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Rebirth by totall


Story Notes:

I'm trying something new this time around and hopefully it will be met with your approval. Hope you enjoy



Sometimes the innocent are the ones that suffer from the fate that has been toiled by the wicked. Or it should be said, 'From the actions of the wicked, the innocent suffer'. For instance, the parents that drink and smoke, it's the unborn child that suffers the consequences. It's the responsibility of he parents to bring a healthy child into the world, and when those responsibilities are failed...

This is one such story.

"It is going to cost that much just for the medicine for this little brat." A man says in an obvious upset voice. He points down to the plastic capsule that the underdeveloped child cries from within the same room. "How the hell do you expect me to pay for that kind of medicine. And you go on to say that this little brat is going to need even more money to stay in the hospital so that he'll be able to fully develop."

"Sir! I told your wife the first time she came in here, that there'd be complications if the two of you didn't stop the drug and alcohol abuse when you decided to have this child."

"And why the hell is it my fault that this little brat is so sick!?" He yelled at the doctor, just as the child began to cough from the constant crying due to the pain it was in as well as all the loud noise. "It's that stupid bitches fault that this brat turned out this way. She was the one who never gave up the bottle or the crack."

The doctor scowled at the poorly dressed man. The man positively reeked of the bottle and cigarette, through the heavily stained shirt and pants. Overall the doctor knew that this was the most likely outcome when the wife had come in the first time. "It's not just the wife fault sir. Even if you smoke outdoors, or for the fact that you smoke indoors, your wife will still breath it in, and that will harm the fetus." The man raised his fist and was about to strike the doctor, but stopped when the sound of squeaking shoes was heard and a security guard rounded the corner.

The man dropped his head, then his fist, and shakes them both. Obviously looking for something or someone to vent his anger at or on. Finally the man stops shaking and looks back up to the doctor. "What about the bitch? I need to know if she's going to pull through."

The doctor is a little taken back by this but shakes his head as well. "To tell you the truth, sir. The outlook is bleak. She went through a lot to try and bring this child into the world. There is also the fact that she's lost a lot of blood, several hours of induced labor, and I wont begin to mention the fact of what we had to do just to keep the both of them alive."

The two talk for a while later until the doctor is called in to the room by the sound of alarms going off. The man stands alone outside of the room. Looking down at the squirming/crying child. 'It's all your damn fault. It's all your damn fault.' The man says to the child. Then turns and walks out the sliding glass doors of the hospital. The door slowly closes and the only sound that is heard in the area is the sound of the child crying in pain from the medicine that supposedly is helping to save the child's life.

-----(A miracle and three years pass)-----

We see a bald child that has a white knitted cap on his head, reading a math book, sitting up in a hospital bed, with his legs under the white sheets. The slow beep of the heart monitor beats away next to the bed, showing the slow and weak sign of the young boys heart. The boy had survived the doctors prognosis of an early death, and even further surprised them by still kicking three years later.

Though the miracle had shown itself to deny death, the fact still remained that the boy need constant care from the doctors, due to his frail health. The father had disappeared when the doctors had left to try and save the mothers life. Unfortunately their effort had proved fruitless as the strain of the birth had proven too much for her, and she had passed on from this world. Leaving the child abandoned from it's father, and orphaned from his mothers passing.

Though the child didn't seem to care as he continued to pull through each day. Even though his body was still weak, the child's mind had proven to be the true miracle as his mind seemed to be far beyond it's or his age. The good doctors had taken it upon themselves to practically raise the young child. (Seeing as no foster family would take in a child that was as sick as him) Unfortunately it was only a matter of time before the child's body finally gave out on him, so they decided on what could be the harm and gave him all the books he could read.

By the child fourth birthday his body was finally starting to shut down on him. It only started off as a small matter at first but grew with time. His marrow wasn't producing enough blood cells to allow him to move freely through his room and then it led up to an irregular heartbeat, and so on. Things were not looking good for the miracle child.

The prognosis was bleak once again, and the doctors once again predicted that he'd not be able to survive without another miracle. The prognosis was that he'd be dead within the week due to the many things that were failing him. The doctors couldn't see any way that this, this happy go lucky child that would always meet the doctors with a warm smile and a joke when they came in would be able to pull through.

Until someone, or something on high decided that the child deserved a second miracle as his mother had passed on as well. A radical new procedure was thrown on a table of the emergency room. Some doctor that practically no-one's heard of, had the idea that if the child's body was failing, that they should get the child a new one. Even though all the doctors were practically against this sort of crazy idea, none could find true fault in it. The only problem was to find the boy a body.

That's where the doctor stepped in and said that he'd take over the child's wellbeing. So preparations were made, transportation was set up, and the operation of the century took place at 0200 hours.

And this is his story.


"Wake up Ralts. It's time to get up and get ready for school." Comes the voice of an elderly man.

"But dad. You know I don't want to go to school. Why can't I just be one of those home schooled kids that I've heard about." Came the reply from an upstairs bedroom.

"I've already told you why, but if you need me to repeat myself then fine. I don't have the time to tutor you, and I can't trust anyone to come over and do that." Came the older mans voice once again to the voice from upstairs. "And before you even think about that reply I know your going to say. I've already spoken with the principal and the staff at your new school and they've agreed to watch over you and make sure that nothing happens to you. Either going or coming home from school." A brief pause and then, "Now get out of bed and get down here. Your breakfast is getting cold."

Eventually we see a small Ralts that is rubbing at it's eyes take hold of the railing on the stairs. The tailing is just about it's own height so it has to reach up very high to actually grab it, but once it has it slowly walks down the stairs and into the living room.

Like most Ralts this one is no different. A green hair dew that is in the bowl haircut shape, white body, and what looks like very long pajama legs trailing behind it. Those legs often look like feet that are about to step on those pajama bottoms and trip it up the instant it forgets about them, and finally about as tall as the knees of a full grown man.

The Ralts makes it's way over to the kitchen without incident and pulls itself up on one of the chairs and then into the booster seat. "Glad to see you finally decided to get up and come down to eat." The man doesn't get a reply as the Ralts just opens up it's mouth and lets out a long drawn out yawn. "I hope you were just up late packing for your first day at school."

After finishing it's yawn the Ralts looks long at his step father. The man is a doctor with the usual business like suit. White long sleeved button up shirt, black starched pressed pants with a crease running down the middle of the knee, and a black tie with a red and white Pokeball on the front of it. The man has his silver hair slicked back with a heavy amount of grease and a well trimmed fuu-man-chu getup on his face. Currently he'd looking down at a paper that he's folded over so that it shows the local stock market.

The young Pokemon pushes his hair apart at the forehead, leaving an upside down v in the hair so he can see then looks down. The doctor has prepared him a very nice amount of chocolate chip waffles on his plate. The Ralts look up to the man, "Is this some sort of bribe to get me to go to school today, dad?"

The man fold over the paper he'd been reading and continues to read. "Of course it is." He looks up at the Pokemon and smirks. "Is it working?"

The Ralts looses a little of the mood he's trying to hold and lets a chuckle loose, but can't hold it in any longer and the two bust out laughing. Eventually the laughter dies down and the stiff moody play ended. "I can't wait. I was so excited about my first day that I couldn't sleep." The boy picks up the fork and knife and begins to dig into the waffles. Once he's finished off the first one, he sets them down. "So what do you think it's going to be like there dad? Do you think the other kids will like me?"

The man smirks and shakes his head. "To tell you the truth, son. I don't really know. After all, you're a Pokemon now. Your whole life's going to be different from what mine was like. So I can't exactly tell you what to expect." Just then a cars horn beeps and they both turn to look at the door. "That must be Mr. Riley, your principal." He turns and sees the Ralts quickly shoveling the rest of the waffle down then guzzle down the Oran berry juice.

Once the Ralts is finished with the breakfast, it drops down to the floor, quickly runs over to the man, gives his leg a quick squeeze, grabs the small child's sized backpack that he'd hidden behind a couch in the living room, then opens the door. When the light streams in through the door, it's like the light coming from the pearly gates that are just opening up, just for him. The Ralts looks over it's shoulder at the man and gives him a smile.

"I guess I'll see you after work then dad." The Ralts waves with his little left hand and then quickly bolts out the door to the awaiting car. By the time the man gets to the door, the car has already backed out the small driveway and is beginning to pull away. He sees the Ralts in the back seat of the car as it's waving to it's father. The man smirks and waves back to it and continues to as it pulls away, still waves as it disappears around a corner.

A slight gentle breeze picks up, tossing a few leaves around from the trees the line the street outside the suburban one story house. "May the gods continue to watch over that boy." The man says as he looks up to the wind that is blowing through the trees. "And may his days be filled with nothing but joy and happiness." He then turns and closes the doors behind him. "For from this point on, I can no longer protect him from the world."


"Alright class. Settle down now." The female teacher says as all the kids stop what they are doing. The classroom is like the normal one you would find at a typical middle school. The back wall is covered with pictures of many different Pokemon, along with all the kids backpacks on hooks, as well as some shelves that hold many different contents. The desks are all arranged in threes as there are only 12 students. "I am very happy to tell you that your going to have a new student in this class starting today."

All the kids start to bounce in their seats as they eagerly await the news on the new student. Most of the kids in the class are of course still under the age of 10 but still many don't really look it. The majority of the class is made up of boys but fortunately there are three girls in the class. "I bet the new kids from some place far away. Otherwise why would they be bringing him in in the middle of the school year?" She looks up at the ceiling, then back at the girl sitting next to her. "I wonder if he likes Pokemon?" One pink haired girl asks the other. Who has a striking resemblance to that of a Nurse Joy.

"I don't really know." Says a girl who also has a striking resemblance but to that of an Officer Jenny. "Though if he gets out of line, I'll make sure he's put into his place." She says as she pulls out a toy pair of handcuffs.

"I bet he's some really smart kid, who just skipped a few grades." One of the boys says to the girls at his table, as he pushes up a pair of overly large glasses back up his nose by their bridge.

"Na, your all wrong. He's probably just some scrawny lookin kid who just dropped a grade due to how stupid he is." A red shirt boy says as he pops a few knuckles, then punches his fist into his open hand.

The class goes on and on about what they believe the kid is or his background. 'Well, I think I've kept them guessing long enough.' She snickers to herself. 'And they couldn't be any more wrong about him.' She thinks with a quick snicker. "You can come in now Ralts."

"RALTS?" The whole class says in unison.

The paper door slides open and in walks our little Ralts. He walks over to the the teacher, stops, faces the class, and takes a quick bow. "Hello everyone. My name is Ralts, and it's very nice to meet all of you. I hope that we can all be great friends and I hope that all of you will take really good care of me." He finishes with another quick bow.

He doesn't even get a chance to breath as all the kids practically jump over each other in a chance to get a better look, chat, or feel of an actual Ralts. "Looks like he's not going to have a problem with getting to know the kids." The teacher says as the Pokemon/child disappears in the bunch.
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