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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Vecransyh's eyes shoot open the next morning as he feels Yakira's hands on his shoulders shaking him violently to awaken him,
"'!!" The Froslass giggles kissing him quickly before she floats out of the bed looking back at him as her feet touch the floor,
"Come on Vecy, I let you sleep in till noon but we really need to get a move on if we're going to get Wondertomb before the tournament." Vecransyh lets out a loud yawn causing Xylina to stir and Vecransyh slides out of bed running his hand slowly through his messy, brown hair before he slips on his shirt. Xylina smiles as she shifts in bed to look at him,
"I'll hold down the fort while you're both away." Vecransyh looks back to his lover on the bed with a smile seeing her displaying herself to him as she winks, "Come back soon Prince." Vecransyh smiles at the nickname although he only felt positive emotions whenever Xylina or Yakira called him that. Anyone else calling him that had a tendency to be hazardous to his health. Vecransyh leans onto the bed giving the Mismagius a loving kiss careful not to disturb Aticus or Yakira's daughter who still has yet to be named. Vecransyh gets off the bed for a second time and joins Yakira near the door,
"Ready to go?" Yakira nods with a happy smile as Vecransyh slips on his backpack,
"As I'll ever be." Vecransyh turns back to Xylina as Yakira opens the door to the hallway,
"Keep Gengar and Rotom out of trouble. We'll be back as soon as we can for the tournament." Vecransyh looks around the room at all of his sleeping Pokemon and notices Gengar eyeing him, "Sorry bud, did we wake you up?" Gengar shakes his head speaking in a serious tone,
"How come you get all the girls?" Yakira giggles at the question,
"Gengar, there's one girl you overlooked and I know for a fact that she's interested in you." Gengar gives her a shocked look, Vecransyh gives her a confused look and both Vecransyh and Gengar speak in unison,
"She's a little tomboyish which is probably why you never realized it. Banette is a girl." Vecransyh then waves goodbye to Xylina and Gengar before the door closes leaving Yakira and Vecransyh in the hallway. Gengar stands there speechless as he looks back and forth between the sleeping Banette and the door where his master formerly was.

Yakira turns to Vecransyh with a smile taking his hand in hers as she leads him down the hallway and down the stairs to the lobby of the Pokemon center. Upon walking into the room they meet a familiar sight. A boy in a pirate hat sits on one of the many couches in the lobby next to an incredibly greasy boy with long black hair looking like he hasn't bathed since last they saw him. On the boy with the pirate hats other side is a girl in a two-piece bathing suit with a short skirt over the bottom half and long blonde hair. Dorian looks up as he sees Vecransyh enter the room and waves his hand to him,
"Yo Vecransyh!! Been a while dude!" Vecransyh jumps when he hears the call and looks over to the trio before grinning and walking over to them trailed by Yakira who looks at them all suspiciously,
"And these people are...?" Vecransyh looks back at her with his usual happy smile,
"The girl's name is Salina, the guy in the pirate hat's name is Dorian and the guy who hasn't bathed since the last Pokemon league in Kanto is Jyro. They're old friends from the Pokemon league there." Vecransyh sits on the couch opposite them and Yakira sits closely next to them eyeing the trio as if preparing herself to attack on a moments notice, "So what've you guys been up to since Kanto?" Salina giggles,
"We've been training our butts off so we can win the Pokemon league this time. I haven't forgotten our battle little Vecransyh." Jyro folds his arms as he crosses one leg across his lap,
"So who's your friend?" Yakira forces a smile as she looks at the three deciding to be nice to these people since Vecransyh knew them before he knew her,
"My name is Yakira. I'm the legend of Sinnoh and lover to this hunk of a man." Dorian gives her a questionable look,
"Wasn't he with a Mismagius last time we saw him?" Vecransyh nods,
"Yeah, Xylina's up in the room right now watching over the kids. Me and Yakira are heading to Solaceon town before the tournament for a quick errand." Dorian sticks his finger in his ear before twisting it and brings it back out looking at it before flicking ear residue onto the floor,
"So let me get this straight. You've got two girls now?" Vecransyh nods,
"Yep and I love 'em both to death."
"And you said you have kids now!?" Yakira raises an eyebrow as she looks at the boy,
"Is there a problem?" Dorian shrugs returning to his tranquil state,
"Nah, just kinda surprised me. Didn't think Pokemon and humans were THAT compatible." Vecransyh lets out a chuckle,
"It took a few tries to be honest. But me and Xylina have a baby boy and Yakira and I had a baby girl."

After a few more minutes of catching up, Vecransyh and Yakira say goodbye to Dorian and company and head out the door of the Pokemon center where they meet Scarlet who stands there with a smile on her face standing next to her Gardevoir with Bane standing close by her,
"Ready for teleport?" Vecransyh and Yakira both nod simultaneously and Scarlet returns it, "Alrighty. You guys are gonna have to run pretty fast to get back here in time." Yakira looks over at Vecransyh with a dumbfounded look,
"That's true. How are we gonna get back in time?" Vecransyh lets out a chuckle as he looks over to her,
"Relax, I've got it covered." Gardevoir raises her hands and her eyes glaze over with a blue light,
"See you all soon." Yakira and Vecransyh are both enveloped by a blue light the same color as Gardevoir's eyes and they both vanish instantly. Scarlet lets out a sigh as the two disappear,
"Finally, someone remembered that I have teleport."

Vecransyh and Yakira both appear at the northern part of Celestic town and Vecransyh looks around for a moment blinking a few times to regain himself,
"I don't think I'll ever get used to teleporting..." Yakira giggles and gives him a small kiss on the cheek,
"Don't worry love; we won't be teleporting for a while... where are we?" Vecransyh looks around again at the town. In all Celestic town is very small and is a square shape that sinks in the middle to a cave that has pictures of Dialga and Palkia on the outside. Near the cave is a small, house-like object. Vecransyh takes a map out of his pocket and looks through the town descriptions,
"We're in Celestic town. It's about a four hour walk to Solaceon from here." Yakira nods and the two set off to the East exit of the city. Nearing the exit Vecransyh stops dead in his tracks as a shiver runs down his spine Yakira notices this and gives him a worried look,
"Are you okay Vecransyh?" Vecransyh turns back looking towards the cave at the base of the town,
(Something about that cave...) "I just had this weird feeling... whatever." Vecransyh shakes his head rapidly for a moment getting rid of the feeling and turns back around, "I don't feel it anymore let's just head out. The sooner we get Wondertomb the better." Yakira nods but keeps most of the concerned expression on her face as the two head down the road to their destination.

Fifteen figures sit around a large, wooden table. Around them is nothing but blackness that stretches off into an unseeable abyss. Of the fifteen seated two chairs remain empty. In the middle of the table is a large orb displaying the image of Vecransyh walking down the road towards Solaceon with Yakira happily striding along next to him. One of the figures folds his arms as he stares at the image. He wears a dark blue suit and wears a hat identical to Drake's,
"The prince is going after Wondertomb... should we really let him get that kind of power right before he potentially takes over the world?" Sabrina, who sits only a few chairs away from him nods as her gaze remains fixed on Vecransyh,
"There is only one reason he seeks Wondertomb, Riley. To banish Giratina from this world and send that abomination to the afterlife. Let us simply observe for now. If things get out of hand we'll make our move at the opportune time. It's too soon to judge whether or not Vecransyh will join Giratina or join us as the King of Ghosts." A man wearing a long black cape and black clothing with spiky black hair nods as he looks over to Sabrina and Riley,
"I agree with Sabrina. Besides, taking down Vecransyh right now would be easy but then we'd have to wait another thirty years for the prince to be reincarnated..." Sabrina nods towards the figure,
"True, Lance. Of course this could have all been avoided if Crowe had simply killed Giratina instead of letting him escape." Riley adjusts his hat on his head,
"But it's because of Crowe's actions that Vecransyh wasn't swayed to Giratina's side although I agree that Crowe should have simply killed him. Giratina was smart to bring him into the distortion world but he'll most likely show himself in the real world after the Pokemon league. That's when we make our move." Lance shakes his head,
"Wrong Riley. We will wait until the battle is over regardless of the outcome. You know as well as I that we will not have a King of Ghosts if we defeat Giratina instead of allowing Vecransyh the chance. Return to your business, this meeting of the Council of Kings is over." Portals form behind each of the chairs except the two empty ones and each of the kings stand up and disappear from the meeting chamber as their portals close behind them. Crowe walks out of the blackness and smiles darkly looking into the sphere,
"Poor naive fools. Vecransyh will join Giratina and none of you will interfere with his destiny."

After hours of walking Vecransyh and Yakira arrive at the northern entrance of Solaceon town and begin walking down the dirt road on their way to the Stone Tower. Vecransyh whistles a happy tune while Yakira tosses the keystone up into the air only to catch it and repeat the process,
"Sooo, what are we going to do if Wondertomb refuses to come with us?" Vecransyh stops whistling and looks at Yakira seriously,
"Then we'll have to fight Giratina with the others. Having Wondertomb is our only option to ensure our victory. Without him the battle will be incredibly difficult. I've seen first-hand the brutal and heartless way that Giratina fights and he will not hesitate to kill any of us except for myself. I can't bear to watch any of you die which is why I'll fight Wondertomb if I have to." Yakira looks down at the ground knowing that even with Vecransyh's current abilities he'd be no match against an opponent like Wondertomb,
"Let's hope it doesn't come to that..." Shortly after passing the Lost Tower and getting a few odd looks from the Mismagius guarding the entrance Yakira and Vecransyh make their way to the Stone Tower and Yakira looks back at Vecransyh as she floats next to it with the keystone in her hands ready to place it, "Are you sure you want to do this Vecransyh...?" Vecransyh nods and Yakira lowers the keystone into the Stone Tower locking it into place near the top in an indent. Nothing happens for almost a minute before the keystone begins glowing brightly with a light blue energy and Yakira and Vecransyh take a few steps back as the radiating energy forms into a shiny Spiritomb that stares at the two for a moment before it forms itself into a human form with the skin color the same as its normal form all over his body sitting cross-legged on the tower simply staring at the two as if waiting for either of them to challenge him. Yakira and Vecransyh stay completely still and after a moment Wondertomb scans their bodies before he tilts his head seeing no pokeballs on Vecransyh's belt. His voice is raspy and quiet but echoes behind itself,
"Funny, I thought someone was actually foolish enough to try and capture me. So if you're not here for a fight then why do you disturb my sleep? Speak quickly and skip straight to the point. I have very little patience." Vecransyh clears his throat and looks directly into Wondertomb's insane eyes,
"I need you to help me kill Giratina." Wondertomb is silent as his gaze stays locked with Vecransyh's and after a moment he looks up to the sky with a high-pitched, almost screeching laughter,
"You, a mere boy, wish for me to aid you in taking down the Pokemon of distortion?!" Wondertomb takes a moment to calm himself and looks back to Vecransyh with a smirk, "State your reason." Vecransyh lets out a breath running through his answer in his head knowing that things could easily go badly if he says the wrong thing,
"The world is as good as doomed to fall under the hold of evil without your help. Killing Giratina is the only way to ensure a peaceful existence between human and Pokemon alike." Wondertomb's smirk turns to a scowl speaking with intense anger behind his voice,
"And who do you think you are preaching to a legend?!" Vecransyh closes his eyes for a moment before opening them with a newfound courage and an angry expression,
"I'm the Prince of Ghosts and you will show me some respect." Wondertomb bursts into evil laughter once again and almost falls off the tower before he slides down the front of it reclining his back against it with a smirk,
"Look at you all high and mighty demanding respect from a being that could easily rip you to shreds!!" Wondertomb lets out a sigh, "I suppose I can't refuse a request of the Prince though... tell you what. I'll leave it up to you." Vecransyh gives him a suspicious look,
"What do I have to do...?"
"Show me how much you want my help." Yakira watches Vecransyh a little concerned for him but stares in disbelief when he drops to his knees and lays his head on the ground clenching his fists in having to do something so degrading but he knows that Wondertomb meant for him to beg for his help,
"Please... please help us defeat Giratina. I can't bear to watch my friends die..." Wondertomb lets out a chuckle as he locks eyes with Yakira,
"What do you think Princess of Ice? Is that enough to enlist my help?" Yakira nods looking at Wondertomb still shocked about Vecransyh's act of begging,
"Yes... will you please help us Wondertomb?"
"Rise Prince!" Vecransyh stands and locks eyes with Wondertomb who looks at him with an insane smile, "I have made my decision. I will aid you in your battle with Giratina and ONLY in your battle with Giratina. Afterwards I will disappear and you will most likely never hear or see me ever again. I will travel on my own but I will never be far away and once Giratina appears I will be at your side. Before you thank me I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this because I feel that it's what's right and... you did free me from the keystone after all. Consider this my way of repaying my dept to you." Vecransyh nods and opens his mouth to say something but Wondertomb disappears in a puff of light blue smoke. Yakira grins looking at Vecransyh and she grips his hand tightly,
"We did it! Wondertomb's going to help us!" Vecransyh smiles lightly as he brushes a small amount of dirt from his hair,
"Now Giratina doesn't have a chance. Come on; let's head back to the Pokemon league." Yakira nods and the two of them begin walking north up the dusty, dirt road towards the Pokemon league,
"So if you were to count me and Wondertomb as being your Pokemon what ghosts are you missing from having them all?" Vecransyh looks up to the sky for a moment letting each of the ghosts run through his mind before he looks back to Yakira,
"I think all I'm missing is a Shedinja..." Vecransyh's expression turns to a shocked one, "Do I have to have them all to be the King of Ghosts?!" Yakira shakes her head,
"Nah, couldn't hurt to have them all though. So where are we heading?"
"We're going to go see Maylene. Veilstone is about a two-day walk from here so things should work out." Yakira blinks,
"And why are we going to see Maylene...?"
"She's got a Medicham; it's a psychic type so it knows teleport." Yakira grins patting him hard on the back,
"Good thinking!! So we head to Veilstone and we'll get back to the Pokemon league in no time!" Vecransyh grins holding her hand as the two of them walk,
"That's the plan!"

Riley sits atop the Lost Tower watching the two as they walk down the road and he adjusts his hat on his head before he launches himself from the rooftop,
"Time to see how strong this 'Prince of Ghosts' really is!" Riley lands in front of the two making a small dust cloud as he hits, dropping to one knee from the impact. He stands still facing away from them, "I'm here to test you Vecransyh." Vecransyh and Yakira both back up a small amount and speak in unison,
"DRAKE?!" Riley turns to face them with a stern expression,
"I am his father; my name is Riley, Prince." Vecransyh takes another step back,
"Drake's... father... you're here to test me? What do I have to do?" Riley chuckles and takes a pokeball from his belt,
"Nothing to difficult. Just show me that you're far enough along as a trainer to take down one of my Pokemon in a battle. Since you only have Yakira with you you'll be using her." Vecransyh nods and he and Riley make a space between them as Yakira enters her Final Impact state. She glares at the trainer as her energy surges around her,
"I'm no pushover Riley!" Riley smirks at the Froslass' words,
"You clearly don't know who you're dealing with. I'm the King of Steel!!" Vecransyh and Yakira go wide-eyed at Riley's statement and he throws his pokeball releasing a Skarmory in a flash of light. The steel bird caws loudly as he flaps his wings lifting off the ground, "Prove to me that you're ready to fight Giratina!!" Yakira and Vecransyh exchange glances and Yakira begins surging with electricity as she dashes forward towards the steel bird,
"Wrong choice!" Riley smiles as Yakira closes in,
"Steel Wing now!!!" Skarmory's wing begins to glow brightly and he slams it into Yakira making her fly backwards and skid across the ground but she's back on her feet in an instant looking only slightly winded from the attack,
"What... the hell was that?!"
"The final impact state is nothing special when you're fighting against a Pokemon trained by a king. At best it puts you at my level nothing more." Vecransyh grits his teeth on the sidelines and throws his arm forward,
"Yakira! Blizzard then Thunder! Finish him with Sheer Cold after that!" Yakira nods and closes her eyes as clouds instantly gather and a vicious blizzard crosses the field. Skarmory begins slashing wildly with his bladed feathers trying as hard as he can to find Yakira but suddenly he screeches in pain when a huge Thunder attack courses through his body. As the blizzard subsides Skarmory looks up to see Yakira directly in front of him and he shuts his eyes feeling the Sheer Cold blast through his body as he freezes solid into a block that falls to the ground shattering and leaves the Steel type unconscious. Riley claps his hands as he returns Skarmory to his ball and he reattaches the ball to his belt with a smile,
"You just may have a chance. Just remember to not sway from your current path. We will come after you if you join Giratina." Riley puts up two fingers, "Peace." With that he vanishes into a silver portal that forms under his feet. Yakira rejoins Vecransyh and the two of them continue up the road towards Veilstone,
"So there's a king for every type..." Yakira giggles at the obvious statement,
"Of course! There just hasn't been a King of Ghosts for thirty years." Vecransyh nods as the two leave through the northern exit of the town awaiting their arrival to Veilstone and the start of the Pokemon league.

Meanwhile back at the Pokemon league Neptune walks through the town before his gaze rests upon Kazamaru who's sitting alone,
"Hey!" Kazamaru jumps and stands,
"Uh... hey?" Neptune walks up to him and nods,
"I thought it was you. You can play bass right?" Kazamaru gives him an odd look,
"Uh... yeah I can play pretty well." Neptune nods and holds out a few sheets of paper,
"There is going to be a performance before the Pokemon league and I'm in need of a bassist." Kazamaru takes the papers and looks through the music,
"Not a very exciting bass line..."
"Will you do it though?" Kazamaru nods,
"Sure I guess." Neptune nods,
"See ya at the tournament Kaza. Hopefully we won't have to battle each other, I'd hate for you to lose too early." Kazamaru scowls looking at him,
"I'm way stronger then I was last time I saw you." Neptune releases his Pichu from his pokeball and the yellow mouse sits itself on his shoulder looking at Kazamaru,
"So am I. If you could I'd like it if you could see if Stratos is done with the guitar part yet." Kazamaru nods,
"Fine but come tournament time you'll see how much more powerful I've grown." Neptune lets out a laugh as he turns,
"Careful about that temper Kaza, there's always someone stronger then you." With that Neptune disappears from view into a crowd of people.
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