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The Prince of Ghosts by xdrakex


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Allie blinks a few times as she opens her eyes. The room is dark other then the moonlight sending a beam into the room. She sits up with a yawn and looks at the moon, "Two or so..." She pauses and turns her head looking across the room and she freezes when she sees a single, glowing, and red eye staring at her. Her paw moves to her right and she shakes Neo keeping her eyes locked on the Dusknoir at the opposite side of the room. Neo yawns rubbing his eyes as he looks at her and then he pauses following her gaze as he sits up,
"Dusknoir?!" The Dusknoir lifts his hand as if to silence them both from speaking again,
"I am not the Dusknoir you think I am. I am on your side and have come to deliver a message to you from my master." Neo gives him a distrusting look before he nods,
"What's the message?"
"You're not the only resistance in this world and I have come from the one in Kanto. We are known as the Agents of the Underground. We know what is going on here and we request that you all move to Kanto to join with us. It is horribly dangerous to be so close to the Tower of Lost Souls regardless of any pre-existing deal you may have with the Lord of Demons." Neo gives him an odd look,
"The Tower of Lost Souls?" Dusknoir simply nods,
"It was originally called the Spear Pillar but when Vecransyh took control it became an entirely different structure. Our organization is far more organized then yours is and we have valuable information regarding how to take down Vecransyh." Neo gives him a distrusting look,
"So you want us all to leave the protection of this area and journey to Kanto?"
"As farfetched as it may sound coming from a ghost, the fact that I am a Dusknoir is proof enough that the leader of the Agents is very powerful. It is too dangerous to reveal any more information at this time. If we cannot join forces then I fear that you will be taken down without much of a fight when the Lord decides that he is ready to kill you." Allie sighs to herself,
"And how are we all supposed to get to Kanto? It would be too dangerous to teleport and we wouldn't be able to teleport farther then Hoenn anyway." Dusknoir makes a face like he's grinning as he listens to her,
"What is Sinnoh famous for?" Allie and Neo both shrug, "The Underground of course. The four regions have tunnels and massive caverns connecting them all. That is how we will travel and I will be your escort. I will return tomorrow at around four or so, so be prepared to leave." Dusknoir fades away into the shadows of the room and vanishes leaving Allie and Neo looking at one another. Neo lies back down and closes his eyes making Allie blink as she looks at him,
"Hey! How can you just go back to sleep Neo?!" Neo grumbles and rolls over onto his stomach,
"It's two... I am a sleepy little Umbreon." He reaches up and pokes her cheek, "We'll tell everyone when they're all awake love so just go back to sleep for now." Allie lies back down and sighs closing her eyes again as she puts her arms around him,
"What do you think we should do?" She falls silent as she hears light snoring and she smiles softly as she cuddles up to him with her arms around him, "Some things never change."

Later that day everyone is gathered in Neo's living-room seated on the various couches and chairs. Neo stands in the middle of them all and finishes retelling Dusknoir's words. Aticus growls as he shakes his head leaning back against the wall, "I don't like it... it's too convenient." Latias looks over to him from her seat next to Drake,
"But if he was telling the truth and theirs is better then ours then it would be much better to go there especially if Vecransyh hasn't learned of their existence yet." Aticus looks away from her and remains silent and Stratos, hooded in his cloak leaning against the opposite wall speaks,
"It sounds like it would be a lot better then just waiting here and doing nothing while we wait for traces of the others to be found." Luna nods in his direction,
"And for all we know some of our friends are in their ranks! We could greatly improve our numbers along with gain a great amount of power to our side." Neo nods in response and folds his arms,
"It seems like we're all leaning towards trusting what the Dusknoir said. Yakira, as the leader what do you think?" The Froslass has a hand to her chin and her eyes remain closed as she listens to everything,
"Honestly, it does sound a little unbelievable but if the only thing keeping us alive is a deal that you and Vec made I don't like our chances of surviving here." Her eyes open as she looks up, "And Victoria and Xylina could both be there too. There's too much to gain for us to ignore this." Drake nods, Yakira's words bringing to mind Arcanine and the rest of his team. Neo looks at them all before nodding with a smile,
"Then I suppose it's settled; when Dusknoir returns at four we'll be on our way with him. Everyone pack what you want to bring to Kanto."

Vecransyh stands atop the Tower of Lost Souls at the edge with Asia by his side. He looks off into the distance as his hand rests on her shoulder, "You've nearly unlocked the dark power in your heart Asia. You are now just as strong as any of my other Pokemon and your power is still growing. I find you a fitting choice for my second in command." Asia lets a dark smile creep onto her face as he gaze remains in the distance,
"It has been a pleasure serving you Master. I am honored to receive this position of power." Vecransyh pats her head as he chuckles darkly,
"Very good..." He turns to find a portal forming behind him and Gengar appears from it bowing to him before he approaches,
"My lord, the whereabouts of Mewtwo have been uncovered and it seems he still has quite a bit of power within himself. He currently resides in Hoenn near the ocean and is in battle with a scouting party as we speak. Shall we take any action?" Vecransyh brings his hand to his chin for a moment before he nods,
"Send Drifblim and Dusknoir; I do not want any more screw-ups." Gengar bows again before disappearing back into his portal. Vecransyh walks away from Asia and back to his throne and he sits down putting his arms on the rests, "Mewtwo is proving to be more trouble then he's worth... I have been thinking." Asia walks over to him and tilts her head a bit,
"What have you been thinking about?" He looks up at her,
"I'm curious of two things actually. What happened to the Kings and Queens and why haven't Dialga, Palkia or Arceus appeared to try and stop me?" Asia hops up and sits cross-legged on the throne's top as she speaks,
"Yes that is odd. Perhaps the Kings have given up because none of them could ever match your power. As for the three deities, I believe that they've gone into hiding out of fear. They've most likely entered a different dimension by way of Palkia." Vecransyh folds his hands as he nods,
"So then they are out of reach... I suppose I should thank Giratina for putting his power into creating a time wall stopping Dialga from going back in time. Celebi remains the ultimate threat to me as her power of time travel dwarfs Dialga's. She becomes weak for a short while after using her powers though so that would be the ideal time to capture and contain her." Asia looks down at him with a slightly puzzled look,
"Why not just kill Celebi?" Vecransyh chuckles darkly,
"Simple, my dear, Celebi's powers of time travel would be lost if she died even after I take them from her." Vecransyh holds up his palm and a sphere of darkness forms in it, "The same goes for Neo's powers that I took from him." Asia lies down across the back of the throne kicking her foot lightly as she smiles,
"I see. I am curious as to when the whereabouts of Entei will be revealed so I can go kill another legend." Vecransyh looks up at her with a grin,
"It's quite a rush isn't it?" Asia looks down at him with a grin,
"It really is, my lord. The feeling is incredible."

Dusknoir and Drifblim fly through the air at an incredible rate towards Hoenn. Dusknoir folds his arms as he flies on his back, "So... when we get there Mewtwo should already be heavily weakened from battling. No more screw-ups, as soon as he is in sight we blast him with Dark Pulses." Drifblim flaps as he propels himself forward,
"Yes." Dusknoir chuckles to himself as he looks ahead,
"Still not much of a talker..."

Aticus leaps back and draws his daggers as a portal appears in the front yard of Neo's home. The Dusknoir from the other night rises from it and Aticus growls gripping them tighter but he blinks as Yakira walks past him and holds her hand out to the Dusknoir, "I am Yakira, leader of our resistance." Dusknoir raises his hand and shakes hers before releasing it,
"Just call me Dusknoir. Is everyone prepared to leave?" Yakira nods and looks back to the others,
"I believe so... Is everyone prepared to go?" Everyone claims to be prepared to leave and Yakira nods to Dusknoir, "So where is the entrance to this underground area?"
"The nearest entrance is a few minutes walking away from here. We have effectively sealed the underground from threats by encoding the entrances without making it noticeable that we have done so. We will leave now." Dusknoir looks up from Yakira and to the rest of the group, "If any of you do not trust me then remain here. I am not going to waste any of my time convincing any of you." Aticus and Dusknoir meet gazes and Aticus pauses for a moment before he nods and sheathes his kerises. Dusknoir turns and begins floating away and Yakira motions to the others to follow. Lucia trots along with them and walks ahead looking up to Dusknoir as he floats,
"So... what is it like at your headquarters?" Dusknoir doesn't look down at her as he speaks,
"Safe. That's all I really need to say." Dusknoir looks down at her making like he's smiling, "Isn't it?" Lucia smiles brightly,
"Yeah it is!" She walks back rejoining Azura and smiles to him, "Mr. Dusknoir says it's safe at their headquarters." Azura chuckles as he nods to her,
"That sounds good and from the sound of it, it's also a fairly large area so there's probably room for training and such." Lucia smiles and she reaches over and takes his hand into her own as they walk making him blush. Allie smiles softly walking next to Neo behind the two of them and she looks up at him,
"Please tell me you notice that there's something there." Neo chuckles and puts his hand on her head scratching her fur,
"That one's just obvious... you know, it's kind of nice that even though we're in this world of ghosts love can still blossom." As they walk, Allie peers back to see Luna walking next to a cloaked Stratos,
"Seems Luna's getting chummy with our mystery guy..." Neo looks back to see Luna smiling as the two talk to one another but neither of them can hear what they are saying,
"Indeed. She seems pretty happy talking with him." Dusknoir stops in front of a large boulder and turns back to everyone,
"We have reached our destination safely. When the door is open everyone hurry inside quickly." Everyone nods and Dusknoir lays his hands on the boulder making it glow faintly before a doorway appears in it and everyone steadily makes their way down into the Sinnoh caverns, Dusknoir entering last.

Mewtwo laughs maniacally unleashing a Dark Pulse like a blade that cuts through a Haunter above him and it hits the ground slamming down hard. Mewtwo cracks his knuckles and throws two more Shadow Balls into two more of them and he grins watching them hit the ground and cease movement, "You little weaklings call yourselves Pokemon?! You have no hope of killing me no matter how many of you there are!!" The few remaining ghost Pokemon growl darkly at the legendary and begin charging various attacks and Mewtwo rolls his eyes blasting two more with Shadow Balls killing them instantly, "You little bitches don't listen to a word that's said to you!!" Mewtwo's eyes glow brightly and all of the remaining Pokemon in the scouting party explode. Mewtwo cracks his neck and dusts off his hands before chuckling to himself as he glows and his scratches mend themselves, "I fight for all of my Pokemon now... I cannot let their deaths be in vain!" Mewtwo punches the ground as he growls darkly, "I will get my revenge on those ghosts that killed my family..." Mewtwo's ears twitch and he suddenly turns around blasting two Dark Pulses with his own causing a huge explosion in the sky. As the smoke clears, Drifblim and Dusknoir appear and stare down at Mewtwo. The legendary psychic type takes a step back as his hands spark with dark energy and he growls at the ghosts, "There you are, I was waiting for a challenge to show up!" Dusknoir laughs darkly as a Shadow Ball forms in his hand,
"You may have taken down that puny scouting party but you have no chance against us so just don't resist and I promise to kill you quickly!" Drifblim launches himself forward and Mewtwo lets out a loud cry of pain as his body becomes covered in electricity cast by the balloon Pokemon. Dusknoir lowers himself to the ground and blasts Mewtwo with a Shadow Ball causing him to hit the ground slightly sparking with electricity with many cuts and dark bruises all over his body. Mewtwo struggles to stand and he growls holding his right arm with his left hand,
"I can't... die now..." Mewtwo suddenly gags coughing up blood as Dusknoir throws a heavy punch into his stomach blasting him into a tree behind him and he slumps over against the ground,
"Pathetic." Dusknoir's fist covers itself in dark energy and he grins looking at the psychic Pokemon, "Farewell." Dusknoir throws his fist into Mewtwo's chest and he lets out a yell of agony as a crater forms underneath him from the impact and Dusknoir looks down at him with a dark smirk before he turns back to Drifblim and nods, "I can't sense his life anymore. Mewtwo is dead." A few moments later the two of them fly away leaving Mewtwo in the crater with the thirty or so dead ghosts that were in the scouting party. The ground under Mewtwo begins to crack and fall away and a few moments later Mewtwo's body falls into the ground and when he hits the floor of the underground many rocks and pieces of earth fall around him.

Naomi walks, humming contently and she blinks as a single drop of water lands on her head. She looks up and closes her eyes as a drop lands on her face, "Water...? Where are we Mr. Dusknoir?" Dusknoir looks back to her and motions for everyone to keep moving,
"We're under the Sinnoh/Hoenn ocean now." He raises his hand and feels a drop of water land on his palm, "We've been walking for a few hours so we should be to the western portion of the ocean by now. We will be in Hoenn in around an hour or so." He turns to face them all and lands leaning against the wall, "We shall rest for a while before we continue."

Asia opens one eye and looks into the distance to see Dusknoir and Drifblim approaching the Tower, "They've returned Master." Vecransyh nods as they land in front of him,
"Dusknoir... Drifblim... you've returned sooner then expected. I trust that you've done away with Mewtwo?" Dusknoir nods in response smiling darkly,
"Yes my lord, Mewtwo was struck down rather easily. He had no life signs, which is how I know he is dead." Vecransyh nods,
"Well I would prefer if you were to rip his heart out or decapitate him or something but lack of life signs is just as good. You and Drifblim are dismissed." The two of them nod and disappear into portals of darkness. Asia looks down at him as her foot kicks lightly,
"Mewtwo took down the scouting party that found him. Perhaps they need more training?" Vecransyh shakes his head as he chuckles,
"The Pokemon in my scouting parties have a fair bit of power at their disposal but they are only meant to find what I am looking for and then hold it there until I send reinforcements. They are dispensable and if one is wiped out I simply send out another one to take its place. It's a rare thing to have happen though."
"So scouting parties are normally made up of weak ghosts?" Vecransyh nods,
"Yes. I have forbidden final evolutions to make sure they stay in check." Asia's foot stops moving as she closes her eyes,
"I've been meaning to ask you something. Why do you need the crescent moon of Cresselia and the Cloak of Darkrai?" Vecransyh folds his arms as he leans back in his throne,
"As trophies mostly. They hold no real value at all in truth." Asia nods and arches her back cracking it before she lets out a light sigh of contentment,
"Okay... so when can I go kill something else?" Vecransyh grins looking off into the distance,
"When the next legendary is ready to reveal itself."

Dusknoir comes to a stop after another hour of walking and turns to face the group again, "We have arrived in Hoenn. After walking all day tomorrow we will arrive in Kanto and you will meet the leader of my resistance and my trainer. For now we must all sleep to regain our energy." No-one objects and Yakira immediately latches herself to Thanatos grinning as she looks at him,
"Dibs!" Thanatos blinks as he gets a sweat drop,
"No way am I sleeping on the cold hard ground when I've got a fluffy Typhlosion for a bed!" Thanatos chuckles and pats her on the head as he smiles,
"Fair enough Yakira." He looks over to Dusknoir who is leaning against the wall, "Hey Dusknoir? What kind of beds do you guys have in your headquarters?" Dusknoir's eye is closed as he answers him,
"You won't have to worry about sleeping in discomfort. We have blankets and feather beds. Not that much different to the beds that Neo had in his house." Yakira looks over to him and smiles as she knocks over Thanatos and lays on top of him,
"Thank you for taking us to Kanto Dusknoir." Dusknoir simply nods saying nothing and when everyone, for the most part, is comfortable, they all drift off to sleep.
Chapter End Notes:If anyone has any story ideas I am completely open to suggestions
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