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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Round 1 Part 3

Tara smiles lightly snuggling into the black furry Umbreon next to her and opens her eyes slowly sliding her arms around his waist,
"Good morning love. Our battle's today, you think you're ready?" Umbreon smiles turning over in her arms and kisses her lightly smiling as he opens his red eyes looking into hers,
"Ready when you are." Tara lets him go and runs her hand down his back before she sits up in bed and puts her clothes on. She stands up and puts on her belt looking back at Umbreon who sits on the bed having changed back to his Pokemon form,
"Then let's go."

Tara walks out onto the field moving her hips a little as she walks letting her hair swing back and forth as she walks. Her Umbreon walks next to her and he raises an eyebrow looking up at his trainer curiously,
"What are you doing...?" Tara smiles looking down at Umbreon and she leans down patting his head as they reach the trainer's square,
"I'm just in a really good mood today! I've got a good feeling about this battle." Tara looks across the field at a figure walking towards his own square and she cracks her knuckles before cracking her neck, "Alright! Let's do this!" The boy across from Tara reaches his square and he brings his hand to the space above his eyes to shield them from the sun. The boy wears a wetsuit top in the same colors as a Luxray. His shorts are yellow with a pokeball symbol on the side of them and he wears yellow sandals on his feet. His hair is black and is rather short. The boy smiles looking at Tara through his golden eyes,
"Hello miss, my name is Nathan. What's yours?" Tara smiles warmly at the boy,
"My, you're the polite one. My name is Tara and this is Umbreon." Nathan nods with the same smile shifting his gaze to Umbreon,
"Nice to meet you as well." He takes a pokeball from his belt and tosses it a few feet into the air before he catches it again. Tara gets the message and takes a pokeball from her belt. The announcer's voice booms through the stadium as always,
"WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE SEVETYETH BATTLE OF THE FIRST ROUND OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!! THIS MATCH IS BETWEEN TARA AND NATHAN... WHO BOTH DO NOT HAVE LAST NAMES... WHATEVER; LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!" Tara throws her pokeball sending her Espeon to the field as Nathan releases his Vaporeon. The two Eeveelutions stare at one another before Vaporeon sends a powerful ice beam at Espeon. Espeon dodges and catches on the ground vaulting towards Vaporeon sending a shockwave of psychic energy towards her. Vaporeon takes the attack and counters with a water pulse that hits Espeon and Espeon continues running forward as her vision becomes distorted and she stops shaking her head trying to rid herself of the confusion. Vaporeon takes the opportunity to blast her with an ice beam and Espeon hits the ground rolling a few feet before she gets up and successfully shakes the haze from her head. Espeon flinches feeling the sting of the ice beam attack and she glows silver creating what looks like five playing cards that face Espeon and she smiles lightly knowing that Vaporeon knows what attack this is. Vaporeon sits along with Espeon and Vaporeon looks at each of the cards before she decides on the one to her farthest left. The card turns revealing a ten of hearts and Vaporeon's eyes go wide before she's struck by a blast of energy from the card before it fades away. The card reappears behind Tara and she folds her arms as the other four cards raise allowing the battle to continue. Vaporeon lunges and Espeon's taken too much damage to avoid it. Taking the body slam attack she skids for a while before summoning the cards back down to the field. Vaporeon watches as the four cards shuffle behind one another and she stops looking at the four choices in front of her. She nods towards the one to her most right and it turns revealing a Jack of hearts. Vaporeon closes her eyes and feels the pulse of energy rock her body again but it feels much stronger this time and Vaporeon collapses. Nathan returns Vaporeon to her ball and raises his eyebrow at Tara as he watches the jack appear behind her,
"What attack is that?!" Tara simply laughs maniacally,
"Looks like you evolved your Eevee to quickly!! Both Umbreon and Espeon know this attack so it'll continue even if you do knock her out!" Nathan narrows his eyes and throws a pokeball. A male Floatzel rises from the flash of light and he smirks looking at the weakened Espeon. Floatzel runs forward in a burst of speed throwing a punch but Espeon jumps to the side only being able to avoid the hit because of her small body. Floatzel turns quickly and lunges but hits a wall of energy being thrown back. Floatzel looks up to see three cards and he stands looking at them. He points to the one on his left and it turns revealing a Queen of hearts. Floatzel feels a pulse of energy explode from inside him and he clutches his chest having taken massive damage from the attack. He growls at Espeon as she becomes available to attack again and he lunches using crunch to knock out Espeon on contact. Tara returns Espeon looking down at the pokeball with a smile, "You did great..." She looks down at Umbreon, "You're up. You know what to do. We've got three..." as she says this the Queen appears behind her, "All we need are the last two so keep going." Umbreon nods and runs out onto the field creating the shield of cards and he runs into Floatzel making one shatter. Floatzel counters with an aqua jet as he cloaks himself in water but Umbreon jumps to the side sending another card slamming into Floatzel making it shatter doing little damage. Floatzel lunges again with a Brick Break and again Umbreon dodges throwing another card only to have it shatter. The last two cards float up and look just like Espeon's. Umbreon snickers as he faces the Floatzel,
"Looks like you didn't enjoy the Queen very much... let's just hope you don't pick the King next." Floatzel growls and lunges forming ice over his fist slamming it into the ground and Umbreon looks over with a smirk, "You almost got me that time!" The cards lower and Floatzel narrows his eyes pointing at the one to his right, "Great choice!" The card turns revealing the King of hearts and Floatzel goes wide-eyed feeling another explosion of energy and he falls over passing out. Nathan returns Floatzel to his ball and his eyes narrow at Tara,
"I think you might be cheating." Tara shakes her head,
"Nah, it's a perfectly legal move just like all the others. I've never actually tried it out in combat before but I gotta say it's having great results. You've had pretty bad luck so far Nathan. Let's hope you don't pick the Ace." Nathan looks up to the cards in the sky and four more appear, "Let's hope your next Pokemon has better luck." Nathan nods and throws his final pokeball releasing a mighty Walrein to the field. Umbreon starts by shielding himself with the cards and Walrein chooses firing an ice beam at one shattering it. Tara grits her teeth, "Dangit... he chose one of the duds..." Umbreon smirks bringing the cards back being able to do so immediately since Walrein used an attack to pick the last one. Walrein, noticing this, nods towards his next choice and the card shatters. Walrein smirks and roars creating a blizzard that coats the field in a powerful storm of ice and Umbreon braces himself feeling the shards cut away at his body. The Blizzard ends quickly leaving a thin layer of snow on the field and Umbreon shakes some off of his back before summoning the cards again. Walrein nods toward his choice and the card shatters again. Walrein unleashes a Hydro Pump that barrels into Umbreon sending him flying backwards sliding through the snow. He gets up weakly and brings the cards down before he looks back to Tara,
"Last chance..." Tara nods as Walrein does and the card, instead of shattering turns around revealing an Ace of hearts. Walrein braces himself for the pulse of energy but blinks as the Ace fades and joins the other four. Nathan stares blankly at the royal flush behind Tara,
"Now what...?" Tara simply smiles as the cards disappear and reappear around Walrein. They begin to spin rapidly sparking in the places between them and Umbreon sits down letting out a long breath glad he was so lucky. The cards spin faster and faster till all of them unleash a blast of energy similar to a Hyper Beam. Walrein bellows in pain and the cards each shatter revealing him lying on the ground defeated. Nathan returns Walrein to his ball and puts it on his belt,
"Looks like you beat me Tara." Tara scratches her head,
"I got really lucky to tell you the truth. The odds were really against me to pull that combo off." Nathan simply smiles and waves as he walks from the stadium followed by the announcer's voice,
"AND THE BATTLE HAS ENDED LEAVING TARA THE WINNER!! THE NEXT BATTLE WILL BEGIN IN JUST A SHORT WHILE SO DON'T GO FAR!!" The crowd bursts into applause and Tara waves to the crowd as she walks out of the stadium.

Onym lets out a loud yawn as he walks lazily into the sunlight being able to carry all of his Pokemon with him because he only owns three. Molly walks by his side and looks up at him when she hears the yawn, "Rough night?" Onym scratches his head as he shrugs,
"Nah, I slept pretty well. Falling asleep was a little difficult though, this battle on my mind and all." Molly nods and looks back ahead of her before she blinks and looks up at Onym with a happy smile,
"Oh hey! Do you know what today is?" Onym scratches his head again and looks down at her curiously as they walk,
"No, what's today?" Molly grins happily up at him,
"It's been two years today since we first met!" Onym smiles down at her and leans over patting her head,
"That right? Well we'll have to do something special then. All four of us!" Molly gets a sneaky grin on her face and looks away from Onym,
(But once we're in bed it'll be just the two of us...) She looks back with a happy grin, "That sounds great!" Onym approaches his trainer's square and looks around at the cheering crowd sliding his hands into his pockets,
"Alrighty Molly, you know the battle plan. Stick to it and this match should be cake." Molly smiles up at him happily,
"I like cake." Onym laughs looking across the field at his opponent walking towards his own square,
"Yeah, cake's awesome." As the boy across from Onym reaches his trainer's square he comes into focus across the field. He is clearly bald and wears a bright yellow shirt along with blue jean shorts with a small chain on the side with his pokeballs connected to it and his shoes are white with a red stripe horizontally down the middle,
"Sup bro, name's Jason. How are you today?" Onym shrugs,
"Meh; can't complain; lost a little sleep over this match but other then that I'm as I usually am." Jason nods taking a pokeball from his belt and he looks down at it scratching a tiny bit of dirt from the ball,
"Cool, cool. Well hopefully I can learn something from this battle whether I win or lose." Onym chuckles,
"Yeah same here. Of course; I haven't lost more then a few times. What's your record?" Jason shrugs slipping his unoccupied hand into his pocket,
"Well to tell ya the truth I've lost most of my battles but I learn from each one so I'll start winning them all eventually." Molly looks up at Onym,
"You think he's bluffing? You know; trying to make us think he's weak?" Onym shrugs again looking down his eyes meeting her concerned gaze,
"I don't know. He seems like he's telling the truth and besides: The combo is foolproof so we may even win with just Jellyfish." Molly nods a reassured nod,
"Well yeah that's true... he should be no problem then." The announcer's voice booms over the stadium as always,
"WELCOME ALL TO THE EIGHTY-THIRD BATTLE OF THE FIRST ROUND OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!!! THIS BATTLE IS BETWEEN ONYM TERRA AND ANOTHER GUY WITH NO LAST NAME: JASON!!" The crowd roars in applause and Onym takes a pokeball from his belt smiling lightly as he presses the button enlarging the sphere as Jason does with the one already in his hand, "YOU MAY BEGIN!!!!" Onym throws his pokeball followed by Jason and soon Onym's Wobbuffet, Jellyfish is standing across from Jason's Raichu. Jellyfish says the name of his specie saluting Raichu who stares blankly for a moment before he starts charging electricity that sparks from his cheeks. Onym grins looking across at the electric mouse,
"Perfect, We've got an easy win with Raichu. Mirror coat all the way." Raichu dashes forward raining thunderbolts and takes the returned damage from them all as he continues rushing towards Jellyfish and he cloaks himself in electricity for a Volt Tackle but Jellyfish sees this and switches to counter as the attack hits. Raichu takes massive damage from all of the combined hits and leaps away from Jellyfish cringing in pain as the blue Pokemon just sits there with a squiggly smile on his face. Jason narrows his eyes at the Pokemon,
"Well this is bad... Wobbuffet can't miss with Mirror Coat or Counter so Double-Team won't be of any use to us unless we can take out Wobbuffet now... I could try Thunder Wave..." Jason blinks as Jellyfish places safeguard on himself, "Well scrap that plan. -_- I guess hammering away at him is the only option here. Raichu! Just keep attacking!" Raichu nods and dashes forward in another string of attacks and follows up with a Thunderpunch taking another Counter attack full on and Raichu is sent flying across the field skidding across the ground before he stops unconscious. Jason returns Raichu to his ball and takes out another one, "Well that could have gone better but at least I'm learning about how to beat a Wobbuffet!" Onym rolls his eyes,
"They're really not that hard to beat dude. They've got a lot of health but that's about it." Jason releases a Linoone to the field and the Ferret Pokemon growls menacingly at Jellyfish who just stands there autisticly staring at nothing. Linoone rushes forward slamming her claw into Jellyfish who uses Counter sending Linoone flying backwards but Linoone plants and leaps forward unleashing multiple slashes and fury-swipes on Jellyfish. Jason narrows his eyes when he watches Jellyfish stop using Counter and just start taking the hits and his eyes suddenly grow wide, "Linoone stop!! Get away from Wobbuffet!" Linoone looks back curiously as she's taken over by Destiny Bond and falls unconscious as Jellyfish does. Jason snaps his fingers as he returns Linoone and Onym returns Jellyfish, "Dang, but now I know how to beat a Wobbuffet. Gotta watch out for Destiny Bond though." Onym takes a pokeball from his belt as he smiles,
"Looks like this is it for you dude." Jason shrugs,
"Don't count me out just yet. I've got an ace up my sleeve and I doubt you've got anything as hard to defeat as that Wobbuffet was."
"Well I've got two Pokemon to your one and my combo is unbeatable against one opponent so unless your next Pokemon is a beast beyond measure I won't lose." Jason tosses his pokeball releasing an Electivire to the field,
"Like him?" Onym releases his Politoad, Supersonic to the field and laughs lightly,
"Well yeah, that could be trouble." Onym smiles as Supersonic claps his hands while he sings a horrific song that echoes melodiously and causes Electivire to cringe. Jason's eyes go wide when the song finishes,
"Dangit. Perish Song..." Electivire uses Thunder and Supersonic slips out of the way smiling happily as he avoids the various electric attacks. Onym grins returning Supersonic to his ball and Molly runs out onto the field ramming Electivire hard in the gut sending the behemoth toppling over. Electivire Thunderpunches Molly and stands up taking a step forward before he stops and falls over when the Perish Song count hits zero. Jason returns Electivire and smiles happily putting the ball back onto its chain, "Well you beat me dude. But I learned a lot from our battle." Onym nods,
"Keep training and you'll get way stronger." Jason nods holding up a peace sign as he walks out of the stadium. Molly runs back to Onym and leaps into his arms snuggling into him as she smiles,
"Yay we won!" Onym smiles nodding,
"Yup, we're good for round two." The announcer's voice fills the stadium as Onym walks out holding Molly in his arms,

Dorian takes a few steps onto the field shielding his eyes from the heat of the sun and he stops adjusting the pirate hat on his head to block out the rays allowing him to see. Dorian walks forward till he reaches his trainer's square and his eye twitches when he sees Ash on the other side of the field standing next to Bayleef with Pikachu standing on his shoulder,
"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUU...!!! This just isn't fair!! How in the hell did I get paired up with you for the first round?!" Ash shrugs smiling lightly,
"Don't be too bummed Dorian. I'm not a Pokemon master yet so you have a chance to win." Dorian rolls his eyes putting his palm to his face,
"This instantly became the worst day of my life... in Kanto I lost to Neo who was at some kind of incredible level as a trainer and now I'm put up against you! I swear it's like the author of this thing is out to get me!" Ash blinks as he looks across at Dorian pacing as he rants about how unfair this match-up is,
"You know you could just quit Dorian." Dorian turns his gaze to Ash and he shakes his head looking at the boy taking a pokeball from his belt,
"I don't quit but how about we just make this an all or nothing since I'd get totaled in a three on three match."
"So... one on one?" Dorian nods clicking the button in the middle of the pokeball making it enlarge,
"Yeah, what da' ya' say?" Ash nods with a large smile,
"You're on pirate boy!" Ash looks down at Bayleef and then to Pikachu on his shoulder,
"Who do you guys think would do the best against Dorian? He could have anything."

Meanwhile up in the stands Allie his playing with a tiny baby Chikorita as she sits next to Neo,
"She's so cute Neo! I can't believe Ash let me take care of her while he's battling!" Neo smiles as he turns his head to look at Allie,
"He saw how much you wanted to take care of her." Allie tickles the baby Chikorita's stomach making the Pokemon giggle playful and she bats the leaf on her head. Neo turns his head the other way to look at Luna who has her arms crossed staring intently at the battlefield with little to no expression, "Something wrong?" Luna jumps and looks at Neo with a smile,
"No I'm fine. I was just thinking that there're going to be less and less battles as the rounds progress and since so few people actually made it to the second round it greatly increases our chances of getting put up against Stratos." Neo gives her a sly look,
"Thinking of Stratos again?" Luna blushes and blinks rapidly a few times,
"I was thinking about him as an opponent only!!!" Neo chuckles as he puts his feet up on the steel bar in front of him that divides the seating rows,
"You seem pretty defensive."

Back on the field Ash has chosen his pokeball and he looks at Dorian with a smirk,
"Ready pirate boy?" Dorian returns the smirk as his grip adjusts on the pokeball,
"Ready!" The announcer's voice booms through the stadium,
"WELCOME ALL TO THE FINAL MATCH OF THE FIRST ROUND OF THE SINNOH POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!!! THE TRAINERS BATTLING IN THIS MATCH ARE ASH KETCHUM OF PALLET TOWN AND DORIAN BILLINGS!! THE TRAINERS HAVE EACH AGREED TO A ONE ON ONE MATCH AND HAVE CHOSEN THEIR POKEMON!! SUBSTITUTIONS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THIS MATCH!! BEGIN!!" Dorian throws his pokeball releasing his Blaziken to the field and Ash throws his releasing his Blastoise. The giant turtle smirks as he takes a pair of black sunglasses from inside of his shell and places them over his eyes,
"So you're my opponent?" Blaziken remains silent as he goes into a battle pose and Blastoise lets out a laugh before two compartments on his shell open at the top and large, shining, steel cannons rise from the inside aiming themselves at Blaziken, "Fine then but this is a battle you can't win little fire type. Know that." Blaziken responds by dashing forward and slamming his fist into Blastoise's stomach. Blastoise blinks as he looks down at the bird raising an eyebrow at him, "That's it?" The cannons on Blastoise's back redirect to Blaziken and the bird is blasted by a point blank Hydro Pump to the face. Blaziken is pinned to the ground by the jets of water and as they stop Blaziken is back to his feet in a few seconds and he leaps bringing his foot up into Blastoise's chin before he brings his elbow down on top of the turtle's skull. Blastoise responds in the same way blasting Blaziken into the ground with another Hydro Pump, "That one hurt a little bit. How are you liking your baths?" The cannons on Blastoise's back begin to glow and Blaziken puts all of his energy into an onslaught of attacks on Blastoise attacking all of his limps and every part of his shell before the bird lands on front of him breathing heavily and he looks up at the cannons before closing his eyes. Blaziken loses consciousness as soon as the Hydro Cannon hits and Dorian returns him to his pokeball returning the ball to his belt before he looks down,
"Man... tough break Blaziken." Ash walks up to Blastoise and pats him on the back of his shell looking up at him with a smile,
"You hurt?" Blastoise smiles down at his trainer through the sunglasses,
"More then I let on. Return me before I collapse please." Ash nods and returns Blastoise to his ball. The announcer's voice booms over the crowd,

That night Onym had a small party with his Pokemon to celebrate their two years together and we now rejoin Molly and Onym in the bedroom... Onym lies down on the bed with his hands behind his head as he looks up at the ceiling and he looks over to Molly who's sitting on the edge of the bed in human form. She wears no clothing because she has none and her breasts are easily C size if not D. Her long, silky black hair goes down to her waist. Onym raises his eyebrow as he looks at her with her back to him,
"What's on your mind? You don't usually sleep in that form." Molly is silent and she sits on the edge of the bed with her hands on her legs. The two are silent for a long time until Molly finally speaks curling her fingers slightly,
"What... do you think of me...?" Onym smiles lightly,
"You know I love all of you equally." Molly starts to cry and coils her fingers more,
"No I mean... as..." Onym tilts his head looking puzzled and clueless,
"As a lover." Onym blinks a few times as he looks at her,
"I'd hope you loved me too or else we wouldn't work so well in battles." Molly stops crying and looks at him fairly dumbstruck,
(How could anyone be this clueless?!) Molly turns on the bed and moves over to Onym laying on top of him looking into his eyes with her beautiful red hues, "Onym, I'm going to make this very clear. I love you, I have loved you for a long time now but I've been to shy to say it. And I don't mean love you as in Pokemon to human love you I mean love you love you." Onym simply looks at her blankly,
"What...?" Molly's eye twitches and she seals lips with Onym in a passionate kiss,
(Okay, if this doesn't get through to you I have no idea what else to do!!) As she ends the kiss she looks at Onym smiling lightly and he stares up at her his face slightly red,
"Oh, that's what you meant."
"You really had no idea what I was saying?" Onym shrugs,
"So what?" Molly looks shyly at him,
"So what do you think... about me?" Onym thinks for a moment,
"Well I've never really thought of you like that..." Molly looks hurt and starts to look like she's going to cry, "But we've been together for so long it seems... right." Molly's expression turns joyous and she locks Onym into another kiss and they put their arms around each other. After a little while the Molly is snuggled up to Onym and the two are asleep with smiles on their faces in each other's arms.
Chapter End Notes:Sorry about the wait on this chapter guys ^^' I'll try to do better at writing these battles in the futur
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