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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Round 5

"No, Xylina, You won't be fighting in this one." Xylina folds her arms and gives her lover a rather irritated look,
"You're going to be fighting Mathieu today love. You're going to need all the power you can get." Vecransyh nods and tips her hat up putting his own head under the rim right next to her face,
"It's because of how ruthlessly powerful he is that I can't let you fight. I mean, look at Onym. He had an incredibly powerful and well thought out strategy and the only reason he did as well as he did was because of those focus bands." Xylina frowns,
"This is because you think I'll get hurt again." Vecransyh nods,
"That's right. I couldn't bare it if anything was to happen to you and your body has taken some pretty hard hits. Remember how you almost died in the first Pokemon league?" Xylina falls silent and her gaze moves away from the boy, "And hey, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Everyone is outfitted with a sash like Onym's were. Just have fun in the stands with Yakira, Aticus and Eira and leave this fight to me and the other six." Xylina folds her arms and raises an eyebrow,
"So who're you going to use?" Vecransyh grins and takes her hat off putting it on his own head,
"It's a secret~" He kisses her lightly and puts on his belt heading out of the room. Xylina blinks and her hand runs through her purple hair as she sighs before she pauses and pats her bare head,
"WAIT A MINUTE?! GIVE ME MY HAT BACK!!!" A few minute pass and Xylina is sitting next to Yakira with her arms folded putting her feet up on the seat in front of her,
"Where's your hat...?" Xylina looks over at her with a slightly annoyed expression,
"Vec took it and ran out of the room... I'll get it back after his match."

Vecransyh then walks out of the archway and onto the field prompting a roar of applause from the crowd. Across from him sits Mathieu in his usual meditative position and opens his eyes standing up when Vecransyh reaches his square,
"Well if it isn't the ghost kid. Seems like I'm taking on everyone who was favored to win this thing." Vecransyh chuckles and adjusts the hat on his head,
"Yeah looks like it. Let's make this a good match." Mathieu nods and takes a pokeball from his belt,
"I always do. Just don't go running out onto the field. Intercepting one of my attacks spells death for you." Vecransyh looks up into the stands at Xylina and smiles to her,
"I won't be dying any time soon."
"WELCOME ALL TO THE FIRST MATCH OF THE FIFTH ROUND!! THIS MATCH IS BETWEEN VECRANSYH AND MATHIEU!!! THE WINNER WILL BE MOVING ON TO THE SEMI-FINALS!!! THE MATCHES IN THIS ROUND WILL CONSIST OF BOTH TRAINERS USING SIX POKEMON. IF BOTH TRAINERS ARE READY THEN BEGIN!!!" Vecransyh throws his first pokeball unleashing his Dusknoir in a burst of light and Mathieu grins as he throws his and in a second burst a golden Magikarp is flopping in front of the mighty ghost. Vecransyh blinks and Dusknoir begins laughing as he looks at the helpless Pokemon,
"Dude... what's with the Magikarp?" Mathieu simply shrugs,
"It just hasn't evolved yet. Kinda sucks but meh, what're ya gonna do?" Dusknoir gathers himself and hits the Pokemon with a Shadow Ball to knock it out. Mathieu returns it and takes out his second, "Okay now the battle starts."
The second pokeball opens in a burst of light and Mathieu's Snorlax appears letting out a roar before he runs forward and begins throwing ice punches at Dusknoir. The ghost dodges and avoids them and blasts the bear Pokemon with Focus Blasts knocking him away, "Come on Hercules you can do better then that!!!" Hercules leaps to his feet and rushes forward throwing punches and eventually connects sending Dusknoir back over to Vecransyh, his Focus Sash appearing on him. Hercules leaps backwards and drums on his stomach and then begins glowing with energy. Vecransyh throws his arm outwards and Dusknoir lays a curse on Hercules before he passes out hitting the ground with a thud. Vecransyh clenches his teeth as Dusknoir returns to his pokeball and he takes out his second,
"Dang... Hercules is strong and he just used belly drum... I need to stall for curse to take him out." Vecransyh throws his second pokeball releasing Gengar to the field.
The agile ghost avoids countless Ice punches and slides under Hercules' legs before leaping onto his back and running his tongue up the back of the bear's head. Hercules flinches and then feels a burst of electricity paralyze him as curse continues taking its toll. Hercules manages to get back to his feet and Gengar chuckles as he leaps all the way across the field from him. Hercules only makes it about halfway before the dark blue bear falls onto his stomach unconscious from the draining attack. The hulky boy returns his Snorlax and throws his third bringing a Camerupt to the field,
"Saheed. Do what you do best!" The camel Pokemon begins stomping rapidly on the ground before he suddenly roars and the volcanoes on his back erupt sending molten boulders falling all around the field. Gengar looks around in a panic and begins dashing narrowly avoiding them till he's smashes into the ground by one and picks himself up, the band appearing around him and the burns he received making him pass out. Vecransyh goes wide-eyed and then closed his eyes as Gengar returns to his ball,
"Four on three... the odds are in my favor but I've lost my strongest two this early..." He looks down at a pokeball in his hand, "I need to win this. I've overcome worse odds then this." He throws the ball releasing Sableye to the field and he cackles evilly before he runs forward doing flips and dodges around the various fire attacks launches at him and suddenly the Eruption attack is unleashed once again but Sableye dashes under Saheed and begins blasting his underbelly with shadow balls and Dark Pulses trying to bring the Pokemon down. Saheed cringes at the barrage of attack and soon begins to glow with red aura, "Sableye get out of there!!!!" The little ghost Pokemon looks back towards his trainer before becoming engulfed in flames. The Overheat attack lasts a short time and when it subsides Sableye lies on the ground with his sash around him and he lays a curse on Saheed before losing the rest of his energy. Saheed roars and Vecransyh returns his fainted ghost to his pokeball. Vecransyh growls drawing his fourth from his belt and throws it releasing Banette to the field. She cracks her neck and flexes her fingers before dashing forward with a shadow punch prepared but the attack dissipates and the sun becomes blindingly bright. She growls and throws a Shadow Ball that explodes against Saheed. The Camel Pokemon stomps and roars unleashing another Overheat attack that sends Banette flying back and hitting the ground hard, her sash appearing. She looks up breathing heavily and watches as Saheed falls to the ground from the effects of curse. She lets out a soft sigh before she passes out from her burns feeling a bit ashamed having done almost nothing to help.
Vecransyh returns Banette to her pokeball and draws his fifth before hearing Mathieu speak as Javert the Raichu appears on his side of the field,
"Why don't you simply give up kid? You can't beat me even with those sashes. You stand no chance against Javert." Rotom appears from his pokeball and zips around happily,
"I'm going to win this Mathieu." Javert answers by rushing forward coating himself in Volt Tackle and mercilessly strikes Rotom with electrical attacks but Javert is suddenly blasted away and stands up paralyzed from the powerful Discharge attack. Rotom then has an angry look on his face zooming forward and begins slamming the Raichu with Shadow Balls and bursts of ominous wind before being blasted in the face by Thunderpunch. Both Pokemon groan and hit the ground knocked out. Mathieu blinks as he widens his eyes and returns Javert to his pokeball,
"Two on one now dude. You're done!" Mathieu throws his fifth ball and an Alakazam appears from it crossing his arms as he glares at Vecransyh. Vec chuckles as he returns Rotom to his ball,
"You know... you talk big but with the right strategy you're not all that hard to beat." Mathieu blinks before he narrows his eyes and growls,
"Whatever you have up your sleeve there's no way it can beat both of my remaining Pokemon!" Vecransyh laughs and reached up,
"Not up my sleeve. In the hat." He draws a pokeball from Xylina's hat and spins it on his finger grinning.

Up in the stands Xylina and Yakira look at each other and the Mismagius speaks,
"When did?! How did?! What's in there?!" Yakira laughs and pats her on the head,
"Chill. If he's this confident then it must be something strong." Aticus and Eira, who are sitting in their respective mother's laps grin happily and cheer in unison,
"Go daddy!!"

"Now is the instrument of your defeat!" He throws the pokeball and it opens in a burst of light, "One of the mightiest Ghost Pokemon of them all!!" Mathieu looks unamused at Vecransyh's words as the light begins to fade, "Shedinja!" The very light brown ghost floats in place and its halo floats above its head in a slow rising and sinking motion. There is a moment of silence between both trainers before Mathieu begins snickering and after a moment is on the ground laughing,
"You honestly expect me to be afraid of that thing?! You're out of your mind!!" Vecransyh folds his arms and smirks as Shedinja launches Shadow Balls at Mathieu's Alakazam, "Matsui is gonna tear that thing apart!!" Matsui dodges the attacks and launches a dark pulse attack that impacts the Pokemon but Shedinja doesn't move as its focus sash appears for a moment and then disappears again, "Hehe, see? It got low enough for the sash to appear after just one Dark Pulse attack!!" Matsui blasts Shedinja with another Dark Pulse and the sash appears a second time and fades.

Kazamaru leans forward in his seat watching the fight unfold, "It's... the perfect combo with Focus Sash!!" Drake looks over at him with a bit of a puzzled look on his face,
"I'm not sure I follow you Kaza."
"Well it's common knowledge that Shedinjas are under the protection of their ability known as Wonderguard and can only be defeated by an attack that is super effective against them. Since they have such low stamina a single attack is able to defeat them but with the focus sash Shedinja becomes invulnerable to everything because it protects the wearer from a knockout at full health and Shedinja only has two choices on health. Full and none so there's an infinite loop with the sash." Everyone looks at him with stunned expressions and they all look back to the field.

"Sorry Mathieu but you're going to be losing this fight!" Mathieu claps his hands together as he smirks,
"Gotta say that that's a pretty nice combo. Only one flaw though and it'll cost you this fight." Vecransyh blinks and looks a bit shaken by the sentence,
"Wait what!?"
"Matsui. Use Knock Off." The Alakazam rushes forward barreling through the barrage of Shadow Balls and slams a fist into Shedinja. The Pokemon's sash appears and falls to the ground and Matsui follows up with a Dark Pulse sending the ghost to the ground.
Vecransyh falls silent as Shedinja returns to his pokeball and he falls to his knees, "No... no way..." Mathieu chuckles and returns Matsui to his pokeball turning and walking towards the exit,
"You tried your best kid. Better luck next time." The crowd falls silent as if mourning the loss of a hero to them all and Xylina and Yakira leave the stands heading out onto the field and over to Vecransyh laying a hand on each of his shoulders. The both embrace him and Vecransyh punches the ground,
"It's not fair... someone like that showing up out of the blue and taking us all down..." Yakira nods and hugs him tighter,
"I know love... someone will beat him. I'm sure of that." Vecransyh gets back to his feet with both ghosts hanging from him and he laughs,
"Thanks. You're right. Stratos and Kaza are still in the tournament and if they win their battles they can have a chance at taking him down." Xylina smiles and nuzzles his cheek,
"That's right! Now come on, let's head up into the stands and watch the next fight. I'm sure it'll cheer you up." Vecransyh nods and walks out of the arena with the two ghosts,
"That's true. Kaza's up next."

Kazamaru looks across the field at his opponent who is looking around in a state of shock. His eyes are a light blue color, almost a pale green, his hair is dark red and he wears a white T-shirt with a black hoodie over it with the hood down. His shorts are dark green and he wears black and white converse, "Dude, are you okay...?" The boy looks to him and nods,
"Yeah I'm fine I'm just still getting over the shock of actually making it to round five." Kazamaru tilts his head slightly as he raises an eyebrow,
"Why? Is your team bad or something?" The boy opens his mouth to speak again but is interrupted by the announcer's voice,
"As I was saying before being so rudely interrupted... well you'll see for yourself I suppose." Kazamaru nods in response as he releases Aggron from his pokeball,
"Sounds good." Okani tosses his own and a Nuzleaf appears on the field blinking as it looks towards the crowd of people. The Nuzleaf wobbles a bit and Okani face-palms when he tries to walk and falls over, "Is your Nuzleaf drunk?" Okani sighs and shakes his head,
"All of my Pokemon have something weird about them. When I first got Nuzleaf I was hoping that this was temporary." Nuzleaf gets back up and walks over to Aggron and punches him. Aggron blinks and brings his foot back punting Nuzleaf back over to Okani. The Nuzleaf hits the ground hard and stands back up walking forward again. This is continued for a good ten minutes before Nuzleaf finally passes out and Aggron scratches his neck looking across the field as Okani returns him to his ball. As Okani's second pokeball opens in a flash of light, his Bayleef goes into a battle stance and narrows its eyes at its opponent,
"So what's wrong with your Bayleef?" Okani shrugs,
"She's one of the two most normal of my four. She's mute." Aggron cracks his knuckles and runs forward throwing a punch but blinks when Bayleef easily evades the attack ensnaring his feet in Grass Knot making the huge Pokemon topple over and hit the ground. Bayleef begins charging Solarbeam in her leaf which begins to glow a brilliant silver color and Aggron suddenly spins around throwing a metal burst at her. Bayleef takes the hit bracing herself with Endure and she opens her mouth wide unleashing the blast of green energy into Aggron's chest plate pushing him back a good twenty feet from the blast. Aggron lunges again but Bayleef hits him with a second Grass Knot stopping him dead in his tracks and makes him fall over again, the impact and his own weight being turned against him knocks out the massive Pokemon. Bayleef casually strolls back to her battle area and narrows her eyes smirking as Aggron returns to his ball,
"She's quite a little powerhouse Okani."
"Huh, well maybe it wasn't just a freak accident that I got here. I should really have more faith in these guys." Bayleef looks back to him and raises an eyebrow. Okani nods in response, "Except for Nuzleaf." Kazamaru chuckles and sends out his Camerupt,
"Well I'm glad I picked this big guy." Camerupt runs forward unleashing a massive flamethrower at the small grass type who leaps out of the way fairly easily. She touches down and barrels into Camerupt's side sending the camel Pokemon staggering to the side. The Pokemon roars and the volcanoes on his back erupt shooting huge molten rocks into the air that begin raining around the field. Bayleef leaps from side to side evading them but loses her balance when Camerupt begins stomping rapidly on the ground creating an earthquake that shakes the ground of the arena. Bayleef loses her footing and hits the ground hard before getting slammed by one of the huge boulders of fire. Kazamaru grins as he folds his arms, "Two down!" Okani blinks and points towards the boulder as it rolls and Bayleef climbs out looking fairly burned but still conscious, "No way!" Bayleef begins to glow a bright silver color and evolves into the same form with a flower around her neck instead of the buds of a Bayleef. The Meganium closes her eyes as she begins to glow green and suddenly huge vines fire up from the ground and begin attacking Camerupt from every direction until the camel Pokemon, looking like he'll collapse any minute from the enormous power of the attack regardless of his type advantage against it, glows a bright red color and unleashes a massive wave of fire that turns the vines to mere cinders and Meganium is blasted away; both Pokemon faint moments after the end of the attack.
Okani returns Bayleef to her ball and smiles at her ball, "You did great Bayleef." Okani replaces the ball on his belt as Kazamaru returns Camerupt to his ball and they both take their next pokeball from their belts and throw them releasing Swampert and Tangrowth respectively,
"That guy looks pretty tough. What's up with him?" Okani rolls his eyes as he shakes his head,
"He can't use any attacks."
"Yeah... doesn't mean he can't fight though." Tangrowth rushes forward and throws a punch but Swampert grabs him around the wrist throwing his other fist into Tangrowth's face making the big pile of vines hit the ground hard. Swampert begins concentrating as his fists become shrouded in brown energy. Tangrowth jumps up and leaps forward but Swampert jumps back and brings his fists behind himself and throws them forward slamming Tangrowth with a left hook Focus Punch followed by a right knocking the Pokemon to the ground. Okani returns Tangrowth to his ball and puts it back on his belt, "Two on one now..." He takes out his last pokeball and looks at it, "Who wants a hug?!" The pokeball opens in a flash of light and an Eevee leaps to Okani who hugs it. Kazamaru blinks as the Eevee runs out onto the field. It looks like a normal Eevee except for being half-shaved,
"What's up with your Eevee?" Okani chuckles,
"Well, he won't come out of his pokeball unless I offer him a hug and the lower half of his body won't grow hair. He and Bayleef are the two most normal out of the four."
Swampert rushes forward slamming his foot into the ground to create an Earthquake but Eevee leaps into the air raining shadow balls down onto the field all around Swampert. He throws his arms up to protect himself from the blasts but blinks as they hit all around him and explode chaining off of one another to amplify the blast. Swampert is lost in the thick black smoke but suddenly he leaps into the air looking singed from the dark attack and grabs Eevee throwing him down towards the field. Eevee slams his tail into the ground all but negating the damage from being thrown and he launches a shadow ball up at Swampert that collides and explodes against the water/ground type. Swampert hits the ground with an earth-shattering thud but stands back up a moment later forming a hydro pump in his mouth. The blast of water flies at the small Pokemon who jumps up and touches down on the top of the blast running along it. The surprised Swampert ceases his assault and throws a punch directly into an oncoming shadow ball forcing it to stop and explode on contact hitting both of them. Swampert hits the ground with a thud and Eevee touches down and flicks his mane smiling having taken no damage from the ineffective attack. Kazamaru blinks as he looks at the Eevee returning Swampert to his ball, "Wow. You have a lot more power then you give them credit for dude." Okani blinks as Eevee looks back at him with a happy grin,
"Yeah, they must have pretty high morale after all of those wins." Kazamaru takes his final pokeball from his belt and smiles,
"It all comes down to this Okani. One Pokemon left!" He throws his pokeball, the sphere opening in a burst of energy Tyranitar rises to the battlefield with a mighty roar. Eevee wastes no time running forward and avoids the thunderbolts of darkness from crunch zigzagging around them before launching a shadow ball into Tyranitar's face and vaulting off his chest. Eevee spins in the air and lands facing Tyranitar with a confident smirk but his ears droop as Tyranitar unleashes a massive Hyper Beam. Eevee runs to around Tyranitar in a circle as the massive green titan turns making the beam of energy follow the small Pokemon until his breath ends ceasing the beam's chase. Eevee runs till he manages to get behind Tyranitar and leaps onto his back launching continuous shadow balls but he's suddenly blasted across the field when his body makes contact with the massive tail of the beastly Pokemon. Eevee hits the ground hard but stands and closes his eyes when a second Hyper Beam hits him. Eevee stays standing after the blast subsides for a few moments before he collapses to the ground and disappears into his pokeball. Kazamaru and Tyranitar look at each other and smile nodding before Kazamaru returns him to his ball and Okani and Kazamaru walk to the center of the field shaking hands, "That was a great battle Okani you really gave me a run for my money." Okani grins as their hands leave one another,
"Thanks Kaza. You're really something. Well, see ya." The two trainers nod as they leave the stadium accompanied by the roaring of the crowd in a loud applause,

Stratos walks onto the field with Latias right beside him and looks up at all of the cheering people around him. A deep inhale fills the Lucario's lungs with fresh air before he cracks his knuckles followed by his neck and shakes his body as he walks. Arriving at his trainer's square he looks across the field for his opponent and blinks to find an empty space, "Huh... the match is about to start but..." Stratos' sentence is cut of and both he and the Eon Pokemon next to him stare in shock as a giant, swirling vortex of fire rises from the ground and the flames explode and disperse revealing a boy and a very powerful-looking Typhlosion standing next to one another. The boy chuckles and looks over to his Typhlosion with a grin and the two high-five one another,
"Nice entrance as always Tiroshu." He then looks away from his Typhlosion across the field at Stratos and raises an eyebrow, "My, my, it seems you have Latias on your team; very impressive. It's also pretty unusual to see a Pokemon actually be a trainer let alone get this far in a tournament but hey, ya learn new things every day. My name's JZ, nice to meet you." JZ has black hair and wears a green, short-sleeved jacked with a pokeball with a bursting design to the side of it. Under the jacket he wears a long-sleeved shirt and on his hands are fingerless, black gloves. His pants are long and white with a chain on his left side and his shoes are the same color as his jacket. Stratos grins and bows lightly as he introduces himself,
"My name is Stratos. Latias is my adoptive mother actually." JZ puts his hands on his waist and whistles,
"Ya don't say! Well that's pretty cool. Hey, let's make this more interesting." Stratos tilts his head giving him an odd look,
"Like how?" JZ looks back to his Typhlosion and then back towards Stratos,
"How about we make this a 'best out of' battle. You know, so everybody gets to fight since we're using all six anyway." Stratos looks over to Latias and shrugs,
"I'm okay with it... What do you think?" Latias nods as she smiles,
"I'm good with that." Stratos looks back to the boy and grins nodding his head,
"It's alright with us JZ!" JZ snickers to himself as he grins,
Meanwhile up in the stands Drake has his arms folded as he looks down at the field. The rest of the group sits in random places around him, "This is very bad..." Kazamaru blinks as he looks at Drake with a bit of confusion on his face,
"What makes you say that...?" Drake blinks as he looks at the confused boy,
"DOES ANYONE ACTUALLY WATCH THE OTHER BATTLES BESIDES ME?!?!?!" Everyone jumps at the sudden outburst but one by one they shake their heads and Drake sighs, "Well I do just in case I have to fight any of them. That kid down there wiped out all of his challengers by only using that Typhlosion at his side. He's seriously powerful and I did a bit of research into his background. Apparently he's similar to me and is working on gathering Ultima badges and he's won every tournament he's entered so far. He's not someone you want to mess with that's for sure..." Luna looks down at the arena with a bit of concern on her face,
"This might be bad... but I have faith in him! Stratos always comes out on top!" Drake nods and goes back to watching the field,
"There's always someone stronger though. Still... Neither one of them is a pushover this should be one heck of a fight." The announcer's voice booms over the intercoms next,
"I think he might have set us up." Latias grins darkly as she watches JZ call Tiroshu onto the field,
"All the more reason to take him down don't you agree?" Stratos grins and clicks the ball before throwing it,
"Sounds good!" The ball opens in a flash of light and Roze brings out her claws growling at Tiroshu. JZ chuckles as he sees her emerge and spins a pokeball on his finger,
"Hey, I've got one of those!" Roze snickers and summons rain clouds as she cracks her neck,
"Lets focus on the battle at hand shall we?" Tiroshu suddenly lunges forward slashing with his claws and gnashing with his fangs. Roze leaps backwards and plants her foot springing forward into a spin cloaking herself in water just as Tiroshu opens his mouth for a Solarbeam attack. He fires and Roze flies directly into the beam cutting her way through it with the mighty force of the spiraling water using her tails to increase the speed and burrow through the beam like a drill. On contact Roze unleashes a barrage of punches, kicks and brick breaks before throwing her entire weight becoming cloaked in water again to blast the powerful Typhlosion across the field with a finishing Waterfall attack. JZ folds his arms as Tiroshu stands up and dusts off his shoulder wiping a bit of blood from his cheek and looking very angry,
"Hey you're pretty good little girl!" Roze's eye twitches and she growls running forward widening her eyes as Tiroshu lets loose a wave of flames that wash over her knocking her to the ground with a thud. Roze stands and shakes herself before suddenly feeling a fire punch slam into her gut sending her skyward. Tiroshu leaps into the air after her with a smirk on his face and when Roze reaches the top of her climb the Typhlosion appears next to her and slams her in the stomach with another Fire Punch. Tiroshu lets loose a Fire Blast at the descending Floatzel and she hits the ground hard before screaming as the flames cover her body. Tiroshu lands on the ground on his feet and smirks looking ahead at the dust cloud that had formed when Roze had impacted with the ground. Suddenly Roze leaps from the cloud and she throws an Ice Punch into the surprised Typhlosion's gut before upper-cutting him and slamming him with another full force Waterfall knocking him to the ground again. Roze lunges forward and takes in a huge breath unleashing a Hydro Pump to the downed Pokemon.
Tiroshu lays there for a moment before his body pulses with heat and the water evaporates off of him. He stands and narrows his eyes at Roze before his eyes suddenly widen and he falls to the ground unconscious. Roze breathes heavily as she falls to her hands and knees and JZ simply stares in shock as he takes out the fire type's pokeball and he returns to it. Roze stands up again a few moments later and looks back at Stratos, a soft smile appearing on her face as she disappears back into the couple's ball,
"I'm stunned Stratos. You're way more powerful then I first thought you were. Looks like you're going to give me a real challenge!!" JZ both throw their next pokeballs and Swampert slams her fist into the ground with a roar as JZ's Leafeon appears from his ball on the other side of the field. JZ looks at the two Pokemon on the field before he grins again, "This should be fun! Motomo! You have a time four type advantage against this one! Go for it!" Motomo leaps forward and Swampert tries to run but looks down to find her legs ensnared in Grass knot. Swampert glares at Motomo and punches him in the face when he comes within range with an energy ball in his mouth. Motomo skids across the ground and rolls for a bit before he jumps back to his feet and runs forward again launching the attack forward. Swampert smirks and unleashes a Hydro Pump to counter it. Her eyes widen when the ball of green energy cuts through her water like a sword to hot butter and she's blasted over backwards hitting the ground harder because of her feet being held down. She plants her hand on the ground and brings herself back up and shields her eyes as Sunny Day disperses the clouds. Swampert closes her eyes and suddenly throws her hands down tearing the vines apart and digging into the ground avoiding the sudden Solarbeam that blasts past her. Motomo looks around in a panic and begins flailing around as a giant blue hand bursts from the ground followed by Swampert who pins the small grass type to the ground and opens her mouth unleashing a point plank Hydro Cannon down on him. Swampert releases Motomo from her grip and smirks but she's suddenly blown away by a Solarbeam that knocks her to the ground. Swampert weakly looks up to find Motomo standing on her stomach with an Energy Ball in his mouth and the attack impacts her making an explosion that only Motomo jumps away from.
The smoke clears rather quickly and Swampert lays on her back passed out just before turning into a red silhouette and disappears into her pokeball. Stratos looks at her ball and smiles, "You did your best Swampert. Thank you." He then swaps out for his next and Motomo runs over to JZ hopping onto his shoulder and happily rubbing against him. JZ smiles and the Leafeon leaps into the air doing a few flips and comes down headfirst turning into redness and disappearing into his ball. JZ takes out his third pokeball and smiles,
"Well it's one to one now. No telling how this battle's going to end is there?" Stratos shakes his head and they both throw their pokeballs Stratos releasing Arcanine to the field with a mighty roar and JZ releases a Gardevoir, "Kimi be careful out there! No telling how strong this one is!" Kimi nods and runs forward but suddenly shields herself with her arms as a huge wave of flames wash over her intensified by the sunlight from the last battle. Kimi clenches her teeth feeling herself become burned by the attack and blasts Arcanine with Psychic. The wolf Pokemon shakes off the attack and howls sending down a Solarbeam from the fake sun above them. Kimi dodges out of the way and runs forward sliding under a Fire Blast feeling her burn marks pulse from the heat against her body. She winces and slams Arcanine with a Dark Pulse attack. Arcanine counters with another Heat Wave and the two attacks collide making a huge explosion. Arcanine leaps into the smoke and finds Kimi's scent with a single sniff finding her in the smoky air hitting her with Fire Fang slamming the flaming thunderbolts into her before growling and pulsing with an immense blast of fire that disperses all of the smoke and covers the field in a dome of flames. Stratos and Latias shield their eyes from the heat and JZ throws his arm forward calling out Kimi's name.
The flames last for a little under thirty seconds before they slow and disperse leaving Arcanine weakly standing in front of a burned and unconscious Gardevoir. Arcanine walks over to Stratos who looks up at the big Arcanine, "Do you think you guys might be being a bit brutal today?" Arcanine simply shakes his head as he smiles down at the questioning Lucario,
"Even we've heard of this guy and how powerful his Pokemon are. Is we don't give it our absolute all like all of his Pokemon do then we'll be smacked left to right before the match has even really started... you'll see what I mean when you take one of their hits." Stratos nods and returns him to his ball as JZ does the same to his Gardevoir,
"Well I think that might have been a bit much." Stratos shrugs,
"Hey you're the famous trainer here. They're giving it their all so you don't wipe the floor with them." JZ chuckles hearing this,
"Smart move. Well then. The score is two to one now. Time to step it up!" Stratos grins and the two trainers reach for their pokeballs throwing them to the field. Stratos sends out Ren and a male Floatzel appears in front of JZ, "Fol you've got yourself out of tougher situations then this. Give em hell!" Fol narrows his eyes and his arm rises into the air as if tauntingly creating a rain storm over the field. Ren locks eyes with the Floatzel questioning what he might be planning.
Suddenly Fol jolts forward in an intense burst of speed and slams an Ice Punch into Ren's face but Ren leaps away from it immensely lessening the damage. Ren slams the water type with Thunder but watches wide-eyed as Fol grins sparking with the electricity and lunges forward slamming him with Waterfall chaining into brick Break followed by Crunch and another Ice Punch finishing with Hydro Pump blasting him across the field. Ren stands and coats his body with brown energy running forward as a second layer of electricity coats his body. The elements begin spinning around one another and he roars as Fol smirks and throws his fist forward hitting the very point of the attack with an Ice Punch. Fol clenches his teeth as he holds back the swirling energy with his fist and Ren focuses more of his energy into the point before he suddenly barrels through making contact with the Superpower Volt Tackle combo attack and Fol flies back slamming the ground hard before he stands up looking across at the heavily weakened Luxray. He smirks and runs forward getting struck several more times by Thunder before upper-cutting Ren with a Waterfall and Ice Punch combo attack knocking him out. Stratos looks down as he returns Ren to the Couple's ball,
"You did great Ren." Fol turns his back to the Lucario and walks back over to JZ nodding before he returns to his ball. JZ locks eyes with Stratos as if mentally telling him the score as a female Flygon appears from her ball to accompany Latias who has flown out onto the battlefield,
"Jetra fight as hard as you can this is going to be a tough battle." The Flygon turns her head and smiles to her trainer giggling a bit,
"I always fight as hard as I can. You know that!"
"Look out!!" Jetra looks back and is suddenly bashed to the side by Dragon Claw. She shakes her head a few times and flinches as she looks back at Latias with fiery determination in her eyes becoming shrouded a moment later in a powerful sandstorm that covers the field making them both become lost from view to their trainers. Latias feels the sand particles scraping against her body in the massive whirlwind as she looks around for her opponent. Suddenly she's blasted by a power Dragon Pulse feeling the sting of the attack flood her body as the sandstorm continues to take its toll. She fires a Dragon Pulse at where the previous attack came from and after a few moments she hears a voice,
"Can't catch what's not there!" Latias smiles softly as her eyes slowly close and she blocks out the sound of the sandstorm with her psychic powers and traces Jetra's movements hearing her zipping around at high speeds and suddenly she unleashes another Dragon Pulse and Latias forms a Dragon Claw attack in her hand and catches the ball of energy throwing it back missing Jetra completely,
"You can't hit me with ranged attacks anymore Jetra! It's hand to hand or nothing!" She hears laughter and feels herself get struck in the head by Dragon Claw making her cringe,
"That's fine with me!" Latias focuses her mind to track Jetra's movements and when she dashes back for another attack Latias slams her in the torso with her wing making her his the ground and Latias blasts her with Dragon Pulse. Flygon doesn't move out of complete shock of her reflexes but is suddenly gone in a burst of speed. Latias grins as the sandstorm subsides and both of the dragons lock eyes with each other when dimensional rifts open above both of them and meteors begin raining down all over the field as both unleash Draco Meteor on the other. Jetra and Latias dodge the meteors and Latias begins weaving around them getting closer to Jetra and suddenly Latias blasts her backwards with a Mist Ball and she's struck by a meteor and hits the ground with a loud thud and all of the meteors disappear in a shimmer of purple sparkles. Latias bows to JZ as he returns Jetra to her pokeball and growls,
"There's no way I'm going to lose!!" Latias smiles happily and floats back over to Stratos who takes off his hat and belt cracking his knuckles as he walks out onto the field,
"You can still tie the match if you beat me JZ." JZ shrugs his shoulders taking out his sixth pokeball and it opens revealing a shiny Gallade with an earring in his left ear,
"I plan to Stratos. Allow me to introduce my last Pokemon." JZ clears his throat and takes in a deep breath, "THIS!!! IS!!!! SPARTA!!!!!" Stratos blinks as the Gallade in front of him face-palms,
"Nice to meet you Sparta. I'm Stratos." Sparta extends his shoulder blades and grins waving to him for a second,
"Nice to meet you too Stratos." He goes into a battle stance and Stratos does the same, "You lead by one now but I'll make this a tie!!" Stratos grins as his paws begin radiating with aura,
"I hope you can back that up Sparta!" Sparta runs forward and throws his bladed arm down and Stratos leaps back throwing an Aura Sphere at him. Sparta grins and deflects the attack running forward slashing wildly but Stratos continues spinning and flipping dodging all of the attacks, "Would you like to know something Sparta?" Sparta's eye twitches as he continues trying to hit Stratos with his blades,
"What?!" Stratos takes a deep breath and blasts him with Aeroblast cutting the Gallade with the massive blast of wind sending him flying over onto his back. Gallade jumps back up and shakes his head in disbelief, "What was that?!" Stratos grins and forms a Sacred Fire sphere in his paw,
"That was Aeroblast. This is Sacred Fire." Stratos throws the sphere and Sparta spins slashing it in two and both halves hit the ground behind him bursting into flame,
"There's more too you then what meets the eye." He brings his arms together and throws them down in an 'X' and a Night Slash and Psycho Cut fly towards Stratos. He tries to jump but his feet are held down with Psychic. He struggles against his bindings and the attacks impact him making him yelp in pain. Stratos growls and looks ahead and Sparta smirks. He breaks out of the Psychic binding and roars, his body pulsing with an explosion of Psychic energy knocking Sparta to the ground by the Sheer Force of the attack. He stands again and brushes himself off running forward again and avoiding another Sacred Fire attack along with a few Aura Spheres. Stratos' eyes glow bright silver and he lunges forward parrying Sparta's blades with his paw spikes. Stratos suddenly grips his body tightly with Crush Grip and glows bright green unleashing Seed Flare blasting the Gallade with the mighty attack. Stratos suddenly glows brightly and Sparta covers his eyes being blinded by the intensity of the light and suddenly he feels himself being attacked in a rapid fury of blows and Stratos reappears behind him snapping his fingers and Sparta pulses with silver energy from Doom Desire and hits the ground unconscious.
Stratos stands up straight and blows lightly on his paws before he bows to JZ, "That was a fantastic battle Mr. JZ. Thank you very much." JZ smirks and Sparta returns to his ball,
"I underestimated your abilities Stratos. We'll challenge you to a rematch in the future." The boy waves as he turns his back to Stratos and begins walking out of the stadium. The announcer's voice is the next to speak in the stadium,
Chapter End Notes:2 battles next chapter for the semi-finals. ^^ hopefully it will be up fairly soon
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