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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The Chosen Path

The entire group passes through the portal and Giratina comes into view to all of them. The mighty Sphinx legendary stands on an enormous platform, his wings spread and the red spikes flare out menacingly as he cackles madly as Vecransyh looks down closing his eyes,
"YOU HAVE COME TO FIGHT ME IN MY OWN WORLD?!" Vecransyh looks up, the four legends at his sides as he holds out his summoned sword,
"This ends now Giratina! Your plan will end in your own blood!" Giratina looks mildly amused but his smile fades as the Eclipse blade is thrown into the ground, the blade piercing the sickly purple ground a few inches. Vecransyh throws his arm into the air and to everyone's surprise black energy begins forming and taking shape,
"W-WHAT IS THIS!?" The energy forms into a sphere and drops into Vecransyh's hand and he grins holding it out,
"Your demise." Vec throws his arms out to the sides, the ball flying forward at the same time exploding in a pulse of shadow energy. The energy begins forming into a figure a few moments later, the ghostly arms extending with claws of pulsing shadow energy form at its fingertips and spikes form out like hair and out the shoulders. The lower half shrinks into nothingness in the form of a ghostly tail. Wondertomb's black and red eyes open menacingly as it forms dual shadow balls in its palms. The shiny Spiritomb gazes upon its opponent and growls darkly,
"Sink into the deep embrace of death, legend of ghosts..." Giratina grins before shimmering and his feet disappear while his body becomes longer and within a few seconds he's changed into his origin form,
"So then... I must take you down before the others can be defeated? Fine then... but this is my world and I WILL NOT BE SLAIN!!!!!" Wondertomb suddenly flashes forward and swings his claws at the beast but is sent flying by the mighty deity's tail sending him slamming into a pillar, "THE INVINCIBLE WILL DIE THIS DAY!!!" Wondertomb growls and launches himself from the pillar throwing all of his force into the oncoming bladed wings that swing wildly around his opponent. Wondertomb's claws sever the intended blade and it falls from Giratina into the endless void under them both. Giratina roars in pain and smashes Wondertomb between two of his blades and Wondertomb only laughs at the attack and sends a blade from the other side into the oblivion. Wondertomb rushes towards the roaring monster's head but he gags when a burst of energy pulses into his body and he's slammed hard by one of the remaining blade arms sending him down onto the platform in a crash, his body covered in sparks of electricity and burns along with sickly purple blobs of decay. Wondertomb rises breathing heavily from the intense agony pulsing through his paralyzed, burned and toxiced body. He forms shadow balls in his hands and throws them rushing forward with a mighty roar knowing his own death is inevitable. Giratina smirks in confidence as he suddenly vanishes leaving Wondertomb looking around with pained vision,
"Where are you you coward?!?!! Let's finish this!!" Giratina suddenly reappears behind Wondertomb with his bladed wings folded around himself,
"Gladly." His wings are suddenly spread and Wondertomb gags, blood gushing from his mouth as he breathes his final breath, his body becoming shredded and severed by the many blades,
"But I... can't be harmed..." Giratina cackles madly as he watches the legendary Wondertomb begin falling into the abyssal darkness of the Distortion World,
"I told you before, THIS IS MY WORLD!!!" Giratina turns moving back over the platform and his body shifts to his alternate form, his feet touching down on the platform and his shredded wings dripping the blood of the slain legend.

Giratina cackled madly as his gaze returned to the group of trainers and Pokemon, "You cannot possibly hope to defeat me!" Giratina lets out a massive roar sending a shockwave towards them all. The Pokemon shield themselves with their arms as the humans are knocked off their feet, "Stay down humans!!" Giratina pulses as he roars again blasting them all with an Ominous Wind causing all of them to become heavily injured with bleeding cuts and his eyes then flash locking the pokeballs on their waists. Giratina pauses and looks at them all. Both human and Pokemon cut and bleeding on the ground without even putting up any kind of fight. But then his eyes catch the four legends. None of them show any signs of damage and are glaring darkly at the legendary ghost. Yakira looks a bit weakened from her type disadvantage though. Yakira growls clenching her fists as she, Thanatos, Styx and Victoria all stare down the massive sphinx,
"Giratina you will die this day!!!" Giratina only smiles madly as he watches the four standing against them in front of the unconscious trainers,
"Words are meaningless without power." In one sudden move Giratina appears in front of them all bringing his claw-wings down upon them all in a vicious Dragon Claw attack slamming all four into the ground and off to the side effectively spreading the four around the battlefield, "The power of a legend is nothing compared to the power of a true legendary!!!" Everyone had been effectively separated by the shockwave of wind at the very start and Vecransyh lets out heaving breathes as he opens his eyes looking up a little. The four legends stand quickly now in a line around ten feet from one another, "You still stand against me?!" The four legends say nothing as they enter their final impact states and they each let out roars of fury unleashing Sheer Cold, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon and Meteor Mash respectively. The four beams of energy forms together in a rainbow of swirling destruction and Giratina's eyes widen momentarily before they narrow along with a smirk, "Seems you won't listen to reason!!" Giratina suddenly vanishes and the blast rockets into the distance. The four look around before the side of one of Giratina's claws appears and smashes Victoria into the purple earth followed by a cry of agony. Giratina fully reappears and Styx leaps at him coating himself in flames as his scythes glow brightly.
Giratina lets loose a Hyper Beam attack into his attacker sending him into the ground with such force that a small crater appears under him. Thanatos and Yakira exchange nods before the Typhlosion leaps towards Giratina forming boulders of fire that he throws forward blasting Giratina in the face with the heat. Thanatos is caught between two of the winged claws and Giratina shakes off the hit before grinning madly and raising a third claw, the point directed at the Typhlosion in his grip, "They'll all join you so--" Giratina roars in pain as the claw he had raised is frozen at the base before being blasted off by a Shadow Ball. Yakira breathes heavily realizing how much power it took to even to anything to the massive dragon ghost. Giratina recoils taking a step back as Thanatos is released from his grip hitting the ground hard. The pitch-black Typhlosion staggers to his feet and coughs up a bit of blood as he frowns,
"I can't heal myself here... I'm sorry... Yakira." Thanatos coughs again before hitting the ground with a thud leaving Yakira the only one standing against Giratina. Giratina, knowing this, blasts her with another mighty Ominous Wind and turns his attention back to his original prize, the Prince of Ghosts. He cackles taking a step forward and in one swift motion Giratina grips Vecransyh's skull in his massive wing and begins to squeeze causing him to scream out in pain. Everything had failed. Every attack thrown had been either deflected or simply had no effect against the legendary ghost. Vecransyh screams out as a small trickle of blood slides down his face,
"Yakira!! You have to use your final impact!!!" Yakira stands up weakly and looks up at her screaming lover recalling the words Aticus had said to her back in Victory road. A tear falls from her eye as she holds out her arms forming a sheer cold and she sends the blast rocketing towards Giratina who simply smirks and bats it away with his unoccupied wing. Giratina throws Vecransyh to the side making him skid and roll for near twenty feet before he comes to a stop and lifts himself to his hands and knees breathing heavily. Giratina directs his attention to the Froslass and he smiles darkly scanning all of the defeated people and Pokemon strewn across the ground of the distortion world,
"I believe I'll start with you, little princess, then to the Typhlosion and so on until I've killed you all." Drake regains consciousness and looks up weakly flinching from the pain,
"It can't end this way..." Giratina grips Yakira in his clawed wing and lets out an insane laugh as he hears her screams of pain,
"That's right little girl. Squirm!! Squirm and let me enjoy your suffering before I end your life!!"
"GIRATINA!!!" Giratina looks to the source of the rage-filled call and his gaze rests upon Vecransyh looking at him with fiery red eyes, "PUT HER DOWN!!!" Giratina squeezes the ice type's head tighter in his grip,
"And if I don't?! Look at what's happened. You all chose to fight me and were taken down by my power. Soon all the distraction in your life will be gone and you will join me having nowhere else to go. You see what I'm doing?! I'm forcing you to realize your destiny!!! You will join me Vecransyh and you will watch me kill them all!!!!" Vecransyh holds out his hand while his other grips his side to stop some of the bleeding caused by skidding across the rocky surface of the platform,
"Wait... please..." Giratina eyes him with a slight curiosity,
"Yes?" Vecransyh falls to one knee out of sheer pain and lets out a cry before struggling back to his feet,
"I'll go..." Giratina's eyes widen slightly as he hears these words,
"What did you say?"
"I'll go with you Giratina... just please... leave them alone... I can't bear to watch them die..." Giratina is silent for a moment thinking this over and he eyes Vecransyh darkly with the look of insanity still in his eyes,
"And if I kill them?" Vecransyh looks directly into the legendaries eyes with nothing but the utmost of seriousness,
"Then I will deny you until my life ends." Yakira manages to turn her head to look at Vecransyh and feels the tears build in her eyes as her voice is nothing but a whisper in the agony,
"No... Vec... ran... syh. Please..." Giratina is silent for a moment knowing full well how Vecransyh deals with torture and after a few minutes of silence from the ghost dragon he casts Yakira over towards the rest of the group and she is knocked unconscious on impact landing next to Styx, Thanatos and Victoria,
"Are their lives so important to you that you would leave yourself behind to save them?" Vecransyh stands fully and nods taking his hand off of his bloody wound,
"I'd do anything for them." Vecransyh closes his eyes as he feels himself drift away from consciousness and his body becomes enshrouded in a black aura, "So let's go." Giratina opens a portal behind himself large enough for himself to get through and he looks down at Vecransyh,
"I agree to your terms. We shall leave now my lord. Step through the portal and take your rightful place as lord of demons." Vecransyh nods and walks to the portal stopping as he reaches his hand out to it. He turns around and takes a final look at his unconscious friends and lovers before he walks through the portal followed closely by Giratina. The portal closes and all sounds in the distortion world cease leaving only an eerie silence to fill the air. A few moments later a portal forms under each of the unconscious group and they all sink into the black abyss' becoming separated from each other without knowing it.

Vecransyh stands atop the spear pillar looking up at the sky with an evil smile while black clouds form over the Sinnoh region and begin spreading. The rocks of the spear pillar begin to age immensely smoothing the entirety of Mt. Coronet into a giant plateau and the cave inside erased from existence,
"The world... is under my control. All who oppose me will die." There is a sudden pulse of dark energy that bursts from the base of the tower and washes over the four regions destroying anything not from the earth itself leaving few survivors among the death and carnage. Thousands of buildings are obliterated on impact as Vecransyh laughs madly as both humans and Pokemon are changed into ghosts to serve their new ruler, "This is my world."

Riketz stands next to a figure in a black cloak looking off into the distance at the gathering blackish purple clouds, the wave having no effect on either of them,
"What are we going to do?"
"The only thing we can do... survive and hope the others do as well. We need all of them in order to stop Vecransyh." The two look at each other and silently nod before dashing to the left in search of Vecransyh's companions.
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