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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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The blinding light begins to fade as every member of the group arrives at the Spear Pillar. Standing in a line with Vecransyh in the center they all look across to see Cyrus radiating with power as he holds an Azure Flute in one of his hands; the melody filling the air. Vecransyh steps forward and throws his arm out to the side with an angry glare,
"Cyrus!! We're here to put an end to you once and for all!!!" The flute music ends and an unsettling silence fills the air before Cyrus finally turns his head to look at the boy,
"You know not what kind of power you are dealing with boy..." Cyrus reaches down with his free hand and takes a black ball covered in a shadowy, billowing aura into his hand. Cyrus' face is pale and his eyes are lifeless, "I was foolish... to think... it could be controlled... and now... here you all are... claiming you can defeat something that not even the one who created it can control... how funny..." The ball drops out of his hand and explodes revealing a black ball of energy that simply floats next to Cyrus doing nothing. Latias looks over to Drake with a worried look,
"That's Armageddon?!" Drake nods and clenches his fists,
"Yes..." Cyrus looks up to the sky and smiles seeing the sun high overhead,
"It's funny... I desired power for so long that I lost myself once I had it... and now look at me... I'm just as frail and weak as any other human on this planet... a puppet to my own creation." Armageddon floats in front of Cyrus' chest and makes contact with it slowly burrowing its way into his body like a parasite. Cyrus smiles as he slumps over a bit looking like a puppet without strings, "And now... I sacrifice my life to my own creation..." He begins sputtering blood as his internal organs begin to melt against the energy of the creature, "I leave this world with these words though..." Cyrus pauses unable to feel the agony his body is going through under the control of the parasite and he grins as his life is taken from him, "DiE!"
Cyrus' body suddenly explodes with energy eradicating his skin and leaves him as a skeleton joined together with black energy. His upper left side is the first to change forming into a large plate of shoulder armor and the skeletal arm becomes covered in a silvery substance and the fingers are held together with black aura as the figure in front of them pulses with it. The upper right side is next to change turning to what looks like stone and resembles the left arm a great deal.
The lower half is next as the bones become covered in a light blue substance and the feet become hooked with a single blade at the tip. The small crevices in the icy lower half are filled with billowing black energy and the head becomes black as coal with fiery red eyes with a single horn forming from the back of it. From behind Armageddon forms two tails with large spikes on the end of them and the creature pulses with an evil bloodlust as it looks at them all. The creatures voice sounds a bit like Cyrus' with an insane screeching behind it, "WoRdS aRe PoInTlEsS. BrInG fOrTh YoUr MiNiOnS lIkE lAmBs To ThE sLaUgHtEr!!!" Styx, Thanatos, Yakira, Victoria, Latias and Xylina all go into battle poses as all the trainers draw their pokeballs into their hands.

Suddenly three balls of dark energy form between everyone and the impending threat known as Armageddon. They begin to grow until they are full-on portals. Three figures emerge from the portals; a fairly elderly man who wears Ninja attire, a man dressed in the same clothing as Drake, and a young girl with long pink hair and an aviator hat. Drake looks shocked, "D-Dad!?" Riley looks back at Drake,
"Not now son. There are more pressing matters at hand." Drake nods at this,
"Hm. Indeed Father. Your wisdom is unfailingly inarguable!"
"We are the Kings and Queen of Poison, Steel, and Flying!" Koga speaks at Armageddon without fear and the creature responds,
"i CaRe NoT oF yOuR pAtHeTiC tItLeS!" With that Armageddon rushes forward towards the new targets. Koga reacts quickly and throws a shuriken pokeball at Armageddon. Armageddon blocks it, slowing his assault long enough for Riley and Winona to throw their own pokeballs. Simultaneously, a Golbat, Lucario, and Altaria emerge from their pokeballs and launch their attacks in formation. Golbat spews a vicious Toxic attack, followed up with a powerful Razor Wind. The Lucario jumps down from above and came in for an aerial Meteor Mash. Armageddon closes his eyes and spins around 180 degrees launching three OHKO Attacks. The Golbat is pierced by a large horn straight through its body killing it upon impact. The Altaria is flash frozen solid and as the chunk of ice hits the ground it smashes apart in a mess of ice and blood. The Lucario is sliced in half at the waist, and as he hits the ground he splits into two pieces gushing organs onto the clod stone ground. The three trainers are shocked with looks of absolute disbelief and anger on their faces. Armageddon straitens out its body and opens its eyes to stare at them. "YoU aRe NeXt!" It rushes at the trainers and they all jump into the air. Koga throws a poisoned arsenal of knives and bombs at the beast, but Armageddon smashes them all down and re-directs them at Riley. Riley reacts quickly and forms a steel coating around the half of his body the weapons are aimed at, to which they all plinked off harmlessly. Winona throws a tremendous gust at Armageddon but it doesn't affect him in the slightest and he launches a Sheer Cold attack at Riley and throws a Guillotine at Koga. Riley manages to convert the rest of his body to metal in time to have the attack minimized to near ineffectiveness, but Koga decides to go in for a kill. He throws his arm in the path of the attack to throw an explosive poison shuriken at Armageddon. With a sickening slice Koga's arm is severed from his body. Koga grunts a bit and lands on the ground nursing his wound. Armageddon simply takes the knife that is stuck in the chest out and throws it aside. Winona appears from nowhere and throws an Aerial Ace at the core of the monster, to which he grabs her wrist, crushing it. She screams out in pain as Armageddon raises his arm to finish her with a Guillotine. Riley is running as fast as he can but he knows we will never get to her in time. Armageddon's arm goes down but is instantly stopped. A man wearing a black tattered hooded sweatshirt and tattered baggy pants has stopped the slicing power of the Guillotine with only his forearm. He stands with his eyes closed under his hood and a single drop of blood runs down his arm from the minor cut where he is holding back Armageddon's attack. In a single motion, the man grabs Winona's waist and kicks Armageddon back twenty feet into a pillar, causing it to collapse and disintegrate. Everyone looks shocked among the group as the unstoppable force had just been stopped. Winona slowly lets out her held breath as she looks up at the man, who saved her,
"C-Crowe...?" He releases his hold on her waist and looks back at everyone pulling down his hood revealing shaggy, brown, unkempt hair.
"Koga you fool, you've lost an arm." He walks towards Riley and speaks in a hushed voice, "Get your men out of here. You will all die if you stay." Riley looks confused at this request,
"Die? Why? You're here now and you just hit that beast hard! With you here we can defeat this thing!" Crowe is remarkable younger than Riley, but just as tall. He grabs Riley by the shirt and pulls him towards his face.
"I only joined the council so that I could stay informed. I could kill this menace in one hit, but that is not how this is going to play out. I exist only to make sure that things go according to plan. And right now the plan says that none of you are supposed to die here. I will say this one more time before I throw all three of you off the mountain. Get your men out of here." Riley looks at Crowe with a sense of disbelief and anxiety,
"A-Alright..." Riley opens a portal and runs over to Koga to help him up. Rocks suddenly come bursting from the ground where Armageddon had been hit and the monster rises up with its rage palpable in the air,
"ThE gIrL wIlL dIe!!!!!!" It rushes towards the unsuspecting Winona and all she could do was look as Armageddon launches a vicious Horn Drill at her chest. The ground in front of her explodes as Crowe appears between them and catches the drill in one hand. It was a decoy. Armageddon uses one of its powerful legs to smash into Winona's side, launching her up in the air. Riley sees this and begins to charge an attack but Crowe yells to him,
"No! Get out of here now! I've got her!" Riley lowers his attack and grabs Koga, heading for the portal. Armageddon lets out a screech as he blasts a Sheer Cold attack at the portal in an attempt to freeze his escaping prey. This gives Crowe enough time to intercept the attack on Winona. The attack towards the portal misses as the portal disappears right before the attack connects. Armageddon grunts in rage as his throws the rest of his force into a Guillotine attack rising upwards, Winona tries to summon a force of wind but her broken wrist makes the pain too excruciating. Crowe appears under Winona and throws down a heavy kick, dispersing the deadly force of energy. He reaches up and grabs her by the waist, and as he falls down to the ground, he turns into the spin of the fall to smash a second kick into Armageddon's core. Crowe lands safely on the ground creating a small crater where he lands. He puts Winona down, "Get out of here now. Use your Bird Pokemon." Winona shook her head,
"We are the Kings; we need to stand and f-" Crowe places his hand over her mouth,
"You are useless without your hand! Get the fuck out of here or you WILL die." She looks at him with absolute courage,
"I am not leaving you behind." Crowe picks her up,
"I'm not staying here, and neither are you." Crowe walks over to the group who has become dumbfounded over everything that had just happened. Vec stares at Crowe with a strange look,
" are the one who saved me from Giratina..." Crowe ignores him and looks at the rest of the group,
"I'd say you have about 30 seconds until he gets back up." Kazamaru looks exited though,
"Dude! You just kicked that things ass! We can beat Armageddon now!" Crowe glares at him,
"I'm leaving." Kaza's excitement suddenly turned into despair. Yakira burst out,
"What?! Why would you leave! This thing could destroy the world and you could help us defeat it easily!" Crowe looks over to Yakira,
"Destiny does not say I take part in this battle." He begins to walk past them, and down the mountain tunnel with Winona in his arm,
"What battle do you fight in then?!" Vec yells at him, "This could be the world's last battle! What other fights could you possibly take part in after the end of the world?!" Crowe stops walking and yells back,
"According to Destiny, I don't exist. I only prevent the battles that shouldn't happen from happening. This battle will happen and you all will have your parts in it." He begins to walk down the tunnel, "By the way, it's been thirty seconds."

The rocks explode from the place Armageddon had been smashed into the ground. He screams with rage and blasts boulders out of his way as he storms towards the group, "WhErE iS hE?!" The Legends and Vec formed a frontline,
"We are your opponents now!" Vec declared. Armageddon cackled,
"FiNe, I'lL dEsTrOy YoU aLl!!!"

Luna holds onto Stratos' arm tighter, "Stratos we have to do something!" Stratos nods and looks at everyone around him as he starts building energy in his body,
"If the legends have final impacts I must have something like them..." Luna lets go of him as he starts to spark silver and Drake looks over at him in surprise,
"Stratos?!" Stratos looks at everyone and smiles softly,
"We need to stop Armageddon." Luna holds out her hand calling out his name as Stratos runs forward through Vecransyh and the legends, his entire body turning a shining silver color as he runs toward Armageddon, embodiment of the end of the world. Armageddon looks towards him with a smirk as he prepares all of his attacks at once. "PeRfEcT. I WaS WoNdErInG WhEn YoU WeRe GoInG To ShOw SoMe KiNd Of BaCkBoNe!!" Stratos feels his body begin to pulse with energy as his hands spark becoming shrouded in silver aura and orbs of energy form in his palms,
"You can't just kill innocent people!!" Armageddon laughs maniacally and looks at Stratos with murderous intent,
"TrY AnD StOp Me." Stratos lets out a yell as he brings his hands together to his side and the sphere starts to grow to a massive size as all of the silver leaves Stratos' fur. Armageddon shows mild amusement as Stratos throws his arms forward unleashing an immense beam of energy at least eight times his own size in width. Armageddon holds out his rock arm again firing a Sheer Cold at the attack but his eyes go wide as the beam easily breaks through the ice attack and his body becomes lost in the energy and the sound of a bloodcurdling scream of agony echoes through everyone's ears.
Almost a minute passes before the beam of energy disperses and Stratos lets out heavy breathes holding one of his arms seeing nothing but a black mark where Armageddon once stood. He slowly turns to face everyone and he smiles lightly,
"I... I did it." Luna suddenly screams as Armageddon appears behind Stratos,
"YoU'd LiKe ThAt WoUlDn't YoU?!" Stratos has no time at all to react as he feels an immense pain in his back and front. Armageddon stands behind him with his bladed arm completely gone with his two tails sticking out of the front of Stratos' chest coated in blood and small chunks of rib, heart and bone. Stratos sputters blood as his breathing becomes heavier and his eyes go wide screaming as the tails pull apart stretching the entry wounds.
Stratos slowly manages to turn to look back at his murderer as a cold sensation begins to fill his body. His fur begins to harden and turn to a light blue hue,
"Please..." Armageddon brings his fissure arm above him in response and Luna rushes forward screaming 'NO!!!' As the creature brings his arm down with intense force going through the frozen Lucario's body causing it to shatter into millions of pieces. Luna drops to her knees hugging herself tightly as she screams and Armageddon swings his tails back behind himself smiling with a sadistic bloodlust as he looks at the girl and everyone frozen in horror at the sight of Stratos' death, "AnYoNe ElSe WaNt To Be A HeRo?"
"I'll take you up on that offer you bastard!!" Armageddon throws his Fissure arm down at the voice behind him and hits nothing making his tails thrash about,
"WhErE ThE FuCk ArE YoU?!" The black marked Zangoose appears in front of Armageddon and glares darkly at him,
"Right here." Armageddon throws his tails towards him but goes wide-eyed when the Zangoose cuts them off with a single slash from his claws. The Zangoose throws his claws forward but Armageddon barely avoids him and counters with his Fissure arm but once again is stopped as the Zangoose throws his hands up stopping the attack in its tracks. Armageddon blasts the Zangoose with Sheer Cold but shakes his head in disbelief as he shakes off the attack and throws his claw forward piercing the dark core holding Armageddon together and begins trying to pull his claws back out of it. Armageddon begins wailing in pain thrashing about as a thin blue substance is being pulled from him. The Zangoose uses his other claw to stop any hits from hitting him and with one final pull a large sphere of aura is torn from Armageddon making him collapse to the ground immediately dead and the creature dissolves away into the air in disintegrating black flames. The aura in the Zangoose's claw fades away and he slowly turns to face everyone, "The world is safe for now." No-one says anything and not a moment later Luna lunges forward grabbing the Zangoose with one arm and punching his chest with her other hand,
"HE'S DEAD AND YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HIM!!! HE DIDN'T HAVE TO DIE!!! WHY?!?! WHY DID YOU LET ARMAGEDDON KILL HIM?!?!?" The Zangoose looks down at the screaming girl and does nothing to stop her,
"I arrived too late to save him. I can sense the pain you feel having your lover torn away from you so quickly but there is no way to bring him back. I would not have been able to defeat Armageddon if he had not disabled the Guillotine arm. His sacrifice was not for nothing." For nearly ten minutes there is no sound besides the light wind and the sound of crying. Vecransyh takes a step forward soon after everyone had calmed down to an extent. Luna was now on her knees in a sort of frozen state not having the energy to cry anymore. She is still holding onto the Zangoose,
"Who are you?" The Zangoose looks at Vecransyh and to all of the mournful faces of the ones around him before he answers seeing all the females of the group still crying,
"I am Riketz and am one of the few Unknown type Pokemon in this world. Before you ask, I killed Armageddon with an ability that only I possess; I tore out his aura." Riketz brings his paws to Luna's and forces her to let go of him before he takes a step back holding his paw out towards the back of the Spear Pillar. Not a moment afterwards an enormous portal opens behind him; a swirling black abyss of darkness, "Now. The time for mourning will be soon but it is not now. Armageddon has been destroyed but there is still one greater of an evil. You must all go through this portal and confront Giratina. Slay him and bring forth an era of peace to this world. Fail and this world will fall to darkness." No-one says anything or moves. Riketz looks down shaking his head, "Your loss was great..." He looks up with angry eyes, "The chosen of ghosts must confront his final challenge!! Those of you who want to stand here and let something as pointless as mourning stop you from aiding him are no better then Armageddon. By staying here you are allowing the world to fall into the hands of Giratina." Riketz and Vecransyh lock eyes for nearly a minute before Vecransyh walks forward past him to the portal accompanied by Yakira, Xylina, Victoria, Thanatos and Styx,
"He's right... we have to end this." Kazamaru closes his eyes for a few moments before he walks forward followed by Scarlet,
"This is it." Latias says nothing as she cries not being able to speak from the sadness. Drake wipes the tears from his eyes and looks toward Riketz sadly but nods slightly walking forward as he's accompanied by Latias. Neo starts to walk forward but Riketz shakes his head as he locks eyes with the Umbreon,
"Neither you or any of your companions may go." Neo narrows his eyes looking angrily at the Zangoose,
"And why not?!"
"You and your siblings and such exist to watch over the world and take down threats to it. You stood down in fighting Armageddon because you knew he would kill you. You cannot fight Giratina because destiny did not choose you for this battle. It chose Vecransyh." Neo shakes his head,
"Then why do the rest of them get to go?!" Riketz glares at him,
"Because they are the aid that is permitted. You are a guardian and are not permitted. There are rules and you must follow them." Neo looks over at Luna who's hugging herself tightly sobbing and he looks back to Riketz,
"I understand..." Riketz turns away from him and closes his eyes,
"Go. Your need to be here is no more. Return to your home with Luna." Back at the portal Vecransyh stands staring into the abyss with a look of determination,
"Get ready Giratina... you die this day."
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