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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Other Side

"Well? Who is it?" Yakira looks anxiously at the gathering fragments of light and Vecransyh shakes his head narrowing his eyes,
"I... I can't tell." A few moments later the apparition finishes forming leaving a figure in a dark cloak wielding dual daggers back-handed. He looks up at Vecransyh with a smile,
"Hello again." Vecransyh takes a step back putting one of his arms out in front of Xylina who floats at his side,
"YOU?!!? Why are you the one who is supposed to test me?!" The figure drops his hood and a large witch's hat appears on the Mismagius' head. In the light his face is mostly still darkened but he has many human features,
"Remember back on the boat?" His expression goes cold and he grips the daggers tighter, "You killed me and you kept my daggers as what? A trophy?" Xylina looks back at everyone and sees their expressions as those of great curiosity as none of them know of this person who Vecransyh fought and killed. Xylina looks back to the Mismagius with an odd look,
"I don't remember what happened that night..." The figure chuckles and a ball of dark energy appears in his hand,
"That is because I put you and Yakira to sleep so I wouldn't be outmatched. Now... why did you keep my daggers?!" As this was all going on Vecransyh has slipped off his backpack and brought the two Keris daggers from it. He now holds on in each hand backwards like the Mismagius,
"As a reminder. You're not an apparition. You're really the ghost of him." The ghost nods,
"Yes, I delayed your test so I could speak with you but what do you mean 'reminder'?"
"What you said to me before you died. About making the right choice. I kept them as a reminder to never give in. a reminder that I am the only one who can prevent your future from happening. I was brought to the distortion world and endured horrible torture for two days. How I escaped that horrible place I still can't remember but I know I made my choice. I will not become the Lord of Demons and you will live in a time where you would have never had to come back here. You will not have died." The ghost gives him an odd look,
"Really...? Much has been lost about your past so this is new to me. If what you say is true and you really did not give in to Giratina's commands then why am I still dead? You will meet Giratina again Lord of Demons and you will give in to his demands... I just wish I had gotten through to you. Whatever... I have faith in you and I see that you're not yet corrupted by darkness. Don't give in and I know I'll return to a better world." The Mismagius' attention turns to Xylina, "I've said what I needed to so I'm leaving this world. Xylina?" Xylina tilts her head,
"Yes...?" He points towards Aticus,
"Take care of that kid, and Yakira?" Yakira gives him a distrusting look,
"What?" He floats over to her and whispers in her ear,
"I have no memory of you because you perished sometime in the near future... to avoid this you must keep your final impact no matter what. There will be a time when Vecransyh is screaming for you to use it but you must not. Xylina is a good leader and with you by her side commanding the rebellion we would have had a chance...." Yakira looks at him in shock but speaks quietly,
"I... die?!"
"You must survive or hundreds will die along with our chance to emerge victorious over the Lord." Yakira nods as the ghost floats away from her,
"I will." The ghost nods as he fades away leaving to the afterlife,
"Goodbye, everyone." The room becomes quiet and Xylina looks over to her lover who has dropped the daggers to the ground and has clenched his fists in rage. She lays her free hand on Vecransyh's shoulder feeling him trembling,
"After everything I went through... he still wins...? No. I will not give in to a psychopath like Giratina!!" Leaning against the wall Neo folds his arms as he takes in everything that was just said,
"Giratina... what happened to you?"
"ECLIPSE BLADE!!" Neo looks back up when he hears the cry ring out through the cave to see Vecransyh standing across the room from his apparition; another Mismagius with a black aura radiating from him and a large sword in his hand. Xylina floats away from the apparition with a slightly fearful look,
"Father?!" Vecransyh adjusts his hand on the sacred sword as he glares darkly at Xylina's father,
"Let me guess. I have to defeat you to pass." The apparition nods,
"Correct. Given the circumstances and the memories from your past you are to duel against me for the right to pass." Vecransyh smirks as he spins the blade in his hand and looks to Xylina,
"Xylina. Go over to the others." Xylina puts up no argument and heads over to the wall next to Yakira, who simply smiles,
"This should be interesting." Xylina gives her an odd look,
"How so?"
"Vecransyh is in a really bad mood right now and he just got challenged to a fight by the apparition of Victory road. We finally get to see Vecransyh in action." Xylina looks back to Vecransyh with concern,
"I know what the guy said really tore him up inside... I hope he's okay." Yakira looks over to her and nods,
"Yeah, I can't imagine how he must feel. To go through two days of torture and have it amount to nothing." Vecransyh looks towards his opponent with murderous intent,
"I'm in a really bad mood so I hope you put up a fight!!" The apparition barely dodges out of the way of Vecransyh as he leaps towards it with an incredibly fast slash hitting the ground next to himself at the end of it making silver and black flames erupt from the place of contact,
"You have speed and you handle your blade very well. You may actually win." Vecransyh looks towards the apparition of Xylina's father his eyes a fiery red. His voice sounds slightly darker, more demonic,
"Like I said. Don't make this to easy." Vecransyh rushes for another strike followed by many more incredibly fast slashes but the apparition ducks and dodges each and every one before it finally slams Vecransyh in the side of the head with his sword sending the boy flying into a wall. Yakira starts to move forwards but Scarlet lays a hand on her shoulder,
"Don't. He'll be fine." Yakira looks at her and gets a reassuring smile before she nods and returns to the wall watching the fight. Vecransyh glares at the apparition and slams his sword into the apparition's as all of his attacks are easily parried by the spirit,
"Come on Vecransyh I've been here for hundreds of years!! You can't win!" The apparition then catches the sword in its ghostly hand in one motion and throws it up before striking it with its own sword sending it flying into the wall behind Vecransyh and the apparition puts its sword up to Vecransyh's throat with a smirk,
"Check mate." Vecransyh shakes his head and looks up slightly,
"I wonder..." The apparition blinks at the lack of fear in Vecransyh's voice,
"W-What?!" Vecransyh looks back to the apparition in front of him,
"Do you... dream?" The apparition suddenly explodes into shards of dark energy and falls to the ground wailing and screaming having been locked into a powerfully dark nightmare. Vecransyh casually walks over to the wall behind him and pulls out his sword walking back over to the apparition tossing and flailing on the ground, "Open the door and I will release you from your fate." The wall next to Vecransyh rumbles and slides down revealing the path forward and, true to his word Vecransyh lays the silver edge of the Eclipse blade to the body of the apparition dispelling the nightmare state. The apparition vanishes instantly and Vecransyh suddenly falls to his knees as his sword disappears and then he collapses fully to the ground.

Vecransyh looks around him to see only blackness spanning in all directions. He looks down to see a black pokeball sitting at his feet. He picks it up out of pure curiosity before he looks around again,
"Where am I...? I was just in Victory road and then Xylina's father appeared in front of me then everything blacked out..."
"You'll wake up in a little while." Vecransyh jumps slightly when he hears his own voice speaking behind him and he turns and blinks when he sees a mirror image of himself only with demonic, red eyes,
"W-Who... who are you!?"
"I'm you. Well, I'm your other side; the side that wants to join Giratina and rule the world. Think about it prince! The entire world and everyone in it at our command!"
"I'll tell you the same thing I told him. Fuck off." The dark Vecransyh chuckles,
"Well you've already lost control to me twice. Remember when you blacked out?" Vecransyh goes wide-eyed,
"What did you do?! Is everyone okay?!" The dark Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah, yeah, no need to get all spastic on me. I took control and beat that stupid spirit by sealing it into a nightmare with your sword. By the way thanks for drawing it because I can't. Anyway I didn't want to arouse suspicion so I released that thing from it so it would open the door. I've had a taste of the outside world and I look forward to ruling it with my servant Giratina. I'll sit by and watch for now cause I can't take control anymore. Taking you over really tired my out." Vecransyh gives him a defiant look,
"I will never join Giratina even if I have to kill him to do it." The dark Vecransyh laughs insanely,
"You!? Defeat the mighty Giratina!? Don't make me laugh! The only reason you're even alive right now is because you got saved when that bastard crippled him." Vecransyh looks at his dark half in shock,
"You know who saved me!?" He folds his arms,
"Of course. That was the first time I took control of you. Your body was in such bad shape you couldn't move so I took command and forced you to walk towards that portal. I gotta say: that guy had some pretty stupid shit to say before he kicked you through that portal."
"What did he say?" Dark Vecransyh shrugs,
"Something about you destined to join Giratina or some other shit like that I wasn't really paying attention. All I had to do was make that fool think I was still you and it worked."
"Who was it?"
"Don't know, don't care really. He said that next time Giratina shows up he's not going to come and save you. Remember the dream? It's all going to happen when Giratina returns they will all die unless you simply join Giratina immediately instead of resisting." Dark Vecransyh smiles, "Or you could just give in and let me do it. I'd like nothing more." He suddenly stops and looks down to see the Eclipse Blade through his chest,
"Next time Giratina shows up will be his final day." Vecransyh's dark half looks up and shakes his head slightly as his body fades,
"You think you know the future. You can't even begin to fathom. You will join him or I will force you to." With that he disappears and Vecransyh looks down at the empty black pokeball,
"I need help... something that can beat Giratina or at least give me an advantage. There's one more Pokemon I need to capture before the tournament. One that has become a stuff of myth... I need to find Wondertomb."

Dane releases a pulse of dark energy that explodes into the Sabrina apparition's Alakazam and the Pokemon falls to the ground and fades away along with the spirit. The wall behind the apparition rumbles and slides down revealing the next path and Scarlet walks over to the group with a smile,
"Okay guys. Let's get a move on." Kazamaru looks down to the unconscious Vecransyh,
"I am not carrying him again! That last tunnel was like a mile long!" Luna rolls her eyes and walks over to Vecransyh lifting him onto her shoulder and she gives Kazamaru an irritated look,
"You big baby. He doesn't weight anything!" Kazamaru scowls and the group begins walking down the long tunnel. Aticus looks up to his mother with a childish curiosity as they walk,
"Mommy...?" Xylina looks down to her child and tilts her head slightly,
"What is it Aticus?"
"What happened to Daddy? Is he sleeping?" Xylina nods,
"Yeah, he got tired out after his fight and had to take a nap." Aticus nods looking over to Luna carrying the unconscious Vecransyh over her shoulder and he smiles,
"Dream good dreams daddy!" He then snuggles into his mother's chest and falls asleep sucking his thumb having transformed into his human form. Kazamaru groans after a few minutes of walking,
"When does this thing end!?!?" Tara rolls her eyes as she walks next to him with her human-form Umbreon next to her,
"Come on Kaza, it's just walking."
"At least in Kanto's Victory Road we had something to do it wasn't just walking. Oh hey, who do you think your test is going to be?" Tara is silent as she looks down and her Umbreon looks over to Kazamaru,
"She thinks it might be one of her first crushes but we haven't seen or heard from him in years." Tara shrugs,
"Meh, he didn't have any feelings for me so I moved on and found you my little fuzzy puppy." Umbreon blushes as he looks at his trainer,
"Oh come on, your making me blush..." Tara smiles and jumps onto Umbreon's back nuzzling his neck with her face,
"Mush!! Let's get to the next test!!" Umbreon doesn't buckle under the girl's weight and sighs before he waves slightly to Kazamaru and takes off as Tara continues telling him to run faster. Kazamaru feels something and looks down to see Scarlet holding his hand,
"I think it's great that they have such a loving relationship." Kazamaru smiles and holds her hand a little tighter,
"Kinda like us?" Scarlet giggles,
"Yeah. Aside from the fact that we're the only couple who are both human. Love can be found in the most unexpected of places." A few minutes of walking later Vecransyh slowly opens his eyes and looks back at everyone following behind him and then feels himself being carried,
"Who's carrying me?" He then feels himself get dumped on the ground and he sits up rubbing his head,
"I was but now that you're awake you're walking." Vecransyh stands up and looks at the female Umbreon,
"Right, okay." Vecransyh begins walking and drifts back till he's walking next to Yakira and Xylina, "How long was I out?" Yakira giggles and pats him on the shoulder,
"About thirty minutes. Have a good nap?" Vecransyh stretches cracking his back a few times,
"Actually yeah. I feel really good. Hey, I dreamt about something while I was asleep. I was thinking about everything that the ghost said about Giratina returning and whatnot." Xylina gives him an odd look,
"It sounds like you want to ask us something. No more secrets from us ask us anything." Vecransyh nods,
"Do either of you know where I could find Wondertomb?" Xylina thinks for a moment,
"The ghost of legend...? No sorry, I've only heard about it in myth." Vecransyh lets out a disappointed sigh and turns to look at Yakira,
"What about you?" Yakira nods,
"Yeah." Vecransyh goes wide-eyed,
"You know how I could find him?!"
"Yes. Remember when we were passing that stone tower and I told you about Spiritomb?" Vecransyh nods, "Well, there are actually two different fragments of the tower that release either Spiritomb or Wondertomb depending on which one you have." Vecransyh thinks for a moment,
"But I don't have Wondertomb's fragment. I have no fragment. Do you know where I could get it?" Yakira smiles and brings out a small stone with ancient-looking writing on it,
"Say please."
"Can I please have the stone?"
"First answer me this. Why do you want to capture Wondertomb? You know it's an impossible task right?" Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah. I know the myths about Wondertomb and I don't need to capture him. I only need him to help me take down Giratina." Yakira thinks for a moment,
"Yes... that could work." She hands him the stone and Vecransyh slips it into his backpack, "We'll head back to the tower before the tournament." Vecransyh gives her an odd look,
"We? Just me and you? Why not the others?"
"I've met Wondertomb before and he's not the kind of Pokemon to become trusting easily. He knows and trusts me so if it's just me and you there shouldn't be any room for anything bad to happen." Xylina smiles at the two,
"I'll watch your kid while you're gone and don't worry about your Pokemon I'll watch them for you." Vecransyh nods with a smile,
"Awesome. So when we get there me and Yakira will go get Spiritomb and we'll be back in around two days." Xylina nods with a smile,
"And that's about when the tournament will be starting so it'll work out perfectly." Yakira smiles,
"Okay we've got it all planned out so lets just hope it goes according to the plan. Xylina what about your clan? We'll be in that area." Xylina shakes her head,
"They shouldn't bother you if you stay away from their tower." Yakira nods,
"We might even have a chance if we have him. Good plan Vec!" Vecransyh smiles,
"Giratina won't know what hit him." The group continues walking for a number of minutes before the end of the cave comes into view and they see Tara standing next to her Umbreon and both are looking at the two apparitions in front of them. A ghostly-looking boy stands next to a very young looking girl. The girl has long pink hair and wears a dress that looks a few sizes to big for her. The boy wears a black t-shirt and very baggy blue shorts. His brown hair is fairly messy. The girl next to him begins to shimmer and glows a bright white before she transforms into a small, pink, cat-like Pokemon with a very long tail that turns into an oval at the end. The boy smiles as he watches the others approach,
"It's been too long Tara." Umbreon transforms back into his Pokemon form and begins to radiate with dark energy and Tara smiles as she prepares to battle,
"It has, hasn't it Will. Even though it's not you you're formed from my memories so you're real enough. Let's do this." Vecransyh looks over to Neo, who has a look of partial shock on his face,
"Something the matter Neo?" Neo turns his head to look at him and nods,
"Tara couldn't ask for a more powerful opponent. Since she disappeared Mew has gained power well above almost all of the legendaries. It'll be a miracle if Tara manages to win but maybe since this is just a test Mew won't have the same power to the real one." Vecransyh looks back to Will and Mew,
"So who's that guy?"
"I don't know but apparently he has some kind of ties to Mew for them to appear together." Mew simply smiles as she floats in front of Umbreon and the dark Pokemon stares at his opponent before he hears Tara's voice,
"Ready Umbreon?" Umbreon nods and goes into a pouncing stance,
"Ready." Umbreon then lunges towards the legendary psychic Pokemon prepared to the battle of his life.
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