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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Round 2 Part 1

Vecransyh walks across the battlefield whistling lightly as his hands stay comfortably in his pockets. Xylina floats next to him swaying lightly as she follows closely next to him. Vecransyh enters his trainer's square and can't help but laugh when he looks across the field at his opponent,
"Happy to see me Salina?" The water trainer blinks a few times as if trying to convince herself that she's not going to fight Vecransyh,
"Am I having a flashback or are we really going to be fighting again?" Xylina giggles latching onto Vecransyh's arm,
"Nope! We're really going to be fighting again!" Salina rubs her eyes with one hand as she takes a pokeball from her belt,
"Well hopefully I can beat you this time. You were an amateur last time and got lucky but this time you know what you're doing." Salina looks up at him with a smile, "You've come a long way Vec." Vecransyh smiles taking a pokeball from his belt as well,
"You got some new Pokemon with ya Salina?" Salina smiles spinning the pokeball on her finger,
"I'm sure I'll be just fine." The announcer's voice booms over the stadium,
"WELCOME ALL TO THE START OF THE SECOND ROUND!! OUR FIRST MATCH IS BETWEEN VECRANSYH AND SALINA. YOU MAY BEGIN!!!" Vecransyh throws his pokeball releasing Rotom to the field and Salina throws hers sending her Empoleon to the field in a shimmer of sparkles. This Empoleon is female and is a much lighter color then a normal one,
"Shiny Empoleon comin' at 'cha!" Vecransyh grins seeing the shiny Pokemon,
"I haven't seen a shiny Empoleon before. They're cool!" Salina's smile turns into a dark smirk,
"Just don't lower your guard." Rotom zips around the field happily striking Empoleon with Thunderbolt attacks every time he moves. Empoleon flinches from the hits and her eyes start to track Rotom's movements as he continues them. After nearly thirty seconds of straight attacking Empoleon unleashes a mighty Hydro Cannon attack that connects blasting Rotom off the field and into the lower part of the stands but Rotom reacts sending a Shock Wave down the water's stream that connects with Empoleon from the source of her water and causes immense damage to add to the already huge amount she's already taken. Rotom falls and disappears into his pokeball. Vecransyh puts the ball back on his belt and sends out Dusknoir who glares at Empoleon not moving at all. The two Pokemon stand there waiting for the other to make a move before Dusknoir melts into the ground disappearing completely from view. Empoleon looks around frantically and winces from her pain before she feels a tap on her back. Empoleon's expression turns scared and she closes her eyes feeling the electricity pulse through her body and she finally falls. Dusknoir wastes no time returning to Vecransyh's side of the field and Salina returns Empoleon to her ball, "Hehe, I was ahead for a second there." Vecransyh chuckles,
"Sort of, she was barely standing after that Shock Wave." Salina nods,
"Well it'll be another close match I think." Vecransyh nods,
"Most likely." Salina throws her second pokeball and a Poliwrath emerges from it narrowing his eyes at Dusknoir. Vecransyh blinks looking at the water Pokemon, "You should get a Whiscash or a Gastrodon. Might work out better against me seeing as though I can pretty much beat you with strings of electric attacks." Salina closes her eyes fairly irritated at the comment,
"I don't have either of those... and I'd wish you had told me that the last time we fought so that I could have gone and got them!!!" Poliwrath runs forward and uses Hydro Pump sending a torrent of water blasting towards Dusknoir. Dusknoir puts his hands in front of himself and catches the end of the massive water attack pushing forward making the water explode out in all directions as the attack continues. Poliwrath cuts off the stream of water when Dusknoir sends an electric current through it and when the water is gone Dusknoir is nowhere to be seen. Poliwrath looks around quickly before feeling a powerful punch into his back and he throws his arm out behind him attacking but Dusknoir catches his strike and throws him into the ground throwing a point-blank Shadow Ball into his back. Poliwrath pulls Dusknoir to the ground and leaps into the air sending another Hydro Pump downwards at the ghost. Dusknoir, unable to defend himself since he has his back to the attack feels the full force of the blow but once the attack is finished Dusknoir rises slowly and turns glaring at the landed Poliwrath with a horrid look. Poliwrath attacks again with Hydro Pump but Dusknoir quickly throws his fist outward as he dashes towards Poliwrath cutting the Hydro Pump into nothing and Poliwrath watches as two claws extent from Dusknoir's hand made of shadow energy. Dusknoir stops the Hydro Pump at its source and slashes Poliwrath across the face making him fall to the ground in agony before he falls unconscious from another point-blank Shadow Ball. Salina returns Poliwrath to his ball and takes out her third, "Well that was a little brutal. That's a really freaking strong Dusknoir you have!" Vecransyh grins nodding,
"Yeah, he's one of my strongest. Looks like this might be it for you if you can't beat him with your next Pokemon." Vecransyh looks over at Xylina, "Of course Dusknoir will be causing plenty of damage before he goes down if he does and then you'll go in for the final blow." Xylina grins swaying a little bit in anticipation,
"Yup, we've got this in the bag." Salina sends out her Bibarel and the beaver sits there looking fairly autistic. Vecransyh and Xylina both raise an eyebrow and speak in unison,
"A Bibarel...? Why a Bibarel of all the choices for a water Pokemon?" Salina narrows her eyes,
"Well I thought since your Pokemon are ghost types he wouldn't take damage from their ghost type attacks." Vecransyh shrugs,
"Or you could've just used Milotic; worked pretty well for you last time." Salina closes her eyes looking irritated,
"I'm not the best planner shut up." Vecransyh points forward with a bright smile on his face,
"Dusknoir! Let's stick it to this beaver and get this over with." Dusknoir looks back and nods while Xylina puts her hand to her face,
"I have no response to what you just said"

Up in the stands Yakira is laughing incredibly hard barely able to stay in her seat. Drake notices Latias laughing almost as hard as Yakira and looks at her curiously,
"What's so funny...?" Latias wipes a tear from her eyes and laughs as she looks at him. She leans over and whispers in his ear. Drake face-palms shaking his head slowly,
"I'm so glad that no-one in the stadium heard him say that besides Dusknoir, Xylina and you two."

Back on the field Bibarel disappears back into his ball and Dusknoir folds his arms looking like he's smirking as he turns into a red silhouette. Salina smiles lightly,
"See ya 'round Vec." She then turns on the spot and walks out of the stadium. Xylina grins and takes off her hat putting it on Vecransyh's head,
"Looks like we're headed to round three, love." The two kiss and Vecransyh smiles adjusting the hat on his head,
"Yup, looks like it." The two of them walk out of the stadium accompanied by a roar of applause from the crowd followed by the announcer's voice,

Kazamaru walks across the field and stops in his trainer square looking around at all the people,
"Man, how many rounds are in this thing? Seven... right... that's not bad." Kazamaru looks up to see Victor walking towards him sporting all green as always and the grass trainer from the first Pokemon league reaches his square and waves to Kazamaru,
"What's up dude?! Looks like we're fighting each other!" Kazamaru nods with a slight smirk taking a pokeball from his belt into his hand,
(Looks like I'm set for getting to round three.) "Hey Victor! Long time no see dude!"
"Yeah, I've gotten a lot stronger since the last tournament! I've got some new Pokemon and I'm pretty sure I can beat you!" Victor takes a pokeball from his belt and the announcer speaks booming through the stadium as always,
"Good luck to you!" Kazamaru nods,
"Good luck to you too!" Kazamaru throws his pokeball sending out Rhyperior. Rhyperior roars mightily and rushes forward slamming an immensely powerful punch into Shiftry's face sending the Pokemon over backwards. Shiftry jumps back to his feet using Razor Leaf and Rhyperior simply shrugs off the minor scratches to his armored body and he holds out his arm as a slot opens up in his palm. Shiftry jumps to the side but Rhyperior predicts his movement and swings his arm in perfect timing before he fires a boulder that slams into Shiftry with mighty force. Shiftry hits the ground dazed by the Rock Wrecker attack but stands preparing a Solarbeam. As Shiftry fires the attack Rhyperior forms energy in his palm in a Focus Punch and throws the attack into the powerful beam of sunlight cutting through it until he finally makes it to Shiftry and lands the hit taking down Shiftry. Rhyperior jumps back making a loud boom as he hits and Rhyperior smirks as Victor recalls Shiftry. Victor wastes no time and switches out for his next Pokemon. He throws the pokeball and in a flash of light an Abomasnow is standing in front of Rhyperior. The two Pokemon stare each other down and Rhyperior begins charging a Focus Punch. He lunges forward only to be covered in ice and snow as Abomasnow uses Blizzard. Rhyperior closes his eyes waiting for the attack to subside and when it finally does he locates Abomasnow and slams into him with the Focus Punch knocking him to the ground. Rhyperior prepares another Focus Punch and throws his fist downward directly into a Sheer Cold attack. Both attacks collide and both Pokemon fall unconscious Rhyperior making a loud explosion as he hits the ground simply because of his weight. Both trainers recall their Pokemon and Victor smiles,
"That's one powerful Rhyperior you've got dude!" Kazamaru grins taking out his second pokeball,
"Heh, thanks. Hope you've got a powerful Pokemon as your last or else this match is as good as done!" Victor's expression turns to a devious one,
"I picked this one especially for you." Kazamaru releases Aggron from his ball and Victor throws his releasing a Breloom. Aggron roars and Breloom lets out a happy yelp before he runs forward slamming a punch into Aggron's gut. The mighty Pokemon cringes from the attack and spins slamming Breloom across the field with his tail. Aggron charges a Metal Burst and runs forward as Breloom charges a Focus Punch. The two Pokemon collide and there is a large explosion as the two attacks meet and as the dust begins to settle Breloom is standing in front of an unconscious Aggron, "What'd I tell ya?!" Kazamaru blinks looking in disbelief as he returns Aggron to his ball,
"That's one powerful Breloom!" Victor chuckles,
"Well I knew that all of your Pokemon except for Swampert were weak against fighting and since Swampert is weak against grass I'm pretty sure this one Pokemon is your downfall." Kazamaru grins,
"Well no, I have this little lady." Kazamaru throws his pokeball releasing a large green dragonfly with red visors over her eyes. The Flygon touches the ground and smiles sweetly towards Breloom,
"Hi there!" Breloom remains quiet and Flygon's expression turns to one of irritation, "Fine then; don't talk to me!!" She releases a powerful Dragon Pulse and Breloom dodges it jumping to the side while he tries to come up with a way to defeat this new Pokemon. Still deep in thought he forgets momentarily about Flygon and loses his balance when she performs an Earthquake attack that shatters parts of the field cutting Breloom's foot as one appears right under it. Breloom winces from the pain and jumps into the air charging a Focus Punch and Flygon smiles blasting him with a Dragon Pulse. Breloom hits the ground hard and falls victim to another Earthquake attack and Breloom looks up weakly before he watches a rift open above him. Breloom's eyes go wide when Meteors begin falling towards him and he jumps up doing his best to avoid one before he's plowed into the ground by one of the rocks falling unconscious on impact. Victor returns Breloom and the Meteors around the field turn to dust and the field repairs itself of the damage cause by Earthquake. Flygon flies back over to Kazamaru and nuzzles him letting out a happy cry, "Yay! We did it!" Kazamaru smiles petting her neck,
"You did it." Flygon disappears into her ball and the two trainers smile and nod at one another before they both turn in synch and walk out of the stadium followed by the announcer's voice,

Scarlet walks onto the field stretching her arms with a long yawn and she quickly arrives at her trainers square before she hears a loud, fairly obnoxious-sounding, voice,
"FINALLY!!!!! I've been waiting here for an hour geez!! Let's get this battle started so I can win already!!" Scarlet blinks for a moment letting her eyes adjust to light and she looks across the field to see a girl with short brown hair with red highlights. She has dark tan skin and wears a pair of blue jeans with holes in both of the knees. She also wears a red tank-top with a black fire symbol in the center and short, black gloves. Scarlet yawns again taking a pokeball from her belt,
"Well someone's a little overconfident." The girl suddenly has a shocked expression and she shakes her head rapidly a few times before she glares at Scarlet,
"What did you say?!?! I'll have to show you to respect your superiors little girl!!!" Scarlet simply raises an eyebrow,
"Riiiiiiiight..." The announcer's voice booms through the stadium,
"WELCOME EVERYONE TO THE THIRD BATTLE OF THE SECOND ROUND OF THE SINNOH POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!!!! THIS MATCH IS BETWEEN SCARLET ALLISON AND... RAYNE!!! Why do so few of these people have last names...? BUT I DIGRESS!!! BEGIN!!!" Rayne throws her first pokeball releasing a strong-looking male Charizard that glares at Scarlet who narrows her eyes at the dragon. Gallade comes out of his ball and immediately jumps to the side avoiding a flamethrower in the process. He then runs forward as his elbow blades extend into his makeshift swords and he continues running towards the dragon before Charizard beats his wings powerfully and lifts off into the air,
"Gallade!! Focus!!" Gallade looks back at Scarlet nodding quickly before he dashes forward leaping into the air while his eyes glow blue and he's suddenly surrounded by three blue rings that break and form into rocks and he throws his arm forward sending the rocks towards the dragon. Charizard beats his wings making a whirlwind that disrupts the rocks making them scatter randomly through the air and back at Gallade. Gallade swings his blades wildly cutting his own attack preventing himself from being harmed by the rock type attack and he reaches Charizard grabbing him by his arm and Gallade swings him around four times before throwing him towards the ground. Charizard falls quickly towards the ground but regains his balance and releases a huge fireball from his jaw up towards Gallade. Gallade is hit by the intense fire attack and hits the ground hard on his back but he gets to his feet, his eyes glowing blue again. Two blur rings surround him and he takes one in each of his hands running towards Charizard. The dragon unleashes another stream of fire but Gallade dodges to the side and is in front of Charizard in a matter of seconds. Gallade slams the rings down on Charizard's head pinning his arms to his body and Charizard's eyes go wide before the rings burst into rocks causing massive damage to the flying-fire type and knocking him out. Gallade jumps back to Scarlet and the two share a quick high-five before he gets back out onto the field in a battle pose and a smirk. Rayne scowls as Charizard disappears back into his ball and Rayne switches it for another before she throws it releasing a giant green dragonfly onto the field,
"Yanmega watch out for Stone Edge! Other then that this guy is a piece of cake!" Scarlet flinches as she sees the Pokemon knowing full well that bug type would crush her entire team,
"Take it down Gallade!!" Gallade rushes forward unleashing a barrage of stones but Yanmega easily counters them and flies forward with his claws glowing, "It's X-Scissor!" Gallade dodges the attack with great difficulty because it seemed like Yanmega is getting faster as the battle continues. Gallade repeatedly unleashes Stone Edge attacks while dodging the bug type moves of Yanmega until finally both battlers connect but Gallade takes the worst of it having his torso take on a full hit from X-Scissor taking him down in a single hit but before he falls Gallade waves his arms to the sky making clouds form and a steady rainfall begins. Yanmega takes quite a bit of damage himself with many scrapes on his body from the pointy stones. Rayne snickers as Scarlet returns Gallade to his ball,
"You got lucky on that first one but you won't beat my Yanmega!!" Scarlet is silent for a moment as she raises an eyebrow taking her second pokeball from her belt,
"Are you finished?" Rayne blinks before her expression turns angry,
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!?!" Scarlet shrugs,
"You think I can't defeat a Yanmega?" she puts up her hand showing all five fingers, "I wonder if I have any moves of rock, flying, electric, fire, or ice? Yeah... I think I do." Rayne's eye twitches as he fists clench,
"Shut up!! I'm going to win this fight!!" Scarlet's Gardevoir rises majestically from her ball and she smiles looking at her opponent. Scarlet points forward dramatically,
"Thunder!!" Gardevoir surges with electricity before she throws her arms to the sides raining countless bolts of thunder that all strike Yanmega taking him down instantly. Scarlet smirks as she looks across at the angry face of Rayne, "Gallade then Gardevoir. They make a good team I've gotta say. How you liking the rain Rayne?" Rayne's eye twitches as she returns Yanmega and stamps her foot on the wet ground,
"I WILL NOT BE HUMILIATED LIKE THIS!!!! I WILL NOT BE BEATEN!!!!" Rayne throws her final pokeball releasing what looks like a big, white, fluffy cat-like Pokemon with long claws and a red stripe pattern. The Zangoose narrows his eyes looking unimpressed as his gaze falls upon Gardevoir, "TAKE THAT THING DOWN!!!!" Gardevoir blinks as she forms a Focus Blast in both her palms,
"I'm offended at the fact that you called me a thing. Someone should teach you some manners!!" Gardevoir runs forward in an attempt to steal a hit against Zangoose but the Pokemon dodges easily and slams his claws into her back at the top of her spine and drags them down her back making a large gash. Gardevoir falls to her hands and knees in excruciating pain letting out a scream of agony and Scarlet falls silent watching her Pokemon bleed in sheer disbelief. Rayne snickers looking across at Scarlet,
"What did you think claws were for?" Gardevoir begins glowing blue as her wound begins to mend itself quickly and Scarlet returns her to her pokeball to avoid any fatal injury. Scarlet swaps for another pokeball and throws it sending Dane onto the field. The pink Alakazam stretches and rolls his neck before looking across at the Zangoose,
"Well haven't seen one of those in a while. This shouldn't take long." Dane glows a bright blue color that pulses over the field distorting the speed of both himself and Zangoose. He then rushes forward easily overtaking Zangoose and blasts him with a barrage of Focus Blasts until he finally falls. Rayne drops to her knees as her Zangoose is returned to his ball and she hangs her head in defeat,
"I lost..." Scarlet walks up to Dane and high-fives him before returning him to his ball and she walks over to Rayne folding her arms,
"You could have killed my Gardevoir with that attack." Rayne stands up looking darkly at Scarlet,
"Look girl. This is the Pokemon league and it's not for the weak. Yeah that attack could have been a fatal one but I haven't trained my Pokemon to be that kind of brutal. But the thing is; there are trainers... some maybe even in this tournament who win by killing. It's not an illegal strategy so I hope my little demonstration helped you realize that. Now get out of my face." Rayne turns around and walks out of the stadium as the announcer's voice booms over the crowd,
Chapter End Notes:I'm sorry about all the battles guys. I don't really remember what I was thinking when I decided to do this but don't worry I'll make up for all this BS with the chapters after the tournament.

One more thing, I've decided to eliminate the beginning and ending scenes from chapters in order to make the chapters a little bit shorter and so I don't have to do as much work when I'm ready to post them
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