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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Maiden of darkness

Vecransyh folds his hands as his arms lay on the crystal arm-rests. Gengar stands in front of him and Giratina stands behind the throne. Vecransyh cracks his neck as he growls towards the ghost Pokemon, "What do you mean Mewtwo escaped!?" Gengar takes a step back as his eyes stay locked on the Lord,
"There was a massive blast of Shadow Balls and he teleported under the veil of smoke. It was so fast none of us, even Giratina was able to track him." Vecransyh lets out a low breath before he clears his throat,
"And what happened to the clones?" Gengar bows to him with a devious smirk,
"They were all killed my Lord. Mewtwo was the only survivor but he was heavily weakened by the fighting. I believe that the loss of his clones also took its toll of him mentally as well." Vecransyh waves his hand,
"Fine then, once a scouting party finds him he'll be easy to strike down. You are dismissed Gengar." Gengar bows again and disappears into the floor. Giratina looks down at Vecransyh with a look of curiosity,
"Master Vecransyh, where, may I ask, is the little Lucario girl?" Vecransyh simply looks off into the distance as his hands leave one another and he grins darkly,
"Asia is on the move to find Darkrai. Once she does she is going to attempt to bring him to our side. She has orders to kill him if he refuses."
"He is a legendary as well though." Vecransyh nods,
"That is true." Vecransyh looks up at the sphinx above him with a dark glare, "If every legendary is to die then tell me why you're still alive." Giratina pauses and looks away off to the side,
"My apologies for questioning you master... I am sure that Darkrai will be an excellent addition to our side."
"And even if Asia is forced to kill him more of her darkness will be unlocked... once she takes hold of my power I will not hesitate about her loyalty..."

Asia slowly gazes around at the barren and destroyed city of Canalave, "I might as well pay my respects to Cresselia before I find Darkrai..." She turns to the ocean and starts running across the water.
Many minutes later Asia steps onto the shoreline of Fullmoon Island and she lets out a soft sigh entering the path in the densely wooded area. A soft splash is heard as she walks through a small puddle. She reaches the gravestone and kneels in front of it running her paw slowly over the stone, "I'm so sorry Cresselia..." Asia jumps when she hears a voice behind her,
"Regret will not make her live again." Asia stands and turns to see the form of Darkrai floating at the entrance to the open area. He moves a little closer to her as he speaks, "Mourning will not relieve you of the memories of your deed." Asia takes a step back as Darkrai's clawed hands pulse and spark with black energy, "I was a fool for believing that you wouldn't go through with it..." Darkrai stops around five feet from her and simply stares into her eyes, "I should have aided her... together we would have swiftly struck you down." Asia gulps and she brings a paw to her chest,
"You are here to end my life as well?" Asia shakes her head, feeling the very feeling of fear radiating into her from the very presence of Darkrai,
"I'm here... to bring you back with me..." Darkrai floats over to the gravestone and Asia backs away from him and the ghostly legendary faces away from her,
"Why would I want to join the very man who ordered my love to be struck down?" Asia watches as a few tears splash against the ground as Darkrai's claws form into fists, "Last time I was here I promised her something..." Darkrai turns slowly and as Asia sees his face her heart begins to beat faster and fear begins filling her mind, "That I would avenge her death. To make the one who would murder her suffer and die." Darkrai spreads his claws as his eyes turn red and billowing darkness covers him, "Now you are here and I can fulfill my promise!!" Darkrai flies forward swinging his claws in a horizontal slash and Asia's eyes widen as she jumps back, a few hairs of her chest falling to the ground and she continues leaping backwards to evade the strikes,
"I had no choice Darkrai!! Please stop!!" Darkrai only grins madly as he continues trying to slash the evasive Lucario girl but suddenly Asia's eyes widen when she feels her back come in contact with one of the trees and the claws of Darkrai wrap around her neck. The bark recoils as his hand slides up the tree raising Asia into the air as his other hand spreads its claws,
"It will not be me who joins Cresselia in the afterlife!" Asia lets out quick breathes as her eyes stay locked on the claws that would end her life at any moment. She closes her eyes tightly and she lets out a scream as the five blade-like claws of darkness impact her side and tears flesh from her spraying blood onto the ground. She cries out in agony and her body is suddenly shrouded in darkness blasting Darkrai away with an intense pulse but he quickly steadies himself and growls as he watches Asia hit the ground. He looks at his claws and smiles madly as he wipes her blood onto his cloak.
Asia stands slowly as billowing darkness covers her body and the whites of her eyes turn black as she growls, "I have my orders." She rushes forward forming Aura Spheres in both of her paws and she throws them both towards Darkrai who nimbly avoids them both but the spheres impact trees making him fly forward from the shockwave. He grins and throws his claws towards her again but Asia parries both of his strikes throwing his arms out to the sides before she thrusts the blades on both of her paws into his lungs ripping them out from his sides effectively cutting him in half at the chest. Her eyes remain closed as she listens to his cries of agony as he writhes on the ground soaking himself in his own blood. She stands up fully when she hears silence and she turns around facing the dead legendary Pokemon of nightmares. The dark aura around her disperses and she grabs her side coughing up blood as she falls to her hands and knees crying out in pain,
("Now look what's happened...") Asia says nothing but spits more blood onto the ground as the voice in her head continues, ("You're such a weakling getting wounded like that. I will save you this once but I cannot save you from death again.") Asia struggles to keep herself up as she opens her eyes,
"Who are you...?" The voice speaks again,
("I am the darkness in your heart. You will learn to use me and once we have become one you will lose your hesitation and true power shall be yours.") Asia groans and manages to make herself fall down on her back, her fur becoming soaked in the warm blood of the dark Pokemon mere inches from her, ("When you wake up you'll be a little sore but you'll live.") Asia finds herself nodding as a tear slides down her face and she drifts from consciousness.

Vecransyh stands and walks to the edge of the Spear Pillar folding his arms as he stares off into the distance, "Darkrai is dead. Asia's life-force is very weak..." He closes his eyes, "But it is steadily becoming stronger... so her darkness is saving her." His eyes open again as he smiles darkly, "Just what I needed."

Hours pass before Asia regains consciousness and she steadily stands up gripping her side slightly as she groans in discomfort, "At least the bleeding stopped..." She walks over to the corpse of the dark Pokemon and strips off his cloak with a sigh and she puts it around herself before walking over to Cresselia's grave and she begins digging a hold near it. After a short burial she turns back to the ocean and begins her return journey to the Spear Pillar running swiftly across the flat waters.

Meanwhile at Neo's home Luna ascends the steps towards the bedrooms and stops in front of a locked door. She lays the back of her paw against it knocking a few times, "Hey mystery guy, you can't just stay cooped up in your room. Come outside and train with me a bit, just to stay loose and all that." She presses her ear to the door as she taps the wood lightly a few more times, "Are you sleeping?"
"Who are you?" Luna blinks and goes back to standing in front of the door,
"I'm Luna." She hears the lock unlatch a moment later and the door opens revealing the cloaked figure,
"I suppose a little social interaction would be okay." Luna pauses as she looks him up and down,
"You're a Lucario?" He nods and Luna grins, "Ah, okay. This should be fun then!" He watches as she heads down the stairs, "I'll be outside." He sighs to himself as he watches her leave,
"Okay then... just some training no big deal." He walks downstairs and leaves the house.
Once outside he looks across to see Luna doing a few stretches and finds himself blushing slightly as he walks over to her, "So how are we going to do this?" She looks back at him and smiles as she smoothes her ears down only to have them pop back up,
"How about you help me practice evasion? Throw Aura Spheres at me but make them low grade so they don't explode when they hit the trees behind me." He chuckles as he folds his arms,
"That is, if you can avoid them girly." Luna blushes and waves her paw at him,
"Yeah, yeah let's just start." She walks away till she stands at least twenty feet from him, "Alrighty lets go!" Stratos chuckles as he forms Aura Spheres in both of his paws and throws them at Luna. She avoids the first but the second spins, curving into her evasion at the last second to hit her and she stumbles a bit, "Wow... your pretty good with those!" Stratos folds his arms as he smirks under his hood,
"Ready for more?" Luna nods and goes into a battle pose, "Here we go!" He begins throwing them in rapid succession and Luna's eyes widen as she begins ducking and dashing to avoid them getting hit by most of them. She falls onto her backside after getting hit by one and she rubs her head growling a bit to herself,
"The movements of them are so random I can't dodge more then a few! Where did you learn how to make them curve like that?" Stratos shrugs as he walks over to her,
"Here and there. I did a lot of training when I was a little younger." He forms a Shadow Ball in his paw, "These are pretty useful to have." He makes it disappear and he holds his paw out for her. She takes it and he helps her up and Luna's paw touches his chest,
"No chest spike?" Stratos shakes his head,
"I do have one, it just only appears when I'm fighting for real." Luna nods,
"Just like Allie." Stratos nods to her as he looks around,
"Where is everyone?" Luna shrugs,
"They're probably inside. Dad likes to tell stories so they might be in the den." Stratos nods to her,
"Oh okay... so did you want to do anything else or are we done?" She looks at him with the utmost of curiosity,
"What's under the hood? Were you horribly scarred in battle or something? I want to see." Stratos shakes his head,
"No I'm not scarred or anything... I just like my privacy." Luna raises an eyebrow,
"And not being able to see your face gives you privacy?" Stratos looks away from her,
"Just drop it." He turns fully away from her and walks back to the house. Her gaze drifts down and she pauses looking at his feet before she walks over to him,
"Okay but why do you wear gloves? Is something wrong with your fur?" Stratos continues taking steps back now facing her and Luna continues advancing upon him, "Come on I won't tell!" Stratos shakes his head as he gulps,
"You're far too curious for your own good!" Luna rolls her eyes,
"I'm curious... I'm sure everyone else is too. Just answer my questions and I'll leave you alone I promise!" Stratos sighs,
"Fine... yes, my fur is different, are you happy now?" Stratos stops as his back touches the side of the house. Luna pauses as she stares into the dark abyss of his hood and her paws steadily move up to the sides of it. He takes her wrists into his paws and removes her hands from his hood, "No, Luna." Neo pokes his head out the back door and raises an eyebrow,
"And what's going on out here?" Luna smiles sweetly and walks over to him,
"Dad I was so close to getting his hood down!" Stratos sidesteps a few times to slip away then hops up to the roof as Neo looks at Luna,
"Heh, sorry. You should respect his privacy though." He sniffs and blinks a few times, "You smell singed. Were you two training?" Luna nods and rubs her head,
"Evasion practice... I only managed to avoid about ten of the fifty Aura Spheres he threw at me though. He's really good Dad." Neo nods,
"He could make them curve so they hit you?" Luna nods,
"Yeah, why do you ask?"
"That's a very advanced technique. It's impressive that he can do that."
Stratos lets out a sigh of relief as he lies on the roof with his legs folded, "That was close... it was like she was fishing for me to say something... I might not be so lucky next time."

Yakira sighs, sitting on the edge of her bed looking out the window into the distance, "Sometimes I wonder... if we really can beat Vecransyh." Thanatos, who lies on the bed, lets out a light yawn before he nods,
"I believe we can. If we could free the rest of Neo's friends Vecransyh wouldn't have the leverage over us that he does..." Yakira nods turning back towards him,
"That's true but... then there would be nothing to stop him from taking us all out in an instant. Remember, even with all the power Neo and his friends and family had at their disposal they were all beaten when he brought Giratina and his entire team with him. He also has thousands of ghosts at his beck and call." Thanatos sighs,
"Yeah..." Yakira shifts onto the bed and lays down snuggling up into the fur of the Typhlosion. Her hand slowly slides up and down his chest as she smiles,
"I guess the best thing we can do is be patient." He smiles as he looks at her to find her gazing at him,
"Yeah, maybe they can escape on their own?" She smiles wrapping her arms around his neck and smiles as she watches him blush,
"I believe they can. If not then we can free them when we do finally attack the Spear Pillar." Thanatos' eyes widen as Yakira's lips lay against his and she kisses him passionately, hugging him tighter and their eyes close as his arms wrap around her body. Their lips leave one another and she smiles softly, "Till then we'll just have to live with what we have here~"

Stratos sighs as he closes his door and locks it a few seconds later. The room is dim and the lights are off. He lies down on the bed on his back and looks up at the ceiling. He slides off his gloves and tosses the to the floor rubbing his palm with his other paw as he groans to himself, "Too many Aura Spheres at once..." He stands up and twists his back to make it crack, "There we go. That feels better now..." He stops when he hears a giggle and he looks to the door to see Luna smiling at him,
"You know, talking to yourself isn't healthy." Stratos takes a step back,
"L-Luna!" She walks slowly up to him and takes his paws into her hands,
"Such a nice shade of black..." She holds his paw out and Stratos gulps,
"What are you doing...?" With her other hand Luna creates moonlight that causes his fur to twinkle like stars. She suddenly releases him and steps back,
"You... you're..." He sighs and slides his hood down revealing his face to her,
"Yeah." Luna takes a step forward and softly sets her paws on his shoulders,
"You've come back to me..." She wraps her arms around him and hugs him tightly crying into his cloak. Stratos closes his eyes and holds her in his arms, "How?"
"Riketz brought me back. Luna there's something I need you to do for me though." Luna looks into his eyes and nods,
"Anything, my love."
"Don't tell anyone else who I am. So far it is only you and Azura who know I have returned and that is how it needs to stay until such time as a severe morale boost is needed for us. I don't want you to make it seem like you know who I am, understand?" Luna nods and nuzzles him affectionately,
"I understand, Stratos." The two hold each-other tightly as Stratos thinks back to the words Riketz...

"Once Luna finds out that you're Stratos she'll most likely want things to go back to the way they were. Let it happen slowly, let the transition go slowly."

He nods to himself and their hug gradually loosens until they finally release each-other, "I'll see you tomorrow Luna. You should head off to bed now." She nods and nuzzles into his neck again,
"I'm so happy." He smiles and watches as she undoes the lock and slips out of the room. Stratos strips off his cloak and lies down in his bed after relocking the door and he steadily drifts off to sleep.

Asia pulls herself up to the top of the Spear Pillar and she lets out heavy breathes as she stands. She removes Darkrai's cloak from around her shoulders and hands it to Vecransyh who nods to her, "Head off to bed now Asia. You need your rest." Asia silently nods to him and sinks into the ground. Vecransyh stands and folds up the bloody cloak before he sinks into the ground himself. Giratina smiles darkly to himself as he shifts into anthro form and sinks into the ground.
Inside her chamber is Asia's bed along with a mirror and a few shelves and drawers. She sighs as she sits down and she closes her eyes putting her head into her paws, rubbing her temples, "I hope I finish healing soon..."
"You should with that darkness within you." Asia looks up to see the form of Giratina standing in the doorway. She smiles lightly in response to seeing him,
"It really has helped me... did you need something Giratina...?" She pauses as she watches him smile darkly,
"I've come for you." Asia blinks as she looks at him,
"E-Excuse me?" She notices as Giratina slowly scanning her body and she shakes her head as she gulps, "Uhh... n-no thank you..." Giratina's smile only grows darker,
"I wasn't asking Asia." He takes a step towards her and she stands, "You're young, beautiful, you have an amazing body and you have an unwavering devotion to your master." She watches as Giratina continues his advance and her heart begins beating faster. He gets within half a foot of her and by this time the Lucario girl is against the wall. The ghost legendary lets out a hot breath against her neck before sliding his tongue up through her fur. Asia flinches and pushes against his chest while tears begin welling up in her eyes,
"Please Giratina! I don't want this! I won't say anything if you stop now..." He responds by putting his hands on her shoulders and roughly pins her to the wall as she looks up at him with fear, "Please..." One of Giratina's hands slides down her front very slowly and he stops at her stomach running his hand up and down through her fur, "Please stop touching me..." Asia closes her eyes tightly as she begins to cry,
"Softer then I could have imagined..."
("You're going to let this happen?") Asia's eyes slowly open as she cries, ("Pitiful... you don't even try to defend yourself.")
"I can't..." Giratina ignores her words and continues running his hand through her fur leaving the other keeping her pinned to the wall, ("Stupid, pathetic girl... you'd rather let yourself be raped.") Asia's eyes close as her black aura begins to appear and she cringes again as Giratina's tongue roams her neck,
"You know, it won't hurt if you just lay down and accept it." Asia's eyes open again,
"No... just stop Giratina!" Giratina smiles and leans his body into hers,
"No need to yell Asia." Asia can feel her aura darkening and she glares at Giratina,
"Release me now you bastard!" Giratina grins and he lays his hands against her chest,
"No matter what you say, this is going to happen. And there's nothing you can do to stop it, understand?" Asia growls and pushes harder against his chest,
"Get off of me!" Her spike suddenly appears and she roars thrusting her Shadow Claws into his chest deeply puncturing both of his lungs and his hard. She watches as he gags on the blood filling his mouth and she twists her claws inside of him before bringing them out and she pushes against him hard making him fall over onto his back gasping for breath and he begins gagging and coughing before his head slumps over to the side and the blood he drowned in slips out onto the floor. Asia lets out a few slow breathes as her aura slowly disappears and she falls to her knees crying to herself as she hugs herself tightly.
Her eyes remain tightly closed as the door opens and Vecransyh comes in. He stops and looks down at the corpse on the floor, "Tell me what happened, Asia." She slowly looks up at him, face full of tears as she tries to speak but finds herself only stuttering and slurring words. Vecransyh walks over to her and picks her up sitting her down on the bed, "Calm down Asia. Deep breathes." Asia takes a moment to calm herself before she speaks,
"He... he was going to rape me... I..." Vecransyh puts an arm around her and he shakes his head,
"You won't need to worry about him anymore Asia. I'll get rid of him; you try to get some rest." Asia nods and lays down crying softly into the pillow and Vecransyh picks up the corpse of the legendary Pokemon with one hand hoisting it over his shoulder before he walks out. Vecransyh soon stands atop the Spear Pillar standing over the body and he removes his sword from its sheath, "Stupid fool." The body combusts into black flames and is soon nothing but ash blowing in the wind.
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