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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Round 2 Part 2

Neo walks across the soon-to-be battlefield accompanied by two Glameows and a Staraptor that flies lightly flapping his wings above Neo. Neo approaches his trainer square and enters it looking to his left as the Staraptor lands,
"You ready to go Sig?" The Staraptor nods with a serious expression on his face and Neo redirects his attention to the two Glameows, "Sky? Misty? You ready?" The two cat Pokemon sit down and their tails swing lightly back and forth as they both smile speaking in unison,
"Of course Neo." Neo smiles as he watches a figure emerge from the dark arch on the other side of the field and he walks out into the sunlight and reaches his trainer's square putting his hand on his hip and he looks across at the Human-Umbreon,
"Well this shouldn't take long." Neo blinks at the remark,
"What was that?" The boy smirks,
"I said you won't last long against me." Neo narrows his eyes glaring at the boy across from him,
"We'll see." The announcer's voice fills the stadium,
"WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO YET ANOTHER BATTLE OF THE SECOND ROUND OF THE TOURNAMENT!! THIS BATTLE IS BETWEEN OUR VERY OWN NEO EON AND KYLE!! LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!" Kyle wears a black scarf around his neck and a guitar is strung across his back he wears a thin shirt and a white jacket over it. His pants are simple blue jeans. He takes a pokeball from his belt and releases a Skuntank to the field. Neo leans over to Sky and tells her to head out onto the field and the Glameow obeys rushing forward slamming into Skuntank. Skuntank lunges forward but Sky avoids the attack and counters with Fury-Swipes slashing Skuntank all over his body. Sky rushes forward for a finishing blow but Skuntank takes a deep breathe covering her in toxic ooze. Sky tries to get out of the sticky purple goop and feels it seep into her skin. Sky tries to lift her paw but can't as it's stuck to the ground. Sky looks back to Neo with a worried expression and she looks back to see Skuntank's massive body slam into her sending the kitty flying across the field. Misty looks down at her sister in front of her and her eyes turn dark as she runs onto the field unleashing Fury-Swipes combined with a Slash attack in each one. Skuntank quickly falls and Kyle wastes no time returning him and he switches out for a mighty Nidoking. Nidoking slams his foot into the ground making a loud boom and roars powerfully making Misty closes her eyes as she feels the wind blow her fur back and she shakes herself raising an eyebrow at Nidoking,
"You could use a breath mint." Nidoking narrows his eyes and throws his clawed hand down but Misty leaps out of the way and back to Nidoking hitting him dead center with a slash. Nidoking swings his arms wildly in an attempt to hit the cat Pokemon but Misty simply avoids each attack countering with her own until Nidoking finally grabs her off the ground holding her entire body in his massive claws. Nidoking brings the Pokemon near his face and smiles darkly before he tilts his head down showing his horn to Misty. She begins frantically struggling to escape but fails as the pulse of energy in the form of a drill hits her knocking her out instantly and she stops flailing going limp in the mighty Pokemon's hand. Nidoking brings his arm back and throws Misty towards Neo and Sig opens his wings catching her and laying her near him,
"I'm up." Neo nods as the Staraptor takes the field. Sig beats his wings and takes to the sky as Nidoking follows him watching the bird's movements intently and his eyes widen when Sig begins dive-bombing from easily one thousand feet, his beak shining. Nidoking grins and reaches out to catch Sig as he comes closer but Sig spreads his wings at the last second flying to the left and circles around slamming the full force of the Brave-bird attack into Nidoking's back making the titan roar and fall forward hitting the ground with a boom. Sig flaps his wings and lands near Neo smiling as Kyle returns Nidoking. Kyle swaps his pokeball for his third one and throws it releasing his Primape to the field. The monkey jumps around angrily and runs towards Sig with his fists raised. Sig leaps upward and back down slamming into Primape with Aerial Ace and dashes back and forth with follow up attacks until Primape finally falls from a last Brave Bird attack. Kyle returns Primape and spits to the side,
"Whatever." Kyle turns and walks out of the stadium as Sig flies over to Neo turning into a humanoid form,
"We did it partner!" Neo laughs,
"You all did it. Let's go tell everyone the good news." Neo, Sig, and the two revived kitties leave the stadium followed by the announcer's voice,
"And as expected our very own Neo Eon is the winner of the match!!! Stay right there for the next match coming in just a few minutes!!!"

Stratos tips his hat down against the bright sunlight as he stands in his trainer's square. His belt is outfitted with the couple's ball and another pokeball and Latias sits up in the stands next to Drake. Stratos closes his eyes for a few moments until his ears twitch and the very faint sound of footsteps invade his mind. The Lucario looks up to see a girl walking across the field towards him. Pokeball in hand, the girl wears long socks that go up to just a little under her knees and her shoes are white and look fairly expensive. She wears a white dress with two straps on her shoulders to keep it up and a short-sleeve undershirt with frills at the end of the arms. Her belt is a bow tied behind her back with her other two pokeballs in small holsters sewn into the fabric. Her blonde hair is done up in a ponytail and her hazel eyes meet with Stratos' red hues as she arrives in her square. The announcer's voice booms over the crowd as always,
"WELCOME ALL TO THE NEXT MATCH OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT! THIS MATCH IS BETWEEN STRATOS THE LUCARIO AND CAROLYNN!! WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADO LET THE MATCH BEGIN!!!" Carolynn throws the pokeball in her hand as soon as the signal is given and a Lapras appears on the field letting out a loud screech-like cry of relative happiness and seriousness,
"You ready to get beat? No-one has ever defeated my team of perfect Pokemon!" Stratos takes the couple's ball off his belt and clicks it as he raises an eyebrow,
"'Perfect Pokemon'? What's so perfect about them?" The girl simply laughs irritatingly at his question,
"The fact that they've beaten every trainer I've ever faced! You have no chance!" By this time Ren has come out of the couple's ball and he looks back at Stratos having heard the last comment,
"Is this chick serious?" Stratos shrugs,
"I guess so. She might be telling the truth so be careful. Confidence is born in those with power but in most cases ends up destroying them." Ren nods and begins to spark with electricity as he faces Lapras. Ren leaps to the side and starts running as Lapras opens her mouth unleashing a powerful ice beam that forms large chunks of ice as it hits the ground following Ren. The Luxray dashes back and forth avoiding attacks and closes in on Lapras quickly pulsing with electricity but Lapras hit him with a Hydro Pump blasting him away and cutting off the stream before the conduction can hit her source. Ren skids and shakes off his wet fur narrowing his eyes at the Pokemon. He cloaks his body in electricity that begins to spark a dark brown color and Lapras fires another Hydro Pump which is quickly dodged by the lion and Ren rushes forward in his Volt Tackle Superpower combo attack dodging attack after attack until he jumps into the air landing hard on Lapras' back unleashing the attack at point blank range. Lapras roars in pain and bucks him off hitting Ren with another Hydro Pump in the process. Ren thinks fast and twists his body so he faces Lapras and unleashes a Shock-wave attack through the stream of water. Lapras tries to cut it off but can't move quickly enough and the conduction spreads through her body causing instant unconsciousness. Carolynn stares in disbelief as she recalls her Lapras and takes out another Pokeball looking darkly at Ren,
"You'll pay for that!!" Her second pokeball opens in a flash of light and a Gardevoir stands majestically in front of Ren. The Luxray growls and sparks with electricity running towards as he prepares his Crunch attack but Gardevoir holds out her hands and just starts pulsing Psychic attack after Psychic attack towards him. Ren feels the damage to his body continue to increase as he continues trying to get to Gardevoir but can't withstand the attacks any longer falling forward as he turns into a red silhouette disappearing into the couple's ball. Stratos clicks the button on the front and it opens again revealing Roze cracking her knuckles as she smirks at the Psychic Pokemon,
"You look a little worn out." Gardevoir's eyes widen as she realizes the huge flaw in her battle tactic; while dealing a huge amount of damage it leaves her weakened from the extreme power output, "Good luck little lady." Roze runs forward summoning rain as she moves and feels her body become lighter in the rain. Gardevoir realizes that she must do as much damage as she can before she falls and begins unleashing more psychic attacks only to have Roze either dash around them or just barrel right through them and Gardevoir feels the pulse of dark energy flow through her body as Roze catches her arm in her teeth. Carolynn shakes her head in disbelief once again and switches out for her third Pokemon. In a brief flash of light a Roserade is standing in front of Roze and she looks up at the rain before parting the clouds with Sunny day. Roze waves to Roserade as she disappears back into her ball for a switch out and Arcanine comes out onto the field a moment later looking down at the small grass type smiling darkly. Roserade suddenly dashes to the side and begins circling Arcanine as the dog tries to follow her with his eyes only making himself slightly dizzy. Once Roserade stops Arcanine tries to take a step forward and feels his feet bound. The fire Pokemon closes his eyes as he falls forward onto his face letting out a small growl of irritation as the heat radiating his body incinerates the Grass Knot attack binding him. Arcanine stands, takes a deep breath and Roserade disappears behind billowing flames enhanced by the Sunny Day attack still in effect. Stratos and Arcanine meet gazes and Stratos grins tossing Arcanine's pokeball towards him. The dog disappears into it with a grin not having to say anything. Carolynn returns her Roserade to her ball standing dumbstruck at her first loss and she shakes her head rapidly throwing a tantrum and looking very immature as she does it. Stratos blinks as he watches her and he watches as she runs out of the arena crying,
"Geez, be more immature." Stratos adjusts his hat on his head and slides his hands into his pockets as he walks out of the arena followed by the echoing voice of the announcer,

Stratos walks through the archway and looks up at Drake who stands before him with a smile on his face,
"You're really making me proud Stratos." Stratos smiles and the two embrace each other lightly and a few moments later they release each other. Stratos takes Swampert's Pokeball from the holder and waves as he heads up to the stands watching his father walk out onto the field.

Drake walks out onto the field greeted by the roar of the crowd and the announcer's voice when he reaches his trainer square,
"WELCOME ALL TO THE NEXT MATCH OF THE POKEMON LEAGUE TOURNAMENT!!! THIS IS A BATTLE BETWEEN DRAKE AND MINA BOTH OF WHICH HAVE NO LAST NAMES!!" Across from Drake stands a girl roughtly a foot and a half shorter then him. She wears a short, white, skirt with a small strap with three pokeballs attached to it. Her top is purple and low cut and sits on her shoulders held up with two straps. She wears a thin undershirt with long white sleeves on her wrists are a few bracelets and she wears long socks with black, long, boots. She also has a scarf tied around her neck the same purple color as her eyes and hair. Drake blinks as he sees her,
"Wow, you sure do like purple." The girl giggles happily and takes a pokeball from her belt tossing and making a Delcatty appear on the field in a brief flash of light,
"I love purple! It's my favorite color!" Drake chuckles and tosses his ball underhand letting Blaziken take the field in his own burst of light. At the announcer's call the two Pokemon run at each other and Blaziken smirks knowing his huge advantage. His wrists burst into flame and he spins avoiding any attack by Delcatty grabbing her tail and pulling her back making her feet slide out from under her so she's lying down and he throws his palm directly into the cat's back making her fall unconscious immediately. Mina blinks and returns Delcatty to her ball taking out her second, "Hmm... I may lose this one. Oh well, I'll do my best and that's all that matters." She tosses her second pokeball and a Cloyster floats in the air smirking darkly at Blaziken. Blaziken pauses scanning the oyster in front of him and his eyes lock onto the large spikes on the outside of the shell. He runs forward taking many water type attacks from the oyster until it finally retreats into its shell as Blaziken arrives in front of it. Blaziken reaches out for one of the spikes but suddenly they all glow and he throws his arms up to block the Spike Cannon attack. The attack seems to go on forever and Blaziken reaches out slowly taking the hits as he grabs onto one of the spikes. He groans as he pulls and finally Cloyster begins to slowly move in a circle around Blaziken who is still taking hit after hit. Once Cloyster lifts off the ground Blaziken suddenly throws it up into the air and jumps landing on top of it. He smirks and pushes down with his feet giving Cloyster a burst of speed and it slams into the ground hard taking massive damage and Blaziken throws a Focus Punch down into Cloyster. The shell protecting it begins to crack and Blaziken pries it open smiling at the injured Pokemon before letting loose a point blank Flamethrower into its face for the final blow. Mina sighs and returns Cloyster to its ball as she takes out her third, "Man, I'm pretty off today. I usually can beat at least one." She releases a large purple scorpion to the field and he roars looking at Blaziken with mild dislike. Blaziken goes into a battle pose and leaps to the side avoiding a huge Toxic attack that covers a large portion of the field. Drake whistles and Blaziken stands up straight turning into a red silhouette and returns to his ball. Drake swaps pokeballs and releases his Flygon to the field. The dragonfly hovers above the sludge and finds a safe spot to land. She smiles at Drapion before slamming her entire weight into him making him skid backwards. She slams the ground hard making it rupture and cut Drapion and she finishes him off with a barrage of Dragon Pulses. Drapion falls and is recalled to his ball by the smiling girl, "Well that was fun." Drake blinks looking at her,
"What...? You didn't even land more then a few hits the entire match!" The girl shrugs,
"Well battling is more of a hobby to me anyway. I really like collecting purple things and Pokemon wherever I go!" She then giggles happily and skips off the field muttering something about whether or not Mewtwo is purple. Drake blinks as he watches her go and watches Flygon zip over to him and cry happily,
"I like it when the battle's easy!" Drake chuckles and holds out her pokeball,
"Yeah, me too." She giggles as she disappears and Drake walks off the field with his Pichu on his shoulder followed by the announcer's voice,
Chapter End Notes:only 2 more battles to write in this round so hopefully the next chapter won't take as long as this one did... ENJOY!!
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