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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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A strange encounter

Vecransyh opens his eyes slowly and blinks a few times shaking the sleepiness from them. He wears a black cloak connected at his shoulder by a blood-red badge and his clothing is a pitch-black color trimmed in blood-red. He stares for a moment before squeezing his eyes shut and opens them again to confirm what he's seeing. Around him is a flat, semi-white, ancient plateau with a few large pillars. Some stand, some lay on the ground and some lie against another wanting to fall. Vecransyh looks around before he adjusts his grip and looks down to what he's sitting on. A throne made of some sort of crystal-like substance. He stands with his mind racing with questions before he looks into the distance. At the bottom of the plateau is nothing but a barren, grey and dark brown earth completely void of life,
"W... what happened here...?"
"You did, my lord." Vecransyh jumps at the response and turns facing the colossal form of Giratina who stands over him behind the throne,
"Where am I?! What happened?!" Giratina steps around the throne and walks towards Vecransyh letting out what sounds like a dark laughter,
"You stand in the place you rule from. Formerly known as the spear pillar this place is now called the tower of lost souls. A truly grand name if I do say so myself." Vecransyh scowls looking at Giratina in extreme distaste,
"That answers one question but you never told me how this happened!!" Giratina makes what looks like a smile,
"Calm yourself my lord. There was a battle. A great battle where all of your little friends... and you of course, stood against me. Once the battle was over I turned you into the lord of demons and here you are. Is this not the power you wanted? You now rule the world!!" Vecransyh turns his back to Giratina trying to take in the information he was just given clenching his fists in rage,
"That's not true... I would have remembered that happening!!" Giratina is silent and soon Vecransyh calms down, "Where are my friends? Where is Xylina? Yakira? Kaza...?" Giratina takes a step closer,
"Dead." Vecransyh feels the tears start to form in his eyes,
"All of them...?"
"Yes. That Neo fellow put up one hell of a fight but not even he was a match for you. All of them were slain by your hand my lord. As you requested I had no part in ridding them of their lives." Vecransyh falls to his hands and knees as despair consumes him, his tears falling against the marble platform,
"How could I have... how could I have killed them?!"
"It was your destiny."

Vecransyh suddenly feels himself being shaken and he opens his eyes sitting up to find himself screaming as if in horrible agony. He looks around the room quickly as he feels his heart pounding against his ribcage. He looks over to see Yakira's worried face but his mind is still fresh from the dream. The look on his face is a cross between despair, fear and insanity. Yakira shakes him a few more times yelling his name trying to snap him out of this state of mind and after a few minutes he calms down and hugs her tightly crying into her shoulder. Yakira puts her arms around him thinking it best not to ask any questions at this time. Hours pass before Vecransyh finally falls back to sleep from pure exhaustion but Yakira keeps him in a tight embrace knowing that whatever it was that he dreamt about it involved everyone... including Giratina.

It had already been one and a half days since Vecransyh and Yakira had found and persuaded Wondertomb to join them. They had traveled for most of that time and had camped out in a tent still a few hours away from Veilstone city since there were no Pokemon centers in the area. Vecransyh opens his eyes slowly feeling them throb a few times and he holds his head until it stops a minute or so later. Looking over to his right he sees Yakira sound asleep in the same sleeping bag as him with her arms around him. Vecransyh sits up slipping out of Yakira's grasp and lays his head in his hand remembering the dream he had only recently,
"It doesn't matter if it's my destiny... it's only written in stone until I shatter it..." Vecransyh then stops as a strange smell fills his nose and he blinks a few times before taking another whiff, "...Bacon?" Sliding out of his sleeping bag Vecransyh crawls to the edge of the tent and slides up the zipper peering out into the campsite. On the other side of the small clearing is another tent and in the middle is a small fire with, sure enough, a pan of bacon sizzling and filling the area with the mouthwatering aroma but the tent's occupant is nowhere to be found. Looking up at the sky he sees that the sun is more or less to the side of being in the center of the sky making him guess it to be around 10 A.M. Vecransyh crawls out of the tent and sits near the warm fire. Still being early in the morning it's a little cold out. Vecransyh blinks a few times before he looks down at himself and retreats to the tent putting on his shirt.
Exiting his tent again he sees a figure walking up the path accompanied by a massive Charizard easily twice as tall as her and four times as wide (Not counting the wingspan). She wears long brown pants and a light-red blazer with a thin white line running down the center most likely for the zipper. On her arms are fishnet bands that stretch from her upper arm to covering all but her fingers and knuckles. Her shoes are a semi-dark red color with a single black stripe across the middle of them and on her head is a blackish-light brown beanie with a pokeball symbol on the front her hair is a normal brown color and is fairly long stretching to her waist and parts at the top making it look similar to that of a Lopunny's ears. The trainer stops walking and Vecransyh and her stare at each other before Vecransyh's eye go wide when the girl throws her arm forward and the Charizard releases a fireball, "Well that's not good!" Vecransyh dodges out of the way as the fireball rockets past him and into the sky and it eventually disappears, "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT!!!" The girl folds her arms now fairly close to him and scowls,
"Get out of here kid! Leave these Pokemon alone!" As she says this the girl brings two more pokeballs from her belt and they open unleashing a Ninetails and Dragonite to accompany the Charizard. Vecransyh looks on in shock as his eyes widen farther,
"What are you gonna do? Kill me?!" The girl makes a sly smile,
"Unless you leave now!!"
"What do you think I am?!"
"One of those collectors I've heard about who catches Pokemon just to sell them!" Vecransyh pauses scowling,
"And you can tell this just by looking at me?" The girl nods and Vecransyh closes his eyes, "As far as I'm concerned I was here first and I'm not a collector." The girl eyes his belt noticing his lack of pokeballs,
"They must be in your tent!! You can't fool me! Ready everyone?!" The Pokemon at her sides prepare their attacks and Vecransyh opens his eyes with a smirk,
"Fine then. Yakira!!!" Yakira is by his side in less then a second scanning the opponents in front of her with a smile,
"I'm a little curious about how this started." Vecransyh shrugs looking at her,
"Honestly it all happened at once. She thinks I'm some kind of collector." Vecransyh turns his attention back to the girl and the three Pokemon, "Hey! Last chance to back down and believe me! We can talk over breakfast!" The girl flicks her hair with a smirk,
"Nice thought but since you called out a Pokemon we're officially in a battle now. You won't last though since I'm on my way to the Pokemon league!! Go!! Dragon Pulse and double Fire Blast!" As the three attacks are launched Vecransyh takes a step back but stops as Yakira puts a hand on his shoulder,
"Watch." Vecransyh narrows his eyes feeling a little unsure of what's about to happen but as they three attacks close in they impact each other making a huge explosion about a foot away from them. The smoke completely blocks the three Pokemon and their trainer from view and Yakira giggles giving Vecransyh a quick kiss, "There are two possibilities I can see here. One, she's bluffing and just trying to scare us or two... she's never had a triple battle before and doesn't know that if you have all your Pokemon attack the same target they usually collide negating their effectiveness. It could be both though. I'll be right back." Yakira disappears into the cloud of smoke as it starts to disperse and she appears in front of the three Pokemon, "Guess what happens now?" The girl jumps back and throws her arm forward,
"Same thing everyone!" Yakira rolls her eyes and the three attacks are launched creating a large explosion around Yakira blocking all Pokemon in battle from view. The girl lets out a laugh as the smoke begins to clear and suddenly, as her Pokemon come into view, she stops and stares wide-eyed. Yakira is lightly blowing on her fingertips as the Ninetails, Dragonite and Charizard lay defeated all lightly encrusted in a layer of ice. Vecransyh also stands next to Yakira with an arm around her shoulders and a smile,
"You gonna believe me now or do you need more punishment?" The girl take out three pokeballs and her fainted Pokemon return to them. She reattaches the pokeballs to her belt and looks up at him with a slightly guilty look mixed with a smirk,
"Nah, your Pokemon is way to powerful for you to be a collector. So who are you anyway?" Vecransyh raises a finger to silence the girl,
"Let's discuss it over breakfast; on you." The girl scowls at him,
"Why do I have to make you breakfast?!" Vecransyh lets out a short chuckle,
"You ordered a Charizard, Dragonite and Ninetails to attack me. I think that's the least you could do to pay me back."

A half an hour passes and Vecransyh, Yakira and the girl sit around the fire having eaten a fairly small breakfast but a good one nonetheless. Jinx's tent has been returned to her bag,
"So you're headed to the Pokemon league too?" Vecransyh nods leaning back propped up on his arms as Yakira eyes the girl distrustfully having not said a word since the earlier battle,
"Yeah. Me and Yakira were on our way to Veilstone to meet up with Maylene about getting a teleport to the league but it was late so we decided to camp out. I was a little surprised to see a tent on the other side of the campsite when I woke up. When did you get here?"
"I showed up here around midnight or so. I didn't see your tent in the dark so I decided to set up camp. Me and Charizard went out for a walk this morning and when we came back here... well... you know."
"You know, you should be more careful who you randomly attack. There's a lot more good in the world then bad." The girl rolls her eyes not really enjoying being lectured,
"Right, right, I already said I was sorry and I made you breakfast! What more do you want from me!?" The girl then notices Yakira's distrusting stare, "And will you please stop staring at me?!" Yakira shakes her head with a smirk,
"Making you feel uncomfortable?"
"Well I like to make people who tried to hurt my man uncomfortable. It's kinda my thing." The girl blinks looking between her and Vecransyh,
"Your... man...?" Vecransyh rolls his eyes knowing that he's going to have to explain his choice in lovers again,
"Yakira is my lover... well, one of them anyway. I actually have two. The other is a Mismagius named Xylina but she's back at the Pokemon league taking care of Yakira and her children both of which are fathered by me." The girl casually takes a sip of her orange juice and sets down the cup,
"Well that clears up that." Yakira and Vecransyh both blink in response to the reaction with blank looks on their face and the girl looks up at them curiously, "What? You found love in a place that not a lot of people do. It's not my place to judge and if it was, I have no problem with it anyway. So... you seem oddly familiar. Who are you?"
"My name is Vecransyh."
"Ah-ha! You're that guy who jumped in front of your Mismagius... Xylina was it? Yeah, you jumped in front of her and took that ice attack head on!" Vecransyh lets out a sigh,
"I wish people would remember me for more then that... so... you know who I am, what about you?" The girl clears her throat before speaking,
"My name is Jinx Eve De Lunas; just call me Jinx though. I've been a trainer for about eight years now and I've got quite a collection of badges to show for it." Vecransyh looks off to the side slightly,
"I've got Kanto and Sinnoh complete... a few in Johto and I've never been to Hoenn." Jinx takes out a semi-large case and snaps the lock revealing eight badges from every region,
"You should head to the other regions once you finish up in the Pokemon league here. I work in Hoenn so there's a good chance I'd see you there if you were taking the gym challenge." Vecransyh nods and his thoughts drift back to Giratina making him mumble his words,
"Hopefully I'll be able to..."
"What was that...?" Jinx's outburst brings Vecransyh back into reality and he shakes his head with a smile,
"Nothing. I was just thinking that it's a little early to be thinking about the future. I'm focused on the Pokemon league right now." Jinx points to Yakira with a slight unease,
"Is... is she going to be fighting in the Pokemon league with you?" Yakira shakes her head with an annoyed look,
"No, apparently they've specifically banned any of the four legends from competing. Me being the Sinnoh one I'm stuck on the sidelines while Vecy's other Pokemon get to do some damage."
"Oooooooh, no wonder you took down my Pokemon so easily. Well I can honestly say that I'm glad that I won't have to go up against you in actual competition. I'll have a better chance against Vecransyh since that's the case. Hey, can I ask a question?" Yakira and Vecransyh both shrug in unison and answer at the same time,
"There was this super loud screaming this morning. Do you know anything about it? It kinda sounded like someone was dying." Vecransyh and Yakira exchange looks and Vecransyh nods looking back to Jinx,
"We heard it too... Yakira went to go check it out but she didn't find anything. Neither did I." Jinx shrugs and suddenly stands up pushing a small amount of hair away from her face,
"Weird. Anyway, I'm off to the Pokemon league. Hope I see you there seeing as how the opening ceremony is tomorrow and everything." Jinx's newly healed Charizard rises from her ball and flaps its wings as Jinx climbs onto her back, "Later Vec!" Before either of them can respond Jinx is gone in a flap of wings and a burst of speed. Vecransyh scratches his head running his hand through his hair,
"Man, she was weird." Yakira gets a sneaky look on her face and opens her mouth to speak but Vecransyh puts his hand over her mouth preventing her from saying anything, "No. Don't even say it." Yakira makes a pouty face as Vecransyh takes his hand away,
"You don't even know what I was going to say!" Vecransyh raises an eyebrow,
"I have a pretty good guess. How close am I with...?" Vecransyh makes his voice higher trying to imitate Yakira's, "Thinking of adding one more to the Harem?" Yakira shifts her eyes,
"Am I really that predictable?"
"Only when it's about anything sexual." Yakira lets out a long sigh as she stands up followed by Vecransyh,
"Fine, fine, we'd better get a move on if we're going to make it to Veilstone before the gym closes." Around twenty minutes later the tent is packed up and Yakira is walking in front of Vecransyh swaying lightly back and forth as she floats in a tantalizing way. Vecransyh watches this for a good hour and a half before Yakira turns and smiles at his entranced expression, "We're here! Stop looking at my ass and focus Romeo!" Vecransyh blinks a few times looking around. He and Yakira were both in the South-West part of Veilstone city and Vecransyh blushes lightly scratching his head,
"Err... sorry." Yakira giggles pinning Vecransyh up against a nearby ledge laying her lips against his passionately. The two stay in the kiss for a few moments before Yakira moves her face from his looking at him with a sexy smile,
"I never said I didn't like it." The two return to the kiss closing their eyes as their tongues mingle with each other and about two minutes later the two stop when they hear a sound behind them like someone clearing their throat loudly,
"Last I heard you were at the Pokemon League Vec. What're you doing back here?" Yakira turns and moves to Vecransyh's side so he can see and the two see Maylene standing in front of them with an inquisitive look on her face. Vecransyh takes a moment to regain himself and smiles tilting his head slightly,
"We had an errand to run and we've run into a little snag on how to get back so we were wondering if you could use your Medicham to teleport us." Maylene nods with a happy smile,
"Anything to help a challenger." In a brief flash of light the fighting and psychic type Pokemon stands next to its master and Maylene points at Vecransyh leaving her gaze on Medicham, "Please teleport the two of them to the Pokemon league." Medicham nods and raises its hands as they begin to glow and soon Vecransyh and Yakira are covered with a mystical blue light and in a flash of psychic energy the two of them vanish. Maylene returns Medicham to its pokeball and continues down the road whistling a happy tune. Wondertomb, meanwhile, rolls his eyes and lets out a sigh,
"Great. Now I've got to go find him." With that Wondertomb disappears into the darkness of the trees he's hiding in at the edge of the town.

Vecransyh and Yakira appear in the middle of one of the streets at the Pokemon league in a flash of psychic energy. Around them is a stretch of shops that extend to the league stadium. Around them a few people jump in surprise of their sudden appearance and Yakira and Vecransyh start walking towards the hotel. As they walk a figure bumps shoulders with Vecransyh and the two turn to face Neptune who holds up a peace sign,
"Tomorrow's the opening ceremony. I trust you won't miss it this time. It's going to be a good one since my little band is playing." Yakira raises an eyebrow,
"Band?" Neptune nods smiling under his hood,
"Stratos on guitar, your little friend Kaza is on bass and I'm singing. It's going to be a good show." Vecransyh gives Neptune an odd look,
"Who are you?" Neptune doesn't even pause to think about the question,
"I am Neptune, ex-admin of Team Galactic." Vecransyh rolls his eyes at him with a slight scowl,
"You know that's not what I meant." Neptune shrugs,
"Come on Vec. You're acting like you thought I'd tell you. So how are you and your kids doing?" Vecransyh narrows his eyes at him for a moment,
"They're doing fine. Aticus is learning how to talk and my daughter's still too young. Another month and we'll start teaching her." Neptune nods a few times listening to Vecransyh's words,
"Cool, cool, well, I'll see you at the tournament Vec. Hopefully we won't get paired to fight each other or I'll have to knock you out again." Neptune's smile catches the light, "Out of the Pokemon league I mean." Vecransyh scowls looking at him darkly and Neptune sighs shaking his head, "Don't give me that look. You ran into my foot and flew back into that tree. Not my fault your body gets excellent air time. Well, see ya!" With that Neptune disappears into the crowd. Yakira looks at Vecransyh with an eyebrow raised,
"You ran into his foot?" Vecransyh turns slightly red from embarrassment,
"Kinda, but it was more of a kick into my torso then me running into it." Yakira puts her arms around Vecransyh's neck as she moves behind him and hops up onto his back,
"Well that clears up that. To the hotel!!!" Vecransyh looks back at her curiously,
"Whhhhhhyyyyyy?" Yakira rolls her eyes letting out a quick sigh,
"Vecransyh, when a girl tells you to bring her to a hotel you don't ask them why you do it!!" Vecransyh starts walking towards the hotel as he lets out a chuckle,
"I got it, I got it." Yakira kisses the back of his neck playfully,
"Why aren't you running?"
"I don't want you to fall off." Yakira responds by wrapping her legs around his waist pressing her breasts into his back. She leans in close and whispers in his ear,
"How about now?" Vecransyh turns his head back to look at her and Yakira giggles at his deep blush, "I thought so." Vecransyh breaks into a run towards the hotel fully knowing that he would not be sleeping in the same bed as Xylina that night.
Chapter End Notes:yeah i know i could have put sex at the end of this but i decided to put it in next chapter at the beginning and then have the opening ceremony. the next 6-8 chapters are going to be straight battles so i gotta have something at the start of it all ^^

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