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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Opening Ceremony

Vecransyh lays back on his and Yakira's bed slowly pulling Yakira down into a passionate kiss. The room around them is dark except for a beam of moonlight illuminating the lovers in their bliss. Yakira's cloak slowly slides down her shoulders and she takes her lips from Vecransyh's looking into his eyes lovingly with a soft smile looking into the eyes of her naked lover. Their lips meet again as their mouths open to allow their tongues to mingle and slide around the others. Yakira's cloak slides down her arms exposing her soft white breasts as the silky white gown floats carelessly to the floor followed by her thin white mask. Her shining purple hair cascades halfway down her back and her hand cups around her love's cheek as they kiss, dancing in passion. Yakira begins slowly moving her body in a steady motion against Vecransyh's as her arousal begins to grow, her breasts rubbing against his bare chest sending pleasure through her points of pleasure. Her womanhood begins dripping in wetness as she moves her opening against his shaft rubbing against his point at the top of each movement until she moves up enough to bring the hardened manhood into her slit forcing it deep into her waiting depths, her moans echoing through the room. Her hips move up and down slowly in rhythm savoring each feeling as if it were the last feeling herself filled to the edge with each motion. Suddenly she feels herself clamp down on the member deep within her depths as her orgasm comes splashing the sheets with her warm juices. Yakira stops for a moment before she feels herself lifted and laid down onto her back feeling nothing for a moment before she feels herself thrust into deeply causing her to cock her head back in a loud scream of pleasure followed by many loud moans as the thrusting motion becomes deeper and harder rocking her very mind into bliss. Yakira's eyes go wide for a moment before they close quickly as a second orgasm rocks her body followed by another and another. She feels as though each motion brings her to her limit and the two lovers say the other's name as their lips join in passion. One orgasm follows another as Yakira feels a thick warmth burst into her body sending the Froslass into her final orgasm. The two lover's lips move slowly away from one another and they look into each other's eyes before speaking in unison,
"I love you."

Victoria sits in her room hugging her legs to her chest letting her head rest on her knees as she stares at the bed she sits on lost in thought. She jumps hearing a small knock on the door and she looks at the wooden rectangle across the room for a moment before she hops off the bed walking over to the door. She reaches up towards the doorknob and turns it revealing the one who knocked on her door so late at night. The Mawile rubs her eyes in sleepiness,
"Yes...?" She looks up and stops when she sees a female Umbreon looking at her, "Molly." Molly nods and tilts her head slightly,
"I heard that Vecransyh had a Mawile walking around with him and I thought it might be you. Sorry about coming here so late I wanted to talk to you though." Victoria moves out of the way of blocking the doorway and waves her arm welcoming Molly into the room,
"I have a hunch about what you want to talk about. Come on in." Molly nods walking into the room and a few minutes later Molly and Victoria are sitting next to each other on the bed, "It's about Onym isn't it?" Molly nods,
"Yeah. I know we both love him but I'm starting to think he has no feelings at all for me. I'm..." Molly sheds a tear that lightly splashes on the bed, "I'm sorry for driving you away like I did... I was jealous of how close you were getting to him and..."
"It's fine... I admit I overreacted when I thought he loved you. Besides... I think I'm starting to get over him." Molly gives her a shocked look,
"Come again!? You were head-over-heels for him!" Victoria looks down,
"I'm having... conflicting emotions..."
"You're in love with Vecransyh?"
"Since that night he saved me from Giratina I haven't been able to get him out of my head. His face plagues my dreams but Onym is my trainer... I can't rightfully be with Vecransyh while still tethered to that master ball... " Molly nods,
"I see what you're talking about. Maybe what you should do is sit down with Onym and discuss things. I promise not to get in the way. Besides, if he releases you and you get Vecransyh, that'll mean Onym's all mine! Everybody wins." The Mawile and Umbreon hug each other and Victoria smiles,
"Thank you."

The next day Vecransyh, Xylina and Yakira along with everyone else stand in huge crowd of people in front of a large stage with drums, a keyboard and two microphones stand Yakira and Xylina both carry their respective child cradled in their arms. The group is fairly close to the stage having been given VIP seating because of their being in the Pokemon league tournament. Vecransyh looks around and he nudges Xylina as he takes another quick look around,
"Have you seen Kaza?" Xylina shrugs as she looks around,
"No, I haven't seen him or Scarlet since yesterday..." The crowd begins to quiet down as Neptune steps onto the stage giving a small wave to the crowd speaking into the microphone,
"Hello! Okay everyone, please quiet down!" The crowd becomes almost completely silent in a matter of seconds and Neptune nods taking the microphone into his hand, "Thanks." He clears his throat making a loud noise into the mike, "Welcome to the Sinnoh league Pokemon tournament!! I'm sure for many, if not all, of you trainers the road has been long and full of struggles the likes of which none of us could fathom. BUT! Being trainers ourselves we all have an understanding of the difficulty of raising and loving our Pokemon. The fact that all of you are all here means that you've not only completed the gym challenge of Sinnoh but you have all hopefully become a great people throughout your journey. Now onto business: This tournament is not only to find who is the trainer among us worthy of earning the title of tournament champion but the top 15 trainers will earn an Ultima Badge regardless of their completion of other regions badge sets!! The reason such a high number of badges are being given out is simply because of the number of trainers that showed up for the tournament." Neptune looks through the crowd of near two hundred trainers, "Without further ado please allow me the honor of introducing this afternoon's entertainment!" Neptune waves his arm to the side and Stratos walks onto the stage wearing his red guitar behind his back, "On guitar will be Stratos the Lucario!" Stratos waves to the crowd with a slightly nervous look on his face and Scarlet walks onto the stage with Kazamaru right behind her, "On bass will be Kazamaru and on keyboard will be Scarlet!" Onym walks onto the stage after Kazamaru and Scarlet get their instruments, "And on drums is Onym Terra!!" Onym waves to the crowd with a grin and sits down at the drum set spinning around on the chair twice as he picks up the sticks, "And I will be singing for you all while Stratos sings backup." The crowd roars in applause and Neptune turns to Stratos with a grin, "Ready?" Stratos takes his guitar into his paws and walks up to the mike with a grin,
"I've been ready for eight months lets do this!" Onym hits his sticks together four times as he counts loudly and Stratos brings his paw down across the strings as the song starts...

(Remember me by Journey)


Remember me! Remember me!
Find myself all alone
In darkness without you
Now I can't turn away
From what I must do
You know I'd give my life for you
More than words can say
I've shown you how to love someone
I know you'll find a way

Say goodbye, close your eyes
Remember me
Walk away, the sun remains
Remember me

I'll live on somewhere in your heart
You must believe
Remember me

No way I can change my mind
I don't have the answers
If you could see through my eyes
You'd let go of your fears
And though I have to leave you now
With the thought of each other
I'll miss your touch
You call my name
I am with you forever!!!!

Neptune throws down his hood letting his silver hair catch the sun and every one of the group stares in disbelief as Drake stands before them singing into the microphone. No-one misses a beat though.

Say goodbye, close your eyes
Remember me
Walk away, the sun remains
Remember me
With the change, we can't explain
Remember me

I'll live on somewhere in your heart
You must believe
Remember me


You know I'd give my life for you
More than words can say
I showed you how to love someone
I know you'll find a way

Say goodbye, close your eyes
Remember me
Walk away, the sun remains
Remember me
Be there to watch over you
Remember me
Feel I'm gone
My heart lives on
Remember me

Don't you think of this as the end
I'll come into your dreams
Remember me

Close your eyes
Say goodbye
Remember me
Say you will! Say you will! Say you will! (Close Your Eyes)

Remember Me
Say you will! Say you will! Say you will! (Say goodbye)

Remember Me...

As the song ends the crowd bursts into applause and wild cheering and Stratos rushes towards Drake hugging him tightly, "Dad!!!" Drake hugs his son tightly smiling as the Lucario cries into his coat,
"Hey there Stratos."

Back in the crowd Vecransyh is speechless as he simply stares at the person formerly known as Neptune,
"But, but, but, but how is he alive?!?!" Vecransyh looks to his left and sees Latias who is simply looking up at the stage with tears in her eyes and one of those smiles that people get right before they burst into tears out of pure joy.

Back on stage Kazamaru has walked up to Drake and he blinks a few times jabbing him in the shoulder,
"Could you please tell me how the hell you're alive?" Stratos, by this time, has let go of Drake and Drake turns to Kazamaru with a grin,
"Pretty interesting story actually. I'll tell you all at the hotel tonight. I would tell you now but if I know Latias she's going to be running into me in about a seco--" Drake is suddenly knocked to the floor by Latias in her normal form and she hugs him tightly making Drake gasp for air, "Latias please! I can't..." Drake tries to continue talking but his mouth becomes occupied with Latias' as she kisses him blissfully. After about twenty seconds she gets off of him and Drake stands up taking a deep breath, "I told you not to lay on top of me in your normal form." Latias is barely able to speak through her tears,
"I... forgot. Drake...? Is this real? Is it really you?" Drake wraps his arms around the Eon Pokemon nuzzling her neck lovingly ruffling her feathers,
"It's real. I'll never leave you again. I promise." The two meet gazes and Latias' expression suddenly turns serious,
"You have some explaining to do." Drake unzips his coat taking a black version of his hat out of the fold and he adjusts it onto his head with a smile,
"I want everyone to be together when I tell what happened. It's good to be back."

Back in the crowd Neo leans back in his chair folding his arms with a grin on his face and his hood up,
"Took him long enough." Allie gives him an odd look,
"You knew that Neptune was Drake and you never told anyone? If anyone figures that out you could be in a lot of trouble." Neo scratches his head,
"Well, it was that look he gave me back in Altomare. I could tell it was one of those 'don't tell anyone' looks." Allie leans against him with a sigh,
"You've got an excuse for everything don't you?" Neo lets out a chuckle,
"Yeah, pretty much."

Around an hour or so later everyone is back at the hotel in the lobby sitting on a large circle of couches... I mean everyone including the Pokemon. Drake sits on one of the couches with Latias leaning against him with her eyes closed and a light smile on her face just enjoying his existence. Around him is Arcanine, Swampert, Ren, Roze, Azura and Stratos sits on Drake's other side on the couch. On a separate couch near Drake's is his other lineup of a Flygon, Blaziken, Mightyena, Xatu, Suicune and Drake's Pichu sits on the arm of the couch on the other side of Stratos. Kazamaru leans forward with an anxious look on his face,
"Okay, we're all here now will you please tell us what happened to you?!" Drake nods,
"Gladly. But first, how much did you fill them in on Arcanine?" Arcanine closes his eyes for a moment trying to remember back when he told everyone the story,
"Up until you pointed out the exit to me and I got out. They know everything up till I left."
"Okay. Well, as you all know I was as good as dead and I knew it so I pointed out the exit to Arcanine..."

"... there's another exit from this room that I saw last time we were here." Drake points with his left arm to an almost unseeable cavern at the back of the room. Arcanine looks towards it then back to Drake quickly,
"We can get out!!" Drake shakes his head,
"I'm going to die in a few moments... when you get out... I want you so go back to everyone and... help Stratos get all of the badges..." Arcanine looks at him sadly and bows to his side nuzzling him,
"I'll never forget you Drake..." Drake smiles as he strokes Arcanine's face,
"I'm not one for long goodbyes buddy. You've got to get out of here before this place falls." Arcanine nods as he stands up again,
"Alright... goodbye." Drake nods as he closes his eyes,
"Goodbye." Arcanine turns sadly and runs towards the back exit heading into the small cave. Drake slowly opens his eyes and looks up at the rim of the volcano he sits in letting out a sigh as his life continues to slowly leave him, "Funny... to do so much and have it amount to nothing after a single incident... Latias... I'd do anything to see your face again..." Drake's eyes slowly close his eyes slumping over as he falls unconscious from fatigue.

Drake slowly opens his eyes staring into bright lights of an operating table and he looks around squinting slightly, "Is this heaven...?" Mars leans over next to him raising an eyebrow,
"I'm glad you're awake because I need you to sign something." Drake's vision is hazy from the extreme blood loss and he can only make out the silhouette of the person in front of him,
"Latias...?" Drake feels himself lifted into a sitting up position and he looks down at a sheet of paper and a pen in his hand,
"No, I'm not a Latias. My name is Mars and whether or not you sign that will make you either live or die."
"What is it...?"
"A contract. We're not saving your life for free ya know." Drake shakes his head a few times trying to clear some of the haze from his head but too little success and he nods signing his name on the paper,
"Anything if I can see everyone again..." With that Drake loses consciousness.

Two days later Drake wakes up under the shade of a large tree and he looks up to see Mars, plain as day, standing in front of him,
"You have one month to do three things: the first is that you need to build a new Pokemon team. The second, you will come back to Veilstone and join Team Galactic. The third, you will make admin status." Drake raises an eyebrow looking at the girl in front of him,
"And why do I have to do this...?" Mars takes out a sheet of paper and smiles deviously,
"You signed a contract. Things are going to be a little different for you starting today. I'll explain them though so listen up. First things first your new name is Neptune while the contract is in effect. Secondly, you must do every request that is made of you by our master Cyrus. Thirdly, and this one might hurt, you are forbidden from revealing your identity to your friends during the time that the contract is in effect." Drake stands up looking angrily at the admin,
"There's no way I can just sit by and let them all think I'm dead!!"
"Don't worry. You'll be released from the contract about a week or so before the next Sinnoh league. I know you'll grow to love Team Galactic in that time." Drake looks down, his fists clenched as his newly dyed black hair floats down in front of his face,
"Almost a year..." Drake looks up, a sad, depressing look on his face, "I can't see them for a year?" Mars shakes her head,
"I never said that you couldn't see them. Just that you can't reveal who you are to them. As long as they believe you to be dead the contract remains unbroken." Drake looks down again, a single silver tear falling to the ground,
"And if it's broken?"
"You will be killed." Drake is silent for a few minutes,
"So I'm a slave to Team Galactic for over ten months under penalty of death... you leave me with no choice." Mars nods with a satisfied smile,
"Good boy. See you in a month!" Mars throws down a flash bomb and disappears leaving Drake alone and heartbroken. He slumps back against the tree closing his eyes running everything through his mind,
"Fine then... if I have one month to become an admin of Team Galactic so be it... I'll become the strongest admin they've ever seen." Drake stands up again realizing that he's wearing a fairly light, pitch-black cloak. He examines it briefly before sliding up the hood and walking down the path in front of him towards the nearest town gripping the black version of his hat in his right hand.

"And that's how I became part of Team Galactic." Everyone is silent for a while until Vecransyh finally chimes in,
"So wait a minute... if you were Neptune all along... that means..." Drake looks up with a slight smirk,
"I kicked you into a tree. Will you please let that go? I had to make sure you didn't suspect anything." Stratos looks at his father curiously,
"So does this mean I can't be a trainer any more?" Drake shakes his head,
"All of my Pokemon belong to you Stratos. You've become a fine trainer and a powerful one at that. I know you'll continue to climb to greater heights then even I." Drake directs his attention to Arcanine who's looking at him with a smile, "That's alright. Right everyone?" Ren, Roze, Swampert and Arcanine all nod with happy smiles and Drake turns to Latias cupping her cheek in his hand as she looks at him, "You'll continue fighting for Stratos too, right?" Latias looks at him for a moment before she nods kissing him lightly,
"One condition though." Drake raises and eyebrow and Latias whispers into his ear causing Drake to blush slightly,
"Oh... umm... yeah, okay." Yakira giggles putting an arm around Vecransyh's shoulder,
"A love that can withstand the test of time is unbreakable even through death." Vecransyh lets out a small laugh as he smiles at the two,

Vecransyh walks up to a first round posting about an hour later and finds his name among the others, "Round one... Vecransyh V.S. Len. Tomorrow... it begins."
Chapter End Notes:Oh boy.. this was a pretty fun chapter to write because i had to think of all the stuff Drake had to do while he was in team galactic. i think it turned out pretty well and i hope there aren't any things i overlooke
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