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Final Trial

Spirit Stratos floats down and his feet touch as he lands on the flat, dusty ground. The Lucario folds his arms as he looks ahead at the sight in front of him. The scream of pain had not been from Stratos but by his rescuer. Stratos meanwhile looks up weakly,
"Who...?" When he hears the heavy breathing he recognizes his savior's voice and hears her speak,
"You're... not going to... get out of fighting me... that easily... Squirt." Luna had taken the attack head on throwing herself in front of it with her arms spread wide. She faces Stratos smirking slightly through the pain and what little of her Stratos could see through the haze her back is smoking. It's at that moment that Stratos passes out. Luna's cloak reforms over her back and she turns narrowing her eyes as she takes a mask out of her pocket, "And YOU!" Perfect Stratos forms a silver Aura Sphere in both of his paws,
"Bring it girly."

Neo continues walking down the dusty tunnel and he looks ahead for a moment to the rest of the group walking ahead of him as they all eagerly await the final trial and finally finishing Victory Road,
"Something on your mind?" Neo jumps at the sudden voice and looks down to Victoria who's walking next to him,
"Didn't see you there... yeah I'm a little concerned about my challenge. I haven't exactly had a safe life..." Victoria shrugs as she looks up at him,
"Few of us have had easy lives. Whatever you went through I can guarantee that your trial won't be nearly as powerful as the real thing."
(That voice...) Everyone turns around at the call and as Neo turns around something runs into him knocking him onto his backside and Neo scratches his head as he looks up into the face of Allie, "Why are you here?! I told you to wait at home!" Allie shrugs as she hugs him and Victoria giggles walking ahead to join Vecransyh, Xylina and Yakira,
"Your house is sooo boring when you're not there Neo so I decided to come here. I gotta say; that's one heck of a tunnel. I wouldn't have the attention span to dig something like this." Neo chuckles,
"I'm sure if you got bored enough you could get close." Allie smiles as she helps Neo up and the two begin walking,
"Not my fault. I like digging; It's a good stress reliever... hey, where's Luna?"
"You didn't show up early enough. Stratos got into battle with a perfect version of himself and Luna went to go watch." Allie joins her paws behind her waist as she walks looking up at the poorly lit ceiling of the tunnel,
"They make a good couple." Neo blinks as he looks at her,
"They're not..." Neo stops when he meets eyes with the Lucario who's looking at him seriously,
"Neo you're not telling me that you're still as naïve and clueless as when I first met you are you? There's something there and it's pretty obvious. Anyway, explain the purpose of this tunnel... it doesn't seem to be that good of a Victory Road. More tedious then anything."
"Each section of the cave is a trial for each trainer in a group of trainers. The trial itself is a form from their memories." Allie gives him a sad look,
"Aww, did I miss yours?"
"Actually I'm the last one. You missed everyone else's."
"So who do you think it'll be?" Neo lets out a groan,
"I have a few ideas but with my luck it'll be the hardest thing in the world. I'm about 99% sure it's going to be Anti." Allie gives him a shocked look as she stares at him wide-eyed,
"I'm fighting too. I lost you once to him and I'm not letting that happen again when there's something I can do about it." Neo shakes his head,
"Don't worry. All of the trials so far have been drastically lowered in strength and I beat Anti at his very best. This fight should be over pretty fast." Allie nods looking ahead at everyone,
"So Vecransyh's a dad now?" Neo nods looking ahead at Vecransyh walking happily with his Mismagius son Aticus riding on his shoulders,
"Yeah, he's got two kids. He's getting stronger too. His mastery of that sword is quite impressive I must say."
"But he could never beat you." Neo chuckles,
"That's a given. In a fair fight he might actually have a chance though, you know, sword to sword."
"Right, right, so..." She points ahead of them, "Why does the cave stop right there?" Neo cracks his knuckles as a small smile drifts across his face,
"It's time." Ahead of them the room expands to a decent sized battle arena and Neo walks up to a black-cloaked figure that leans against the exit its face unseeable under its hood. The Spirit of Neo's memories looks up with a smile,
"I gotta say, you've had a pretty interesting life Mr. Eon. You're memories were fun to run through but I gotta say, this fight suites your abilities pretty well." Two red beams of energy form from the hand-holes in the cloak and they form into swords. Neo walks forward as a silver double-helix sword appears in his left hand after a brief shimmer of light,
"For having your existence based on testing people you seem to like digging up memories people would have rather forgotten." The spirit nods with a chuckle,
"It's true but can you blame me? It's so boring here and I have to have fun somehow. I gotta say, these trials were much more entertaining then the other two hundred trainers that have been through here recently." Kazamaru shudders slightly looking down,
"Well that's fantastic... this Pokemon league isn't going to be a cakewalk."

Back to Neo's fight Anti has run towards him with his blades outstretched to the sides,
"Enough talk!!" Neo simply stands and watches as the spirit runs towards him and Anti throws the blades forward in a cross-slash and in one motion Neo brings up his sword laying his hand on the upper part of the blade forcing Anti's swords to both be frozen in place. Anti stares wide eyed barely able to process what had just happened, "You little... die!!!" Anti takes a quick step back and begins slashing wildly from all frontal directions but Neo simply parries every blow before he turns the sword in perfect timing with a double-slash catching Anti's blades in each hole of the double-helix and he spins his sword effectively disarming Anti who responds by forming two more swords and he continues his onslaught, "Stop mocking me!!!! I'm a master swordsman!!!" Neo smirks meeting eyes with the spirit of Anti,
"Come on you're stronger then this. Use some darkness or something!!" Anti jumps back and unleashes a barrage of black spheres that Neo proceeds to cut in half making them all disappear in small explosions of energy. Anti then smirks and three more images of him appear with the same expression. They all speak at the same time,
"Fine then. I won't hold back any more!!" All four Antis run forward and begin slashing wildly like last time but Neo keeps up with them barely able to parry all of the hits,
"Whew this is fun! Haven't had a swordfight like this in a long time!!" Neo stops every one of the blades at once forcing them to a stop when they come down at the same time and he throws his sword up. All of the Anti images use their strength to push against Neo but he simply smiles up at them, "Wanna hear a secret?" Anti gives him an odd look,
"What now?!"
"I'm right handed." Anti goes wide-eyed as Neo pushes up powerfully throwing all of the blades above him back and he switches hands before running forward destroying the first image with a horizontal slash followed by the second and third with multiple slashes and he holds out his sword towards the final Anti, "Come on Anti is this all you've got?!"

Meanwhile Xylina turns her head to look at Vecransyh, who's watching the fight with great interest,
"Maybe you should ask Neo to train you a little bit with your sword?" Vecransyh nods with a smile,
"Yeah, there's no way I could be doing as well as he is..."
"Go Neo!!!" Xylina smiles as she watches Allie cheering Neo on.

Back on the field Neo is dodging and parrying slashes as Anti had quickly become much better with its blades very fast,
"Yeah! This is what I was talking about!!" Anti suddenly jumps back and drops his sword forming a huge sphere of energy in his hands before he throws his hands forward firing the shadow energy at Neo. Neo takes a step to the left easily avoiding the approaching orb and smirks, "You were to far away for that to have even had a chance of hitting me." Anti smiles darkly as the energy continues towards where Neo was,
"That wasn't for you." Neo goes wide-eyed and looks back at everyone else as the energy rockets past him,
"Guys!!! Get out of the way!!!" Neo runs back in a burst of speed as the rest of the group gets a good distance away from the blast leaving Allie to stare at it in a sort of trance-like state, "Allie!!" (No-one knows how powerful Anti's attacks are so if I can't get there in time then Allie will... no. I have to protect her!!) Neo rushes over getting to Allie within seconds of the energy contact and he leaps forward wrapping his arms around Allie taking her with him and the both of them land hard out of the way of the blast as it explodes far away down the tunnel oddly doing no damage to the tunnel itself but fills the tunnel behind everyone with smoke and dust. There is a silence as the smoke clears and Neo looks down to Allie, who's looking up at him with a smile along with tears in her eyes,
"Neo... thank you." Neo smiles as he looks into her eyes,
"Allie... I'm just glad you weren't hurt." Neo helps her up and turns back to Anti before walking towards him picking his sword up along the way, "That was a dirty move." Anti folds his arms with a smirk,
"Come on Neo, you didn't honestly expect me to fight fair did you?!" Neo grips his sword tighter as his body begins radiating with shadow energy,
"Prepare yourself..." Neo disappears in an instant and reappears behind Anti as his sword disappears in a shimmer of light, "No-one attacks my friends and lives to tell about it." Anti drops his sword and they disappear as he falls to his knees,
"You... pass." Anti disappears in a flash of light and Neo stands up before feeling Allie run into his back with her arms tightly wrapped around his waist. The wall on the opposite side of the room rumbles and slides down revealing a semi-long tunnel with a bright light at the end. Kazamaru lets out a happy cheer as he and the others head over to the exit,
"Finally!!! This took forever!!!" Kazamaru proceeds to run down the tunnel and Scarlet takes off after him expecting him to do this. Yakira lets out a sigh as everyone begins walking again,
"I wasn't expecting Neo's memory to attack us. The hell was that about?!" Allie has jumped into Neo's arms and he carries her as she rests her head against his chest with a light blush coupled with a smile on her face. Neo begins walking and turns to Yakira when he hears her words,
"Sorry about that. Since the spirit also has the memories of the person that it takes control of it tries to be as much like that person as possible during the test... or so I've come to believe watching the previous trials." Yakira nods satisfied with his answer,
"Yeah I suppose that would make sense..." She notices Allie apparently asleep in his arms and smiles mischievously,
"She really likes you huh." Neo nods as he looks down at the Lucario,
"More then you know." Yakira giggles at the thought,
"She's a kind spirit. She makes a good lover for you." Neo gives her a shocked look,
"E-excuse me?!"
"I see the way she looks at you. She really loves you." Neo nods,
"I know and I really like her too but..."
"But you haven't told her that you love her yet?" Neo gives her a slightly ashamed look,
"No... I want it to be perfect... I feel it but the words just haven't meant enough for me to say them yet. They were perfect when she said them to me." Yakira smiles,
"That's how I feel too. Just remember, you can't save a girl's life without eventually getting 'something' back." Neo blinks giving her an odd look,
"And by 'something' you mean...? What?"
"Wow. You're almost as clueless as Onym is. Anyway, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually." Yakira picks up her pace to rejoin Vecransyh and clings to his arm with one of her own as she carries her baby Snorunt in the other. Allie had listened to Yakira's words and smiles as she keeps her eyes closed,
(Those are the words I desperately want to hear...)

After emerging from Victory road into the moonlight Xylina shimmers for a moment and stretches her arms with a happy giggle looking over to Vecransyh,
"I totally forgot that it was a full moon tonight. Kinda hard to think that we were in there all day." Vecransyh chuckles as he runs his free hand through her hair,
"I'm always at a loss for words about how beautiful you look in the moonlight." Xylina smiles happily and kisses him passionately as they walk and soon everyone has made it to the Pokemon center immediately giving all of their Pokemon to the nurse at the front desk. Neo sits down on a couch in the corner and lays Allie's head down on his lap as he runs his hand through the fur on her head. He looks over to his left to Luna who has her hood up and she's looking down at the floor clearly deep in thought because she didn't notice anyone walk in,
"Hey Luna? Where's Stratos at?" Luna jumps when she's addressed and she looks over at Neo her expression hidden by her hood,
"He's in the emergency room right now. His perfect form was more powerful and brutal then expected and I had to step in to stop him from being killed..." Neo gives her a shocked look,
"Are you okay?" Luna nods slightly and slides her hood down revealing her singed fur,
"I took his Judgment to save Stratos' life and I had to use my mask to be sure I could defeat him." Neo looks down as he shakes his head,
"Is that how Stratos is going to be in the future?" Luna shakes her head,
"No, the one I fought was basically Stratos at his very best but he was completely different as far as personality goes. Dark, bloodthirsty... evil might be a better word to sum it up. Stratos isn't like that. He's too tranquil of a spirit to become anything like that monster."
"I'm glad no-one got killed."
"Yeah... I'd have wasted all my time if Stratos got killed." She stands up and walks towards the staircase at the edge of the Pokemon center, "I'm going to bed... I'm still a little shaken by all of that pain..." She disappears up the stairs and Neo lets out a sigh as he runs his hand through Allie's fur,
"Four days till the tournament... I suppose we'd better head off to bed too."

Neo checks into a nearby hotel along with the rest of the group and he heads over to the bed laying Allie on one side as he lays down on the other after stripping off his coat and shirt. Neo looks up at the ceiling before he closes his eyes feeling Allie shift in bed putting her arm across his chest and she runs her fingers through his fur as she sleeps,
"Allie... we've been together for so long. So many years... and through all of that time you've never left my side. And that's why... Allie, I love you." Neo opens his eyes slowly and turns his head towards her into an unexpected kiss as Allie pushes her body into him passionately sliding her tongue into his mouth running it around his. Neo puts his arms around her as he closes his eyes into the kiss and feels Allie take his hand in hers and put it onto her chest. Neo's fingers slide through the fur on her chest and his hand cups around her warm breast. Neo breaks the kiss and looks at Allie a little overwhelmed, "Allie... I..." She puts her paw on his mouth stopping him from saying anything and she kisses him again before smiling lovingly,
"Neo... I was waiting for you until you told me you loved me. There was no doubt in my mind that you did and I knew you were waiting till the right time. I've wanted this for the longest time my love." She kisses him again running her paw through his hair and Neo looks up at her with a bright blush on his face,
"I..." Allie silences him again with her paw and puts her mouth next to his ear speaking quietly in a lustful voice,
"I want you Neo... I want you to become my lover." She then removes her paw from his mouth and looks into his eyes,
"Allie..." Neo closes his eyes for a moment, "You'll have to help me... I've never done this before." Allie shrugs with a smile and pushes her paw against his crotch in a rubbing motion,
"Neither have I..." Allie slides off the rest of Neo's clothing leaving him nude and lays her lips against his swirling her tongue with his in a kiss of intense passion. She lets out a small moan as Neo begins to gently squeeze and massage her breast twisting her nipple slightly between his fingers. Her paw runs up his shaft and she circles his tip with her fingers and continues stroking him as her own sex begins to moisten with her fluids. Allie breaks the kiss and rolls onto her back looking over to Neo with a lustful smile, "Help me get my shorts of?" Her voice sounds fairly innocent backed by an obvious lustful tone. Neo gulps still incredibly nervous as he shifts over to his love sliding his hands around the top of her shorts and he slides them down slowly all the while staring up at her nervously. A few moments later Allie's shorts hit the floor and she lays Neo back down before she straddles him laying down on his chest running her paw through his fur as she rubs her womanhood against his shaft feeling her desires grow, "I still can hardly believe this isn't a dream..." Neo locks her into a kiss and once it breaks he smiles slightly twitching from Allie's continuous movement,
"Me... me either." Allie sits up and puts her paws on his member stroking him slowly as the moonlight reflects off her body from the doors to the balcony. Her breasts have inflated slightly from her arousal making them seeable through her fur and she looks down at her lover as she strokes him again and takes her paws off of him laying them on his lower chest. She raises herself up slowly and brings his tip slowly into her opening shuddering in pleasure,
"I... I can't wait anymore N... Neo." Neo brings his hands to her waist and she lets her body slide down slowly until his tip hits her virginity. Neo gives her an inquisitive look and Allie giggles before she takes a quick breath and slams down on him breaking her hymen and thus ending both of their virginities immediately. There is a silence in the room and Allie lets out a small whimper before she begins moving him in and out of herself slowly,
"Are you okay...? Ergh..." Allie nods as she continues moving on him,
"It only happens the first... first time... ahh..." Allie lets out a long moan as she drives his shaft into her up to the hilt and she falls forward onto him locking him into a passionate kiss as she continues moving her hips keeping the motion as they make love. Allie begins moving faster on his member and her moaning becomes louder through their kisses. Suddenly Allie throws her head up and pants as Neo's hands wrap around her breasts massaging and squeezing hard and soft as he moves them between his fingers. Allie's eyes suddenly go wide and she lets out a scream of pleasure as her inner walls clamp down on Neo's shaft in orgasm and she keeps moving harder on him driving him deeply into her womanhood as she has one orgasm after another wanting nothing more then so have her love...
"Allie!! Wait I'm gonna...!" Allie continues riding her true love harder and faster as her body builds up for her final orgasm,
"Do it Neo!! Give it to me!!" Neo lets out a yell unable to contain himself any longer and he grunts letting his seed fill the welcoming womb of his lover as Allie releases her fluids onto the bed. Allie freezes for a moment before she falls forward kissing Neo passionately for a few minutes and she lays her head on his chest smiling as she closes her eyes running her paw through his fur, "I love you Neo..." Neo lets out a few breathes of exhaustion before he lays his hand on her head running his fingers through her fur,
"I love you too Allie."
Chapter End Notes:well, kudos to anyone who's actually read the entire story up till this point. up in the sky! is it a bird?! is it a plane!? NO! it's the first sex scene in over 23 chapters!!!
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