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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Together Again

Kazamaru paces back and forth in front of the entrance to victory road as Scarlet leans up against the side of the entrance to the cave. It has been eight months since the nine friends had bid farewell to one another at the exit of Sunnyshore city. Bane has evolved into a Gallade having refused to be a Kirlia any longer then he had to. The shiny Spoink in Scarlet's team had evolved into a Grumpig and Dane has become an incredibly powerful Alakazam. Kazamaru captured a Gabite early into his and Scarlet's training with each of their parents and he evolved quickly into a powerful Garchomp who Kazamaru opted to name Ollie. Scarlet runs her hand through her hair as she watches her boyfriend pace,
"Come on Kaza they'll be here in a little bit just be patient!" Kazamaru looks into the distance and sighs before he walks over to her,
"Yeah, I know. It's just that I'm so excited about seeing everyone after eight whole months!" Scarlet looks over to the Pokemon center to their right and motions towards it,
"How about we just go inside and wait for them? It's kinda cold out here..." Kazamaru follows her motion towards the Pokemon center and nods in acceptance,
"Yeah, okay. Not like waiting out here is gonna change anything anyway." Scarlet smiles as she takes his hand and begins walking the very short distance,
"Glad you see it my way." Upon entering Kazamaru and Scarlet both sit down in a circle of couches and Kazamaru looks around at all the empty ones,
"Man, it just doesn't seem right when no-one else is here..." Just the two hear the doors of the Pokemon center open followed by a female voice,
"I'm sure we can fill at least one of them." Kazamaru and Scarlet turn to see an 18 year old Tara smiling at them with her human-form Umbreon next to her, "Been a while." Tara and her Umbreon sit down on the couch next to Kazamaru's and she leans forward expectantly, "So, what did you two end up doing during your eight months?" Scarlet smiles as she lightly grips Kazamaru's hand,
"We ended up going back to Canalave city and Byron surprised us by taking us both away for a long eight months of training in the mountains. My mom came with us. She's Sabrina, the leader in Saffron city in the Kanto region. What did you end up doing?"
"Training most of the time. We all did a lot of traveling to the different regions. My Wynaut evolved finally so now I have something more useful. Of course... he did Mirror Coat Draco Meteor when Latias used it against us... Well, he's got more stamina now I suppose. So is it just you guys so far or has anyone else shown up yet?" Kazamaru shakes his head,
"Nope, just you." Tara looks slightly annoyed as she looks to the Pokemon center's doors,
"Well that's irritating... I told everyone to meet up here eight months from when we said goodbye." Scarlet blinks as she looks at Tara,
"Actually, didn't you say that we should all meet up AT the Pokemon league?" Tara turns back to Scarlet before looking down running the word she had said back in chapter 45 through her mind again before she looks up in shock,
"You're right!!! Do you think they went on ahead?" The Pokemon center's doors slide open and Latias floats over to the couches,
"And miss the fun of going through Victory road with a bone-head like Kazamaru? Not likely. I had a feeling you'd all be here so I sent word to Stratos and Vecransyh to meet here instead of actually meeting at the Pokemon league itself." Latias is accompanied by Arcanine and Swampert along with Ren, Roze, and Azura who has evolved into a Floatzel still with the same coat pattern as a Luxray. They all head over to the couches and sit down except for Arcanine who lies down in front of the couch that Latias sits on next to Swampert. Kazamaru grins as he sees her,
"Man, looks like everyone is showing up at the same time pretty much. So what did you all do during the eight months we were all apart?"
"Everyone pretty much did what they wanted while we were in Altomare. Azura is a pretty gifted fighter and evolved after a few training sessions. What's really interesting is that he can use electric attacks as well as water and fighting." Kazamaru looks over to Azura, who's to busy picking lint out from between his toes to notice anything that's going on,
"Is he going to be fighting in the tournament?" Roze pats her son on the head,
"That's really up to him and whether or not Stratos will let him; which isn't really an issue because he would probably just ask either Ren or myself if we thought it was okay." Azura looks up at his mom still being a head shorter then her because of his young age,
"I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to fight in the Pokemon league yet... I mean sure, I'm a good fighter but we're talking about the best of the best here. I'd rather not suffer a concussion." Ren brings his paws to his own head and cracks his neck a few times before he lets out a breath,
"Don't worry. You don't have to fight anyone unless you want to Azura." Ren looks down to Arcanine,
"Hey Arcanine, how are you and Swampert doing on having a kid?" Arcanine opens his scarred eye and looks up at the Luxray with a small sigh,
"It's a real long-shot because of the incredible difference in type and physical properties but I think it can be done. We'll just have to keep trying I suppose." Swampert simply smiles as she rests her legs on Arcanine's back as he lies in front of her.

Neptune fixes his hood into place as he stands in front of Cyrus, who has his hands folded on his desks as he looks at the admin,
"Our deal has been completed but are you sure you wish to leave Team Galactic? You are the most successful and powerful of any admin in the history of this group!" Neptune slides down his hood as he looks at the Galactic boss,
"Look, I already told you that as soon as our deal was done that I was leaving and that I was going to find a way to stop 494. The only reason I helped you was because I had an incredibly large dept to pay and while your terms hurt me to the very core of my heart I did exactly what you asked of me so that this day could finally come. I am going to the Pokemon league and I'm leaving the name of Neptune behind me along with all of the things you had me do." Cyrus cackles darkly,
"Fine, fine, go ahead and go. I really should be thanking you because without you experiment 494 would have never been completed in the time it was." Neptune closes his eyes and lets out a sigh,
"A lot of things wouldn't have happened without me... some people wouldn't even be alive right now if it weren't for me." Cyrus tilts his head as he looks at the retiring admin,
"Like who?"
"I won't waste my words on you any longer. Goodbye Cyrus." Neptune turns to leave fixing the hat on his head and his hand slides around the door handle, "When is 494 going to be activated?"
"We're still doing work on the brain to make sure it doesn't attack us. Wouldn't want the same thing that happened to the scientists who created Mewtwo to happen to any of my members. Technically it's already active." Neptune lets out a short laugh,
"Funny... I almost wish that would happen. I'm sure Team Galactic can be taken down with little to no bloodshed and who knows? Maybe I could sway 494 to my side?" Without waiting for a response Neptune opens the door and disappears through it walking down the hallway. Neptune walks to the front doors of the building but stops as he lays a hand on the glass, "Come to see me off?" Mars walks out from the shadows and silently walks over to him putting her arms around his waist,
"Time sure flies huh? So... you're really leaving?" Neptune nods as he turns around and embraces Mars,
"I have to... I don't belong here... I should never have even been here in the first place." Mars lets him go after a few moments and smiles as she looks into his eyes running her hand around the rim of Neptune's hat,
"I'm really going to miss you Neptune." Neptune smiles as he places a hand on the admin's cheek,
"Why don't you come with me?" Mars smiles as she lightly shakes her head,
"Even though it hurts now I know it's for the best that we part ways here. We're to different in the long run. You're pure and kind hearted while I like the work I do here. Go, Neptune. Go to the Pokemon league." Neptune nods with a smile as he kisses her forehead,
"Thank you Mars. I promise you'll find someone just like me who likes the work you do here just as much as you do. Just don't give up hope." Mars gives him an odd look,
"One question before you leave?" Neptune nods as the front door begins to open under his grip,
"What made you choose me in the first place? What attracted you to me?" Neptune leans against the door with a smile,
"Your hair." Mars blinks at the odd answer,
"M-my hair...?" Neptune then disappears out the door leaving a confused Mars standing in the hallway, "What's so great about my hair...?"
Outside Neptune hops on the back of his Flygon and throws his arm forward as his Pichu climbs onto his shoulder,
"To the Pokemon league!!"

"So where's Latios?" Latias looks over to Kazamaru as he asks her the question and she replies with a soft smile,
"He decided to stay in Altomare as the guardian of the garden with Shaymin. I'm sure we'll see him again though." The four look over when the doors to the Pokemon center open and a pitch-black Lucario wanders in accompanied by Luna and Neo neither of which have their hoods on. Stratos flicks one of his dreadlocks as he walks in looking over to Luna at his left,
"I still can't get used to these..." Luna smiles as she fixes the hat on Stratos' head,
"What's weird is that they grew after we took you to the Spear Pillar. Well anyway, now you're just like all the other Lucario." Stratos runs his hand over his spike-less chest,
"Almost..." Stratos, now the age of 16 and fully grown stops when he lays eyes on everyone sitting on the couches looking at him. He waves slightly, "Uh... hey?" Latias gets off of the couch and floats over to her son tightly embracing him with tears in her eyes,
"My little boy is all grown up!!" Stratos smiles as he embraces the Eon Pokemon the best he can,
"Come on mom. You don't need to cry. You knew this was going to happen when you let me go train with Luna and Neo." Latias nods as she ends the embrace and looks down to her son,
"I know but... you remind me so much of your father." Stratos smiles as he flicks the rim of his hat,
"Probly cause of the hat."
A few minutes later Stratos, Luna and Neo are all sitting on their own couch and Kazamaru leans forward intrigued by Stratos' story,
"So how many times were you kicked into that tree?" Stratos scratches his head and looks over to Luna, who's trying not to laugh,
"I'd say at least a couple hundred... maybe a thousand... that tree never fell though it was pretty strong. Oh hey! Is Vecransyh here yet? I really want to meet his kids." Scarlet gives him an odd look,
"KidS? He has more then one?" Stratos nods with a happy smile,
"Yep. Yakira had a baby girl about a week ago." The doors suddenly open and in strolls Victoria the Hoenn legend. She looks around quickly before her gaze rests on the rest of the group and she turns her head to face out the door,
"They're in here!!" A moment later Vecransyh, now 18 walks in with Xylina to his left and Yakira to his right. Vecransyh holds the two month old Mismagius Aticus in his arms and Yakira holds her daughter, a one week old Snorunt wrapped in a white blanket as it breastfeeds,
"Been a while, hasn't it?" Vecransyh, his two lovers and Victoria all head over to their own couch and sit down. Everyone is silent for a long time as they look at the two children and finally Scarlet says something,
"They're so cute!! What're their names?" Vecransyh looks down to the small Mismagius in his arms,
"Well, his name is Aticus..." He looks over to Yakira's daughter, "We haven't chosen a name for her yet but both me and Yakira are thinking hard." Kazamaru gives him an odd look,
"Why is Aticus evolved?" Xylina lets out a small laugh as she takes her son to her breast,
"That's an interesting story. I was feeding him one day and I was also wearing my amulet." She reaches her hand to her necklace to show one of the smaller stones missing, "And he came in contact with one of the stones by mistake making him evolve. What's really interesting about Aticus is that he can swap between human and Mismagius form whenever he wants to. Something I wish I could do..." Xylina is silent for a moment before she adjusts her son as he drinks, "But it's fine. I'm used to it and Vecy loves me no matter what I look like." Vecransyh smiles as he puts his arms around each of the two ghosts,
"That's right." Stratos brings his guitar out from behind his back and begins strumming as he smiles looking over to the two children,
"Man they're cute. Was I that cute?" Latias looks over to her son,
"You were beyond cute; especially when you were sleepy." Stratos looks up at the bright lights of the Pokemon center as he plays a cord and looks at his arm to his fur which shines just the same as it used to,
"Funny. It's already been a year since I hatched... time really flies." Kazamaru stands up suddenly and claps his hands getting everyone's attention,
"Well I think that's enough catching up! How about we tackle Victory road like the good-old-days?!" Vecransyh nods as he stands up along with everyone else,
"I'm with ya on that one."

Vecransyh and Kazamaru both walk into Victory Road side-by-side both completely unaware of the trials that lay before them and the two boys freeze when the cavern comes into view. In front of them, leaning against a wall is Byron but something is different about him. His body is see-through and when he looks up at them he has demonic red eyes,
"Kazamaru..." Kazamaru tilts his head as he looks at his father with nothing but confusion on his face as the rest of the group file in behind him,
"You're not my dad, who are you?" The apparition laughs lightly before looking seriously at them all,
"Well that's obvious. Anyway, since I'm the first I'm supposed to tell you about Sinnoh's Victory road. This place has a series of tests. One for each member of a group meaning that there will be..." the figure is silent for a moment as he counts the ones in front of himself, "Five tests; one for each trainer. These tests will push you to your absolute limits in battle and you will be fighting against... your memories. Kazamaru, you are first and your memories have formed me. I am the hatred that you hold for your father and you can only defeat me if you learn to overcome it." An apparition of Byron's legendary Aggron rises from the ground and roars powerfully as it narrows its eyes at the boy. Kazamaru grins and takes out a pokeball,
"Beat you? No problem. Those eight months I spent with my dad really opened my eyes to how much he's changed so I'm sure I can do this." The Byron apparition nods and casts its hand out as the room begins to grow,
"The others must back away." Without being asked the other members of the group takes a few steps back and stand near the exit of the cave eagerly awaiting Kazamaru's battle. Vecransyh looks down in silence and Xylina notices this turning her head to look at him,
"What's wrong?" Vecransyh is silent for a moment then finally turns his head,
"I'm just wondering... who's my test?" Xylina shrugs as she continues holding Aticus,
"Who knows? Probably someone predictable seeing as how Kaza got Byron." Kazamaru grins as Camerupt rises from his ball with a snort,
"Don't disappoint me!" Camerupt charges at the ghostly Aggron but stops short when it disappears and reappears behind the giant camel slamming him in the back with a powerful Focus Punch. Camerupt wails in pain as he flies forward crashing into the wall next to the Byron apparition,
"Looks like you haven't forgiven me completely." Kazamaru narrows his eyes,
"You're not him. I know it's going to take time to repair the damage he's done to my mind... but I know he's changed for the better!!" Camerupt jumps up and throws his weight into Aggron making it fall over backwards with a powerful crash. Kazamaru wastes no time in returning Aggron to his ball and switching him for Tankburger. The Snorlax narrows his eyes at the apparition as it stands back up brushing off its metal plates and the spirit begins charging a metal burst. Within a blink of an eye the Aggron apparition rushes forward smashing the glowing punch into Tankburger's stomach and the bear endures the hit as he simply stands there. On the sidelines Byron narrows his eyes and in a split second Tankburger transforms into a large Substitute and reappears behind Aggron drumming on his own stomach making a loud bongo-type noise. Aggron shakes its head and spins around before taking a powered-up Focus-Punch to the face making it fly backwards into the wall hitting it but not causing any damage as it's only an apparition. Kazamaru returns Tankburger to his ball and swaps out for Tyranitar who charges the spirit striking it hundred of times with lightning fast slashes before he takes a large breath and releases a powerful fire blast that engulfs the Aggron apparition. Kazamaru switches out for his Rhyperior. When his evolved Rhydon appears from his pokeball his horn is longer and sleeker then it was and his entire body is much thicker. His body is also covered in large orange pads seeming to be training weights attached to his body. Rhyperior punches the ground causing an earthquake that slams Aggron hard and, having enough of being attacking ruthlessly, Aggron leaps from the wall and barrels into Rhyperior not making him move an inch. Instead, Rhyperior picks up Aggron and hurls it back into the wall. Rhyperior returns to his ball and Kazamaru's blue Aggron appears ready for battle. He begins unleashing a chain of punches before spinning slamming his tail into the apparition making it skid along the wall and slam hard into another. The Aggron apparition leaps forward and slams a Focus Punch into Aggron and Kaza's Aggron smirks as he counters with a Metal Burst returning the Aggron apparition to the wall. Kazamaru returns Aggron to his ball and takes out his sixth,
"Now to finish this!!" He throws the pokeball and Garchomp rises from the flash of light glaring at his heavily weakened opponent, "What attack you usin' Ollie?!"
"Followed by?"
"And then?!"
"FIREBLAST!!" Kazamaru nods with a grin,
"Let's see it!!" Ollie rushes forward coated in a purple-tinted energy and slams his entire weight into the weakened Aggron then he jumps back and slams the ground hard making an earthquake jut up sharp rocks that pierce the Aggron's armored body. Finally Ollie rushes forward and pins Aggron to the wall with his powerful arms and unleashes a Fire Blast that engulfs the Aggron until its roar dies away as the apparition fades having been thoroughly pwnd. Kazamaru looks towards the apparition of his father and smirks as Ollie returns to his ball, "The memories still linger but I forgive him." The Byron apparition nods as it fades away and the room shrinks quickly back to how it used to be. Kazamaru lets out a breath as he turns around,
"Come on guys! Let's get through this cave!" Vecransyh walks up to him and lays a hand on his shoulder,
"Ya did good bud." In front of them the wall shakes slightly and then rises revealing a large tunnel stretching off for a ways with the end barely in view being another block in the path. Vecransyh turns around with a smile and waves to everyone,
"The path is open so just like Kaza said let's get through this cave one fight at a time!!" As they all start walking Neo looks down a little uneasy,
"Fighting... memories... but... which memory...?" Upon reaching the next road block a cloud of dust forms in front of the sealed passage and begins to slowly take shape,
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