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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Battle Begins

The next morning Vecransyh wakes up, stretches and gets dressed in his usual jeans and jacket. Strapping his trainer belt to his pants he secures his six pokeballs to it before walking to his door. He glances at the clock and heaves a big sigh,
"No time for breakfast..." Vecransyh dashes out of his room and through the lobby quickly making it to the street. He looks to his left and sees the huge stadium. "Why did I have to be put into the first match?! Gah!!" Dodging past people is easy for Vecransyh because of his slim figure and he gets to the stadium at 11:53. "Seven minutes! Seven minutes! Seven minutes!" He dashes up to the registration desk out of breathe, "My name is Vecransyh and I'm in the first battle! Where do I go?!" The woman at the counter looks up at him and smiles,
"Take the left entrance and..."
"Thanks!" Vecransyh quickly makes it to the archway to the bright light of outdoors and the battle area, "Here we go." He starts to walk but is stopped by a guard,
"Mr. Vecransyh you are only permitted three Pokemon with you during your match." Vecransyh removes the six pokeballs from his belt and looks at them. He reattaches three of the pokeballs to his belt and places the other two into the holding area near the entrance as he heads past the guard into the bright light of the outside. He closes his eyes from the light in his eyes as he walks forward. He looks up and blinks as his eyes and ears register to the roaring crowd and the bright sunlight. He looks across the arena to see a busty girl in jeans and a swimsuit top,
"Never thought I'd ever be put in battle against you Vecransyh!" Vecransyh looks at her in shock,
"Salina! I'm fighting you?!" Salina takes a pokeball off of her belt,
"Don't disappoint me Vecransyh!" She throws the pokeball and in a brief flash a Starmie stands near the middle of the arena. Vecransyh takes a ball off of his belt and throws it and in a flash Haunter is floating in front of him blinking from the bright sunlight. The purple ghost turns back towards his master and glares at him with his hands over his eyes,
"AAARGH!!! What the hell is with the sunlight?!"
"Sorry but it's time to battle!" The ghost grins and turns around facing the 9 pointed star,
"Well I suppose I can overlook it this time." Up in the stands are Kazamaru and all the others. Kazamaru grins as he watches his friend start his battle,
"So how many people are in this tournament?" Drake looks at a roster that has just appeared above the arena on a large electronic board. The board shows eight spaces aligned down the right hand side of the board,
"There's eight spaces so there must only be eight people in the competition." Kazamaru looks up towards the board to see Vecransyh's and Salina's image next to their names,
"Six of the spaces are blank so the next pairing should be announced after this match. I hope I'm next I don't want to have to wait very long." Dorian grins and leans back in his seat,
"Well you won't have to wait to long since your friend is paired up with Salina hehehe." Kazamaru grins as he looks at Dorian and back towards the field,
"Don't underestimate him..." Meanwhile back on the field the match has begun and both Pokemon have taken their fair share of attacks. Starmie fires an ice beam at Haunter who dodges and slashes the star with his ghostly claws but in response gets nailed point-blank by and ice beam from the collapsing star. Haunter falls to the ground and disappears back into his ball along with the Starmie. Salina looks impressed as she takes a second ball from her belt,
"Well you're way stronger then last time I saw you fight! Keep this up and you might just win!! Now let's get serious!" Vecransyh takes a second ball from his belt and tosses it as Salina throws hers,
"Just what I was thinking!" The two balls open releasing a small grim reaper-like Pokemon and a large blue serpent-dragon,
"HAHAHA!!! A Duskull against my Gyrados? You'll have to do better then that!!" Vecransyh tilts his head,
"You'll have to do better then THAT." Vecransyh grins and points at Gyrados,
"Duskull!! Charge beam!!" The small ghost begins forming a large ball of electricity in his hands. Salina looks shocked,
"Gyrados!! Dodge it!!!" The serpent starts to fly upwards as it is shot in the center by the beam of electricity making it roar in pain. He then fires a beam of ice at the tiny ghost. Back in the stands Dorian is looking on in disbelief as Salina appears to be losing. He stands up and begins yelling,
"What the crap?! Salina!! Don't let this kid beat you!! Come on!!" Jyro, who is sitting next to him, sighs as he yanks on Dorian's shirt making him sit back down,
"Bet ya twenty bucks she loses." Dorian glares at Jyro,
"You're on!" Back on the field Gyrados is looking burned from all of the electricity running through it as it struggles to keep upright. Duskull has small patches of ice on his hood and body as he floats,
"Let's finish it off with one last Charge beam!!"
"Ice beam, now!!" The two Pokemon blast their respective attack ahead of them and they connect in the center of the field trying to push the other attack back in a tug-of-war, "Give it your all Gyrados!!" The beam of electricity begins moving slowly toward Gyrados but as he hears the command he begins putting more energy into the blast pushing it back. This connection lasts for a few minutes before both attacks suddenly engulf the entire field in a shining yellow and blue explosion covering both Pokemon. The explosion turns into black smoke that clears in a few moments showing both Pokemon collapsed on the field. Salina looks in shock at her fainted dragon. Her expression matches Vecransyh as they both return their Pokemon into their respective pokeballs. "You've got some serious power Vec. I'll give you that but I will be the one who wins this battle." Vecransyh takes his third and final Pokemon off of his belt and looks down at the ball with a soft smile on his face. He looks up to Salina and grins,
"May the best trainer win!" Salina nods with a bright smile. Back up in the stands Dorian is back on his feet cheering for Salina as Jyro rolls his eyes as he watches the fight. There is a booming voice throughout the arena,
"Come on... use your secret weapon." Back on the field Salina is holding a pokeball in her hand and grinning at Vecransyh,
"You gave it a good run! Not a lot of people can push me to this point!" She tosses the pokeball and a beautiful cream colored serpent with blue scales near the end of her tail floats in front of her master; she has long red tassels flowing from the top of her head like hair. Vecransyh grins at the sight in front of him. He tosses his last pokeball,
"Let's win this, Xylina!" As the brief flash dissipates the Mismagius floats in front of Vecransyh looking serious and ready for battle. She turns her head and winks at Vecransyh which causes him to blush slightly. She turns back toward her opponent,
"Bring it on!" Vecransyh and Salina exchange glances and speak at the same time,
"Let's win this!!" The Milotic fires a blast of water but Xylina dodges it and throws a barrage of shadow balls at her stunning her from the rapid succession of impacts and explosions. Through the black smoke cloud comes a silver beam of ice that strikes Xylina in the shoulder causing it to have a light coating of ice shards. Milotic spins around flapping her fan-like tail causing the smoke to disappear and looks around frantically searching for the ghost. Salina, who had been unable to see anything through the fog, sees Xylina behind her Milotic and yells to it,
"She's behind you!!!" She Serpent turns her head only to be blasted point-blank by an enormous Thunder attack. The Serpent falls to the ground unconscious as she disappears into her pokeball. Xylina flies over to Vecransyh wrapping her ghostly arms around him yelling loudly,
"I did it!! Haha! I won!!" The two trainers walk to the center of the arena, the sounds of the roaring fans filling the entire stadium after the end of the battle. Salina has a disappointed look on her face as Vecransyh approaches her with Xylina floating close to him. Salina manages to put on a slight smile,
"Well you two beat me. Xylina was it?" Xylina grins,
"Yup, that's me."
"You and Vecransyh make an amazing team. You're incredibly powerful!" Xylina blushes at the complement and grins widely,
"Couldn't have done it without this guy right here! Right, Vecy?" She puts her arms around his neck making him turn red,
"Uhh... right!" Suddenly the booming voice is heard over the intercom once again,
"I'M SURE YOU WILL ALL AGREE WITH ME THAT THAT WAS AN AMAZING BATTLE!!!" There is a round of applause from all around the stadium, "DON'T GO TO FAR BECAUSE THE NEXT BATTLE IS IN A MERE THIRTY MINUTES!!!!" After shaking hands with Salina, Vecransyh meets up with Drake, Latias, Kazamaru, Jyro, Dorian and Salina in the lobby of the registration waiting area. Kazamaru sighs as Vecransyh walks up to him,
"Shame you were late this morning. You missed the opening ceremony..." Vecransyh is puzzled by this,
"What happened in the opening ceremony?"
"The master of ceremonies for this year lit the brazier at the top of the stadium to signal the beginning of the tournament. You only came in a few minutes after he left... shame you didn't get to see him. Bask in his rays of power."
"Red: The greatest trainer in the world." Vecransyh's eyes go wide,
"Red?!?!?!?! Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!" There is an electronic board near the desk displaying the names of all of the competitors. Closest to the desk is a female with six pink pokeballs attached to her belt looking eagerly at the board. A few minutes later the randomizer releases the names of the next two trainers who are going to battle. Kazamaru looks depressed as he looks at the board,
"Jyro and some kid named Victor." Suddenly there is a voice behind them,
"So which one of you guys is Jyro?" The group turns to see a boy a little older then Vecransyh. He wears a green shirt and pants with matching tiger-stripes on both. His short green hair hangs down just slightly covering his ears. Jyro steps forward,
"That would be me. You Victor?" The boy nods and sniffs before taking a step back plugging his nose,
"Yeah... wow dude you wreak!" Jyro laughs and Dorian walks up behind Jyro putting a hand on his shoulder,
"You get used to it. Smells more like syrup and brussel sprouts after a while." Jyro grins and tilts his head at the new trainer,
"So. You look like you enjoy the color green. That got something to do with your Pokemon choice or do you just like looking like a lawn?" Victor laughs as he twirls a pokeball on his finger,
"I like to look like the Pokemon I have. I like grass Pokemon because they're cool and powerful at the same time!" Jyro lets out and evil cackle,
"Me too." Victor looks Jyro over and looks confused,
"Umm... so your Pokemon are wet and smell bad?" Jyro lets out another evil laugh,
"Lets just say that since you're the lawn. I'm the lawnmower." Dorian and Salina look at each other and grin at Victor's inevitable defeat. Jyro turns to Dorian, "Oh yeah. Twenty bucks bud." Dorian grumbles as he puts a twenty dollar bill into Jyro's hand. Salina sees this and tilts her head,
"What did you guys bet on?" Dorian turns his head towards Salina and sighs,
"We bet on who was going to win the battle between you and Vecransyh." Salina looks at Jyro with absolute fury in her eyes,
"I'm going to kill you for betting against me!!" Salina chases Jyro out of the registration office and down the street. Dorian sighs and walks back into the arena to get a seat. Vecransyh stretches as he looks over to Victor,
"Well good luck." Victor grins,
"Hey, you're Vecransyh. The guy who beat all the Kanto gyms in a year with only ghosts!" Vecransyh is stunned that he had become anything to be floating around Kanto,
"You've heard of me? Sweet! I'm famous!" Drake gives a light laugh and puts his hand on Vecransyh's shoulder,
"Fly under the radar. Trust me." Vecransyh turns back to Drake and Vecransyh, Drake, Latias and Kazamaru go into the stadium and sit down next to Dorian and Salina. Dorian leans back in his chair putting his feet up against the seat in front of him,
"This is going to take all but two seconds..." Dorian tilts his pirate hat down over his eyes as he closes them, "Wake me when the poor soul loses." Salina blinks as she looks at Dorian,
"Where did you get a pirate hat...?" Dorian looks over at her with his face shadowed by the point of the hat,
"Gift shop. I think it suits me." Dorian returns to his original position as Jyro takes the field on the other side of an excited-looking Victor. The announcer's voice booms through the stadium once again,
"NOW THE START OF THE SECOND ROUND OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!!!!" Down on the field Jyro flicks his wet, greasy hair as he grins at his opponent,
"You should quit now before you get embarrassed!" Victor laughs as he takes a pokeball off of his belt twirling it on his finder and catching it in his hand,
"You're funny! I never walk away from a fight!" Jyro lets out a loud laugh,
"Your funeral!!" Victor throws a pokeball and in a brief flash a Meganium is standing proudly in front of her master. Jyro takes a ball off of his belt, "Fine but no crying when you lose!!" He throws the ball releasing a giant blob of slime from a brief flash of light. Muk looks menacingly at Meganium and Victor shudders at the sight of it,
"What the hell is that thing?!" Jyro just smiles,
"This is Muk. Please use sludge bomb." The blob takes a deep breath and releases a huge ball of black sludge that explodes all over Meganium causing it to immediately collapse. Victor returns Meganium to its pokeball and takes out a second,
"Sceptile!" Another flash of light as the ball is throws releasing a green lizard with a large fern for a tail,
"Muk. Another sludge bomb." Muk takes another breath and releases another batch of black sludge but Sceptile jumps into the air. Victor yells up to it,
"Hyper beam!!" The Sceptile takes a deep breath and fires his lazer at the sludge Pokemon making an incredibly large whole in its body. Sceptile lands back on the ground panting from the extreme outburst of energy just as the slime from the arena seeps into the ground. Victor looks at Muk with a face of pure horror, "Oh my god I killed your Muk!!!" Jyro laughs as Muk starts to move,
"Keep telling yourself that you beat him." Muk forms back together and releases another flood of black sludge and the Sceptile, unable to move from the hyper beam, is covered in it making it collapse instantly. Victor returns his Sceptile to its ball and takes out a third. Jyro runs his hand through his greasy hair,
"Just give up already!!"
"I never give up!!! Shiftry!!!" He throws the ball releasing a Pokemon that looks like it's make of wood with long white hair and branches for arms. But before Victor can even issue an attack his Pokemon is covered in black sludge making it collapse. Victor blinks as he realizes what just happened and returns his Shiftry to its pokeball. Jyro returns his Muk to its ball and Victor and he walk to the center of the arena. Jyro puts an arm on Victor's shoulder,
"If you're going to raise grass Pokemon then you should try to get more that are duel-type. Your Shiftry for example was a good choice but was still weak to poison. Try to get something along the lines of... maybe a Venusaur or something grass and poison." Victor looks up at Jyro as he shakes his hand,
"Thanks, I'll do that."
"AND THE SECOND MATCH COMES TO A CLOSE ONLY MINUTES AFTER IT STARTED!!! THERE WILL BE A TWO HOUR WAIT UNTIL THE START OF THE THIRD MATCH OF THE COMPETITION!!!" The group heads out into the lobby to check the electronic board and Kazamaru is up at the desk eagerly awaiting the scrambling and revealing. Dorian and the girl from before stand near him. She wears a long white leather coat, black shirt and black jeans. Her pink hair reaches her waist. Kazamaru looks around as two of the four remaining battlers stand next to him,
"I thought there were four people left..." Dorian looks over to the girl,
"Why, hello there sexy." She turns to him and raises an eyebrow,
"Sorry, I'm suddenly a lesbian now." Dorian shrugs and looks at the board as it begins scrambling the four names,
"Come oooooon... my turn please!!!" As the two names are placed into the next round and the last two names are put into the final slots Dorian looks puzzled, "Kazamaru is fighting Scarlet..." The girl next to Dorian glances at him,
"That's me." Dorian is still looking at the board,
"So I'm up against the guy who isn't here. Great." Dorian looks around at all the people, "To bad I have to wait two hours to crush this guy. What kind of name is Neo anyway?" Kazamaru looks like he's about to cry,
"My match is last?! It's not fair!!!!" Dorian grins at the outburst,
"Don't worry; you winning will make you have to fight me and there's no chance of that coming out well for you in the end." Kazamaru looks down,
"Come on Dorian. Even if I can't beat you I can still get third place." Dorian laughs,
"For third place you'll have to fight Vecransyh so third place is pretty much in the bag for you if you can beat this girl here." Dorian pats Scarlet on the shoulder as he says this. She reaches up and brushes his hand off of her shoulder,
"Please don't touch me..." She turns to Kazamaru and bows with a smile, "May our match be a splendid one and may the best trainer win." Kazamaru nods with a smile,
"Same to you, Scarlet." The group makes their way to a nearby restaurant for lunch and all sit down at a table. Dorian, Jyro and Salina sit at their own table near them. Xylina sits next to Vecransyh. After ordering food Drake turns to Vecransyh with a smile,
"That was a nice match you had against Salina." Salina turns to them and shrugs with a smile,
"I think I took it a little too easy on him." Jyro and Dorian laugh as Vecransyh turns to her,
"You don't have to go easy on me. Oh..." Vecransyh takes a pokeball off of his belt and holds it out, "Hold this for a second and let me see one of yours." Salina looks puzzled at him and hands him one of her Pokemon. Vecransyh pretends to inspect the ball for a moment and switches the Pokemon back with Salina, "Thanks, just wanted to see if your pokeballs are the same as mine." Salina raises and eyebrow,
"Umm... okay?" Once the food arrives everyone begins to eat the food they ordered while chatting amongst themselves. After an hour and a half of eating and talking the group leaves the restaurant and walks back to the stadium and stand in the lobby. Dorian cracks his knuckles and neck along with raising his arms to crack his back,
"Well it's almost time for my match." Jyro gives him an odd look,
"Don't you usually find out who your opponent is and what their Pokemon are before you battle them?" Dorian grins as he turns his head to look at Jyro,
"Couldn't do that this time could I?" Jyro shrugs,
"Guess not. Head on out there it's almost time." After the group head up into the stands and take their seats Vecransyh, who is sitting at the end of the string of familiar faces turns to his left to see three Pokemon sitting in the seats near him. They look like slightly humanoid dogs with four dreadlocks behind their heads. On the backs of their hands are spikes along with a third spike on their chests. The only differences in the three are the colors of their fur. Dorian walks onto the field and looks across to see another one of the dogs standing in the Pokemon area in the middle of the arena and a figure standing in the trainer area wearing a black cloak and hood with an insane-looking bat-like Pokemon and a dog with a black blade on its head and on its tail. Dorian walks into the square where he is supposed to stand and takes out a pokeball looking at his opponent.
"So, you're Neo?" The figure nods,
"I am."
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