pulse of dark energy envelopes all of Scarlet's Pokemon taking all of them down at once in a huge cloud of black smoke. There is a silence as no-one can see what's going on and when the smoke finally clears Scarlet looks shocked at all of her Pokemon knocked out on the ground except for Gallade who still stands with his fists clenched. Scarlet recalls them all and looks over to Kazamaru,
"This might not be pretty. He does this every time someone knocks out Gardevoir." Kazamaru grins,
"This should be interesting." In a brief flash of blinding speed the three Golbats are struck hard by Gallade's blades of psychic energy and fall to the ground. Gallade turns his head looking back at the admins with a smirk before all three of them hold out their hands and speak simultaneously with dark smirks,
"Gyro ball." All three of the Bronzongs begin spinning at a high speed and Gallade smiles as he goes into a battle stance,
"BRING IT ON!!!!!" Scarlet gives Kazamaru a worried expression,
"He can't do this by himself why haven't you brought anyone out yet?!" Kazamaru takes a pokeball off his belt,
"If I had all of mine would have been hit by that dark pulse too." Suddenly Gallade takes the full force of the three Pokemon's attacks and flies backwards landing in front of the two on his back,
"You know what we should do during this year Scarlet?" Scarlet takes Gallade's pokeball off of her belt,
"What's that?"
"Train more. We kinda all got one hit KO'd except for me." Scarlet nods,
"I promise we'll step it up." Gallade disappears into the ball and Scarlet bows swishing her arm in front of Kazamaru, "All yours hon." Kazamaru spins three pokeballs on his finger with a grin,
"Here we go! Triple threat!" Saturn chimes in,
"Lame name!" Kazamaru blinks and he releases Tyranitar, Aggron and Rhydon from their pokeballs,
"Dude, you're named after a planet. It works for Mars and Jupiter but not you. Lame name dude." The two female admins start giggling and Saturn becomes enraged,
"Saturn isn't even my real name!!!!!" Kazamaru shrugs,
"Well whatever. Guys? Like we practiced!! T.A.R. triple threat attack!!!" All three Pokemon roar and disappear in a puff of smoke leaving behind a small doll that looks like the baby in a Kangaskhan's pouch. The three admins eyes go wide and they all order a full-on onslaught of attacks on the substitutes being stopped instantly when all three of them use Fake-out to stop the six Pokemon in their tracks. Kazamaru smirks and snaps his fingers. The ground begins to quake as all three of the mighty Pokemon create an earthquake only hitting Purugly, Skuntank and Toxicroak because of the Bronzong's hovering. This powerful attack breaks all three substitutes and the three Pokemon throw focus punches at an angle so they all collide making an giant fist of energy that hits all of the opposing Pokemon. Then all three use Iron defense coating themselves in a thick layer of steel plating and then Rhydon and Tyranitar transfer the defense boost to Aggron with Baton pass. Shortly after they both punch Aggron with simultaneous focus punches and a moment later Aggron forms a huge Metal burst in his claws and punches the ground sending an incredibly powerful wave of energy that envelopes and defeats all of the Pokemon. Kazamaru throws his hand into the air and his three tanks all join in a four-way high-five, "Now THAT'S what I call total obliteration!! Better luck next time Galactic wimps and a tip for the future? Evolve your Golbats. Might have been a little harder to take down that way and clearly you're doing something right with that Skuntank so you might want to pass that on to the rest of your Pokemon." Saturn grunts as he returns his Pokemon to their pokeballs,
"Dammit, but I'm sure we stalled long enough." Suddenly everyone watches as Neptune runs passed them without a word.

Meanwhile Tara's Pokemon are all paralyzed incredibly weakened by all of the grunt's Pokemon. Tara grits her teeth,
(We can't lose here! Not to a bunch of grunts!!) Suddenly Tara hears a thud to her left and turns her head to see Onym standing there with Molly by his side along with his Politoed Supersonic,
"Need a hand?" Tara nods with a weak smile,
"Couldn't hurt." Onym looks over to Supersonic then to Molly,
"Okay guys..." Suddenly a Wobbufet bursts from the sand in front of them and salutes as he speaks his own name. The Galactic grunts order a wave of paralyzing waves but Onym just smiles as Wobbufet puts up his guard creating a huge shield of energy that absorbs all of the attacks, "Now then. As I was saying... Supersonic? Molly? Make them perish. You." Onym points to Tara, "Recall your Pokemon and cover your ears." Tara does as she is instructed and the Politoed takes a deep breathe and lets out what sounds like a song that would drive anyone insane if they didn't die from it first. Onym then nods with a smile towards Molly, "You're up girl." Molly nods and leaps to the front lines closing her eyes for a moment before she opens then glaring darkly at all of the opposing Pokemon causing them all to be enveloped by a thin layer of psychic energy. The grunts try calling their Pokemon back but the glare prevents the beams from working and one by one all of their Pokemon start to fall. Onym returns his three Pokemon to their pokeballs and releases Molly a moment later, "Great job everybody." Tara blinks,
"That was incredible!" Onym turns his head and looks at her,
"My name's Onym." Molly nuzzles his leg lovingly,
"And he's aaaaaall mine!" Tara giggles,
"Looks like she really likes you." Onym picks Molly up into his arms,
"All my Pokemon like me." Tara blinks,
(Clueless much...?) "Well anyway, my name's Tara."

"So where's that little punk at?" Damian snickers as the four legends stand their ground. Yakira glares darkly at Damian,
"I'm looking at him." Damian scowls,
"We'll see how tough you are in about five seconds." Mawile snickers,
"My thoughts exactly." Mawile rushes at the two then stops and simply looks up at them. Thanatos and Styx both swing for an attack but are both slammed into a nearby wall when Mawile swings her jaws into them. Mawile then jumps towards Thanatos as her hand glows a bright, silvery color and she punches hard into Thanatos' gut. The Typhlosion coughs up a spurt of blood before him and Thanatos are blasted by a powerful blizzard of icy shards. Mawile lets out a shriek of pain as she feels Styx' sickle slide easily into her side and then he ignites in fire before hitting her across the face with the blunt side of his other sickle. Mawile skids across the ground a little before she gets up clutching her bleeding waist. Thanatos and Styx both pry themselves from the wall and glare at the two. Without hesitation Mawile and Yakira continue their attacking on Thanatos dealing heavy damage to the Typhlosion barely managing to avoid his fiery blasts and slashing claws. Styx simply folds his arms and observes and after a few minutes of ruthless beating Thanatos turns his head looking over to Styx,
"Any time you'd like to help would be fantastic you bastard!!" Styx watches as Thanatos is blasted again into the wall and takes a simultaneous shadow ball and Meteor Mash knocking him out cold. Damian Glares at Styx,
"What are you doing?! Get in there and take them down!!!!" Styx nods and looks at Mawile,
"I'm sure you've realized what I did to you." Mawile gives him an odd look before she winces at a strange feeling filling her body,
"What... did you do!?" She falls to her knees clutching her wound which now has started to seep a small amount of green fluid. Styx runs his sickles over each other making a ringing sound,
"One of the reasons why I'm so deadly is because my sickles have their own toxic venom inside of them. On contact with a wound it poisons the victim." Mawile coughs up a small amount of blood,
"But I'm a steel type!!" Styx lets out a screeching cackle,
"No Pokemon is safe..." As soon as Styx finishes his sentence he is struck by an intense thunderbolt. Styx shakes his head rapidly and his entire body becomes coated in flames, "You'll regret that princess of ice." Meanwhile Mawile has guided her jaws to her wound and has started making an attempt to suck out the poison slowing the pain a great deal. Styx slams Yakira in the side before throwing his other sickle down slashing her down her cheek. Styx scowls, "Damn, missed the poison." Damian folds his arms with an unimpressed look,
"You know what? Just kill them. I've had enough of trying to capture the weak ones." Styx' eyes light up in bloodlust and he spins rapidly and slams into Yakira in a fury of flames and jumps back slightly recoiled from the attack stabbing his sickle into her side pulling it out of her from the front spraying blood onto the ground as she falls to the ground in agony. Yakira lays on her back looking over to Mawile, who has also collapsed and grips her side numbing a slight amount of the pain,
"Guess... this is it..." Mawile responds by standing weakly followed by an evil cackle from Styx, "Oh please, that poison in your system has all but taken you down. Just die and stop being such a stubborn little..." Styx is cut off when Mawile begins lightly waving her arms and a transparent moon shape forms around her. Yakira notices the dance and looks towards the Hoenn legend in horror,
"That attack!?!? No!!! You can't...! Gah!" Yakira collapses in pain looking up at her and Mawile looks back at Yakira with a smile,
"I'm finished anyway. Tell Vecransyh that I'm sorry I couldn't repay my dept to him..." Mawile then lets out a breath and falls forward. The moon-like shape around her turns into sparkles of energy that all flow into Yakira and she gets up healed of her mortal wound with a dark look on her face and Damian bursts into laughter,
"She wasn't even worth having if she was so willing to give her own life!! Turns out the fourth was just as worthless as you Yakira!!" Yakira begins surging with electricity and begins shaking slightly from all of the anger building inside her. Damian takes a step back when all of the electricity turns into an aura and begins swirling with shadow energy. Styx lunges at her and Yakira grabs his sickles in her hands flicking her wrists breaking them both off. Styx recoils in agony taking a few steps back and Yakira takes a step forward placing her hand on his chest. Suddenly all of her aura surges into the hand placed on Styx and it pulses into him,
"Run while you still can Damian." Damian returns Thanatos and Styx to their pokeballs along with Styx' broken sickles and follows her advice sprinting away. Yakira glares at Neptune leaning on a wall with his hood thoroughly covering his face, "You gonna run too or do you just want to die right now?!?!" Neptune is silent for a moment as he looks at her,
"You've had this power all along?" The calmness of his voice surprises Yakira and she blinks as the aura starts to dissipate. She looks down at Mawile and after a minute she calms down,
"Yes but it was untapped. All of us have the ability you just witnessed but as of now I am the only one who has been able to tap into it making me now the most powerful of the four." Neptune takes a step towards Mawile and leans down bringing her into his arms. He lays his head against her chest and smiles slightly,
"She's still alive but only barely." Yakira glares at him,
"You're not taking her." Neptune plucks one of the black hairs from the front of her head and slides it into his pocket,
"Lets go to the Pokemon center. One of the four legends dying when I could have stopped it would weigh too heavily on me." Yakira looks at him in disbelief and anger,
"You were going to step in!?" Neptune nods,
"I was waiting for you both to lose. I never could have foreseen Damian ordering Styx to kill you both." Neptune looks down, "I'm sorry..." Yakira and Neptune then begin walking in the direction of the Pokemon center,
"Something's weird about how calming you can be Neptune..." When they reach an intersection Neptune hands Mawile to Yakira,
"I'll be right back. Get her to the emergency room!" He then runs off and Yakira hurries the Pokemon center.

"Average Pokemon to say the least." Cyrus stands in front of Stratos, Latias and the other four Pokemon with a confident smirk as he takes three pokeballs off of his belt holding them in one hand between his fingers, "But you'll know why I am the leader of Team Galactic in a short while." Stratos growls,
"We can take anything you can dish out!!" Cyrus lets out a short laugh,
"Well then kid. How about we begin?" Cyrus throws the pokeballs and his three Pokemon appear in a flash of light. The first to appear is a huge white bird-like Pokemon with blue streaks on its eyes and two blue spikes that jut out from its tail. The second to appear is a small Pokemon with a white body and a yellow star on its head along with a blue tassel at each star point. Behind it flows two yellow wing-like strips. The third pokeball opens and Latias and Arcanine both flinch when Heatran appears. Arcanine goes into a pouncing stance as he roars,
"How?! I killed Heatran myself!!" Cyrus looks over to his Heatran with a smirk,
"And you did a fairly thorough job of it too. We were still able to gather enough DNA to clone him though." Arcanine lunges in a furious rage and Swampert throws her arm towards him calling him back. Arcanine gets within inches of Heatran before a giant white wing blocks his path and slams into him causing him to fly backwards into the wall of the gym. Cyrus scans over the Pokemon, (Of all of them Luxray would have the least amount of health so it should be the one to be taken out first by the first wave. Jirachi, be sure to freeze them for the first wave of attacks then Doom desire on Latias.) Jirachi glows as he thinks this and Cyrus folds his arms, "Everyone attack!! Lugia! Aeroblast! Heatran! Magma Storm!!" All of them try to get out of the way of the signature attacks but Jirachi simply continues glowing forcing the gravity around them to be intensified to the point where they can't move. The sheer might of the attacks makes all of them disappear into a surging vortex of fire and bladed wind. Cyrus laughs maniacally as he watches the immense destructive power of the attacks completely obliterating the gym behind them and smiles to himself as he listens to the few yells of pain, "Now let's see whose left shall we?" After a few minutes the vortex of flames subsides letting the heavily burned group of Pokemon come back into view. Surprisingly everyone is still standing and Arcanine smirks as his body radiates with a red aura. Jirachi glows placing doom desire onto Latias and Cyrus scowls, "Well that was unexpected." Lugia dives towards them and Arcanine unleashes Fire blast, Swampert fires a hydro pump, Ren unleashes a blast of thunder, Latias fires a dragon pulse and Stratos unleashes Sacred Fire. The Lugia clone flies upwards revealing the Heatran clone behind him and he barrels into Swampert knocking her onto her back and forms a Flash Cannon in his mouth but gets slammed in the side by Arcanine. Arcanine smirks and roars when a powerful Aeroblast hits him from above. The Lugia clone spins into a backwards barrel roll into a decent and slams its full weight into Arcanine making an explosion on impact. Ren unleashes a second thunder on the Lugia clone making it screech in pain before it fires another Aeroblast at them all. Latias intercepts the attack using herself as a shield and rains huge meteors out of a rift above them all. The Lugia clone and the Heatran clone are both slammed hard by the meteors but the Jirachi clone is nimble and small enough to avoid them all before unleashing a blasting wave of psychic energy that envelopes them all. The Lugia and Heatran clones shake off the attack and the Lugia clone beats its wings to the ground taking to the sky once again leaving an injured and unconscious Arcanine in a small crater in the ground. Swampert rushes towards the Heatran clone and slams it in the face when she brings her arm down. Heatran shrugs off the hit like it was nothing and unleashes a flash cannon sending Swampert backwards only to have her be pounded into the ground by an aerial Aeroblast. The Lugia clone glares at Ren when he strikes again with thunder and dive-bombs him. Ren leaps out of the way and the Lugia clone runs into a Dragon pulse from Latias. The Lugia clone reels from the attack and suddenly Ren is blasted off the plateau by a fire blast. Stratos rushes to the edge and Ren disappears into his pokeball only inches from the crashing waves and sharp rocks. Stratos leaps back avoiding another dive-bomb from the Lugia clone and throws an Aura Sphere that explodes on impact doing little damage but damage all the same. Roze appears from the couple's ball and cracks her knuckles,
"Ren's got Azura occupied but he's barely conscious. Let's do this quickly. What's the situation?" She looks at Latias as she says this,
"Heatran and Lugia clones. The Jirachi clone hasn't really done much of anything and we've got type advantage against Heatran. Lugia has been doing aerial attacks so it's hard to get a hit off on it." Roze gives her a thumbs-up,
"Got it. One Lugia clone coming up!" Roze jumps and encases her body in an Aqua Jet attack to propel herself upwards and she continuously sheds it forming another one to make herself go faster avoiding the few Aeroblasts that the Lugia clone would fire. The Heatran clone becomes distracted watching the Floatzel climb higher and higher and suddenly feels intense pain as Stratos rushes it striking it hundreds of times in succession before slamming a particularly potent Aura Sphere into its side sending it flying off of the plateau and thoroughly skewering the clone on the rocks below. Stratos looks down at the clone before he closes his eyes,
"That was for my dad." Meanwhile Roze propels herself a final time slamming powerfully into the Lugia clone's gut and sinks her teeth in pulsing darkness through the clone's veins. The Lugia clone screeches in pain after taking such an incredible blow and begins falling downwards towards the ground with Roze still underneath it. Stratos returns Roze to the ball and looks over towards Cyrus as the huge bird slams into the ground making a huge earthquake on impact. Stratos then trips when he hears Latias shriek in pain and he rushes over to her. Latias' body has small silver sparks emanating from it and she lays on the ground breathing heavily from the intense pain shooting through her body, "Mom!! What's wrong?!?!" Latias looks up at her son weakly,
"It's that Jirachi clone. It put a Doom Desire on me and I didn't know about it... you'll have to do this on your own..." Tears well up in Stratos' eyes as Latias looses consciousness and Stratos glares darkly at the Jirachi clone,
"You." The defeat of the Jirachi clone is incredibly fast and it puts up little fight. Stratos tosses the small clone to the side and glares at Cyrus before he blinks watching the man laugh, "Something funny?" Cyrus simply claps his hands a few times,
"You're really something Stratos. You could really be a nuisance if I let you live." Stratos scowls,
"And how do you plan to kill me?" Cyrus takes a fourth pokeball out of his pocket,
"With this." Stratos leaps back and goes into his fighting stance,
"What is it?!" Cyrus smirks and the pokeball opens releasing a blue, feathery dragon looking down at Stratos. The Pokemon looks immensely similar to Latias but is very masculine in appearance in comparison. On its forehead is a patch of white and on its stomach is a red triangle. Stratos looks up into the eyes of the Pokemon in front of him curiously, "You look... like mommy but... you're blue." Latias, who had regained as much consciousness as she could muster weakly opens her eye and gazes upon the Latios clone,
"They even cloned... you... brother?" Latias then loses her remaining strength and slips away into her unconscious state again as Stratos tilts his head slightly,
"Uncle Latios?" Cyrus lets out an evil cackle,
"Don't waste your breath. These clones are made to battle. The one who you speak of has been dead for many years." Stratos nods and goes back into his fighting stance but suddenly a figure in a blue cloak lands in front of him. His hair is a light blue and sticks up into two pointed ears on the sides and his face is white as he looks at the Latios clone,
"This world isn't big enough for two of me."
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