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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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End of Round One

Dorian eyes the opponent to his Pokemon as he takes a pokeball off of his belt,
"I've never seen a Pokemon like that before. What is it?" The figure motions toward the dog Pokemon who speaks in perfect English as he looks at Dorian through his black goggles,
"I am a Lucario; we originate from the Sinnoh region." Dorian smirks,
"I see. Don't think I'll go easy on you." The white Lucario returns the look,
"Same." Dorian throws his pokeball and in a flash of light a large light bronze Serpent whose body looks like light bronze boulders strung together rises and stares down at the small, for his size, Lucario. Dorian grins as his Steelix roars to the sky,
"This is Conner." The Lucario bows,
"Well met Conner, my name is Blizzard." Conner eyes the Lucario and roars a second time in his face, "And I will do my best to defeat you as well." The Steelix gives a slight nod as the announcer's voice is heard over the speakers,
"WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO LET THE THIRD MATCH OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT BEGIN!!!" Lucario jumps back as Steelix smashes its head into the ground making a large indent in the arena. Blizzard forms a ball of energy in his hands and fires it at Conner who snakes around the blast avoiding it and making another strike towards Blizzard striking him in the gut and sending him flying backwards toward Neo who kneels down and helps his Pokemon to his feet. Blizzard glances at him and nods before running back towards Conner. Lucario begins attacking Conner with a fury of punches and strikes against his steel body but the Steelix parries the strikes using different grooves in his head. Blizzard jumps away and drops to a knee sweating as he feels the wind of another roar from the giant Serpent,
"You're much more powerful then any other Steelix I've seen." Dorian grins,
"That's because I trained him for a long time against powerful fighting Pokemon to make him have a high resistance to their hits." The Lucario's eyes meet Dorian's,
"I see..." Blizzard jumps up and fires another energy ball at Steelix who whips his tail deflecting the blast back at Blizzard who stares wide-eyed before being struck in the gut by the blast sending him to the ground hard on his back, "Crap. Never expected that..." Blizzard stands breathing heavily after having the wind knocked out of him by his own attack,
"Steelix! Iron tail!" The Serpent's tail section glows brilliant silver as he whips his tail at Blizzard who jumps and fires another Aura Sphere at Conner. His tail being occupied prevents him from deflecting the blast and he's struck in the head section by the blast. The impact of the sphere makes it explode and Conner shakes his head back and forth looking a little dazed by the attack. "Rock slide!" Conner smashes his head down towards the Lucario and as he jumps out of the way the ground where he was standing is hit by the Serpent causing it to fly into the air. Conner strikes the large piece of land with his tail causing it to break into many boulder-like pieces and fall onto Blizzard burying him. Neo watches Blizzard become buried under the rocks,
"Blizzard!!!" There is a silence in the arena for a few moments before a spiked paw bursts through one of the rocks and Blizzard climbs out of the pile looking very beaten up,
"I am okay Neo. Now I must defeat this opponent!" Blizzard jumps into the air and forms an incredibly large ball of energy in his hands and fires it down towards the Serpent. The energy explodes on contact causing black smoke to form all over Dorian's side of the field. Conner pants as the smoke clears leaving an unconscious Steelix and he falls to one knee, "I have won..." Blizzard collapses on the field a few seconds after finishing his sentence. Dorian returns his Steelix to its pokeball as Neo runs over to Blizzard helping him up and carrying him over to join the other two Pokemon. Dorian reaches for his second Pokemon a holds the pokeball out in front of him,
"You know, pokeballs are easier to use to carry a Pokemon then your own strength." Neo shakes his head as Gliscor flies out to the middle of the field,
"These Pokemon fight for me because they respect me and want to help me. I consider Pokemon to be equal to myself in every way so I do not capture them." Dorian shrugs and throws his second pokeball,
"Well they certainly are powerful. Only a few people have ever defeated my Steelix." As the light disappears a Blaziken stands proudly with his arms folded. He looks like any ordinary Blaziken except his hair is a bright white color instead of the normal light brown. The Gliscor lets out a shriek as it floats back and forth,
"Well, well. Not every day I get to fight a Blaziken!" Blaziken and Gliscor then rush each other with Blaziken using speedy kicks coated in flame and Gliscor countering with Arial aces none of which are hitting. After a few minutes of parries and dodges Blaziken lands a kick in Gliscor's gut knocking it back a few feet. Neo looks back at Blizzard then to Gliscor,
"You okay Aster?" The Gliscor turns to Neo,
"Oh yeah I'm great! Having the time of my life!" Aster turns back to the Blaziken to see that he's in a battle pose with his leg slightly raised, "He got one hit but another will be difficult." The Blaziken narrows his eyes at this comment and the two rush each other and, once again, are locked in a stalemate of strikes. As before the stalemate lasts for a few minute but this time Gliscor lands a hit on Blaziken's left leg. Blaziken falls to his knee and Aster throws his claw down not expecting to be punched incredibly hard in the jaw by a glowing uppercut. The strike sends Aster flying backwards landing at Neo's feet unconscious. Neo leans down to his injured Gliscor and moves him out of the arena and over to Blizzard who begins treating his bruises. Neo leans down to the Absol,
"Ready, Alex?" Alex nods and trots onto the battlefield facing the Blaziken. Dorian laughs,
"You put up a really good fight but it looks like I'm going to win this one! Blaziken! Close-combat!" Blaziken and Absol charge each other but before Blaziken can even get a punch in he's slashed by the head blade of the Absol which was glowing a pinkish-purple color as it did so. Alex smirks as Dorian recalls his Blaziken,
"Next!" Dorian growls as he holds his third pokeball in his hand,
"Gladly." Dorian throws the pokeball and in a flash of light a large, green Dragonite is standing angrily in front of the Absol. Alex gulps,
"Wasn't expecting that." The dragon rushes Alex striking him with his claws but the blow is light as Alex jumps back as the blow makes contact. A tiny drop of blood floats down the Absol's cheek as he scans his opponent. Neo sees the blood,
"Alex, this is a strong opponent be careful!" Alex turns his head and nods as he charges the Dragon with his blade glowing and turning into stone. Dragonite slashes down as Alex slashes up and the two strikes meet and lock in place as the two try to push the other away. The stalemate lasts only seconds when Alex is thrown away when Dragonite uses his other hand to punch the Absol hard in the side of the head. Alex slides along the ground leaving a thin trail of dust in the air and shakes his head slightly dazed from the unexpected attack. He dashes at the Dragonite again and Dragonite attempts to intercept him again but the Absol jumps to the side and again to be behind the dragon and leaps at him with his stone essence'd head blade. The Dragonite roars in pain as it takes the critical hit to his upper back and falls to his hands and knees. Alex jumps in front of the dragon and his blade shines again for the finishing strike but is instantly engulfed by a beam of light blasted from the Dragon's mouth. Dragonite falls unconscious and as the light recedes Absol is also on the ground. There is a silence before the announcer speaks,
"IT APPEARS THAT THIS MATCH HAS ENDED IN..." Before the announcer can say another word Alex slowly stands, wobbles a bit and then stands strong. His fur is lightly singed making his coat a shiny black color. Alex coughs releasing a puff of black smoke,
"Wow. That hurt a whole lot... ow..." The announcer speaks again,
"ABSOL HAS STOOD UP MAKING NEO THE WINNER OF THIS MATCH!!!! I'M SURE EVERYONE WILL AGREE WITH ME THAT WHAT WE JUST WITNESSED WAS THE BEST MATCH OF THIS TOURNAMENT SO FAR!!! THE FOURTH AND FINAL MATCH FOR TODAY WILL TAKE PLACE IN THIRTY MINUTES SO DON'T GO FAR!!" Dorian returns Dragonite to his pokeball and replaces it onto his belt. Dorian, Neo, Blizzard, Alex and Aster walk, or in Aster's case, fly, to the middle of the arena and Dorian and Neo shake hands. Dorian lets out a large sigh,
"Looks like you beat me... There's a rare sight." Neo smiles, his teeth being the only thing showing under his hood,
"Pokemon are not just tools for battling. They need to be respected if you want their respect in return. If you follow this you will become much more powerful and you'll also be a better person at heart." Dorian and Neo and his company part ways and walk out of the arena. Dorian meets up with the group in the lobby,
"Well, I lost." Salina stares at Dorian in disbelief,
"You. Never. Lose. What happened out there?!" Dorian shrugs,
"You never gave me a kiss for good luck so of course I didn't win." Salina's eye twitches,
"Don't try to blame this on me!!!" As Dorian and Salina argue Vecransyh notices Neo walk into the lobby towards the exit. He walks past Vecransyh and as he's walking he turns his head and looks into his eyes speaking quietly,
"See you in the finals." Followed by his six Pokemon Neo walks away. Vecransyh watches him leave and feels a strange confidence fill his mind. Vecransyh turns toward the others,
"That guy has some incredible power!" Latias nods,
"He treats his Pokemon with so much love and respect that they don't use anything less then their full power when they're in battle." Kazamaru turns to Vecransyh,
"I'm fighting next right?" Drake nods and lays a hand on Kazamaru's shoulder,
"Do not underestimate your opponent and you should be able to pull off a victory." Just then Scarlet walks by and meets eyes with Kazamaru on her way to the arena,
"Don't disappoint me Kaza." Kazamaru grins,
"You have to kiss me as soon as the match is over if I win." Scarlet stops and turns toward him, her pink hear flipping,
"If I win I want you to get on your hands and knees and kiss the dirt at my feet." Kazamaru shrugs,
"I'll accept those terms. Let's make it a good match." Scarlet nods as she disappears through an archway. Drakes scratches the back of his silver hair as he watches Kazamaru looking at each of his pokeballs trying to decide which three to bring,
"He's still got that flirty side to him. Hehe, some things never change." Latias nudges his arm,
"You were like that too." Drake blushes and kisses her on the cheek,
"Guilty." The time limit before the next round goes rather quickly as everyone goes to their seat. Vecransyh munches on popcorn as he watches Kazamaru take the field. He and Scarlet stand opposite each other as they both select a Pokemon from their belts,
"So, Kaza uses ground Pokemon and Scarlet uses..." Xylina, who is sitting right of Vecransyh, studies the girl opposite Kazamaru,
"I suppose we'll know when she sends one out." Vecransyh nods and looks to his left at the people sitting next to him remembering the Lucario who had watched the match so intently studying every single move made by both sides that it almost seemed like they were scanning for any mistakes in their fellow Lucario's moves. Vecransyh looks back to the field as Kazamaru and Scarlet throw their pokeballs releasing their Pokemon. The announcer appears, once again, over the loudspeaker,
"SCARLET HAS CHOSEN A BEAUTIFUL GARDEVOIR AS KAZAMARU HAS CHOSEN A PILOSWINE!!!" The humanoid, psychic Pokemon stands opposite the giant wooly-mammoth Pokemon floating majestically left and right like she's floating, "WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY LET THE FINAL MATCH OF ROUND ONE BEGIN!!!" Gardevoir's eyes glow a shiny blue color as Piloswine is encased in a thin layer of psychic energy making him float into the air. Kazamaru yells to his Pokemon,
"Piloswine! Ice beam!" Energy forms between the tusks of the mammoth and they connect firing a laser beam of ice at Gardevoir. Gardevoir breaks her psychic effect on Piloswine and it crashes to the ground as she dives out of the way of the ice beam attack. She barely dodges it with her foot getting hit by a few tiny pieces of ice. Gardevoir stands and picks up Piloswine once again with psychic attacks and slamming him into the ground repeatedly until he goes unconscious and is recalled by Kazamaru,
"Oh yeah because using psychic to smash him into the ground repeatedly is completely fair." Scarlet only smiles as Gardevoir crosses her arms. Kazamaru throws a second pokeball and a large, red camel with craters on his back roars at the psychic Pokemon, "Camerupt! Magnitude!" The ground in the arena begins to shake incredibly violently and Gardevoir loses her balance falling as the ground splits in places creating sharp, jagged edges that cut her. Gardevoir falls unconscious from the attack and is quickly recalled to her pokeball. Scarlet's smirk turns to a serious expression as she tosses a second pokeball releasing Medicham to the field. Medicham rushes Camerupt with physical blows and jumps back. Camerupt shakes off the pain of the strikes, "Eruption!" Camerupt focuses and begins firing large flaming rocks from the craters on his back down on the Medicham who dodges most of them but it's struck hard in the head by one of them causing it to immediately fall unconscious. Scarlet yells at Kazamaru as she returns Medicham to its pokeball,
"Fine then!!! Gallade!!!" Scarlet throws her third pokeball and in a flash of light Gallade appears. He looks similar to Gardevoir but has a sharp blade on his head and thicker limbs and bladed arms, not to mention the lack of dress. Gallade rushes Camerupt and begins barraging it with crushing punches and slashes all over his body. Camerupt launches more flaming rocks but Gallade's speed allows it to dodge them all and continue the onslaught of strikes until it falls to his side and disappears into his pokeball. Kazamaru meets eyes with Scarlet after taking the third and final pokeball from his belt,
"Bring it." He throws the pokeball releasing a large, green, steel-plated, wingless dragon to the field. The Tyranitar Roars powerfully making Gallade flinch at his presence, "Earthquake!!" The ground begins to shake violently causing Gallade to fall to a knee and not be able to get proper footing. Tyranitar, with his heavy nature walks toward Gallade unfazed by the shaking and slashes him with his powerful claws causing him to fall. Scarlet returns Gallade to his pokeball as does Kazamaru with Tyranitar. There is a roar of applause from the audience as the announcer is heard over the loudspeaker,
"You have some serious skill." Scarlet lays a hand on Kazamaru's cheek as she lightly presses her lips against his for a quick but noticeable kiss prompting a roar of applause from the audience. Scarlet moves her face away from Kazamaru's and turns and walks away waving over her shoulder at him, "Later!" Kazamaru stands not moving for a minute before coming back into reality and leaving through the archway to the stadium lobby. The group heads to the Pokemon center before returning to the hotel. As they walk down the road to the hotel Vecransyh looks around,
"Hey, where're Dorian and the other two?" Drake shrugs,
"Probably went to their hotel. If you beat Jyro tomorrow then those three will be out of the competition." Vecransyh grins,
"It's funny. Dorian was so confident about his team winning the tourney and then he loses his first battle." All five of them laugh including Latias and Xylina. In his room Vecransyh's five Pokemon are walking around the suite doing whatever interests them which includes Vecransyh's Gengar trying to scare the other three. He has given up trying to scare Xylina ever since he was a Gastly. Vecransyh sits on the side of the bed thinking over Jyro's battle strategy Xylina is 'sitting' on the bed next to him, "Jyro really didn't give me any insight to his strategy except that he uses poison type Pokemon."
"Well, that's a good thing for you because we ghosts are resistant to poison." Vecransyh smiles at this information,
"Well that ups my chances at least but Jyro's Pokemon are no laughing matter either." Xylina moves behind Vecransyh wrapping her arms around his neck,
"I'm sure you'll do fine. You have us after all." Vecransyh looks at all his ghosts strewn about the room,
"You guys are like my family and I cherish you." Xylina blushes and smiles as she hugs him tightly,
"And we fight our hardest because of that. You have faith in us all and we don't want to let you down." Vecransyh smiles as he takes Xylina's arms in his,
"Hey, something I've been meaning to ask you. How come you have hands and... umm... well, how come you look more human then other Mismagius?"
"That's actually a very interesting story and since you asked I'll tell you." Meanwhile in Kazamaru's room Kaza is deep in though on how to defeat Neo and his team of incredibly powerful Pokemon. His six Pokemon are also easily able to move around in the large suite,
"Wow, I'm glad we got these huge rooms just for being registered in the tournament." His thoughts drift back to Neo, "His lucario... Man, that's going to be tough to beat even if I were to use three of my Pokemon at once..." Kazamaru scratches his head and puts his face in his hands, "Lucario is a fighting type, that much is obvious but it also took incredible damage when his aura sphere got redirected... and since that's a fighting move then Lucario must be... hmm, I'll go with steel type because it just seems to fit. So Lucario is steel and fighting... Awesome. Next is Gliscor... That shouldn't be too hard, I've heard of those. They're ground and flying type so a rock move would do pretty well against it. Next is Absol. Absol is a dark... Dark is weak against fighting and bug so my Tyranitar would be able to hit it pretty hard with Brick Break. But Absols are really fast too and if he hits Tyranitar first then it could mean serious trouble for Tyranitar or any of my Pokemon for that matter." Kazamaru falls back onto his bed running things through in his mind, "This is going to suck for me..." Back in Vecransyh's room Vecransyh is still talking to Xylina. She smiles,
"And that's why I'm partially human." Vecransyh looks down at the ground having taken in the entire story,
"Well I guess that makes sense." Vecransyh lies down resting his head on Xylina's stomach as she lies sideways running her fingers through Vecransyh's hair,
"That was a pretty crafty trick you pulled at the restaurant today." Vecransyh laughs and sighs as Xylina plays with his hair,
"Haunter's had been telling me he wanted to be a Gengar for a long time so I saw and opportunity and I took it." Xylina looks over at Gengar trying to scare Duskull and getting no reaction,
"He does seem much happier now." Vecransyh looks over at Gengar,
"Yeah, he's smiling more." Xylina continues running her ghostly hand softly through Vecransyh's hair as she smiles softly,
"So, what're your plans for after the Pokemon league?"
"Me and Kaza are headed to Sinnoh. That's the last place that Drake needs to get an Ultima badge from so he'll probably come with us." Xylina smiles as she hears his plans,
"That sounds like a plan, Vecy." Vecransyh turns his head toward Xylina and speaks softly,
"Are you ready to go to bed princess of the night?" Xylina shudders with pleasure as she hears the nickname Vecransyh had given her a few days ago. She floats out from under him and moves her face close to his,
"You have no idea how much I love that." She then pushes her lips to his in a passionate kiss and a few minutes later the two fall asleep in each other's embrace.
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