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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Round 6

Kazamaru paces back and forth nervously running his hands through his hair, walking in a 'U' shape around the bed, "Why did I have to be put up against Mathieu!? It's just not fair!!" Scarlet is sitting in a chair near the bed with a book in her hands and she looks up at him,
"Did you think it was just going to be one easy battle after another?" Kaza stops, standing in front of her with his back to the bed before he sits down gripping the edge with a sorrowful look,
"That's not what I meant! Mathieu has been crushing everyone who fights against him! I don't want to be out of this tournament when I'm so close to winning but gah!!!" Scarlet closes her book and sets it on the bedside table next the bed before she stands facing her boyfriend. She simply stares at him causing the blond trainer to blink and let his arms fall to his sides, "What...?" She raises her hand up and places it in the middle of his chest still looking into his eyes,
"I think you need to..." She suddenly thrusts her arm forward pushing him down onto the bed and she climbs on top of him straddling his waist, "...stop babbling. Release your stress some other way~" She slides off of him and smiles looking into his madly blushing face as her hand drifts down his chest to his pants,
"But I can't... the match is gonna start soon... Aah~" She giggles lightly having slid his pants down and taken out his hardened cock. She strokes it slowly as she smiles still looking into his eyes,
"This begs to differ love." She slides down on him and leaves her mouth closed taking a moment to take in the scent of his musk before her tongue softly drifts up the length of his shaft. Her tongue slides up and down a few slow times before she begins softly licking his head and then takes it into her mouth a moment later. She moans against it sliding it deeply into her mouth with every motion as she moves her body against him in motion. Her nipples begin pressing against the fabric of her top as her breasts shift and rub against the bed. A gentle blush paints her face as her head bobs up and down on his thickness, her tongue coating it in wet saliva. She continues for a little under a minute before she slides it from her mouth and runs her hand up and down a few times as she smiles, "I love how you taste~" She lays down on the bed bringing her left leg up. Sliding her hands up her legs she gently kisses her blushing boyfriend as her fingers slide up her dress and around the edge of her panties. She gently slides them down her soft legs and tosses them to the side before straddling him again.
She closes her eyes smiling softly as her fingers slide around his length and she hears his moans fill her mind. She raises herself and tilts it to her opening before sliding it deeply inside her with a long and loud moan. She begins moving only moments later sliding up and down on him as her moans turn to short gasps. Her hands slide her shirt up exposing her bountiful breasts as she takes him deeper into her body with each thrust. She lets out a purr gripping the sheets of the bed while she rides him harder, "You'll never win if you're so easily dominated..." Kaza's eyes shoot open and he smirks sitting up and he pushes her onto her back raising her leg up. Scarlet smirks, "Looks like I hit a nerve." Her expression returns to pleasured moans a few seconds later as she's thrusted into deeper then before. He moans as his thickness fills her with every thrust and her breasts bounce in motion. Their moans alternate in unison as his thrusts become faster and his eyes suddenly close and his movements slow. Scarlet kisses him passionately as her hand drifts through his hair and she smiles, "I want it... inside~" She is answered with a moaned 'Yes' and a single thrust followed by a wave of hot cum forcing her to let out a scream of ecstasy before letting her arms and body fall to her sides as she feels her love lay on top of her, nuzzling her neck with small kisses, "Now go out there and win~"

"HELLO AND WELCOME ALL TO THE FIRST MATCH OF ROUND SIX AND THE FIRST MATCH OF OUR SEMI-FINALS!!! THIS MATCH IS GOING TO BE BETWEEN THE UNSTOPPABLE MATHIEU AND KAZAMARU!! BOTH TRAINERS WILL BE USING SIX POKEMON IN THIS MATCH AND THE VICTOR WILL BE DECIDED WHEN THE FINAL POKEMON FALLS!" Kazamaru lets out a slow breath as he looks upon the form of his opponent, Mathieu. The trainer who has single-handedly taken down Ash Ketchum, Onym and Vecransyh. The doubt slips away from his mind to be replaced with complete faith in his Pokemon's strength as his first pokeball enlarges in his hand,
"This is it..." On the other side of the field Mathieu sits in a cross-legged position apparently meditating as he usually does before a match. His palm touches the ground before he stands opening his eyes. They lock onto Kazamaru. A look of total determination and raw power as his pokeball enlarges in his own hand. He suddenly throws his arms out to the sides facing the sky as he lets out a loud roaring laughter
"ONE BY ONE THEY HAVE FALLEN BEFORE ME!! DO YOU TRULY THINK YOU ARE A MATCH?!" Kazamaru finds himself letting out a slow breath in exchange of his normal intimidated thoughts,
"I have faith in the ones who battle for me. Let's see how you stand against someone who doesn't buy your act." Mathieu pauses for a moment and returns to his normal standing position just looking at him,
"An act is it?" His pokeball opens in a flash and a moment later and Alakazam stands in front of him with two katana swords strapped to his back, "Puny boy... Matsui will crush you."

Up in the stands Vecransyh leans forward in his seat eagerly awaiting the battle to begin, "Do you guys think Kaza can win this?" Drake chuckles as he leans back,
"No worries. Kaza has his Aggron after all and we all know how strong that guy is..." Everyone looks off to the right of where they are sitting to the three empty seats and Aggron in question walks down the last few stairs to their row. He sits down in the middle effectively crushing the three seats into one and he munches on popcorn as he watches,
"Did I miss anything?" Scarlet blinks and looks back to the field,
"If you're here... then that means..." She stands up and clenches her fists, "Kazamaru didn't choose you for this fight?!?!" Aggron shrugs and slurps from the straw in his drink,
"He wanted to do something unexpected I suppose. Something other then..." Aggron makes a stupid face and hits his own chest with the edge of his hand, "'derpdy der Focus Sash into Metal Burst hahaha.'" He chuckles looking at them, "Have some faith. Geez, you're supposed to be his friends." Everyone pauses and nods and Scarlet's the one who speaks,
"We all believe in you Kaza."

Kazamaru throws his pokeball releasing his Tyranitar onto the field as he folds his arms and scowls, "His Pokemon are incredibly powerful. Type advantage can do little other then level then tilt the odds a little out of his favor." The field is suddenly covered by a heavy sandstorm that whips around small rocks from around the arena. Matsui seems unfazed as he simply closes his eyes to concentrate. He suddenly opens his eyes and Tyranitar flinches before shaking his head. Kazamaru calls out to him, "You okay?" Tyranitar nods and runs into the sandstorm finding Matsui quickly. He roars unleashing a massive pulse of dark energy that sweeps over him knocking him to the ground. Matsui floats back to his feet, his glowing eyes open as a third glows on his forehead. All three suddenly flash and Tyranitar feels Dark Pulse leave his mind as he stumbles. Matsui keeps his dark expression as the katanas leave their respective sheathes and begins slashing away at Tyranitar's armored body cloaked in psychic energy. Tyranitar growls in pain and suddenly unleashes thunder blasts of darkness into Matsui who recoils from the attack but the swords continue as neither Pokemon moves from their stance and both fighters take hit after hit. Until they both suddenly fall forward to the side of one another, the sandstorm still raging around them. The two trainers return their battered and slashed Pokemon to their pokeballs but neither can see the other through the endless sandstorm.
Mathieu releases his Camerupt, Saheed, from his ball in a flash of light and Kazamaru grins before releasing Swampert to the field. A moment later the sandstorm is cut short as blinding sunlight appears on the field only to be replaced by rain a moment later. Saheed roars leaping up onto his back legs and he hits the ground hard making a hairline crack that rockets towards Swampert as it expands and flies past him. The water type pauses for a moment before he roars and blasts the fire camel with Hydro Pump. Saheed roars as he takes the hit and the ground suddenly splits making a huge fissure and Swampert's eyes go wide as he falls in, the edges cutting him as he ascends into the ground. Kazamaru looks down but suddenly a blue hand comes out of the hole prompting a cheer from the audience. Slowly Swampert climbs out of the Fissure and back onto solid ground heaving heavy breathes while a sash glows around his shoulder,
"Not done yet..." Something catches Kaza's eye at this time, a glowing silver orb in Swampert's hand and Swampert looks over to it before looking back to Camerupt, "My Bide is ready to go off." Mathieu growls in anger as Swampert rushes forward while Camerupt unleashes Eruption in a feudal attempt to save himself,
"SAHEED NOOOO!!!!!" A rush of air follows a huge explosion and Saheed rockets past Mathieu into the wall leaving a huge dent causing a few people to fall out of their seats. Swampert, meanwhile, has collapsed on the ground with flaming boulders all around him. Mathieu returns Saheed to his ball and turns back to face Kazamaru as both trainers feel the rain on themselves, "You are truly a mighty opponent. But do you intend to draw every single fight?" Kazamaru simply shakes his head returning Swampert to his ball,
"Of course not." He smiles looking back up, "I intend to stop you by the end of this match." Mathieu scowls as his next pokeball enlarges,
"Bold words." The pokeball opens in a flash of light revealing a dancing green Pokemon wearing a sombrero, "This is my Ludicolo. His name is..." Mathieu takes in a deep breath, "Guillermo Rodriguez Fillipe Garcia Manuel Alejandro Lopez Javier Santiago." Kazamaru throws his pokeball releasing Ollie to the field,
"Well this is Ollie." Ollie suddenly leaps out of the way of an Energy Ball that rockets past him and he growls running forward pulsing with draconic energy for his Dragon Rush. Guillermo Rodriguez Fillipe Garcia Manuel Alejandro Lopez Javier Santiago takes the full force of the attack and blasts Ollie with Hydro Pump sending him across the field and skidding backwards on his back. The rain slows before it lets up completely and Ollie shakes himself off looking across at his opponent, "more physical attacks. His special defense is much higher." Ollie simply nods before rushing forward slamming Guillermo Rodriguez Fillipe Garcia Manuel Alejandro Lopez Javier Santiago with Dragon Claw after Dragon Claw and after several minutes of this Guillermo Rodriguez Fillipe Garcia Manuel Alejandro Lopez Javier Santiago finally collapses. Ollie lets out tired breathes before he walks back over to his side of the field and smirks. Mathieu's expression stays that of one of sternness as Guillermo Rodriguez Fillipe Garcia Manuel Alejandro Lopez Javier Santiago returns to his pokeball and is placed back on Mathieu's belt,
"Magi?" Kazamaru and Ollie both blink,
"What?" Mathieu smirks,
"Karp!" Mathieu throws his fourth pokeball and in a few moments a golden Magikarp is flopping helplessly on the ground as Ollie watches it with an unamused gaze. Kazamaru rolls his eyes and points forward,
"Just one-hit that thing." Ollie nods and Dragon Rushes the Magikarp sending it away towards Mathieu. The Magikarp then glows brightly as a sash appears around its body and Kazamaru goes wide-eyed, "A Focus Sash?!" Mathieu grins darkly and throws his arm forward,
"You've activated my trap!!" Magikarp lunges turning upright and slams into Ollie sending him back behind Kazamaru to the wall where he's immediately knocked out. Magikarp then goes back to flopping around on the ground and Kaza stares in disbelief as his dragon returns to his ball. He growls and throws his next pokeball releasing his Mamoswine to the field and the giant Mammoth roars before Mathieu simply snaps his fingers, "Double K.O. Magikarp use Explosion!" Magikarp suddenly glows brightly and explodes covering the length of the field in a huge fireball sending shockwaves of wind against both trainers. Mathieu stands firm as he takes a deep inhale and Kazamaru stumbles barely able to keep his footing as the smoke begins to clear. Both Pokemon lie defeated and Mathieu returns Magikarp to its ball. Kazamaru growls as Mamoswine is returned,
"Why the hell do you have an exploding Magikarp?! Where did you even get that thing?!!!" Mathieu simply takes out his fifth pokeball and smirks,
"Wouldn't you like to know?" The ball opens sending Javert, the Raichu onto the field. His cheeks spark as he takes a battle stance and Kazamaru can't help but chuckle as he enlarges his fifth releasing Rhyperior onto the field.
Javert suddenly rushes the mighty Pokemon slamming him in the stomach with a powerful Brick Break. Rhyperior recoils a bit from the strike but grabs Javert by the tail before spinning him around rapidly by his tail while bringing his other palm up towards the spiraling Raichu. Mathieu growls and yells loudly and incoherently towards his Pokemon and Javert suddenly pulses with Fighting Type energy just as Rhyperior unleashes Rock Wrecker from his palm. Javert plants his feet on the rock and springs up into the sky spinning wildly before sending down a meteor-sized Focus Blast. Rhyperior's eyes widen and he throws up his palms launching rocks into the sphere and moments before impact it explodes recoiling both Pokemon to the ground.
Rhyperior stands up brushing off his shoulder as he growls towards Javert who is also standing up. Rhyperior brings up both of his palms and begins sending rapid-fire Rock Wrecker blasts towards him as he dashes around the field to escape them. Suddenly the electric mouse plants a foot and springs forward directly towards an incoming rock. He grabs it at the side letting it swing him around in a fast circle and he launches it back towards the powerful rock type. Rhyperior recoils slightly from the attack and as Javert closes in Rhyperior punches him hard in the face with Focus Punch. Mathieu throws his hand out as he yells and Javert flies across the field landing in front of his trainer, "Focus Blast again." Mathieu says and miraculously Javert stands up wiping a streak of blood from his cheek. Without a word he punches his own fists together and begins to pulse with energy. Rhyperior roars and launches more rocks but the range is simply too much and they cannot hit their target. Rhyperior rushes forward and Javert releases the pulse of energy that envelopes them both followed by a huge explosion of dark brown energy that swirls around the field like a vortex. Kazamaru throws his arm up to shield his eyes from the pulses of heat and let's out slow breathes as it begins to die down. Mathieu stands normally with his arms folded as two downed Pokemon come into view. Javert is lying across from Rhyperior smoking lightly and he turns into a red silhouette as Mathieu returns him to his pokeball. Kazamaru closes his eyes and returns Rhyperior to his ball before he looks angrily at Mathieu,
"How could you have him do such an attack? It could have killed him!!" Mathieu draws his final pokeball into his hand as he laughs,
"We came for victory! We will accept nothing less then total domination of our opponents!!" Kazamaru takes his sixth pokeball from his belt and sighs as it enlarges,
"Sorry. But this is where your streak comes to an end." The two trainers scowl as they throw their arms forward and two Snorlax appear facing one another. Both Snorlax stare at the other and they stand up before they both begin drumming on their stomachs. They both radiate with red energy and they both disappear being replaced momentarily with Substitutes. A hush falls on the crowd as both of the dolls remain still. They both radiate with brown energy and both Snorlax's reappear slamming the other with Focus Punch. Both of the Substitutes reappear in front of the attacks and are destroyed on impact. Both Snorlaxs sit down in front of the other and fall asleep. Tankburger and Hercules both stand and Hercules begins charging his Focus Punch in his sleep. Tankburger takes a berry from inside of his fur and eats it before opening his eyes glaring at the sleeping Hercules. He suddenly unleashes thousands of stars that slam into Hercules making him recoil from the hits and his Focus is negated stopping his attack. Mathieu goes wide-eyed and takes a step back throwing up his fists as he roars,
"HERCULES DESTROY HIM!!!!!" Hercules lashes out with Brick Break still sleeping and Tankburger leaps backwards to avoid it and unleashes Last Resort again blasting him with the many stars. Hercules hits the ground hard and Tankburger cracks his knuckles lying down on the ground before he falls asleep. Mathieu is silent with a look of complete disbelief before he falls to his knees throwing his hands out to the sides,
"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!" Kazamaru takes Tankburger's Pokeball from his belt and returns the sleeping bear to his ball,
"You put up one hell of a fight Mathieu." Mathieu stands back up and coughs into his hand,
"Indeed. You are truly more mighty then I. Farewell." He turns and walks out of the stadium leaving Kazamaru looking up to the sky with his eyes closed letting the sun's rays shine down on him,
"Thanks everyone." The announcer's voice speaks next,

"Only one more battle till we're in the finals. I hope we can beat this guy." Latias nods as she looks across the field at Isaac. The boy in question has short, black hair and a black t-shirt and pants with white shoes with black striped on them. At his side is an anthro Luxray who wears dark jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. She stands with her arms folded looking over to Stratos as Isaac takes a pokeball from his belt and presses a button on the front making it enlarge,
"Only one more win Isabella and we're in the finals!" She smiles softly standing about the same height as her trainer and briefly looks up into the people in the stands,
"Yeah and from watching his other battles I'm sure this is going to be a tough one." She watches as Isaac throws his pokeball releasing a Sceptile onto the field. He rolls his neck making a few light pops and flexes his fingers as he grins staring at Stratos,
"So who do I get to beat first?!" Stratos blinks taking a step back as he takes the couple's ball from his belt and enlarges it before clicking one of the buttons,
"Yeah, yeah, chill dude. You'll meet her in a sec." He throws the ball and it spins opening and releases a flash of light. When it recedes Roze cracks her knuckles and smirks at the Sceptile,
"Hey there big guy." The Sceptile raises his eyebrow and chuckles looking down at Roze across the field from him,
"A Floatzel? Well I suppose there's always an easy win to be had!" He suddenly rushes forward forming Leaf Blades in his arms as he grins and Isaac throws his arm out yelling,
"Wait Blade! Get back here!!" Roze grins looking forward to the oncoming Sceptile and plants her feet scanning his form,
(Reckless charging... his opening should be... there.) Her eyes narrow as they focus on a single spot and she springs forward slamming an Ice Punch into Blade's gut before she growls and unleashes an Icy thunder from her teeth with Ice Fang. She jumps back from him doing a triple back-flip before landing on the ground and grinning as she uses Rain Dance. Meanwhile Blade is lying on his back and blinks a few times before he leaps up and growls,
"What was that!?" As he speaks he forms an Energy Ball and throws it blasting Roze backwards and she plants her hands landing back on her feet,
"Shame on you! Attacking a lady!" She rushes him as he forms Leaf Blades again and the two collide in an explosion of Waterfall and green energy. The two are blasted away from one another and Roze sits up shaking her head as she rubs it, "He's got some serious power..." Her eyes suddenly widen as the storm clouds disappear and are replaced by the blinding sunlight. She tightly closes her eyes to get rid of the glare and stands up growling while forming an Ice Punch in both of her hands, "Not good..." She rushes forward growling loudly while watching Blade building energy for a Solarbeam attack. She gets within range and throws her punches forward as the blast is fired and becomes lost in the blast of energy. Roze hits the ground, rolling a bit before coming to a stop and she lies still on the ground for a moment before she begins to pick herself up slowly. Heavily bruised she looks toward her opponent breathing heavily to find a large amount of his body encased in ice. The two Pokemon look at each other and silently nod before falling forward with simultaneous groans.
Isaac and Stratos hold out their respective pokeballs and Blade and Roze disappear from the field. Isaac places the ball back on his belt and folds his arms with a grin, "Never thought a Floatzel could hold its own against Blade. She's a strong one alright." Stratos grins and clicks the second button on the Couple's ball nodding,
"Roze really is strong. I spent a lot of time training with these guys when I was younger." Isaac takes his second pokeball from his belt and grins,
"I'm looking forward to seeing you out on the field then!" He throws the pokeball and, in a flash of light, a Nidoqueen appears and roars as she goes into a battle stance. Stratos throws the couple's ball again and it opens while Isaac looks at him in confusion, "Didn't you already use..." Ren narrows his eyes looking at the trainer as his body sparks,
"Roze and I share a pokeball specially made to accommodate two Pokemon. It is called a couple's ball and was created by my original trainer." Isaac grins as the Nidoqueen growls,
"Sounds like that would save a lot of space."
"It only works on Pokemon that have a deep love for one another." Isaac chuckles,
"So then I could carry my whole team in three balls. Maria! This guy's Floatzel took out Blade!" Ren goes into a pouncing stance at he glares at the Nidoqueen,
"The opposite lovers want to avenge their mate... hope you put up a fight." She simply nods and slams her foot into the ground making an Earthquake pulse throughout the arena. Ren leaps into the air avoiding the attack altogether and unleashes white lightning from his fangs with Ice Fang. Maria throws a punch into the attack lessening its damage and Ren lands back on the ground charging forward and slamming his head into her gut making her gag before falling over backwards with a mighty crash. Ren leaps back and his body suddenly surges with electricity making him float on four platforms of electricity under his paws. Maria gets up with a roar and lunges forward punching the ground hard to make another Earthquake as she charges Ren throwing her entire weight into him. Ren shrugs off the attack and chuckles as the ground shakes wildly beneath him. He growls as dark brown energy forms around him and he charges forward hitting Maria with the full force of Superpower blasting her away and across the field. But she plants her claws springing back up with her tail and she suddenly blasts a thick ball of Toxic sludge at Ren hitting him and making him cringe as it sinks into his body. Maria and Ren look at each other breathing heavily and both run forward, Ren charging a combination Ice Fang and Superpower and Maria with Focus Punch and Horn Drill. All of the attacks hit at once causing a huge explosion that forms smoke all over the field. Isaac and Stratos pause as they look out at the field both with pokeball in hand as the smoke begins to clear.
Both Pokemon lay bruised in front of another unconscious and the two trainers return their Pokemon before looking directly into the other's eyes speaking at the same time,
"We are evenly matched so far." Both return pokeballs to their belts before taking another from their waist and enlarging it. Isaac smiles as he spins the pokeball on his finger,
"Where did your Luxray learn Magnet Rise?" Stratos thinks for a moment before he shrugs,
"Not sure. There was a long period of time where I was absent from my dad so it must have been then." Isaac simply nods and throws his third pokeball releasing a female Venusaur to the field,
"Careful Lily. This guy is way stronger then all the others." She nods and Stratos holds out his pokeball as he looks up at the Sunny field,
"This should be interesting." He throws the ball making a flash of light as it opens and Arcanine roars planting his paws on the field,
"Looks like someone was nice enough to give me some sun to work with." Arcanine grins, his teeth becoming coated in fire as his fur heats up giving him a red aura, "Boom." Arcanine rushes her slamming into her with the full force of Extremespeed and burns her with his heated aura and all in one move leaps back into the air letting out a howl to the sky as the Heat Wave attack bursts from him rocketing out in all directions leaving Lily unconscious on the ground and heavily burned while Arcanine growls going into his pouncing stance as he waits. Stratos whistles to him as he folds his arms and tilts his head,
"Don't you think that might have been a bit much?" The big dog looks back to his trainer and shakes his head lightly,
"Think about it this way. We're at a stage in the competition where only the best of the best have made it. If we don't put everything into our fighting we can kiss victory goodbye." He turns back to Isaac and grins as the trainer returns his Venusaur and takes out his next pokeball,
"Very true... not sure if Nate is going to like the fact that you took down Lily like that though." Isaac enlarges his fourth ball and grins throwing it, "Get ready!" Arcanine, however, is distracted as he stares at Isabella. Suddenly Arcanine is blasted across the field by a Solarbeam and wakes up shaking his head before growling as he looks ahead at the Torterra in front of him,
"Somebody likes grass Pokemon..." He lunges unleashing another billowing Heat Wave that crashes against the powerful turtle and he roars in response unleashing a storm of leafs on the fire type. Arcanine simply incinerates them all with fire before he chuckles and begins forming a fireball in his mouth, "Leafs... don't make me laugh!!" He lunges unleashing the Fire Blast and there is a huge explosion of flames when it hits creating a billowing black smoke. Arcanine moves his head off to the side as he lets out a puff of flames, "Too easy." His eyes suddenly widen as the ground begins to shake and the ground gives way to the burrowing turtle that launches the fire type high into the air with the Dig attack. Arcanine cringes in pain as he begins his descent spinning far too much to right himself and he hits the ground hard only to fall victim to an Earthquake that knocks him out cold upon impact. Stratos returns him to his pokeball as he smiles,
"Three down on both sides. You're really giving us a ride for our money!" Isaac chuckles in response and folds his arms,
"It's such a close match on both sides there's no telling who's going to win!" Latias smiles as she floats out onto the field,
"I suppose I can tilt the odds in our favor." She begins to pulse with energy and a dimensional rift opens above the field raining meteors down on the unsuspecting turtle. Nate braces himself against the attacks and takes them having no time to burrow underground again.
After the ruthless beating of meteors Nate roars loudly and dark green vines burst from the earth around them ensnaring and slamming against Latias as she cringes. She struggles against the vines that hold her and they suddenly explode in burning pink fire as Latias frees herself launching Mist Ball after Mist Ball from her mouth radiating with pink aura. Nate takes all the hits and then lets out a weak roar before he hits the ground simultaneously with Latias.
Up in the stands Drake stares wide-eyed as Isaac returns Nate and Stratos fetches Latias from the field, "That was one powerful Torterra! Latias has never been beaten so easily!" Yakira giggles as she keeps her eyes on the fight cradling Eira in her arms,
"That Isaac is a powerful trainer. He's kept his strongest for last to go up against Stratos. From the beginning he was planning on getting ahead early and taking a relatively easy win but there's surprise and determination in his eyes. He has a secret weapon of sorts but after seeing that Torterra... I'm not sure if Stratos can pull this one off."
Back on the field Isaac smiles as he takes his final pokeball from his belt and enlarges it, "You know... you're the first trainer in this thing that's driven me so far as to use this bad boy. He's one of a kind to be sure!" Stratos takes off his hat and belt as he steps out onto the field and cracks his knuckles,
"The only one of a kind Pokemon out there are legendaries." Isaac shrugs and spins the pokeball on his finger,
"Not necessarily. There are still evolutions to be discovered and stuff like that." He throws the pokeball and it opens giving off a flash of light, "Like this guy for example!" The Pokemon in question stares at him with his dark red eyes and body that seems to be more like flowing mist. He stands on four legs with black claws of bone and his torso consists of a black form of rips and spine connected into the purplish-grey mist. His long ears and tail flow like the rest of his body as he growls going into a pouncing position and Stratos takes a step back widening his eyes a bit,
"What... is he?!" Isaac smiles and puts the pokeball back on his belt,
"Ghosteon for now. I'm waiting for the Pokemon scientists to discover him and give him a name for Pokedex registration."
Vecransyh leans forward in his seat gripping the seat in front of his as he grins, "I want one!!!" Xylina giggles as she leans back with Aticus on her lap,
"If you're a good boy we'll go out and find you one later~" Vecransyh sits back in his seat folding his arms with a depressed expression,
"Fine..." He blinks, "Wait!"
Ghosteon launches a Shadow Ball suddenly and Stratos throws a punch into it forcing the attack to explode lessening the damage he takes from it. He grins as an Aura Sphere of air and fire forms in his hand,
"Looks pretty strong but that Shadow Ball could use some work." The attack grows bigger and he lunges slamming a punch down as Ghosteon leaps out of the way floating back down to the side. His eyes go wide a moment later and he tries to jump again when Stratos throws out his other paw, the one holding the attack and it skims across the ghost Pokemon's body forcing him back to the ground where he hits hard.
Stratos throws both of his hands out and Ghosteon becomes shrouded in darkness before falling into a deep slumber. The Lucario runs forward as a blinding flash covers the arena followed by black streaks against it and when the light recedes Ghosteon lies unconscious on the ground and Stratos is facing away from Isaac, "When faced with an opponent who's origins and strength are unreadable it's best to end the fight quickly." He turns with a smile, "That was a close battle Isaac. You almost won." Stratos coughs as he falls to one knee and Isaac folds his arms returning Ghosteon to his ball,
"Hurt way more then you let on eh?" Stratos stands back up and he radiates as he heals himself,
"Yeah, a few more of those and I'd be out like a light." The two trainers extend their hands to one another and shake before turning away from one another,
"I'd like a rematch sometime Stratos." Stratos smiles sliding his hat back onto his head, "See ya in the Ultima League Isaac." The announcer's voice then booms throughout the stadium,

A few hours later the sun has begun to set and Stratos takes his pokeballs from the nurse placing them one by one onto his belt before he releases Arcanine from his. Looking up at him he tilts his head a bit, "So why did you need to be let out? Before we got back to the hotel?" Arcanine nods slightly,
"There's something I need to take care of before the day is out." Stratos nods and pets his neck,
"No problem, just come back to the hotel when you're done." Arcanine nods again and runs out of the Pokemon center.

Isaac yawns as he slings his bag over his shoulder standing next to Isabella in front of the stadium, "Well I suppose that's that. Tomorrow we get our Ultima badge and we get to see if Stratos wins this whole thing." There is the soft sound of footsteps behind them and both trainer and Pokemon turn to see Arcanine sitting in front of them both,
"Here you are." They both tilt their heads in unison and Isaac speaks,
"You're Stratos' Arcanine?" He simply nods, "What's up?" Arcanine turns his head and looks at Isabella,
"There's something I needed to know from her." She tilts her head,
"Is your name Isabella?" She pauses for a moment before she nods,
"Born and raised in a family of Growlithes and Arcanines?" Isabella takes a step back and looks at Isaac before looking back to Arcanine in confusion,
"How do you know that?" Arcanine smiles softly as he lightly sparks with electricity,
"Because I finally found my big sister." There is a long silence between the two as Isaac looks silently back and forth between them and blinks seeing tears begin to form in Isabella's and Arcanine's eyes,
"I never thought I'd see you again after I got captured..." She walks forward and embraces the large Pokemon sinking a bit into his soft fur as he puts a paw around her holding her close. Isaac meanwhile leans against a nearby tree as he watches the two long lost siblings hug and cry with each other.

Kazamaru laughs as he walks through the lobby of the stadium and smiles hugging Scarlet tight enough to make her gag, "Can you believe I actually pulled off that win and won this whole thing?!" Scarlet blinks forcing his arms apart and she taking in a long breath putting an arm against him for balance,
"You do know what the semi in semi-finals means right?" Kazamaru simply shrugs, "It means that there's one more round..." Kaza blinks shaking his head in disbelief,
"R...really?! Who do I have to fight?!" Scarlet silently points to a poster advertising tomorrow's final match and both Kazamaru's and Stratos' pictures are on them. Kaza stands still staring at it for a few minutes before he walks over to the wall and hits his head against it repeatedly, "Dammit... Dammit... Dammit... Dammit...Dammit..." Scarlet flicks him in the back of the head and folds her arms,
"Hey come on, you beat Mathieu so you have a fighting chance against Stratos." Kazamaru stops banging his head against the wall and looks at her,
"Can we have stress-relieving sex?" Scarlet rolls her eyes and takes his hand,
"Sorry, only one stress-reliever session per tournament~" Kaza frowns as his girlfriend walks out of the lobby with him and they both head back to their hotel room.
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